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The People's Journal.
Notice, to Subscribers !
Laet January noticos were sent to all
parties in arrears and duo The Journal
on subscription and othorwiso. TheMo
notices included indebtedness of 1901
and 1902.
Mr. W. L. Mathony is still with the
Journal and in charge of these mattors
and will be pleased to have all who have
not complied with tho reqgost to settle
embodiod in the said notices to call oi
him at The -Journal office, in the Ath
ny brick building, at the rear of W. T.
McFall's storo and aruango such indebt
'edness at one. A prompt compliance
will greatly facilitato us in placing and
'ooping our busiueos in proper shape,
Pub. The Journal.
Local and Personal.
-Read land sale notices first on
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
fEaaley, Nov. 25 and 26.
--Read Auditors and Treasurcrs
notice on last page.
-W. J. Roark, of Washington,
D. C., spent last week with his son,
R. R. Roark.
-Hon. Thomas W. Bacot, of
Charleston, was here Monday on
-A LL the stores will be closed r
in Pickens Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 1
-Every farmer is sowing wheat,
and the best part is he is fixing
his lands well.
--The Pickens Graded School is
flourishing and the progress of the t
pupils is encouraging. E
-Leopold of Belgium has been
the target of a would-be assassin, v
but the bullets missed their mark. J
-Craig Bros. are the cash mer
chants who sell on close margins.
Read their now advertisement. r
-Dr. A. J. S. Thomas preached
to attentive and appreciative con-.
--~n " a t.hn Baptist church ,y
in Olt: uwy ,...
-W. Lafayette LaBoon, after a a
two weeks visit to his home in
Brushy Creek in Anderson county, c
is back at his work in Pickens. C
-Ethel, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Jenkins, who has de
veloped a Icase of pneumonia, is
S-The sale at the late residence
of B. A. Qreen, Tuesday, was well
attended. The personal property
brought fairly good prices.
'-Elmer Folg9r, of ;Gaffney, has
F been spending a while with rela
%Ivea in and near Pickens enjoying
his vacation. He returnedJto Gaff
ney Tuesday.
-.-Col. D. K. Norris passed thr o'
Piokens Wednesday on his way to
the north to complete arrange.
ments relative the Central Ootton
--Friends of Maj. 3T. J7. Lewis
will be pleased to learn of his rapid
improvement . He is still at the
home of his,son-in-law, Mr. J. Lee
Carpenter, in Greenville.
Up-LTto idate about 2200 bales of
cottonshavi been marketed in Pick.
ens out of the 1902 crop, and Pick-.
ens buyerehave always paid thei
highest market price for cotton.
---One of the hardest rains sinceI
wummer fell in this section last
Monday night; is was a genuine
thundor storm andsput a stop to
wheat sowing. We are looking for
cold weather now.
Stockholders of the Farmers
Publish ing Company are requested
.to read the notice of meeting pub
'.lished herein and fixed for the 22
inst, and all be present if possible,
either in person or by proxy.
-Don't fail to keep up with the
advertisements of land for sale as
they annear in thIs fnnnr, O.n
vhurchos in the Pickens circuit
are urged to be present at the fi..
nial meeting of Stewards to be held
a,t the Parsonage, in Pickens, Sat
urday NTov. 22 at 10 O'clock a. mn.
-Trhe Committee of stockholders
an~d directors of the Easley Cjeam
ery.Comnpany are requested to meet
Wedelday Nov. 19th at the
- reaery at 10 o'olock -as m., A
frtil- attendance is desired..
-3, W. Reader is In' Pickenis
iIn thke iteest of County Beonefit
Asso9Iation of Amerioa. An or
galdieation hae, been effected with
) i?oster RCeith, President, 3. B3,
Newber~y Seo'y and Treas.
"Married diu Sunday .morning
the kth ot Nov. 1902 at the homne
'of thle btict's -father, Marion Steph'
0iu liWU$m AtkInson to Mise
a MIeta na htl of Ininhatt
---Pickls is Soonl to havu a Sun
day mai1.
-Th m1111ber of fruit trie or
(de's being taken by citizens 1 irouid
Pickenvs indiicaitos thtl. the people
aro improving thrair hiomles by ad-i
ding to them)t good orchards which t
erlll"ly prove no;stA,valuiable as- r
3its to any homo.
--Waddy ''. Chapman was last
wook the Victii of an air gun
ecklessly aimh)cd up lo the street by
I boy not thiiiking of the -conse
:1lences. Theo shot struck near
he oyo and passed through tho lid
tnd it is feared tho ball is iljured,u
-''. Christio lobinisonl came in
roml Liaurons last Sunday and re,
naliinod a1 day with reIlative.3 and(l
riends hore- Chris t.ie is now (day- t
lerk at the Ben-Della hotel, the I
cading hostelry in that. el;terpris
ug city, and is well pl'ased with
his work. U
-James P. Carey, well known i
Ill over iis part of Souti Caro-i- t
ia, has beoin appoiit,tel to hold I.
i}i'cial termi of 0,1urt at, 1'anr( ns, I
>egin n inig Monda ), Dcei br f irst. lc
r11. Carey's legal abi li ty is re(c . st
lizod ab;road, an(1 thk titanid is y
natde 111)011 hin lecalso the law- S
Ier appreei;ato his eiiit., and T
tuality as a Judge. Si
-R. R. Roark has bought the tc
itire stock of miurchiliso of =\, B
d. Morris and will coitiliu I he di
uiness at the samne i;t.antld. Mr.
toark is an energetic yolung mha!
illy qualified througli cxp r11(ien
or the )usiness anl will no (oubt1.
nako a success of ierclhan(li;inlg.
to Solicits the public patroni'ige
nd will make it to tho inter?,st (i
he trading public to exa in e his ii
tock and do b)usinCss with him
-Jerre H. Payne, of Calhon, i
vas adjudged insane by Probalte t,
udgo Newberv on Momday, Nov. in
7th, upoin proper )roceedingsm
ringing him before the Probate
udge. F. P. McDaniel left Cal
ou1n with Mr. Payne Tubsday
aoriling for the Asym i where it is
loped the treatlelitnt will fulil re
tore him. Mr. Payne had bn
ad heal th for soin tin-e an 'i
apparent th:t. ;i= :lind wm
ulally yioldling t,., ihe str:.i)r.
plhysicians w'() niadc" th. ,
l-tionl were L . . Gaton
trall a.;d, A. 11.,d
nson Col. :;-.
Wu not ic uthat betAw- (h y
.nd the pre;ss our 11t:t irtie to
Jeo.s ago Iott the T.ii a .
f the soun, ceu s_', it w: y .t
ur' bothi.
WVheat sowing and plon~ ing was
ut short ye:nerday by the thun-i
lor showers.
T1he ~15th of *Novemblr h
iassed and] thlE pt at. vines n.i
otton have not been killed by
'rost. Cotton and the miornin ig ua
~lories are still ini bloom. 1
The Liberty Brat-ss B3and is put
ing in good timo practicing andtc
>rogressinig finely under Prof. JT.
3. Parsons'instructioni. (1
Edgar Templeton has fever. 0
Mrs. W. L. B3oggs and Pearl h3
imith are able to ho out, a,
M:rs. Eastman, of Brevard, N, 0, &'
~isited her daughter, Mrs. WV. L. p
3oggs during her illness. hb
0. D). MI-cCravoy is suffering
reim a severe attach of rheuma. *
Berry McWhorter and his father Jh
iave gone to Atlanta, where tihe n
atter has gone for special trenmt
nent for cancor.
Rev. W. L1. Boggs, of Greenville, f9
eft an ap)pointment to preach ti
mere next Sabbath the 23rd inst. h
The freight trains made things
mum Sunday, as8 usual.
Nov. 18. C i.
Mass Meeting at Norris. p
The meeting was cal led to order b
>y Hon. B. J. Johnston. Rou ben II
~. T. Hallumn, Sec.
The following resolutionsi were
ffered by Ilon. B. J. Johnston:
Whereas on the nigh t of Nov. 1
.902, some person or ";)Orsonis did
naliciously shoot anid kili Nero
iallumis while peacefully' sitting
Me -i h omo.U
areas in t he (deathb of I
S the omm iun it y hias :
best colored citizen'is, 1
rifty, intelligent and
'so withb white peo.
ng and extremecly I t
)U Iu i reolved by
ay mee114,~'tingat -
artioni of No r Halln as"' one OU'
jcts that oe i conii( d of hv,
the1' humai' h.t' or y da ta
Resolved ''m: , o
bring the guilty pairty to) juI5tice
rnd call upovn al ou1r fellowv 'iti
senM white aind color'ed to unisJt
Resolved 3rd, That! a c: 0
these resolutions be sen to(
Mo8weenoy, asking him1 to off.r a
liberal reward for the captuo and
souiion of the said sa;,in,
Also a copy be sent our coun tx
pape)r8 with a request that i' 7v
publish the same.
'On motion of Mr. Johns,on the
resolutOh15 were un2aLnmculy
GN0 FQW)e, Ohm,
I w h >
lInks to t)' h . : .- :ln
'ons of C:.:,,. t b h
oloro'd, 1wi'o!1:' ha dIl y
nly diear !''1
)st, with
Nov. l ith. {;it.
The Eastern Maiuf-ictur-nlr Co.
lhicago, will pr. eet to every >;
nder one year of a ge, in t h c cltIt v,
olid silver baby .poo! with '.c 1+'
iven name engraved on n:m'e. Yt
ot have to pay ona; cent nor :>V,
hring to get thi :p-m. T he a
1fanufacturini.; Co. ::re: ..l-t'
.xrers and job)ber ,o .a..g
ilverw;are, and ha\vc .i ken ;hi: nel
f advertising their tsud;d. lusta
pending thousands' of dlgars
lagazine advertising thy have ctei
give it away direct t' consunwr.
The undier-:i, n.,c firmt:t t .
ade distribu:tiut:' a; ' :or (
cality. Bringr ^(, ' t ::t, ( t
ore and ^'ive+ it:a nam :' rn'tl r;g.-e
>U will receive ont of 0:c'' b.tu
iver SpcCul; all enigravc' free of ct
his is not a. cheap artt,.'ic. but s
lver of dlcgiant des (lign''. L.n i
ookr over the !" n k:t of'
astern ManuIactur1 Co. '. s
splay at
Sl l:l l B. \Cf ' ;I c' \ .1:') i"'
Unty w I'-'
I i, .. .i. .. ,
ho thca h.* T
iua nce w1 e :.r ' '1 d
dru t is mglhn~~:oat J.
uda i thbo tdatd by e lad y 1
iulr .'. . Roti th3101 'd Oc .tber t i
10,ad on 1i; '1in 1tbt Clrk home,
Nolaell to th hihs bir on 1'.'1
urmg theu loga houun r t. o an~~ t
U(l Cort3IIuse .' G. ~~
All [hiatpieie, ~ 1 parce or.u' trac of
id (5 tat , ior v1~ ~id ii ; o
dua Ruiiv(ler, ouJame byL lad oni
s itl, An Robison and E Li
ONoemberi [(381 199:y! a, t'ek mortgi
j'mg ivn to Io to ihe bajand 13t'3
.ir,hand moucyi t'o 311i1 d boe deciV
und, on otnCi cr 1'ry-.i v f11.' tg~
oro rois,.~rw(f :l oh
Al(l th oith uirt ajoiningtbc
Vt(45) acet.,pi mo r -: 1less, ' and
a hmd doo : tI Jnme.Lto
s is ,Iu (1 Obildres,anTfor f
tOneohalf ahhy of sale, ( hth cii
portio to11113 ho iidO ibi Xt wo!v w
ith k'iIters t j.h (8) po1,. r cent 1
ti, n1 ceit orio ec rd .
topo ie. Tem of I:0obee
2By vntuaa o le ,,', N ol
pong m\Vb,y 1.0~iI)ZO] .~d11
r fo cas h I j'i l : 1(1
A11 tha'pic pa:-e3 o W,c r
'h d, 1 cotiing t,hi:0 acreoi mor
1 - *1V)r *l
(.1tab. '.
,v1 1
- 4.
n -I
t (I
1 4.-., .--..e
.i' 1in
I k4. .
ICOiDt. 00(*f t r i1' 0 ' I 44'ld. )44'.C
15 25 'IUI 10 cot, ,do'ftutiu
4 . v-'I
wu:tbr youV h' i con 4
ab 2Iohave or ai t' . m
tyitV yOst .En'ah
0t14 t4C O ( f Fi al.j
"0n, We)' wi':. (p o .B
by -th a y f DecembeU , - i'
o *Jt it:*'rme inc 'c'* ibd
Na 'J 1X4.2(i OV,i:i
by c~( tal '4o' W . E,A:Wn! , r reuae
undersigned for .l~ paymnt by) th 1s2
ov.. 32Da
4,ei lto p e 3 -. in-'
tet4 to '' the) n4 gne fo
1 th1 I. 1 -
41S- b lt
oI 1.l,'W"Ill-I ,l.4 ig j.j
}{p if', ., h 'S 11I
f~11oto 1,'. oiddogo d da eo
3J .'c aC chd trdi i iht',~: w as
Ab :44 ('fre full rc' o~e,n,f
4W '' w.(st My, "4 Va: h e Mr f ig]3
' , s tine
havi' N.x r'6ut" tt'v\'>,l , and tablet
11w vho prict
l i
.:' COlts,
"N II' 41'i:
,. r r -
4.. ' he l te wh4
C10 %' 1 ('tlll' }.}11 ' 1li'o.43 1''1
- ..'- y e
hI )
l h m : tn, (;11 th--n,ijtofer you. ti
-a\',ton.1 FhIces i t 1>,10an
herav'itr " 'oth than 1 e ver httd be
Mtandardl"t goods, l1 d "t Filanncl.=, I
:lanlc (ts, thel( i0(' c ta.lity for .8 ets.
fa44d ,tCWjST,
am ladm- e' n d n , u
ni' al.a for he east m one y o
' o ',o'a d h4
r i the ndm re1n
Iii1C4(S,the O c vo rmey for ~'4.
n rs '.f1th' mal4 with
- { i . i, ' '4' ,.
(4 i'cturedwa. .E cannot ap<s*ck
too4) igbh-41 of th'i' 4teaIt meicie."' .lk>li.
Webb\4 (PickensoL''u & Chapmn & OlIlabaui
L i l > r y
Unm44iy or Pikes
4) \"('' none U Ih n maldoL (snit
T4 I '1 .44' 4 :4': 0 "laim
>'t'4**11 ha . d:o.'1
4'a4'''v o' 1i)4 Cr(4
''n')'.4.. I e4 I4rm4Y'("h4, to shewv
b ~ th sa'id A.\4
r n
PV T, P, (1,
I At. !4''ver' fails an)(1d
'4 r 4 m1e' eih naPuo c r
1m4ron.4Thy d no claim
- - on this4 dre"l''ad com4441 )p1ai 't i i''
Ii .4'4 040, butI do pos~it ivl a'. rt
10 1 .'4 (I 1 folk to giv~o cIioort
4141 re'id' ml the 'wor's c'a"' , yIOgy,44
a4W b411:. 1itIth. 11i1 . , \ Ebb Pink.
up NO' hIl Gd~r
o uesday Nov. 2th ati 10o'ok
Ia n, m4. 11he following proper1ty:
)t8Ono hay mare, oui buggy anid
harer 1.1 of. corhi, fodde11r anld
farmin inal(00.9
j .M J"V "'* . t a .-, I raa-mwJ
)f you t:ttt ce'a1 ) :til(Iy' goO d.3 I
for yolu wVOlt tit( til; ;;. \\'t Ihutvo bJO.g
p;'',(l: tlttt vnolll'y Coutld bit;, ti.c; wm.:oI
h .tI:itat(0 to siy thi'lt Our IlIl" of w11 iit1r ol<
(()o(1tI cio, is onea' of thle l arge:t, most Col
to 1-icketus. 'iTh(:o t:,-' pIjl lit fitets, we :u
look thlrol"lugh otu- :ttook.
1' >' thl goot
\ o h 144 ir:.it .n n tpri
itO t r
lll il(:t Y ' - ' 1 i :r 1;:
(I,'toW il 11'f 01 '.:r (
T h . i { r l i!,
itwill nI ver 1 m'' 1' 7.,, = .
1.8nw. . ov.tt .
rVith j1i : 2. t4'o t
p1111'u . to il , \ (ub41 r
r: . , Cott..
1 'UIIt' 1) 't11o1!'":2 F l ' !( , I, tat -" ,"i'I
h inglIIe tiil rN .,
1'io'Vund . 1 tH (1 lol' 10'CthU ta .
We' 1 ( u .to b 44
~ o ,4p t K ' 1
ihd, o us......1 v4~. b al .
1f0c.l lact<lO:( 20'0 Only 9 y<b aor
Frren omf 2i th owilell1 b
ly bls alsvd it o a to. Weoao
fo0l. We hav for 4 cap o ith
Kurt flo oi o mre o
fonador.~ \. Cuflur
\ .o grv' :enli bage i
* 1 l': , 1)l' lYl i 30i
-Lwest Prices
verything thec es
on't waste timo looking for them here
lit at cuormnoaUi stock of the yory best
Ibought at tho right princo. We do not
thing, Shior, HatM, Gonta Furnihing
npleto and boat moleeted st')ek evor brought
e not trdkiig ns you will so when you
Clothing I
things iw have von in this line,
T, 1 I l 11ra1i) 40 to 818.00.
tonm .9.0 to n.en suits
hi:ls ol and yVmm , fr"oni 7 year
I lo, tnhe pla1e "1where the
III( )'r f theP !tlu Axo and
:,Cn. Plaids, French
hNv-%,e. hmb ithi Silke andtc
"'. ) fail (to )ee our lin of ready
't't fm . 'if :<tu l 'k ] lankotrs, ,Toans,
'" .d ti; u:t .l,rit, , Sh'ingle M1.illa and
. i - --l b., Trn t, Umbrellas,
p- ! , oh'. Atsthin ---ver.y,thing
1. 7) per bhorrol. (':tl'ce' 8, 10 anId 12
. 'S. 5 na E
nuc -I Iouc stora a~ fior .10ea
. b v.; v ': n !tW et.d~ f'orhiusl
y ~ lth ou n tr as ell ais f1the1
I pnr .toes ca I ldo~ Ton~
i.l5 o i boom'' faing~ 8, 170 a1
Lin . a rty roded pri.
f goo ke sda feolrom25. Onlyi'
wig al :o picon ou' tabl o r '9 l
yard tati actually wort 5t
uity. Your t11y,
IiI1' ttt:rothers BiP
til s)o(lw for'I 50niec~ 'o
evJ h flc nor a ;or 35
onda1 ha i ~ unit wth people
wewil lo~n'ul tao daytepri'ds
Alllit y ore and iaiaway
SL00. Th best 8andfl oi0a
call and . ge ~the. Emr'i~ai-on.
cigar c a Wer Ealeo l
> whout, you d2inner,VI) Anerdi
ng the en,e go(od~ut~tepo
1'd pricIs to uto 8th1e OdSnA
iod Dry'f.I ~ God ''f11, ~ ou
tr.v Prodne

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