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%ople's Journal.
Pt ..a.-:u I:YEHY wstNIC;DAY MOtNtNo.
T. J. MAULDIN ............. Editor.
W.L. MAT1ENNY..........3is, Mgr.
Bubscription $1.00 Per Anntun.
Advortising 1. tC Heasontable.
Cntorod at tl11 P 'it O lico at Pickonts aH
4econ d-el;;s matter.
P'1C1 F.N.$, S. C'.,:
Thursday, )eeuiber, 4, 1102.
The South Carolina Methodist
Conference conveoned inl Nowborry
this week.
Small-pox is re'ported > ho ra
ging in sone sectimns of South
It is now prroposed to estalllish a
now county to ho called Calhoun
and to be composed of parts of old
Edgotiel p, Abhv ille and ( reen
wood counties.
Thanksgiving Day vO geencrally
Observed in thin, setion. tv. V
body soemecl to accept the oxecu
tive proclamations as the guide for
that day.
ex-Giovernor liniel 11. Chm
berlain passed thtough S~ut
Carolina last we.:k. Is it prolat
blo that he rocognizoa any sign (
his work in this state of albou
twonty-six years ago?
Herr Krupp, of( Gormany, inl
vontor of destructive army guny
diod and was buried Nov. 2(;th.
His remains were 1.>llonod to thici
last resting placo by twenty- (ive
thousand worknan amd the (ier
man Emperor.
Comptrollor G,on+eral Dorham is
---- ortodjo avo said that if prop
orty were assessod t its valtuo il
this state the state levy would h;
reduced from Iivo to three millb
In othtet words, according 'to the
Comnptrollor ('noral, property i
South Carolina is assosed at abou
half its true value.
Thero will ho no extonsion 0
timo for the payment. of taxe:+; 6i
state tho Governor and Comptrol
- ler General. We hear of no Pros
V# suro being brought to boar- f,)r at
extension, and it. doesn't look a
if it is necessary. Our advice ti
citizensh ip of Pickons county is ,
''pay up"' beAfore t he 31.st day o
The Daughtuis of (Confedmne
have beon ini sess9ion at A nderso
closing thoir annmual m3essioni<
:1902 on WVedneaday Last. A men
the appropriations miado at thi
session are: One hunidred dollai
for the forthcoming woman's boo]
fifty dollars for the WVado IIamp
ton mfoniumfent [and( tenL dlollaurs fo
the Jefferson D)ayis mionuinont.
Several chapters plodged spocia
donations to thu Hampjtoni monu
ment. This was a business-lik
body. The next moeting will b,
hold next yoar at Caimden.
With nearly a whole mont]
ahead, and this year's work ptrac
tically finished1, fa rmers ouight L
be ready to begin the work of 190;f
without hmndranpo. The11y have
done exceedingly wvellI in 19(02 and
find themselves, at the close of the
year, in shatpo to ouitstrip) .n1 effoc
tive work any year during the past
decade. They are generally out
of debt, and giving surplus earn
ings to t,he improvement of their
landa and humus. The country
shows this improvement.
The Couiity Board of Comnmis
sioners of Pickens county have
had a heavy burdon to carry thro'
the present term, The begining
of this term found the roads in a
condition, in some places, well nigh
impassable. The county fund
available for road improvement
was altogether inadequate to do
the work alone. The legislature
at the 1002 session made some~
amendments that helped temnpora,
ily, but even the law now of force
is not suffluient through which to
do the work that ought to be done
on the pubio roads of Pickens
county. There is too great an in.
COnsistency between the value of
the number of the number of days
work required of all hands liable
~or road diuty and the communta.
tion tax provided for tu lieu there
Of, The operation of the 'present
law has resulted in this--that the
'.nmdority of road hands have paid
,,theboimutation tax and the mea.
I :uta realied thereby for road
oemesot~ has proved. Unequal
*ab80o\mo rentmromu.
the roads. Through the means i t
hand the Cominissionors havo
mtani.god to make some imnprovo
lonts and generally saved the
roads from becoming worse than
thoy wor.
The Commissioners ha- e done
well consIdoring the scant means
Upon which they had to draw in
the prosecution of their work.
This road problem is a vital one,
and porhap, tho most serious (ulo -
tion our delegation in the next
logisltaturo must solve. Wo think
public opinion hras been oxprossed
clearly on thia matter to the ex
t-nt of ondorsing the present I oard
of Commissioners and indic&ting
that it is the wish of tho great na
jority of the citizols of P'ickens
cannty that thle new deg lion
t ike hold of the vexingro (u stion
and solve it 11a wiy that will in
sur"e hettor travel ways in every
secti'm of Lit' tInt.y
(ioinsttitutioalitl Iiiititation is the
only hilldrln' ill te Way "of thu
poseof a lawtl thlnt wtill fiillt
ineet the r.i(nireiinents of tis
l Ounty, for what will i;uit P'iukon>
mnight not Silit Clar'in<loni or Ilor
ry, hnt tier must b, a way thro'
which ia sutli.ieit law canl Ihe
iitnale and passed, afun this thll
dolegationi will uindertake to find
and, finding it, we beti.ve our Son
ator and ires i tativuo; will ap
ply the reimediy an( give ua at roacl
law that Will iring the relief w<
need ail in which every citizen,
irreclect iv( of t he :unnut of prop
erty he owns, is inlter,cstod.
Good road atre amo1ng the host
advurtis-melnits a coutnt.y can hiavi
-they are the best investmOlnts n
county can m itle. 'Th(ey incroase
the val ue of proporty, Have inl
woir and tear of teams a1nd' vehi
clos and wld to the efoctiveness (.1
labor through the inlcreased fac,li
ty for transportation.
I the now deli,gation goto work
to s;lvo this Cfucestioii they will tw.
doing their hest sorvice to their
oonat ituenlts.
Sheriff's Sales.
County of Piekons.
In Co1immnon Pleas CoIrt.
\Vm. It. iLoopor, Sallio 1
Julian, (tbu,rgo W. 1", llob."
insonl, Artie MI liisir Loopcr
anid ;atler E'lizohotlh L,o >p r- Co'nlaii
or, m~inoral, Ib. heir ,iard
inn1 ad litom, Wm. B. L 'op- for
)or, dhily aintedli0-,
Defeflendiat. -
Byl~ viUht o1 (f ai d'creoC in thle ablovo Hta
Il uo:e signed' b Iy 1 i1 1101nor, It. C.
Wole Preiding Jutdg~e ini the elithi
I.TuliemI (ircmuit, aitil onli tle in thle (Clerks
'261th- aef Novoimber, A. p., 19i J
B will soll to the hlighest biddor on
C the folloinig dlosiribod ro .1 estate, ho
inig the real estate bolonginig to tho late
Sarahl E. Rtobinsonlh, to-wit:
~' All that, traet or palrtIl (If inlnid in thei
taite anid couint' f' fros *idi (Il walters olf
Georgi's Crook cent linling one I hund(re'd
and1 forty (1410) noeros, mfore (or loss, lbe
-ginning at a rock on the ('uter old road
thonce to the fork of the biranch,, t honee
caost to a dogwvood hear Trotter's spring,
thence a straigh t 1bne up the branch to n
nmaple, thleo N. to a rook, thencee atlonig
N. Diluncan's lin11 to ai rock, thence atlong
the D). Sattorh-lld line to a WV. 0. on the
road, I thenico alonug the roaid to ai rook1,
thionoe' up the hill to a rock on ani old
rinigo road, then'ic to a stooping sourit
thence(' 1:> thle b'egi'minug emaner. It bo
ing t he samio lanid coniveyed to said S;uaiah
E. Rob'insoni by ( korge liIiggins by deedL
date 30t dau iiy of ,hJn 110A. I)., I1873 an11
reordeod in thle el1l0a oIf lti'gist or o1
Moslne Convo'yainco Pickens count1 y.
One half cash1, thio blancziIo in (on1 year
credhit port.ioni to be scoured by3 a1 bond1( of
the puireobaser aiin ortgaigo of the prom-.
isos with interost, from day of sale with1
leave to pay3 all (cah .or anlticipaito pay
Tiland w11(1iill be sold either in hulk or
in smaller tracts as may to the Sheriff
appoulr best on cday of sal1e.
Purchaser to pay for all papors and
for recording same.
Sheriff Pickets County.
Executor's Sale.
Ry virtue of the will of WVilliaim Hun.
ter, de c'aed, and an agreement entered
into numongst all his heirs at Jaw, after
his deati, conferring power upon me to
e.ell his teal estat.', I will at Ploloas
Court House, 8. 0. on Baleday in Jan.
nary next, daring thle legal hours for sale
on that day, sell to the highest bidder at
publie auction for cash the following
tract of land belonging to the said estate:..
Alt that piece paroel or traot of . land
1iinn as tract No, 2 in the said division
made by J. A. Robinson on the 86h day
of October . 1001, being situate'd on'
Twelvo Milo River and containing sev
enty (70) noeres more or hles, anel being
the tract whereon lies a splendid water.
po*Or! belonging to 11h8 late William
Hunter; and on which there is now Aliu.
ated a corn mill, a wheat mill, a saw mill
and a glinery, and has such metes and
bounds as is represented by a plat made
of thes sameT by J. A. Robinson oni the 8
day of October, 1901. This tract of land
and machinery' conneeted with these dif
ferent milts will be sold together. There
is 852 horse power at low water, accord- f
iun to theo survey made by competent a
hydraulic engineci'a for the said William
I unter duri ing lisa life time,. This
water power' is situiated about two miles
shove the Norris Cottop Mills on Twelve
Mile 1River and in a mile and a half oft
the Southern lalroadl,
' fl, Ii, IrnADIAst.
EscOnitor of thn will of 1ud'lo q
Lost Reason After
LaG7ri ppe.
Daughter Had' Fre
quent SpasAS.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Cured
Them Both.
Dr. Miles' Nervine is a specific for nervous
lisorders. It removes the cause and effects
i speedy and perrnanent cure.
"I feel it is my duty to let you know that
rour medicines have cured my little girl of
tine, of spasrms. She commenced having them
it the age of three. Our family doctor said
he would outgrow them but she did not.
Xe took her to another physician who said
ter trouble was cpileptic fits in a mild form.
le did her no good either. She w s so
tervous she could hardly walk. As I had
dready used I)r. Milez' Nervine and found
t a good remedy fot myself I commenced
iiving it to my child. I gave her in all ten
ottles of the Nervine and one of the Illood
'urifier. That was over two years ago and
lie ha. not had an att::ck Since we comi
nenced the treatment. She is no longer
.oudle with n.rvousness an,l we consider
ha p,ernaw:ntly cued. I enclose her pie
tAt,e. My mother-in-law lo.t her reason and
a as tin-ane for thrcc monthls from the effects
of I.aG;rippe. Sti bottles of i. Miles' Ncr
vine cured her. My sister has also taken it
for sick headache with tmI.d re'ults. We all
thank you very much for your good medi
eines .rmtl kind advice. I don't think there
is any "the"r medicine halt so good. I send
my daughter's photogiaph so that you may
see what a sweet little girl lives out in
Ark.m,:ts."- -Mis. I (AN A l n r:\Ir rAKl',
Sprit,gdale, Ark.
All dlittk,gists sell and guarantce first buitle
Ir. Miles' RE medi :'.at for fiee hook
on Nervous and IIcart D>iseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Inld.
All perso",ns are Ihce reby warncd not V
htul, lish, trap or, in any o the' way
:resspass on my Inds. Any violation of
this ntice wiillbo lr".seetilt: Io' th tfuli
,1xten"t of lie Itw,
T. C,1. IZ)itNSO N.
(LA litK B!1OS. & CO..
We Will Sell For the
2 Next 30 Days
20 per cent'
088 tt:ah L1811al v11ike. W\e )h;VC
Sole exceptio+n;l viaute.
West EBnd Store,
NeeJey & Prince,
M\ORt-. J. M. Noo!t y :.nd WV. HI,
and bought t,he remaining stock of
J. .10looro at the Wost End
Store. TJhey will con11tinuio to do a
gener'al M erchanmd iso business ah
the same Btlandt, andt WVill lay in a
1i'osh. nI ny tuipj>ly of' goodsI which
will ho off red at pr:ces roason)able
cn I to compe)to with all dealere.
T1hey wvill carry ai lull line of Gun
erali Merchandiso. Sao tI em,
are the most fatal of all dis
:>r money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
ient physicians as the best for
KIdney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00,
(your own selection) to hvory sub.
- scriber. Only 50 cents a year,
erfect s ,tti Paer attens le,
IlS-tl5.'17 West 31st 8t, PfEW yoRK.
bley's Kidney Cur
ake kidneys and bladder right.
Orndos:T,. M bPad,
1Fall buying has cormenced in earnest, and thl Big Store is enj
On Picokens soil, we promisod the people of.Pickons county ono of t
the, crowds of thrifty buyers that flock to our three large stores dail
We have for your inspection the largest stock of General Merc
These goods were bought in conuection with ourtour largo stores in
that would astonish the inanufactureis and we have priced them to
Now Until Jam
we are*going to give the trading public one of the grandest monoey
country. So bo,on:ban(t and get your share. -
88 inch Brilliantine, assorted paterns slls for 50cts, our price, 25c.
54) nchi all wool Serge black or navy blue, sells for 85c our ptice, 50c
1000 yards apion ginghams the Sc kind for only :5A cents.
1 case Dark Percals tho 7.Acts kind our price Scts.
.CIothing !
Have you l,ought your fall suit? If not you will find i, here tlh
lhtt you can buy elsonhoire. Como to us for your clothing. A ni
$2.9S. Ext it heavy Korsey suits the $7.50 kind only $4 50. All v
' 10 00 to $17...
A -4 Our Millinery Depa
Big values in millinery and the prottiest Styles that wo have over >
....Men's, Women's, Mi
We are showing a large lino of of Men's, Women's, Misses and
Shjos others try to natli us but they can't do it.
Hardware andFa
13y far th hirg'st stock of 1Hardware in the county. All kinds
Cook Stoves and Healers, Guns, Mea. Choppers, Cross Cut and Ha
Paints, Oils and Varnishes. Wheat sowing tim and we have a
and Swift's Famous Wheat Guano. Our space is too small to begit
has his own ideas of taste and necessity. Etch individual wants so
suits you. When we bought we had the peculiarities and tastes ofl[
?eord hanul I'rcrl i >es 'r rblc tine to isoll chealip > i
We Want Your Irade....
We wvish to eal di ttention of the ti'uling public to the
full and compldete hoe~ of
.. .roceries and C.~ofecti onaries....
Nowv shown at Mrs. Curetons.
Candies .:- Crackers.
We wish we could teach everybody that everything is
not sweet that looks that way ax.d that the best candy is not
always the highest--'f you buy it from us.
We keep at all times a full line of Hams, Fish, Lard, Cottelene,
Fresh Sausage, and Coffee. Fresh Cheese always on hand.
A nice line of Stationary, Tablets, Leadh and Slate Pencils, Slates
Colored Crayons &c.
mo to, All1goods sold for cash or barter,
Cot Out of Oxfords...
its Getting too Late foJ Them
Pneumonia and all those things
You Know...
Lots of new Fall Shoes--Some of them aro sure to plae No
questi., about you getting complete satisfaction if you buy your shoes
pfr ucs a Yo tke noh r ik-e gouarantee evry s env w elto gv
W.,The tis ne beSE
thmae at the'estm .)
by 6.'0onio..t4 .Naure b. Si
otj bote r.
rthe modma cul power ours that @omp*. r
Sh *0vr, without shook or injury to sop g.*
*etes aooseot andi eample iree 9op n hr
iways brisk
oying the largest trado in its history. When we planted our feet
to best trading centers in upper South Carolina and judging from
y bears us out in the statment that we have fulfilled our promiso.
ihandise that has ever been brought to this part of the state
North and South Carolina in large quanties for spot cash at prices
knock out all so-catlol competition, and from
Jary, 1st, 1903,
aving opportunitics that has over been known in this part of the
2000 yards Outing good dress styles, at 4c per yard.
2500 yards Standard Prints sells for 5c, our price, 13Jc.
3000 yards checks good stilea at only d1ets.
4000 Yards shouting the Sets kind only lo.
at fits well, looks well, w aros Well and at l to 25 per cent cheaper
o clay worsted suit lih kind yc.u havo n!wnys paid $5.00 for only
1oo1 clay worstod the $10.00 kind only $(00. French worsted from
trtment is Complete. A A
howi,: It is time you woro getting your fall hat
sses and Boys Shoes....
Boys Shoes at interesting pricos and wh11"n it collies to values itn
'ming Implemnents.
i of turn plow.s, Disc Harrows, Disc Plows, Cultivators,Grain Drills
Ad Saws, Carpenters tools, Piping, Beltin-g, Builders Hardware,
full supply of wheat Fortilizers, annonated goodF, acid ph0ophatA,
to enumerate the seasonable goods in each department. Each one
rnething espocially suito( to his or her own neads. We havo wha
ur customers in mind, the stock shows the influenco of our purpose.
Mo.mrrowv Co.
00 . A.Suit ?
AGood Shoc or
0 ~A St.ylish liat?
Wer have jus3t
a nice new stock
of these and
a lot of other
Ne w G<.o.1s
invite all
to come and
Let us Have Our Money.
Dnrtieso n 11 acount will pleaue p)ay promptly this 1ali~
"Short Cr'edit Makes~ Long Friends."
We appreciate your friondsh ip.
W. T. l\/JO PA LL -
-TO BUV...
.CIoth ing and hats.
Beginning Monday morning June 30th we offer our entire stock of
-Mens, Boys and Childs Clothing at
..25 Per CentDlscount off the Regular Price..
,All1 straw hiats at 834 per cent discount. N~o hat earried from 1ast
*20 00 Suits now *15 00. $18.00 ~ti~nowi30 16 nt
ow $1238. $15.00 anite no $11.25. $1.5 sts ow 3.50. $1 0.nit
iita niow $7.50. $8.00 Suits now $0.00.$.0 suis now 0-88.. $10.00
pits unow $8.75. . ..$.0sienw$.0 a
'ihtA pants 1)0W 88S-cents. 75 conts pants 57 oentp,$ put
$2 pants now $1.50. *0 pants now $2.260. $1 pans o
*te now $8.75. $8 panti now $4.50. .,$ at o
For CASH.IennbiIleDt

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