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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, December 11, 1902, Image 2

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'I Peon s Journal.
. MAULDIN ............]litor.
.L. IATIENY..........3us, Mgr.
Subsoription $1.00 Por Aunum.
1~ Advertieiug Rit(K R1easo nall)le.
ered at the Post OGieo at 'ickoia aK
tonl-clhss matter.
P'ICKIE:NS, .. U.,:
hrlursdaty, December, 11, 1 02.
The male colleg in South Caro..
lina that;has not had t r'w he
tween professors and students dur
ing 1902 is an exception.
It is to bo hoped that the future
of Furman lniycrsity it w t to ho
left in the control ot a faction 01
foolish, head-strong b .ys. . Fu r.
man ought to profit by the expo
riencos of other tc4hools, an-l legin
in timo to save lrsolf.
The Newborry ieraid a nd N ews
in endeavoring to report fully tla
proceedings of tho South Car'olinr
Coffleco, (lii a valulel sorvien (<
" e m1emb1erah'1p Of the; 'Aethoisi
Ciurclh an( H1 ow(e(: 0lter)ris
qui to coisiStent with Iprogresiv
Nowbrry l)001)1.
( of4 Ii flasoason of roli;11..ius Cnv nI
d conf(arvnv,-F, at t imfe wher
oS.- Of chrc 9s as wel
up adl(1 alr'1aan lmotn+!la
adt for tho nv year
as .b1on a yoar ot se.
I t! y ry donon Ilinnlion.1
'anly Cons1Iderabi l( el(enae,l
a11y in South Carolii:a, he
l ;tho pturos that Ii an
b 8ei tu isod in l0Inoiinttionia
r ai e petty imagintry 1r,o g ex
o. ploitod before the pblio ts a teu"a:
no doubt, of damning thle cha;rio
tor of somo outsNpoken., progresive
thinking pralossor in th iistitu.
tion, or by rvasonl of tle lact IIn
btll, tho rosignatiotsof col hoge )r( i( tlot
perfocA)lv lOft the field opcn to th
will novortmble by mon and their I riidtl
b5110 havo failed to gras1) tihe ful
d itdea of the roquironl'it of in("i
T who should occupy Ithe rosponisill (
pla;ow at th head of high Nr insti
tutions of learning.
loterout throughout the sta to, rega trd
T ingth manner in which allthe
st,ate schools havo boon contdutctedu
Boards of Visitors, T1'rustees an
(:. Legislative Committees havet~ hi(
their duties to perform in jinvesti
,gating thettatus of atrirs in tlhes<
schools, and it appoaerS thatt abllt
all any of thomn havt, done is to ac.
cept the statomnonts lpoenOted by3
2 ~e heads of thoso in.stitutions.
ithout making thorough person,.
re examinations.
an* . educational system of Sout h
Ina, ospeilly So far as the
Sinistitut ions aro conteernedu
to colleges supp)lorttd by tihe
has beon allowed to rock(
'each yoar bringinhg only ai
2tion int the v'isile resuilts
lishod t.ill theso state' insti.
s howv by their owni anntual
arios that a1 reformattin mus1t8
ught about or' their daOys o1
Doss are over, The big
owith all thmo collegos, statt
enomiiinationail, is that the
qjuestioni of disciplino is~ ho.
erlooked, and without tth is
curriculumi, all tho balance
rove a failure.
* Ini Monriam.
William P. Findley, aged tir..
s, and a soni of Mr. (C. Bi.
quietly p)assd away on Sat,
ov. 23, 1902, after years of
. tg from canCer wich seems to
b 'usod by burn bo received
'weali''w~:otbtiolo d
The black
dreiary dread, l
Wit&L the feviaystfiterto
obliged to exo , obr ndanme
es.ctastrophe wedfinVtt or
Imp, withpa, h ai ~o o
W#S looking in obn t.
q~q~pet. 11, me twlo mxpoths a
"i" ae)c ~ rm tookpdeir og tok
'tltlo~ ~ op th4er atroubora
,d ake frominder
iaesi fathergntwoly
~ wg > oters a da umber
We would omen
who as owe *to
o idu.
- boe hi aflcio
him in hleavon, theln with 'yes f1ixO(
ultpon JcSu,, t))(1 1ad :211(l po)ntinl
beavelwtrd pattsz (Id over til:o iarl
1.11u funtral weviewro conduct
edl by his p1asi.lr, I t.v. D. A. Lewis o
Iiberty, and his r('matin.; t:id to os
in the K\owec ceceterv on Nov. 24
t 11111111)nu b r of 1'friet:ld" id rlt" iveu be
ilg 1)1'cscnL The! Ih:!r(::1vcd ones hav
the syiopathy of manul"y fil c"n<is.
A . Fri(end.
Piekeus Comoty.
W ml. M . (', nnon, ut. :tl., P.11'.,
'll-zo D. ,C(rcw, D)ef,
111 l;ursutanlee of i dt'erelt+cl crlcr in tI
abo)uve siak,41 llase by I tl2. 11. O. \Va't
datd Ot (t. '22 I ; )2 and o til io in Il
G:ork''s ollic, I will sell to the hl'ghe
hidder oin sale (ay in .lnl'y 193, 1
ring Ilhm legal ho11uii for aile ai t P'ick)n
( mtrt lion:o,i.C., the full )Wing tr,.e'
llll:d towii:
All that pio'o or par'~l of hold C:)
tltinin;g tVf'lt' (2(1) a e " In'iro or l!".
lying iii thl 11u r.(n12t 'I'own:blip, it
'lind (:ounttly lbovet luuenti n)i tl Ill ing nit
aht'd oi the heitd w ate"r:( of iix M
lakanvttan n hn :c of \\'m). I
(lirreI, S',nih (.n1ig (col.) :insl In
Iuncan. l. Titi hi tr . ts l i:ng all 1 :)nt 1 71
of Ih(1 Il o lih nn'"."i"t( t.:' i\lw : \V. (;re
that lit' : n ( th - i 1t Wti- of tht( brr.n
t i t l .i Itl'. Ir tie l . f '' ' :t: t1 'visi
- Ay lo"I a \\i'. (i("w-? I::. will and te:cl
mIU I.1 I' > wh :;.; I( C'iahei1: Ci;lnw'1..
T, rm:I1"h.l'1:? 1'r to( pay f'7r i
pI.T. a1:d1 fo(r rl c,'nli:,) t he I;.,nml.
A . J. Ii()( tI,;, 1 I,. S.1
CI. r1h of Conit.
)t1 day of t',letmber, :.1112.
G l.A Ii.:4 i 8 ()(' l'l ; (\i (, , )1,1 \
I! , It ii " '' I' I 1hi (: "il' 1)illi
A . '. 1' , 1 1 l
l a C:.:l ...' alui
Iti nt l. \l i - 1l:1 .1 ' i I 2 , (
:-! i' r 2 1 . 1 l lt I 1 n l - (. 1'ip li
1iu : i 1'. .-i II -t! . i L 1 .11 I'a f i'' oi
I'1 t'!; ,'11: ''IN I ' ;N1 ;111. t ,it1 1
111 ' o I:n.\ ii\ :.212' l'a I iir2,
b-'il )1 Il i e l ''. i by ' ( 11. 1 i 11,2' ( 1.
\'\, ' 1in ..\I 'A in t le igh
O,l3 I t! III' ;!. tt' '5 li 1ll 1*0.2t' 1 n ! I
Illi 1Id ir lin It '; t, ' I oil t l i rl.
A llt t I tt 'i. I1 . t . 4 '3y , i: a11 t' 1 in lI
!'l 25 b il t '41 t of " b r.;' , :\. 1). , 1tt't,
'w l l I)' (I III I tolh . 114 i. (r' Is'n I
N. 1111 a a I' ' !, ; I (2' l 1' l 1~.k It)lsa ' ) i1i'
.\Itlll -, I . I \I ' I 'l; N 1,1 .\ '' 1':.lt 1\', 1 13,'t
Ie ,, 3 ' lIp ',24 ni ) d l I'-(rih (re 121s I'l l
I it' d nt i n t( ii o h 1.1
I:I:IilI., I!a2 'IIt' N . (o I i ' s V 'oh.' IIIIi!t" :1!")
N.) 'h i 1t 1,bint n to .w2 1 : 1 k Ih'lt ';:it'
it . : ol l ly no to :t2n > .1id on I
223 1r 22 , "3 24 1. , 131 V2nt . i LI m2; 522
ad21.trd : 14 d.ui 2e.2' :nom1i A. b) e,i7 i
1;i1ning t' a1's: r l1 In 2ihe3'1 (intr l t o
th ne ) o h li - e ; 2 f hebr:1-, thoul.1210 II01 '
entil. d.ll' ;;w22'4' l '212 r Trolr's sprin
thence :Miigh lute f th bineh pit
-L1a 1.ho D. S 'to iii ine' to.21 a31I2 W.l O. ln
road,222 112 thenen along 222 he22 ro2 to a ro02
~I'hne1' to hilly t21 a21 rock 1 on. an
inor r'eoad,hne asoiing [Iimi
vood,llamo to bi wale. ak te
ben -fo 322(i3te21 beginn20t bi1 ar. muif t
dated :112 lh 1 .ty of2) t un 11 \. I l)3., 10273 al1
MelIhs Convoyance21 l(2'iekens c13 'outy.
t(2 heI pur3u3e t a:3tNd' mortgag of14 iop
h is (7 and w2(ill b221e (ohl ithe in h22. utlki
Par( thnsor3 to'101 lpay for all21 paper alt'
221'2 2. 3 J.1 H2ii,2. wO.e McDAIEL,2422'12
(hy vieof the411' 91 w.i of~ i lliam (IHn21
fi'nt 1mongs ll hi h he ir I t law,21 fi
is death,4( P~V"2 utfrrn power2. upontC1' me i(2
nl1222 h is real o12(at1, f. wllu ! th i cho:uI22
1{ary1next, dur1in3g 1the ied 1hours" forsa
on t.i'i day,r isl tIthe:20 hi;.-het bidde Ui
51ubli1c21 an0in Ctor nh theli folowi
A~iolt, o h a i iiece pr e o il rat olaf 4a
kn onheas tra No n h ddiii
-Daey1 . F.biso RnItheY8t.d
of Ocutobr ofth 1i1, bein Wiiit ute
th. traR. wh.ro ites a splon-lid wata
poer,o bloning tolth.-bio illinoe
llun2 lte;:d onIH which Ir ila now2it
pahiid a conii mll a haRiXll,R a sawrmi
and wa ginnery, ander ad attah mf es an
tond a is represent ed b ar'~1iio plat 1a2
vo the1' hno byJ.. I' ))oisonfl2 wnter
weay ofti O1tober CI01. his tract ofe 'a
foentmiit towi belsia tthcr. Th'
ing tow theurvy frme, byt tcorg
o hdainlier.inHr Co thel' sad Wi[a
Milea Rvere and a ml an a. halfor <
threo ioth.r ailroaL d ru ou
tVa el4otD . Vth F. RRDLEY.r a
Exsceutori ofuth wiltrf William ofte'(
deenasfoe. e a ntrl el
.Dr. Ca H.yUtr, .W armuoe. h
mea ,f aamnfolombia, N ia eei
pationbt yng la ixeoniyes ct
ago,who had a vey bad at tkof dvso
~Isrensheoulfe. She ad becDmo e,
weaktha shocoud no inn ovr i
Shattered Nervez
and Weak Heart.
Too Nervous to Slee:
cr Rest.
Dr.iM.ile:s'heart Cure anc
Nervinc Cured Me.
A shattii e ncI tvous systen nearly alway
t::'- t. n' alfettin ' of the icait, espec
o iaill\ whcrc the p tient's hean t is w:e:ak ft(oi
hereditary )r other caiuses. 1ir. Miles' Icar
utc i., not only a ireat lic at reutlator, h)u
' it i :. ntbloo> tolnic which speedijy correct
St an<d r. t uit: s the heart's action, enriches th
L- l<~ ait ni inlrove:; the circul:ition. It wil
buil. '",'i IT just a:: it did .\r. Crawfor(
wIh ,str l"tter f1lIlows, and greatly ii1up1roY
y.,unr ,cneral health:
"I h !I:tye Ibcc so greatly benefiteid by Di
' .\l;i:( N:,t- t i;u l I b,:art C:tire th:at I freel
I r(ct,ininen l thei as the h':t t entlics fo
to the <!-ilase s tli.y are rcct "tmm :nI'-<d t curc
u \\ hien I be:t'ii tIlane- th:ese in ii,ine,
I(, u l::he , e! c ely rio .lu pe 1, ry nerve
wt't a lt:t:y' "1:t) rt< :-m !. m:y !:r:: t trot:e t"
I'I - grei :t (I.al. I h:ld 1:tin in ni' Lit ar
1i :Iunl !.t c ler, h i, dl; it.v in . l iilg a
rt Ir ' b It a I h! h . It ei:l' liii s:>e11
:\1 ml! 1: h- ':t Nt+ll. flb:i r -uii l :1{,alst:t<
iI eI t:i e :s i- iV lof f :Il mith ti:
Itll, UI it! l! .,1t<li'.: ". r t t: w : . It n .cile,
:t l ' -I>C t::, t t::tt I !h-" t, !iItli' 11l1h t 4-r d1:(
- w I a \ iu l c,i I v ith In) h ar
;i a : a <li:, I ha :c:l
tll r l t .. cl ic i ' ; i; fi r: 1:;.m happi
now 1 lln t: v ittt to l i4 !. b. k the I ll(ne
I !!,t lor <I bti rs who <i iid m i u ;, ( '
wil) f wa:; ill." T. R. C.i(.an1 V:'., C ente;
h i e .:.,
Aill < - ;! :l nd g;n:mtee fst hlol
ll,_ { 1. .iil:e I:'e 1im- e:- f :,)l for ire"e ho()
tt I'x t;l 1l N l 01. I
h i ic . u"ti thm.
eI ni1 of, thItw
(i'. ( , I e 0iNSO.
We Wi-elForth
N extl.: J. 't D aysv i Vt'. 12
and' t:t a. lri t M a pt ersh
i r w_n ka
- ria i-hu m l trie. We nr (10
iit(o :to xcoelpoto vtall dn.
asWest n tr
or Coey &fuded e,
Gellefa [de Cd ntin
grmedis.J Neoie'yd by e
th J.n D.hl\crs 'tt the best En;
,Kgeneya Meandi4ado trunes
- Pth C am stand aud wil.00y. i
awilba offire at pr1sresnb
teaeilo lts
" U r hoso ol Gus ad em
. yor mone refundled.Ita ot.
rmdies eon iz d Aby emti7
KideyLct and Blader toubles
P luc c and si.:oo. ~~
(yA or twsit I hele ti y every cly.
maks; unes n rd blade rites
actbe o in oStend o s at
date, cononical nd b
.$5 rec-Fttu Papr Paittyontiuty
M tt CA3&ootrip Zfc'%
n BZA.
lraiall buying has cohunll(te
onl Pickenias soil, we [promuised tl
thce crowds of thrift y buyers tl
Wo have for your ilspoct
t These goods wrr.) Iboulht inl Co
s that would astonish the maunuf
- ' v o ar-o gii to give the tradlll
, :mnulIt ry. So ho on"batn(d and
38 inch Brilliantino, asorted pa
50 mch ll wool cr;o Ilack or t
1000 vlds al,tot ;in-lnue h 5
1 Case Dark Pcretls the . c i
Have you boihi yur fall
a than you (,In b.uy 'Ib!whiere.
$2.S. 1'x t ra h'tavy Kiis-';y s ut
$10.00 to $l7.50.
ti vail uC:-; m i millb ry an<l th
We are showitg : i;o- it
Shoes otFhI't t.1"' ry 10 mn ht' ius i
1y far the :'i''sr t sto"lck o1
Cook S : ov.- 'i}o 1.1i:-i 'i'r;, ( ull
Paintlts, (')i'; and\'ani4e
:nd Sw if'ti's I"':otl's W '! ti (:u
has his o'n,u iloni't (of I a:;le and
suits you, \';hen we boug ht ~
.':'ond lin(d Poi-rI.s PCrl
...A Bargain
9 Thirty Black and
Cuta~way Coats ar
each, Thlese goods cost more
sizos atre broken, but if your
get great valuec
P Nine Prin
Coats and
*i Same materials worth fromt $10.0
...Don't Miss a B~
M~vain Streect, C
Its Gettini
You Know
MLots of' new iFall Shoes-Somo<
quelstion bo l)ut you getting complo)10
from us. You tako no risk-We gi
perfect satisfaction. Tho1) largest sto
lect from.
Th6 Ii,o~hiugt boe
the bile will be throwun 01
theo system at the samo tIe
by a'lonio that Naturita
41pmplete I
P'ort tho mnodern mild powei
She work,, without ehock or
*yem, Booklota and ear
or coOlpIOLO treatment, 2
A noD
ud in earn,st, and the Big Store is on,
10 pooplc of Pickens county one of tl
at flock to our throe large stores dail
on tio largest stock of General Mr<
inlection with our four~ lairge t-toros in
acturois and wo have priced thon to
' Until Jan
g public 0110 of (he graa'tost money s
t your share.
il':m s.,lla co,' -Oet', our1 prico, 25c.
.(vy, blur, .lls for :(5c our pl)ico, 50c
kiid for only . cents.
,d our price >ctas.{
auit? If not you will find it here th:
('omto to us for your clothing. A nic
ts the $7.50 kind only 4 50. All w
ur illirnery Depa
prottiest :,tyles that wo have over s1
-Meds Womn's, Mi
ofofeam, Women's, Misses and
uti thly can't (o it.
Hfar< wart, in the county. All kinds
, Meat Ubtnotpers;, Cross Cut and Ilan
WVheait PJowing tiun' and we havo a 1'
mho. O u;im pace i, too saiall to begin
1eCsiIy. mloh i'iiviiduaml vants to.)
e had thu pecil iari t ics and tastes ofo
blo Engine to sell cheli),
in Clothing...
3luec Clay WorstiedI
~d Vests at_$4.50.
IAian twice this money. The
~IZt 1s among thern you will
ft you biuy one.
ce Albert
Vests -:
to $18.00; your choico for $6.50.
rgain Like This...
reenville, S. C.
Stoo Late for Them
Sand all those things If
f thomn ar( sure to p)lOase. N4o
satisfaction if you buy13 your shoes!
iaranlto overy shoo we soil to give
~k ever shown in Gro>nville to so.
2 Ci
1In then right ohaunelj
10,ehould be invlgorato
bybegin, her..worls an
,o eureo
cure that cOmpIetely does
Injur7 to any pAitoj the
Iples free of any dealgr
VOfnty.AV, 10Q00, g5e,
FQ. Co.
oying the largest trado in its history. Whle
to beot trading centers in upper Eouth1 Carol
y Le.ar"s us Hut in the statment that w, have
handiso that has over been brought to thi
Noi th and South Carolina in large quantici
knock out all .o-callod conpetition, and fro
ia ry, 1st, 19
aving opportunities that has over been knov
2000 yards Outing good dress styles, at 4c
2500 yard(h Staudat d Prints solls for 5c, of
3000 yards chocks good stiles at only 4ct:
4000 Yards shooting the 5cts kind only 4
It i well, i s w'll, waros wel Al and at 1. t
o clay wos;t -i . iii, tIh kind you havo aiway
,)ol clay wo:td 0he '-,(!0.00 kind only $6,00.
IOWn;, It is 6imo you woro getting your fill
s and Scys S1ho:s.D...
Bo3: Sh qe:i :at inlteresting pricos an(1 wheni1 it
r f 7 F 1ST c
of turn p1l ows, )isc Harrows, Disc Plows. CI
a Saws, ( O.l"n))tra t< ,ol, Iiir, Beltiog,
nll supply *tC wheat: 1"' rtili zers, a nmted
L .lni1u erao tho seanib;i lilI e ,,ods in (- 1h i
lethintg espociatlly suit(I to hii or her own n
ir custo11mors ill 1ilnd, the stock s:1ows the in
4. Nice
00 A Suit i
A Good Shoe cj
A Stylish Hat?
We have just
14I ~(opened
a nico n,ew stock
of these and
a lot of other
Now Goods~
invite all1
/ to come and
see us
Let us H!ave Our
Paties owing on account will please pa
lon't put us off lonlger'.
"Short Credit Ma~kesLor
Wo appreciate yeamr friondship.
W. 1. IMeF
WYo wish to enH attentiion
aill a111Ond Itclte Jline of
..Grocerie!s anid Confec
Now sho'
W'e wvishi we could to elh (everybod1a
ot sweet that looks that way an:d that
tways the hiighet--if you buy it fronm
Wo kc'p at, all times a full line of Unam
reshi Sausage, and1( Coffee. Fresh CJhoeao anl
A nico linm of Statioiimry, Tablets, Leadln a:
>lored Cr'ayons &a,
it. for naish or bar ter.
~. K. L. CURE
Hligh Grade Vehich
-Write for our cone .
CatalQgue and P'rice
It,.costa n'othing, sh.s
- s all kinds of
4esponsib: Ag.tite Wouhtt
n we planted our feet
ina and judging froT
fulfilled our promise.,
s part of tho state.
for spot cash at prices
mn in this part of tho
por yard.
1r prico, 13e,s
o 25 por cent cheaper
s paid $5.0() for only
French ivorsted from
com-3s to' values in
11tivatoro, Grain Drills
1; ildery I Iardware,
oods, ncidl phosphato,
.1epartmnet t. Each one
'ads1. We havo what;
lluence of our purpose.
y' prompltly this F"aIl
ig Friends."
to th
vn at Mrs'. (Juretons,
the best candy is not
8, Fish, Lar<l, Coti.eloner
~vays oni hand.
d( Slato Penclile, Slates

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