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The P'eople's Journal
Notice to Subscribers !
Last January notices were sent to a
parties in arrears and du The Journ
on subsoription and otherwise. Tlei
notices included indebto-loe of ]9U
and 1902.
Mr. W. L. Matheny is still with th
Journal and in charge of these innttoi
and will be. pleased to have all who hav
not complied with the request to sett
L enbotliediti the-said not.ioes to call 0
him at The Journal office, in the Anti
ny brick building, at the rear of W. '1
AioFall's store and aranuge such i,tob
ednoss at once. A prompt comupliauc
will grea.tly facilitato us in placing an
keeping our business in proper shape,
Respoctfin l y,
Pub). The Journal.
Local and Personal.
--Ernest Folger and sister, Misi
Lucia, visited ICasley Sunday.
-Llo,yd Grandy, of Furmat
Univernity, spent Sunday at home
-Miss Dora Clayton, of thi
Mala section is visiting at th<
home of J. B. Nowbory,
-A Horse Swappers Conventior
will be hold at Pickens next Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday.
-Just received a car load of fint
Tennessee mules. Are for sale at
a bargain.
J. Frank Crane.
-Solicitor Boggs left last week
on a visit to his family who are
wintering in Gainesville, Fla,
-Mrs. Essie Hughes is teaching
the Hagood school, which opened
Monday last with a good atten.
-A union Thanksgiving seryice
conducted by Rev. 1) W. Hiott,
of Easley, will be held at the Bap
tist church Thursday night.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bolt, of
Anderson county, spent Friday
night at the home of their son, I)r.
J. L. Bolt.
-The road machine has at last
reached Pickens and has already
made considerable improvement
in the appearance of the streets.
-Capt. Frank G. Mauldin, U.
S. N. returned to his post at Ft.
Adams, Newport, R. I., Monday,
after a pleasant visit of six weeks
at home.
-Capt. J. T. Taylor and fami
lv visited at Taylors, S. C., Friday,
returning Saturday. The occasion
was a reception to Mr. and Mra.
. M. Taylor given at the hospit.
le home of Alfred Taylor.
- -Prof. W. E . Dendy was sud
i ly called to his home at Rich
4 und, 8. 0. Friday on a sad mis
gi. n-the burial of his eldest
bi iter-Mrs. S. E. Ervin. Her
death, though sudden, was not un
--Xplected, as she had been in des
peaehealth for nearly ten years.
--An Important meeting of the
baptists of Pickenis and communi
tf was held at the Baptist church
-meeting was the formation of a
ne6w association to be.. known as
Pickens association. The organi
*sation was perfected, fohr neigh
boring cornbing with the Picokens
church. There are four or flye
other churches in the county that
have signified theih intention of
joining the new association. The
reason for the lormuation of tho
flew association is mierely for the
sa;ke of convenience and working
otder, as the bounds of the former
Asociation were too extensive- for
the convenience of the membership
oomposiug It.
.Whereas, accord ing to the poli
ty of our church our P. E., Rev.
John B.W Wilson will have to leave
the Greenville D istrict and conse
quently the Pick ens circuit at the
coming session of our annual con
ference in Newberry, therefore, be
1st. That we regretivery much
to give him up.
2nd. That our thanks and ap
preciation are hereby extended tc
h(mn. for his efficient labors and
ministry amon)g us for four years
and for his great interest in oui
Ord. That we follow him with
out paiy&rs and pray the Hol3
Sbil'il to direct him in his future
relationship to the.church and it
his labors.
4th. That a copy of these reso
lvtions be .recorded in our quarter
ly Oouference Journal and be
puibliehud in the Piokens paper
and in the Southern Christian Ad
vocate, Signed,
0. M. Abney,
Q. A. Elbis,
Trho 99wdhg--like weather cor
tinuee and there is cotton blooi
1nd gerat Spring-like growthi
startil such as the bud. on hick
bry tre4. places ands orabgraa
- to t h.plowed groun4,
ran ziae has returned' honr
on Atdn with id cr.loadi i
-Only one freight train paBs
40Stinday to didtutb the trar
o;the beaetiftl day.
eagreat demnai be
ossel~c. room as citl
# U. Wes of deo
13 m90'e 999F 69,9,r a'
Ing on thaii evor hoforo since we
have known this sect ion . Small
amounts from $2 to $f have been
taken from several homes of late
mostly m day time when the fai
ily are out (alI in the eountry).
The safo blowers paid this town
1 a visit the night of the 20th, forc
ing an entranco in the bank by
e prizing oport a window. They
Sblow\jd the lock oil' the outsid~e
vault door and prized o)en inside
l vault do0or8 bendillg long bolts.
- 'lhey turned their attention to the
burglar Pi oof safe aft it would re,
quire several days to drill iinto it
they :lound thov had
II.sed the coveted prizo al,e
blowed open some of the tlay lock
boxes and Secured some ":6 or x7 mn
small change that had been
dropped in one of them. It is
thought from what has come
to light that they worked all nigut
as pantier peeping saw m'ln around
outside about .10 o'clock. Three
suspicious characters were seen il
town (luring theO day bofore tho
Wado 11. Boggs and Miss Essie
Gantt, all of this county, we mar
ried the 20th, Rev. H. C, Haddock
officiating. . t
Preaching hero next Sunday c
night by the Methodist minister il
Rev. Lewis. a
P. S. The damage to the bank
is estimated at $50. The Safe Co. .
sent a man who has repaired the l
damage and tranquility is restored a
at the Liberty Bank.
Nov. 24, 1902. C.
State of South Carolina.
NNCSt 'UT' 'V1: l ..\\i1 i.;I: .
w 111l:l.\S inforination has been ,eeeCi eil at
this I)epartiment ltht an atro"iois inurter Wia,
comiuitted in the ottly of 'ickens, on the Ist
day of N tvnber 1t1Nr, ttpon the btdy of Nero
I l n y ' i u1knjti aid thiut said party
uttl.notw"n hits tleil Irloin Jo (t ii
\()\V , TN I":It1 -'l" ( -;,"; . I .\I1 :. \ lc ew eltley,
Governor o] the State o1 Sooth tniiolina, in or
der that ju hti-c t.t. i 1 b te no l i ,t jet.ty o
the ltw viuatctted, do herebjy oiler at reward of
One Iluntdilt lolhtrs for thi- apip ebeu;ion and
deli ery ain.i toiiVittiun of -aid party un
know\n. n
IN TE1STt\oN V wiII lEl'F, i nave hereunto 1-t
set my hand and caused the
Great seal of the State to be at
(SEA L.) fixedlnt C(unil,ia,this 18th da of V
Novinher A. I. 1102, and in the
l"i;th year of the lndependence
of the Lnited States of America.
BY TilE COvrRNOR: M. i. 1cSwEENEY. di
tI. It. Coolut:t, eY
Secretary of Stato.
Could Count More.a
Mrs. Crimsonbeak-I see by this pa-.
Der that there are about ninety deaiths B
in Shakespeare's plays. b<
Mr. Crimsonbeak-Oh, I think I've L
leon Shakespeare's plays killed more el
times than that myself. - Yonkers bi
Statesman. -1
nlun Down.,1
McJigger-What's the mattcr with
your neck?7
McJigger-Boil, oh?
Thingumbob-No; bile; automoe-t
-Philadelphia Press. h~
Above Mdortal Comment.
flarriet-Cupidi is always represented
ase a poor little urchin without any gar- it
Harry-Ves. Trhat is done so that hep
will never go out of style.--'Detroit b
Free Pres ti
A Suggestion.
P'asseniger-Bless me, I'm afraid I re
haven't a cent! Must I get off the car?
Conductor-Well, I canh't let yoti ride,
sir. You might go to the ofmee and re
port the case to the superintendent.
Perpetually so.
"This year .will be the greatest in our u
history." d
"11ow do you know ?" d
"Well, why shouldn't it be? Eivery si
bther year has been.1' -IndianaDolis B
Went Agaunst linm' tl
"Oh, why did you eat that book of si
quotations?" asked the mother goat.
"Because. it was labeled 'Feed for d
thought,' " said the sick kid. a
"Well, you should have thought be- il
fore you ate lt."-Chicago News.
"What ails IaIamersmith?" asked y
"HIe had all thle Christmas presenta (
be bought charged," explained Re.- o
Pastures of the Gulf states.
In the black prairie district of Mi
sissippi and Alabama good postutred
Ican be mnade with hut little trouble by 2
the use of D3ermnuda, lespedeza and j
ineliletus. with red top and alsike tar
the wet soils.
Dyspopsia Cure|
D Wigests what you eat.
V U~h1Iprationl contains all of the
~g ttals and digeste all kinds of
IIRbIt gives instant roliet and never
~ itcuro, 1t6low youi to eat all
-I foo yu want, The iost sensitiY6
AgC1' an takce it. B~ lte se1~h
t ie Ot dypiil
lt oe 0evP sto IShe lh 5e en
66 110, 1%EENE
*NP~I.1O aS,h teuMes
pM af l
The Eastern Manufacturing Co., o:
Chicago, will present to every baby,
under one year of age, in this county, on
solid silver baby spoon with the baby',
given name engraved on same. You d<
not have to pay one cent nor buy any.
thing to get this spoon. The Eastern
Manufacturing Co. are large manufac.
turers and jobbers of jewelry and
silverware, and have taken tlis method
of advertising their goods. Instead of
spending thousands of dollars for
magazine advertising they have decided
to give it away direct to consumers.
The undersigned firm has been
made distributing agent for this
locality. Bring your baby to their
store and give its name and age and
you will receive one of these beautiful
silver spoons all engraved free of cost.
rhis is not a cheap article, but solid
silver of elegant design. Don't fail
:o look over the elegant line of The
Eastern Manufacturing Co.'s goods on
lisplay at
Mrs. K. L. Cureton.
To the Public.
Seeing the need o an organiza
ion of cheap insuliancd in this
ounty we herewith take picasuro
n recommmonding to the peoplo
s a whole, "The County Mutual
lonefit Associntion of America"
> be tho best thing in the way of
lsuranco we liade yot com across
ad it is managed by home poople.
E. Foster Keitlh,
J. B. Newbury,
A. J. Boggs,
.1. M. Stewart,
N. A. Christopher.
E. Fostor Keith, President.
.J. B. Newbory, Sec'y and Treas.
I want an agent in each town
lip. Call on me at Pickens.
County Agent.
Sheriff's Sales.
ounty of 1'ickons.
In Common Pleas Court.
James K. Lathom,
Plain tilf,
James R. Latlhom,
Judgment of Foreclosure.
In pursuance of ,order of foreclosure
ride in the abovo stated oaso by His
onor R. 0. Watts, dated October 22nd
102, and on file in the Clerks office, I
ill sell to the highest biddor on
irmng the legal hours for sale at Pick
is Court House, S. C.;
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
ing and being situated in the county
ad state aforesaid in Eaisiav townshvin
waters of Daddy's Creek," water-a of
iluda River, boundod by landa of J, .
ill, J. A. Robinson 'and J. R. Lathem,
~ing the land convoyed to James R.
atbenm by Emma Lathemn the 2nd day
.November 1899, the said mortgage
nu given to secure the balance of the
tire ac money for said above described
ud. containing forty-flye (45) acres
ore or loss.
All that other tract adjoining the fore
>mng described tract, containing forty
re (45) acres, more or less, and being
ie land deeded to James R. Lathem by
is sister, Ann Childress, and for fuller
scription of same see said deed,
One.half cash on day of sale, the cred.
portion to be paid in twelve mou the
ith interest at eight (8) per cent until
aid, and credit portion secured by the
and of the purcbaser aind mortgage of
te premises. Terms of sale to be comi
lied with within one hour.
Purchaser to pay for all papers and for
acording the same,
3. II. 0. AlcDANIEL,
Nov 8 192.Sheriff Pickers County.
Executrix Sale.
By virtue of the authorit conferred
pen me by the will of 0. W. Banks,
sceased, I will soll to the highest bid.
er for cash at Pickenas courthouse on
dleday in December next during the le
al hours of sale thme following lands:
All that piceo parcel or tract of land in
ie county of Pickens and State afore
uid, containing thirty.ono acres more or
as bounded by land a of R. E. Cliii
ress, Mrs. Mary C. Banks and others
ecording to a plat made by J. A . Rob
Also all.that piece, parcel or trnet of
mnd in said county and state containing
'if ty-Sevon acres mere or loss and boun
ed b)y lands of Mrs. Mary C. Banks,
1. W. Cx, tile Hill tract and others ac
ording to a piat of the aame made by
. A. Robinson,
Mary C. Banks, Executrix
of the will of G. W. Banks,
PoIey'shoney adTar
br chldrn,ae.sure. NeopIate.
Dogwood, Porsimmnon aind Hick
>ry Timber de6livered at your R. R,
Station., For this timber twe wi
ay spot onsh in car load lots of' 10
sords. For prices, specifica,tions,
stc. apply to me or W. G. Frioke
who is buying this timber for me
tu your community,
Spartanburg, 8, 0.
'te Early Riseps
Thefatoa tie piite
unaWe wsona pas nen.een,
J. L. Bolt, M. D. E
Wo invite you to inspo<
tracts. We quote a few of',
PuIvorized bl tick and re
Pulverized (:innanon, i
Pulvoriy.ed Mace and Tu
Alum, Borax, and Salti:
Copperas mnd Blueston'
S1.ocial attention given I
25c to $7.50. Don't fail to
Easley F
We are th
Store in ti
So there is no use going i
Fine, First-class goods and 1<
It is Wortl
Just to have
We Are the
Wo aro agonts for the W
Has new goods stac:
More Values, Mi
money's y
Note the following p
take advantage. I spent
York for bargains, and I
Something everybody ne
cents. Better fleeced and mu
fore at that price. Drills at l
15, 25 and 40 cents. Beautift
See my dress goods.
Quality the BE!
It is too hot to talk blanl
when you want themn I can su
ever bought such goode. My
shoes is too well known to Pic
ing thoem. Hosiery and unde
able I have ever offered. Oor
I have said.
W~est End.
Notice of Final Settlement.
We will apply to 3. 13. Newbery
bate Judge for ~Kickens county o
4th day of December, 1902 for a
settlement of the estate of Julia ]
deceased and ask to be dismissed a
Nov, ot8 S. C. Bogi
3. 0. B3ogg
Notice to D)ebtors and Credit<
Persons having claims against t:
tate of W. E. Alexander are reque
present the same properly attested
undersigned for payment by the:1
of January next. Those indebt
said estate must make payment to
13. F. Alexander, Administr
Nov. 20. 1)02 3t
Notice to Debtors and Credi
Persons having claims against ti
tate of Reese Blowen, deceased a:
quested to present the same prope
tested to ftho undersigned for pa
by the first daty of December, 190
those indehted to said estate must
payment to
N6t8 RL, A. Bowen, At
In pursuance of an order made
Hon. R. 0. Watts, presiding Jud
the 22nd day of Oct. A: D). 1902,
sons having claims against the est
Catherine Cannon, deceased, mui
said claims with me prop?eriy prov
or by the 12th day of December,
1002 or he foiever barred.
A. 3. BOGGS,[
The Stockholders of the Fa
Publishing Cornpany are hi
called to meet in annuial mi
at Pickens Court House o
fourth Saturday in Novembei
the same being the 22nd d
November, 1002. Dividende
be declared at that time.
A Cureo For C oiia Infantni
"Last May"' aIre. Curtis
of Bookwalter, Ohio, "an infantc
onr neighbor's was stiffering fronr
era infantum. The doctor bad gi
all hopes of redovery. I took a
o~f Chamberlain's Colie, cholera at
rhclen ree. to the house, tellina
I felt sure it would do good if 'iu
oording to dlre6tlons, In two dae
th hiha4 fiully recoveked,
no0*(ntearly a year since) a y
healths 8irl. I have redoumi
this remed4o freq1nently and have
known It to4jaiy tAmbauco,'
3. Wobb, M. D. J. N. H1allum, Ph 0.
ns Drug Co.
t our lino of Spices and Flavoring Ex
>tur prices:
c peppor, sage and gingor, 2 oz for 5)c.
.llslco and Cloves, - -- 5e an ouneo.
-leric. - - , 100 an ounce.
oter, - - - 20e a pound.
'> - -. 10c a poundc.
o fitting Spectacles at prices ranging fron
.oo us for nice Clritmas presotls.
for busmuoss.
Drug Company.
lardware Co.
e ONLY Hardware
ie County. . . .
nywhere else for your hardware. For
)w prices we aro far ahead of the whole
a Trip to Easley
a look around our store.
orlds Celebrated SYRACUSE ST.EEL
ardware Go.,
sley, S. C.
ked everywhere in his store. Is
re Satisfaction, MORE
vorth than ever.
riceS and come to his store and
time and money searching New
now have them to offer you.
eds--Canton Flannels, at 5, 8, 10 and 121
ch heavier goods than I ever had be
c, standard goods, Red Flannels, 10,
il Flannellets, the 10c quality for 8j cts.
T-Prioes the LOWEST.
cets and ladies cnpes and cloaks, but
pply your wants for the least money you
reputation for good shoes and chieap
keus people to toke up space in advertis
rwear stock the largest and most reason
ne and see mec and make me prove what
. Park,
fnal When you are suffering from rheumna
oggs, tismn, the kidneys mnst be tended to at
a Ex. once so that they will eliminate the urlo
acid fromn the blood. Foley's Kidney
Cure is the moat effective remedy for
athis purpose. R. T. Hopkins of Polar
utors Wis., says. "A fter unsuccessfully doe
atr,toring three years of rheumatism witi
rs e.the best doctors, I tried Foley's Kidhney
Cure and it cured me. I cannot spea
e s.too highly of this great medicine." Bolt
~to t & Webb Pickens & Uhiapmani & Cllaban
to thne Libettys
et day
ed to .
County of Pickens.
BAy J1. B. Newbery Esquire Probate
tor's* Whres Isaac Hallums made suit
e es- to me to grant him Letters of Administra.
re re- tion of the Estate of and effects of Nero
rly at- Hallums deceased.
vment These are therefore to cite and admon
2 and ish nIl and singular the kindred and
mnake creditors of the said Nero Hallum dehcearx
ed, that the~y be and appear before me,
mr. in the Court of Probate, to be held at
Pickens Court House, 8. C, on the 29
dny of Nov. 1902, after publication here
of, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
by the cause if any theny have, why the said Ad
go on ministration should not bo granted.
Iper- Given under my hand and seal, this
ate of 7 dlay of Sep. 1902, in the 127 year'
t file of our Independence.
en on -J. B. NEWVBERY.
J. P,P. o.
-I *
OE hnmberlain's colic, cholera and Diar
CP.rhoen Rtemeday hans a wvorld1 wide ra,- U ta
tion for its cttres. It never fails aiwl i
leasant and sife to lake. For sale by
Dnrs r.OG.W. Earle.
eig The prop.mtors of Voley b, tinay and
ate Tar (d0 not advertise this us a sure euro
nt3xt for conenmption." They do not claim
ay~ t will caire this dread complaint in ad
wilvanc,ed cases, but do positively assert
that it W?ll cure in the earlier stages
and never fails to give comfort
and relief hi the worst casts. Fol e
ft. Honey andi Tar~ in without doubt te
reatest throat and long remedy. Re
fuesubsitlte.a- Bolt and WVebb Pick
h- eus Chapinan and Callahan Liberty.
yen up NOT1CE I
bottle I will sell to the highest bidder
afor cash at the residence of A. M.
. - Y'oung in Andc'rson cottnty, 8. C.,
ys tIme Tuesday Nov. 28th at 10 o'clock
and is a. m. the following 1proparty
rSO1l One bay indre, tone btg4y and
um ha!nels, l0t or cokun, fodder AidI
'og farming tools.
Nov. 17, 1002. )H, 0, YoQgAg,R
Largest Stock--I
Nothing Shoddy==Ev<
I f yol Watnl che'ap tthoddy goods don't
for Vtl wont. fi tidtilm. We havo boutght at
ool tinit liotntoy could buy, they Wer"e houtg
be8itat0 to s.1y tlat our line of winter clothin;
(loods ete, is one of I lie largest, most comtplol
to 'ikeus. Theienr plain facts, we aro no
look Itrottgh our stock.
Clothing! Clothin
We can't bg;iu to tell you the gool thit
Suits for mtetn, $tooitIs, Slims, tid llegtlar., rn
Yout.hs Suits 13s to I)9 rauging in price from
4s to 16s frou 50o to $5.00.
We are SOLE AGENI'S for the
Horse Shoe Brand
-.01; '
Men's Fine Clothing
Mrs. Jane Hopkins
For Children and Youths.
WVitb D ouble ;;rat mtttl knue.~. T(hese
suit sre a wonder, worth three times
the muone'y nskett r1 r hem. If you nvt
at croWdt of boys to till u bring themt
W lune )'reoIs for' e"veryb otodly--iv,
to 70, all colors, styh., :i.tl lrices from $2.5)0 I
No us1e to tilk Shoes to you for you nil hll
The Ol Roliabl le' RA I"l'l,E A XE me MNI. '
you will ntever 'ivA nty other.
Dress Goods I
All t he intest. styles andt colors, Worstel, (
1"lnnnels for waists, inl fact everything in the t
Trimmings to math, Outingv fron ! e to 15c.
nde skirts, Wanists, d711ckets, Cnpca ttnd Reefer
Kerseys, Cotton and Woolen Flnamelt:, ill colet
Hardwareu of every e'scription. Stoves ill
Shingle Miid Supplies, 1lartess, Brdlies, Saddl
Iugn, (unt-singlo nud double barrel, Leg
with prices right.
See our Flour :3.75, $1.25, $4.50 and S I.7T
poundi to the dollar.
Your patronago solicited, satisfaotiou guam
Youra truly,
Folger & T
Clothing Shoes, hats nud Gonts Fur:
Saturday, Nove1
On Saturday 29)th inst wo will cond
8ale, T'his sale will not open till 11 at.
tance can be present at the beginining.
Wonderful 10 ci
ar,d we cordially invite every ladyi
men to bo present anid see what our 10c
We will also run hourly specials on:
From 11 to 12 we wvill run 'Fruitc
yard, onilyl10 yards wvill be allowed for
From 12 to 1. we will sell ITbbe Lii
but have nlot yet dletermnined1 on t,be pril
From 1 to '2 we will soil Popperoill
16c. Bleached 20e. Only 9) ydls alIowe
From 2 to 3 wI) will sell 15 lbs of g
15 lbs al1lowed to at customer. Wo wiJi
p)ieiCs of diress goodls for 10 cents a yard
20e. Wo havo 30 or 40 capes that we
less of cost. Don't 11iss this opportunut
Craig Br
Your Moneys wori
K(orone oil at 15 cents per gallon
20 cnts per gatlioni. Como -and1 oxamiri
for a. dollar . A few gall giggors for past
1.2 lbs greenl coffee0, $1.00
10 lbs parched coffeo, 1 00
10c package of Arm & Ha
A nice notw line of mon)1's suits at th
a one horse town-' I try to malte the pri
who wan.1t to buty goodls and not thos
good a 1line of shooes as i8 generally oarrit
that ntever fails to move thorm,
Mr. F. A. Lewis is now ohief saloan
glad to) see his 0o(d friends. Satisfaction
John F. ]
Do you like coffee? Woll if you di
of the host roasted coftfee at 8bah for? $1
green coffee on the market.
If' you ever' indulge in smiokiug cat:
ly acts, And if yQu want a cheaper ci
Perhaps you catne away from- home
course yoti don't want to drive home wi
need not do it for you can got anything
'rho best flour on the market for thge
fellow undeirsell us on flour,
Plenty of kcnivon for the hrA, and
We have some bargains in Siuas ant
. Hlhoat nrie id for mal om.
Lowest Prices
rything the Best.
generrim2 tsmt aga-ar . . . - Y
waste timo looking for them hex
Io normous Htock of - thto .vry bes.
lit at the riRht pricco. We do nok
g, Shoes, Hat-A, ents Fturnishinf;
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2.00 to $7.00, nad childreue suit1
[email protected]
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