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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 01, 1903, Image 7

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Are Never Without
for Catarri
Mt. AND 11 It. J. 0. ATKI
U NI)1 Idt :ate of .1(uiary 10. 1S97. I).
i artm i u rceived 1te tiilowing lett'r:
\vy wife h.ad bern Stli ng1J u l;m a c l -
i:(tlint oi t li ".i--( lor' t e i; t twenty
.tit' (e yea ir..
"ie r "ea-w bi h il( e t h ;,kI iu ill of So t"
of the nio th u, atd p iian. (n ao h(er
worst tr 'lots wa-( ho ni- (cO;sti(:tion. ('
(sVer.(I y r .tr;' ' tandling.
' " he" ;c'; Ia wa -tisin thirough that mttl(
r,-ritical 1(r0 - i.n n 11he lit(" of a womnf"1
<"inge (r of lif. In .lu:l(, Io . I t eO(" tO
you almt hIer i( . Y(e Ou aidvised a o l .
f a'rti n I i \l un;lil w rich wt. :t Ou(
1r il no ted.sti al Ive to( y I it , mnl, t.
ired her. ell tirmiv hlier v(esith t sil+
wIuld 1\h ("an l th-d!only for the e wn
der-full riu
"Aol tor.- e "a l btle 1 tro t VO11 about
myB Own KLtE, of (td..av rc which 'hia hi".
Of ltuc .1ty-tic"v c"years'>,tandIingl. :\t tirnes
wts a not pa:t ,in". I (o fthnr uec to
use I'(" n:1 .'ording to olr ' (ind o n.
and (oniue d oo it. 1 s y for ah((1it a yr
atnd it 1itS (Opiatellry (ured tu .
"hote) 1ev ('lutieS o ttf that yo is
ela-t1 lop them, r tl ct(u no1e. a-.
ta- h va"1.1 not e".t"ist u- here Pe lahrc is
altken accolr taic Iln 'treeltolns. ue..
ess (o youit . ano tt iie 1 m ice es.i'
(Joh it 0. At iluscw.
i a 1;-tter d:ted . narlt "y 1, 191h), 1r,.
Says anl irish"lln-in: "Eveitr aniliil i
to holest inu this .otintry that thy
Ire coo1mp1elled to offer rewards I) :o
FITS normnanmntly cured.No flts or nervotil
net(safter flrst day's use of Dr. Kline's Gre-u
NerveRtostorer.t12triatlbottle and troatisofr"n
Dr".. 1\KLINE, Lt d., 931 Arch St.. Phila.,1Pa.
Ift is a uotat .tacrt that. most of the su i
ject s of King Edward VI'I. are Ilindool.
Mrs. Winsl)w'sSoothing Syrup for childru
teethintz,softon th ;uift, reduces In aina
tion.ll1Yavs aitn,0ires witd coli. 25e. it a butt
hn the evouition of history is hohd back
It results In it revolution, So, 1.
-i Lta As hammer. whc wegh ' l
nA fe .lt-H'.NE anks indisptha le inh
hseo parner oh rm toy. The. there
ato tae afoeid and thatrtad ftn wih amme
thle sm ofy stem nd useno.n for main
~unct everycar t'cTAun thats eanrkb
cured fyohete of IpAL.' hAvenn madn th
nwrn tto efo:-e em pbsr.loyin tho
panr f encae ghin lnh dyo ereinbar.
yEA oA. a.,n hamm.e.\. wileon
times s manywholea houbsia.
I)alBy putitarh e irodtak-n teay ar
ket. diretl indtry hasm andvnc d tiao
ovrflsI the UyntmiSnfrteStnats hare.
thow out theY mmer, lvigo, o
ohely Inuit 75thSa sanstre
elll's contestis are ofshe iotan.
'ht ansecil purpe aes a Imted
hos ti-t hae benromdurca.d silleo
Am* teseicadn ofamme Souhceas
O felling tammersta maeloin Amlows to
day thrn ofa noe end, show Thut te
enthporoot. Thfr lise teah tile lIt
tleo tk t fruits willch)werghs only
huse gl r.rfory. Te hr
Flairtwnt Fallstyto ame
"I tby Ateam andausedifor toin
stopnme foringo. fTheng nels
af awhtic red due.ttsrmak
hAmer Heesi igrdesm
esetanufacthres emotn eco
ansofmcal preprin ofa inan
kind outn the ark t. th Ar
kelt.The ondutr oes adange way
uc at doaestatmakey genera hard
waret frsitp falnged Sttshae
t(hr, mutate hmer haigow,t
and houestore dealorn tool grayu
sivel. SIn the otl SAl dslandgstr.
'elin conterg~sts ao suh mrtaneOU
he trunk oefa re(1 we show eutpres
7 ne gash,e as thug,h dne by ah ne
HY~rnatxir9ssF l drs
\J. . BaxterIu, raoweo, Ils.
Ayer'sHair Vgor i
Peruia in the llou
ml Diseases0
AtiD-n .-Vys, atcr liv"e ye:.I' cxperiel
witll I cru .
" I it 1ve oV )' ielle to ;peahI
flood E'ot(1 fot' o '("e1 #In . .lit m / )'otll Di
, ? 1t. t 'DII (1 i itim tIt. I (l m aita, taIki
<ll eert' i."e:mie-u /(:it I''t'If tei , ( n( Ita
iuI(E ee1<ll. ni p11 pl <te. !(' (1D 'l' I
1iat etrt' to tise l'e it n(( wit/t- I
titoo t s I I s:,a(lot l nt'( sI s. J ta ni st
(It'('(d of' ("r la t"'h. l
elta. 0, 1 Iki uson.
|. '( : '.*. Ii (i epell. . uI'C, 1
1\'h ': (), ;;g ' t,ou'1 :: oi c-;tta l-ih:tl (
:I I :11alm. tiNyt.-slie'v tit h-l is
II (., li ll t'sl i i (l 1 iLti ii .le.
11 ti: I ' Iti ll W " (*t1unn h (h '('(,::1'
.11 eDI o a'tal)' to, ~":l li'. p +p:('. I'('i"l'tr a
'ir lctigitl. I't tl ta : is Itll ol_ 11(
d.\ t devi t h t i - ult. t the, 1 : la e
'I a t ( ' (; ill h {I'It (I Iot"('In
I thin u hit ali (ffi(-<-.iv-e, s-st( llie r-it
ol!dI(Irc then. I'his is kaet;yI w}hI t .
'cci1ic i lLg .ilg' 1111%.OIC le
Iu Il I not d Arive prompt id( sat'sf
Ilr o' f fren o f the' Ilse of e r i , w r
at once to Dr. Iiatill i itiVing a ru!I sti
menit <. your11" s', ai hl - will in ,leu:
to giue y"I: hi \t:ablh- aV:i gr;tis.
A\h-et" 1)r. I lartm;. President of 'I
Hllmn .4atit;u-iumi, ('olul1ahu(s, 0.
lIe( religious art t( will he dul
1amng as w o proa i No. Hord a A
l'actirl r a tic--nings. _- b
'Iso'n Cure For Cotsumpition is an infalf
Imediine for esouhi lil cold.--N.
.e.i:t:, Ocean G irove, N... Feb. 17, 190r
\'ain\- iagin ii brw sing C
teth iniser" thiin does har reality
Burial Sermon Aroused indignat
of Friend of the Deceased.
A writer in the oston Transie
describing "Seruh Oaks," a set
ment of uindsalir people in Sot
thec hat he thone of theet
thel( afors tof hi frind. spoke Srn
aml( or thetapint tat thorld A
iha' reiingo a tootin his heaip
oand twentyking of a rye,th'
Someia apido Treersnbe
inhi fateto raese knwnd toli
nghdly flaives ofthe "Speru Oake
ulr,wth 186,30 statin aScolusl.
"An iv av o obtthtth
1\r--- (isa eqal o gnshenga
tarth wiln nel! (Thls waus toouch
o lP--,it anko thex inmateof
depa~ted nd the strd favrbl
fouindtate te eloiofthe istevi
11ithatlo aigh backt and foracr
th.eglchrc green and esitne tol
it. hasc to ovlle diretions litme
asknd lihth huhto h
mes stonitfiend Drave prtt
from h .tld a banklich ,t"ey
rawn forit atrtnta the jogda
rater tweisrty; II ye s Ihy~il
The stet tra mvelaer nd isi
wih ahes tvhie rollingac dont
re thf 18,30 miles a second.
The earts thaelinrcumferbce o
.th whnlatone rate con or.
i!it( trith t erh's atnext ine spetd
vlity Under he mist faoable
anlumaeits vofty the stasaeko at
astralinihtbu in vairactlecios
merapihy thn tharitan. ,w
itohas travelsm in waer 4,0 ell
hone leon;ing l'ht.0fetAm
m etvs tometime te prifett
Whn balhmy art oait fligt ita
SO(aweefrom the0un towrwhh 2,000
dawcndby,t acoraington they jog af
gh un te oefse n a
l Pkedacwh el hcher rofln Mon.
anfthey passctver poe o th
Thle ehtraels in tiorbit broohlb
thesendats the raenjaive 1 mile
aanuto the earti's atofphlleepwia
veoctn tof over thmes a sec0oW
admofthe stasar knon to c
thoseln citina varousdirtoions ein
moes rapdl theiaon act. Tes
Scndt trayl nhate 4,90 atet
ever leave thae touzzre ot thefe
aispeed of the0 will, an lay'cl;am
sepd anwhieresto Th0 to2,00(
The trfyprinutiv oer o mne
Bton boto $400re2,000,anret wil
thhe granstatesma life wto eah
evor ben fal to carry'at h moa
the thrit potntero hmasnowvincrea
I e. 1lan 1.T .
I ' (' ( may ihtl I n te ; :)tes a (iay at
t'e4llar } <-r{i ir. \\'! -:! a; 1)I'.) -'
I11h. tl:l FI .:;tIti.:i:,rt :: +" y( it(h :taip.:;
:;w\' -' 1 (lo\ ( r "t"; .iL;lh aS latill I!hush 1b;
peri " day to I:; t:wH. I. E ry 1int ' :
the ' s :nIt.( ; ut 1>i 1w '. arnd :ome'
of I t 1) ir~ Aii i % w3:1 te . :'il ,\wIIl' (:1:14.
Crea' -y'ilkl" \ vi pot 1I+)+'th s not+
S(mlil t, ,atI'y hm: r. bit Inua1
Jiv t' all :113. ; ! ! ) Itlart' fuui:. li
(:'3''Il t 3' proi i' e'r 1 w itt a li :.i
c";i(:r'+. yol , l, of J:u ' ize. Kali
("or1 is t:tti1t gr"iil\, " tay; luitg r
ill the' 'itelt's, crop .1'd'411tir("o a I'g
aLItIUo at Of waerl'i ' m 1)o t'1 l :it.
(h'Wrge '. \Itir, in (.)rallge .Jttid
Ne-tI (nlt.t.'
If a 1y all!illlthtl t d t e 11(" ti' lt"' ('
"Ittaul ( itIl'. it is !tI; I . '(ows bitl
th:1 slej). No u;. i: ar 4 s" o v'e:V . pa
Ii('tltil' 1)011 1 he e!+anliintt';s of their
food( andl w\al, r. r .tht:ut th' pla("e
where Ithy li.' I'own). They w;ill +;o
hltngr'y a 101ng HIin :rti t !. un to ("at
iodd(I.r thiat ha.; b.":-n so . :I) any way.
ailt1 al!houn,ti t.t+ t!ri=i .)1ticn in w\in
ter w'tr':) tatti.,- -!r:. r: . t.:("y w ill
g;O w\it h+ut w\a:t:' tt:r d:ay;. or w;ill ("-tt
ce snow\ m invt!t'irec' to 1takini; wa"tt,ri
1 hat is not Ic in :tt.! sweet. I''or ihi..
1 'reas n. if no ib ". th ' TiS sl: hl be
w P t ut( O i I l1-tp 0:1(.15 a t t'i11.
f( I'refilil :(vert( l t e a day, :;(-o) rini
!t it ollt w'",: it Ccf ul or li. y They
!(( wvill ic ' 1;)wn utl o . l,edtiilg, or 1.1.11
tl Iib is ntuhil oIili, t h 11<'y (1t1
} t1O lo.g r t,i . :i'( 1:1). -: I v'en t 'n
1hI y w''\ill mii)1 i+" ;oil btc"or1" ("hangie.',
fo. abtu: 1O t1y to) cit.l a 1wit'r plat''.'. And
lIs- wh'1o hais ne(' :n1t ': r a f!:)("k w'IlI
a" take:( IO w1'llc a!.ia.! ! or .j:jum over 1 aL
3mliry p:a( ill It :" lath. N daiity
I il 1 1 )is more alr' :( ii t s:titI4r) i lv oot!
il- th:i l' . :t t- I, .. 1 m ii its hoI f . No
is ti i' likiig i1 ihe ontly. r e: ol fO'
jiti" them1 '. c l I:ai l'otd anld wa:tl ri andi
dily ey 1e ng i ;;. i thy do1 itut iaV
Pe- [l1' 1 . 5 o - i rifty, 31; "
ac. tl("th and h l lcm .it-k, if I il('y havel not
ite (iUnt' So altealy.
iC.nplnt lconnI);i' in wVinter.
he Th"r hturying of (:hb ('ages lads dowln
-- al roots tip is .1 mistak'. altoolgi
Ith O c'ustom1 is an old onte. W'Nn t:l(
hi d i arc haet i rile and tie girounld be
("omes f'ro/en the enbhages are com
plttely S('aied( ilup and ('an:0not. het used.
h Later. a1s the grondl thaws. ilie hea(ls
i)egini to rot, and a lart'ge pl'Oportionl of
Ihem are lost from that c'aulse. The
prope(r plan is to select a high loca
tion. Open a iow witi a one-horse
Y plow. put the eaghal;'es ill. roots down
aund heads (it., placing tac'm close 10
Ion gether, the heads slanting so as to turn
water. Next. make an1ot.ter vow',
ipt trowiing the dirt .)in tae roots of the
tie- ('Ilhab ges in 1the first row. Wien all
i- the cnbhage's ar14 put inl they will he
of in1 a1 (compac1t mas~3s. Pilace straw' on thte
md1( habi :and4 hoardcs on tihe strtaw,' to
her , shed ral 1)in. 1'3.1''4 fprfrrd the'i labbagi's
'rjmay he( thulls late(d under01 a sited, an1d
uie 4.o4vered( wvith0 straw~~'. It the loots are*
an te cabbat:ges will Ic ailive. the stalks
the wvillI give 'rolps of' sprtits for eariily
rs"I' green)s 11n the spin g, anId not a hetl
ate wanited. whet he:' 1he groumi1: is f'rozen'
for fact, thiey3 will keep1 iln 543 'a gotod conl
the dlitioni ats tot beginl growing in Ithe
the s l 1ing, if 1not dlistu, i n he thei effort
vas to1 produce10 seed.
0ss spraying~ to Kilt Chartocko.
la- Tn a reQcent experIimen1t miad.e in1
mel 1Itlind inl spIrayinIg withI sulph);ate (of
re- ('opper1 01n a tieldl 0of 12 acres'0 of grain,
las thte walt.Or for' spray43inlg was b,'lght
ian two horses anti a miant. Tfhe ma.'hini
for r'equlireone ho(' e, a man41 and a boy3.
Un ldEr1 theose condition th1 1le cost of lai
b)0r was r'eckoined am 633 (Cnts per1
aere.~ while the sutlphate43 'ost eighlt
* ents1 a4 j)ound,( anid 1-2 poundios wvere
hit. used4 to ten gallonts of wvater', o' 100
the ptoundis. 1Fifty gallIons werec used per'
Itae1' r, n:akintg 3the totai COSt. ot t he
d a spray43ing $1.3I6 per' aerte. The fieldl was
tihe btadly infIeited wvith0(l chack, somle. 0f
wiihl was alread3(y-'ini Iiower0 01' seed.
to Ther'e w4ere( :aso un' thiistles. As a
'1ir. re'sul t. 933 percent of) those54 whtichi hatd
me ntot rea(lcedI the flowering St age wetre
cal de(strioy'ed. and1( 63 t(1 703 percen0t of
ith those' that wer'e in fult fl ower. Mos
be- 0! tite thist les were also des1-trloy(ed
and13 pos1 1)1 blyloc insect804 lfe. The
tst, appition41 was111 nde about tw wV ~ eeks
ace too( Ia te for'443 obaiin g the best5 reC
IUre stilts, as it sitouhl I have been' (done
mlg v.be :the114 chaloLk hadi made its first
tehl r'oulgh irav1' .'. The14 oats mayit have been1
ter, in.iur 1ed some1(. 4as theoy were o lar: ge
III, thtat they~'011 ha v1ery Ibroad4 leavesC. If
utnl the' work hatd been done 3 w() weelm
of earilier this woubldt ve heent alvoi(dd
and( the 'bt!ia1(k woul d have bJeenl
ind more31 thooughty 1.' illed. WhOere' it
s a was :3 so I:lge the spra'1yI filed 1(o rearn'
ige 1(o)e11 f ith lo)'.wr le'aouves' and( dlidi not
al kill Ithe wh'Iole plant1.
be 1h u io for' the Shnep F-'aarm.
en 'Phe uist of ('nsiIlage for w.~inter' feed
I ng of sheepii is 1becom1 ig more1' and1(
l1(re te prti'(te4 aniong succe-(ssful
nie shephlerd(s, and14 many 1 whlo hatve usted it
claIm 1that it Iis jutst as5 valuable fot'
an-a sheep as8 for diriy cws. It is 111 all
otpr'obability the (cheapestt ftod that. we
ecanl gIVe 30to atteing wethiers 0or breed
inig ewes. Thel on ( impor13 tan1lIt p)oitI
about11 It for' eweS is tat it mu14st be
aibsolutely Ifree fr1omt al 314111t. If
spleId in thle leas.~t hit the ewes-t re-'
f Is fuse it.i If poperly O41ce and1( swetI
th1e thley wvill etit I as eatgerly3 as they will
Clin fr'esh gr'ass. Their en1joymtenit of' It is
Emd no more' nloticeable thanil their1 apar13
febh ent nourmishmet friomn its use0. Some
of timtes at flrsqt the ewes will not take
era 1 kidly 1(4 ens1Ilage, lbut it a shot tIm111
usi.- they ('an lie indutced to) eat it. ThenI
de- they acuiriie a taste for' it, alnd there~
has Is no f'ur'ther' tuble.
)4rO- OtIher' food schouild be given) to weth-'
to ers fattenIng for' mart,1o and1( when a1
I of pr'oper' liixl ture of ('ntihige. ('0rn fodlder'
sod [a11( a little whole ginI Is fed themt
'm daIly, thley odo bette01 .than11 if kept on
Ivo, grain alone. One t-,' arriango thIs
as milxtture a good deal er.o ding ty the
amount of each 011 hand,bu e
IN.'Id gra,l' sheep
11nsUg(I' a.; w\'ll as th(
i!:t it sllo:ilI Iot h).'
<tltaltl itI(s. ('. 1)'(ially a
:1it r ' o :Itl in I \\'iti i tgit
nl- z:( -'. :t, t il wtiit t it , 'h
i I l i )u i' fa t i111: p' a
11'1' t":;t Ini1\t 1 :w . Ti:tt ::(
t ' 3.,:11 ltl.;llin a ..; r ioI1? I:i '
1 .;IIoi < ' -i1(:ho h he (A
;: ' il itV !.-(14p!er ti?n:l? ty\. A
lth::!" I::'0n prO : '! !-uIC(('Fs,
1't: i j t t i hall a p)Ii ! 1'
ti' i : l: i'y . : 1(I )el tlt d <)O 11 a(:,
.'I' I\\' (1)1113I~ 4t1::3( I 3 1(
.:1'( t'wo f.8t ni :.1t , Ta r.i
IIrI.ty' iI3tre i a he sat::acor ':a 3 r
X\'uir llt-:. P . S mtit, ino11 .\".'s
1f t I : lt O ht :j)(c':. (1 I h:'32 II: a ]II
:'13 :1 j !lI :4h3 na 11. i' 31 ;' : i~
!::1'I( . to ;11 i, )\\ t11 3 43'l' ' ! t 5:a l. I ':
C aI't il I :11'111 (I (l I3313a ) iio I:It: ~': :1::
3 ' 1 n'' t 11 1 i 'r ;: l. l':lt'il'?' ': 1n(rv.
1,1i ' 1: lit e x e td lth\t a hi y
! ?( - r( 1 aI 3 : - :w O1' 1 l tanI l !' ' i (
ll: :(t :11111(. \iI ; I t'l c. o..1131 I.(i fura :l
I p(I Il 13( ' \' )I(3115::'.1 :!: 33 3'II '! 11'(c ti
hill r : ! : "t l t i :) iu' r ' 13 'ls l l( i t.'1 :f
11'h '13 l 3''IItrym: ('n w :) th l13 -11in. On H
13'' is I a : I t t (1 ;( , h'si ( \ r. ime 1
Ill (' n I w1 . h ll a r ': (1 a!'or ' ' .: i -
lon1v1 1) o: ltrya fIs m. .: 'l re' (no111not ex
. bt,hey ' s1 1 he11:1 i fr'5 .:t i n d1'I1 -)
Ir 1 i t;d l l ll 'Sd.':'. t l : (i.0 l l :" do'
(n. :et ll:r i at ol h :. I the h ns
f i r = ' I ! d ' . ( ,11 1 ' 0 1 1'l ; t ha : : e i ) : ! : : : :
( i1!:1sIel lit- 111 :1)3 a tiitI:,:1(the pr" 1:1: 1 '
. n lt 1 m'I':!. l . :l'r:1 r :- 1:1 i ,
lllt!1!:inl' : il:t( II a (' .1 aI' f_!V w! ":)
h ttt)(, i'1 3 )' '.' i i '.' I f ,tI lt 'e:: ~ g;
aI:It I.:II'tl.' s: t 31 ill' :t!I Ilis of: (tlt'
foo'li r i it \? i lpaye : o; t a 311 431 :
l:1h'11 Ia Orl \ 1 ( 11i;' ar 't.i l'.a I n(31 \ ib'.
()1 1 11111( 1 (I ift I1)1( 3)11"01 1 1 (31' ,aI IX I I jI '
silt pill : n ::!h:ii :lit a 11 (3I ' 1. 1i
V.n yi -:a;- wh(1r C 'o h\r; .t a 1: 1 ate s:)l-,
11111 'ufi I t1.I ' ()1in f Ois th. i so l 1123
t. :In' :u1t11 that pa:c: (!f 11)1t )
i:vI l;o rtl y ilusOy ('h1 Ip':il.e1 I :' 1(I
(Io . i thu-; obtain. oly ) I h -ts
shi agoed all'he will (t, a '1 Ih rl(
11)131 (ilal (' a m11 ini i o tgg t hat
willi I ior i s ! )11 I(I 1111 the w).:1:ad ag It": :
for I11 i(n ubllI iY b -.l r' r 1b01' 1 I" 111 1 -f
:011t alum din t h !:ly ;i ll, an patI('h
1)n ; oa less wll n s (11( hl i: for l ai -
ion" 'l. it is het 1r to b il he l ot a ( -
<IIt , di n 13 a ( 0 mt1, at i tll'un 1it ('s01
I(er s thells help w'otn rl'Iy iio( sho lll
bm tcmpt I'fr? 1 lt f0)\(; Is at all tilm'es,
a'e\ n if isn1 ( has to Send 1aay for themIll
:1nd( = :y the frl-Ight. They conitainll
i.'Oent of a' rlhonlat 1) ' of lime and wh(-n
they arn fntl muc("' I..ss other food Is
I(t;I ed to f rn il the 111(1.tial for
2 ;g shells. Dis o'e (11f all the h11(ns
oer(' ' 1 WIl yeai' old and(1 the supilis
coceI.('t''I::, and by giving the(. pull('tS ('x
tratIcare to in111t1'c. ' early laying, We
ShaI i(l he able to geT,Ilt a go(ld S11p1.
of ('t;;1 through;i the winter; but t.here
is littlu. p It'fit in feeling old iinn5 1at
wootn't b ' oin hav n n til f Spring.--1 %iia
fu2d i.ly1n,inl Thel! E itomist.
is0l ito suppOly~ ean ee e ns 'of byltn
Itoodwhhve been)1lelI /L(l011 exhauste h:11
1cont11itnued 23 crping31 of h l. 31h'Co
I ontai more of11ad I onengreien poah pIn
tood l;)tn i th'(ohers for10 ex0ampcte
sut in;l ixhusi thesUS sol ( o1f3 usdnt
one:t at0 'lemen of p1ant (0ood. th0u:1h thea
othery13 (wo are'I preten in; amtl quanti) l
1130. 11131muslt. fo nder')simul~'3 tht all
thr11e of'0- the 0 )lom-1food ig t'0iien11ts
Irolp to1 111 1g11 11 the psiedeeolInt It
3)'nly1)011 enoug potash foo 2014ulhely2
busIX or3' 1 l111 s w(31014iVll rnade. ' Theplant
foodtelemIfets111 -fnod tae e (ofher1
~vNow, if bea crta s iy stem of(1 Icr113
01ing,1 the3 tendenc is)3( t'1I-IJo remve or
of ell ingr111ed.en than113 hf the't oher
i appearsCII plin vat 0ne2'. odrs
itlds(1 1)1. 17exaple suppose4 ota~toes
arei grow year)C tw aft yea 1)n0 the same'~
$ ~,5'
p. slaijef
V C'/
4 .,
-~ lot
Shoes In Anier~ca roy $1.5
AItICI a SEa Ii. ~ I'~~%I ti
VO5~ ('AN (~E'riaE~Y~. 0 0
a~ Uclatica by teutra~izlng tbe a~i
bitter tb&u the beat bicoS ;wiIicr. All bici
a tho fall-winter of 1000 1 wins uullik'le
that! had to 1180 ft cane t.0 (155180 (US) In ii
( noeiase 10 my thigh, sand tho only l)OSlti
3 gut Out in trout of cue, whuim in a ICE
IC ot' t.h dlsense, I began troustinent at once, I
NI.'. .1. 'I'. l)ostor, of Oreonillie, ot' tho ii
liii EUMACI LIE." I puiebsisod a bottle ft
I laster t lint It 3 bottlee (11(1 lint CU~C lilt'
butt 15 I'c~lievO(l 1(10, and I have had no (JIZC
W. A. las, linor, who lived hero ut the till
of s'lai~usnatisin, 5(11(1 for sIx lYcekEs iiui.l to 1
S use of aevorail boil lea of lilt l~rMACi I)l'~. I
hag hysielun who is a grst believes' lii Lii
Orally. J. 1,. 0. 'i'IIOM I'$OS'.
All l)ragirii~t~ or c'cprc~ ,.*.I:
Bobbltt Chemical Co.,
I Which?
A lean and pola;li-lau ogry soil,
~v'a~tcd %ced, wasted labor as;d hi Ic
gills-A MORTUAtJLi. Os', plenty of
in the fertilizer, many bales and a
busy gin--A BANK A~COUNT.
Write us for
'I'hey are
money win- '.1"
ners. Wc mend .1
them tnt to
iaarmers. ' I
GERMAN "~~' .~ 1~'
03 Nn.~,s.m St. I
SWiFT CR~IK Stock and Dairy Farm.
~1jS Ua.Ofors Slarge ntambewg~t
~~u$00iOU~jre~ lUored A J U C
eta 'aplo date bla~o,i
5.. AOaSrlc' . Pulls 10 I~ Ii
ntiS Liii ol 2500 )itt5~er4.
SI'II'l 6!htiCk Oil VI 518.
'C'. V. ZIftA S'. s,LI.. it'D.. BlSleboro, N. 4~.
*~ ~ 1'a'ro ac'o D-opa'yan di~nco'x.
pUotito ft&poLbaltJ isa a' iA~oaLV
3'oRrswit~I tt.o mo'~t wan orl'aA
and Iavoinredinaeyt~but~ I
D3. U. U. GEZZU'O 801W.
* Box ii .Mlanta,Oa.
(iood for the Sole
Red Seal Shoes
-'t - hSi:' :tr .ipp
: - \\ (ll-iflftort11.di alid tttt
- / cau.e it a :ts withltt ti
ctons, ai it is \'l/i' fl
- uu:liit\, or su
t"i:: . -' jh':.v \;11t to t
".". V iu 1w : ii N
: l ~ ~ , ',' ffill:i
- il - 6 \ F'i ,rs ci: L:
I ,i .
t \ r*-JNi.---,
Lig't as a Hcal in t A crt.
htt \'vt'w of thl. l;r(wsina Iiportanc'(
<of th',e A.'pp11 ( i 1 ) 1f light i's a henl
ii.. 13'r iin i ('- i1i in lll(al :wtiitce t:):
I:t (eial ' <( i gr ' s:;l'('S:; which r' :i ly n-4 ai
011nd!11 at \\t':"iel' : i vi' -d I'Ir(:. II!
(;t' (Copf,en'lhag"t) 1)e tren't ia ))*1 10 , oin th10
H un g p u r p o s ,( ' s n t ' r e ( ' l u d i n g : i t v, ( 1h e m .
i(':! ('ffec'ts. 'it' r(':ulls ()')taii1r h-'
this methlod1I ill cases of stna Ilpr.. aIe
(or(ilg lhri le 'tr r, are i ii at.
the t 'sti(t;t is ra)-;ti w t her th1.
i t tr1'atn: e'::I sha!I not h;(' m,l"
1t4 ar~t us i:a3J3 teM i 34. ii r.3; E i i.-. o
en:. d o f~hI ;:epas, bt ti'.m tra r: it o n
ht!- eni it.ii e : tiP 1141I0 irsi:->hm.13 il a s e
taply11)1 tih oWbt tre3o ad
duo pit n.e. tcIzI, bra. n t off sa.
to roovni30rlIfy.tIiatteib
beiwflru ornishUn-:)03st i t.u n k t.
033 in 3U id* the bloadd iving thim 30 of 3!te..
ii dt rhaue iayield p l r e::;l o thistg rt r::: .
I with Sc Iinic ih)uma itism,ver Ll mucks
0 ktaan bUpon it g owt, Ater wa
) Win wh4)ihlICe ioudbenr' h anyltg was
m)t, reci.v ed nou rliefu l inuedb
om them undrte guaant.00. Mr
the money wo ldbeorefunded.
To C1) a ottn Gtia neversatac
We wasrnuacuedeb the t mlt n
00eyof ottn rI Mcineo.n Cnpr
In ileWord, alythme. ..
We also make
Linters for Oil Mills,
Engines and Boilers.
We also 80l1 overytting necessary to complete a
Modern Gianing Outfit and furnish our O!us
tomars withi full det?Iild plans and ma
terial bills for construelion of necessary
houses for our plants without extra oharg-.
The Continental in Comp~any,
Birminghiam, Ala.
Die or Hemorrhoids
whetather ittini:, bedzingt~ Or protrudinig, promptl13y
relieved and poaenty cured by liny i1:n thodl wihout
knife or (ltp a.v measutres. Wtrite mei fully regard
ing. your <:-- ar. I ill advise you hones3ltly ini the
imatte r i. nUhationi fre. P'riceo n i tament com-l
plete, only '.01. Saitisfactjion gua.mteedc( or mfoneCy
refunided. Wa.rite today.
Dr. HI. Ni. TANNER, East Aurora, N. Y.
E"m"';" I'Thomps on's Eye WaterI
lea sant ly,
a Laxative.
.i'; ! the culturedi and the
' htalthy, hucaute its oil
plrlt in . \hnhw,,;olc and he
i:t,rliin tlhe natural func
tr- ll r _ e'erV oljtec tionahle
is tu\e. In the proce"ss of
1! ti''s ale "'d, iS they are
the ta.tc, ut t,- m.-dicinal
I;tl) f ar (ohtaihwd
II. 11( ( 'tInhinadti(,n1 of plants
Tll"(l iiuall\ Iax ti". utlci toe
y rap 1fF0 reotie
": i llil ti l of a l S
Wh aly
Maw York, N.Y.
J1ir 4cent.'3 pet- bLe.t
%,To wf1 T oB (A & mIAL RAT(S
~ir i6. 5TA0N K
MOUS- 1 N. T i X. COLUM(3S.GA.
Sold at all DruOstoros
Gncineo s;tampd C C C. Nwt-d 1: bu.h..
''acmethiltg 'put ts good." 'e-- - - -
I Sllt( Tert'< I i fl<> a
also at coatdl tongu,Ie. S'ince
Itaillyi*. 1'ij)OllS Tahille.:, I
ha e grownV1 he)te ano1 ;Iun.11
il1 I1; l early' Well.
Lhc ~ At druggilts.
l'h -ive-Cent paceket ta eno:agh for ani
ot:al rv1 tVocenIon1)0. The0 Iin inily but t
60 eent, conta.ins. a -an1.ply tor .i e,r
a . , . )fetn' '..000 i.
Hothle 'aratostur Free,. 4.032~Ie T 'l .
Cull.\ J)j) *io . a% e, III n--1
tor's I id l 4 ( I zo I": fr an
( 'I1'T liot'iRi lini vE44I*4. 4
fleater, $2.25. Coal, 75c a Doz.
-r n1 I1%E 14)., 1.unv 11L.:, -ri:n.
Capsicilm Vaseline
Put up in Colilapsible Tubes..
A Mibitnie for aneti 'It e4rior to) .\ tird or
anyl o,ther p!n1I'' ter, and wil no1 ,t h t ) ihninost
debente skin. Thei pini allaying anud etuatv le
WeI re41' nnen 114 t as thle bestt and' 4afest 4ex
le,uual 4'tinert(I 4'j4Iig i Lt. I I( o, ~ g 14 1 41(4n e
plant. A lI inl wvi l pro vi wha eca or 11 it.
ritiII wi b e fountuo be'1 lI4invh 1bb in thei
lh,t:1eht4IN4. .\ iny lppl 'say "I l t it best4 of
P'rice 15l 'es , at all diruggkit, or other de ilal
ers.or. by~ 14ending thug I1>nunnit1 to us. in prstalge
stnp ewill 'tend you a4 ltube by:i mil.
Noarti le shout1ld he a14ccptedI hy the' 1 pblIo
unlo he.,11'5 sane ao rrIes our Ilabe!. a1s4 otherwise
It is not4 genin~lie.
1'7 State Street, Ne.w Yorik City.
UJEI lIt ALL lb ' o.
IlcsL Cough 6up. Taxie4 (011 -S
intm.' 9 Id I t

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