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1)1 IC1;NS S. . '1I1[1,stA JAN?. .[.L'LiL1J
flinor Events of the Week In a
Brief Porm.
'rhe legislative eommnitte spent last.
week at. Clemson College investigating
the workings of the college. ''hoy went
through every department of the cot
loge and. -made a iost thorough inves
tgatioll. The (oitittee iN composed
of the following: Senator W. N. Gray
(101 , of Abheville. Senator-elect P. L,..
H-ardin of Ches, ter and lon. T. Hi.
Rtainsford. nemler of the house of rep
r-ntati(S from (1dgefleld. These
gen tltmt expre.sed thesmel 'es as he
Ing delighted with what they saw. and
snrprjsed at. the s1ope and eq(uipmnat
bf the college.
WY(dneesda night a uottage on the
olutskirt N of Florcle was burned an(]
with it n 5-year-oid son of S. Brunson,
the c(lored mail who Iived in the
bous;e. It is Faid that .Rrunson was not
at home and his wife, after putting th
("hild to hed, locked the door and left
t he house. When the flames were (is
covered they had made considerable
headway and there was no possibility
of saving the building. The mother of
the boy wos frantic when she realized
that her child was burned to death and
her screanms were heartrending.
Tom l'earlstine, a merchant of Bam
berg, this State. Saturday night went
to the home of W. M. Creech, a factory
-operative, to collect a debt of 80 cents.
-Crenech declared that he did not hav<:
(he money. but would give an order on
the mill for the amount. Pearlstine
then began cursing, and Creech reimon
strated, because of the presence of his
wife, tl)erenpon, it is said, Pearlstine
drew his pistol and fired twice, one
shot killing Creech instantly and the
other barely missing Mrs. Creech.
A hold and daring robbery occurred
in Mullins, S. C., Wednesday night, in
whIvI- hl the Uank of Mullins was burg
taried nnd thie an it a secured the fat
(ntil of' liVt thousands dollars. Por. the
past 'tw muconths the hanik car"rie d cash
on hand of about $20.000 in order to
nie''t the demnands of th' tobacco inter
ests, buut just now the scason for sell
ing the weed is nearly over, and luky
for t he bani they were only trying to
crry i,"u h cash to t ransaet the nor
)ulal hn:-ine.::
The aut.horities of I he Olympia mills
last year1t inauturated a custot of' giv
insg It cach family of operaItive a ttr
khey ftr their 'hristmna. dinnurr. 'liis
v'ar I his will b dton igit ain. I ' mr -
itasy has c,nh'ired frotn the Armo(it' do.
Inot Ilhern. 1.:!II tt';rk:ys for. the it"pcsu
altdi 1h''r n ;i al istrilmnteil amnong thct
alrit.: .crn{sl:- timtlc for the { r(
{tr:ti'n. of tlhe (ctri,,tuas dinner.
\ $10ct(il sstvinr:, hank for ( tirin
(s.a: peopti will ie establishei by W.
A. L-aw, a pr"ominenut loeal banker;: A.
Hl. 'I'witch('t, prosideil. of the 1). E.
;'onverse omutpany. operating several
large cotton mt1ills, logether with sev-.
eral oi hot mill men. 'T'hc bank will
be lota ed nt Converse, and will be
(con\veni(ntly located for the opeta
tive; of the Clifton cotton mills.
Friday i!ght ant attempt was made to
assassinate MrI". T. F. Davis, of Killian's
Richland (olunty. .\I. )avis Is presi
ditI of the extensive kaolin works at
that plaee 0un Priday ordered a negro
off of the p,remise. Shortly after night
fall Mr. I)avis was waylaid and his left
arm wals shot off. He suspected the
negro whom he had discharged.
Thle postoltice' at llat.enburg, in Lerx -
hungtion county, S. C'., was burglar'ized
l'ridalty nmight. Onaly a few dol lain iii
change wats taken from a drawer. The
sate was dlynaimited and although
lfadlyv crackod wacs not. opened. The
buirglars were frightened awvay for a
nutmbetr of tools were found on the
Mr'. W. Boeyd E~vanms has- brought sit.
for $90 damages against the street eatr
- company for failing to pr1OVide vesti
hules for the fronts of the cara in
oiper'ationi. The complaint charges that
1he road is liable to damages to the ex..
tent of $10 daily for the first nine (lays
of December.
Dr. M. M. Kinard has resigned as
plastor of Ebenezer Lutheran Church
* n Columbia, and willl accept the call
to Knoxville, Tenn..
C~flemson College will have holiday
from the 23rd instant to the 3rd day
* of .January.
-Abbeville is talking of another ban'k
antit a sec(ondi fuirniure fatctor'y.
Th'le appOintment of Maj. Mtcah
JTenkins as collector of internal r'evonne~
2Imi South Carolina has beeni confirmed
l 1y thle sentte.
.Three negroes chinrged wvithi murder
ing Samuiiel hLingtse. In Barnwelh coun..
ty. were (iartied to thle Peniitetilary on1
* Thurrhi-Icy to get thetm out of the
leach of a lynching party.
F%lay morning Robert Philson, a
nlegro emoloyc at the LydIa cotton
mill, was lnsinntly killed by the fall
ing of an archway in the office of tho
Thle A. R. P. Church 4t Cheoste,r oti
Sunday subscribed $2,200 to the
Twentieth Century fund. It is priop)oa
od to raise $60,000 in the synod-$25,
000 for Erskine, $12,500 for the Duo
West Female College, $12,000 for- edut
catIon in Mexico and $10,000 for home
According to the anntual repor-t of
the Spartanburg ap.d Ashevillo railroad
recently :ompllleted, the ooneern has
-nettedl the stockholderai during the fis
cat year, t he sum of $212,000. Further
Items ini the scald reOport are: Total
bus iness. $f527.000). Expenses, includ -
ing taxes. $315,000.
John S. fior1beckm, of Oharleeton
county, claims the higgest grove of
paean trees, Ho has 10,000 on 500
* cres, lHe gets from 25 cents to a dollar
rhits nuts.
News in Brief.
.TheV ar Department baa decided to
/2~divide thi~ -transport service on thme Pa
ciille bcteleef Washington State porte
\nd San F'ranlsteo.
\Ambassadoar Tower presented his
edeOn-tlale to Emperor William in Ber
Brutal Murder of a Farmer Avenged
Ij a Summary Ilantier.
io hrleston, S. C., Speeial.-A ape
i,al to "'lie Nws and Courier froml
Jenwood . ays: "W. K. Jay,
a.J1'roninlont youpg farner of the '1'roy
ection of tblt 'ounty, Wast foully mur
fored in his own yard by a negro,
Oliver Videnman, or his wife, both of
hem living on the place. Both of the
negroes Were lynel(1d by Jay's ln.
furlated neighbors. Msr. .Jay. on re
turnling home on Priday afternoon,
heard Widenan abusing or fighting
his 1, Wideman's) wife. lie went to tle
-abin and ordered the negroes to be
(Ililet. Immnlediately afterwards Mrs.
.lay h'eardl the report of a gun and
n(aw the two negroes running amway.
Calling for hegr husba(nd. she had no
ins\ver and on looking over the yard
'ound him dlead in a pool of his owr
blood. Almost his entire head had
leen blown off.
"''he alarm was given and pattie
1'ere o011 scouring the country Inl pu!
suit of the negroes. They were rap
ttred. Before the coroner both ac
knowledged the deed, but the man
said the woman (id it, and the woman
veense( the man. They nver ehanged
rom this, but died, ancusing cuei:
other of the crime. While in the rus"
ody of a constable on the way to jail
they were stopped at the \Vinterseat
>ridge by Ia crowd of infuriated
friends and neighbors of Jay and both
negroes were lynehed. The lyne.hing
took place about midday, seven hours
after the inquest. W. K. Jay was a
good citizen lld pronilent Mason.
having been a high ofllcial of the
graud lodge of South Carolina."
Method of the Arbitration.
Washington, Special.-There is now
In progress an active exchange of
notes between the allied powers, Ven
zuela and the United States, respect
ing the method of stiblit.ting to arb
tra.tion the issues which have arisen
hwt.weeln Venezuela and the allie".
Q*uestions are being put and are bein;g
answered, bitt it is said the negotia.
-ions are in sch shaupe that it wount
lie xtrenely injurious and indis.
creel to make eaeh phase public if
there really existeud a desire to reaah
a sa.1sifactory s::ttl Ien lnt. It is .e
ilained at Ile State i)epartmeu thait.
the part c t the t.lilit.ed States govern
nlnt just now is that cf a "goood
frienld" to all parties; that it is not
uidertaking to draw ul) protocols or
m111)nse Iilimiat.1ons 11pon11 ti' 1artIi's,
mit is c'olnlining its oflievs to getting
thel togcyt1her and keeping them so. In
his v'IPw it. Will not be n('("ssary'v for
lu- go 'e'nmI n')t to prescribe how it ('
Monroe doctrine shall or shall not
figure in the protocols; it will judge
for itself by results how our interests
arc affected and will not indulge in
>ri 1111ture or uneall1ed-for protests.
As for the term of thIlle arblitratioI
agreement. it is stated that they are
In a fair way to be speedily adjusted.
hut nothing can Ie said of the de
tails. It. is presuned that, the allies
will agree to terniiate the hlockmhb.
hough no stipulation has yet been i i
t-'ed into on that point. Nothing has
heen 'heard recently of the part to be
taken by United States Minister ''ow
r'n in the final settlement and it. be'
R:ius to appear that. after all, Vene
.uela will Probably be r'epresented by
tome of her own peopl(e.
28 Killed In a Wreck.
righitful railrload( ac'cide(ntI. in the an
'mls of the past dlecacde ha ppi'nied a
ihort dIstance fromg the little m'~(ion
>if Wanstead, onl the SarnaiIx branch of
the Or-and Trunllk Rail roaid, Fr'iday
t ight. The trainls inl 'ollision wcre the
Pad fle h10xpress and a1 freight. The
-'xipress was runnling nearly two holtrs
ate nnd wan makIng fast. time. The
freIght was endeavoring to malhke a
iding to get clear of I lie exprests, but11
ailed by a inuitte 0or two. TPher'e was
Sdreadful crash, the locomnotive's
'caredl up and fell over in a ditch, thle
aggage car of the exprless teles'oip'd
the smoker and( in an instant the
br'iks and( erles of the wvoundedl anid
the (lying filled the ali'. Tile loss or
life is 28. Trhe injured wiih numer ei
oniderably more, and many of these
may (lie._____
Change to Be Made.
Washington Speclal.-It is learneu'
St thle State Department that leave of
Shsence has1 been granted to J1. 13.
3r'Ossland, United States minlister reni
ienit and consul gceneral to LiberIa, anid
t upon0 his r'etumrn to thIs cotutry he
will tender his re'ilgnlaton. Minlister
'rossiand wasn appointed to his post
from Missouri in Jlanuary hant anid i,
'tndnelt has been ulnd'er invest igation11
iiwidg to ai personal enicounter bietween
lilmsel'f and one of the otfilscals of the
donrlovian le'gaition. Thlere applearedi 1i
he a state of affairs in existence at
vMonrlovinl that was niot acceptabile toi
the State D)epartmnent and theOrefore a
change in the m1Iisio will be madlie.
$200,000 Fire,
Blioomlingtoni, ill.. Sipeciai.-l"lire in
the business sec'tion here caused .
loss of about. $2001.000l. Th e buildIng
oco'upied by WVIl11iam A. Nicholaui' &
('o., dry goods a in ldes' furn Ishingsi;,
was destroyed andl the' double1 stor1e o,f
C. WV. Klemn, wholesa!e and1( retilh dr;y
goods, was considherabIly dlamagdi b)y
smoke and water. Charles Abram,, nIa
sistant fire chliof, feil fr'omi a ladder anfd
.vas serlious5ly Iinjure'd.
The Cold Wave.
Kansas City, Mo., Spec'ial.-Advices
t'iVlve here indliente sever~e weaither'I
throughout Kansas anid MIisouri',
Inutchilnon, Kan., replor'ted thle coldeas.
Weather in years, the theormomivetr at.
that point r'egister'ing 5 below zero. At
Atchinson 5 below is recorded. At Mex-.
ico, Mo., a coal famine confronts the
PeOple, Thiere is no miore ecol for salm
At any yards and the toinperatur'e was
at zero Friday night,
Fearful Ending of a Young Man Ou
of Employment
Young Bruce Boole, Thoroughly Dis
appointed In Life, &eoks Solace in
Norfolk. Va., Sprecial.e-- 11'iless,
out of elploylelnt anid withoutf a
home for hiuseif and young wife;
Brtce Booie. formerly of Wilmington,
N.. C.. at a late hour Saturday night
cut his throat 'viti a razor, nearly
severing his Ju.iilatr v.-in. IlIe may,
however, rco Jver. Itoi)ie is 3it yevars of
age and. according to a statemlnt.
frol his wife to the Iolice. was mar
ricvd three wevks ago in Newark. N.
J. They cenmee to tis eity somle time
ago and, being sirangers, boarded at
a house on Cove street. living without,
funds the landlad1y gave MWrs.. H3oole
a position as housekeeper and sheand
her husband occupied a room on the
second floor. Saturday night Mrs.
Boole and the landlady had 'sone
words and the lat.ter ordered IM rs.
3oole out of the house. Boole, who
was ill and worried. when informed
of the ciruntmstances by his wife. gruh
bed a razor and, with the exelanma
tion. "Blefore I would see you suffer
any more hardships. 1 will kill my
self," brought the keen blade deep
into his throat. Ills wife snatched the
razor and screaned while her husband
sank to the floor in a pool of his own
blood. IIe was taken to St. Vincent's
Hospital, whore it. was said there
were even chances for lif'e aud deatht.
The young wife is being 4are l for by
friends, With temporary <larters at
the Union Mission.
Charlotte. N. C.. Special.-- Itooie re
ided in Charlotte som. years ago, t1a
was among the first conduetor5 <) tiht
electrie earIS when the present 5l-e
railway system was es;tallishc'd. II.
wtilI also berem<emtberel in t'harlotta
as5 the man w \ho sI1,nt p 1aper hal.
lu(ttn: at the pa1% oil Satturday aftei'
Il<,)mt for the ettcrtalit nment of the
"h ildlr!nn.
A Day of Suicides.
New York, Special.- light pe"rsons
mlet. Violent deaths in (1i1ater New
York Swina. Three wrere cIh.:r-<"as""
of sni<lide and re-'Iult'-'c frEtm! a vio'l
of causes. irs. \tIary 'iarl , agq I
-15, wif.' of the c"1-c ef' oflicer oft the
st.catier 13everly . ld fro i te reSi t
of gas poiSonin+, SPlf-admlinlister1eda.
George Sion. -t;. ani .hateob, Seh
wartz. 3 3:, years 'f ag', diEl aft'
drinking eatrholie acid. Mary Stack.
aged 21, was foutnd dlead in at hotel.
1'seapling gas was given : the cals,-.
An tlnidentified inan w,ias t'ounil in hi;
10111 tinconsciolls. Mary S'arlc":;, ;a gc-<d
38, drank waood alcohol and died in a
hospital. Ilenry 13unkc'y. aged '-17. w;
found on the sidewalk with a fra<
tired skull and died later. Tw) mnc'n
are deal as the result of tfalhI. mne inl
the powAE' h11-a' of a sti*4(,l railway
company andl the other in a. lodging
houtse. An 1 8-year-oldl girl un5itsucesS
fttlly attempted 5ruicide by swallowing
carbolie cid and a wonl;l 32 years
011ld hangedl herself in t he polleIe st a
tion1, but1 Wats (ut dlown in time)( to salve
her?i life. Airs.. 11 ugh Mootiey drank1 l
elanti could( attn h'11Ier. lHEr husbanlld
I w1Elvo tIimes be(fore(.
Death of flrs. F'remonit.
Los5 Angeles. CalI.. Speclal.-Mrs.
JTessiec Benltonl Frem'iiont. widowv of (Gon
oral Fremnont, who dIed Sunday 'light.
at hecr home in this c.ity,. was 78~ years
of age. Mirs. F"remont was taken Ill
on Chr'istmas morning. She grewv ra
pidly woIrse and1( soon lapsed0( into un..
conlsciousnessR from which shietever.
rallied. Foir the Past three years the
aged wd'fow of the "Pathfinder" had
hon extremely feeble as8 a result of a
fil n wvhich she suffered a dialocation
of the hip wvhich had sline prevented
hter from walking. Mrs. Friemont was
the daughter of Thomas HI. Benltoni for'
30 years a United States Senator,
Value of Prost Warnings.
JTacks'orvie 1Fla., Special.-Th''le cold
wa)ve haR done no mateial damage to
ally crops5 In FlIorida. While a1 temperaIZ
tur'e of from 27 to 30 degrees iaove
zer'o waIs eiene a'i0llt som1e sectiona.
just be'low thle freezin a; line on thi'
welt eoast last nlight,. frost. w:Iirninlgs
had be'en sent1 ouit in nmle il t ime and '
j'ra't ically all thle veg'4:hM! growers
whoi 0 ould( be r ff4-etied hia. pre)'fpared'i fsr
11. T'he cold was not a.'vr-re' enlou)h,
nor wvas it of suifileat duratIll on to
dnmiagc' the cit rus fri';!t tr'.ef's o)r thle
nit. Pelee Again in Erhnption.
St. Thomas. T). W. 1.. By CableI.--T-'he
cabileshipIi Ninilgton,11 wic h arrlive'fd at1
St. Locla, I1. WV. I., r'eportexd havinig
passed Mont Pelee, Jskmd~ of Mart'Iini
que1, at 10: 30 ini the0 mlorin g. The
volcano was 11hen ini viole'nt (ruplt ion.
Dense clouds of gray .'mioke atnd dus5-t
were pouing out of the crat or and1( a1.
eendilng to an enormnous height. Oithers
advices say that the :onie wvas iluminousi
duhlrin~ the night.
Cotton Seed Oil Notes.
Th'le newl cottoni 5eed oil mnil of th114
Shlubuit, Oil & Mafac'tuinig Co. at
the Jat,,i, t', ru'tn clay anld night
(hiling -3t''' it
The( ' i' ajf tihe Itta llena
(n otp menan 4ue '-ti- M lns ')h"
m111i has. hai lit of I lukiin s a dasy.
T he oflie th 114 . P(4e4 of thie'ny are4 I'.
Cohten, i,rt'4 -Vessels I I tlahey, viecv
pr esddent, ii fy lar1g4e . of , ti;eeal
a nage r-. IJOl 5 1 s 'V e iun
How The Day Was Spent By PresI
dent Roosevelt and Others.
Vainugtoit, Spec"ial.- -Snow whitih
l,ganu falling l:tc' Wedinesday night
gave'Wasilingtoni a genti Inc (lhrh tn)as
a)pai'l ance. lublic atnd private bu
ness was prailtically entirely !'1uspend
ed. in trrest centeretd In tle lialpr ing
a3 t in' \Vhite llouse. I0ar.Jy in the
morninK tI Pes ient anI II t he
mu1nilnbers of his faiily repair-l to he
lI.brary, where prc":sents wrr. --whan.1 i'd
an the mtani y boxe1 d a ptI ackIcag;'v
v.hich had come fr"oun 01ut of towntpen..
t'd. There, was- a.iarge nutnlber of r":i;,s
an1d )tany gifts,1 iIllhe . he of itaind
:,me floral pieuigs wer' reived. Son
after' breakfast fhill .',t he -
dor't. .tr.. and I,eutiienu al 'er'". oun. lf
the" ough (iders. 1 s hs
glw-t. took at l ng h),rasebackI ride, Ie
1ur1ninl1 in time" to jt i; l resd ofMth
famt jI u- n 11l1 eh on. wi h CI 'u('(11 n rler
and \l1s. (' owlr"s:. 'lI'he 'resi'' puIt and
.\Jr:. yosevel t entertained a ,:mh11,er
of frinlids at diunn'r (onig;ht. ''h" talt'
was set in t ile nt'wl"y tinishe"d State
dining room. The guests int Ie11 etln
ilor and .\lrs. Il.odi e. .\1r. .lob i 1I,g(e,
Captain and Mrs. ('w. ls,Mr. .ohn 1I
liott' .lrs. (Chas. ienry 1)avi. \liss
iavis. the Meisrs. IaV Is and M"I
I(obert lI'ergusou.
At titt home of thi labinet. olfi1.rs
the a.v) was q(uietly observe13 , 1 wi le
among -thle enthbassies and legations
c!laborate prparal tions had ben m it
for celebrating. Official dinner partleh
Were given by the ( .ritish. Mexican
and Russian amnbassadors. tTl Arl.en
?ine mninistei tn wif( gave a )itli -n's
party at the' legation, while the min
ister from Peru and his wif'' enter
tained a 1number of Pe'rnvian stu'd:11.
hi thle Variouts Scho ols and college.; of
the United States.
Asheville. N. X .. S pet iai.-- - t iilt
mo1(re Ilo sr' Chrlislnmas afiternooun -h'
hu1ndr('d ('mployies of V'andlerb)I1';
(stat werE'1(" gi e "t most ( a111 r11at1 .
S' ist11a tertIainm1111nt. I'xerlctisesi
were held in .he b:a11(inet hall of 1 1i1
in 1re loust' . lnitIht center of thet, hall
'l was lite lares t hol 11'.t' t oo ;'1n1
on llte \anderbilt aest:tI . a 33 aioltl i
1;qe that towered to the f eiin); o: lh''
nltlse raoom. Atn of the 1t'(ll O"hle 31.111
was a: rla'g .et:r :i!Iy. tf Ii 114I)r 1 1o
ine:ndes let ligh1 s. 1nh h
h prisemas tret wernit:-kd arey-nis
o e\'ry )tcnceivabh- natu Ir'y . T'htr ut :lii;
a h ift. for 15Very I)'141 'On) whi , o(1e(dc
<0 s(ayed on th(e e' tate. .\r. an.1 ilri
\ ;sn ' Ir i with 1h ir f1wiI handl . :lis
Trileri el gifts tr he as:w'bed i .
fact:: wislled "ahI ml rry ((' hln u - fro;
;elon happy rw Yoar. nsi w;:'
Ilu ishetl il hro(,:gh t he 1 ' fternon", ,'
h ini Notht! (:ally thnat r d iee it
l'our Burned to i)ethd.
Malone. N. Y., Spehial.--our pr
sons were burned to death loday in fi"
houlse ,f Ji1li s l ing. of l'ie rr"ti( ldl , a
ulp :td pai er nanu(fac'turing t aon in
thx Aedirouneo.s. The lire hal g-ained(l
;c i'h headw vay before it tas distvr,t ei3(
hlat. .\lrs. .\le overn, King's eltles(
dautghter. and her three children who
were sleeping on the lower 1loo1r wvert3
not able to get out and all wer' Iurned
to death. One of the children, whose
bod4y was found close to at win'dow. ei-r
bordsl a uplpers Icfortaoed y
jumin g, out of teo wIndow. One- man13
was bued ser'3' usly. h It3 1111 ry 113o It Iw
1:the ie heared.lytiepe n40'1
umptroe. 'irom BunIting (Facptory.d4
t sWcenesay 11 mringlin thaseit&
tus,( aged 'n15, at l MatIeI fI,le , a ged:
str Cidwandl weareftalyl hrt
There''J(i wee 50 gir'.s employed in31 thei
fatory~ll( and many 1others1'l jnope iom11
suii" ng~le 18 slght iui.'lx 1,aa 4ra
for. MP 'at taie and53( 11 Roi Krau wereli
(i(1u1red aS ibot.e'(ead by' jump ,w1t.ing,
butQ Iot Ifall.IThe fatory htad been oo
rtining 133141 and3 Il y fill holiday 4'1( (41
.orders and1111 3he niht and,' 3( da f'or'Ien
lare umbr ills of thet Joh1103 Re
To Manufacture Sea Island Cottor
I:. S. \l i'thiews of Starke, Fit.
writes to the .\lanufactiurers' Itc"or<
.desiring detailed ii'ormattiot regard
ihig the 1wst nleans of utilizing 1i
i1nanIteluri,ig Sea Islani ('otton., I
"Tht Si'a iland1 cottonl growers o
this (-t,tln ty Ia'e seriously li ("iussinl
the c"tabllishlln('nt of at mnill for IIh
miiufll'lture of t.he produlet Of theii
th-l1 aind I have hcent re<luestted t<:
:tS(el'Inll a iivl'ly a o s 1os:ilel (it't,yo
of at 'a('tory thatl wouhlili wvOrk up1 thl
crop of the coui ty. hI'lirty-six hin
drled ihs isitolit at average -o I
forte ie coiunlty, th<ellgh u'it;hbor"in1i
't t : could elit IIt i'd '(lx tt ul po(1 t1
tiit ria' 111 increase this ;i1ft nh(rI " if' ilt
$acl(,ot"v ii was. I'go I 'tl t l 1041 i" 11tl4
futelory waso irgI''5 1nug to 1) ('ei(
nul(lat,' Oheln. At factory- hcrt w<"cn1,
(' cuurs', hate to b1e I'or 111e1a1 iniua
tutll' of s1ch1 ar it s ats art. produ(lc('
.roinl long(. stapile Si'n l:iltl Cot toll
anl here is t lac of infortal oh ah
1t vI w iniI t a tit ltl'r li(e' of in an11111ufal
1.11-4 e(lul(d be mnost prolitably 'Ingage;
A $350,000 Addition.
several e'(ks ago :onnoulnettneS
:was nmado t'at. the dlirectors of th
Gainesville (G;a.) Cotton Mills ha
('niled at meeting for JiatuItaIry 10 t
vote on l lncasing ('pitl stock fro
$500,00to $800,000. It is low know
that a'ranlgeme'nts for the ic 1reitse '
$350,000 have beent d'et'nitelly deildei
and the mIeeling will be nere routl i
at'tio, The in'rease is to be expen<
it'I uponl the ereetionl of al additiolu
mnilI, detllyt t.a to 11itlipntent for wl('
arto w IA1ler colnsideratlonl. Plans fi
the building. rerIed hatVe beo
('greed IUon. TI'he com' t oally's prese
I'(lilin en Cot is 25,2a) alit lletci' and 7
Adding 3500 Spindles.
lIt(fe'r(ne was mNade 1111 lttwedk I
81he (Gr'Ie Falls 111111.\ a turing Co. (I
I .ockinghamn N. (.. as hinig il
Ire st'd Cpital fr $1 0,0th0 to $1.,I
hnt . This ilcrease will be In'ested I
n'w r inadchinery. to consist lnalntly I
.111 1 todd hitional slindlet.i The pro St'h
bulildiint; (iln a(t'leOlII1odatie this tu
c"hin-ry. It now has 4524 ring splint l<
anl I 1.e loo'I in i n position. Abiiut.
Iin iChlotten,Nl. < ottag(es will be erer"
t,e to house the additional operaIt
that wv ill be r(lirtxed. C,onltact f(
furnishing the mtachincry hau et
awr'tIlt'I to the lvi tarl & I llloo::
.\n1('ri('an .\achine Co. of Iti,stti
A $100,000 S i l k Mill.
TIhe Newport, N(-w%s 'hanori
1'o t)lunterc(' has closed net otialins I
siring the establishnen. of a si
ill at N((tw"po)t News,i. 'I. This pI1al
will be erectel by h(; tliherty Si
('o. of 5-1(i West. 57th1 :;treet, N
York city, atntl over $I0(I.000( will he 11
11sted. ,ocal in vstor s lave sui
scrihed to this anloun of' pr'ferre
stock. I''rthe," d.etails will probal
be annonnced in the ilcear future. (''l
iherty corporat i is capitatlized
$10.000, and op rates severa larI
plants for' nluufacturing dlreus goods
Textile Notes.
ft Stu11111 . 1a1111 . pro ,ort"uit ''
r.ahid uit i'('ontempaed to~ aitura
("arl kenst for, te tov0~ead Irade.
gotrhnwil C attn Manufnelogturn Ce1
10coi. Durhan(lI. N.bI t lt . ha s le 3
now bookm's, relin IIg o loom
Caolna 1,1anaedNohern h capitli
Mesil)srs. oa i MAlse
- Many Matter, of (General Interest In
Short Paragraphs. i
The Sunny South.
Fire all l.otllsville. Ky.. \1o1 day tilehit ()
(1stroyed( ))rolerty vaIne< at $1(1U.t).
Thc" Mall1ot'y I,inv stvamner. Colorado,H
Captain Itisk, which satilecI fromn litrnt
tt'ick. k a.. I ) ''mhvir 2., aneiborcil in
G ;I(ra c'nd1 ltty .\lon'lay night, wt"tih (ft
sleamecr ('omintl. v;hi1'b shet has itn low
for ('narle>stont. The ('attul. as itrevic)ns
ly re)o rte(d, pot into ('harl "1ston, S. ( .,
(;n D() #.-mber 2-4. withi a brok1'n shaft (i
41111 8:)iled 'f11)m the p ort on t1. ' 601'h
hc't ;mI -rl Assoal ho AI)nf1y hl e t p;n eI1
beiin in At -t .\ -na , b ig
- en11h-<l to orde1r by .\rs. W ml. C v I lkt
Chilton. of ()xford. Miss., IsrSihl11nt of lh
" Own tssorialio An ath(lr('s of wont)-le.I' I)
iI. 11s(('1s4rintion. An aI11)'rs:; of tw t
("1tn a itier'd byt .lohnv' Tyo Uplhn
('r:ives. I'ap('rs 11po( n ('l011ntittry suh- i
Jvcti wvere 'c'tra l by I .. I'. Iitills anil
.\lss orIIc1't'il c+ I,ntfi(ky, of 'I'e lesse-' 1 .
'Ih Imi-1tH oig of th issol" ioat lol (ltr
13n 1h4 remniting itw 'lay of the .
(On1\1'11111on will be ow-n 1o th plibile 1
anid w''il a onsist4. WaglIfrenigs
nnI r cilaiii tV i
1t wI
f At The North. vi
it is rc"ii rle1 that thc' Inlev, 1)t". (IIn- It
c aInIiIs. of ('hi("ago, will reeive a call r'
I to fill tihe piti)iI. of ft iamnlonl City lh
S'I'em11)le. of which I hie 11at' R'\'. Jo.lih w
ih P'arlo - was 1a 1slor. *(I
(w4)-rg" (aruner. of I,oet"ll, ass., 1n
heIII light. h114yywyeight c hanpiont, woni
a) 1t lec"i:;on ovcr ''Kil" Canrter. of t
lIrook i. n. in at six-runn(1 (5onltest in ch
('hieago \onht night. iThe tight tti s 91
rongh an(i (lerec' fron b('ginnitig to
4)1c wil It (a:iu'(!n-r having the aciv nl- c
at( 1' tf each r1)in l. 11l 1
f l it aclhlit 1' tt .*:.ii n a yc';tr rec cvit 1 c
t- fr1oIm th1 gov'1 "rn i nt, .Mrs:. (;rant 1 a- :I ht,
. :lal in01110 1111n liht ro*yalties (n her'1
It ItilshiltII'5 ltn1'nt i1:; TIllijs 1)as, it. i
)f st1)tncil. rcn u a) h1( a1 m1:i fn illiiott dol11)1I
it. M s. ':irn, b1forc 1 1 11th. tav:s writ
t" inti :1 hool< f r1el tlitions, whi ch wa -
-5 11ar.1cs 1 o i;ct1 11. and i which will 01t t'
From Across The Sea.
; (;rc:11 ltrilain., (; rni iani y Ii' tal>
:agr("., i o arbit ratil iI (f t ho V1"niztt1'a
i, ii I,si1 te n cll')r 1"11r1tin c"ou litionls. a
.1sp1.1 )h ('II'lao h 11hiin arriv. ! i i I)ir
h1111. :1ttal. an1( nunia ' 51s v("rul S11'ec"it'S !
1":c iliatory Iotwardi Ihe" itc"r 4, il
p- I lachbah .\ 1n1lah. wt"hc fou) !:t ;c Iv1 inI
k t':.rs aIgainist 41h4 firuit ish ini Ii ., i
It t'a:i.s
lc The ite Crs,; is h1lpin h1' ctuarth- si
w Inake SIIfi1" (.- (i Aacijan. Tilllo-At:Il. s(
'h' hnrj1i1y44 () r )hhish t>1) ''1"11)o ttaa a,
S ilov' to ('an trb ry for hr al. fi
y A controversy is beving ti-go "I.I vor fI
-1 )ro1pos('l 1rection of a tablet Io w
. iitsti 11'ittnie DIavis in (Ira " Il' ih41 it et
T1' I "'t 'lt i'hila llII)hia. ii
S l ot It 't l 11 t Ilgamata c<i ('om I I'pa n ,
a" ( il('#' Ileinze int'resis hliim ictory;1
hI t (idefision by the Alontan,t Suprem)o
wall t1 the ' prliiian t of th.e. A h1 .....k...
Company, In IIrooklyn,. N. Y. H
S A man11 who~ posed as Gov. J1. C. W. (G
lh'(lkham,)i or K(ouinel(ky, wasl1 arrtestedi tt
TIhe~ Amiii''can ist1(oina So0l10.y anld
AmeI(rIenni E:onloie Association b)egaln
I I t'ir 1 anna I esson.s in PhI iadel ph ia.
K TheI( e1x4'entor4 of thie et'ut tn or thec late be
8 144 the~ Court of (Chaincery. tv
knownz anth1)r, 18 dearIl In Chicago. H
tMiscellauneous Matters.
TPhe nter'stateI Commerc4'4 (Comm tis- ('r
8101n met In Now York to inivest.igate4 eli
ai Miss I anura llggar' tooIk the s'tanlud in,
her It'rial at l''r'hol. N. .1.
g The' ('onditi on of Cor'nelina1 Vandelir-- Ii
Yrk chariigedl w'ith killIng NI('ho(las b)4
t) F 14h, wasI found14 gult y (if m) Ialagh- l
t('r In the I second1l de(gree0 and re;omi- Yi
Th'Iomaus (. William nd1( anl unhien. 1
1 titl4d Ita Ilin wer'' k(11i'd by3 l.hie prema)1I
I (4re I lexplion of1 a blasut at York. Pa.
WV. (...Ilut'r .14'., 41n a1 Htate 0nent, res
e. '4Ived in Newt% York'. uinlmsn 11ha.t the
k!Il!ng ofI W. A. Il '/zgerulal in (uatv.
l la .was ini se'lf..deftnsi.'I
The44 Re'limli: T[ron and1 St (el Comi
panIy. Ji(e'rling to ai I'llsb414urg dilK
Th 'le Anlthra4'iilte( Coal StikeItI Coin m I
8*4( i hear d ((114r4 chiartgI' made b1 y lnon
ir 'Thie I init'd Slaites District C'oit (1d
411niiIy maili by the Eagle's crew for '
t he i(H d 'estren of a Spanis 1 s1 teame is01 1K
PThet C'omm itteer on Inters4'talte C'om
merce''I o(i f th HouPe a4gr'Ieed to thie 1)1- IN
1partnn Ii 'lLof Commerce I h(u ill. Acet~C
I )elegale (t (0ey,' 1)r N(ew MexIead taX c
:4 11 (i'if Ao the'i country11 t supnII1' XI
Statehood1) ii. ,, eight daftP
44(1d Cgurren'Ic1y Ca vIrablly I rai:ng lyin3g
I in NOwY Yor)k has1 handed1 /i has4 1't,t10
414d'('1810n it thei habeasi eg ,
misses80 tihe wtV1s 0f youth, sh aawp
It certIoraL r a'4l[(d.am ''cuNti 0dehntanto CX
contempt o en're'e.nst r oeex
i the Capacity of Referee
GoVernaeint of Veie ia'
c Will Arrange the Details of the
Protocol Which Wi (14 Before the
liaguc 'rihmal.
\\'I.shin1 1 '. .\I;ii ial. -T \'hV nezt-ne
a nrv tiu i wat llfpon l 1''Cla P Ire.
li Csttsl ro. .\liut I tlowen hla l in'tit
V .:1.1 by il,S h it, 1ru'I1i 1 d: t tt the VI
Null of i t Ie"\tlh tiin ". wth the l tor.
1 0iti()11 1 O fi- t' I Iuol r l ., 11111 kfl I1I lt its Ii""t 1 t'''r ih t ande
un' an he haslt hOVii.n P l0thWd tio'ake
e' "a a' inl hando him itihatul a wrr l
11 deti'si22 of ihV i Ile prt- ith h wa illt
t' rd th(. suihmission o)1 lin'" 1oretin
tii " Is ) 1t' to rlr itti'ln ao'' t"h l:la t1+
huuit t. in to doiti g. Mrl. ittr,wn ig
i11 . I ( Int Its I tIiIed Stt1v,; Il iin is qr,
I IN \'t'nIzI1'I:':< 1 r r5osen ativt. T1het
it- ills he'r wIsh1 It to be (ili i c"tly
d itr 1 tha 1 i t tht ir nn t lln s I.rwtsead,
far as th II \'e i -hn t' dfutl a (I iuity wle
n'.rned, whien 1t y brought the jtl'
'I t i' (te)I rovter' te thea. It, now
mt 1robable that Minister Bowen
II t'omet to W\ashtIngt.on ax V'enezile
t te'Iesl'ntative ot til . 'oeti sion
liah will 1r aw up1) tilt prot'oti pro
ling for the sithntisaion of lie llaitmi
t.he powers to Th'le Ilagne ot'ibtunal.
has been dttfcIded t hat hr may so
prt';tenl. venl'znlla, not withstandin g
fact tha att i piresint ngaged
(Ithitn Iutert'ss of Ira. 't ' ritain,
'rianiity, IIa ly anil othter I'lu l t'r:pea
wers I11 Venll/znit I;. A\: soon as he
tve's Venl'zurla, thlis 1-hara'.e will pass18
Ir. It ss . Jll te scr tear. aid
iir)g dt affairt's of th Amran h1n't't'a e
t ionl. w'hose' rleputatn lot) a tihe Statlt
paprlmont is that of a tlloroughly
mtl)te'nl and thll oft'ic:ial. IThe see-ie -
mn or.ltr. 11owen will tiansl a1 post
m-nnt1i' of tei assti'nbling of thte llo
s01d it llui:tion nntil hit 1'In arrive
1'atal light at Phosphate Mine.
W'illbtitm. th1 .. ii 1.ial. Two) nt'
bl':+ WI' t'l6";1 1 w l12 w"til i l't 14 t(t tll o
I is Wiy 'l'iii' :00 '1 I gi outwhil mot
il lit'l ;' li t rt"i:;i t (1i' a -iti S1 h at-aria
Ih I e Nlula ntt i't
h SrlutI t-n !t ' I na hIt wen .heI
It ::s 1 1 (a' ! t awi n t 'd n 'i l nillo -
I at t:lt' nlint 1't1' tet tinir. tilm er'1
l \\trt:;;. otby $V1 1a1l- . I . l ,i d iratu,
ltl \) . .'<:.1,',t t-- 11 tt 11't t It, Nr m t"ti"
'0 A . t111 th , oi rt ,nloca buf I o
"te't 414 tfI ie he,l O tlltg ;ill
1'l0 gro:. ha ' that tc"i-iity, tht y e l t
llIy 4a1,nu'd. W h'in Ihe'y sIlirtvd hor'
gang of nt';'r:-;., ;Irmned wiih WV
iostr ri(lts, mo t them intely road : 11t1
ilned Ir .e. The whies rInrn't'1'et'd it'i
ols and the blif ot>' was eonn hinted1
1it inl-. Whi'n a he ,lo o les 1l k q"
vay it wcis hao nn 1 liat Iwo of fil'l,ai t
os wore' d'ad,. wh ilt' i''ower..
tofI shel ithroa' 1 the thigh :ia n th
Ia1n1e was lefl lin N. alndan's btryg
horl' a WVhnch":It"r hn11ltt hald p l (1 ho
I Its way. They live negres had is.
1ithe t wites tlow c d lnl snto'maht is
ipiInt tin ouet, whomio they i01i th.
till- sher'Iff.
Shake-Uin La1ndtOffice. 1
Wash int on. Speiael-- iner nnsert
an,lr Cnissaioner tt o of lthe General
1('ndiv 01111 has resigne and willbe
Ite Asipn MCine msionerof (1
eneal((lit i,n. Ofice IThelune wlill
signeataioani was luesed abot '4two
11eksaa atob the ereta fte Il finv
rir ano:das imedtiaely presented.
ie rlt onh he wten fecretarywilltlh
tIk ayn Commissione lierrman11 t he
'n'st ind fort t a a ongt .t perio
P ftesrdine atr ofilial ofth
nuy Off'leer , tuolvin a--ee irrgt -
r it's, ad ltheyit hav betn:gy.
ect aflitm iVhe toa' mYaaketanwlti r
'lte(Imelarare 'lht ary Kwag ahift
le rauh' tin' duviston omthie
al hf,nadt offic.t SWThe former'h late
t'agte withl ndec odtyad"h
tierlwt(h Ismanagenof tent'and unt..
'ary J aditistratinl(f is'' d20Utile 0
leyhave uni tomorow itll(toW suloit,It
PhOiladlhia. Spctial.The .114 newgt
Ct(L shy aiii na' w'a plcin tom-~ (1)'
iIn at thei ag aie al lit navy,111
r<d Mnday.(1t't lShe wat'it' ture ioverit to
la though the new itert wil be
aned cald n prtoisiod ate
lely, aposbond lset t tte

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