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The People's Journal.
f a
t wVer'S Gusher. e
i e f f s e e e o e e e e I1
.1oe Ilover had h(en one of the J
inany toilers in ia great city who are ti
anxious to change their lot. IIe re- ti
fleted that in ::uch a whirtIlpool of hu
maimtty the itividultal had little chance, .l
and so le deeiled to get out of it as fl
sooa) ia lv>.illc. ll
)wing to the fact that he knew noth- c
ing whatever of the country he inag
inted it w;is a line place to he. He j
th eatel of the independence of the t
farmtr andl of the profit to be made s
in cultivating the soil, when it was y
done i'I a throulghtly scientific mIatnner. I
Ile bought all sorts of books an( c
Iinally catne to regard himself as an g
authoh(rity on cattle raising atnl up1-to
d:tte farmuing. 'T'hen he concluded to y
put his itheories into execution.
TIhe Few huntdredl dollars hel had C
savrcd wuhivttl avail hint little in civil- t
1,ed lcommnitlies, so be dtcttledl to be b)
at pionecr. Ile thouezht, with satisfac- tt
ioll of how he woi hew a home out I(
of the trackless Wilern1s; low lie r,
wonbl stand upon his own soil, undis- (
tttetl mtonttart"h of all lie surveyed. lie
ht"ec'amie more and more haughty to the
salesi,irb and less and less obsequious a
to his etttloyer. Ilis (lays Its floor- y
walker were tunutibel-el.
And so, a thamillg llveitisemellt of
tlie "lories of the great titllweHt it
ctiu intt' his lolssio on day. Ile ;
'tml if 1 re.eato it, ltesitatei, and was s
lost. li ii n vested .2,ft(( in land at, (
f' tiinti ire, iiil that left hin
ailt 1 ,0in for improvemt-nts. I
Tilt- ic wtas one rt -i'-N ellie I'ce. a
IIt htvcre Nellite, auni Nellie loved hit. v
"I'll be bivI"le tletr, atid1 wait for iI
y,ou,"' she l. "I1 might only p rovo tt
ll inttt-tlimtent now: I will stay and|o
colite whorn you sentl for" me.",
\I I hw he :rivtl. Never to his jt
!yi- it: dtay will he forget th e sinking, ti
lutIrt iif feeliie that amc over hint a
wi'n it' wtin (uf to view his p1rolert.y. LJ
If was liftec'ii Iniiles from t riidroad and( a
-tn,isl tdtl of :arid prairie, iostly sand.
N' Wtftier, ti trees -nothing. Into c
his hi.11t11,tt itt his savings of Iifteent c
year ! lie could Itot sell it--there
Were utttltless Iiles of the same sort -
ttt hI;Itl all aririn(t hit for sale at less 1
ilhin 1: If what he paid for his.
lie ctult, not sulk back, beaten, so
be :et to work io make t.he best of it. I
Ihfe Iuilt a hoard siilnty a'td invested t
ii Iwo tilies and soic plows. The
niil wtttr le tiployctI in b reakinig
tip hl. ,oil, anit when spring came l i
Ihal 1It0 acres plant.ed.
Stonichow, the crop did Iot, (1( so
well. Ju -t as the lielts were gettinig
gtreen a dlroutI came along. I )ay by t
iay he saw his corn it.her- Lay by,.
day he ac ietine thle biras'ty sky in hope
oif rini. N one camne and at the enl of
cihit wueek.s of liistei itg liea. his~ corn'
was gtiitl ft'hifer, ieretillo the stalik.
(hue day lhe itan a bnggy approach..
'ing. it. linailha1~ltted at his door,1' 1 L
id not, ftake the twO st.rangi'er's long1 to
sltate the ir buIsiness'5.
"MrI . I loweri, we tink there's oil on
y'our laitil. We wuanit tti put. <l(owni a
well litre. We will give you onie-thirtd
ofl the oii oir ifs e'tuivaleint ini eash.
Will yon takte thle trade ?"'
lie id, aiiu au few wveeks thlereatf'ter
at sta:tely iderrtick ueared itIs hiead Ont the
hill, aneil a rusty lifttle t:nky enlgine
congh ed and whli ezed aii sen t fthe p ipe
downi dlejeer ai delper. 1)ay biy daty
I lower dretamed( oif retrnievintg himisel f
againiist lis fatilurie atnd his hopes ran
high. Smiall ptock.els (if (il were found,
lust eniougli to keep Itnt till 01n tIhe
raggetd edlge of texpet!at ioni. It biegani
t.o get iiiore anid nioie tillicult, to sendt
the pipe idown.
At last t hey sto1iji-d . They brought,
ont. somne eti is of stuoff which at first
l iweir ihouighit u . itolasses, 1bu11 they
thdi inot tell himii whlat, it wais. 'lThey
idug at hle tt a nried it.
Thie well was a "dluster.'' Theiy
gaVe it til andi biegan to remove the
pipie. 'f'hie tpile stucik. "'Iake me,'"
tihongh t, low%eri, 'gut ttLachled Lito this
contfoui toled soil, and can't, leave.''
''Te dherrick wvas dlismattled anid the
driiJling mtachtinery hianul awiay. In a
few weeks all t here was left of' the ef
fort to Iinzd oil was at hole in the groiud
I1,0t0 or' mtore feet, deep, nticely piped
with eighitinich etasinig at, ,he top.
As the drillers were going awaty one
'"Nili. Hower, we buried ten gallous
of miitro-glyceirine over there, where
you see fihat staike. It's in cans, and1(
Y:,u knuiov it, is the mtost powerful ex
pil(osive kniowin. A teaspooniuful woulid
wrneck your shantity and imako a big
hole in the gronund. It's too danigerous
to hiaul aboit., so we will leave it here
the can~s are setaled upi and .1 don't,
kniow how you will get rid of the stuff,
ft is very sensitive to jarring and( a
slhght shioek maty set it, off'.''
In adiion Lio the otheri dlisadvan-1
Lages oif the pla:ce hie nlOW had( a nitro
glycine inie On it. lIIe caught him
self watlhing about oni tip)toe to avoid l
jtarrimig it. Ile diretamted of it att iight
he fearued it by (liy.
in slieer dlespieraition Blower wont, toI
wher'e the niltro-glycermie wa~s buried,
and1( began to try to dig it out. IIe [
used an i calse15 knife and1( his hanids; C
was aifraid Li) us0 ia pick andh shovel.
At 1tast lie hatt the canls uncovered. I
Now heo was ini a worse <quandary thau
ever as to what, to (do with it,. Under
the ground It was bad enough, but on j
top-well, the situation was horrible.' n
Night came ando with it t,he glorious t
Souithern harvest, moon, iIe sat, guard
img his caniS andl wonderinig what hItu
could do with them. IIo thought of
Neliie, too, and vWondered If she was
going to dlesert hint .aloug with his
mtoney and( prospects.
Surely that was a vehicle ap)proach-.
ing. iIe was going to stop It, if he had
to hold it, up-lie hadn't taiketi to a
person ini toen days,.
At last it, ap)proached and stoppedl.
Bower walked out to the buggy andi
out jumped Neille. She ran to him
and threw her-sima around him, (
Joel Ytu ol er, I am so glad to J
3c you. And aren't you glad to see
" Why, why, of course I amn, Nellie,
Lit what are you doing here ?"
"Oh, I've come to stay."
"Jut-you can't-don't you e ?
lc aren't-er-that is, it wouldn't
{ok right until, er-"
"Oh, I've provided for that. I got
license whoi I came through the
>unty seat."
"But what good does the licetse do
ho can marry us ?"
"I have that arranged also. Mr.
awkims-I should say the Ilon.
mige Judsonl Hawkins, here-is a jus
cc of the peace; I had him come for
ilt purpose."
Joe was dazed. The Ion. Judge
udson Iliwkins clamored ponderously
-oiu the vehicle, Then he surveyed
1e couple and remarked in severe ac
"'Oh, yes, oh, yes, tl' Ilonnerable
estice of the l'eace cote in and for
lice. Fifth decstrict, is now in ses
ion! 11ats off mn cote! Joe Itower,
c are charged with conspirint' to coin
lit imatrimony; Nellie Lee, ye air
haiged with the same ollense; air ye
uilty or not guilty ?"
"Guilty, judge,'' answered two
"Advance closer ter t.h' bar and re
cive yer sentence. Joe, air ye willin'
take this gal fer yet wedded wife, for
etter fer worse, in sickness and health,
31' do by i cr as ye should, and ter
>ve, cherish, honor an' obey her the
,st of yer natural life, so help yer
awd ?"
1 I do," said .Joe.
"That's all right; I ain't goin' ter
sk her nothin', except cf she'll take
"I do," saidi Nellic.
"'Thei, by vircher of my ollis of jes
ice of the peace, I do now pernounee
'er 111 an' wife, accordin' to the
tatoots niade en pervided, and may
,awd have mercy on yer souls."
liec administered a resounding kiss
j Nellie, shook hands with Bower,
n1 declined to take a fee for his ser
ices. As the buggy went lurching
ito the opalescent distance the newly
'edded couple stood looking at one an
ther foolishly. Then ]tower spoke:
"Dear, you don't know how desper
Lely poor I ami-I've got my money
ed up in this land, which won't grow
nything, and 1. put the rest of it in
iat well. And I have mighty poor
"(Oh, that is all right. Well, I'm
ertainly glad you've got in some new
anned goods--what nice lon,4 cans---"
For goodness sake, get iwiy---don't
-look out, liay that stulf down; it will
low us to kingdom comel" In a few
vords he told her tile situation.
"That stulf must not stav aroun
oerc---it is too dangerous. Where is
hat 'lusty oil well of ours ?"
"IliigIt over there.''
''All right-we w ilI throw those camls
n there. It is the best place for it
low deep Is the well ?"
"Fourteen hundied feet
"1 hat, is good-if it explodes down
here it will not hurt. anything. GUet
m(d( brought, one out . N ellie. 5pread il
m the grond(. Theni she1 put, tile can:
and( to eiid onl the sheet, and4 begani t<
roll the sheet, diaLgonailly across am11
ar1oundit the (caus4. It miadle a long
roimdl bundle, about teni feet long
Th'ley rolledl it gaingerly unlt il then wel
wais renlehled. Th'ien they stood( it ui
Oil Onld.
'"Nellie, can11 you irun ?"' .10 oas1ked.
"'Well, y1oul just watch meC whlen wI'
two, thr ee!'' Thle lonu~ wvhite cylIinrde
with its (danigerouls hurdent'i slipei 41 fron
their grasp), and d isap pea red inito thii
mlyster'ious recesses (If the ahbadone<
peirhaps 100) yards, when they hieaird 1
r'oar1 as though t.he end1( of the~ wvorb
had come; the ground heaved ani
rocked and1( fr'om the wYell th erec ceam
wvithi a roar and1( a rush a gvreat (quantit
of' miud, stones, gravel, and1( thenl a col
umn11 of' some sort, of stu l- wateri
No, water' was too tinl-it wasi( blac,
andi thick looking. it was oillI
Nellic and14 .J 0e were (dazed. Suid
dlenly it, dlawnied u1.01n themi. ThIe
dlancedl about, lhke crazy pe(opleC.
"'It's a gusher-a sure eniough caush
eIr-we've st,ruck it!'' they kept rc
A C2on<lensect1.(1 State421nen t oI' tIn
Ulet Iinn Fron4)11 VaritiousIin t t es).
Ohio has1 gone liopublican bay 100,00
Addicks has been beaten In tho D)ebi
ware election.
O)dell has defeated Color for Gloverno
of New York by I11,262 majority.
William II Hearst has beeni success
ful In his candidacy for CIongross.
BIrdal succeeds to the seat of (Ion
gress formerly held by Speaker hlender
The Rlepublicanis have hieldl their owl
in the MIddle and1( Western States, an<1
nade some gains.
The election of the Democratic candi
late for Governor of lHhode 181land( 1
mel of the big surprisces.
Pattison, for Governor of P'ennsyl
rania, is beaten by Pennypacker, wh<
jas an immense majorIty.
Greater Now York has changed froir
,000 (Low, 1901,) RepublIcan-Fusion, t<
00,00 Democratic majority.
North Carolina gies the Democrats r
majority of 07,00 only three count:c
a the State going Bepublican.
Commenting on tho election, Mr
Iryan tolls the Democrats not to be (d1s
ouraged, but to remain steadfast.
In Pennsylvania, former Governo:
'attison has materially reduced the RIe.
ublican majority, but the odds against
Im were too great.
The latest estimate of Governoi
aLFollette's plurality in Wisconsin is
early 50,000. The Legislature is over
rholmin lyJRepublican.Mascuet
nder the leadership of Mr. Gaston,
ave made decided gains, but there was
o hope of carryin the State.
The NationaI fouse of Rlepresenta
Ives Is Republican by a reducaid ma
oLIty. The figures are as follows :
topubilicans, 205; D)emocrats 180.
The elections in P'orto ico0 were
hlaracterized by the grossest intimida
ion en the part of the RIepublicanis, the
l'ederals not being allowed to vote at
many places.
Thue Democrats In the State of Wash
ngton concede the election of the three
)ongressmen at large byan average ma
orit of 0,000; TheRepublicans wIll
have a majority of thirty on j int balk
in the Legislature.
In Delaware, the Democratic candi
date for Congress has boon given a goo
plurality. The ollicial vote will probv
bly be necessary to determine the conm
plexion of the Legislature, which ma
bave the opportunity of electing tw
Senator Platt said that in his opinlo
the trust question and tha coal strik
had nothing to do with tho result of th
vote in New York. "Tine Democral
got together," ho said, ' and hold te
gether, and a few Republicans slippe
over to them."
Although the uiofllcial reports froi
the State of New York apparentl
showed Odell's re-election by 10,7I
plurality, Mr. Color, his Democratic of
ponent. has refused to concede defea
declaring that he wished to wait for th
ollicial count of the vote.
Almost conplete returns in Rhod
Island on the vote for the State tick(
ve L. F. C. Garvin, (Democrat) fc
governor, about 7 000 plurality, an
Adelard Archanbault, (Democrat,) fc
Lieutenant Governor, about 6,000. T1
remainder of the State ticket is Republ
The returns from New Jersey sho
Democralic gains, but the Iopublicar
elected seven of the ten Congresme
and retain control of both branches c
the Legislature, although by reduce
majorities. In the new Congression
delegation each party shows a gain t
one member.
Chairman Dunn, of the New Yor
State tepublican committee, when I
formed of the report that the Demt
crats threatened to contest the cloctioi
said : '-If they stact anything of th
kind we will *ive them all the conte
they want right here in New Yot
county, and they will wish they h
never heard of contests."
The Democrats succeeded in olectia
one Congressman in the State of Ioz
for the first time in eight years Jud1
Martin J. Wade defeated tie liepubl
can candidate, Hoffman, by su0 pil
rality. Birdsall, Republican, in Speakt
llenderson's district, secur,s a 5,0(
plurality. The ltepublican plurality ft
the State ticket will exceed 7,u00.
Rotu -us received at Republican heat
cquarters show that the Republicar
have elected flive of the six Congres
''le powdelr pilT ty help to hile tli
ravagc"s of tiine but it avails little to hid
the r,ages of udisc;ea. Whent the fat
is listigtired by erulptions, the tretttnet
ntist go belov the stfacce to the hho
whtich is c"orritplt an,l fintpure,
l>r. Pieree's (Golcn Medical I)iscover
cutes dlisfiguring ertltions which at
cauts:st by iilure hlo<ti. It eure( Scr
fnu> stures, ery sipla, boils, p itnple
eerila, Sialt-nhe"ttut and c ther crtnpti
dhis.ses' which iniipure blood breeds niu
a wa..Ir tr hie<t withi ee.etin flttii the, crow
1 of tohar to the' o s. of tuy feet." writes Mr
1-'.1.,1ini.* of1 Ciis C ity. TuM:.cota Co., M ie
"i'oti' tol w l tin- no1 wenri tny shio.
'I haughtii~ thee wa no hep for iiue--at least L
dotorit s:thI, the.'r wo. as itte. I wenit to s,
frit-,s at Cht itn.s tinte and1( thelre hensti
t. Ian t intl ii at.Pier,c's i.hen Medical IDi
I"verr y.'t one fo,r thewin. n'ni sadvied
try I it, i nce. - fent- thait Iintaight tiegiect
ty tri. ot -ent to. then viittige atnd gt a bott
ntn turil, i, tu r..tutn that I w lb ake it.
luel ben geting wo nen theti i I tor
thi teol .eI o the ' i t'uln eal i sc a i
ilet. an used . .l.-iIeal in uive,' wi.ebr nun
The sol nit ive for sutitutioni ist
pe-rniut the dealer- to iake the little rnom
proftit p;aid byv th it.au:le of hess ltueritori(r
itthieines. I le galins ; out i(ose. Thlert
Lftore aoccepit no snustitutte for " Gole
Medical. I iscover-v.''
1 1)ir. l'ieree's Pll~1ets cleanise the clogge
sytemtvt frot aCe'tmtunulted imnpurities.
FoI liierass
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I Conist intion,
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atre guaranteed c(lual Ito any P'ii
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pills in a box. If' they are not kep
in your vieluitiy, send 10 cents ii
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'otunitry trade a specialty.
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hardly breathe. I then tried Aycr's
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u mediate relief."
e W. C. Layton, Sidell, Ill.
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y ably. For it's first a cold,
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d . . . ..t 1-:i1 CO.. Lo"ull, Mass.
k men in Nebraska. The 2nd district, in
which Omaha is situated, is the only one
carried by the Fusionists. It is claimed
and is almost certain, that Mickey, Re.
He publican, is elected Governor by about
t 2,000. The entire lRpnublican Stat<
Ic ticket is elected. The next Legislature
will be strongly Republican.
Representative Uriggs, the chairman
of the Denocratic Congressional com
g mittee, is hopeful that the later returns
from doubtful districts will increase b)
at least half a dozen members the num.
ber of Democrats in the next Congress,
now conceded to them by the Reopubli.
cans. lReports received by him from
r various sources lead him to believe that
the total Democratic representation in
the Fifty-Eight Congress will nuinbei
180 members.
Booth Tarkington, the author, has
been elected to tWe Legislature in Indi.
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It, will Have you mnoney and ass
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naratal keepaintg a liawn witha ea jt.
d .
'ur .erieetion Law,,aand lowert cer1111
tl'~ i i li i t1 s :tr 1; lit. ; a t I I5 lb . r 0t -
.' t-a a b I fo t a 0l b-. h. ul ; 0 -0ea no0 yn
I it,( Iu th I t ch -, in.ta O na t wa i ta.
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A e toners-t-Law
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CiPotaor and Bulde
Attornoy at Law.
Pi3WetCke 8-nx N ,S.
0'racic inavter cors, Stateg and
(nderal. rall hi(e
ana, but his literary talents have proven
of no advantage in the securing of votes.
1118 majority is no larger than those of
the farmer candidates on his ticket.
The result, in this connection, is be
lieved to be somewhat disappointing to
Mr. Tarkington, inasmuch as he made ai
special effort to gain the farmer vote by
announcing that he intended moving to
the farm and by other means.
In Ohio, Mayor Tom Johnson, of
Clevoland, who has led the )emocratic
forces, seems to have not a Waterloo
defeat. .His candidate for secretary of
State, Bigelow, has been defeated by a
majority approximating 100,000. The
aim of Johnson and his lieutenants has
been to make' a material reduction in
the normal RepublicaIn majority, but
they have failed. This may in some de
gree be attributed to factional difTer
ences inside the Democratic party.
INTEl.STrINc 131T OF Illws"roItV.
The Iaven Inn, an old hostelry at
Hook, near Basingstroke, England, is
advertised for sale. TI' nn was built
in 1653 and still retaiA-. is quaint old
half-timbered work, overhanging ga
bles mnd small windows. The house
gained a wide notoriety in the latter
part of the eighteenth century during
the American War of Independence
through being the residence and place
of capture of the fatous "c.Jack, the
P'ainter," who roused the whole coun
try in 1776 by his deliberate attempts
to lire dockyards and shipping. IIe
succeeded at Portsmouth, where $300,
000 damage was done, also at Bristol,
but was foiled at Plymouth. So great
was the scare that ini response to a re
w1d 0f U,50 off'er'ed b tih OVerI
mcut for his capture the whole country
was on the alert, and he was run to
earth and captured in this interesting
old house and eventually hanged and
gibbetod at. I'ortsmout.h. 11i real
namem was J.aues Aitken.
After four years of work .John
IHenry, of Tamagua, l'a., expects to
complete soon a flying machinc capable
of lifting twenty times its weight,
which he will enter for t lie 100,000)
prize at the World's iir airship
000000000000000000000 0000
re Buil(ling.. ?
tire you of the hst materials if you
4uiller's Material of all kInts rm'n
io and 0ement Co.,
;Oii, S, C.
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n Masury's splendid Ready-Mixed 0
ints before buying,. lrompt attenl
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)ia, S. G~.
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
TTow To Find Otit.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
Stling indicates an
'9 - unhealthy condi
t-ion of the kid
neys; if It stains
your linen It Is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
**the back is also
convincing pofthat thekdnyadba
der are out of order.
There is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Khlmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or had effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
-realized, It stands the highest for Its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
if you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes,
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells ,~ ...
more about it, both sent ' if 0,$ '
absolutely free by mail, "
addi ess Dr. Kilmer & namnn or swamnp.noos.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tioni sading this generous offer in this paper.
4AY-Supiersedes Timle Ta'bie No. 1. Ef
fective 12:111 A. M. , F"eb. 1st, 190ol.
IBead D)own-I I-mi iUp.
Nef. 10. STA'1TIONS. No. 9.
Mixe'd. MEiXed
10:40) a m . . ...Lv. P'icken~s Ar..2:55 p ni
10:45 a mi.....*rgon's...2:45 p ml
10:55 a m......*Parson'........ 2:30) p m
11:00 a mi..........* riail's........... 2:25 pm
11:05 a im........Mldi's.......20 pim
1 1:15 a im...r Easley Lv...15 p mi
Mie. ST1AIONS. -ied
4:00 p m ......L. Pickents Ar.. 40 p m
405 p mi..... *ergsoni's.......6:3 pitm
'4:15 p m.....*Parson'ls... .. -15 p mi
1:20 p m.......Ariail's.......610 p m
I4'25 m.........Mulin'... :0 p mi
41:40 ) min...A Easley Lyv..... pi;tt a
*JFlaig Stations.
All trins daiily ccept Bunday.
No. t10 ConncCtsl with Souithern Iailway .
No. 33.
N'o. 9) (Connets wVithm Souterin ailwa
N '. 12
No. 12 ('onnects with Southern i(ailwy
No ii Connects w.itht Sontherni iialw ay
OIL l"or anys in, fornmat ion appily to
(.ei 'ral Mlanag~er.
Greenvil, S. C.
Offico over A ddisons Drug Store.
AVegctable Preparation 1orAs
similating Ite Food andRtegttda
tig theStomachs and Bowe s of
Promotes Dige stion,Cheerful
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opiuin,Norpline nor Mlieral.
/Arye ofi fd lIGM/ELIVt7/IAR
/x.l.,,aa "
id&u.ce ,Vwl. r
{lEi s d
IIJd$ebSna -
.dai& .SveI -
A perfeel lemedy for ('onstip,
Ron, Sour Stomach, i)iarthoea
ss s&ild Loss OF. SL~EEP.
Fac S'iutlo Sigi'nture o'
N E-W YO iI 11c.
1 *
ifi l
ingK season!A, I'i n
mela lehin ie cn~Ihe
gP'nIdtin') j.~ o
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
it Cost!
aetons and Wagons
o Sacrifice!
hei~ ia b :lcoc,k, ( 'ouirt,la4ing 4i, ''
tv'ilover' but we have'q a f<.w h.ii
14 k ri e, o1w iou lr own roi or adjl8j )~'11(
I ILE for en:sh or o<l papIer'. Pasli~
& 00O.,
One~ hit firs t.cinsS kma!
r<V Ill i ii 1 r(aEbiress Will bring. a manj
(i Y i i ~ n IPE C g 11 1( a li l iv e I lie Io w e st
& CO.. Anders~on, S, C.
better than any other, don'L buy
Iware Company,
a! .l'enmanUfahJp; a, com~"'
Lutmbrer nn4 4cotton era Oi
brougt hoo tof omvor

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