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Notice to Subscribers
l,-Sjt Jtanit ry llotiei were isent to all
1)ttit i-r ers anli (i<ln' Thel Journal
on Hn)cm i-ricn awnl othmrwiHo. uo
notices inchauled indlobte.t;esm of 1901
an<d 1902.
Mr. W. L. Mlathely itll ii withll the
Jorin1l and ill chatrgo of IhcHe ma11tIters
nkd will lb) )leatsol to have ill who have
not comp)liedt wIt.h t.be requesnot to set tie
eiotlb) liol in the ii lnoti t (1 t"ll il
him at 'ho Journal ot'ic, inl tlhe Athq-c)
n.y hn wk bailcling, at the rear of W. 1.
leat ll's torie and ii rt:angr i' n101 ' *iI i:
el 'n at once. A1 1)lemi ( em)i1l ;'.l!(
o .,(:tly f-uiilitatc, ais;inl 1iacing antd
ko'pmg ortr buainess' in p"-"or sIl,"
Reslcpect fu111v.
T. J. MAUl)IN,
1'uh, '['he Jollrinl.
Local and Personal,
-D)r. Austin will 1) in Easles
Dec. 16 and 17.
-J. E. Pals;3oI hus imove( into
the hollso formiorly occudl)1sc1 'by
WV. 1I. Prine.,
-Lloyd Crandy, of Furnii, has
beon spending sev 'n1ral d ays at
1 0111C,
--Miss Nettio Symmes.of Green
villo is visitinlg the family of J.
Me). Bruco.
-Capt. alrry Valentine and
wifo of New Jersey aro visit ing thl
fatnily of John, Furgnson near
Picken .
-We have j ust roceiv ed a soloet
line of Christ,mas Iiolid ay Goods.
Call and examine them.
Pickens Drug Co.
-Solicitor lloggs returned Sat
urday from Fiorila. I10 reports
an limprovemenit in tho health of
Mrs. .ioggs to the deligh't of thoir
Many friends.
-ev. O. l. A Iey has lern
r'oturned1 to the1, pic-( ci,ut,n
Icv. C. l,. AlcUnin to the North
Picken11s ('Irc uit, li'V, J. P. Attn -
--Pickens has a S;tuilay mail
now, thatIt ec:mels via Liberty,
reachilg hee aiouit, o'clock in
the afternocjn. Mr . I. F. Parsons
has the con tract.
-Mr. N. (. aker has mo(v to
Picke1s. 1l1 *ccupie the J1. E.
Paron1's locurce. lie come10s to place+
his children in our excellent I
Graded School.
i --F4r'1now, till January 1st, we
will mako some rjltecitll pricos oil
clothitug, overcoats, "jackets and
boy over(coats. Don't miss this
OpI)OrtuIi' for we have some
splendidl values to offer.
Folger & T1horniley.
--One of the best evidences of
the good tunes10 prevailing in tis
conmiy 18 me: raus tunv 'vizi- .
tract of land is olTred at public
salij the bidding is Iiyely, the prico
runs up and1( the payments are 1
promptly met. Mortgages are not
accuinula uting onl the eord books]
and those al really there are being
marked ,sat isfled. Lien foreclosumres
are comphLaritively raro. T1he pub
lic square is not blocked on public
days wvith chattels for sale and the
majority of people are apiparently
in good spirits.
-A lodge of the Knights of1
Pythias is soon1 to be organized
hero. More thani the requisite
number have petitioned for anj or
ganization, Their petition has
been favorably acted upon, and a
numuber or our young men are look
ing forward to "'riding a horse" of
some kind, as Knights rods ' goats'
The Masons have one of the most
flourishing lodges in the country.
Tfheir growvth ini the p)ast two year*s
has been phenomenal, Dr'. James
L. Bolt, left to-day for Charleston
asB a representat.ive in the Grand
-.-It might he worth while for
,all persons liable to road dutly to
rero,mnber th, one dollar commn
tation tax co~ s all legitimate
road duty provided the same is
paid by or before the first day of
Jann~ary 1008. Unles the corn
mutation tax is paid by that dato,
the law reqluires eight (8) full days
work, atnd every person liable for
* ' o does not pay this
.tax by Jany. 1st 1903
to he warnedc to work
whIiich ho wil11 be as
- -'- ..'*..'opt ion of the over
seers thereof for eight (8) full
,day8 if so much be nece3 sury.
-U-T. S. Deputy Marshal, J. -T,
McoKizney, Chief Coistablo C. L.
Cureton anId constables Grady and
-Coleman made a raid up1 in the
Orow Creek section of Pickons
.oaunty Friday night.' They cap
turke~d a~ mos 0 m. geniouIsly construc
ted still, while it was yet warm.
It was con str'ucted of an ordinary
whiskey barrel, bottom ' knocked
out and the the regulation copper
suibstituited. The barrel was
- ious conitri
worm'' con-'
r contorted
gentotis pro
- ulown p)ast
Sbrought to
excited the
4 4 . :eholders,
Irmera Puib.
I ' tieet at the
?: , Journal .nn
18th. 1902.
NR". Eug r-v of Toccoa
H p)ondinlg oys wi.th her
ni;)ther "Mi 11eS.
'1'has % 'y, Soliciting
t for th le Nowe was
in tow) Fri
Ai r. F. . loft Sunday
for Charles
Valterr b y, of Groon
V i ile was, h1'.
S. 1). Sti -llling. S. L
spent a kW 3 Friday.
M rs. C. C
nr Atlanta
hto.' son, W. ,iD. .. . u
spo it Sat.urday anl
aIS the guest of L. 1
Caryds airo 'out
ccminrg uuarriago
'aulino Brow n,
Henry Clay Cr
on Tutosday,
My, ho
rnail last 5
It is som(
wood on)
the CIfm
ually w
). .
visited i
hern last.
the wet w
farmers ha
up and n
It. C. C1.
newv clothli
Shirley Old
t he boys wh.1
ing to the ic
l.'v, 1 r.
prenehod3 twr
i1hur'ih Sunday.
Sone cotton Cat
riu at the Willi
1bO:1t .i o'clock S
burn")inlg the erib anI .
!1iouitinlg to about a
10ttol) eside the sted
threo bales.
The County Com
p)alse(1 through he-re ye,
i road insleeting tour.
[dgar Templeton is very
0. 1). McCravy is m
Will Freeman of Alaban
I1 visit to hi13 b1rothler-in-la
IntCins. -
Rev. II. C. HadhJetA is to
town the count.rf this we'ek.
Liberty, S. C%,Dec. 9, 1902,
llazel News.
Married on Nov. 12th, 1902 a
he residenice ot the bride's mothcr,
Irsi. IHarriett .Bowie, Mr. WVade
ewis to Margia Bowie. Rev. J.
'. AttIaway, otheiating. .rho
'oug couple have the best wishes
f many relatives and friends.
Rev. John T. Lewis, Daniel Win
~hester and WV. P. Davis volun
cered and surveyed out the road
endinag from Daniel WVi nches ter's
nill up Thompson branch to the
Javis gap. This road was very
nuch needed.
VTery little small grain has been
own yet. Some cotton still to be
Mr'. W, W. Aiken has renewved
is stock of goods and says lhe will
lo his bost to please his customers.
We have a dlaily mail to Hazel
low, and( if we had a telephone
inc to Pickens it would ba a great
>enefit to this community.
R~ey, 1. F. Murphree has boon
alled at Eastatoe Baptist church
or the year 1.903, and also at Hol
y Springs.
All the members of Antioch
Baptist church are earnestly re.
juested to be present at the next
regular meeting clays which is the
Eccond Sunday and Saturday be
'ore, ..s important buisiness will
~ome befIoreO the church.
All wvho sub)scribed to the organ
vill please make payment to A. TV.
A'inchester by the 13th of Doo.
Hazel Nut.
derry H. Payne deceased was
QiGorgian by birth a South
Jro liniani by adoption.
Nr1i, Payune was born1 in Cloeo.s
an;d, Whito county, Georgia, and
:atme to (entral, S. C., with his
parents at the ago of eighteen, was
nprried to Miss Myra Boggs of
Picukenis county Aug. 15th 1883.
ifr. Panyno was an energetic and
rctivo busimess man,b a kind bus-l
>anad and a iloviing fat heri.|
Hie was taken sick last March I
md gradually grow worse physi.
ially and mentally. Rev. Mr.
Beard, pastor of the M. E, church
southi, said that Mr. Payne asked
im quite a while before he died
~o help him to get hold of Christ,
raying he felt sure that life was
hort with him and his loved..ones
are sure that he0 is at rest.
Hie wais taken to the Hospital
'or the Insane at Oolumbia, on
L8th of Nov. and and died Nov
~8d of odema of' thel logs and ac
sito mnianh, and was boried from
KLonut zdion church, ott the 25th
3ftgof whiQh he was a, member.
naawife, two M'4r"'
the 1il~c)ii~)l
tounty'VI( we ,:r C
fL8 ad WhOle,id.~
3ena,u tor A is l
:o1 be th beste higi
fnvur,nce wi thae ye om crs
8110i is imanar dbyhoeeole
J.Btho ey
Ie wat anentinechton
hdi. i Cagon bhme atoickent.
J. W,te REDE, pee
Th astern Maufctugg Co. of J:ur
hcao Jwl preen Sto every baby, tat i
mder oeer ofage, sides onty,on
olid . silve bey Son with the ays
ien nall nraed aon Picme. Youo dovngcli
hing _to_get_this_spoon. Th a te st temd rin
Thdar anufacturing Co.,aroflarg1manufac
urersandi prbesn o jewery babynd____
iverwae, yarnd hage takn this o thoned''
foi slverin theb r gpoods.t Inthebaby' of usu f
pendinam thousaveds o dlame. Yorolo.I. .Wts
nagazave tayertntey bu hav y-decie 2dd fOt
o give ctuaway Co.ire larg co n u fa-rs.'ii Ja
The undersigne flrmihaswbee
torer and gobes name andagy and o yte1t
ou willareceandehae take ths bethofu 2orbl
iflaverisiong thei egravd frea ofot
eagisnot aeaartisle hbut dcidd
ile unereadsignd Don'tasfaee
ao loistvribtine gent feo Thel
ter anufa tuiC.s nmadgod oyTmh
livspoo altegae reofcs.pyo
livr o elgat dsig. Dn' fal ecunderpi
Mrs. K. LB.ur.to1
Aotce or Cebor
teof Bweise oe,d
A FMIL LmAA ll lteste tof heundery.in
The Bestby CherentrLteraturef ohee
12 CM PLYI avie YIRLY fthse ibt,e tvosid ogst
MANY SNORT TORIES ANP the c22nd bd ofll covrd n
PAPERS ON TIM ELY TOPISnons(ailg caita iuo vgr
*a.o ER YIP 9506,A @PY Catheri Cann el'tOhm
NO CONTINUE STQ~IIS bsai ciemsd wieety iciIlv
or hy the 12t
190 oxb

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