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The People's Journal.
Notice to Subscribers 1
Last January notices were sent to all ]
parties in arrears and duo The Journal
on subscription and otiorwiso. Theso
notices included indobto iness of 1901 L
and 1902.
Mr. W. L. Mathony is still with the i
Journal and in charge of these mattors
and will be pleased to have all who have
not complied with the request to settle
embodied in the said notices to call on
him at The Journal ofllco, in the Antho- L
ny brick building, at tho rear of W. T.
McFall's store and aranugo snob indobt
ednoes at once. A prompt compliance
will groatly facilitate us i placing and
kooping our business in proper shape.
Pub. The Journal.
Local and Personal.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in U
Easloy Nov. 18 and 19.
-Rev. 0. M. Abney filled his I
regular appointments Sunday at n
Bethlehern and Pickous. a
-Dr. A. B. Wardlaw will bo in
Pickens Monday and Tuesday Nov. 1
18 and 19.
-Ethel, the oldest daughter of
Squire W. L. Jenkins is critically
ill with pneuimionia.
-Rev. J. C. Shive will preach at
the Presbyterian on the fifth Sun.
day morning and night.
-The Pickons Graded School is
in the best working order it has a
been since its organization.
-Dr. G. W. Earle, alter several g
days sickness is able to be up and g
attend his patients.
-Mrs. Baylie Higgins returned n1
homo Monday, after several day a
visit to friends and rolatives at
Pickens. 81
-Friends of Dr, Jesse J. Morgan
were glad to see him in Pickens i
Monday and to learn of his gradual
improvement. S
-Misa Lillian Morgan, daughter
of Dr. J, J. Morgan, of Dacusville,
entered the Graded School Mon- sc
day. Ii
-Miss Nannie Robinson, of
Oconee county, entered the Gra- 8
dod School Monday. She is board
ing with Mr. J. E. Parsons.
-Mrs. Harry Valentine, of -
Trenton, N. J., is with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson, for a
few weeks.
-The Treasurer's books t
Road his notice and be
bring enough money alon
your receipt back with y<
-Mrs. Frank Murphy
ago fell ofi of a loaded wa
and Idislocated both wi
Droaoe a Vune in one armCL
-N. A. Ohristopher is
the Treasurer in the col
taxes. You will find hin
ready to accommodate y
you have business with th]
-Alonzo Pace is the a
ting drayman in Pickens
always ready to serve th
for reasonable compi
Leave your orders with I
the work will be done ]
and with care.
-RIead the advertisen
land saleg for December
land will be auctioned on
in that mouth. Here are
tunlities to buy homes in g
tions of the county, thot
part of this county is a go
to live.
-A meeting of the "C
the Living God" wvill be h<
home of P. B. Martin on
and 16. A free discourec
Divine Plan of the Ages, Ic
Wright, of Alleghany, Pa.,
minister of the Truth. If
seeking the truth, come a
a discourse oni "God's Ete
pose." No charge. No c
S-We giye this week Lb
of expenditures through t
of the Supervisor and Cout
missioners to date. P'mcl
some reason is an expensiv
Roads and bridges are a b
the tax-payers, but our Su
and Commissioners are
of the interests of Pickens
and never a claim is paid
an examination into its in
unless the county gets V;
-John L. Thornley has
and is operating a market
first floor in the rear room
Anthony building, in the
the Journal office. Hie k
ways on hand a nice anid f
ply of beef, pork and
things mn the meat line cam
a first-class market. He
ted by Mr. Callanan, a buit
market-man who understa
business. Leave orders w
and youi will be supplied.
5011 oysters att stated time:
.--Rev. J. B. Wilson, 1?
El1der of the Greenville Di
a letter to the Southern C
Advocate, epeaks of the ei
ing condition of the M
thurohes of his District, F)
ly lthe outlook is good.
icikens has already Ipaid
full. Pickens Circulit has I
~essent for missions bit
1w a sluall balance due on
slary to which Stewards
tionsly glytiig their attenit -
this they naa4 the helAp ?1 *e
Shurc memay, et &
Card of Thanks.
I take this method to thank out
ieighbors antd friende, for myself
nd family, for tho great kindnoss
hown u1s and nmy wife during her
ong suffering wnich ended with
tor death on the I th of November.
uch in iisterings helped to relieve
ho ordeal of suffering of much of
t terrors, and make us all deeply
rateful for the iiuselfish assistance
hown us with such faithfulness
or so many trying woeks. All
izve our prayers and thanks.
J. A. I-tunnicutt.
Oolenoy News.
Crops on Oolonoy valley are the
nest we have had in years.
A movement is on foot to ostab
sh a !Uroamory at Pumicinton.
ome have already taken stock
ud we feel quite sure that it will
1 a success.
Mr. Joe H. Keith of the U. S.
Zavy is on a visit. to his parents
ear Table Mt. ,Joe s iany friends
re glad to se3o him.
Mr, T. Martin Jones lost a line
tle recently.
James Brothers are (loing a good
usiness ginning at Pumpkin town
his season.
Mr. Walter Earle has a flourish.
g school at Rock.
Miss Maggie Brown is :spending
few days in Atlanta.
Mrs. T. M. Norris of Cateechec,
>eit last week in town as the
uest of Mrs. J. N. Morgan.
Mrs. J. P. Worsham, of Gusto
ia, is the guest of her mother Mrs
. 0, Rochester.
Airs. F. B. Morgan is in Atlanta
)on(ing sevaratl veeks.
Mliss Aurio Kirksey, of Pickens
visiting Mrs. U. C. Fricks.
Capt. Ivy Mauldin was in town
The many friend.; of Mr. It.
endleton (Iaiies will bo very
>rry to learn thatl he is still con
ned to his ro'oml with rhoiumatisi.
F. A. A\1Corkle, of Atlanta,
>Ont a few hours her'4 Thursday.
Dlr. R. i. )avis, of Seneca, was
ore Sunday.
Mrs. W. T. A bbott is very ill at
er home near (entrPal.
Messrs \W. 1'. 1Roclh.stei' o' Ala
ama anld A. W. I Vchester, of New
an, Ga., sln:t Sunday here with
heir mother, l s, R. U. Rochester.
SWT r..fa.nf lgha9lng . su.s t
t-patriotism of the people is a~
; nitself, and the blind tigers will
' to go way back and sit down. .I
dent that the GovernOr-elct is~
mined to select as his constab1
esandt true men, who can be rehec
see that the law is respected,
so in such a mainner as not to
any unnecessary friction or to a
Aa bitter feeling.
l Ie believes that much can
l .fected through the mnedihm
*eauthorities and Is going to ext
rhself to that end. He believesi
~ ustice of the position wvhich I
e will be appreciated by those t
le fphe law may be personally of
d and that they will be am<
~armest advocates in masintin
law and keeping true to his
dey6ilce and campaign pledges.
bj e disappointed if his cxp
ft along this line are not realizAe
ditW Ile As TO APPOINT'i'-',N'.
Hem has been giving the
ao~h i military staff some atten
e as his eye on those whom
fdsto make a, part of his otliciw
~ ~These appointments are of
character as to exclude them
list which is usually applied
Si ryrely occurs that personal ai
btde I made for a staff appoin
ely eing generally accepted than
~h~rernor should be hands free it
~tathose who are to become
~ uard. Even the selectiot
pre a source of much thoughi
~as to be exercised so that
o recognized and given
4on as far as practliable, a
that frequently the best
ave to be overlookud in ord
ace for another, because of
hails from. It is safe
e personnel of Gov. iley
11 be exceptionally fin',
osentative of the best atr
the young manhood of ti
le has been deluged w
na~~x for almost every apj
in the State, but beyo
g private secretary In tl
j sj~gitilled to know was so
t ~~~eived, lhe has abstainec
,t ~u alch applications any ver
(deration. Very few o
9IO~ toas can be fill6d unt
fter his inauguration,
Sxany of them not unti
t~t,jurnment of the Le
Iherefore, there is no ni
'me and attention to
Smeir consideration at
lhen so many more pre
~ ortanit matters are ut
on The many app11
fore, are simply b
lodged arnd filed aw
reference, The ina
has not been defini
ed upon, although it I
the usual precedeOnt
apd. the momentous
sedond week of the het
T)he Governor .Is no
thou&ght:to his inaugu
e*dr that the consk(
l or~t docuenelt
Is in fine spi
b? tiat the car
in auy way
ai dobe edf~n Jo
of th~ na4f~ i Euro
resnak a corrupt for
The Eastern Manufacturing Co., of
Chicago, will present to every baby,
under one year of age, in this county, one
solid silver baby spoon with the baby's
given name engravel on same. You do
not have to pay one cent nor buy any
thing to get this spoon. The Eastern
Manufacturing Co. are large manufac
turers and jobbers of jewelry and
silverware, and have taken this method l
of advertising their goods. Instead of aLt
spending thousands of dollars for
magazine advertising they have decided
to give it away direct to consumers.
The undersigned firm has bk on
made distributing agent for this cc
locality. Bring your baby to their
store and give its name and age and
you will receive one of these beautiful
silver spoons all engraved free of cost.
This is not a cheap article, but solid
silver of elegant design. Don't fail
to look over the elegant line of The
Eastern Manufacturing Co.'s goods on
display at
Mrs. K. L. Cureton.
To the Public.
Socing the need of an organiza
tiont of chea.p insurance in this F1i
count.y we herowith take pleasure fib
ill r(ocom mnnlendi)g to the pop1)lo
as a whole, "The County Mutual
Benefit Association of America"
to be tho best thing in the way of
insuraneo we have yet como across
,tt(l it is imanaged by home poople;
E. Fo stor Keith.
J. B. Newl)ory, I3
A. J. .Iloggs,
J. M. Stowart,
N. A. Christopher.
E. Foster Keith, President.
J. B. Nowbery, See'y and Treas.
I want an agent in each town
ship. Call on me at Pickens.
County Agent.
Sheriff's Sales.
('ounty of Piekens.
In Common Pleas Court. g
.iaames> Ki . latheml,
agai st
.awtrs IL. L tlhemn,
.Judlgmcnt of Foreclosure. ta
1i pur.;uance of order of foreclosure I
l in 1he above stated case by His
j. Watts, dated October 22nd
n filo in the Clerks ofilce, I e
the highest bidder on fo
,Y IN DECEMBER, 1902, 15
legal bours for sale at Pick- So
louse, S. U,;
>iceC, parcel or tract of land
eing situated in the county
'oresaid in Easley towns8hip)
f Daddy's Crook, waters of wi
r, bouuded by landa of J. E. ev
RAobinxson and J. R. Lathem,e
mud convoyed to James~ R.
E-nma Lathem the 2nd day 13
:r 1899, the said mortgage at~
to secure the balance of the I
onoy for said u'bove described
.ining forty five (45) acres
ther tract adjoining the fore
ibed tract, containing forty
-cs, more or less, and being
3ded to James R. Lathemi by
Lnn Childress, and for fuller
of same see said doed,
cash on day of salo, the crod. -4t
>be paid in twelve months "ae
*t at eight (8) per cent until ec'
'edhit portion secured by the -
purchasor and mortgage of
s. Terms of sale to be comn
vithin one hour.
r to pay for all papers and for
io same.
J. H. G. McDANIEL, ta
Sheriff Pickers County, a
902. er
Execut.rix Sale. an
of them authority conferred
the will of 0, W. Thanks,
wvill sell to the highest bid
int Pickens courthouse on
)ecember next during the le- N~
f sale the following lands:
>ieco parcel or tract of land in qu
of Piokens and State afore- tee
ning thirty-one acres more or b
ed by landa of R. E, Cliii. th,
Mary C. Banks and ethers pa
o a plat mmdo by J. A. Rob
that piece, parcel or tract of
3 county and state containing H
.i acres more or less and houn,
ls of Mrs. Mary C. Banks, t
the Hill tract and others ac- c
a plat of the same made by Oa
Mary C. Banks, Executrix 9
of the will of 0. W. Banks,
of Personai Property.
.sdaiy the 20th damy of Novem
will sell the personal proper
ig to the estates of the late J.
linda Ann Williams, both de
ho home place, now the real- C1
>hnI I. Wulliams. Thits per- a
usists of all the household l
nule, one twvo-horso wagon, i
foddor, shucks and allI other
:oporty belonging to the es. b
J. F". and Malnda Ann WVil- b3
will begin at 10 o'olock a. m.
T. A. Williams,
x1, POrsimmlfonl and Hick- e
or delivered at your R. R, ~
For this timber Iwe will C
cash ini oar load lots of 10
'or prices, speciflcations, e
to me or W. 0. Fnioks t
ying this tiniber for mie ~
n. R. B TIN8ON.
J. L. Bolt, M. D). E. U.Webb, 11
Pickens E
Bolt, Webb and Halli
Wo havo the finest, most select, al
or brought to Piekons. Wo have b
all styles and pr1ices. Whon we bo
id can iako them to you as follows:
Box Paper.
A. (. ood box paper for only 15c.
Finer goods all the way from 15
lite, to 50 celts.
Be4t package of envelopes ob
tainable for 5 cents.
Spectacles a specialty.
Easley Harc
We are the ONLI
Store in the Coui
So there is no use going anywhere
no, First-class goods and low prices
It is Worth a Tr
Jnst to have a look ar
We Are the GENU
We are agents for the Worlds Co
Easley Hard
Easley, S
Lt K.0 P
Has new goods stacked eve
More Values, More Si
money's worth
Note the following prices an
ke advantage. I spent time at
ork for lbargains, and I now ha
Something everybody needs-Car
nts. Better fleeced and much heavi
re at that price. Drills at 5c, standh
, 25 and 40 cents, Beautiful Flanne
o my dress goods.
Quality the BEST-Pri
It is too hot to talk blankets and
ien you wvant them I can supply you
er bought such goods. My reputati
oes is too wvell known to Piokens peo
g them. Hosiery and underwear sti
leIh have ever offered. Come and at
lave said.
A.K. I
Vest End. G
Notieo of Final Settlement,
We will a pply to 3. B3. Nowbery, Pro'
te Judg efor P ickens county on the
1 d1y of December, 1002 for a final.
tlement of the estate of Julia B3og s, tisl
3eased and ask to be disinissed as ] 0.. on
itors. acl
tNov, 6t8 B. C, Bloggs, C
J. C. Boggs' b
Executors, ~
Notice to Debtors and Creditors t
Persons haviug claims against the es- t
ae of WV. F. Blaseingame, deceased,&
a requested to present the same prop- Li
ly attested to the undersigned for pay
mit by the 1st (lay of December 1902,
d those indebted to saidl estate musqt
ike payment to
W. T. FIELD, Execntor. S i
)tIce to Debtors and Creditors. v
Persons having claims against the es. to
.e of Reese Bowen, deceased are re- tie
ested to present the same properly at.-H
ited to the undersigned for paymetnt.
'the first day of December, 1902 and 'al
ase indebted to said estate must make 0rt
yment to a
Not3 R, A. Boweni, Admr, l'
In pursuance of an order made by the ca
on. R. C. Watt, presiding Judge on mi
c 22nd day of Oct. A. D. 1902, all per
na having claims against the estate of 7
athierino Cannon, deceased, must file of
id claim. with mue properly proven on
by the 12th day of December, A. D.,
0O2 or be fotever ba*rred.
C.C,.P. rh
The Stockholders of the Farmere
ublishing Company are hereby
Illed to me.t in annual meeting
t Piokens Court House on the Ti
murth Saturday in November next fo
ie same being the 22nd day of 't
rovember, 1902. Dividends will
e declared at that time- at
W. T. FIELD, a
President. H
A Cure For Cholera Infautum. e
"Last Miay." says Mrs. Curtis Baker,
f Bookwalter, Ohio, "an infant child of
nr neighbor's was suffering from chol
ra infantum, The dootor blad given up A
LI hopes of re.covery, I took a bottle
f Chamberlain's odlio, cholera and Diar *
bioea remedy to .the bouse, telling them
felt sure it would do good it used so.
hrdin to irtiny In two days time
becidhdflyrecovered, and is
ow n~earlY a a sine) a vigorous
eit 8 Ihave reoomnmmonded
n$I sped*o fal4ttn a u naveS ufr
1. D. J. N. Hallum, Ph (.
rug Co.
um, Proprietors.
d up-to-dato line of stationery
ox paper, envelopes, and tablets
Light this we considered the price
A good pencil tablet of 400
pages for 5 conts.
Ink Tablets for 5 and 10 cents,
Blest unruled imon, packet
size for 25 cents.
ware Co.
' Hardware
rity. . . . ..
else for your hardware. For
wG are far ahead of the whole
ip to Easley
ound our store.
ware Go.,
rywhere in his store. Is
itisfaction, MORE
than ever.
d come to his store and a
d money searching New i
ve them to offer you.
iton Flannels, at 5, 8, 10 and 123
ar goods than I ever had be
trd goods, Red Flannels, 10,
llets, the 100 quality for 8} cts.
oes the LOWEST.
ladies capes and cloaks, but
r wants for the least money you
m1 for good shoes and cheap
pie to toke uip space in advertis
>ck the largest and most reason
e me and make me prove what
Then you are suffering from rhouma
n, the kidneys imust be tended to r.t
3e so that they will eliminate the urio
d from the blood. Foley's Kidney
re is the most effeotive remedy for
S purpose. R. T. Hopkins of Polar
is., ays. ''After unsucoessfully doo
-ing three years of rheumatism with
3 best doctors, I tried Foley's Kidney
.re and it cured me. I cannot speak
highly of this groat medicine." Bolt
Webb Pickena & Chapman & Ollaban
County of Pickens.
3y J1. 13. Newbery Esquire Probate
Thereas, Isano Halluma made suit
me to grant him Letters of Administra-.
a of the Estate of and effects of Nero
hlume deceased.
L'hese are therefore to cito and admon
nil and singolar the kindred and
ditors of the said Nero Hallum decear.
that they be and appear before me,
the Court of Probate, to be bold at
3kens Court House, S. C, on the 29
y of Nov. 1902, af ter publication here
at 11 o'clock ini the forer oon, to show
ise if any they have, wvhy the said Ad
nistration should not be granted.
Given uder my hand and seal, this
day of Sep. 1902, in the 127 year
our Independence.
J. P. P. C.
Chamberlaiu's cello, cholera and Di ar1
oea Remeday has a world wide rop uta
n for its cures. It never fails and ia
easant and safei to lake. For sale by
e. G. WV. Earle.
The prop.tetors of le is honey and
ir do not advertise this as a sure cure
r consumption." They do not claim
will cure this dread comp laint in ad
need eases, but do pesitively assert
..t it will cure in the earlier stages
a never fails to give comfort
d relief ini the worst cases. Foley's
ciney and Tar Is without doubt the
'eatest throat and long remedy. Be
so substitutes. felt and Webb Pick
s Chapman and Callahan Liberty.
~oJey's Honey and Tar
ir chnedren,ae,eue. No oplates.
Under *S,000 Cash Depoem.
NeW Fall
Largest Stock -L c
Nothing Shoddy-=Ever:
If you want lhenp shoddy goods don't was
or you wont find them. Wo have bought an en<
roods that money could buy, they were bought a
esitato to say that our line of wintor clothing, S
loods oto, is one of the largost, most completO an
c Piokone. Thoso nro plain facts, we arc not tal
3ok through our stock.
Clothing! Clothing'
We can't begin to toll you tho good things
uits for men, Stouts, Slims, and Regulars, rangi
ouths Suits 12s to 19s ranging in price from $2.(
to 1i from 500 to $5.00.
Ve are SOLE AGENTS for the
iorse Shoe Brand
--OF- C
Men's Fine Clothing
Mrs. Jane Hopkins
For Children and 'outis.
With 1)oublo Seat and kine.'. ''hese
liits arc Ia wonder, vorth tilren timics
10 nonoy asked for then. If you have
crowd of boys to lit up bring thon
We have Overooats for everybody-hit', littl
70, all colors, styles, atud prices from $2.50 to $1
No use to tllk Shoes to you for you all know i
ho Old Reliable RA I'TLi AXE are sold.'' Try
on will nover have any other.
Dress Goods ! Di
All the latest styles and tolors, W'orstedls, Cass
'lannols for waists, in flt every(hinig in the waiy i
'rimmings to match, Outings from tic to it)15. D<
ado skirts, Waists, Jackot a, Capes and Reefers.
.ersoys, Cotton and Woolen Flaiols, all colors.
Ilardware of every description. Stoves all sir
hinglo Mill Supplies, larnses, Bridles, Saddles,
ugs, (huis-single and doablo barrel, Legging
nth priees right.
Soo our Flour $3.75, $4.25, $4.5) and f-.75 pe
ounds to the dollar.
Your patronago solicited, satisfaction guarant
Yours truly,
Folger & Th
Clothing Shoos, IIats and Gents Furnish
Now is the Ti
Wool, Wool Rolls, Wo
Wool Jeans
For anyV of the abovo E
Woe have an excllenit Line of
overy description, in
Gro ceri
Always a full line of Groceries at Rc
tnd see ua, Yours truly,
Craig Bro
[email protected]"'Watch this space for prices.
Vour Moneys worth
Kerosene oil ot 15$ cents per gallon is t
~0 cents por gallon. Come and examine n
or a dollar. A few gall giggers for past til
12 lbs green coffoe, $1.00 $1
10 lbs parcbed coffee, 1 00
10c package of Arm & Hamn
A nice new line of mon's suits at the lc
L one horse town' I try to malre the price
rho want to buy goods and not thos whi
ud a line of shoes as is generally oarried
hbat never fails to move t hem.
Mr. F. A. Lowis is now chief salesman
glad t-. see his old friends. Satisfaction gue
John F. E
Dio you like coffee? Well if you do,<
of the best roasted coffee at 8ibs for $1,00
green coffee on the market.
If you ever indulge in Smoking call ai
ly ots, And if you want a cheaper cigar
Perhaps you came away from home ar
course you don't want to drive home with<
need not do It for you can get anything in
The best flour on the market for the mn
follow undersell us on flour,
Plenty of knives for the boys, and pril
We have some bargains in 81~ nii4~ I:
UIghest price paid for all Q dyP
west Prices
ything the Best.
to timo looking for them here
rmous stock of the very best
t the right pricos. We do not
hoes, Hats, Gents Furniahing
d boat selootod stock over brought
king as you will see when you
vo have to offor you in this lino,
ig in price from $2.50 to $18.00.
10 to $7.00, and ohildrens suits
3 @
~e /1
1, old and young, from 7 years
ho way to the place "where the
ono pair of the Battle Axe and
ress Goods f
imerea, Flannels, Plaids, French
)f :Dres Goods with Silks and
m't fail to see our line of ready
Big stock of Blankots, Jeans,
of and price, Shingle Mills and
f.aprohes, Trunks, Umbrellas,
;s, etc. Anything-ovorytling
r barrel. Coffoo 8, 10 and 12
ing Goods a Specialty.
oi Sooks and
aluding Laios Heavy Gray
ck Bottom Prices. Como
ts good or the same oil at
ay granulated sugar 19lba
L.00 pants for 0
50o shirts for 35o
ier soda, 5c.
weat prices ever :'offered in~
>f my goods suit the people
:> want to sell goods. As
ni a small town at price.
at my store and is always
ran toed or money ref und.e
lOmel anld let us sell you some
.The best 8 and 1016
id get the Empro'!CIgara-onA
call1 for War Eagle or Old
id forget your dinner, Of
>uit your dinner. And youi
the etinned goods line.
noy. We wont let the othst
ses to suit then4
O #49ii

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