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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 01, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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A Iussaln wvho ehails to 1ir '1ini;l
man advertiae5 for ant Amverl'an wi!:'
.Wlih $50,000. It looks as if nob)l.'!,tj
Wvere gtt ting lessO expen'is.
' It is said that the Shah of l'rs
licops $50.000.00 in r:tly luunte. Tis"
is one of tie (''cirtIulstan'es whivli te(!l
10 lak(' th!'e li'e of (I e [''':i:::1 a: sels'o:
'1''l' iDokl:hrobllts nvt'r h(an:rtl of T'!ai
leyraill . Ini, 1 t onte OI' hi: ninX;ints. "li1'
alr+ of t(:al 1111 1nu c % tnl." wou!:I he I:-e
fu11l to 1in1 l'I it' they wvot!h l Il:y iit
htari and ' d .it
It :lannot h. dol tc(i that v wonI'n arte
colln;; to r''I'.er te " ir ien s i li'."
lo l "i'aiti, \we't sto'll i en:toli l tit,i
t h os ( '11 nts h : hoot! s ,( :I I'hur
A :I:lt' l11si mr st i p .s - l In have
rou ialt lin h o the IvIliiieninins
O ;s a s i'g (tN.i : 1. ni 1 I e
1Og i l t' fbilt ' 1:11 Iri('l to Swell to
x : t:i s (rly\'t' n iiiI t I gra
A n -,-,y 1.:l nte1';1t " ic s is s I'h Io
ore :lt :-::ila iinto 1oilb t ttisItal:e
11or'- i :!r!bh- :il i lt gany :nti n .
1ahl' oi i' li sh ili ll. By tN by (hi :(et
'ill il,1. h. t h as wlotit):, :1s gvata in :1n1y
f!c!ie tf hili:tan in(1h:.try :lutl p:-'r.lce
t' i! a l iiet" l Tii ' I ,'I t'i 'e lIs:.-. tha . 1'
i lter t'e"ti(to line," :st' y!1 w ill Stin)t
<!ay. it w1'ill be :t i re till 1 I)u't' i t ' it'
fortai lat to li t. in io r n't'1 lry' Ili:lt in
town i, :n1l vh . will beIn)r. ;10".1l l'n in!
the t"ul :ll -y inl I tii t-:e' 11 ,:Ys, Iso t ha1t
llik'lkses) t14" \SikttI 10kg ' ii ; ho * klltl
ntti'b oi : \ t'i tt, 111 it? :i': ht'he 2.i
tiwe lhl 01 t h' n faint bowt'5 win
t:tn;:: rt ln+" dc.
'I..:.i IS in l)ein't 411it of tnr lit
:I1ly l t' tr;us of .1,.ri, i.f;i ui it
u.mtet curb lisinlt hIn:t'Okn Als toatie:
hunil' r l' ll '1 tit'ho t:i .it t 1 :iilSgo begt
of tc li'hl : ndl the 'trt nel s : nna eslc'
to 1111k e til'l' inter lstin; ior his fil
liow-i:t. t r' wil :hllli :-:" iiculty
Inl de blitg w\ht hi l i.-si is .r'eal(est,
itl?'ts h e ') 'hihll h lit' r i t'l Wti h
Inthel Il arl'eI k'aove'r'tll bi' te ranl' of thiet
ri atlr'sl' rile ls tii(tlif't' if t.verl:lin.
T'h('e 0Iritis<h 1':eIIli( lli', ('onnelin
Vcoer, 1'. r ., with t1e1risb n u
Qu'Tslant, h s 'ee retenrltd at
ont'tl to the ubli'. The gtable ix
Itds fronm 1aii ldl( ('reek', V'aln\uvr
'1sl:ln(1, to hauning Ishtin(I. inl the' iuitl
die of, tho 'a lii;: theneo it gons, ill
'e'rtll Src"Iions, Io Norfolk Is,lanl, just
nor"Ih of \n\w Z(..111114, and loncs
hetre to N(ew\ Z4:41;I'1 :1114 to .\usfirn ia,
Is.i a pr'otui.
luett L "o:11:111ie.
It'.4 r:t , oil ':a1nt1:1
ilh:It theo I)/)l, of teeking
!"fre.'llil" in TIu
' t' A\tli:omn lk si'. -.;1 'tl w\ithi
a recn ord (Iw'l1h1nt lleatl.
o.n" bliind an< t erst' 1!:I (e:it'
tn:ull's venIit(ln is anO11ter inl 1110r
1:11 'i isll.
I 4'4f'si''' l;'arne", i 1n ' 111)rl' 1ry'
itg lu inl-'rt i Ilh " Ite,ple1 inl his tht'l
l' of n m1:'% 4on\'vr::11tio4n. 'T'e're
i>. II's, h \wl'r, : tl'I'l c ': 441 11ll 1-4:4's ifin
thlalt ''''n i1 :I Inttmlk y'\" t"41l4hl I:II; I i
1''Inat'l;s w\ nitl tii,; 142' \n\'or1i I li:11 ii
P''itetlr Ifort.i;.i . ..::iIs :I re Ilookt'l fort
ns a 'e'itii of I ' ;:.: 1rt:alj"; i nn' Iiii t"I i 1o'
h111" !'l'I:lt1ons 1f 4 r::i l:4 :: i?.t' !te:n n : "Ii p
li:0' . \\' ll : t:t .: ttll: :I 1h ;- I.' : --t"I'I I
:?bh-t i11;In 1'ro 1in t . [ti if' .\I:Ir-"",ii :aIlt
:1t t-ltilliOni Il) w hli:i I Iii"y I'| lisi
hlly hIt :-lt" oi :leronnlis; ;l \\itIh wirell'ssi
lt t~ 1241: 'n .: :I :4 4! 0 41; 1 , 4 I tt \ ":I 1
ne sil ' :i iisi :'441''s 444 .!4i.' w '44 Itti' <'ve:
111' 2w1' t I 4of -rr ''ournis i
i I tIp w\ithl 1hew I
T hI' N t.1 Ytil'I; \\- 11i " ':: i'. t!.:t: :Ih
1':I III ;: l: ;tI : i l t ' 1 in 1i :"1 . _ 1 ,' 11 -):. ,;I ". ,0 6
li t1'!' :: .ll Il t';.: , iv p nl i ;::
n .r-'' 4hn 4i'441-2p4 ch' \ aum
li ' I i n . 'ist, . i ll ' b I ..I
r th' i l' 1' . : ' th : r .1 I t.'. ' i 1 1 :::'' : I
v i )4 l 44lill i , 1 1' 'Ii e 1 ; 11 ;.- ' i s. l -
!l 1t I')''4 :1 II.I:111C : ii\ Ii Ilt
12ro'i '4r4 y.
ii 'l In . .\ : i t - .- l , l i l1 l I -, -," :I:I'
' l i ' t. . ! . I - th
11i. ...........
'Iil ' ii . 1|) ;', .t s it t. ; 't. i l .
1 twN I!. , ;! ' , ., t . t t II I
I ':' i t. 42.!\4, I; t"1" fl: l t :.i'tl2 iti Ii. ,tt" r4'' tlj t' :I1 ,
lien1 of4 ifer 't.in in n r:.Im -
11t'1: i l li i s 'l i':t nl,h rt : I :1 : .; 4 t i .
1"i\ Ii' 1 i411 1tI t I 't' : I 2 i1 11I 11 'I iit'4
I(14111h11. 1i4;4 lll" ill;*I"III lt:'4: 44 11t
I't)1.foru 'ti11n. in IIv 4 I i i i" 1 ---;-. ii4 ,,
".':st' I1{ 4!":114'1' :44it;l a1';" 4 '44 , :1 44444.
linai 4. inl ibry n l a :it' i s 1 .414n444 a inn
solill I I' l l I'4lls:Ii l 14 '44411 o ot.''
11rrors in I ':itglishI :1r'e 'rl'inenilt
ttOnri'l'lIs iii :l11111ti 'llll 111. I'hl' I .is .\n1
g'(e 'l' T 44'in I\'t':: su11me Ill I't in r i ex.
itllin le't. .\ . (IIn1g t;4'4rin 1n 1ra I I sIatt't
'''1t' :pirit i>s w\'illing. h) 1 i l iIt' s11 itt
w\'Ii." iltl( "Th''I elt ghotis is w\'ilIing , bm4
ll44 hnI'a) I is t( :1thl ."' . l.'FililIn) 't l14
11l 444 l 4t t'4lifo :'4 1 ,I:iIle l'iiverisi 24'
"Out of' s.' A 114.1.ir
-:414 1444 f ilfi i144s:4e44144:
''I 42444't'' I i nsane."i44 .\ 4 i444' ir
1enit44Inoi 144hool4 4li4 14:4 rec44 i. elc r
lah 14441i1ia lines :44as444 4olow:4 4:444
" 1lwe'r1i n, its-ns o e
'Ti 1nly noble114 1.444 be 44 ga .4'): 4
1i41h44r4441.' r tanco-no
n11 u' t. :4 4'4'444 I:: .. 44'414''
.\:4t' sin414'4 ple'4 114o' than441 1 N4441 In' an.~.
bloo'444. 4414'4 444'1:1'1 1."142'411
Th4e4 44i44 44ts \\4'4 st4em. .\ 2::4. 14he4 other
in) 17Sf), :44414 Ii 7 I'4'eshlent14 .144hn4
4s still1 I4reserved~''4 inl the4 Wes''In Town4244'
L irary'~. W,.'hat renders44': the loss of'
(414 ('414n4i44 Ibig 4of 14 ' th 'r'ee 444ars4,
"'In all 44ny(' exience4'444 4a4 n4 physi-44
('hUl,"' sad14 1)r'. S. We414 Ir .Iit 'hell, the4
LIladel('phhi lnerv'424e spec4'4ial4ist, in4 : lee.
tureP 1114 othe 14'h (4y. ''1 have44 not4 seen
h1ve b44 een 1) Ih)'t-o(ed n1ior'ally by long-t~
('4ntinued4'. i4fer'Iing4. .\ 4')it'e 114ness: 444nd
to dleath1 tnhsabnll (4 1:: 4 a4'1'1': 4'Il4'4'
upo101 t he dIispos24Ition,41 hnt) 1 e'n444ot
in4 wh2'1eh this: was': so,. 1bu1 1t is n4o) the
rtilec 1by 414ny means44:. The44 4'hroi4 invn'l.
4'ish, 4)41d 1t 1is a) 1444 )tas1k to 11)nd 44
Ingeliuolls'0' 24''4 vid le 141(4'1)4) 1 e 4:tipator
feredcu by a m444)an111.4 h ledin a2 forei2gn) 1po
lIee court for' f'ast dr'4Iig. '1'he chlar'g(
agn inst hhn242 was: f'or exceeding thi
sp)(eed limiIt. Butt he nmin144inined ti'
Jis~ hors'e wasR trav24eling not faster1 (''
"(1x 04' sevenC4 m)iles'! 44n 1ho4)4." M)
the~ polleeman)441 44wore4'4 tha4t the( - ,4fd
:ns)~ gllopin14g. Yesl, but1 11 wa2'01 .. 6es
to discriminute4)14; th44 henIst was'14
ro'tt1ingin fronI')4t 14nd4 gallopin4g
It was44 th poen1)04iarit'! y of
411a4 hlorse to ''ramb)le"''04 on i
1)I('h made(.1 it lIok as4 It' It
Ie ma):gistra'te 'lht w24ell
111m uttt 'T'nIS 411 th1lilt It-41 11 l- lamr '1' irtly
ti s a- 1' ii. \V til l 't %'te st W e e. ' l iia sl m$1iit
-All 1 enl i ll I:nt5l it Otsan tlIty oo
itil st-mm i.%iii 1 4a0t il A11ia1 im0 ; 1111 StOr-t-r.
Iit Soil f.ift, i.s is welI kr;own,
Ctiin :y : lot hie by w it is (I'lIlt
l I' -1 " : i O tuOl hgt'ra h" tii t iin' ; mpidly
II!. K I'm iii rn' i' 1'i 1gi 11 ' i Ii pillmtI
lth t it iO''; b y r(+gui11li ' whivt wmul
iIllts. (,o:Ii ' Iuch a t i l'srvit- ii t bx,
"unII nIII II Io i A' !\r ti(" 1'.skiii i), fIor
ina;IIy th ",:" m, 'lln to ("om11 I() his
l (io .v;l'ml:,, I .mIl farI' dil anIt soN(i rma's.
inI th" tlall of 1571 I l iI'ty
thr(,- \hal'iI:;: \cess;ls werei( cal.-l?'1 and
abt(; 1i'i 1i in 0'' i i(' n('ar \\';tiiaiwriiglt
InI' (. Ori I -:' Ar ii1" coast. of N ti h
Allln'rib-i. wcor.1 n:ie'd1('(I to lla;h alon1g
I h'm oiasI. and tar' iiiIIIl aui'tng th t1'
kijmlu li~ m ;il ( fromnt igloo an(1
iti'-'' th: I i mI ',i>! h:": :t(i norlh :ndll as
a lI \:(P. to I -.-' .-i rm: whrh('i't" lay.' tihm
'mmI aes ti w i:.<i:m 1 a :mii lEskito hiisi mil.
'ht , had'ntet' ii.i i n'. ;it'11 l(r('ely ':'it l
tlm r ilive , their h(,: :m1r:1 scant, pIrO
\'i.i( ns. All clso wasi: li'fl behlindt; anal
itm , %alue of fi-m whtlm't , sI r's anI
v<tI i l' a niil far I'l(ln ;' million aid
a Ill m'f i i A\IlimI d':ia tlOllarm.
I :i:; I.l:Im-" (mf' Lret I ri l -.; lit ri-a ' d
'm1ll iih(-,; ihi:: him' mn m mtrave.mmim
!l''ril 1m he I b m:t,i o . i far s-1 (1 Ilf i'
n:O,tlh of I!# h la : 1ht lw zi(' 1"iv("1. 111m
1; ' : I <Iy" pen"uin.:IIa of I 'Oi l IiI p',
I rt,n li 't Oil i.: O tt.l,rtl ;-1 :" rhOre
Of c o1zt"1 Ii 1 ; 1 'i 11. 1 : (1 t rm iI I Ir
IIt'ri mini' .bal ii Kim hini {\I 1 , tim :atal
ji:l\1n 1k r i t thl\'( - ' i' 1 :im' a ; 'h
l' < 111 ll n ini r ;1.1an 1 hil lhit-li
t;s I . m ' 'I' : : lt ( lI +)'.\''"'1m !i: Im'\\" ii
mmI'1 I I 1:it 1ii, R li : c1i \mm' : 1 ' II s. Im
nv hm Ir mi ".ini hI.ilower mi . v nowing
n'm; il 1 - mmmiitlrim mlii I';'.m ih am jour-lm
nim t l I : i .l ' I;;' tim t It' In- i 1 h: 11
<it : I : m I : ' ' m ot hi I i.' I: .
!.; 'inm ~ i e iili r. bs \', thmm' m m linm h:'
til ' -.n. i t : .:.1 sh i. -'il : t hi t ; ;I :h :al
I :(' .: 1, 'a ,Id lI ' ii il, i iiIl) 1 ''i 1hi : i i
III;;. hi l! : as titl.llet! ;Ittj i;- ':' l t)o I, I lI
(III :11":I :- ! 1 tI' \ ili i: " ( -. m I ' I l. iil
i ' i ! im:1 ils, j s :t m"( :t't Ii rtimi, i\'hii
1'' I"!: , th ' tl i; t' i O \' Ir Ii ' :i'mn
Im:' I; ,it I' i lits ' this i immI v li
eIl:d(! 11111io. : anU:t; hauli . hine i . h t IIw
rtml in tlIm ','i. ;m rl: , 11:111k"! \\ l'iltl : ~ \
11w' w\ il'h. 1t 11 inily if thlimi ht;
tO ,l. i.: l ,";; h!e1 ' sh ill; I1r.z 'n aill abhOll
in thi :.:Ii II i1"e anUt1 I)IIihi ahins fronl
th'-ir w,Oit:l, fur Ilh1 I'::ItO know n Ow'
o Inuil a rough;i w(O,Ii \ h in
mit' lilth ninial t'itt f y'Ou lm \ill visit
(h1 lIiO'm l i " im i lim').' in 'h' j im rIe' "i I'
rmt s fit Ilt'ring tilrai ts. I'1i:i y ymu will
sii r l ston(' ill r andl oiher bult
of drIi lIl\.I (li ands r'Ough h(':tuils, p i'kedl
ti l i (-;\'n i.t:; \\ws w\mhm "' . ri'it'lIortiii( by
t"anllas bo)utht fro:n v:iliing whalers,
andl ,kins Of' :; al andl wa:lrus.
tiu(h \r'i-r th(' ltnde',,tripti abode(s of
tii newm\' \ilhat('; and he('r'' Ihey settled
down in I lie tlirkne'ss and lier('m ("Ohtl of
lt' Ai1" in' Ilmlid igit. ''nte'nt for nearill'
at ha-id1im \\'m' iI'ovii(i:ns m nd loot. ,in
mlir minm ml of it ally I'skinl. ir',t he
''hte lootinlg w''int on ('')lltilioulsly,
and at d i.it: their' wias enouighi lot' all.
'Thn iglimis lii tn('e i'twmded wiithm arms
ilimi antiimultitioun, ilmplheinents,m mennivasm,
liim'm :m.iim i: mnsmils. Tht-im shIts' stom's
were'm ir' pn aimn.tm't it utilmh ik<n i. i'tt
frmm lior' wasmh-m. her:mm.'mo the igi iir
hoamt ini hi:muni. l'i whl:honite. cl wich il
ther'et w:mits tn. le-m, lii y' tookml mishore,' mInuI
im- hart!m bre'admm wasii a spem''ialI trize' atnd
'imughit for' mm m:lelrdigly, limt thi' tlou',
iif wicmh thr m''' r iV'l gr'm:ml qutmltitie's,
they3 hadmm noit Imte lm'arned'm them valti' mit
andmm thn h.,a'r'elin :mind sneks~m of' t Itt werme
wanti ioin i gnoriancem.
wi'ithi samll .ititak in oarre'mlmm, with Ii -miidit
wo'mtil gammtr'. it wouimld seem that thei
t'>intoim inili'tininmu'n as iii'ar aIt han,1,mt
andm thaimt the tribies iight iv(' iii peaiice
and pilen1 iiy uio.' hem' fort a long Itim" to
c'ime, anii1- -wh io knomws ?-t of lthet'
prospe~ityi f'ut at mti per'nma tit miIv ty mn
a h igher sel.en ii < i ICm~sk.i mo civil zat;on
thman lm.' heyamd h:thm'rto know ni. imitt
a las! thei ineans of themmir undoinig hadt
comle with Ite mens of the uphiilinmg,
anuid lhir mliitutoremd w'Ills ni1ght not r'e
sist. them sei pen'it of lt'ir i beowv z/er(i
I'Cdeni. TIher'me wais liuor' left beh indm oni
thle ship is. Not vertoi' h, iim'if d 'mivlied pro'm
ratai among thre'e thouisand pemople,. but
enough to tight to1m get, andim to ulght still
hard'mer' herauimste mot wvhe'iit'(n gottenm.
Themm tact is, am very'3 littIle Iliquuor wilt
upset am grmea t many3 'laioad niooi1(
Imi iimanii desibe i the' orlgles t haItibe
gan ini thle ne w l'mmk imo mity, oncemm thmis
hti bomgtmn to gtet in its w'corki uponil thme
inlihhtats. Tr'i'bazl immsity, whimch
hatii hiemen st iIlemd by pileny 13'ndim a mt
1110n oblject, brokeL m'out afresh. andl tie
nmen of one vi1llag!e fought. those of
anoterim utlii'oil somimhes bti a spari ir'me
liresetmitat iv of'it meachl was tl'ft. As thle
wIId origy' incre'masmed amid them stpp1)ly oft
lie siiis' medminae chests,.m and tinle
tureis amndl soluct ions of dlead13 ly druigs
wer m u'm e<im'm with faitalt effect.
he wvilId orgy 1lastemd till thle spring
sun wasii wi abIove Ithe smuthlenm hiori
zon, imn scaric'ly hali Ith' pei'iople of'
lthe newv ily wer'e lef't to see him~ rise,
'Thles(e were haltf mlad anid mnmciated.I
'Them dogs, mni h'miadl rion a way andi bee'mn
lost, or (lied imm the niighit an tm Irac kless
snuiw. The remnamt of people were in
lio ('ondlition13 to tranvel, yet travel they
51or'(es lef't in and abiout them v'essels to1
have sumppoted tm hesemm wiel Itili they
hiad a chtance to rec'uperat e anhd still
sea village miiiimtue in si'ze, andc pr'os.
-otis, omit thm survivors of this cit.y
fthe diead wvouhil have none of It, Deadl
lay in every imlo; and at house in 10s
(i mo landl, whether t.et. or' Igloo or
tempor'ar'y sheilti', in wvhich a person
has died, is hienm'eftor'th tabooed, anid
muilst niot he In haitemd.
TIhe remnantiit of the tr'ibesq scatter'ed
amid lied toward(t thiiri former homes,
liut ontly3 a part of thmenr cve rmI'eac'hed
tem. Scantily cladi, thieir dogs diead(
01' scatte'redi, the Jouriney was tine of
har.idship anid udisaster' long to be re
membered, anid the story of the vm'iage
of "Nutmaria" (where no1 One lives)
Is still (mie of th" mtotnfull folk tales
of the ICshimos oif nor'themrn Alaska.to
The ne-xt sping an enteri'hinmg tramd
or brought tup In is shIp a thrlee-hohe
hidar'ka f'romi Unm'aska. a n)ort in Im'
Aleutiati. \hien! hi. aiii was stoP
ledl by the i(e he went oi in the bi
dartlka, 1 a'-ili( by tw%o wllr, amd r,arh't
ed tie' vht: of dead by way o1' the
leit(S j.tii rp -ining in the St a 1et \w'e.'rl
t !'e ; 0o' i . 1 o ' i''c and lilt, :h u'a . It r' he
Ilin r4l no li-;ing : ii !.: .a1 ,e I -' t < ' 11(1
(row tkij't revel aml o"', the !1((lies
of the (e d . : 'l1 !, .li: 1::11 :'uch!( sl('re
of whalii blc n:- timal hi. r(t:: ':l a haIr\(st
whicb enlabet'dl him u \4 1 Itit 4 iw 'aii
: Ils ( 1' l'i l"r : i th.' : Iy ' (I if a Ih ill l
Va hill',. I'hl' l:I dI ; :'(4;: h:a'i ('t il'' 1
tru:1'1 14' ih 11:t' 1,>:Il" o he aba,r1I(ion!!e(l
I' ' I .'I h :11t -.I(-os , :"1 'l il:t:< ;ilh lih "y\
kn' ': it '3 ,;111. 1i4 ' l: '1'l,r ofI Ithe
Whtco had bln1, sit-I 1:::I when they
fled they 134 nhit her talnei it aw; ay nor
orwe:i(led i1.
SItbi n iii i,ril'{ is tit' :<il,ry 'f I he \il
Iie w\"h('1r" n(; 1:11 1iV.'. "ew lnUm1s
Imday <;)Ill III ('olte' its; Il-'rec 'IS. and
!1( ne \'iI ('alil thl e'('. Th" i('1' n11d 11'
".:s of winter, 0 lie (deiug; ; of rti
11111! (II(' - .11'l't ((I :"IIi111I4'. \ 1 1 I I1411'(I ((
(4111i 1't( it. ut11 still it mlay be foltul
:aii-I i1s :'lui!l:; (eIll the t: l". iif (,n(! brilef
wVintel-r (o 1( () muh11 'leniy and thle evil
('1ff( 44t ' i' lie 1(n ti' 11it it. W ith
Iliii. , I. t i I ' e l ((f i. 4 11- (11
I1r1 i. 1141 1 I I''ly ;le (1 wi -re ai1h
stemll(iIL:i SS is ((n11i:: II:lly 1(,1'(' (i. It
talc' : a la' :1 1ber n;In t( : d4ttd11! 5((1len
I.I 4 43i hi !i44 (I("(, ,. Ili''. lll144 'l 44
\'iv(' l':an .c:in '4n1l :w1rrow ollporlt1:11
Iils. \\'i!!i.:I(J ' "::'.1I , il the : .0w
York: .\l;,!i run(1 I': pl'(S1.
HIow 1t ( i11un: , I14l I a114 \: 's ( 1a 4.41
:II\\'av:' It' 'I :ti w 4 i -t.
b "1the :1;,3'-. I ' th 1" ':.1;i.1 u i e niII
t lg t -y his II' a1d a1 :t hort.
h( :. ia' pIll: s dlt .-i ( l ih 1 Iiliile ot
It' ( 1li: 1 1i1 I t,i 11 1 I ,i l 1'.';' (r i i fe
4 i I's 4 '' 1-irb andl '.i \ ' I. I h'1 1(d
4 I:"artl likm 41hal. a11 y44: ha.ve b
h<( b1 a dlro:: i '1.
"' (' Isl((w e I:( |,! : - by I h 14 ll '
and his- (-'i!1111 nee..\!I b;:lkt': ;:r1' f'at,
:.144 1 h' y 3 41'' 111 14it'. \\'il:11 :.;ive
Ihin 4 b is ( thei' 14'rlslantl 11131ala
ii4 I i' < i t (IlIt i id ia Ihy albread I
', '" . " :t il li 1it'ir hlabit1 l1f <11ns an: l y \
;;this and that and somilethiig
13 .~4 'ha \ 111 3(ik - ! b1'41 lt tl 1 4' 1 i ti
(i::i ori\'mk. ilh'ing all day. .o(u see,
11i'y l(Id (h1' s44n nle\er have at <-ltee
Il e I 1u l ('all tll a ("!'rl; by the (Ir<o p1
(rl Ii.: lel i i : dln . r1('1 :(:IU ly the I(ilum
414 tIhl' si(!( of his rih:;;t lni(i ll ting r.
Hs i111t 1 shouler is 1adue!( lowe('r thanl
the rilt on: by the attittid i wllich
he sitt rl(1 w i'5s --anl attitu(e where
in the left side( is dlepr"essedl antd the
right. )n1e Ie le.at.ed for long hours at a
tilne. 'i'he lilnmp oil the side of the tnid
Ile fin.g(' is at ('ollosity that the pres
Sure of the pe1 11aus('s. This Intlum is
at the firsi. joitt, oil the side tow
ard:s the foretinger, and all elerks have
''The jewe"('ler 1'e'eals him1self by the
way he holds his handls. :'neonseiously,
through Ith' daily lifting an( setting
((iwil 111(1 "Illiaging of many costly.
fragile. tiny things, he (om1es to hav ye sl
(elieale way Wit Ii his hitnds, like a wo.l
an. lie enils his lit.tle litiger. anci ,e
walks along with his hands held a lit
114' gracefut Il. I1iiig mot4vemenl'tts int the
4ight '':nt sI'''ves. lis h)i4'4'p muscleI(
is wice4 a1s big as 3any3 (ot her' man'13.-. 34414
his 'oa(t3.h 'Ve' 14ti it shirt ight.
br'15use (out in! 14ront ofI 1his 444-1 and1 hv
htis ('re4t 3ar in:g'. II u4s4'4 144 he, 13ash
i(4nable1( for1 4'veryhtn1(4iy' It hve t he hair11
1the ('(41 hman1~I (4n11y w.rs1 It 8(o.
''llis perfulned34'4 hand4s r'ev4alIs 4the~
: llwas works' .1 insd your'g3' mouth.e S iI
414 abouit htimt frt'4'1en'tly3'3 a enetratin lg
414111r of the oiI (of 1'lov.'.. Thus41 he is
ea3sy3 ('lttIgh to) spoi.4
"10verybody((13 I3tows.' tha:t th14 5sailor1 is
1to lbe told( by3 htis rollin1!g walk31I. 114' is
a1c(nstome114d to the 114.nIstad de(3'(Ck of a1
sip. and1( on1 ((ry land( 114 rolls8 fronm side
1(4 side. iMhd4iing htimslf' 31s lie would1(
"V041 tell the tel'lphon1e girl 143 htet'
4"ar1. The14 ri' ver1 .''') o 14 Ith '( headiee t hat
shte wears'3 makes31(0 inI the4 ('arI (a <-ircuIart
14u-b1:441(1, 11(4n44r 44444 4 b,y.
Tlher'e 15s3 a 'tilai;able( ('ontllminityV
In Aby3ssiia whertei( th4e women,(it V with
((it htoldintg me'etigs (or algitation 1(48 f4
any13 kin1d. hav'.e ('ntmnteiIated tem.
S('lves(, say3s thte (btld'en IPenny'.. AllI
ar ie Idle, butt by3 wa'y3 of1 ('om1pen4sation1
tIht house 34nd. all it ('ontaIins i4.l(lng
4(o the w.ife'. At th1e4 Ieast lnindii, wordI'4
sIhe turns1 tIhe Ihsband hut att inight . in
back unt11il hte mak1e14s 3 anu4'nds by) the
gift of a1 ('ow.. TheI wi' V.1.on(Isiders': ii a
(duty'1 it hnse 1th4 hutsbandl4. and1~ if she(
were'( wea3k enou4Ighto show1(". any43 1lov'(
slit woul(41 d be scon1ed1 14y her trIib14. Thli:
wife. wIthIoutl any1 reason01. 41ay3 strlike
IterI ten andl11. go. 31( I' ..I Iakng it et' one-1
third4 ofI te .iointm !1:)se8ssions. "lThe
"WhIy,"' said( a Iady,. repr)toac(hflly, to
htet' husbatnd, "you kniow wh'len I say
D)enmar'k I alway.'13s meanflt IHolland"
Pht'laps thte city gir'l In the folliowlng
s try, told by3 T1he PlaldelphIa Te'cle
granph,. all(1ow.ed htersel f a sim1111ar4 at i.
tud(e of e xpre'sion:
Shte w..as silttig (4n tIhe por'ch, lazily
rockl(ing to and4( fr'o, and1( wa!tc(hing thto
fireflie's 111itting abot. her' ('omptanions
and1( saId, in a4 mutising ttne:
"'I won1deri If it Is true4 that fireflies
dlo get 11nto te haymow.s some1timtes
and1( set themt af'ire?"
E~veryb)ody3 laughedi at1 what wvas ap-r
par'ently a1 lea1satry,3' but1 the yotmtg
1la(dy looked surised'5((.
"Why't3," saitd she, "it was 01113 yesfter
da4y that. 1 saw inl thle parIl an artile
he(adled, 'Vor'k of1 1itchu11gs! ' It said
they had set 41 bar'n ont fire. Really."'
Onet 1'oi4(4e.
Mrs. Wiltherh1y-W\e mutst give some~
sot oIf affalir, tdear, if only3 'to minlItain
0141' position1.
".Vitherb'y-I suppos)0e' 0ou w..ant It to
enst'i mu&l1icht4 a110oss1le?
N'v 'TI'lI 1.inon i1n Cirt n1:s1 sh:st ".
"\\'here are the ('1r0 n'. .\'' 'nt
le' a tlou :arv'ey I he :itmlo(' tlh :.il1 1 n ; -
in am-Ut.:k Iale clo,th wh"ie!: tto (VrS
is, tI hn au'! no orner:; I I!. 1i . ie t0
of (alna!lck. You tall buly square or ob
long l 1:aIt; for your11 dininig table. but
i ait :+i a rouind top yOll lllay' a s we'll
rih11asl the I d netu l( ' cloth :11h.1t Ire
w\O'en vircular. \\'e all know th. tenl
d(ei y to (iri j)in:g or Oi''r' : when ia
SOUare ("1(oth1 is laid on a roint table.
One of IhIt(St rottli elo ths has a teen- I
t' piI-fetly ptlaint. and a broad bor
1er I lil it c' 1erw\Ov"en inl arc'l\ n111
t ional dei;;ll. The thistle makes a
b itlul t patt:'rnl for a i at ;t1ask iable- I
el" The ei n)iie sroll fl our-de-lis, i
tai tt oil t ad Single rose are also 1
pretty d l' i .s f r One' l table linen. i
,v l e1'n-4'it for (l l'(per s.
i\1 oat hom-vk( out ' i,'s know how invi ali
11n1-le nc'w.';paper1S are lor. laeking: aw\ay
It ie w\ inte"r tlithin , the printing: ink)
at ig at ialitnve to thie swuet I
11t'o h :is ,'uccte:ssfully :as camphor or ;tr V
of:11:t te. l' Ii 1ti rasOnl Ilne w ispaperl'S al'e
In l lelniltn'r the t'arpe't. laid over
1t1h rigutarI t"alrlet paper. The ll ost
\'alulable (inaality of nt'ewsp apers; in the 'I
MAk ii-1. howe't er. iS their ability to -
keelp l ut th: air, it is well know vn that
i,.# (Omlet(ely en\vlOp edt in newsp-Iapers i
>'t Ilu,tt al!l air is shut otil. w':ill keepl)
it ho 11113 ;ilile a1 11 11110e' O ht l r I li- I
i'ns, and that at i 'it"hel' Of i t' i \'t
hti(l in al rwAaa:er' with Ite v ,is of
wl el \it .e ( 0t tet h-r t ex t1 d ti
:ti t , will Iiit in all nigilt, in ally S m- .
11n1' 'i!r t,bl \wil ll s"ait'(1ly ally ll(lt ( pt i- ti
blt 1nulling'O ofI the ice)5. Theseut faicts i
(lheh; hi in ilized )ideni t t han tahey are f
it) lii' . are ((f the si!< at nigiit. in i
trI'er7 I.g ;(e t<( . wh e ' )"'n ice is scare,t
1pack lt ltithes igh. ny thr.e-uat 's Ifull
tI" it-" and Sai,l an d linish wV-ith newvs- p
iai i ' and quality of I l the alim is not i
Ieree;tiible froml the result where the i
f'reezer is packed full of ice. After re
moving the dash;'r' it. is better to cork
il) the creamn and( cover it lightly with
a packing f' ewi fspapers than ito ulse
mlore ice. The nlew\Spa)er'S retainl theI
col readlily in the ice better than a
pa kaitng of c'rnoeld i'e ant salt which
Illitst hie t o' ies to admit the air'.
oung L-adies' .Journal.It
A pretty style of scrap hasket in ''og-a
u(f twenty years ago has been re
"ived\tl. The basket is made of heavy
(arlboard. or light book:bindaer's board.
It is narrow at the base, the four pieces
mabout. t inches to ai width of about i
inches at. the top. The basket is about
14) or 11 iehes high. The our pi'ces
are pierecl at the sidle edtges, at the top,
mni(ldle and bottomn and joined togetil
er with ribbonts. A b t to is theltn put
in the basket and glue fast. and the
t)i.ln 11 chnl f"n. I~ nuit ' " ' 1 ,1't..' " ..e
si<l)shellacked.i1 II n oil; codlo afte ta
wiateIloft t::ls orf Slgi' decora'ltion of3V
lerr.; tirte '.>tli. tOnae suhest t
(len 3') LSilt entl ' toi red ati wni' to
sitch: gai : 1( t -: ('i hliti (I h:)1-k round.
t.vat 1elf1 tire.(gg fyr f ly as' it 311a liid
w itS h red1- rii i:::.~ .\ns t t h 1 r. ' nak t hady
firoen th!a ilplst 1:Ol( tolit, O utli:31(1 1
am ic'tli 'is. to which t heC''yael o tm
mer"( wn'ait painds onavife 01nt (nt1)10
la it theins otakr11. A)'I qaiaiteion of
131( 0hi ties)isow.m 'I hopaebid 011013
oine tedati.l of side: ethers0d many
Aie samv harkoeu and. th solid atomato
11ry( St' branchesf a13 1 hird11( basket1de
1i(td rbin hro3'ed brlat; ion 03'ffere
rene. anl 5'urpleC el3mtis flntl wieC
fourthh ktleynd.ihparl
hmS.adndta -enina lindbake, eho
funishk-t h enet'lu bo s o
Professor uuoo f9
flough.ea- hro- hl;adY inho
Th Iaipn Itit s 'Tiat Iol I tio lie(itn .
The purpose of washing coal Is to
1ree It ats learly as practicable of all
tlnatter that redces: its heating (a
)a('ity or has a detrimental effect ulmon
.he metal produced wit th sulc ( coal or
Vit h coko m11ade from such coal.
Tlhe . impuritie:; in ('on are of two f
dr'ds, sttch as are chemically passive, 11
tit whlich do not producve heat, bunt, dI
m8 tit' ('O l traly, absorb lieat am1 clog s
he o':)cnings ml the grates by forintng t
a1nh. a(d (Iink(e's; they must h' rc- s
n-ale 'ily handled, shipped and freight 11
;!ii for t 'hen, I (1 are a bup(lVl all f(
titt.vThe o!:I1'l" <ilils of ilipitr"Iltis arc
-iiIly irOn pyrit. i2 Ore Om2po2 (IS
iir n1 and sulphIh'. con(ainlinig as
unclh as 53 p'rc'It of the latter ele
nn. ''li'ret' o'urs .lso 1'r(Ileuntly
,ome pt()s borlt.. i ". wh i,"h relnain Ill l
1i a.,h('s. '1 lt' salpiu' :wd phlos
ihm,t a'c bot(1 in.pirious to the <lual- I(
tv of iroll produced i i a blatst 12lr
itc'. and for -his reason it is very A
m(l2tanl2t ibha1 c2al or coke for blist 1 r
1'au('s( s1all b(1 as fr"ee frm 1
1(osw two elent('ns 1s possible. 'le (lt
)IhOsphoruls (0(11r, ill the ash p ro- n
lucing 111attr, and renlains Ihere tinl
()': it is givenl :In ( pporOI'tlillit' to
he:icially co bile wit Ii iroll. Ilii' o'
2thcr nu22'.'r 1 o' w11ich it has anl ;lf
The v1alu21' if 11fr1't'(' coke Is based, "
!m't fr'omi2 gti0it''t2 l ("hl('i ll r"eatm,115 t:"
11)I its <bdg.(.-' if pirity from ashes. 11
ull ,lltr and 11h)S1)horus:.1)
The ((ft5! of sulphur' and1 phosphOrus 1
i o m1atke ir"('n br'ittle. Ilion (OnlaliIng
b(S- eilm ts1 inl (xces:; of ier"tainl i
Ilits is un11 for all 1urpos i n
:lich sre('1 gthl is atn li' mpor'tanii t ' e- (1
t 1'i (mnt.
Th h'ee is ('(cOi( nly InI p if'Iy-ig in
'2iO' (01'a l'1'e2 (it'l 1odinlary hating
t8oses, for no(2t only is ashs ant (int
:( a1t_11 I) tl' 1'itiOll:l 1USC O'~ 111(!1
at the stliih i' of the pyrites elits n
nuli s which eagerly colnb ine with l
-hai niOisture there Is inl the 'oal nl
It(l formlt a sul2piu(rous 1(1(1, whilic ex
is at dstrutive inluence upon all 1l
['(In, as boiler shells. tubes, breech
ngs and slack that it touches. I
i or bla("ksmnithting; prli'poses also 1 (
V1a:5hd'l coal is t'ar su2perior to a.1 in
is natural state, bcnuse the (l.seadIny it
o forl clinkers is very mnch re
Iue(1 by the process of washing.
I.ulrnp coal is mu11ch purer" Ihan nut t
'oal and slack. U2ntil about. fifteen
'ears ago slack had barely any value42
n tho Youglioghrny re-ion, on a
-o1n1 of its large proportion of i1m1
m:Irities. Contsume'rs tid not want it,
"Id it coul1d be shipped only by rail,
vhicht was too expensive; it became t
1 burden at many of the i11nties, and I)
ilnybody could have had it who cared
l ake it. Yet t he same slac1k when2 f
11r01'erly washed, 1)r1oduces a coke :
ltal to any o1' the Connellsville re
;ion. At some of the .\lonongahela f'
nines slack was sold in large lots at I
he tipple at 10 cents per ton.--.\ines 1<
id M inerals. I
w- York('4 wast2 or 2(20d. 1
New Yor2k ('ats1 mor0e a122d wastes 1k
21202 food1 than any13 othe (('2' n13 1 he (10
world,(t say3s a1 man w.':i ha1s tiundel a y
2the m22'onth21l. lprobably21 bec'ause' a small21- I I
tw quant21ity (22 gre(n v'ege'tal(es is ('at-p
('n 22212 1ha 2in any112 02.h10r month111 (if 8
1t20 y('ar. T;12I well-to-dlo buy3 2)2 sout'r hi
v'eet2 able in 12 lebviuariy. lbut 11he poo T
live la2rge'ly- 011 Innnedet food.21 in1 wih o
therete is little waste. The was~~)te of II
12v'n tIlhe' witer' 22 mnhs, hiowevert. IS ti
va1i(ly3 gre(ater2 thani thait of 1122y I12uro- 81
p0:1n ('ity. xi
l''ood inl Pariis. and2( LondIon, t'special(ly h1
m1ea'ts1, pa sses friom tile better' gr2ad(1 oif v.
hot01els to) the( poorer0 anid to 1the cheap1 81
rest11'arats. Ini some11 ('a18s th10 pro- Y
priietorii of a f'asionlia ble i.O(tel will owni
a111 thid-rate house25, whe'e the1 wv'ae
of1 thle for r 2'l0'Is lar2gel y diiisosed (If.
The same1 is tru of1( (21-ondon10. and1( pr'o- o
hiably of )vei'y great1 Eur2opean city. n'
it is 12rue in a v'ery 82mall degree of' II
New York. I
'The story oif all th is is told in1 thte ISl
pr'oductbs real1ized in the d1isplosalI of sl
wauste' at Barren isiland(. IHere the pro0- It<
p)ort.iOn of vluaIlble lats re'overedl fromu
thle ma1ter1ial tre cated is far' gr'eater' tha li121
at any similar2 ('onc0022 121 theC world,I( s
chiefly b'cause.~ 121 the great Eur lo1pean 8
elit les wiicre k itchen wast e Is t reat ed l
122 a SiilaIr manner,02' the ments11 and,(1
othier' foods ylceldintg i'at are much01 more2 12
near1tly used0 u2p tha 11 n- 1 NOw York. A
conlsidlerable por2ti'Ion oif Eiurope 1s k
~vashe2d wvithi s1)ap1 made1 fr2om thle was1te
al New Yor'k. lor the fats thu2is obtained
at Barren island arie inl large par't
'x ported to1 be made(1 into( soaps,5 lubi
(ams, 218 nd21 per'fumnery.--Newv Yor'k
Tfimles 2
-.-- 2
A .WhubertP2'. Disen'(very. 22
An inte (rest.ing dlisco0very of som1e 8
lonig-lost. Schulber't manusl1icripts 1211s 'I
r'ecentlly becen m2ade 121 Vienna11. In ex- v
uwinin lg 'the arch0lives' of tile Church I'
if St. P2eter', thle parish1 priest 2221'
I'rtiihed( aln 121)2 box whlich ('(tained 21(1v
S121 numer' (If wVorks wriltte ('n tile eom
to) ha1ve foirmerl'y been'2 th pr 1ioperty I
of Diabell i, Scihubert's publ11isher, whlo a
c'onifIidd them to the custody of his J
son-in-law, at1 that1 ilmie or'ganiist of St.-~
Peter's. The latteCr (11(ed withoutt malk- Il
ing a will, and thle box must. ha ve es
eapedl the noti1(0 of hia heIrs. It was
hloped that the lonIg-lost "Gazsteln"' 2
symp11hony, inl the( existencee of whIch V
S1ir George Girove was always 21 firmn '
beli'ver, w~ouldl proveO to lie amIlong tiheI
papers.I'. Un~Ifortuna1tely3, this Is not lie
ease. Ther02e Is a comrplete c'opy of one
of Schubert's soinata11, a1 nu1mber (If
songs, severial of wVhich are 12npub21-'
llished, andI an2 orchestrate ver121 'tisionu of
thle "Tanltumi1 ergo," whileh was one of -
hIs last wvorks.
A Frencht Puddt0'nlheadiO W1'iln. (
BlertIilon, the expert whlo won uinen
via-ble nlotorlety In the Dr'eyfus case8,
has at last vindicated lisa claims for
lis system of detectIon. A mysterious
mulirder was1 commItted In Parisq late
ly, andl n1o cline was left by the murde'(lr
or excepIt ceOrtalin finger-miarks on a
windlow 1pane1. The~ streak5 were phot
ographiedl and enlarged, 11nd( 1 ertillon
identiid thleml a1 belongIng to a man12
who had udergono tile anthiropo
metrIc system eIght years ago. 'rhe
man was found and arrei'sted and the
murditer has been proved against aim.
The lHo of InaetIltite.
The frtil( gr"ower who exl)eets to have
uprt':ops of fruit muust b,egin withI ti
se of inseetilei<les t"arly. Ihenilust I
el:lt" too h1t In the spring, as tlie 1irtSt
iratyvig Is s ometim)es the ust iimltor
tinl of ill. P'aris green 'will not de
rot" the iniseels tlhatl liv"e oil sap0. IMPr
ill k('ro:4ele Iujuire relteIfes. ln'! re
)'e. iIt n)1st hie d11)it with anl ohj;-. till
ewand4 w\ith a knowledge of th' h1:)1h
s of lthe [)r:Isites or inseeis to bse det
When Applo 'T'retot Itt+r Frtit.
ApliIe t rees lto not heIa r lili trops tilt
(oin yearts Oldi or Ilore. .\ 3k111al
tiinte it mly" he l ahl 1iint'd ih t :1 Iree
ell"y y'ears old wIlI I r1)t1Lie lronu
oil-ieto forty hI lshli. tl ;1 pples,
:l' t're Iifleelt y'ears ol shoiul
uc 'e tw\en(ty to thlrty butshols. .'
t1 ttei four years ob shoul pro.
t'e 1rn11 for to tenl hushels. Itree
ny not it so w ell it :notln :t e1':11ns5,
lutn'1 dtit'is i)on 1t viatrety itd
so the t'..re bel'st'\"etl.
Selecess With Wintdow nlIe,4',
Tia 1t lis iO tti w1' ' fit'twixit h1wiim b o
itk oi 'atier. "iLittle nil often" is
li'lhy poor Inaxinlt to apply ill
ilut llitli r i\e. I iv atel' s ) I -t' tly
at It eseape" fromn thle d1''-iin:ge
its Iat t' holloi of (Ite box. ni do
every (ly mailess there are showers
i the w"eaither is cool. Th1e bIoxt's
' t)tl t''ti) itti aei' :t 1a);; I op)
yt' the uil Is ofl as yti'' as ti'.
S' iipii It - 'ruit ti tl it- .
ll e 'illo t sl )ii ftu'i i it lu:tt I 1 t11y
it e' fa n;li'a with IIth nh1ie )i(ils of
lliillg fr'it ' ay th etriers aniti
elchall its t 'ruit strt i frai l1 he
trinl nl:iy het :41)1arelyI well .1n1(
o(t erly li:ain -d, I. w ye: :ur:-ile in the
trket it Ior condition. TIli' !fl'-king
ft'itilt for ma:rket ie ir' s ,j'i : m 'ILet
il ex ' ielt'1i '. it!I're is .o111'itlh itg
:1l:.t!i very grower .4il1 t1i(1
v:I1ttentioll 1t) steell'illg inf'oril:ltiolt
th1:I( tliret';ioll. ()11:. of thet illost
1lI.1lit I)'itsli is to htov lhe fruit
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