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The People's Journal
PU1'1tydlRU, 1:V1HY WE'DNil )AY MlOININ(7,
T. J. MAUi IN ............. Editor,
W. L. MAHENY.......... Bus, Mgr.
Slbscription $1.00 Per Anntun.
Advertising Rt des Reas-onable.
JCntOreil at the I'o,yt Oflice at Pickea as
st?rontl--class mnatter.
I'(I;lmN, S. V.,:
Thutbn"(y, N1otembIe, t0, 19O?.
Stuch we:ather as this November
has bniought us loaves no room to
comi)plai if ground isn't prepared
and wheat in the ground by Thanks
giving (lay.
cotton IS still weak but the bulk
of it has already been Imalrkelo(1.
The crop will not reach such entr
in(ttus proportions after all that has
be':n said and(] (11 by the Spocu.
'Tt a on 1g- uiif'ring mrchalt
Oi ta ri'i' il \v'-; bIiZl<r 1h th1e
stres- of se';vtr:tl year... would be
dlt :lit;1 in' Il a (11110 ot f the
ltt: s fst thi:r year's ,od cr
W'iet r n\I t. N ir; v lt o way h i
tcontr much n hap. u etran
hls hir and fornh to n :: to
lis hn p: he i :hhr t i tdr of
pon :ncemerah buot note c!a.tch,
At ti::s seafz n ofthe"y'art matny
schemers wOrk their way through
the country : cheap entertain
m9nts. 'lheir performaces don't
ahways come t to the standard of
pop,rtetty, but most of then catch
the cnowdts and take away the
dimes. Cheap shows arn dear at
any p)rice.
It see- ifrti the figure show
ing returns of thme lato general elec
tion in this state, that the people
get surfeited on elections during
the Primaries. On an average of
about one-"fourth the eligible vo
ters in South Carolina went to the
polls OIn general election (lay.
The cotton tields that havn't
already been plowed for wheat look
black with hardly a suggestion
that on many of themi good crops
were growni tnis year at the aver
age of a half bale to the acre.
IIigh fei tilintdion and timely
work not only bring better crops
b':. they insiuru &xa:ly maturity as
E'very young man than can save
twenity-livo or a hundred dollars
ought to tako thought of some of
his older acquaintances and profit
by their failures, The majority of
them will tell you, that it is be
cause of lack of industry and a
too great indulgence that have
kept thoem from being in better
shape to-day than they are.
The developmient, by the coop
orative work of th board and
school patrons, of a modern coun
try school, will powerfully stimui
late the educational spirit in all
dlirections, for miles around. D)ot.
ting over a county with ideal coun
try schools, one or so in each civil
district, 01' in groupings of two or
throe civil districts, will soon mnak(
that county a leader in education
among the counties of a congress
ional district. Example is afow
orful teacher.
A truth is of no value unless
personally applied and made a
motive for action. The p)eople
read and hear, and talk, and write
or education; the truths and ideas
about better schools are cried
aloud everywheie ; the duty of each
citizen to promote the educational
interests of his Echildren and his
community is emphasized in the
press and on the Platform; the
thousands listen, agree, applaud,
u-but only the dozens act. Why
not the thousands? Pubic eduoa,
tion is no less dependent uponi the
individual because it is publio,
and the individual's duty cannot
be shirked on the prinoiple thai
Overybody's business is nobody'i
business. A commuity holds eaoll
nanl responsible for the paymeni
of his taxes; so should each man bi
oild responsible for his personat ot,
torte tokwaf4 the betterment of pub.
tio education. To his own child,
ren, to his neighbor's children, t<
tociety as a whole he is account
'able, an~d a neglect of his diaty Ie a
6 v onttl and sooial bs'esob of $ret
### fdh co.
A dollar means a dollar now;
eaved till tho first of May it will
mean nearly a dollar and a quarter
to the poor man and it will not
havo to bo borrowed
Greenville has b)on trying hard
enough to got a cigar factory 1oca
ted thereabouts. It looks like
this corporation expe.;ts Green
ville people to lbe g it and pay it
too to locato amongst thor. If
(reonville is a desirable place for
such an institution, will it not
come as a matter of course?
* * *
The farmers of Pickolls county
are the 'r0est people t0 bo found.
'lheir freedott could be broadened
by the practice of more economy
with added industry for a soason.
T1. be out of debt means "to bo iI
the addle", to use a well under
Stoo,l h)ltraso, and Pi'ckotns county
ftarmrvi are I l beginning to lotlot.
Wheu the Oconoe county Grand
du11ry got through with tho (%ount.v
tuIli, rs at the lat term of Court in
that c)lnty thire nust have been
i ti'.ling of lonesomnne,=s amongst
thi.'ht) Grand Jury soemed to
give mist of their titmo to the olloi
cers though a good batch of indict
mii)nts was han;d 'l up also. The
(?rand Jury of' Oconee seemi;d do
t-.rmiiiod that their recommenda.
tions he carried out.
In the Way of Small Industries.
The Easley Creamery Company
organized at Easley some eight
months ago, and operated for seV
oral months gives some indication
of what is possible for small indus
tries in this section of South Caro
lina. This concern has succeeded
in producing a quality of cheese,
along with the usual by-products
of a creamery, that measures up to
the full expectations of all people
at all familiar with the workings
and roquirements of such an insti
tution. In fact at the late State
Fair whero tho products of cream
eries were displayed and thorough
tests given, the Easley Creamery
Company won a prize on the merit
of its product. The trouble at
present, and the only trouble in
the way of making such 1enterprise
in this country a p)rofitable invest
umenit is that it is a real advance
ment on the customls of the peopl1e2
We are too content to let our pro.
ducts be subject to variations of a
very variable market, and there
fore fail to see wherein a creamery
which sends to our doors and takes
our surplus milk at a constant
price and withal a reasonable
p)rice, though it may be a little
lower than the prices received (for
a few quarts in Greenville for in,
stance, is directly a benefit to the
cattle raisers and milk producers.
The Creamery gives living prices
goodl prices and that without fail
ure at any time. It needs and can
use a constant supply all the time
and pays for it according to true
measure when delivered or as the
man who supplies it wants the pay.
This element of regularity removes
all doubt as to the disposition of
all the milk a farmer can produce,
and loaves him free to rairo all he
can without the trouble of finding a
market. It ought also to encour
age the raising of cattle-a better
(juahity of cattle-and every cow
that is raised and kept at home
means, over and above the revenue
from here, milk, a betterment of
the land on which she is kept.
Those who figure closely are al
most prepared to say that the fer
tilization of the soil derived from
a batch of cows properly cared for
is equivalent in value to the cost
of keeping those cows saying noth
ing about the money received for
the milk.
This institution in Easley is a
good thing.- There ought to be
more of the same kind in Pickcens
County, and as the people see the
quick returns and the returns
coming alone; through betterments
to their lands they will endorse
suoh enterprises and the enterpris
es will make money.
Dr. Chas. H. Utter, a prominent phy
sician, of Panama, Oolomibia in a recoat
letter stts: "Last March i had as a
patient a young lady sixteen years of
age, who had a very bad attach of dypen
tory,. v thing preboribed for her
proved ine eetual ad she was arowing
worse overy hour. Her parenTs were
sure she would die. She had beoome so
weak that sbe could not turn over in
bed. What to do at this critical mo.
meent was a study for me, but I thought
of Chamberlaiutas Colic Cholera and J)ia
rhoea Romei~ and as a last resort pre
seribed it,. he most Wonderful result
was effected, Within eight hours she
was feeling much better ih#uids of three
days she wsuponheir feet and at the.
oend of otp wee was entiral well,
For sale by Dr, G, W.
be , a
Lost Reason After
Daughter Had Fre
quent Spasms.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Cured
Them Both.
Dr. Miles' Nervine is a specific for nervous
disorders. It removes the cause and effects
a speedy and permanent cure.
"I feel it is my duty to let you know that
your medicines have cured my little girl of
nine,of spasms. She c9mmencedhaving them
at the age of three. Our family doctor said
she would outgrow them but she did not.
We took her to another physician who said
her trouble waa epileptic fits in a mild form.
Ile (id her. no good either. She was so
nervous she could hardly walk. As I had
already used f)r. Miles' Norvine and found
it a good remedy for myself I commenced
giving it to my child. I gave her in all ten
bottles of the Nervine and one of the Ilouod
Purifier. That was over two years ago and
she has not had an attack since we com.
menced the treatment. She is no lon"er
troubled with nervousness and we cnnsiier
her permanently cu led. I enclose her pic
ture. My mother-in.law lost her reason and
was inmeane for three months from the effects
of I.a(rippe. S ic bottles if Dr. M ies' Ncr
vine cured her. My sjster has also taken it
for .ick headache with good results. We all
tink you very much for your f'ood mcdi
cines autt kind advice. I don't tliink there
is an other medicine half so good. I :;end1
my Iaughlter's photoga pi so that you may
see what ai sweet liltle gtii lives ('ut isn
Arkansas." - MNs. I IANNAII I3At K'Tr
Springdale, Ark.
All dhu4'gists sell and guarantee first bottle
I)r. Mile.' Remedies. fenid for fce book
on Nervous and Ileat I)iseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Cu., Elkhart, Ind.
At! lpn,rc i(rO1 eeb wlIrnedt not to
itntt, fish, trap 0r, i itiy otier woy
rerMparss oul my land.k. Any vid Iioll of
li(4 notice will be plr )Sctited to the full
fxtent of the baw.
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Next 30 Days
and MIarkers
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20 per cent
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West End Store,
Neeley & Prince,
General Merchandise.
Mess. 3. M. Neeley and W. H,
Prmece have formed a partnership
and bought the remaining stock of
I. D. Moore at the Weost End
Store. They will continue to do a
general Merchandise business at
the same stand, and wvill lay in a
fresh. flew ttopply of goods which
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andl to compete with all dealers.
They will carry a full line of Gun
oral Merchaudise. See them,
are the most fatal of all dis
U LI 0 Guaranteed Remaedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent .physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00s.
b~aastfuI7tov . S 4
Pohey's Kidney Cure
88akea kidneys and bladder righti
e e 0
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onl Pickens 'Soil, We n romis('<! f'lo
the crowds ul Iirift.y buyers that
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aI.~v coe Q
at trado in its history. When we planted our foot
centers iu upper kouth Carolina and judging from
n the statmntt that wo have fulfilled our promise.
as over been brought to this part of the stato.
th Carolina in large quanties for spot cash at prices
>-called competition, and from
1st, 1903,
ities that has over been known in this part of the
luting good dress styles, at 4c per yard.
taudarl Prints sells for So, our prico, 34c.
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nday n
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