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The People's Journal.
Local and Personal.
Dr. G. W Earlo is still quito
sick end unable to be out.
-Miss Stephens, is visiting hor
relative, Mirs. Elizoboth Thompson.
-Mrs. J. Leo Carpenter is visi
ting her father, Maj. J. J. Lewis,
-A. Brandon Taylor of Fur,.
man University spont the holidays
with his parents.
-George Rook, of Lake City,
Williamsburg county, is here visi
ting relatives.
-W. F. Mauldin, Clemson Col
logo student spent the holidays at
home in Pickens.
-Dr. Lucius L. l+lrlo, of
Georgetown is at home with hib
parents and family for the holi
-On the 5th of January, 1903,
the Town Creek School will
open with Mrs. K. L. Cureton as
-.Harry It. Harris and friend
from Greenville took several davs
outing in this county during the
Tho young people of Pickens en
,joyod a pleasant evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Harris
on the 20th ult.
r -Miss Josephine Stephenson. a
student of Wllliamston Female Col
logo spont the holidays with her
parents in Pickens.
-Miss Stella Harris came in
ifrom Greenville:Christnas (lay to
bo with her mother, Mrs. M. J.
Harris during the holidays.
-T. Christie Robinson, the ef
ficient head cierk at the Ben- Della
hotel, Laurens spent the holidays
with his father and family.
-Morris and Freeman have the
nicest lot of good North Carolina
mules at their stables at the east
end of Main street.
-Morris and Freeman have re
ceived and are now offering for
sale or exchange a 'nico batch of
North Carolina mules . See them
bofore the mules all go.
-Marrield, on the 28th inst., at
the residence of S. J. Mndden, Mr.
J. Z. Madden to Miss Anna Alex
ander, Rev. B. F. Murphy olicia
ting, All of Pickens county.
-Piekons merchants have en
joyed a good trade the past fall.
They are now taking stock and
looking out for the needs of the
people for 1903.
-School Superintendent, R. T.
-'"Hallum has moved to'Pickens an
occupies the dwelling formerly oc
oupied by H. W. Farr who has
mnoved into the Wmn. Martin resi,
-Drayton Earle, aX Clemson
College student who is takring a
high stand to the credit of Pickens
county in that institution, visited
his uncles, Dr. G. W. and J. W,
Earle at Pickens Tuesd-my.
.-M~varried l Wednesday evening
Dec. 17th, 19)02 at the residence of
the brides father Capt. WV. B, All
good, Mr. Bluford Alexander to
Miss Beottio Allgood. Rev. J. M.
Stewart officiating. All Pickens
--Friends of S. G. Higgins
'whose accident on the railroad
fromn Ashville to Spartanburg was
'Tecorded some days ago will be
pained to learn of his death as the
-rsult of njuries (then sustained.
'He die.d the 22nd and was' buried
sat Easley the day following in the
'presence of a large gathering of~
v'elatives and friends, Rev, D. W.
liiott conducting the funeral ser
vices. Mr. Higgins was an exem
plary young mian, gnoio'us and
loyal to his friends and his sudden
and tragic death is a severe blow
to them and to his family.
A Merited Complinment.
The following letter coming from
.anitority so competent to judge is
~a deserved compliment, and shows
what a woman can do. It also
shows that Pichens county has one
of the best conducted Suporinten,
dent's offices in South Carolina.
a Department of Education,
Colu mbia.
The two womenn in the office ol
the State Superintendent of Edut
cation. Send Greeting and con
gratulations to t.he one woman as
sistant in the office of County Su
perintendent of Education who has
,sent in the most complete report
neeved at the office of the State
'8pqerintendent of Education there.
iby causing the least trouble to the
said Women in the said office, and
sthus showing that a woman is well
-suited to fill this important and re
sponsible position.
Sarah 'Withers,
Isabel H. Davis,
To Miss Janie B3right.
A Delightful Affair.
The Pickens Dancing Club ga~ve
their regular holiday danmce in the
'club rooms ot the Pickens Club
as Wednesday night which was
attended by the young society folk
~of Pickens pnd many from a die.
tance, Local tlen t supplied- the
nuteindi this with the bounteong
~' ~ resh mento served madic one of
4aodeigg gle g
T a nll-m
Miss Mattio A1ao Morgan
at home from Columib
Female Collego for the holidays.
Mrs. J. P. WVhorrham, of Cla
tonia, is sponding a fow (lays wi
her mother, Mrs. I. C. Rochost<
Prof. Walter )aiiel, of Anderso
is the guest of Mr. W. R. Wyatt
Mossrs. Carlisle, Folger ail
Lawrence )avit of Atlanta a
sponding Christmas with th<
paren ts.
Mr. A. W. Rochester is at hon
from Newman, Ga.
Mr. Roy Young and sister Mi
Nannie are guests of their gran(
mother, Mrs. S. E. Stephens.
Mrs. C. C. Fricks who has boo
visiting her son, Mr. W. 1). Friel
in Atlanta has roturned home.
Miss Sallio Brown, daughter
Mrs. Brown, died at her home tl
25th of December and was burie
at Mt. Zion cot_.etory on the folloi
ing day.
At Norris station, near her
about 8 o'clock Vodnesday nigh
Dec. 24th, Harrison Sheriff, whil
resisting arrest, shot Walter Day
in the forearm and foot. Th
wounds are not serious. Short
was drinking and had run his fan
ily from home. Then Davis, Cet
tral's p,,htcenan was sent for. Di
vis returned the shot. Shorl
came to Pickens Christmas dii
and gave himsplf up to the Sheri
and was lodged in Pickens ial
Two other men who were standin
near were slightly wounded by sor
of Sheriff's shots.
is it Right for the Cities and Towns 1
Have OneJHalf the Profits From
The Dispensaries.
As the legislature will soon meo
again I thank this is an importar
qluestion for them and citizer
generally to discuss.
It seems to me that the fine
will to a great extent pay the ex
penses of extra policing occasione
by the dispensaries being locate
in them. There is no questio
but what the goods 5old in them
a powerful drawer of custom.
think in our law, and all busines
transactions, equal justice shoul
be done to all.
It soems to lme tho law should 1:
changed and mtade so plain ths
there should be no ''shade of
shadow" of doubt that where
person is killed by a defect in
public ioal or bridgo-or imper
fot protecting them on ahutuien
of bridges, or precipitons bluf
or river banks-such as we havei
our imountaiiinous country (whe]
to fall is almost instant death) t11
family or nearest of kin shou:
recover damage.
Many of these places should 1
protected by strong balusters C
as it is commonly called, banmni
ters, as tihe least fright of a hors
or breaking of harness; going ui
or down or the falling of a horn
on ice, wvould throw the whole ou
fit to destruction. I have see
where quite a space of the who
road-bed had slided off into a ri'
er, and where tons on tonesof eart
above had fallen ofi into the roa<
that would have thrown the largel
engine to destruction.
Notice to Stockhiolders.|
At the annual meeting of tli
Stockholders of the Farmers Put
lishing Co., a resolution was passe
authorizing the sale of the p)lan)
The Board of Directors met o
Dec. 16th and the plant was soldt
T. J. Mauldin, he to pay all stool
holders par for their stock. A
stockholders who have not rece
ved their dividend can call on Jn'
T. B3oggs, Socy., Liberty, S. C
and receive 15 per cent dividen
for 1901 and 10 per cent dividen
for 1902.J
Ohm. Board Directo:
All persons holding stock in th
Farmers Publishing Company wi
please bring same properly ei
dorsed to me on or afteir Januai
10th, 1908, and I will take it r
according to terms of sale tat la
meeting of stockholders
T. J. Mauldin.
Now Penslon Law.
The newv pension law requlr
that the County Pension Beal
shall elect a pension conmmission
whose duty it shall be to reci'
and make out all ne w applicatiom
for pensions. At the last meetin
of the board tl.e undersigned w
elected as such pension commi
sioner, and I will be at the Con
House during the month of Jau
ry, 1903, (during busingas hours,
make out and receive such new a
plications for pensions,
-Those having applications a
ready on file and drawing pensio
need not apply. Only those w
are not already drawing penisio
and desire to apply for pensi
aid will be required to make a
Pension Comns.
ComparatIve Illiteracy,
,Eight per cent of the populati
of this country is still Illiterate.
Germany only 1 per cent of illit<
atos exist, and. in Bavaria, Bade
Wurttman dn Soannda.f th
ia "The chief chemist of the depart
ment of agriculture," says Profess
or Winters of Baltimore, "has de
cided to investigate the methods of
A food preservation in this country.
r- Only a s hort time ago Germany
t, prohibited the use of borax in pre
serving meats. If people knew the
l processes which their meat under
re went, they would hesitate about
ir eating so much of it. Take corned
beef, for instance. A flank of beef
l is put in a vat filled with ia solution
of borax, saltpeter and hard water,
and it is left to soak several weeks
before ready to eat. What kind of
a digestion could stand that ? Al
most all meats are preserved by
nt borax. Salicylic acid, also used in
cs preserving some things, is a power
ful stomulaclh destroyer, and there are
of other substances used daily by 'pure
taa food dealers' that are equally de
d structive. A rigorous investigation,
v- followed by a genuine reform,
would vastly benefit the public
, health."-New York Tribune.
le Loose Railroading.
is Not long ago the state railway
e authorities in Melbourne, Australia,
f' had to investigate a case of a
. guard's leaving his van, walking
, along the footplates, clambering up
the engine and making a furious as
if sault upon the driver, the train go
y ing at full speed all the while. They
If are now inquiring into another curi
I. ous incident. In this case -somebody
g forgot to fix the couplings between
e the engine and the train. When
the signal was given, the engine
steamed out of the station by itself,
U leaving carriages and passengers in
the lurch. Guard, station master,
porters and spectators yelled, but
without effect. The engine ran for
t. six miles before it was discovered
t that it had nothing behind it. The
s most disquieting feature of the in
cident was the fact that it passed
s several signal boxes without receiv
d ing any warning to stop.
d A Mystery of the Trees.
a One of the most puzzling ques
s tions in botany is, "Why or how
I does water rise to the top of a
s tree ?" Various explanations of the
d phenomenon have been proposed,
but none is regarded as altogether
0 satisfactory. Dr. E. B. Copeland
t recently attacked the problem by
a means. of interesting and novel ex
a periments. For instance, he con
a structed an "artificial tree" of plas
ter of paris and found that water
moved upward in it more than forty
fs feet high. Yet he was unable to
n base any definite conclusion upon
eC the results that he obtained. The
eo water travels a large part of the
.d way in a film, between bubbles on
one side and the wall of the con
e ducting vessel on the other. But,
r, the 'physical properties of the film
-are yet unknown.
eHis Capacity.
Over- in England they have feasta
n that correspond to our clam chow
o der dinners. There's a stor' going
-the rounds of the English papera
h that's not half bad. At the recent
I, Colchester oyster feast one of the
it diners explained to a friend his
method of approaching the 40,000
bivalves. Said the diner, "I sits six
-inches off the table for a start, Wil..
'um, an' when I touches I'm do:'eo1"
The Osage Indiana.
d 'Among the richest people in the
world are the Osage Indians, who
have invested $8,000,000 in the
o State bank and own 1,500,000 acres
of land. Each b)rave, squaw and pa
pl OOse in the tribe possesses land to
th vau of $4,000, and the interest
ontermoney inthe b)ank affords
an annual income of $300 to each
member.-New York Post.
dI Things We
'Liko Best
Often Disagroe With U.
B1Iecauso we overeat of thorn,Indi
u- gestlon follows. Bunt there's a way to
y escape such consequences. A dose of a
good digestant liko Kodol will rolivo you
P at onco. Your stomach is simply too
3t weak to digest wvhat you eat. That's all
indigestion is. Kodol digests the food
without the stomach's aid. Thus tho
stomach rests while the body is strength
Ofned by whdlosome food. Dieting is un
necessary. Kodol digests any kind of
good food. Strengthens and invigorates.
Kodol Makes
RicBlh Red Blood.
sPickene County.
a- Win. M. Cannon, ot. al., Pif.,
L- Irzo D. Crew, Def.
oIn pursuance of a dootal order in the
above stated case by Hon. RI. C. Watta
P' dated Oct. 22 1902 and on file in the
Clerk's officee, I will sell to the highest
1- bidder on sale (lay in January 1908, dui
',s ring t.hs legal hours for anlo at Piokens,
~o Court Houses .C., the following traot of
land towit:
*All that pioce or parcel of land eon
n~ taining twenty (20) acres more or less,
p- lying[in the Hurricane Township, State
and county above montianed being situ.
ated on the head waters of Bix Mile
oreek and adjoining lands of Wmn. 11.
Garrett, Sarah Oraig (eel.) and Bud
Duncan. This traut being all teat pari
of the o1 ;hornestead of M~oses W. Orevu
that lies on the south side of the branoli
that runi through the same and devised
Em by Mos W. Orows last will and testa,
r-' ment to t fAaid Catherine Cannon,
n, Terms oh) Pd n'ser to pay for al
pg patper andl to gth0nm,
1'OIek of (Court,
Executor's Sale.
Ry virtuo of the will of William Hu
ter, <1eceased, and an agreement entoro
into arongst nll his heirs at law, aft
hid death, conferring power upont me
,ell his real estate, I will at Pickoi
Court 1ouse, S. 0., on Saleday in Jai
uary next, during the legal hours for sa
on that day, sell to the highest bidder i
publio auction for cash the followin
tract of land belonging to the said estati
Alt that piece parcel or tract of Ian
known as tract No. 2 in the said divisic
tuado by J. A. Robinson on the 8th do
of October , 1901, being situated o
Twelve Mile River and containing soi
Fnty (70) acres more or less, and bein
tho tract whereon lies i splentdid watc
powor belonging to the lnto Williat
Sl[nnter; and on which there is now nitt
ated it corn mill, a- wheat mill, a saw mi
and a giunory, and has such motes an
bounds as is represented by a plat mad
of the same by J. A. Robinson on the
day of October, 1901. This tract of man,
and machinery connected with these di]
erent mills will be sold together. Thor
fo :352 horse power at low water, accord
ing to the survey made by compoten
hydraulic engineers for the said Willian
Hunter during his life time. Thi
water power is situated about two mile
sbovo the Norris Cotton Mills on Twelv,
Mile River and in a mile and a half o
the Southern Railroad,
Executor of tho will of William Hunter
Dogwood, Porsimmon and Hick
ory Timber delivered at your It. R
Station. For this timber we wil
pay spot cash in car load lots of 1(
cords. For sprices, specifications
etc. apply to me or W. G. Frickk
who is buying this timber for me
in your community.
Spartanburg, S, 0.
Under $3,000 Cash DepoNt.
Railroad Fare Paid.
open ai year to Both Sexes. Very cheap BosK,
Oerglw-Alabamwa fua Maesom1~
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Statement of Auditor's Appoir
Office of County Auditor,
The Auditor's books will
of' .Januar'y, 1903, for
Returns of Real and
* Polls, and for all
For the convenience of the pu
are announced :
Six Milc on3Monday, J'anuar:
Calhoun Tuesday January 61
Central Wedniesday January 1
Cateechee Thursday January
Liberty Friday January 9th,
Pickenis Saturday January 10
Easley, Monday and Tuesday,
Croawell, Wednesday, Januar
Cross Plains, T1hursday, Jan U
Looper's Shop, Friday, Janna
Pickens, Saturday, January
Hughes' Store, Monday, Jam
Pumpkintown, Tuesday, Jant
.Holly Springs, Wednesday, .)
Aiken's Store, Thursday, Jan
George Holcombe's Residence
Pickens, Saturday, January:
Mile Creck, Monday, January
Praters, Tuesday, January 27
After the 27th of January 190:
Court House, oontinuously until the
time the books, will be closed and fit
for non-.ret urns.
In order to save confusion an<
tittend personally to the taking of' all
erty or liable to a poll assessment ar<
rounds andi be prep)ared to give full
name and number of the school disti
p)roperty, liable for taxation, is situa
Should any be unable to meet
to their interest to see him in his ofil
20th of Februnary 1903.
All persons owning propertyi
there is a special levy for school puri
to give the value of any such propert
,No retuirjs made by mail will
all persns owning pf'operty must ha
personally or by3 agc6t duly authorm
and all rel.urns must be made under
it will save much t'moe to taxpa:
the Assessor, if eyery pers<ni before
list of every item oh personal pro
cattle, mules, sheep and goats, hogs,
wagons and carriages, dogs, merchal
notes and accounts above irdebtedni
household goods.
it is always required that the A
Under' the head of plaee of res
shipl. And all taxspayers are requit
trict. They are also requested to at
town) or in the country. And if par
part in one township and a part in a
number of' acres and valuation in em
Taxpayers return what they ow;
Tho law requires that all perso
ing charge of such property, either
executor, admIilatrai or, etc., r'eturzj
All male citizens between the a
the 1st day of Jantiary, except the
port from being maimed, or from o'
Confederate veterans are exceptad,
In overy community there ar
not take a newspaper. Those more
fatvor by telling~ them of the time to
Both real and personal propert
time at the real value thereof, Ii pr,
or it there should be an Inequality bi
propet ty the S.iflO will be referred t
corretion, To avoid trouble of th1
I would urgo upon each taxpayer tc
Lion of his or her property,
mml. WQS"TIF
Sheriff's Sales.
County of Pickens.
to In Common Pleas Court.
es Win. It. Looper, Sallio
- Julian, Georgo W. F, Bob.
lo insoni, Artie Ma[,lisic Loopcr,
it and Eador Elizoboth Loop- Complaint
g or, mainors, by their guard
: ian ad litom, Wi. B. Loop- for
d er, duly apl)pointed,
n Plaintiffl. | Partition
y against
n A. P. Robinson,
)ofefendant. J
By virtue of a decree in the abovo sta
r ted case signed by His Honor, 1t. C.
" Watts, Presiding Judge in the eighth
- Judicial Circuit, and on filo in theClorks
ollico of Pioken county, and dated the
1 20th day of November, A. D., 1902, I
will moll to the highest biddor on
the following described real estate, be
L, ing the real Ostato belonging to the late
- Sarah E. Robinson, to-wit:
t All that tract or parcel of mud in the
e state and county aforesonid on waters of
a George's Creek containing on hundred
s and forty (140) acres, more or less, be
e ginning at a rock on the Gunter old road
f thoeno to the fork of the branch, thence
east to a dogwood near 'l'rotter's spring,
thence a straight line up the branch to a
maple, thence N. to a rock, thence along
N. Duncan's line to a rock, thence along
the D. Satterfield line to a W. O. on the
road, thence along the road to a rock,
thence up the hill to a rock on an old
ringo road, thenco to a stooping sour
wood, thence to a big water oak, thence
to a dead dogwood near the branch,
thence to the beginning corner. It be
ing the same land conveyed to said Sarah
E. Robinson by George Higgins by deed
dated 30th day of June A. 1)., 1873 and
recorded in the oflice of Register of
Mosne Conveyance Pickens county.
One half cash, the balance in one year
credit portion to be secured by a bond of
the purchaser and mortgage of the prom
ises with interest from day of sale with
leave to pay all cash or anticipate pay
This land will be sold either in bulk or
in smaller tracts as may to the Sheriff
appear best on day of salo.
Purchaser to pay for all papers and
for recording same.
Sheriff Pickes County.
Foley's Honey and Tar
for children,safe.sure. No opiates.
s Notice.
ty of Pickens.
itments for taking Returns For
r 1903.
Pikeni County, Nov. 7, 1902.
be opened oti the first day
thle purpose of taking
Personal property and
special taxation in
blic the following appointments
Jatuil 12th and 18th,
y 14th.
ary 15th.
ry 16th,
ary 19th.
ary 20th.
anuary 21st,
unry, 22d.
,Friday, January 23d.
3, I will be in my ofilco, Pickens
20th dlay of February 1908, after which
y (50) per cent penalty will be added
I to avoid mistakes, t.he Auditor will
returns, and all pecrsons oweing prop.*
3 requested to meet the Auiditor- on his
information as to his property andI the
ict in which lie lives and in which his
the Auditor on his rounds, it wvil be
ce beore hits books are closed on the
n any district or districts in which
)o08 a1r0 req(uOsted to como Prepared
y so subject to sp)eciaL levy for school
be accepted, as the lawv requires that
to the same returned for taxation either
3d to atted to the same for the owner,
tre, also greatly facilitate the wor'k of
eaving home will make out a complete
perty in the fpltowng order: Horses,
watches, organs atid pianos, buggies,
idiise, machinecry and engines, moneys,
iss, and all other property, including
uditor get tho first given name in full.
idence on tax return, give the town%
ed to giveonumber of their school dis
ate whether the property is situated in
t lies in town and part outside, or a
nether township, so specify, gIving the
Lch instance.
2 on the 1st day of January, 1908.
ns owning property or in anywise hamv
as agent, husband., guardian, trustee,
the same under oath to the Auditor,
ges of twenty,.one and sixty years, on
se who are iocapable~ of earning a sup,
her causes, are deemed taxable polls.
a persons who cannot read or that do
fortunate many do such persons agreat
make returns or by returning for them.
y are to be assessed for taxation at this
perty is returned at loss than its value
the valuation of the same class of
o the Oosnty Board of EqualIzation for
B kind to biothj mysolf and the taxpayer
make a fulIl and fair roturn and valua'
Auio P aa anr
K j
New Fal
Largest Stock-I
Nothing Shoddy==Ev(
If you 'want cheap shoddy goods don't
for you wont fihd then. We have bought as
goods that money could buy, they were bong
hesitate to say that our line of wintor clothinf
Goods etc, is one of the largest, most complot<
to 1iokons. Thowo are pluin facts, we :aro not
look through our stock.
Clothing I C1othin
Wo can't begin to tell you the good this
Suits for men, Stouts, Slims, and leg!ar , ra
Youths Suita 12s to 19s ranlging in pri:c from
4s to 16s from 50c to $5.00.
We are SOLE AGENTS for the
We have Overcoats for everyl'ody-hig,
to 70, all colors, styles, alnl prices from $2.50
No use to talk Shoes to you for you all kn
The Old Reliable RA1"1'LE AXE auY' sold."
you will never hsavo any other.
Dress Goods i
All tho lateSt styles and colors, Worsaeds,
Flannols for waists, in fact everyt.lhing in the I
Tr'imminga to match, Outings from he to 15.
mado skirts, Waists, ,Jackets, Capecs a nit R4.f4'
Korseys, Cotton and Woolen VIuinmh., Ill e i
Itrdware of every leseril>I ion. St.eV:t al
Shingle Mill Supplies, llarne=ss, Bridle", Said
Rugs, (uns--single and double larrel, L,
with prices right.
Soo our Flour $3.75, $4.25, $4.50 and 9h'7
pounds to tho dollar.
Your patrounigo solicited, satisfietion giu
Yours .ruly,
Folger & T
Clothing Shoes, Hats and Geuts Fu
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer
DECEMBER 31st, 1902, W~
The act of theo Legislaturo approved
provides as follows:
That all state and1( county taxes, and
and( counlt.y- taxes are collected shall1 be elh
31st day of December of each and every 3
monts are niot paid on or' belor'o saidl time
shall 00 added by thle County Auditor on
by theo County Treasur'er, aind it thle sji<
allies are not paid on or before the fIrst
adtditionatl penaulty of 0one per conton111 lheu
Auditor onl the colnty dulicate anid coIl
and itf the said taxes, a18Xsssmeurs 1and p
the first dlay of March next thceontor', an
centumo thtor'con shallI be adldedl by theo Co
cate and collected by the County Tresm
ments and penalties are not paid on or' bi
next thereafter, the said( County Tr'1easuire
the said taxes and assessruenits and penali
faulting tax -payers according to law,
The p)rovissions of this act. shrall inl no1
assessments of any townships of' this stateo
and coup)ons in aid of rilrii.oads which hmas
said township or towniships.
The Rate of State, County, School
One Dollar Poll Tax and One
Road T1a
In accor'danco with an Act to raise a
mencing January 1, 1902, notico is herch
Treasurer of Pickeus counfty' wilh lopen lor
fiscal year from Wednesday, October' 1
81st. Rates per cent, of taxation are as.
Levy for Slate Tax,..,.......
""Ord(inar'y (County3 taX,
""Conistit,utional school
'' " Past Indebtedness, .
" " CoUuty Roads..,
Total lovy for' State and County
Levy for intorest on Pickens Ri. R. 1)0
'ship, 81 mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. 1
21 mills.
Levy for Iiterest on Pickens IR. Rl. b
Special levy for' School Distri
14 41 Lb L* i
ag4of2 an 46 yers exep suh 1
A pollttora tax of One DolapecpJ
time as other taxes fr*om all male citizer
yeare, except auch as are exempted by la
81st of Dec. 1902, eight days work u
required under a contractor.
Ta:"s are payable only in gold and a
National Bank notes and Coupons of St
during the yrAu1902. p
Parties dssiring information by math
*tate the location of their property, anid
th0so paying taoes by check must includt
01Q 1I9O8 td,.
.00 S
.,owest Prices
'rything the Best
ivnsto time looking for them here
onormos stock of the very beeA
Fit at the rigiht prices. We do no9
;, Shos, Hats, Gonts Furnishing
: and best selected stock ever brought
talking as you will see when yo*
I Clothing .
gI we have to offer you in this line
11ing in price from'$2.50 to $18.00
.0O to $7.00, and childrons afv.it
>rse Shoe Brand
liltI , old and young, from 7 years
o $15.00,
,w the way to he pbwo "whore t.ho
!'ry one pair of the Battlo Axe and
Dress Goods 2
(imneres, Flannols, Plaidsi, Fronc1
va of I)resa loods with I;ilks and
)cim'I fail to see our line of ready
r. Big stock of Blankots, Jeans,
I izeza and price, Shingle Mills and
loa, npr-obe, Trumnls, Umhronlar,
,ginge, etc. Aiything-overything
5 per barrel. Coffee 8, 10 and 14
niihing Goods a Specialty.
)LINA, 1
ickens County, S. C.
ns, S. C., Oct 15th 1902.
20th day of' February A. D. 190.
ill taxes collected when stats.
10 and1 payable on or bcforo th,
ear, and il such taxes anid assenss
,a pen alty of One per cent. thoeoi'
bhe c!ounty dtuplicate and collectoc
taxes and assesamcots and ponU
nay of FebrIuary next thereafter,a.
con shall be aidded by tho Count.
ected by3 the County Trearuror
mnaltics are not paid on~ or befor
additional penalty of ilvo pe
imnty' Auditor 0on the county dupli
or*, andii if the soid taxce, assess
d~ore the fifteenth day of Marei
' shall issuo his tax execution fo
les against the prIoper'ty of do
'ise apply to rafilroadl taxes an
that have heretofore isued bond
'a aot been completed througi
and Special Tax, Includin
Dollar Commutation
upplies for the fiscal year con
given that the office of Coun.
the collection of taxes for sai
ih, un til Wednesday, Deocembs
ollo ws:
............. Mills.
tax,........, "
.............1 "
t ixes,....14b mills.
tis, Pickens Court House Tow.
)onds, for Ilurricane T1ownsh/.
ends for Elasta too Township,'
"' 10, 2 "
" 19, 2"
" 23, 2"
'' 81, 4
" 49, 2"
" 55, 8 0
>n all male citIkens between
o exempt by law, will be collect
liar will be collected at the se
28 between the ages of 18 and
SUnless said tax ie paid by '
no~ the public highways will b.
(ver coir, United States currorec
a.e -B h,yioh become payabe
I1$gay o their taxes will plon
nelado B tago for a re0p17tp
the ohtatfor~ collootJMB

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