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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 08, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-01-08/ed-1/seq-2/

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There 1r 1n1 :::;.;:: :'s lot
Not t'nt tlil to o art i ll :mt'tl 1 a
y 1111h1 asp:I;i:rtiantls tr. t!e ' t - "Tv
or of, Il:t' llains"' r :,lijr. r!.t : rb
A har in- liiah. N. Y w\a.; a
1'csta t s:I:t tiniet"Illr. u:Ain', the1 i
to w\'el for:' St .:-'I ttl ;lt l1n'r . I (':4
1 ;1 1t1h It ;-",!: rally it'tttrchl tl :Illcd he4'l
tII na: 14 \;ii:t t h:u-h r: ,l .t'(
,h <' <'1'!Illt", .
\h'ial aw ui l it' ei ne (44':. Iuti'
al I tt th ies rleI likelt' 1 e i f ii ' ll I Ih
iii' 1n' li;'s, [ :tgilt' I I - slittelc r44t \
squatltons iif 1uton0 bil 44 \4 iry. '
Inna1hinll' ('(4:ippedI w\ it h a ra,I>l ir
'I' l l t I l ! t t l ! t1 1 " I I' i; l i ' 4 t l '1 ' l l lca \ '
'rl rl I4he lithl tC o4 ': 11 :I I I\'ity c 1 4 t4
: l 4l 4.' . : ;. 'el r ' .o' ' tt t' tit'atll
w\'" -apons8 t:! lti: ; t:Ili'r ". 1.: 11;:l'y lilt
-r i l 1 i . '..'-' . '('ii I :(l i 1 '.li
\ :r't j .'\" ! lt' i.1 :' t' hi . \ :
Il;;i "l i '"I ': 111 l- .- i i , . \ t'
.tt' !.r tt" ;4 4 t!llt I;I. (4 !1;; ; '. t t ' I:::
I . " Il:.ll t '\ -: t, t ' l \t :. h i h u.
;4 l. 14 il it t,rr, 'I i .h ti\, 1 o "
:! I4 iF : ' It. It' ;' tih I:. I1 . 1 t:
t .: 1 '~ ttr Ii.. 4 , . t' "\ - 1' 4;:v1'' '
1"i i: 1 .:: m . T rI; 111 . ' 1'. - l
lilt \. 44 i l 'li"" '., rr" i1'i 4 i!''.: . 4 \\ 'I't' 1;:1..
I11 4ilI," i?1 t. .. I1:1111 tll~ 4 . 1~' I 4.
t ' " t'' !1 :1; I. 11 [li t j ; itl ' : I 1 .
4Ir h 1. , ::11;' , 1 11 n 14 \. r t h
' 10 l "1 lii-i 1 1I I i ' iu tlir It ;t
In u 1 t,,ltc i i ji:iii:ll If . 1"Ig ,:t n l l i
Ihlil b 4 :4 1t I.:w i th I' l ;tI tI'
l":tt ll:t 414'1 :11 in tlIn Ijta ii4 ' . 1
1 I \':':1\ h 4 : 4.4.444 4 in 11 1 'il. i :,t ll ; .
'h' r ;111 I.lalh ) t ha4 'o4 I ' r m ly 1
I44 I 1 '(4ll 1"to lb 1 : b-l i . l'I lr m.I ith
1..l4 ' ll l : \' 1b 1 4'' iI. I l ' , w>i ;
f i l144' 1 .\I ' l y :. ub..1 ' : 1 it .
I T h :111 Il' r b I;I 4 I ; i ' l .1. . 11 1
1"'3' Irt t-l I -l.l1 11tt' 1 1h t''1 j11I ;4 .:
ieloitca t u v y n ;I t'h 1.:t I:i1a- :'..;'.,
i4, 11h h ory i' 1 1 41 .th ,i1 I I, It I tiro: 1- t
'' r t Itt t n tlt h , r Iep t nlit-:, in r!e1 ponl:
..I It !' i rh :t'IIIe - h w e h
l.l' l4 ll4 lt'1 l' i l'th:- tt g i p r i"'l: tIs ft .4 li
in 't h i s 'i :s 8..3 1
W .il 1 r '.,. I i 1 .' i i 4l14.: 1 Ilr, .-.\ i
:t27?.I 7:1.4;::1. 44444n1:41 44 \it. $';1 .-1
:.s. in 14n44. 4 :ni 4 o41 $44:10.1;.7. 14, 44
\ 'ipl4 Il4'4 ('i 4::4'oe ' --u'4':4alser4 fa 4414
b 1i44i 14 44u 4'. 4 i 'nn4 Iin 44 hou 4 1
114h' .,444 44an4.1 4: e 4' u.,'44. 1 4 lupy . Thi
4'4ti441iId,44b44 i14.i i 4 i 4wn nii
\4 4l4. .\ 44nan4 wh' <44444 4n1al ;$:1;:44 I
f'su41444. 114e has a4 gen4ius$ f'or savin4g an(
hidinl1g mone414y. 'The 4'(bbler'4 may43 ha11
l'4''n~i for1'4 14 giu ilutl toturning44 i14
4-'.verybody 444 his 1 gifts ;'un''' 144, sN,'
\44a'Ir tohi( is,r4l4. heN
4'tation4. atI 81. 1.444is. .\14.. the 44h1
Ilighlt. The4( wa1ggish4 14ri'Inls were44 14
:.'4mbltl inl great14 numb441ers. The4 444r4n4
were'4444444'40 4r4alte4te i 'il1ons4. (444
hig $team1e4 was~4 the' legend'44: '.144
44414'Tied4 and44 a4jing 444 8444 th4 $igh4
didn1'1 1thinh1 that4 4his banner41 was4
11444 44f his ha4gga4g' 4,( ''4 --ri'ed.' sh1
w44 8ay4.4' "'I4l-4ered4 w44 it1hri4' 840444
41144d a4 411e ('rowd'4. 'Now,4' lt's hav444
no4 more44 (4f th1is.' h4e said1( 1ha11 in1 jos'
Wis the4 4ma44 justified4'4 inI "'pullin1g
('oloradto is r4onti of1 "'hly3S" 41am44
reIted'41'4 to a great ahinidance1('( ofI thl
has Its "watermel'on4'141414 da.' (11rand4 Ju144
1(01on its "'pnen( d4(ay.'' (1lenwood4( spriig
118 ''stra4wberry (1ay,'' and44 sco on. L on~
mont44. lnot to4 be0 (414 4lhme. ('ast abou4(
for' somet1Iihg 14) makel~ a1 daly, bt alas
in, thle a1gr'icu4Ilttiral 8('4t.10on of whi414
t.he wa'4s lho (Centre ther'4O was no oni
priz'ed produ4ct; t hey wer'e all! priz'
l4rodu4ct. It 1s almos(4t futIle to to
the alze of vegetables gr'own aro0un1
L.ongmnont, for' nobody3 belieCves It whoi
told. For that very re~asoni Longmnoi
wanted to got the peoplek thr 144O 14)4
for' themselves. URna4lly It occurred 4
Somle astute1 mind1( that th(' Loiinmon
ly success8ful i tii e manipu411144ation)4c
pum'(pkins11, the sm1allest specimuens~ (4
bus11hel b' et. S9 "pumlIIpkIin day'' wa
establtshe ~ At -toe eelebra'(t1on 13
notalbIo cooksl 'of Lon4gmnt madlhIe :iOl
p'umip]dn pies for freo seri".fs to e
pie'-2'4rgry vlsitors.
An nt:11:ouis 2it:!tu; ' in w'rld politics
1i th--2 I:tr'(e <4'4i14' ( of r"(v IIlt; 10w
rlonfr ntln ::'::;ry alil Eurp a1n1'11 COUII
Aftrr :' rs t)1 ''d(eav;ot21r a I::):.
in Ii o4 uini I;:ltinl, I ll., ha: ; pro !t 1 :- !
o ireh-'4I:,s 242ano. but2 the toutl.. I c
1' h \111t- I ':"ti 'o ' 11 t , t:Ir . l
f1 I. II ! \ 1
Ilrn'f b e.lievo1 Il'1' 1 -;>4)!1' t:li(thi!'
:;.'d 4 t l, and o, '4i'. ; I lt 1 44lur
who1144 i.:y" Ih:l 1h( iilll.:it.:: ; C ) yo th
n1 rnl'n to dI: ;:l,loi nl,1 4 -:it in (id1 t1 g .
t III fIui+ I' nt lii' t;1- 44* I w l - . bmf
r i is \. !hat t:;I hw' I ' l" w;' : 2 n44111 :l' r
ass t.1, lite Chr'i:Sian .-i r
O Ilt. 2 <I 4; II '11 .I I)' I :'l 1444 ;I4 .
I"l'ran e(' :,s. : (j 'r;eIna:. i-.; in 1(tla
sin. -I:.; in .\II-,l rj:1 . I, :tutl in liia y . '
i i 1a ' t.f r' lI i " ' bP l-. i
/ 't: t l ill (i;, II :i I 1 : : '! \
i a . t) ! t .;; t
to I .:I : l t 1 li'. ii1. :il .".1
I ti r r' l I b''
t .11111 " t l ." 4t , \\ t;
! :Ii 1 ;.i 11 , ." ! II ' " ' ,
" il. ..\' . , -t
" ' : i I I4l : 1 . 1 i ' ' ,4,' 1 '
1e t ', I
4t) \ II . .. "I t l . ' r ' 1: ' '2 1
- 1'
tl t" I I, 4. '4 (\ I It Ii 4 i'' 'I; 4t'I
!l t I,44 '1 '1 :1 !I) :1 III' .'1 I,
1" r: '! t1 i I I I ' tt ''. '. , ' ' Il l l ' 1
4'';" '' II :1 11'' ', t )( ' "4 1 1: 1 I' ''11 : II
1: I : " t l 1': 1111. ' II 1 :1 . i'-- 4'4'1 : I 4
I" Il lt It t 1111 IIt4 . 2 '" 1!:13 in " "I I )))
444' 1 ''I' II IIIII ' I I I.4 I4 I I'i4 11) 114 11 1' II
I 't Ih 1 : 11' In ll ti )IIl I44 ,1It"I'. II
tu', ''1 :"4 244 l \'2 hix'' 1 'I -ml4 14 In
;t)I 1 '1 4444ll lllllt ~' 19 andi ' 2
2 i4rin:, I Ill I"'r 'n1' Si l 2'I'vtilu itttl It '412
.t ,2 4 b'2: i i II ' i gI :tI 24I 4. -iI ti 1 i 1
l il:d 1111 w4 ';te i ' I hi1" lig bhijc ingh
'4nte. The42'1444 l Iion wa 2his'l41 44rom44241h4
:4at41'l the4 4uass-.1:'. 4f 1144' Swi.'2ss gua2:-d
l4r4ing: the P-'r4n1h re'V 4h111ion1. It is
i1112t4ed inl4441 844 I'round4in4gs abov4e4
.4r41i4. 21nd4 water444 is I ri4'kIlng throu441gh
11h4 82;41414s44n4. wh'i 1h1 is inl42 dangerl of1
'4ruuh4lIilti . .\n o \I'4'I 2 uggests8 11b:11
Ih Ii i on141 in-4S i.1oa 441.
\ "'I'nited' Sta21t4 P-'ond IPh-u-in;442-4
wa4n84 N4. 'I'lln oflli th 4 Illioi. food124'44 oin
1.2;41 des4'ription of424h' varit anl2ima~l,
8- vegetabh- 444 141jl2114 ;Wiiinin4rl 1btn 4' used414
4'P' anel 5h4'i2;t dala 1 t o prove4 Ii urity 244 r14
character211,' lr ;4mount 11 f a4 lullera1441 ion.&
I4'very's 14 efo I 42h482h4 b41 exertje<l8, to 4m;4
24 - hook4'lI ;uuho itati4 wit 4'''he 4 '4442irade.
02o144on42ged body. Ih a44 boar44 of44 812v4'
Somle N4' ew4'IYorkIl 2 ('i4ty4 women4'3 are)
"tuppenny4 211ub44e' or Ithe1( Uncherground.W(
) rowding.11 (It is18 All one by t he ('imp44
than I 80 l) ed 1411. t)l28 b 424r ' anti1heI1' 2un
1)ary. l45'4'pl dot114 some(t' w'2atin4 at he
i pIorners' an Iiin the4 lli0.441. ('of4 h)urse;
11144bu't . 1 the imm1n ' trai{ of 101hesealw
- hrets ciie is40 carried 41 very'48 day' with-4
('I'ut nu1l4h oA th4'i.41 1\nCrnibu com-8t14
Ia wil' soo ('p'2441u 'CiIt. ona Can aeles asul
4' enn1gt 1401ti(d; aid for ay 8t 1carry
i.8assengers at11i P(th riselharged Thea
21 2 44 f44 211 therisasuty n4OYIIxcuse) fori oer
crAowding. Alt104 o f txe nubrg ofrpase
h oer a car104t andlfrequen cars would2'y
'Iie banish the ev71'. The csI4OIy1conne(ll'
124mighftCwl tae 1lIt 1i and fIor als flang
li As aeolel pack(1422 thsemses awayor I
tIln tooPewl tor te company~c1"1 willlfnot
' city of 4l'aris asu disc-lsed the'eICstencel
tofl" a htherto unkw funrtonary
Thc" n11Ieanc,holv <ltl
Tit i sttl'.,t of tl
Of wilinbg wilndy, I
An iui l\l'lo'. I
3101-1 3 'i.., the hel
t ' I in l till ) l !I
'I'l I:3Il illu LII"
Th.v i i,i r tll% to ililti
Andi to th< r:ti
T i 'llhirl :tnItl tit%1
A1,1 I roon tIt .II
And fromt thlt wo',III
' lit 0'.:Il all t ilt
Wiih r" :art' Ii' IlowIr4, ti" ir v,iur :
In br ht.-' r li.;ht. a ii ,it -r airs, .t i.
A I'I th Vy r' tir b ini till ir ;riv' -1.ti
A' r : l iii;; in ;h'-ir tnwly I~',t', with i 1
'l:'- r InI I. fal!!n:: w intrt thll-,- lit, 11.1
: I '1 " 1't I ilr out tilt) g i,c '; g'i artl 1
T iv i 1 Il u\ h'w r in<d ht viulbet, thiev
A wil tht" bri'-r-ro,:i til I thet urt :1.Is 'li
3Itit on tht" hill th" trtbI - r :t_ t l It
Ande tilt- \,iu r! Kuillowtv.r by th't brow
Till the Ir - . r ti t o rtti bei
Au' n lth'lgt s ill their .,11 w:a.
A\ndt n'I\w. w\lh'"n ""' iit'H tiln reillng litlt
T'f --':uI tht..- I,uriirr n' tIl,) b,," frunl
\\'tt ti:"".'',tlui'I t'f tll,l,ijIli. t iti jI
A:ni t wint iI thi :tn'ky li:ht tht w
T h! :+.11'h win.'I rc e for the lit'wi
And i ,l Ilii l i3.''ul int tt \v"u tld it
Ali-1t i li" l i . : %w ht> i:n her v"
'I h'- .:1:,r . , a li''. I' - i.tt giI!w ip~
ili th, '. t. --' rtn w l liItor,
A' I : w e ! ' " . II' \ v j e \: . \ 1 < ! " . ' I* '\t i s h tl
In-2 I :I " ilI''l II i, I'\ .~ It I:ill l
' Y it i - . l l. w :,'1 111 h::: , lik e.
II I 233: i'i l i . ;, h . :tl ti fl . ' ! . tl i o h1 p
2i- 1iii ii'Ii I I ' til lil a 't'" 11 ' 1 , l t l :.;i III3
, i tliti '1 .-lI111 ' '.':I ii ::I1t 1 2ill\" "\i l; '
!l 1. 1i' Itl;: is i s i t IIl3 X'::ioI1 i h l it i a l I lt
\'I' xl Iclr it) a (nl iittuair t. -
\\"l' i ll1i "an llI unr fatlr I"ra'c yuu.3'53 112~
Il' :i ' .I :3 .v 2'- w i. wt
lit- Ii11'1' aty1 a wiii \\' a:;(' 111 v:I lthy(13
w l eI yutl ri h ()\*(-. l ()ule l 11 1, l I -
cil--ra11 ntis, on yu.i '-l.
I l a ,t ug l." :O f sm1rsc \otly. \ctltl -i
\ vItri. s iu t' cl r :aI. i. it wh v i. 'It
w e l t t i \\i e ilut' Ill ail.v ay';il r' n
i O 3 1 31 4;i"t lil:1sw; ri hy di
"t Ifit y o vere d-t i' I only c his (f)s \n
hotyi'-i dl o Ilai mlt' li onair' .'' hy
wIn attx'n "'s yiurathernl'l mowhad yIIu
AcI for." 11. Il ii R.'.i(:Itti 1213ii'ci '1l \Ia.1:.i'
il ary'tc n ong who Iw 'as n'.'at welthy1
wile you reaaig lly ((vedIonepoor as.
\li oiu''cl w il a n11 \\'r l.k w it and
in ilt' ln c a 1hliof si 1n. Why% i
llIeraus il'(t's w)llil you're5 mos it-.
11d1f1 r. (' is 1(21 .1itan10 ty illed.3 ".\ 1'Irk.
said.0 "althou)1h t2(Iy iru Iouy 22a1therI
was3(3 far 2ra bing aj1131 mediocrity.1 1113|
1ci11 d wheId wa11( on(jly lyasj old3.
lInt his xitnIe. rea1lly en:led.hI- s' 23ar
forIso111k hill ob13 name,3'.t forI hIg nfver
a omposed sin(1 gie (thafiglcou after.
11mpl1 13 (you.3 de:ues'It ." 012 (IglO
wagsh' tIlyoun o know. muVch3101 then,1
anll3t- nevero he arl'ow(it all happened.s
thr my's tothere 121oon113 followedtooy
\mhl' 1his 101 21n(1 beIoredt wad -?"
g\\',egar 10 el .\ llrkt\\' 10ar te of the
1)1r3emoft lcomptoas,r fof i' time311g 1"
senyti was 1i 1111don It seemed 11n'uch21'
''1n11n in lt'aris whe the ey had1'l1 beenh3
(lIllow studentI ait 11he t,aservaorto
she, fo h~e3 11ake of2inihin a iusj'i ca
In'a laig thlt gl'o h:e l 13)en3 I re. from (l
hoe, ad her211 doain Iarlnt w132 ol
known-il fhea.e) da'd. eadsm
"nerit aflfection.all The, wofha paurt
You: hep tao work' for11a faiel ad sato
'1 H Ft
)s art C,
to yuear,
tud Me.
>rown1 :r
ow.A of t
tv., lie
Vi', tr e:
Vri'lt.- I
-tct i, %..
I.l \\w1r-, lth:i' Ia :: 'rtinlg a1 tl sttI"t)
-atlte't'-o i -,IIe '
e e tnra.e-' " -r
It fa ra.: I t :- a ' It r; .
tc'l n ii Ii -i" !I:'
itti;t. . lt i N v ' .t:t' ra . t i
inle ith i nae: .'
'l a ittl" th - I-ti C
1i :lta- .:r in the w
'I. ina natu;nnac hee
'li. it lll> th 'ii a I laa
gaaaoa tama:ac cc jl:tI ir gln
dany, i-, Atill - h -I Ill ru ill',
t)ut I lt 'ir weili hi
io:nr.l, tla:h ri l i.- t: a : r' still,
:atert of tlI, rill.
-r w h, -ii fr: r ti;-- ,. I b e ,
til\ tIe' aie I
t't:th:t'. tt:t':t
Indt f;al. h
hen'a im. a.r .
at liitvta' a it:t ' !" i :
hatt, ',i, i:" fr i
rill w\'ilh tie h -
a --: Ic lryata.
it t is : I ' ' " iI , - t . t .i :i . i I
lfr- le . n.iality
" I\' lt y : It" lit n iit 1h11m .
a! II
i \ t"'a E l i ' . I I " i i "a l a
*lli i Ir. a9 ' I- ! la ) )
H,te. I:-:a a ,Ir m da .- a
" ho i ' i a:-'nit I \Iar',. iarn stlel.
\ ays " a ti i.: iii. :tti a - iae
w: rth I wl I' ;c n tit:';. t ' ltll I \I
Ia' tu . ., a : ity w o'rl to
uc't ' h" 1' nil t hill \Itl'.: Ihoinlell.
i i' Illt'1 1: i wa ,\ - \i ttn'n ilyst'lf O11 '."
"1'Ilt liI m m,n t' fll,, will fall inl love
w ih htr''"~ cu ri d .lt'1'ryl . anxioustly.
"I!a., 7al'i Ui l:2,-'. S'et',s o f 1;'ni.
ty he a. . th he is witit I.ord!
.\ c ale-on."
Mlark .lryin tutr''l and tallwe\'t'l
Iie' other'.-; glau(a w ,:h' r0l1:lit' -l:ld
talking with 1 i t :a it he 'la ( not iet'd1
bult a l'ewv uill mentill11.- ioio'e.
"l'.Iaagi d. la ya dl 'alr' ir n a d.
.\tli to ie' u rtrri t sho(rlt'y. \ly w if's
a wl(ata'rul w\'oman: sla's atr'anta't it
.taIks ti-rst imapculs-' was to ll1'a. butc
hce reasolveaal ao larnal cteI teth fromea.i
l'Tii's i'ai-s lir-:1. \.; huns h.a a-:aac-i
her-a glacicec. ao: ..v win--- her icto a c ic
ririntanal capara- in--nci -. \\-ha'n ii'. ajiha
al. .i- aaea T aa al, -a.,- ini act acii iaa a i
"l!.ij ." t a- d. "'I.i it t ruc 'l
Shea caoi!aad lets gaza'.
"Tha ct yE tt're a'igedg' to I-ac l .\l ::phi..
I lai eyes' t i lad a.ith i t.ra anda shie
liami towardc itita Idlsacnaaly.
"o"shae saido v.eheiccc ntacaiv. --ie'
iakad inae fra'aequntly:., linit I've alwa-'.
refu. tt-ad. l Il iamnaac d i nl'sist s. :etild iha
rainoraa we'rae enigaed Is tabamia ia.aey.
Oia. .\bccrkl .\Icark!"--W \ith ran oat
:-taaatacing ofl her' carms~ ciin aats ira'
sid-itibler: "'a.i:at's toa be donea?"
tic'e tokh tr' lito hi.s arms.
'"Yau love meI. whvcat is iatoapreveml
acttr happ 11 iess ?"
"'alotheri'--sIn, inIsists., ' i. iail.
knowa.a..aVt e wuld nIher I mcaarii,l ac tiant
.'a\cad I Insist aln yeoutrlc ma-rying; tca,
lieeaI c a d arne.'t I'm. "T:Irit Is.'t - ci a o ''
w iicg to hateaaine th wth~ of'iI ala noncc
"You.' thae aaa,at ev r ari I-c ra'' wit h ac
c.ecstaare( of disidan "[l.cti .\tlaplmeaic
"Theni'c. darl-ing." heo acrai --h vaaom
ti' ther laa i' lla-cI nta a-ccasa'i . it mccar Ice a
rtai way a mat 'h. Yoa'ra -re a-a 'c
to lilt?"
"'No. !lndteda. Miirk. no!a I laov' -oat
i l he.a 11 licmr tan I dial Iw ..) ar-~i'
ageo, racid thlat's sonetingm isna't j't?"'
tie. a amiatteda ihm it was,. anal kisseda
her', wJQen seon cal cljing [Clyia, sli.
hiatdC to leav'e. .\tcark c-tricaledl hcatk teo
Ithcea dawa.ing rooli. maw. ala lig'rer (aa m.'a '
whthe )(r .l('rmyn'a was tea play-' ic la.
shru'aggedc his shouaterts. tit 'hie imat
anc at on11c' incterruplltedI w..itc thec r.'
markt hce shouhlt 1113 nlih' toai aI'lhectm
AX molve was cmPade 1(o th.e lpinnea a.ahiim
all 'moices w..e'ra huasheda as it hi-a'.ca
kncown.'c that thca grea.ct.Jermyn w1'a a.a'
thce11ce intraumeanaa lI an 'aihrou'agh mca
era'l Ioh' his bept t(i kniown'c tlhngs ill
suesionu-, laycing ts h lc' tte - m.''(
tptay-ede bef'or'a, his atdieca speltga et
fad enrlapturced. Tin1' atpplacusa at hais
('oncilutston, un8like acost dr acw ing-raoomc
apl)taulse, was for onace sinecere.
Air. Rlent on was t)rofuase in his
thanks11(, and11 then hcbis tess gen IalI wIfeo
iiraaede as a spe'ciat favocr, whe-hcer
the would give tt;mi a nlovmelty.
"A ncovelty?" c'epeateel Mark, acci
bats to( please5 tiis prtospt)(tiv.e parte'c
''AhI, yas! I had almost for'gotten. To
rtay'se the twenity-secind, lsn't it?
Ther'e ts 01ne thiing I only lptlay on10c
yeatr, ad always Onl the twtenty'm-see
ond( of thIs mlonith."
TPhe last ncots 8Of thet song were gr'ad
utlty dtylng aa'cy, wha'ten alt at ont(ce
therae was a tense' siCreamII froll a dils.
tanlt corner of the roomt.
Allt turinced and( saw thlatairs. Ren-c
ton had( fainted.
A few. (lays ltir Mar'k .Jermyn~' cal
('a to iatiare aftr Mr' s 1. Renlton, whiomi
It w..as uinder('stood( was 'eiouasly itt.
'iThe young fl'low. was at onlce .;aown'
inta) Mr I. Renton's studtay, whe'te'l thec
milltOlonare grea'ted tima cordaially.'
"aMy (teal' M r..Jermlfynl," h said,
'"you're thIe verav man I wmihl to ,.e
l playing )rodin(ed onl my wIfo tho
ot hi('r Peveing?''
"1n'P.rtunl:at(ly," 1"eSpon1dei Ihe 1'a
nlous uno:;itaan. "Pleve m, I'm :
"I': 111 "Oily r fault, Imly boy , het,
anuwrd('r(I kintily. "'TIle vn(t h a
Srl,ugh't s( n!(thing. to light v;'hich1 I
oin lc' ' l me n yourI iap : lt i. I
ITelandthat mny dlaughil't(\'(vti
"Y' ." I- ;)ntht'(l 'larki, ;ule'tly.
"\ 1(1 I 113 to l."
.i . . .i,: o! \\'Wha I w\':s glli'
ilo SlY wa I tis: lly v. itl'. I! l':a1's.
was ("4 ("nce;engag'i I(o yomr faUter."
.\la k .l('rrtlyl looked ll}) ill :1It)tnis;h
lilt 'Ill.
"' .' < :n'tinltedt .\IIr. It('nton "and
fr'i n w1'!I::l I t':1n h:1(ar- -Of (lOur , tills
is inl ("I ti'i('3:w' l)etwe< 1 yell and(i m;UO
ithrOk' \larli \\-'eg::r';; heart1. .\1y
wi l ji! "i Iihim 1 (o myse('I. iu it
l-m ;1l'lt. Ot of pity, ill itft('r\.,
Ila l'1rr i it (")u-int w\h(am he d}is'<.o\"('.!
hlaI w i o.'e w"itih htiml for t ir..
Theii ai : pla '(1 th+ II 1 i' 9-t'.-ing
xa:s 9'' i' \Xe,a -3 ( 9lai:'itionl.., wa:s
< tl'"I .\I;l'rk. ''\ly t'tlh(r
4 :; teit' I11ut:i: -ri I)! s. witht I he ill.
Im \\:I I .ti to ll' Iiia (Ied (
'''. 3' ''.(3 t u:t lit iO
r1 - :. .+ :1 i I :h t urme
llt' ~ w ic 1I I l' .Ir . e : l
"'.l tL :1/ : " . '
1 - 9'.'3d ti. 139' t19. '1n (':i
i . ~ 1 3 : c' 3.inf l iub
i d j t
..r i :1t ;ii. '11 3 do t : ' -N 1w YorkI I?
;Ild I*I i ": ( ) . i ~ '( ' 11 3 .L ':! (9, I '( "
i;i' .9'3 19' 13 \I9' \\I'o 1'(jI"!c
T,.t'( 'Ik'me o all thr 'r(.liup nt
1i:'lI ":. ' it h( tllslan.c r:: 1-g::'ing
t . I,i3:. .''% t:l (!4g . S ti l.hlm(Ill3
l l "ttl o: p: 1,1';)Lse lO ch'i "let all Iilti'-'
-ah : On :hi ;::i. a3tual wIV'I'93 in
.-t ~.l of b y't e s r e
.i ,.it' hi t("- (Ill'Osily is a hai)y
h)t1'., whO at (I''v : of ton mo th
wei'l; 'i I(:1 near 11 !:Ir ltn , and is over1
h11r1.4- f 't itl satir'e. I is p1relts
ilave llli("lt him to Tokio to have m1113
('(1d l("a.nt'(d by a 1r'I' .:tlet.
lin.1It.:' is al ev. :ng virtue
ani.lt:v; :-w: ('it:Ian'in. tlme( of thomn
ill thi r i n- Iat."I Ito)w"tl! and t'ities oft(!n
' ;'\"(v I;t h)I i-s t) I+li'511 !SS nll
gll'dt d wh'i+il(' they g> ot Ii)r hicm till
ht)"V uI' 3 lul' lliI < IISiOst<)11'S ar.
t'ivel ill tl - 1.: tti me. i hIt y Ii11n; L 1t
:1(9 )r gl:- plairl'Y 11aik<-d, selerl
.halt li w9'. \Calt.. :1111 t'ar'(- the mon01 l(ey
I 9 i3 I h 19 ist. , '0 -: n a u t n , m
* . I Ii '.1 n' ,:l . a 93'331e ' 831y 9 sim le X
33 9 ''E :- .. 1 '3..19 -U '99.1 li f livei
ii I n9 333 39 .. Ii 1f..ppears'
.nt, 33:, (3f tio, bo
9 ' I. ic' on39t3hernI ( )133ario,
a n'o"'3 3'-. 9i93" innehine--33 Ifor ii
3 'rial.3 at th9' 3s n- 31131'. ' Ihis re9'tures'
'.. 399noi 3(9' .-9 per<' 'nt. and3( the btal
- Il'lTh pi:l0 1333 a1 ('ni!11eity of' 299
399n.: a1 day. and91 t' demand3 for ( the
n'I is such1 that it brinllgs :3:..2:1 39)31
a iith !lant iid ;h is~ 3etailedl at. 'T01on,3
.\i iini:i1t ure w3:31-h' s for3l Its heCorsa3ge
:3H c3I ' r i i <u ''(:-3imu9m ('no9i34h, but it
9.a-, b91 I i.'rt tor -. wes(itern geius.
.'.is he0 ChIije,.:o9 it'er Ocean.3 1o pro(
'I r a1''dI 3lu '113r r i t1iep)i. e. and3c I hat1
'' in' alri 111 rder91 I. A pit 09 of mech-11
an1 ."n Sso lilny. 11 (cours~e. 90ould nlot
ha w'o:111 giv'e aL very lpercep'ttile
3n9-31r3 was" poss 11:''il'Ie. Now. atlI that
3 o (3n l'r we91I(n whol wishles to 1ris'
.i a: 9'9rtacin '.(it'e has1 to9 d0 is to set.
Il13' alarmI3 IjI'. ad I the' ring3. and 13apse
i'nt 1 .9 fe: Ifln's. At 11h9 aippo:inted
39'" ihI. I 3 1 ai lo'u s l i arde p'ierceII sI
(993 "r:' with jus('no9,hempasi
Nol iillhstandin jg Ih fac l&t t.ht IleIn
tit arei(' rec'lognlizedl by student o1f80 food
9'onomi3iiu: a1s t9lnong thle m33st8 nouish1
:-'"d iln A toIerlien;. Ill Germany, ho0wever 1,
h lir 3191331 i.,.II1 fly appre)1ciated,( andt 801
9d(111 ai wee'k pa1sses wherP1e "'1.11nsen,'' as8
they') are(i there9 ('nlleod, do not1 ('ome1 to
3h311abl at least8 once, Itf not oft'ener.
Inl teir d tied stiate the3y resemble19 in1
form181131 smalmgn)i fyi ng lenses, hei ig
hi''k ill ithe middle and1( tapel ing
towar9 d te,' rims. 'The 03 e 33lOvery 1331rd,
a1319 to) be prioperlIy pr'epared must81 he(
8111kedl (3ver night In w ater~ bef'ore cook
ing. The13 form1 in wleh they13:3 are most
fs'uentlya 1 ('atenl Is asB soup, wh1ich1 has1
3 it' b 00 ookd for' a long timje, tintIl th1e
le;ntls1 becomen thoroughysot a few
AnOtherl way to eat them Is 1in thle
formn of a mush51. In thaitt case0 frankl'
furters are,0 ats a rle,(3 ('ooked wIth the
lntils, althou01gh some prefer' ham11. As
a Vegetable side0 dIsh with fran13kfurti"ers
1len3ti1s are just ais ap)petiz/ing, especIally
when3 prepared wIth vInegar, a8 sauer01
krautt, and1( far more nlourishin3g.
'1h3se who have nevel' eaten lentIls
ma13y consider thei1r taste93-whichu Is dlIf
forenOft from that of any1 other vegetal
blIe--80fmewhat11 pOeulliar, but, like0 that
(of olives, it grows upon one0. P?operly
('o0ked(, they wIll 1)e found a most wvel..
"0ome adicltioni to 1the list of sou1p vege
13able10 tat ('nn he0 served to vary thec
daily' menu.
IniSIi (.me.'Imanl eit\es '1t IS eustom-.
ar'y to fee t.11 street. Car cond(litetors,
whIo are thu11 9naled1( to 11(1d friom four
(f sixj dIlas a mon0th.1 to the!r' in
' t1 t;.t" .o 1l:4 ii.
It tat':; tlue for tit(' tamir"(
sI w full eftic't, in the soil, atal bil
litt!e beilit mllay be n tir (1 r.
ycai', but t a,i ally th" litteria '.il
'ic ittou ::e . itt i 't IIt I t' to th e j lt
(1ri;;htal ('lt menla decrivedl thtereerI .
I1)'(l d wi'th the no, (of'litlitult'e, butl
the benllits fro'In tlantne th(' first Car
d'leends ila'!rg'Iy upon ili t"l:litiull
w hi a1)liid to I!w( soil.
iiets, ittruip. and sitiail crops
contain i1hoitt I p)r.c'i(' t of i hiblitil
tidi;, but th:1 y l 3 c n:'i; It:i ato:lt !tl
im ts w- ir 'i i hI lceav abolIct 1i'
ttl ' c f d r y t :i : r . I :t i t h e w t e r
!:!at r(-'':! Ih( iu:'ci o \:tluatble, as
lit ('" : ' "i; n .e {ltr1O;l inl I-'dIngf,.
\1'til tl:t:; i tc ~
;ii s ,l: .- .t arc itl '!y re4'lishti hv
a 'Il; h I - ant et,n be gI own tt
\\ith 1 r {i( it if t'l (t (:nI the u .i'.
WhnI-: t.:I- thtr 1. ei'.r:uky
\' l;.I ti l ' i l c I i:' (11 i l 51 111 t.
lio s It'' iHill :--ts of h <: tL
uh,tiI . i '!- t' a i- t Of ba,11 1n"indt
t. '!1 :-1, ''" :'ti t ill I It itt:tl ('ii i 11 t1!11 'II
1' i t at ie i t! b i'
-c ht -e i' I g d ''.s t o i Ith
4''(t' OtO 'er~i the tilinsin"' clai.
\':'t It e it 11i ' i : -; 't.
botIh nest thatc ia ixurt aofi
r' t h i:t i'h!t i li i)ho n rittl is
tl'h,tc : in ny es;w hird tof llof ('s
t'''' i its - li 't ll i' I I t 1't1tail ti lI 'i'l
th'. lin draige .ati ml ner.
lit'te New \i'<ts.
IInits are at.itsally \"tas (h n :'e ill
their :e'lheations of nesi. and unless
We provide those that are totephlal
Io theml they will mlost, likely rcel\
olth's. Now is It a net, e aim t re;
eVhy one. Tak the ol traw c.ui
i e : t td bi:1-1n it. and eai'arfully hi e
'hl dst e lwtit'l straw or hay.
i('t t Il' e'ts inl t Ia dark plt anti
lep a it (htiua utcg in ach'a(l. IDo m(11 let
the hc itut hl nests ill the hay lot' or
c'u\w- tihelteghs. and slo not fail to gathe-i
the eggs daily, and where it is pos
tilte "end the'i to \tr lie atminrs o<
51am(1 day.
An :g is at it.,, b:.. is s 1o' as t
inmal he'at ha I:'ft it, tand eatth Iay
thernaf.cr les:,l1s its I arl:e t val' ue.
1io nit t a the hl('nls go thr<mgh 1t11.1
to g't to their nests. ath ity will
makhele the eggs nits ightly.
'he. paths can he slas grows
should he cov"ered(i with gravel or
cidei r t oe 1s, ichat the hens' feet Ilal
never get. dlirty.
I'rovidet' sl iii(nt nest:.. So that. thice
iens w.-ill n tver have to qitarrel over
P i:' vee atind it h itc. whe:('l itrop.t' t
the,the at setommon nir\'eihe, t whe(11'
ma lit I u t' in id t I a i aised . i. tI wa, io
I:ni c ildh (' es i nt mea 1'red.iI t is
11m4 the do V ih c'ict'a. hict aenut
itocighta lanit.aing l i thotm;in
unyilthoroughly.dIi. d cut. Ins somlent
\eivn h biiuls-c k'is tused lora harl
haivit hucv':t the 'ha mkes l the setof'
Ih n ithierP i'llpr ai'ale ' wheret ho'ly
dnal ares artie icrown. ITh it'iuoc-tte
faily 'is l har ota the temsOi arte luiet
qinicnit. lion'tinin wh a amutc( of
bmyitr it doe'y wnt wiry nlay weay
hens laced aInwy li hundtt'es.i
Thes icropi' 'iisi ann ib lstaked iiand~-'
orinariyiii wha thr eral dosh
every vey wteli risde'O)d ahe screenst
aot.prpy rl adjus liteil.,: of iet. P i le
iiiiteicint't fr socim ' ihoseusd wtihen
gohtlsteeni;vii al oyots lay requires.
Whser' thyafan' cci acr'n coi with gown
frbees ittwl t' i'vnot poatndbf lit
auti ittye11 th ulshin macin sthaseet'o
ith orses.et11'c When oroughly dry to
vhtitghning m111 ''tl0101iad thorsough
to itileae.ic tis makl(lei wxeellent.
stitke n' aee if ot wiantedt fir flour.
Ai rfew bit shl ivln ito thi lc'li
irior excilnt itgd~ wilxl undl at famiy
wit.hod bucwlhe neso thl ntire
winte.Plcthrimain italt
In othe' pivsli thevlltillr beef tbo
dhitaIc for atlivingr and p'bttlr-yrade
foi'iei' 'Ihn Ior dhe oo tor hp'lier
qutality.s fr hie whribocn afod to
buy wte they want wi aIlwaysne hay
an W rli le Io i.s a mie aurete
hayscbter. sThis Is aotrale o make
tonietioso wich ne revoais~' a'ot
ceterywherte,l s nd reslt eyptd not trus
woty. Thke atrcntisaofi' ipoing01
tohe sXtck 'foolmarketi to 11nse.Ifetl
moe ~.Impotanoge tohoop. an the
fster ta' afeoering, anibredwith,go
andis hay roflueyitabekict Itss fooeer
iscolnequemhly i' ajmcine f"or )iCon-'t
of'.~' feenld oding whc r netat
rtugl fec,ling, Or fota
Ihe pl)rolcrt' alotnt of
it :o rlnke the' bulk consumledl SatI -
lac'trv to a higilrado aniinal. A
lit1!o rotch, ( 'Oar:( 1 ood i' !( =. l :nv
lo ' t1\ 111111!ti" huI t 1'r(lt! '' I ?;'1
Ih iit e aur' i :; tnalt whe I e io\.!
ofj l11( ~ i'i' 1 O'i!I. :"('i'r'i I Iii' li
at' hi of } t, ; - Sl it i hhI L 't lli ',II "
mome fthe nilm in orde for iti thei ani
ti ; d (is :; lot ,f a kin 'al i il
llw- ! b( i ti1hs. I. I'. Fmn h i. I
Amert'Ii"anl t;ultivator.
l'rn>l u or i1 1(alit v I .e.
i. y fitrmet think ,IiI i' il aN'
coni haveil tir I' U' sii analy: :bt
Sh(' : 11ld know t h'n .i<I \': lbai I u
ai Il I(i ' \ :1 way i ('. m ia'I''llr
IiIz '1rs. iiOil anlalysis ot 1i(I " I ','iw
h1:1! inl th": su f . I';'l IIln'e Of ("il
! (vn ry i ,rati: at' tt. lr. 110 ''' ar( :n
1 1 poui ds of lliti;dt Sog . , stett 'i
to In(ll of 1)hospJill hrie acid, a1'd y
wherre from 12.110 t l i.)nu-on ' 1 s (II
n itash. Ihese t'nlo1n . he i x
x-c'e.4 t of what. wo d i he 'rt<od to pro
dIt e cro( S foi a I .Iill m, to h 1in'l' and(1
Ih;! int"Ornlat ionl obt::iil( Irom: ha:1rin
the Soi l analZ(d It; 1 ealyw \h'ry :,!i:gh
I I(alt' tie altaly is 't(n (t to1i tow
ini'eh of islt l an, r11iti is :\vaitilab'
Vor, the plants' use.
i:' r.- ' l i:ta' r nt l:st ht an !' '''i
111 1'-'l", and (every farmn an x!:--ri
1'lt"t! 1! ill,i. Thle \falmIr who . h i'Pt
111o flil it oII inve'l' iI_ ilOn, anld :.' 11
m'Ii t b(eW t Ii :tlll 1t e i. i is 11 . it'llt
t rlt ' S itt i i . l I. t , 1 i' li.1' .t' t'-1
le ed 4 1 h rit ii:r..1 '' in w . , . . .;tr
:!'I(-1' y " 'tl'. 'i'Ii I'\ II;i ' . .f .1111'. i;1):1; '
(litI ,iu
: i l :. t I hi'i n lil '' 'i. ( ' - I.; 1
1 I)II l.O itl bI i .' ft '1i' t il r r t' :' it v
;tI ' ;ir1 ( !. 'IIaIit.- i \ ' I l 'p 1 , It K j
I (,111 I II t it' ( ia n r it,'t , 0-iit;
ii:" . i' I I iI t l t' l -. . 1 'o I ia ithi'n
II\i'h pin int 0r.n(i l w: I y (i-l ir
t ('inoioe tha nihi b fa i!
'Ohi h th l p-.r e is : ia i !ia . t 11. ;i '
ft'ond tohatl) 1 the oilin asphorith '
th t ii r eo tos (liln ap litir
'I'iih'.pi"otl'n i f 41i t 'llithe f srm (r
!it'n inei" t(at' s 'eiot' ma b i pp
tha lot ' io ph(rie nit c is Ih C pl. o(ntOf
t l1) o f~ o u 41 11 ! i'( 11 ) til t .11 W e h d sIIIp( : ' i . A f l a o e . t (-'1n 1 :
lviteir soil s'<titint, 11 andith
( ili'ct' i it('n 4l1''(1144 1 tlIi '1 s ' \"
a ft r it li it ono s in lists h r v po
is a.dt he s n ot srou e. hea t'
it(It lpriolem o f e(I sI'l' f tIlli is nl -
t o 1' dr n o tl IIII(' W I il e )'('(i' (hv ' it
dng li o n phant s \ood(alln \e( a
e0r ing tv r lie ' on i ,e thtr l '
farm Thne imortune('intate nrodn<
tettin whfo ter o t tan fe wu it"I
lie t noeti cut Th dat wh
have tIf it( aot inaredi' rep i
Iih tt grow Ih e ll ra are. t otIl)ig the itst
int in soto gerti u the hat t lt
Nai. hIe llt ottht'aied on'
111uiles -t~ a wha 've, wIle cloer tile
ditiud it. n ot le. , hi indIent ,'t
thaItithei wip:' gihe bateroi yqied it it
l''th grot of aelalfa arnotps
(uli01edl' is tdat. fhr thma e I<
dyIitns are lievorable,iand we n
lot,k i'toimteria I has e ect to ~ :<
allaC suycesfully ien tantint
.oftne (ram iat whoe ratie mol.
(oarming;o ac Itw does ant un
litte mii. At. te thoi grt
bknnit il. btId not loht vty ar
nge(nogh .isn the o pulitttI. ine. i: -~
'1'liuesFti. Ueiuhtanw , o
Juk'ter ospay' boet.e Ita t) il
d'o (bygi.ing soheml htoe ae i.'
miitg litoest ichage fro thelit
:n etods. o t 11 1)01uld ibe w lio it'
fether "utp how thehtd for thei
neili11wt bhn e thrtmay fan l
es tonthelieou theIki hastr, 'rlc
than toClturngthe ws.oto h

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