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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 01, 1903, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-01-01/ed-1/seq-6/

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-y \"I I' t. h it Ho,m -, has 4win 4ie<
)lllll1l a l 11 \ t'1i:t ill its list i1'y ,
I I\ i1" 1itiai-:i'iiia'l:Is licicy
o: ale i h :,'' re !el t('i it
wIh wm: 1for ihl 'e !hti' a t
:1y'a noet a combIecie i hlei'i'.t louei'
t n - -el of t i ifS :.. i .:
I: x
b n ni lt it a11 |ji t ei t
111 l' "!I i i r , i l the e ir ic i nuel;;11_
a !! l l ot iItll a' s lll l : 1 1 'i tt "i1lt
1:w .1: i;,111 l th loils ofa
-1 .l :i i o : l l. e 't "11'll. 1 T h lt tl1li lrs
tl : iiiit.v, Ilil: ll w |lil , ;clllr i 41- ,In gI:n11
pI+rIb':r n il thet s -ervanls tol
1!: ' l h!1 i ] ill ) tilllre (b j t erlli".. 'Il ( : +'1 11I
I':1111ii; ' in I('r iiw Iilu ' :1't he i t loor.'t
TN . iI f-. irtiv )o l IuI I.11 . s r I 1i s- Iur
hlt-" '. .I't(n c n ld, ne I t he \ Il' Iin
deui t n.l- 1:1) it w i r/ lltin guI1ri m1 eII n-.1'
1i '!',"d f-:x -'t lli.' ' I t i l i l ; l , \ r ' '
ler:l bu1 t I'n1+r 1t l,t rf thl .I.i.t' o 4'1 1 pt1(
il * t!11 1 Il n l 14 1''
} !"'.a .:t 1ld ! '' ltt "\\'hlll ll ,m t1- ' lll
]'- s Hwny nn- ti -'ib
- I ' :I t l 1'1 r r1ilIlirl it i-iis l
-rll.ti -i ! -ri' : utl a1p.
w j *... ' Ili' \\'hiilI,
* e \1blli,' i|0 Ili,u:I
I . 1 i 'i ~ . i ii 'il}\ : i11" l ll
t1 i; 1i i: in . i'ly t I .t, III." y1I!
I 1e - iieei t 1,
hl Ii . - :ili cii ie m;gi
*f ia' i, c14ii i 'ie 1;ic :iiei
14'e)i bu' iini''ig . 11 11 Irccee
41n. Sel! cias iii tnk r eiialwher
l. u ili . 1 t he ':i ir ~ lirie4t ile '' heq il iI
n: i .''l' ' nIle 'el ziecells, li sa hta ills ic
li'1 .9 :e'-eiece'iii s Iinen lil a utli li' in'
row I ihn' e four''sIlc blee lie lig.i fore eas
in:1t' ho' i 1. 'I '4eiiie' ['d i ltd li ' ( expos e -i1
r i 'an: Inow utIl te a licast' cu'u112l
o .' :'I' ' !i ee' ' liii lii' i h :i ty l' w j i (e
t'lfA a ee:lt ietcel nu liipass e ou.e Toiia
re': ' :'''!.," : :row i' ' n ac:l dis n4i:fir.
i . 'n1 i in womeni.~ the guesitsii i 44u
ih i:h !' b jecel pasee',' 'a;. wc ieniew
he i : -m 'f l whh-h wille.lice ter
t'n 1041pe pl. f .'i m r . T .n-.r
1l 'i'le , uch asth
a - n v t c r. . t. n
N e I' ly.: I a ice '
lie'b a':g h.l te peo.Ii!>
el- Ik ice inib 11--e''' li ml e
hatiwille'oi1owa 141, ca. l
ro. .\ 1ska hank zrs iar'm \lci i lel'
'i l 4 nl.: - t '' ~ iiaiI ecci .liie
li u wil, o' ' r. iei c orr i e'ymd lee
the'' i!onneetliceis ic ihec ilaist
jill'' Ie he ;eeia rn 'si'a 51 e rceii!t uc
JIe' llae ' 'I belie rularIC - eeL cs wcei' as
.h' e' Ii le a ic the masi on'. l litce
al tg i's;, ina theiliai tha u ss le li
tol a thel se it elela .l tai re iin tJs len
I t lea:; m -e 'i'c'uec pa sle for er'a passae'
94(.4 ':ii.'i'i , andci'l Will b lalti
II1:1 c I ect ii an 'i.' e iech
tire i l the up looris in' fel Ig
Presin ea wi' co rie'r
I '''enp ila al c 1 t o
e i sfme le ing' amberlfi
a'. elt . ret i i,ber foruce.
:Il a:' , w1.. ll :.,l i , !,- : \
Inl 1 l 1 ' tl I t . ; it :1 i x 1. 'C'l .: " t:t l, :
II''.: 1 . I' I t 1 ! I \i l"i l:1 , I . t"
(' L l t Ii:t' *~ I ' i l'. !:I t ttl I1 4 iI i 1 i
l. \np\ ' \\'1 .) y .' . ti'llt:t
A. ' -t :
U li ili'a <-o y p.. d . . ;-ji '
'I1 1' r .no \I 1 h ' t;; ! I':- !. 11: w a : n
byt; I .,bH I on :i r
41h'lilIni i- h I i. da ui h4 ,4441
4h ., 11 il 'e: I' ! o 4n - .. u \ i'lh t 4l
1 sno ' 44:II I - i: l t :tl Ii % : I I1-r
wIv :?ulll't I't ' i tl ' d t. I): :i -l r' I
N r' w j) s: \ I a\ ai" Z a\ i. . a t
Ili+1 1 441 .rltl. li i :It "11, * i \ .. : il1' t!, I
' I''ly I :1 - : i . 1111 . \ '4 1 l1 " lo v r:I
I hen1 ' I: - u , bI I Ih ' I""111 n 11o pr11 i n
1 41 1 IIII' It1:1 1 } ~'tl Ili "~ rl'Illlt' IIi41 !
tt; I pay li ' I.n :ll lt'lhis 1rin. 'I .1
br" lIt i 11f r I II \h- I:ed1 oliti r s:111 pi11.
1I 'w I'I "1i 1"l . *II: t t Iij is is r ig i ,'
1o n li : t"11II 1h ) .\ I "lrlthone n la w.I
;I, 11h ri r Iix i i t p11 i's 1
I'it i t he ) I'htt't1p ' icn 'th 1 nl
I I . W h\ fib niltI :In 1ess1\
I II f IIII 44": 1 l t' : t l \4't l I , :"' 1r1 11
::"!: l ! m L : --.\t [t ..st l in.,.i f I.. Ii llll,s
'r l:1, :' tli l d l' Ii i yi t r 4i tis ;I:t ,
Il '44 ll; II1 11', 1i :!til i 11 1 154. ' (1111
thy1way. I I lt.r "'n .1n11 . 'Ii111 1 4'
tcb"lnStyn i' ru n o i tttIt:n.c
,= I 1t 1t : . " 111 11 1 1 :11 4ii' : t411!III 1 :i
l4t4 lile II - I,'alIe . 111' 1 " <- i i ll h ei
I:1111411:i '4 1 1 '1 11t4' I14444 1' t'1 111 1411 : l
:1 11i1tin : " "Ih 1 l\'i l i t la \f 'mirii""
1" t y '1 f \a i.'I - I i4bi l i'y " of , ,-h !+<. -
'ii4n:M niolye ea4asds 4-y .
byrb.Do. lin;ae ui bturAn
Orbl al. I.sh re Ind sin rib i 4.
New t.ve or coo 14,'no
n e li ::: a tre gi s i se in . o
a h
\(n nI ie ' ltitin -oeo'LiP'nn
rccpt4 e ' - inn n11( gieitn n b
-'r n-.-TTi Joilml'sii. nFr
T'he ofIthe IoCt Lii 1li!! IntDr .ews
.aer othIis in11 lin' eitc h is it
of u1( hieh ir 0' te psete byC itsr
Thr11- htIuing i1809. tbl phne
.\ n - - ni . 9r h 14'1It1: t1\\; w li k((l
." ,"l.s"I' 11 h i 111il, 1" 1 j ll lt,
Iv - i:n.4 1.1 1 ~;:i !74 IIIi ' -.4. I,
, ! , I i 1 : ' s liI 1 :1 :l ."1 t1 : , . . I
roo , i 1'I1in1o4''1.(. 1 : ,the
i11 t 1 . : 1\' \\ll1 . II4 !:<4 4j4 1 11 h '" I I4
41311 Il' ~14I1. 11111 111141ll Illt"41
tn1 u b 11 ' 1 II h ill nII:C.
"iii Ite lihlIl wilT-l h y o
In I'1 i town I!, l i i s 1r1
1111 i l le n\ irl'S (i( n't b11sh1 [ . Ihoe love
- h a
V-'ron I",- ' \ e y
h:u a ' . ! . , 11::
f:siver to anl her. .\tai l sne expres-J' 'in1
ion 'sc r1n: nit lry1'': \, .hn hon, nI
he :< I l i t 11. Ih11, tI1 SI i ce IIli
":I II 11111II Iit111.. . : 1 1 Ir u I 11 1 '' '1't
1'I __ \'I'1'__ II I I 1 it . . I s l - 1 ( X 11"" 1 1
III . \'; "I -I l"tI IIII \ I I III ' : 1 1r;1 1 1( L I
h I/: i I,IlSill".s Illl :1111111 1 1" [1i43 I:t
II~~ ~ I 111I' 114. 1 1 1 j II 11 11 . 11 '4
4.444.4 14 :11144 the I .n ou 1 Sl l el, 4and4' I 4
-r ' b l .h r c,.
, .44l ' ;1 11 1 1114.i 1I:14 t"141 11 Ill ,1!11111 7,1 "'
" I. I-ll "i ii I 1I i, 114',:) ig ;4 1i I" tl ,.:
1I' :t "i ': :1 '". t) Ii I 14'4i I ''i:11is' l - 1
w . Ce t." hi1::;1h11h1 I 1 rl1 . r
4444 44 .1 | i:in,44- - 44h14
inI :31j41 *l' 4iirt 4~ IllS .\ 11i
I.41 i ill4 - :1 i :S 11'l\1 4I ,: i ih su is
-4 \144 ic . ' :)b;r \4. \:15 r . III }
' )4)'lwhI i<:41. Iily-fo1r y4enes obl.
1)4 i 11a51ll'114 1114' nit- l l n l
h4ils ill'e. r I II'I4- Iji: hws a .j
|4 ,'i .2 )14'il' ''eIls h'is s'1 ore 111 21.1:1 4
1:ost' "Viwenty . nr|Illit Ili 44 h i-ot's all II
111104 11 w s n a s ;j. w j.
111 !b:e4.:.44t tItbl h .\\eibothsi I
irch nti ave incr asei i127 er 4..u
of 1:2' e ei. Thr4 ae'\lg:
wil w\ni e s i:.a enluparce wit <
tovely e lilr ofl wBlen.o Ter Ay rs. "I
I'11).4C 'wo seakIris OUy llliiI.ii
t0')3 111tiOetui pakbt r vjC
and .i~nlish niuutbe 02018s
I"c~ i)oso11 hae moe thn thy C
'rEm peroru'
1 : 1 le ljp n n11: piture
IIl ws I t' urig i n:ll slti lne u'
'4II al rtl i n -1 179.3, :
I II::l IIi' 11' ll\\"iild i s b'( I 'inperrIll
tl' Ii: i ' I'ilrl : i tit1 t Ill' E tul1"r)ur
lialnl. Th'l" '-ift hlas tll1"n at ;;uuli
t el ' t i v,1 1 . :'u' 1'il It'l h: we l'ave
11111')' lis- f'I"<I' All lli \ of 1 1 s':liii'
mar'h I: h :1l i I' m. i lle i r' li* iliuaI
Sitails. I'-II rrally we h v11e1 \ iore
Is It: n11:1 . :11n41 it is ecIl ly' I I1o
l: i: " I Il. i I:"u t1 111:1 ui tti' l ' 1111'
iln 1:ils is I; "rlllaIl. that tlle K : litiS r
offere11 t esII 1t. tl, hi- sItit' of Ils
in-'l :InI'1cst1r1 ' III Ilr .1s0il. Tie
'si1 i nl, in 111 :-i a:tin it' :;rltl lls
tII .\rs:.11 1!:1 ! \\: ISIiin..-. Io II 4:aIS iltI
Ill Ir si: If r li' Iliai4 ' trift. 4)11
1i.1 It' Ii:l; II' I" ill{I 4''r l - ill 111,' l':I
-11eri1 k :ut .1 .. -hi, l ', i l: Ir "ree
1:o!.111er. InI !h: ; 11- h1:1 cl, :0 ' s i -
IV , 1 : :ll1 t l l e r 1?11' li:Il il l.,
l i e ii\\': I ! II " i : 1 I 11 jt l "I ' i s l ht. "1 1'llt11 1,'
li I' :i ! | i: 1' 1 i ) ti' li t 111gI4' til si l>.i:IIII'
IIII.: 1 IIil ' 1"II 4 ;'4I l I I1:1! t .11' 15
I 11:' 1 1i I: 41 I' I I l' 1 ' lli i\1' III':ll -.'il
Ih: 1' 1 1c1e'r 1 ) ll .
tIl w\ I1:11 tI!Ile < :1III.' is rt 'l 1il: 1lit
III IIIi i. Illlt Ili1.1 I l'rl ' 1'riIl w a:s 1
1t "IlIior. n.'r eve hat h1: Iis
bIII -' . ',:l-l rea-:1 r:In lson vi\:sltc"1i
o ni ty111 inl 1.11:!. Thell inllinl is that1
l1eil'I, s1IhIl 1r :1114 st:a11sIn1:11, is
1of (the -,ro'lI t ( I'rII1 1t i li "1r s inl
Itern hlislory : 11ha1 he, wa:s at IIIt r
igual int1IortInll1 inl ihle contplicated
-n-n w \ranuLII whlil"h helpedl ourl
11-rs 4o win i n t t he I:"l llolul , :1nd1
t he( is :a 1)ersona :g1' withI wh\I i
IItion wh"lich1 hy4 des1et is unly lt'ss
1i1:i tha I I I itlisht, in :y w\Iih pro
,ty br1'unwl be('tftr acquainted(. W\ithl
inlillivnse and very valuableGrnn
tn ill inl 11nr popla:tionl, we as a
!iln think of i('1rm1any as al fore''Iigl
TaY i N "T. f)s A I.
l'a tee , t IeI of . m re{ytn sr
~1 1
h , a r i l .1
nd, :u ', n ie t ' gra lgirs i
uii r 4' 1111 r 1Chibiren,4 w'2:i:n't he
I'ieli 1e . 14is this 4 situat:in 41' w ich
41r.1 " he 44ay, "s 14 he lig4',:1 re4 1 f a
'n, a11n4 who4t was 4in inuttely con1erne
>ttr. 4eople e iner g l Is naIon ' la4' ut
is f h .isor4 lsoy an iie of' lood he
ats('."' We 111e used'4 t)ol tik of' lhe
a2se as)2 n titupu'114)lsi nian,Ill bu itere
1n14 of' thetnIl. It' ha2s betstire hitn-'1 111
If' repeate21Illy3 1112 tunh ovension 51))when)1
an11 2s our11 k(IinsIIen. It is a good
l'ssag he 14 sen114 Is11, 2and Is 'Veviet
sir Ithat2 t I 51 ll not) h)e forIZotten'I
sollioth ti e to e 'el ut1'. o r
Agree to . 2.4 1: slI114Y 11r4. 1144
[II 4 1 s ri- es41~I r InI 1ron1 1) ol4 and. :11' s14
11:ve 1l It 111servin I n anclI i nt I44ng],.t
Iorder1~1I Io sot blo.tni h11 a ke1!1.
li 2111:1e 1 of f':Ilctle "W' (e I 1; 11d '
i I hl-5it own''1 I 1u1 p1o13 , 4 n01' (he
)l1 ill ).eslo M nt o g ti n
Iln the salue."18 (-.oilio (le.14
WhC et.Ile,11( (hroan' s'gtartedi ou
ster0dy winorting for the11 tale: "Street
trict' Nit a pusheart 1filled w ih
Bhly-seven t nts allt (''f y, anl.'cdenf
senof suc. Afte sitn throug
ECiLNC AND tv'c-)u3r.r
. \'hw l(' riis t iti ani un1:::;)lalined h;.
r:. ' :! '1- i : nt 1'ermanl ''l1an
:/.t 4 iran''%II b!: II. ' li l ( w ithllil a
yea I. or 1 wo.
In Illt:':: lin near;y :'Il the sugar
m ill i. d1 i li r ,11i (, ,11 I,I ' , o , 1 i t'al stll
andl :ii.gnar r ies now t .eig petro bit'
t iie : i ,te , a. , . l as> the sat0
1' ilwa"13y, dp11n 1 wh' 1ti h it Is e'I > .ti'(
I:-1 --iy l r t(lll lo( oa,lot iv\.t . I ' ;l
wi\ 111h ("(lnl,f':; f(m) Egl nhil, tleS altl
1t.r tonl.
.\ Iirookilyni iim-l of coffee d'abI r--,
andl sug;ar ref1iners is 1('('ding 1011 hors
i's used inl its b11ti 1lsn ::1 ) tn mola: ;ses.
It'atill' -horse' will ('at iro n 1' to 15
I)cUndsl: of llnola sse. e'Ver1y dlay, the(
c'st being about 15 cents. It is said
tI0 the horses hri\c' 1tpaon this fare.
TI'he titt says that it got tl idia from
the United Slat s ter.try.
A (al;t ornia S7l0lcl ting. wor ilita s re
rct1ly ha a -onst rl luted a St(e e stack,
1 ft hig', which id n b linet thilong
5tit with n:il, inlhl( af lirebriek.
The thet('al w< i:ht of :te i ni l thoo 'tun,k
i only 1 :'0,41' .ile l n(ls, '( i l . thei bric k
liin nigsilalt' a niilliwt' 1))lis.
The first - -) I"ett of st:it'I is 11na1d1 (I
olle-t If natr: i1. th h n 111k e : ab vf e
,r'adally l1 heire ( at ( Ii )t -<11r
t''1t1(i for ti, I t IC' ti' l To m1
:'hit !;1r / xp:;1a' i:m; thel i-rb-ki" Ih na is
:; l t1I I, 41111 bpt1',rhal ': iI red it' 1 th e 1 1 i' -
II(hIl\, eIt W (' n-;' I 111 .1 1' j1:1m( r;:.
h Ita een th d it a 1'r. s m lt t i;1s t0111 1
'alloll o' .he 'dordto as afilrllri.," oie
I the greatei !i(hi: in PXiSten e for'
;bE ' evellopmen1''tit of ti rl'll"iE'ity froll
wa(aer-iow r. in add'lition to the iml
Ilist 1 c!ow"er of the 1'(:lorado itself,
lrg1 stres of it'4 1y ar^ available in
tle malll' streams that la1) into tho
vast ehasm. The plan by Which the
power of the main stream will, it is
ntow thought, eventually he utilized is
that. of "picking ip" the fall of the
river by means of tunnels. At a point
about 70 miles north of Williams it. is
said that a fall of 5000 feet can be
foumd in a. dista n'e but little exceeding
at mile.
The exl:"ellence of the liek 36-in'ch
eles("ope, and the steadiness of the lir,
when the conditions are good on Mt.
Hamilton. are attest(d by the state
mlent. of AMr. W. Ji. ilusisey, one of thet
observe rs there, ihat do:uble stars
whose 'Om)IonenIs are, nearly e<laal in
brightness, .nnt be measnred if the dis
lan)e b) eeen themil exceeds onle-tenthi
of al secon of arc. What this mheans ill
ate(1("traiiy of d ntiCio n O 1meSpr' t l1t'r
;too(l by i",mi-mlwii - thet fat Ithat.
il" 0 1.:!a! t :I ts -(a:' til. eial ; I lt -
III.'I i:n teslumn of Cant of an
:Shangha an. amon:g byhoe ofke i'ya
110 Il ii1. Ni. 1 11' dyt
. o( 1 ! "'r ' i i k t l Iu t i n g o f a n d l i r I t i s h
o 7 . It a i to lustrc lled
i 31 t15(11 the san te lt" pa:li;'
In oee et oow::::. wTe
buis trst arn narlyt have hie-;wh1;
.el te itlt 01 . ty loI lit Imiseas
111ti . Thi,pie iteiengo in( sIIW
1)'eil sul'lt1 t s ofa~e ( th Ivst gle''
)i 'i* l ee lh'ily tew, cildihose :tt
I" i4dIdti -)),tO) P Isincm t e I lhe
4)141 'it 4)1: I lt a'l t il1',e . \,
Ari untii'ngIiP th <xetwi t!hre an
es toit Iruhi(rope 111n1eratis. Obse'r-1
vat'kinst tkey withouti aosto t515hei:ti
selpartive, lit betsle t leh sia.'
M. asee andiaebOnl oa tte onei
ofhianaenmont of the 2Aero club, who
.\ lt. lose toi as milin pislon haven
EarilytC.cl aaproies of Ilrptios n
shipeI waibas tred snuffcdty count
Chtiat orle ibnk aMny n o
thonsans of theletialofsmwarl drond
ilk ats in ao~ thtp.it cey
lene gaimi of )tcoaa fore the p-s
Pl)ippins.O of hea Ineptonrto shipw toa
-Peadisease has ponenno rewpeorko
peralsdu. hsrgd iheua iu
ene ynte slmn of failyn Sir?
Shagha and mon-In-lsw move roa
olenc -eaot inroe townanspra
Se it
.. d --, f li
S100-n1 ti e . iIta
Op)e'I hoa.., wit h wa":ter soaked't
..tMend1 ait l nlulhly bee f. (':11
.(utiu -1. ' Nvluls lay h Iis young
wie. niu(' SCI11101i 111(1 "\'hiskers.,"
thelt:' of the( lIritishl ba:rken(inp Flor
tn-e It. (lget;ct. urrlre(l al Nt'\- Yo'k
"rcently lrrtn St- Gieor'g, (;r'ena71i, til
Ilhe stt'ainshlip) GreInli.- TCle h:a-kell
1iii' s:il't tor 1i11t'(nos -\Yr'es i-oml Hli('
Uiiver. N. S., n .\ugist 11, with :, .
(11t) fl'el of s it Sti lt't 'tl(lal. She ranl into
11 h1iTlle'5 1111' till \11tiiht'1 ' IS. :1u ijt,
:li h ur' ' tilm. ,:\. s di ! <'ll 11n<1 2 s111
ti!i2tl21t. 1ht' 1 ' ' " is lk t her ulnlil
(' (!to '-r . v h n ' ill :i n a l ife
hu:l . T 112 V1.'. ' nt r tite :rilti'': 1 nt
(Iren:a,. 11:v iig. 4 i:t' I ti!ine 2 :1n 1 I in;de
.0 i inatii st i - 'i e i ll'n the l andlI
'11'1 \1 'ro in latIJill :'i;< i li . 2ortht
::n 1 ::!t. s w i i Ill .lilt \vti ll il i he, hilrl"
rit':n11' s1 ruii-k 11 ." .:iit ('1ta1111 in \ :y.
."1 i t'i in(!' , wVilit"it \1 ( t:or:hra:ie , mite
Ilied :I.t it'.Writl. \-'it.' ioei's e:hot'sts
I r-; liI 1' il ' tl'i 1111 11 11)itl '' 1, i i li
itll51'.% i ltti"it:I \.llt' jt 1 \': 11 1)11"I'
i r: tai! :t ilte vy\'1' : s:r .- I s : n
11ried A l le\!1'): I t o)" <-.uivis, 21i1
:oceW1 I(d ii)2 li3 I 'I Iinh
nia0 -o n:: !tu 11i ) o. \ I ' 1111 l i 1r1111i pt1t
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upl he- h:1l! Iilll( to i't:1 l t!!ttlredl
y ardsF inlto thel night11 :11:' \' lfor tIII
I'li(olt i:t :-'.
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1)(11r'l. Ilo''I ('n rt!t' 4ill 'I ::-l 'ow
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hte ;1:. I:' ( 4ht ' ( 't:,l511'(1 ! t "i" < tv h
It':nt w iih"! ri r . 4 1: .:: ; stri
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Ii h{u l:tir' l. 1'n 1 ! . ::h ;b , : : iI:o :1t
t :lt't , I ll 44i1s t 14 (I) I i I s44'I..ii 4 : i. ',: nltl4
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a(l1 hIis. sw 4r44 IwIS the ot:ly" one1 ' wh"i)ili
1: 1 h11 1 ll poln it. Th'llis mI:ln st(l tit
rSideo w11leo tl it e rs114S rus e u p' I l:iiln
i4 to have slain I e 11 et ur,' kill :1nd(
only :t!fter iheyr hadl tinished'( speaking
stated 41uietly 1th111 t:li( kille it. as
it hod killed his horso, and that t e y
11a only 'ole ut' tier it 'w:s (di.
Tey'' w Vishd'ti t o share thei1ewrd 4 il
.1Po l b,y e111' i' ' llrn ')1nt ' r' killinl'.,r
dl:'it rous w\ ildl he'sts, lIt' askotd r'
S1)e(t i'll}y fol. aln in\vet' ig:;ttiol:, wh 1ich1
Iltl ill con1veors: ili ni ih,' diun4
tale that init it appeared that the
1o41rtl w'a, i)rob ly n t It wJill h tsl
:11 all, h ul aln ' t 's11n'4 h(':' Ith, or
traitu. hut ntin:; loopardl. h oluntin, to
it, loca1 .Judge. T.he next morningII s
oNIl r1 :It-"1tu nip t(d till- t'olotnel 1( the,
lit' . w irt' 1 1' inta t'dia l ' y i iit llt44 1
the(' tr1' -"5 i i n 4the l rt 1l' :,(!t ' ': of i' , 1'
1 -t"11. '. his ' I t r't w n'ii u w1 itin
' t' li t I!w :r ll, . : 1.,, I t lt I ' O': ita'n1 I 41t11 -
4y ' behde-id 1 . Th n 4w 1 iti'r to
,II t' ttlt::tt'!4 :Il:t14 :!'8 II 114.1 v ' I i t
. \t'll 4l4 \'Oi t, 11l !' . ' 1'+ l n 1 :' aittl
w (Ii 1 ,' ( 4 1 il i1.i.
fOlr . u' t lllttt-i :1l 1 I )a' r: 4 :.'t.
:I11 41O1' 4t' 14)13t';'. 'IId I ~ iI 11::4
'".\r uo i4O 'I4t1441ll;i11 1444 I4 :I 'i: tl iI
leopard emne( t1ti'4no ti44ib141,).o
lyhorse1's h:g :k 1544 1) 44:n- unli ng is'41'1
14i411 last ni h' , ands ' 4114 now 444 as be:g
gar,lmvn in no1 in:4 ney' I)'1 4ur(ha 44 n-lt
i':ir horse, wh11ih woubl 1si n' .'n
rulwes." (The1r 14(4 ilc e arIry 8 rov;.
Al the4 amazement' WIf le 1 item rjs,8 who .14
('0ou aI(I preen octh aon ou w4ll
neudto buy' :andthe hor4s I wil do
this)0t banse in llmsidr yo :o114 Ie a1:
britk l 111c thfu 1(1 14 4r1(. l 144
The dbrktaars falthg bloo<444e:,4..w'rhi
~hoe afte rurlte Sf'4 nicknano1 o Win
(11(e o bjrd ct.nyer 144 e, w14as h14( . ils or4'4
'n1e4 disturbance4) that' wa: '4.s tll by Cap.1
"We44 were lyelig some 20l miles off4't
gust111 144," (''sid he. "Ahno~)'4lsI :4dead
smooth as. i a il lpond.:01: ('1I1 was in my4
10the deck44041 4( was faillg inon1m. Th
som obje11.14 ct. Ii n e tha t'he diturb- it
nndgI I ru fshe o de1k. Ther1 14 fuiic
ofc the( sak~ i1 continued tl :4rum
Aocm frl'n the dep0hs4 41f the114n.
The11 surfa'cIe Of 11he1141 was 1 dii1he1
ofnblwas breaking1 u4 p (4'in hIonfused 111
hutss 1yi~'es. rmblin dnIie g Whthe
vibratio i'yIn 11ed simhalosly se m'e
the sll a not huinm, ent1hgn. litlem
sike ut he aferook ld wos her fthi
mils wrIt noVm rote b'cy tiident.
Igddtl nti te if theI o sufac of1Y the14
waterha bwan discolored,1 b fo f'wory
wh sihted fIhes tlontibe the5Sli sur1a1
A 11( Gil's Prgonen of of :'nd. c
( nt.)gomry, a.,claigency savo the
mos blooromcan cty All his wisht to-t
Miss excay Knoles,cenre drn when
Inthe Unrsed bteaefigtne n
ra away Th wgoa,ovr

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