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he ieople's Journal.
I INTO T'Ill; FAC1' tt
8 01"I"I~I? 8it
The stars peeped through;ll the win
dow at tilw inan, and the man gazed at u
the stars. And between them hung g
the ebony curtatus of night. ti
'lhe iman was portly and well- a
g1rooimedl. 'There wcre diamuonds on it
his lgerrs ti upon his cravat. I'here c
w"ere gild coins in his pockets. 11it iti a
his col, -!ray eyes ;11l around his thin I
lips were the (ill lines; of an11guinsh.
Th'1rougrh ;10 yeaurs of l ife Jacob n
Wlnslow hIa j'utrneyed, over the I'
roulgh, weatrisomle road of enlieavor,
up the stceep, hauld hill of achievement. l'
A 111 under t.he soft s ilight of sue
cess, he hd waniered thniiuglh the NV
:ardenl.s of fame and weall hh and pop- P
uhalrit'1, l.tl,I llhng,. siw-'i ;: as he wVent. y"
And at. Iltst he 1ind C4111e face to lae. w
with --earl Decath had its linigers of
lion his ti oat :iInzeirs that were IV
tcehteing, tig;hteing,5Z tighiteinigl ai
E;xptetrtin rlrltivine anid surgery,
without numblher, he had consulted,
travetliig in his piivate ear' over thou- ;l
s:nds of itniles on his 'win railr'>ads.
the and all had plhid thleir "ears over 11
his hetart; h-ld testld the organ with h
delicate instullmewnts. And all hwd
said: '''ie ;ind i- juit hiyond. Vlen
will y-ou re:ah it. I Tmorrmow---nesxt,
year- tell yars henc, No man
knows. lI;t the end i:= julsitheyind."
Then it iv- th it the mat saw the h1
face of Fear; then it was that remorse
catne to hiun out if the shadlows. And v
be sat liooking ouit at the itai and re. (I
p eatin, "'hte end is jlst bl-yodll;, ut IV
the past-(inl the luit " h
Tiw1 , tlhtT", fit"r ho(tl1a wenlt by andIi
hle nev'er s tirredf. WhI cii, at last, he f.
did atise, he irtw hunself to his full
heig ht. A esil; wa;s uplon his face -a sI
saIl smile, hit a smil a--:Ind in his eyes sI
Was the glem ia llt pe. -'or he had
decided. sl
Si he lisruoht , hununiitg a time of si
his chilihti, andl lav lown upon his 11
coi-h to ael, nimly, at th1e darkness. e,
And no luni;cr dit ito sece the face of
F'ear. It
The Imagnatc reclincd in his easy si
chair befIorc hi; m:;thogan;ty desk, think- a
ints;, thinkini:, thlinking.a
A1 dotor opliwtsit" t'ieei' and a man h
entered, Iimidly .a nwnanim threadbare
armlents, tnid a. the nita-nate glanced h
ai ihe visitbr, his [ie ialod and he 1
clutcheil the <'sk btefore him with a
ncrvou:1 han<l,. it
"\'u sWit for in"-, Mrr. Wmislow " 1
faltered then num11 in thiread.n-iIe clothtes- t
1 iinibly thle nuiagtitiitiuoneud to a o
chfair ;inalf tile o bi sat 'tyn,i fuinbltig (
his I adidi< ul ca : ilt wathini a tiny Ilam h14'i
that sp rain- froml itni th1e ash1 (il theO
1:inate's42 la-i- :iiltf 2prcead sfowly tilitil b
it rea(tcdto 1(.h14e itou3 of his alut and ''
lii'' f-.0was ii at-iowV atnd his eyes p
le:tiit-dl wifth 11 itcilie brightniess. e
Tihni the hpis of* the nligate niiovedl i
ani lie spmok~
VI4urs ar'.!i .(W'ii wle ai O wo niiin -a di
'-lit tirin iit\tiini'my shps retunV111
lilt carnm'1111 -- Iwet a12141 wVeek thten,
h.,ive av2'erttlned exactly whtt y4ou 5
hiave i-un ale to 1-ar11 Sine, It 1has 2
bly "it has n1ot beeni mucth. T1imels 1
hlavi beeni iu-dat, sir -.-very hard."''
'lhe iiaynate ftued abruptltly to htis
dIesk and4 tioiok up a1 slip of 1pap1er.
"'ile, I .umttann 1," h e said, ai <tuaver<
iln his vi teet, " heie is a chec2k for tihe
1 2iMviide14red the man11 reached2i foth it
his hand14 and took the paper. Buit he i
di idi nt, spea2k.
"Attd .14umalm." cont.inued the miag
riate, afteIr ai pani41, "you11 may1 report to)
me14 tOmlorrow mIornting. I deisireC to
app)loinIt you fotemaiu n m the boiler shoptj.
\ on woui probb l e lilling tat po..
sition1 today, l,timann, if I-if I had
ntot diillssed you."
"I1 do not unlder'stan,ti liri," thte man1
ii thei thtreadhareti garmtllh s fatlI(tee, a -
paZtinetic~ thtankfun iess 1in his votice.
".No,"~ thel magnate criedl, suddnltty
the irei biuring ane4w int h118 eyeS, "y3oul
do0 not undtlerstanid. lint listeu: I hatve
se-oil! I Lnmnn,tl I have seen21 thte
incee of leaIr leern g at me fromt out the
lonig the pathIway of mty nuslfspent life.
Ad 11 hav1 come2(2111. to a p)lace where a
healvy' shiadowv lays atcross the roadh.
And ill the1 darikness5 of thtis shtadow-.
the shadow of' my ownt infamty-l have
ptausedl, l~uma1nn1, pauiised andi tremtbled
and I halve seen a mlanl's face-yotur
fae-f~.urrowved witht the linies of deC
spair, but sitoiCal, resigned(, UeCOm- t
lamlinig, bow humbliy. at lmy unijust, I
commhrandl. I have s'een your formiti
bent with the labor you had faithfully
performed for mue, move heavily aloni
a road1 to a huimble hoime where a wo
matn waited---a womant with trustful
eyes. I have seen her put her armis S
around your neck, and have Been you '
bow your head, amnd have heard youli
muoan, 'God hoip us, Mary-, God help
us now!' I have heard the ring of
hope in heor voice, but have seen1 the
heartbreak in her eyes. I have seen1 a
'you seiarbhmng for work--searching day
after (lay and I-God forgive me, Lu-t1
mianni I Ave seen the hunger oni thme
faces of the children. .Now do you
understand ?"<
The manu in the threadbare garmeonts
oeand stogd a moment, awkwardly
umbling his cap.
-"I un Ant)d," besald finally, "and
4-and td .bkk yoI thaQk you for
nyself and t ite wonaan."
Tl ~ga1.bAted and reached
La'~0~IT~ b1uAnd Clutched the
~'*~e4'~ le said. "You never
b -'for your discharge? ?
l'elyou. Ypur wife used
i a diAnor every day. sh~ee
-Sth%S 1dow. I could sot
t.atigoye go. ~
he rominde(d me of a woman who
ho-a woman I once know. Do y(
nlerstand T? hat is all, good (lay1
Whci the magnate alighted fro
Is carriage and ascended the flowe
Drdered walk to the cottage with ti
reon blinds and the vine-cover
orch, a smile of real happine
lenlet in his cycs.
And when the door was opened by
im little woman in a plain, but becoi
ig gown of blue calico, he caught h
ccrenoniously in his arms and kiss<
er. And the womta uttered a ghl
'y and lockol her arms around l
xek and called him "dear, del
Then he sat down and took her bal
ion his kneo and kissed it, too, at
ive it it bag of candy he had broughi
ten sat the baby down on the lo
rid arose and took his (laughter aga
his arms and stroked her hair at
ried softly. Then he held her out
rI's lengtlh and smiled into her tea
et. face and said celkingly:
"(I amt traveling back over my hf
y dauglhter----away from the face
cal. And I have come to a pla
here O path is wet with tears
lc day whei you married against i
ishes and I pushed you away from n
ith all the stubbornness of my blil
"ide. But now, my dauhghter, I. kne
n were far wiser than your fath
as before you, for you married tI
he you loved and found happinec
bile 1-once upon ia titne, long yea
o, I laughed to scorn the pce lo,
a good woman, and married yo
other, for she had wealth. She w
>od to me, your mother was, but
d not love her. I could not love h
eause---1 could not forget, (od,
uve not forgotten!''
lie paused it nioluolt to wipe t
>Ad sweat floan his forehead, whi
is daughter :tared at him in wonh
hen he continued:
"I cannot forget! I broke the he.
a true woman and-and-Glod
lVt looked upon the face of Fearl"
Then a heavy step sounded upon t
ie-covered porch and i 1111111 open
he door and entered--a young n
ith a bronzc face and strong, rou,
nnis. And the baby ran to meet hii
id the woman cried, ''\alter, this
ther," and the lnagnate clasped t
ng mani's hand in both of hi"i a
tid, "(God bless you, my son- -I
In the hush of twilight the magtr
oodl, with bowed, uncovered head I
(e an Old, old gravo in the quiet hil
is face was drawn and pale and 1
'es were moist.
Again and again lie read the y
alls 1111111e on the marble slab a
ghed. Hle knelt in the tangled or
ud covered his face with his hatl
id groaned, while the pain in I
cart grew deeper.
And there carne to him the vision
or sweet, sad face, her trembling li1
or trustful, pleadintg eyes and again
er11e(m to feel the touch of her clh
ig hands as they lay in his while
tid good1-bye forever. And, throu
ie dusk, there came to him the c
a woman's sob-the sob of a worn
'ying out her heart--a sob that hi
illunted him always.
"'Alice,'' lie cried, reachingr out 1
anids towardls the gat.hering shadov
Alice" T' Ihen lie raised hi.. fae i
loringly toward heaven, anid in t
ars' cold stare saw only the brmgl
ess of hier eyes.
It prOeently hie drew himself to 1
ill height and11 gazed holdly att ti
arkms slowly settling.
'-I have paid my debts,'' lie crie
anal have nauight to fear.''
And t.hen, startled by a thought th
tunlg, lie co)weredl before the fatco
ight, Ilis debts! G1od! Could gt
niloose the clasp of (deathi; coul pler
rigs restore to that, pulseless, bay
'roken heart, the throb of life 'a
"4 )ri, Al iCe" I'' is cry bireathied
inguish of a son. "Alice, moy di
mo, my lost, one, my beloved, le
low n through the clum k ness and see1
neling at yotur feet. I have travel
)aek over my lifc's long, palinflul jo
icy; I halve wipied away the blots II
ilave conme to that old, ol starlit nig
whencu we stood un mder the miap)les aI
saidl 'good-byo.' Pt your himols
mme1) againI, dlear hiearit, anid say- -a
ay -oh, G od I and say you will 1,
lIeI sank, wveak anid tremiibliig, up
lie groiud; lie mi ienedr( thle mou
ihmve her withI his tears--eaars (1
coemed to low out of thie v'anishi
It is niot aile that in the dlespond(eli
ennmsed iby womantilly dhiseases, ther see
to 1inuiiy a sniT ring womansi no0 wil,
Iscnipe fromin 1011 1 at the~ price
life itself, It wouinld 1' sad to reemi
mehl a story of strnggle and suffering er
eprJt for thie fatct
lint ini such dire
listless Ilnany a
vollnan has
onnd1( a way
>aek to hiealth -l
nd( happiness b)y
he use (of Dr.
'ieree's Favorite
T1hiis groat remi
dy for worminly -
Is hasi well been
aIled " A god
L'ndltow~ealc and
ick wtomlen." It
stanblishies regu
urity, dries weakening drains, heals it
alnmiationi and ulceration and cures f<
le weak ness. It makes weak wouife
tronlg and sick womnen wvell.
"VYotr medticinie ah,not raised mec from th,
tal wites Mrs. 1winIIa ii.rner, of Egyp
a rghgfelin hit ae nleI I conJ : iot
yhoe -work I hiai to .it down to wash th
enot car te year ,8g~ I was so sick
ld wouclr takie n prayed many tinth
>ok. I read it ane nroe to Dr Piernd ani tit
fe d<y re.ev anaswer. 'I deier tio tr
ave no backace no tad a mnan.
Used always to htave heatlac,hns ph atull
be mohiIlly period an eu s 'a, preiously O
oil on the loo: in amotuch toon three Iboul
if Dr. ieiree's vo y I oktreb te
>f 'Golden Med icaVlt ni'rescr-iption and thre
if nIr. ilerce's Pleasant Pellets antd thre voi
,letely eured, l ndws o
.r Pierc counnon ense Med
((lvlser-sent free on receipt of a
o cover exp)ense of nalling ontl'*1
J onlgent suutnlPs fo~r the
ohuu.''Addreas Dr
- wasted years; he hushed his breath, he I
u strained his ears, hoping, yearning for
" the echo of her voice. But the si
Qi lences deepened, deepened, deepened.
r- And presently he felt another pres
to once and he know Remorse again had
d come to sit beside him. An hour he
as lay prostrate, wrapped in the wind .
shet of misery. And then he r d--cd
a his head and gazed, shivorinr, eilont,
1- motionless, into the face of- 'era
Ir Suddenly the glooms, the til tu,,c:,
d the slumbering hills were startle.l by a
si wild cry-the shriek of a soul that is
is lost: "Alice!"
ir And his last debt was canceled.
ty Tle farmhand and farmhorse are
1d rapidly being supplanted on the level
t; tracts of the West by the traction en
)r gine. The farms are large, compris
i11 ing several hundred acres, sometimes
i a thousand, and usually without trees
[it or stones. Under these conditions the
r- engine can do any kind of work. I
is a compact little nacliine run by gas
L), oline, and not at all like the ordinary
f attachment to a threshing machine.
30 It runs a "gang plow ;" three or f >ur
Lo harrows at a tine ; is coupled whe
iy desired to a separator for threshing
ie grain ; runs the mill for grinding cattle
I ced and hauls farm wagons to market
w laden with grain. In fact, there is
ar. scarcely a thing about farm work th:it
te lie little traction engine will not do.
rs The working of dynamos at long
1c distances apai t, when properly con
.l nected was discovered by accident.
ns Soon after the opening of the Vionna
I Exposition in 1873 a ctreess worknl:tn
er picked up the ends of a couple tf
wires which he found tr;iiling upon the
ground. IIe fastened them in the
tc terminals of a dynanm.) to which lie
lc thought they belonged, while they
r. were really attached to another dyna
mo that was running in another imi t
rt of the ground. The dynamo to which
he fastened the wi re i was not running,
but as soon as the wires were plceLd
b1e in its terminals it revolved as if a
tI steam engino was driving it. Thus
n originated one of the untst revolution
ary applicatio ns of electricity.
lip e
Your Hair.
e- -
Is. "Two years ago my hair was (i
l1s falling out badly. I purchased a
bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor, and u
soon my hair stopped coming out."
Miss Minnie Hoover, Paris, Ill.
1s Perhaps your mother
of had thin hair, but that is
>S, no reason why you must
go through life with half
he starved hair. If you want
long, thick hair, feed it
in with Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and make it rich, dark,
and heavy.
- Si.00 a bottle. All druggists.
bie if your druggist cannot supply you,
rend i us one diollar and wen will exp.res
-t you a hoit tie. nie suren d ( ive tio nt5.'o
of your unearest ux >ress otilLe. Address,
s J.C. AY 3RCO., Loweil, Ma ss.
di, TIhousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
at ,
fl ow To Find Out.
Ild F'ill a bottle or common glass with your1
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a g
sediment or set
t ding indicates an .v
- unhealthy condi- d
t-ihon of the kid-- a
he Ineys, if it stains g
mir - your linen it is
ok evidence of kid
IW ney trouble; too
~, frequent desire to
pass it or pain in -
ir- -.the back is also -
atconvincing proof that the kidneys and blad- V.
,1der are out of order.
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wisEh in curing rheumatism, pain in the
bc, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. it corrects inability
nto hold water and scalding pain in passing
dit, or bad effects following use of liquor,
atwine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
inecessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect.of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
ybest. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
'S You may have a sample bottle of this
~fwonderful discovery
' and a book that tells
moire about it, both sent.
-absolutely free by,ail,
add, ess Dr. K ilmer & nomne or swamp.nloot,
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tioni ading this generous offer in this paper.
. XV- i'A^liCi(R, Plckens, 8. C
Grenville, 8. 0.,
ii ay osWyorth, P.arkoer & R blnson
AG t orsheys-at-L1aw,
Pickons C. ][-, - - South Carolina
Practica oIn all Courta. Attend to a
W" Monov to loan.
Attornoy at Law.
Pickens,8,. 0,
Practice in uall theCourts.
Offco over Earle's DlrugStore
DR. J. P. CA R.isL
Office over Adjin OSoid.A
The Kind You Tuava f.:w -
ini UsO for over 30
All Comitterfeits, Iiitation
Ixperimtents that trifle wi
Infanitts and Children-Ex1
What is C
Castoria is a iarinless su
lgorie", -1ro0ps and Soothtin
Contains neither Opium, I
susla nce. Its ago is its g
andtl allays Feverishness.
Colic. It relieves Teetltinj
and Plat11lency. It assim
Stonirh andl BoWels, givi
The Childiren'sPanlacca-'.J
Bears th
The Kid You ll1
In Use For
Owinmg to o-. propoHei ch}
Carriages, Surreys
At an Absc
Jn til our a is reduiced. I )on 't tak,
se'lf anid
h arness of all kinds at. coit,
ones, and1( various other makes of Bu
tudebaiker andl Webuer; as cheaper grl
Tow is thec best seesonu for selling vehIic
art., profit or 1n0 prollt.
Thelm season tor Mnlesq atul Horses is
et. ~, iemember,p we' paa no house rent
C) onr own w:ok. We will sell anyt hii
uid k id - reat ment to all. Whlen in
lad to see the people whether they wisl
Corner Court, River' and Jfackuon Stre
WVe hand
known to theo trade and1( emph
to flats
tf you need anythinmg In outr lIne a pi
th dlesigns and piriccs to your home,
Ices. M2ltON FIisNNI AND C
Yours for trade,
.JIf You Ai
It will sayv.you money andI ast9
buy our Lime, Cement, and 11
Southeastern Linm
. Largest Deale
*Get t.heir attractive prices o1
Paints andc their Cold Water, Ial
tnf to all inqzries.
DTougltht, auo tt l,C bOee
.as born' - t is e. :uattr of
i'; b(411 Maen ; d n:aer his 1er-.
f ; .'.- . '. : ' t .t I ley.
w noc) onle f>vi, v :;tt its this.
uit lid eltui , : c italt.l ol
'rience agitinst Experinent.
stituto for Castor s.1, Pare
-Syrtyl. It is Ilensant. IY
lorphil nor other Narcotio
itrantee. 1t destroys Worms
It enres iiarrhoaluit Andl Wind
Troliles, enres Constipation
Hlates the Food, re gutlates theo
ng healthy and attitral sleep.
h0 Mothr's Friien,
D Signature of
i~C~rte klwqvS-ek ouhtig,'HI
Dver 30 Years.
at ost!
angs o r us in s s,11( we wr i gtoell o
Phat' eltons' ut had a wgns
ge orwo for git, bu como an see fo y
W \euarry e l nabo 0ck,1Coutland, Tyson
leso all kids . eaegin osl u
pry wover but wlse haafe arn
orta crk whi,ow our onressoilor andat
We to.uy onr ot 111011gIe1wlws
IE & C O.,o,S..
le Building..o
larte york.te otmaeilsi o
uiteal aer ial our adewll k brdnfroma
WebyLO clt and ennmieth Cos
[TE&C,Adron, S. C.
are yono the stmaterili o
1 Masury's splendid Ready-Mixed
nts before biiying. Prompt atten
arn& MI G. GO
Auditor's I
'I'le Audil,r's b hooks Vill be opeud of
the Ipgurpo.e of tking returns of real on
mill l,411 all ,.perintl 1n.xaltion in 1'ickue u
Vi.r 1.h " +'+oneltienlto of the public, the
Six Milt. Mlonday, January 5th, 1901
i 1 hni I'uesIIly, JaILuary 0th, 1':
t'ni rial \Ved1esday, January 7th
t'tlceehee 'lthur,tday, January 8t
1,ilhrt I '"etilily, ilanu ary 9t.h, iO9t
I'iehoni . ctnal ahty, ,Jnuary 10th
El '+'\ \Il clll +,lutaltray 13 td). 190;3
':lhu I'ue:diny, .Ianutry 13,th, ln9)
I 111:N4 Oil \\'eln tiday, .January, 141
t'reu)~ 1 i I'la i 'I'li te ', Jttallll1 1,
Aiht'u'sl'inine Thusday, .Qanua1.
1,001le1's s l Fri<huy, ,Jaunary1
l'ieket uSatturday, January 17th, h
IluKhe.s' :tove \Iothdy, January 4
('untlph;iutt tt 'hTu'bday, Jangplal32
Il11J tly Srings{x .\\c"dlesIJ(y, -lault
Aikecn's S1tru---Thursday, Jatnu;r.
Piekens -Sa t.urdi-y, January 241+ric
George 11ol"om.-be's Residence-t1
.iile Creek--Monday, January 'i
1'raters.- -'-T'uesdu.y, January 27t11
After the 27t.h of January, 190;4, w
IlOiSe, continuously untdl the 20th da3.
tine the books will be closed and 11fty
decl for non--returns.
in1 order to save confusion and to -
tend persotally to the t.aking of all atu
erty or lia.ble to poll as"sessauent a req
his roulls and be prepared to give ful
a<t ( uat .me and number of the seool
which l hs property, liable for taxatson
Slotild any be unable .to meet the Au
their interest to see hit in his oflico befc
20td, of Febrti.ry, 1903.
All persons owning property in any iNs
is a special levy for school purposes are
such lpropert-y so subject to special 1evy
No returns iunde by mail will be Itc
ti.l persons owning property muust haye0
eilther personally or by agent duly atl
the uwnre, and all returns must be made
It. will s"ave ntch Liue ta taxpayers a
the .ssessor, if every person before le'
plete list of every item of personal Prop
lluor"ses, cattle, mules, sheep and goat, s
buggies, wagons and carriages, dogs, '1e
moneys, notes and accounts above indob
imeluhillg 1InoIsehold goods.
It, is ah1v3ys relquired that the Auditor
Under the head of place of residen1.L.
An1 "'.ll taxpayers are required to give n
Tih'.y are also requested to state wlethel
mr il the country. And if part lies j1
in one township and a part in anothe ..
numb11111er of acres and valuation in e'nti
Ilaxpayers return what they own on t,
1le law requires that all persons ,nw1
ing charge of suolh property, either as I
executor, administrator, etc., ret,urn t.l
All male citizens bet,ween the ages of
the 1st. day of January, except. those wi
port, from being mtuimed, or from 0tller
t_a n federa t c vetera,ts arc excepted.
In every community there are persons
lake a newspaper. Those more fortn,u.
favor by telling tihem of the time to no
Ioth real and pe'soual propcrt"y are i
l ime at the real value thereof. If Prone
value or if 't'here should be an inequalit.'y
.f' Iw'oper'ty t.he same will be referred to
far correction. To avold t.rouble of ltis.
imy er' 1 wvoul u( trge upJon1 each tatxpayer I
aluat ion of his or her property.
Counit(y of Pickens.
The Rate of State, County, School and S
P'oll Tax and One Dollar Co-i
Jn necofrdIance with an Act to raise sup
nCteneing .Janurmay 1, 1902, notice is hie
('otinty Tr"easurer' of Pickens County wvill
for .slild Iiscal year from Wednesday, Oct
(ec.mber' 31st. Rates per cent, of taxafnoz
bevy for State TIax............
Levy for Ordinary County Tax..
Levy for Const.itutional Scihoold
Levy for Past Indebtedness..
Levy for County Roads.. ......
Trotal levy for State a-nd Coun ty I
Levy for interest on Pickens R. IR. bon
shlip, 3%A mills.
Levy for interest on Piekens R. R. bion
Lecvy for interest on Pickens 11. R.
3%1/ mills.
Special levy for School Dhsi
Specdal levy for Selgool Dise
Special Jevy for Scho'ol Disi
Special levy for Sehool Disi
Special levy for School Dhi
Special levy for School Dis1
Special levy for School Disi
SpecIal levy for School Disi
Special levy for School Disi
Special levy for School Dial
A poll tax of One Dollar per capita on
ages of 21 and 60 years, except aiuch as a
.A commrutation road tax of One Dollar
timei as other taxes from all male citize
y'ears, except such11 as tire exempted by:
the 31st of December, 1902, eight days w<
be required under a constructor.
Traxes'are paya-ble only in gold and sih
National Bank notes and Coupons of Sta
dulring the year 1902.
Parties desidng Information by mail in
state the location of their property, an<
those jvaying taxes 'by check must inecl
[f our full ine of HAR~DWAIC Is not 1
tOur salesmen are out.
Coleman-Wagener Har(
368 KfNIG STRl!E
$2000 TO $40.04
being eMade soEn agOO . esns
book of legal and builnema ?ome,w
Compendiutn of plain and Orna:e
Claloulator and Farmer's Rloolooner,
tcompleto Set of intereetA Qrnib
enent. of CI01W BTimbti, IAar
One volume. Over 472 paeg *5
It ia a complete business .4t100to
-BrLMP10,* eIna*LAKYII! and -1IZi
*tnd girta can 'selt e. well 4UpsI
ne agent lab te outiryt SOl -
P1106 6e1E.5. iberS! 'a'*l
fla gtt tf 4 I$u PO
It 1903.
'ounty S. C., November 7, 1902.
the first day of Junua.ry, 1903, for
pr"lsonal property and polls,
following appointnmenlts arc atu
t, 1P03.
ith, 1903.
t, 1903.
Lit, 1903.
)th, 1103.
y 21St, 1903.
22d, 1903.
ty, Jenniary 23rd, 1903.
be in my otlice, Pickens Court
if 1February, 1903, after wwici
10) per cent. penalty w.ill be ad
i is1itakrs, the Auditor will at
rns, and ali per,sons owning prop
ucsyted to meet the Audit.or on
informatdon as to his property
(list-rict in whici he lives a nd in
is si'tuated.
litor on his rounds, it will be to
re his -books are closed on the,
net or distr ets in which there
rc Ieste(d to give .the valIe of any
for school purposes.
epted, as the law requires that
lhe saimie retulrnedl for1 ta xa.tion
)r.ized to attend to the same for
under ont-h.
so greatly facilitat-e the work of
mlg homne will make out 'a eom
3rty in t,he following order:
ogs, wvatches, organs id pianos,
rechand1ise. nlad4hinery and enginles,
edness, and alt other property,
get the first given namle in full.
im lax return, give the township.
ttnber of 1+heir schlool distniet.
t he proper"ty is ituatdc( in town
own and part outside, or a part
owvnship. so specify, giving the
. 1.s day of January, 1902.
ing llwoperty or in anywise hav
tgent, 'husbanld, guardian, trustee,
.tt ae uilder nat.h. to the Auditor.
ttwent v-one and sixty years, on
o nre incapable of eaning a sup
ca uses, are deemed taxable polls.
who cannot read or t.hat do not
'Inay it) suc"h p.rsons "a. great
ice ret urns or by returning for
o "he assessed for taxation at this
ryt% is returned at less than its
in 1he valuation of the samne class
the Co('uttty Board of Equaliza:tion
kin to hot h myself nd .the tar
I) liake a full and fair ret-urn and
Audit or Pickens County.
Pickens, S. C., QOt..15th, 1902.
p)ecial Tfax, Ineluding One Dollar
Imula,Ltion Roaid Ta.'x.
plies for the fisca,l year coin
rehy given 'that the oflice of
open1 for -the colleet.in of taxes
aber 15th, until Wednesday, .De
a.re as follows:
.--............. ...5 Mills.
................4 Mills.
1'ixx.......... .... Mills.
..... ............ 1Mills
.... ..............1 Mill.
.axes.... .......14g''Mills,
da, Pickens Court House Town
ds, for Hurricane Tiownship, 2%/
'bonds for Easta-too Tlownshlp
nriet No. 9, 2 mills.
riect No. 10, 1%/ mills.
riet No. 11, 3%, mills.
~riet No. 13, 4 mills.
Net Nc). 16, 2 mills.
n'iet No. 10, 2 mills.
r.it No. 23, 2 mills.
riiet No. 31, 4 mIil.
riet No. 49, 2 mil111.
riet No. 55, 3 mIlls.
all male citizens hetween the
re exempt by law, will be col.
will be collected a.t tihe anme'
as betwveen t:he ages of 18 and 50
'aw. Unless said tax Is paid by
>rk upon the publie 1hIghways will
or coin, Uni-ted States currency,
.t Bonds which become payable
regard to their taxes will please
I .inclnde postage for a reply, and
ide the cha~rge for collecting.
Tfreasurer of Plekens County.
fitter.than any othor, don't buy
Iware CQrmpany,
io Daitnos.'o tr i eonete'han0.
o ompotc Legal Adysr-. complete
taR Ponanahih&9 3st
~ 500kgnts tanted i once. 7Joy~
ot~4~. AIOigO ac

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