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&1eopo s Journal.1
A group of three-two girls and a
cat. The halo of womanly daintiness t
surrounds them ; a lace-trimmed t
hf4nkerchief here, Cinderella slippers v
there ; a high-plumed tiara on the t
table and the last worn dress across d
the chair. t
One pair of black eyes looking out
upon the world with a deep, winsome
wonder-seeing visions and trying to
blink away the shadows ; one pair of
blue eyes, practical, everyday, sympa
thetic ; with a great jetty-black cat
lying in the lap of the first, its golden
green orbs fixed restlessly on her face
and her two hands clasped across its
silky coat. The black eyes twinkle as
they meet the blue.
"What do I see In your face ?"
questioned the blue-eyed girl, "some
thing has happened, tell me ?"
For answer theother placed taper
ing lingers at the parting of the lips
and ispered.
" -hi you mean Cousin Jimmie?
,;ii?ghtful-I Charming I"
Sparks of fun and lighthearted hap
piness scintillate from the dark orbs.
while she tells such particulars as r
maidens delight to recount and to
,! hoar.
'There is only one possible objec
tion," quoth Bluette, deprecatingly
"I am afraid "
"Now, Imp," spoke the other quickly
"what are you arching your bacil,
about ? Do you also think him too
line for your mistress ? It is not kind
to tell me so I"
Bluette recognized the limitation.
"Imp is the most appropriate name I
ever heard for a black cat," she skir
"'Impudence' we used to call him,
when he was small and mischievous
now he has grown wise and dignitied
we shorten it."
At,'ntervals Ilue-eye. tried to re
sunie the discuiod of " Cousin .lim
mie," and unconsciously to state the
one objection to him-she was a good
little soul---but Black-eyes had put up
the bars and it was uttoily impossible.
"Imp, she thinks 1 do not know :'
This in confidence to the cat, the
dimpling check buried in his soft, black
fur and happy little gurgling smiles
bubbling up to the surface. "'I am
perfectly well aware mama and papa
will never permit to me marry him sim
ply because he is poor, as Illuette
wanted so much to tell me. But what
does it matter ? He is inlinitcly su
perior to all others and--oh- Imp-u
dence 1"
! - as it an invocation ? The cat
-hts his head and looks up at her as if
fain to be released from his thirall of
speechlessness that lie might give hecr
a hint, of his impish cunning.
True love took its usual course
over the rapids. The black eyes no
longer scintillate fun, but sharp elec
tric rays of dliscontent antd demianice.
The father looks morose whenever
her lover's namec is mlentionled, and
the mother imperiously scorn Iul.
What is a girl to do ? The crisis be.
came imminent when another lover
appearedl on the scene. "E-:verythingz
heart, could wish I'" pronounced the
mother, while the father looked as
jolly over it as if he had sown a few
dollars in speculation and reaped a
-gold mine. Bunt, the daughter
The man was little--not munch above
her own shoulder-and fussy ; agree
able rather, or would be if she could
refrain from comparing him with
somebody else. Imp arched his back
andl looked suspicious and disdainful
whenever lie came into the room, as if
T ho were one of those tormenting little
dogs which cats detest. Alas I who
'U cares for the opinion of a cat-unless,
perchance, it agriees with his own I
And what was the girl to do ?"
One would hardly have deemed
-Lettice D)uvall a person easily (loin
inated noting the full, firm mouth andI
the head poisedl as if it already wore ai
crown. Nevertheless, the queen
mother still reigned. Whatever dlress
she suggestedh was worn ; whatever
engagement she wished was made.
ilithierto it had becn a matter of no
consequence to Lettice. It cost noth
ing to be dutiful. Now it was a mat-'
ter of vast consequence. What should I
a girl do ?
Ably aided and abetted by thme I
mother, the undesired lover had op- *
portunities galore to advance lis suit a1
and lhe was niot slow to impro'cve them; t1
while lie with whom Lettice had ex. d
changed hearts was p)lamily given to t]
understand his presence was inot ac- a
"Imp I Imp I Oh, Impl-u-dence I" 0
This time there was almost a waif of -
despair in the invocation, as the girl -
hugged the eat In her arms. IIer
mother had just intimated she would
be expected to afilance herself to the
wealhhy widower when ho came that
TIhe black eyes scintIllated only
dreary dread, and her head was hot
with~ the fevered agony. She was
obliged to excuse horse''. Thus the
catastrophe was averted for a time.
What next ?
Imip, with paws upon her shoulders,
-~slooking into her face with the
ointpa am Vingfl ,symp athy of our
w*mb peti. Su' ' ' laped up
Sd6Wn and ?~M4flus.
, 04 u aga of the
~~tion flashed.
~I1 ttoWgtte and tell Ler all."
If%e clo'se esplal under
uiolt, the~ letter reach
tnath1i. A few minutes
W bioslde her to hoar it
n lie the n)adam was
6ot. Better still, she
* ~re you sure you
~ vrthing you want
en"1 suppose
astily, caressing Imp, Who was groW
2g restloss-"thero comes mother." A
The dreaded crisis could not long be ch
rarded off. A handsome box of so
owers came memorially during the be
ay and then a note-"May I have the ho
loasure ?" etc., which the queen- ty,
tothor brought up with her own thi
ainds and stood to se answered. ml
The message sent through Bluetto ac
ad boon, "Will you stand by me In ati
,hatover I do regardless of conse- ch
uences ?" What was he going to en
o ? And when ? Would it be too vil
The parlors had received an extra pa
ouch from the queen-mother. The thi
ete-a-tote chair was in the most n. an
iting position and lights turned down gr
3 the lover's gauge. The folding or
ioors were closed to the slendurest F<
hread. Within the back parlor sat th
he father with his paper and the be
aother with her fancywork. Mrs. ar
)uvall having taken precious car' to
mnfold upon the bed l.ettice's most be.
oning dress and ribbons.
The bell rings. Lettice listens
rcath)ossly at the head of the stair- in
"Mr. Duvall, please," says a clear, i
nanly voice.
Ile is ushered into the room where
the old people sit. fr
With stitf, repellant astonishment
Nir. Duvall looks at the intruder, and w
recogniziun him, the evident proviso ir
loes not drop out of the cool greeting. ti
So much the less when Lettice glides d
in and stands in the shadow behind w
the unwelcome visitor. But James p
Mcl)owell lLOid is booted and spurred C
for a bold adventure and is nothing fi
daunted by his reception. Ile holds 1
out lis hand, which courtesy compels a
his host to accept, and says, audacious- o
ly :0
"1 fear it will surprise )ou to know d
imiy errand. I have come to ask the I
hiand of your daughter in marriage." h
Imp rubs himself encouragingly t
against his trousers.
"A modest request, truly," exclaims
Mr. Duvall, with cutting sarcasm in
his tone an<( looking thunder and blue
lightning. But the old gentleman's
projadice is melting under a resistless
heat of admiration, though he ndds
haughtily : "And on what ground,
may I ask, do you rest your assurance?"
"On u your justice, anl on our mutual
love,'' replies the young man conI
dently. And turning toward ILettice
drew her to his side,
The father had no need to ask her
confirmation of this statement. A
look at the girl's heamiing countenance 1
showed her lover was not counting 1
without his host. The last vestige of
disapproval tied, abashed. lxtending
his hand with cordiality now, Mr. )u
vall said : --I admire your Julck,
youn,gt man ' if yon have not money,
you have something better. I rejoice
that my daugAter has been able to sc
cure a man of pluck. Take her with
my blssing, and take care of her, as I
te it e y ou w%ill."
"1 don't intend to wait for the
win1ljCt1 ch?ang.e." wh ,pre the suc
cessful knight. as he and J.ettice
drifted happily into the parlor. ''I am
gzoing~ for a preachier and inish up this
lttle business at once. Wili return in
ai few minutes.'
Never had iss Duvall met her
cthaer lover so g.raciousy. IIis el atio'n.
b..*w ever, was brief.
"am so e'lad you happened in
shec said. '-W ll~ be deCliebhted( to have
youa present at my marriage--Ohb.,
tion't leave! It will take place in a ]iiule
while an<d the dress suit is entirely am
material, as there are no im'vitt (d
'I'he queen-mother had retired toe
icr room with a severe headache.
''And, just to think. Impudence
.ias done it all,'" murmured the man,
heir hands touching and retouching
>ver the cat's jetty fur.
"'Pluck,' father called it," corrected
the yotung wife demurely
Windsor is deserted by royalty, says
'fTri/june dispatch from London. The
'oyal trains are constantly in use du
ing the p)resenit reign. Each leading
'alway company has constructed at
ta ownl expense5 a special which is re
erved for the exclusive use of royalty.
)ne company has twvo trains, one for
he king and the other for the queen.
Phese trains are paidl for by the king's
>r queen's treaisuarer on the following
'lan: First class fare is charged for
very member of the royal party andl a
hilling is added for each mile traveled.
The establishment of extensive kao
In works in Charleston will mean a
:reat deal for an undeveloped industry
a this State. South Carolina pos
eases clay of a superior quality. There
re extensive kaolin dieposite in Spar
inburg County that have never been i
oloped. By analysis It Is found --
bat this clay Is of a superior quality,
nd the proposed pottery In Charleston
ill tendl to aid in the development of
Kctensivo mines throughout the State.(
"One of my daughters had a
terrible case of asthma. We tried
almost everything, but without re
lief. We then tried Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and three and one-halff
bottles cured her."--Emma Jane
Entsminger, Langsville. 0.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
ciertainlycuresmanycases hi
of asthma.
And it cures bronchitis,
hoarseness, weak lungs,
whooping -cough, croup, u
winter coughs, night *
coughs, and hard colds. ~
Three esn 28c., SOc., 81- Mll Etsiglta.
thon do as ho say r. he iyupo
"SATAN .LEADING ON." -- Elliott
mforth, politician, lawyer and so
ity man, tells a good story on him
1f. Mr. Danforth, who has long
on In the public eye, has a summer
me at Bainbridge, Chenaugo Coun
where he is very popular. Rtecent!y
re was a Sunday school festival an-l
. Dauforth was prevailed upon to
,ept the post of grand piarshal. le
ired himself in blue, buri owed a
npoau, scarlet sash and spurs, and
gaged the most spirited horse in the
More than 2,000 children wore in the
rade, and Mr. Danforth, prouder
nn Lucifer, rode at the hoad, bowing
d smiling to hundreds. As the
:>ve was neared the musical director
lered the children to sing "Hold the
>rt." Mr. Danforth enjoyed it at
e outset, but when the second verse
gan he blanched. The hues in that
See the mighty host advancing,
Satan leading on.
"Stopl" shouted Danforth, and, call
g an aide, he said:
"T1ake my place; I'll go down the
le to see what's doing."
STILL IN A T1uANCI.-A special
om Centralia, Mo., says:
"Dora Meek, who aftet a quarrel
ith her sweetheart fifty-six days ago
amediately fell into a somnolent
'ance, has not in that time evinced
istinct consciousness or spoken a
,ord. Restoratives in the hands of
hysicians have failed to arouse her.
nce when forced to breathe ammonia
ines she coughed, half arose from
ed, mumbled incoherently a monent
ud then relapsed. The further use
f ammonia was desisted from for fear
f suffocation. She oats a little each
ay, yet apparently does it instinctively.
,very effort is being inade to restore
or to consciousness, but apparently
no effect."
Mirth is an almost in
allible sign of good
aealth. A sick woman
nay force a smile or at
.ines be moved to laugh
:er. liut when a woman
s bubbling over with
nirth an)d tttrrduent 9he
s surely a well woman.
1)r. I ierce's Favorite Prescription has
made thousands of nelancholy and tmis
rable women cheerful and happy, by
urimg the painful womanly diseases
vhich undermine a woinan's health and
trength. It establishes regularity and
ao does away with monthly misery. It
ries debilitating drains and so cures
.nc cause ormuch womanly weakness.
It heals inflimnation and ulceration,
d cures the bearing - down pains,
whiich are such a source of suffering to
neck womnen.
.I take. great p'lesure in recotnmendilng D)r.
Pierce'. Favorite Prescription for fem,nle weak
u-writes Mrs. Susnnah Permuenter, of
'ul' store. Shelb.y Co.. Texas. "I was troubled
pt 1.earing.down pains ini n back andi hi,s
a :x ye~art and I wrote to 1tcIor ierce
eI t ried his 'Favorite Ptescription and
a. ke:tte. cir'-d mer. I feel like a new uiersont
S-. i t han r. Pierce for may health. I. fe Is a
'L ; tony cne without health. I have told
et ryof my friends about the great
Acept no substitute for "~Favorite
reszrptiora." There is nothing "just
Ilr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
daviser is sent free on receipt of
tamps to pay~ expense of mailing on/y.
~end 21 one-cent statnps for the paper
~overed hook, or 31 stamps for the
'Ioth bound. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
luffalo, N. V.
Endorsed by hundreds of
t,housands of grateful users. A
sure cure where all else fails.
For sale by all druggists.
Manufact,ured by
Atlanta Ga.
ontractor and Builder
PIekens, 8. 0.
W. PAnana, P'ickens, 8. C
Greenville. 8. 0.
Attorney at Law.
Pickens.S5. 0,
aetice in all thieCourts.
o fioe over arle 's DrugStore
tynesworthn,Parket' & Rblnson
kons O.KR., - - Souith'Carolina
'ractie in all 0Ctarts. Attend to a -
ness promptly.
**4oney to loan.
GreenivilIe, 5..
0 *Adsa Drug Store.q
The Kind You IIavo Always 1
in use for over 30 years, hI.
All Counterfeits, Imitations at
E"xperimentts that tritlo with a
Infants and Childri-Experi
What is Cl
Castoria is a harmless substi
gor-ie, Drops and Soothing S;
containts neither Opium, Mor
substane4,Wt ago is Is its gua
aut aluatys P'everishntess. It <
Colie. It relieves Teething Ti
and Flat ulency. It assimnilat
Stomnach and Bovels, giving
The Children's 1'anaccea-The
Bears the S
The KiMn You Hai
In Use For Ov
Selling a
Owlng to sotnej( pr'Joosed chaingi
Carriages, Surreys, I
At an Absolu
Unittil our c n reu .cd. Do.nr.'t tlk o.
se'lf and( h)e<
Harness of all kinids at coMt. We
JTones, anLI various other nmakes of Huiggie
St.udlebakor anel W~eber; as~ cheaper grade tl
Now is the best seesou for selling vehiclos<
part, prollit or no0 profit.
Teseason for Mules and Horses is pre
yet, H(1eembeor, we paa 130 house51 rent or
don 0our own wor'k. WVe will sell anyl3t hlig w~
and1( kind tr'eatmenrt to all. When111 in Gr
glad to see the peole wh lether I.hey wish3 to
Corner Con ri, lRiver and ,Jackson Streets.
WVo handflel a
knowvn to the tradeo and1 employ
to finish 1
If you need anlythilng In our line ai post1
wIth dlesigns and3( prices to vooir home, Wc
prIces. aliflON FENCING AND COPl
Yours for trad1e,
Prosper opu
Paint their wagons and agricultural
from injury from weath
Masury's Wai
is suflicient. Apply yourself in a:
South eastern Lime
Largest dealers In Bulldlu
iught, at:d which has been
S borne the signatnre of
been made under his per
pc:r vi!:. ;;.:.,i its infaney.
0 one to deecide you in this.
id "Jtwt-ns-good" are but
ind endanger the health of
ence against Experinent.
tute for Castor Oil, Pare
yrups. It Is Pleasant. It
phine nor other Nareotie
'untee. It destroys Worms
L ures Diairrlhoa anid V ind(
roubles, eures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend.
ignature of
e Always Bought
er 30 Years.
s 11n ou guies,w l.41
laetons and Wagons
te Sacrifice!
r wordi for it, b)ut comlo and( see for your.
carry the( Baboock, Courtland, TIysoni d
%, &c., as strict liih (rade Wagona, the
1to Owensboro, Taylor and Chaittanoogv
>f all kinds, and we arec going to sell omt
tty well over but we have a fewv bargains
,kerk hire, ownt our own reposit.ory andl(
e have for cash or goodl paper'. Polite
enville come and see us. WV. are alway.
ouyt or not.
S& C0O.,
11 kinds of
none bunt flrst-class kmn
ic work.
11 card1 with onr adldress wvill bring a maun
buy in car lots and can give the( lowest
E & CO., Anderson, S. C.
iimplements, to preserve thoem
or. .A single coat of
goni Colors
fow minutes. Color Card Free
and Oement Co.,
n, S. C.
g material of all kinds.
iiR~i & IrG. GO.
Auditor's I
P'Ickene C
The Auditor's books will be opened on il
the purpose of taking returns of real and
und for all special taxation in Pickens C
For the convenience of the publie, .6he f
Six Mile-Monday, January 5th, 1903.
Oulhoun--Tuesday, January Oth, 1903.
Central-Wednesday, January 76,
Cateehee--Thursday, January 8th,
Aberty--Friday, January 9th, 1903.
P:ikeouns-bauturday, January loth,
Easley-Monday, Januray 12th 1903.
ELlsluy-Tuesday, January 13th, 1903.
Croswell--Weduesday, January, 14th
Cross Plains--Thursday, January 15
Looper's Shop-'riday, Jaunary lot
Piekens,Saturdlay, January 17th, 1
iiughes' Store-Monday, January 191
'umpkintown-Tuesday, Ja+iary 20
lolly Spring---Wedusd"a"y, Januar
Aiken's Store--Thursday, Janu i.y
Piekens-.&turday, January 24Frid.
(leorge lloleonlbe's Residence-th 1t
Mile Creek-Monday, January 26th,
Praters-Tuesda-y, January 27th 19
After the 27th of January, 111903, 1 will
11 ouse, con'tinuously untdl the 20th day o
time the books will be closed and fifty (6
(led for non-returns.
In order to Uve confusion and to avoit
tend personally to the -taking of all retju
erty or liable to poll assesament are reqi
his rounds and be prepared to give full
ant the nune and nuiber of the School
which his property, liable for taxatlon, i
Should any be unable to meet the Aud
their interest to see him in his ofIice befo
201 h of February, 1903.
All persons owning property in any dist
is a special levy for school purposes are r
such property so subject to special levy
No returns nmde by mail will be ace
all persons owning property must have t
either personally or by agent duly autha
the ownre, and all returns must be made
It will save much time ta taxpayers, al
the Assessor, if every person before leav'
plete list of every item of personal Prope
llorses, cattle, mules, sheep and goats, hi
buggies, wagons and carriages, dogs, mei
moneys, notes and accounts above indebt
including (household goods.
It is always required that the Auditor f
Under the head of place of residence o
And nil taxpayers are required to give ni
They are also requested to state whether
or in time country. And if part lies in t
in one township and a part in another t
uniber of acres' and valuation in each i
Taxpayers return what they own on th
The law requires that all persons own
ing ehairge of such property, either as al
executor, administrator, etc., return the
All male citizens between the ages of '
the 1st day of January, except those wh<
port from being naimed, or from other
(onfederate veterans are excepted.
In every community there are persons
take a newspaper. Those more fortnate
favor by telling them of the tiue to ma
Both real and personal property are t
tnime at the real value thereof. If propel
value or if -bhere should 'be an inequality
of property the same will be czj r: "'l to
for correction. To avo this
payer I would urge r t
valuation of his
County of PiA
The Rat,e of State, County, S. -
Poll 'Tax and One
In accordance with an Act toA)
mleneing J anuray 1, 10,n
C:otunty Traue fPickens C.. ii' -
for said fiscal year fromi Wedne i
CClmb1er 31lst. Mates per cent. o' L. v.
Levy for State 'Tax.
]Levy for Ordinary C,.
JLevy for Constitu*tiou
Levy for Past Indebt.
Levy for County Roaa.sm,
Trotal levy for State nr -
Levy for interest on Pickenis .
Levy for interest on Plekcens I
nujils. *"
Levy for interest on Picken,
3%/ mills.
Special levy for Se
Special levy for Sce2
Special levy for Sebu . mi
Spe<fial levy for Sob, . ' .
Special levy for Seh m
Special levy for Sch I i0
Special levy for Scho 'I.
Special levy for Scho .1 .
Special levy for Scho-il
-Special levy for Scol
A poll tax of One Dollar per capit
eges of 21 and 60 years, except such
A commutation road tax of One ')> a
time as other taxes from all ii.
years, except such as are exemp1. - 1
thme 31st of December, 1902, eight '.m
lie reqluiredl under a constructor.
TJaxes are payable only -In gold na sm,
National Bank notes and Coupons - t
(during the year 1902.
Parties dlesiring information by j' ' -
state t.he location of ttheir proper-k
those paying taxes .by check muse.
[f our full .ine of ilARDWAREUi is not b,
t Our salesmen are out
Coleman-W agener Hai
$20,00 ,TO*$40.Q(
oig Iade slln "500 Loua.'r
boofegland bnaness terme?,
Comnpendluta of pl41in and orn uinon
Kadula,tor~ and FarmerafRoo:oe.
uA complete et of Intor'est., Crn.:n,
maeta of CI0131itNS, Ti mbo -, Lur'
.one v'olumne Over' 472 Vag 1, 2:'0
It Sm a coplet. buzineca e.ducatom
A1.P1U, [email protected]'ICAL rnl I PIA
e ira nn as we' i mon
e ae hthe Count- ,: .1ld 4!V
w 4k. ta eti.-sd l
ounty S. C., November 7, 1902.
te fliret day of January, 1908, for
personal property and polls,
ullowing appointments are Mu
th, 1903.
h, 1903.
h, 1903.
th, 1903.
r 21St, 1903.
2d, 1903.
-y, January 23rd, 1903.
be in my office, Pickens Court
l'ebruary, 1903, after wOich J' 79
0) per cent. penalty will be ad
. mistakhea, the Auditor will at
'ns, and all persons owning prop.
ies'ted to meet the Auditor on
informatdon as to his property
ddsatrict in which he lives and in
s situated.
itor on his rounds, it will be to
re his books are closed on the
riet or districts in which there
equested to give the value of any
for school purposes.
'pted, as the law requires that
ie same returned for taxation
nizod to attend to the some for
ider oath.
;o greatly facilitate the work of
ing home will make out a com
rty in the following order:
>gs, watches, organs and pianos,
chandise, madhinery and engines,
edne;ss, and all other property,
ret the first given name in full.
ui tax return, give the township.
Lmber of their school distret.
the property is nituated in town
nvi and part outside, or a part
3wnship, so specify, giving the
e 1st day of January, 1903.
ing property or in anywise hav
rent, husband, guardian, trustee,
same under oath to the Auditor.
twenty-one and sixty years, on
nre incapable of earning a sup
Mauses, are deemed taxable polls.
who cannot read or that do not
may do such persons a great
ke returns or by returning for
'be assessed for taxation at this
'ty Is returned at less than its
in the valuation of the same class
the County Board of Equalization
kind to both myself and the tax
) make a full and fair return and
Auditor Pickena County.
.?nis 8. G., Oct. 15tah, 1902.
~CFX 1M ER 31st, 1902.
<, Including One Dollar
R~oad Tax.
ji,e fiscal year comn
tJiaLt the officee of
,the collection of taxes
. lutil Wednesday, De
........ ..5 Mills.
........... 4 Mills. ,
.............. 1%ll
.............1 Mli.
...............14% Mills.
... . e...Court HIouse Town
:'-, oi ilurriceane Township, 2%/
I: ai 0 'or East'itoe Towmaship
9, 2 mnIlle.
t. .i . 0, 1% mills. -
- , 3%A mills.
~. ., 4 mills. -, -
-'* \c .2 mills. -.u.
..2 milla.
-2 mil.
'- 4 mills.
* *. ~ imills,
" mills.
* 'c ens between the
1 . law, will be col
-o vat.ed at the amo
- . n il e ages'of18 and 50
id tax is paid by
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(I I.. t.nitedl States currency,
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rage for a reply, and
ge for collecting.
Pickens County.
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