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The People's Journal
Local and Personal.
-W. 1H. Ashmore is confined t
his bed with the grippo.
- 1V. F. Austin will be ir
Easlo n :l. 13th and 14th.
--Ivy M. Mauldin, ES(l. and wif
aro on a visit to Central this week
-Fred Archer of Anderson, hat
l)COn added to the forco of thu
--1I iss. Essie Earlo has returned
from a visit to her aunt, Mrs. King
at Charl->tto.
-Mr. W. E. Stephenson ro
turned SaturdAy from a blsilnose
trip to Georgia.
--.J. M. G illospio of Anderson's
Mill paid an approc.ated call at
our oflice Monday.
-Miss Elma Ashmore, of Len
dorinan, S. 0., is visiting ior
cousins the Misses Ashmore.
-Mrs. Mamie Hughes of Rich
land, S. C. has been ofn a wee1's
visit to the family of Maj. J. J.
--Rev. B. E. Grandy lost his
fine black hors, Friday night. It
was thought it died of "blind stag.
-Miss Kato Ifester has roturned
from a visit to her sister, Mrs.
Gresham, who lives in Atlanta.
-Miss Alary E. Swann of the
Graded School returned to Pickens
Satutrday afternoon, having spentut
t he holidays at her home in Atlan
--Robert Dilworth, of Oconec
county, is in towi far a few days.
it would inot be u exaggeration to
say (hat 1e is a fine judge of horso
--J. Ml G illospio a storlitig,
htistling farmiur of Pickons Cunty
was iii town Monday, entering his
daughters, MisseH Ada and Olive,
in 11 Jraded School.
-a rs. J. L. Bolt has returned
frotml a visit to her homet'olka in
Andersen. She was taken sudden
ly ill while away, but has quite
recovered since.
-Mrs. J- L. Bolt has returned
from a brief visit toher homo-folks
inl Anderson County. W1jhile thoro
she w\\as takti suddenly ill, but
soonm recovered sufliciently to re
turn homte.
--Bob Arial one of Pickens
conty's best citizens was in Pickenis
Monday. He wasn't riding a 25)
cent "p)lug" either; his was a lino
well-kept steed with live move
-The Graded School opened
Monday n]orning with 99 pupils.
This numnier will he considerably
increased before the end of the
week. 'The enrollment for the
session u( to this time is 131,
-Prof.'and Mrs. W. E. Dendy
returned ILrom1 Yorkville Sa turday,
where the~y spent the holidays
very pleisantly. Prof. Dendy
visited OC'ester and Rockc Hill and
says the d3velopmnent and growth
of those iaces is something phie
-WA2('IED -To buy eight
hundred lushels of corn al ad ten
thousand )undles of fodder, High
est marketprice paid delive red at
Pickens, (G I. or the Count y Poor
Farm. Apply to
County Super visor.
--Mr. C. P. Field was in town
Sa turday~ When questionaed rel
ative to tle wheat crop in his sec
tion of th~ county he stat,ed that
there was iothing like a full crop
sown this ear, but that those who
were fortituate enough to 8oW be
fore the r1ins set in, had fine pros
-LOSS-- Dec. 8th, betwveen Ma
la postoflVe and Norris stationi a
hundred dllar note payable to the
Bank of 1)ndleton, signod by P,
G. Thomau and others. Fin dex
please sen; to P. G. Thomas, M:ala
S. C. Th' note w~as ence.osed inl
envelope ddressed to J. J. Sitt~n.
Pendletons. 0.
--The Ikikens Brick Yard neai
town is prpttcally suspen ded foi
the winter. The managers are emi
ploying a limber of hands how
over in citing wood, preparing
for some hi kilns~ early in th<
spring. lly wvill sneanwhlile eni
large the pynt materially to facil.
itate their vork.
--Marri$ at the residence o
the brides father, Mr. Spence
Roper, on toe night of Decembe:
. 34, Mr. Aj usr Rampey to Mis
. gue Roper. ev. J. E. Foster offici
ating. Thee young people playe<
Santa Claus and gave thomselve;
away. Afir the ceremony at
elegant we hing supper was serve<
to a large 1mber of relatives ani
friends. T young couple havy
our best wvi es for a long life o
happiness d prosperity.
--Salesd was well attended b
Pickens ,anty's yeomanri
The sales w a not very numeron
however, w ch is a good Sign <
the genera rosperity of the conhi
ty. D. F. adley'Exaoutor, sol
the Win. ter place for $164f
The Clerk la 20 aores for $20
to Wmn. C on. The sheriff sAl
two email ot", one containiin
'621 aoires f $700; another coi
tiin 05- res for $t655. Pi
1 -H. L. Clayton, of Liberty, was
in town Tuesday.
-Dave Norton, of Brevard, N.
C., is visiting friends in town.
I --1'o,ert t ;wart, of(Cro,v Creek
Section, was in town tliq week.
---Hon. J. E. Boggs spent Christ
11111 With his family in Gainobvillo,
--)ouglas Jenkins, IEsq. went
down to Cltrleston for the holi
-\V. T. O'Dell, one of P'ckens
Contt.y's hesbt citizens was in tow n
-. ir Bertha' Bridges is uoli
lino.t .z- .Iome this week with ton
;iili Il.
--Game Gaines, a li'iiient
()itizen of Central was in town this
--Ms. Alford, of Giceivil?,
visited( the fam)ily of Capt. J. T.
Taylor during the holiry,s.
--A. iiandot, Taylor returned
t -5 .,'Iviile Montiny mor,iing, at
t, ' :1dling the I'-,idays.
Ir -. Turner retrnied to
(iro 1;rillo U!'da av ingll; vu,ited
i) r1 mo1(h-:c, Al re. M. J. Harris.
-W ' . Ai hony, 'l'ho 'ravel
'rAf iluIanl agent, of Groenville,
1%:t5 inl towv) On business this we.k.
-Miss Addie Anthony, daugh
tes of Mr. J. T. Anthony, onterod
the Gr aded 'civoi Kon(ay morn
-'The State Legislature meetl
next Tuesday. You shall soon
boar something about the "yaller
(lg. )
-Lum Scott, a prominent far
mn,r and nerchatit of the Ft'ieview
soction of Anderson county was in
town this week,
-Monroe .1 m1is an1d a Mias
I1yr1 wero happily married on last
Tueday night December 30th. G.
R. Hendricks, N. P. olliciating.
-Mrs. Essie Hughes after spend
ii.g the llolidays with her mother
1101, 'estumed her work in the H
go->d School Monday morning.
---Stewards of the Methodist
chnrcl, Pickons circuit, will met
at the oflice of Peoples' Journthl
Friday 16th .auary at 11 o'clock.
-About one fourth of Pickens
Conunty's citizens took chances on
aln h:xtension for tne payment of
taxos. About three fourths of the
taxes has ben l paid.
-Morris and Freeman have re
ceived and( are niow ofToring for'
sale or exchange a niCe batch of
North Carnolina mules . See them
before the mules all go.
-It's remarkable how well some
have carried out Newv Year resolu
tions up to this time. We may
well remember that when we are
weak in onrselves we may call 01n
a igher Power.
-Married on December 28th,
at the rosidence of the ofliciating
N. P., Mr. Frank Day to Miss
Leila Clark, M. F. Hester per
formed the ceremony, All of Pick
ens8 county.
-M'irried at the residence of
th1e bride's parents, Matthew Rig
don, on January 4th, 1903, Joseph
Stanseli to MiIss Sarnie Itigdom.
All of Picktens county. Rev. B.
Holder ofilintinmg.
-A. B. folly, Jr., County Comn
missionler elect Is moving to P'ek
enIs this week. He will occupy
the Dhr. Earle house beyond Judge
Newton's, There is a warm wel
conmc for all such w ,rthy citizens.
*-Representative-elect J. A.
Hintc,n was in towvn Monday. He
hasn't cxactly decided yet what
hn wiltI do about the "yaller dog."
but thinkrs something ought to be
done. Hie is unalterably opposed
to the child labor bill, and favors
compulsory education. Hie leaves
n'ext Monday morning for Colum
Th e"Hoss Swappers" have had
a great time this week--plenty of
mud and rain; which is ideal for
this profession, We confess our
utter mnability to judge between
the "plugs" and the i"rips"~ we saw
mn great numbers. If we had to
make a choice, and it were possible,
we would put thle whole lot in a
huge bag and bridle the first "rip"
that came snorting forth.
--The Echool hlouse in Garvin
District No.25, was destroyed by fire
last Thursday night, let ins8t., and
all school fixtures were a complete
loss. It is su pposed the fire origi
nated from the stove in so way.
This was a comiparat.ively new
building and In good repair anld is
a decided less to the people of that
district. Robert Craig is in charge
Sof the school. 'Thl p)atrons are uin
Sdecided as to what to do,
i-On Christmas eve the dispen
n ary sold $305 worth of whiskey.
f 'This seems rathier a moderate
quanity as compared with the sales
of several counties in the state.
,v Considermng t he population however,
a Pickens sales doubtless compare
j favorably with many other counties
- in the quantity consumed. It is a
i fact, however, that there was not
ien.ough liquor sold at the P1icken's
1 Dispensary on Christmas eve to
g make a decent eggnog for each in
g habitanit ini the county- The
, trouble Is our people woi't stop at
A little eMgnog or a Christmas
School Conditions, Etc.,
We are to,day faced with a
lother serious p1rolblel on the
school qluestio, that of redlistrict
iug our schioolh,
TeI day is soon, coming when
they w'll liave to be divided into
smaller d.Stle:s. or it hla4 long
since beo's found that the di. tricts
ate too hs-I;o, )ot o,ily tu numlbotr
o' pupils but inl ii)conven:iotco to
those whso live noar tle line.
If they had osly boen made two
thirds as largo as they now are, it
would ha vte been mnore convenicn t.
Thu d isi'iets ate so large that
therm a o 100 to .110 'pt'pi1s to a
small one-room bouse. 1hiis
works a hardship to the teacher,
for as a general th eg thero's only
ono--if' two, both havo to t.ach in
halm., room. 'This is vary in1COlt
vo:ioot as they annoy eich otler
heari,g lesbouti at the satile time.
'111(3 county school are fast be
comtt)g graded schools and in a few
years thore('11 bo a now b)ool to
buy for every grado. The boys
and fgirls will need at cart and ponly
to cariy them )ack and forth. We
havo too many books now. Web.
ster said "1 read few books lUt
what I read I make my own" Vero
the children to hayo fewer hooks
but master what they have. it
would bo better for thom and the
parents too. There are so many
pupils in the sclh,ols now that the
taclier 'can't give his personal at
t ontion to them hut. must hear
them recite iin classes whe.e, as in
the old field school, a teacher
Loul( give his personal altentiOn
to each pupil thereby enabling
them to advance two or more
ardes per year. The pupil is
thrown altogether on his own re
3ources nowadays. This works al
"ight with bright pupils b.ut it
aus('s many a duill pupil to become
A great mlany times the pupil
who) s(3ems dull if prol)Fprl,y trati
3I, makes the most sicoessful rni.,
itnd it is to be regrctte(l that the
,nildren of to-day get no moro per
soilal 1ttointion. Th1) teacilr is
lot to blame and the parents are
,o) busy to assist inl getting les
The tutor and old field school
iave about gono out of existenco,
Put we shall never turn out botter
uuteriai than they did even with
0l our new-fangled methods. If
mve had fewer pupils in a school,
t wouldl enable the teacher to come
n toech with them, got a better
nsight into their dispositions,
leeds et.c. The amount of straim
>n a teachor in this (lay of ''sparo
Abe rod"' and the amount of tact
mdc executive ability required to
manage and teach tho schools of
Lo-day arie somlowhlat d iscou raging
~o the teaebers. With th1e same
imount of energy ill business,
~eachers could make mior'e moniey.
New Pen,sion Law.
The new pension law requlires
~hat the County Pension Board.
~hall elect a pension comimissioner
,vhose duty it shall be to receive
mId make out all nlow ap)plications
or pensions. Ati the last meeti g
>f tihe board tLe undersigned Was
hlected as such pension commnis
sioner, and I will be at tile Court
EIou se during tihe month of Januia
Ley, 1903, during business hours, to
make out and receive such new ap
plicationls for penfsious.
Those having applications al -
ready on file and drawing penslior,s
need not apply. Only those Wilo
are not already drawing pensions.
and desire to apply for pension
aid wvill be required to make ap
3. 13, NEW\BER~Y,
Pension Comns.
Notice to Stockholders.
At the alnnual imeetinig of thle
Stockholders of the Farmers Pub
lishing Co., a resolution was passed
iathorIZInlg the salo of the plant.
'The Board of Directors met on
Dec. 16th and tihe pIlant was sold to
T. J. Mauldin, he to pay all stock
holders par for their stock. All
stockholders who hlave not recei
ved their dividend can call oil Jno
T. Boggs, Sec.y., Liberty, S. 0.
andl receive 15 1per cent dividen d
for 1901 and 10 per cenlt dividend
for 1902.
Chmn. Board Directors
Notice .
I will be in Pickens at office of
Peoples Journal on Monday, Jann
ary 12, 1903 and will bring all
books up anid be0 prepared to pay
off all unpaid dividendis on the
Peoples Journal stock for 1901 and
all accured dividends for 1902.
J. T. Boggs
Secretary & Treasuer.
All persons holding stock in the
Farmers Publishing Company will
please bring same properly en
dorsed to me on or after January
10th, 1908, and I will take it up
according to terms of sale at last
meeting of stockholders.
T. J. Mauldin.
BeWitt's E Salve
For Pies, Burns, Sores.
One Minute Cougb Our
For Gough., Oolds and.
inP9? inusui fnah ? .m.Y*
-1lorris and Frceman have th<
nicest lot of good North Carolinr
miulos at their stables at the cas
end of Main street.
Card of Thanks.
Wo take this method of thank
ing our frieeds for their kind assist
ance during the sicknoss and death
of our father S. C. McWhoiter
which occurred on the 30th of Dec
May God's richest blessings bc
with thoni all.
His Wife and Children,
One or moro notes payable to J.
W. Ilendricks.
Finder will pleaso ,c-ave iemcut with
the undersignod. All persons are
hereby warned not to trade for
All persons are horehy warned
not to hunt fish, cut tilbo:- or, in
any other way trus)asS on any of
my lands. Any violation of this
notice will be prosecuted to tho
full extent of tho law.
N. I. Kunnemore.
Dogwood, Porsimmon and Hick
ory Timber d,l ivore-d at your It. R.
Station. For this timber we will
pay spot eaih in car load lots of .10
cords. For pricos, sp(ecificationii,
ote. apply to mo or W. G. Fricks
who is buying this timtber for me
in your community.
Spartr.nlurg, S, C.
Under $3,000 Cmnh Dopoelt.
IInlload Fare Paid.
ppea all year to Both Bextes. Very Ohonap Door&
Georia-Alabamxa Buuinelss College,
1!tacan. OeorgN
Statement of Auditor's Appoini
Office of County Auditor, 1
The Anditor's books will 1
of Jan uarIy, 1 903, f'or
Rtetuirns of Real and
Polls, and for all
For the convenience of the put
are announced:
Six Mile on Monday, January
Calhoun '.j.'uesday) . Janiuary 6th
Centr ial Wed nesday .January 71
Cacecchen Thursday January
Libherty Friday Janunary 9th.
Pickcens Saturday January 10t
Easley, Monday anud Tuesday,
Croswell, Wetlnesday, January
Cross Plains, Thiursdlay, Janur
Looper's8 Shop. Friday, Janumi
Pickcens. Saturday, January 1
Hughes' Store, Monday, Janu
Pumpkintown, Tuesday, Jan,u:
Holly Springs, Wed nesday', J
Aiken's Store. Thursday, Jant
George IIolc~ombe's Residence,
Pickens, Saturiiday, January i
Milo Creek, Monday, JanIuar.v
Praitors, Tuesday, .lunary 271
After the 27th oji Jalnuary,190~
Court IIouse, continuously until the
limo the books will be closed and tfli
for non returns,15
In ordier to) Save Confusion and
attendh personally to the t aling of' all
er'ty or liable to a poll1 asse.'smient arc
rounds and be prepOar'ed to give fulli
name and numbher of tile schlool thistr'
property ~, Ilibl for taxai o'n, is situia
Should any be unable)1 to meet
to1 thejir inteI rest to see him11 ill his oht
20th of I~tliFeruar 1903.
All per'sonis owning property ii
there is a special levy 10or school puri
to give the value of any such propert
No reOturIns made by mail will
all persons owning property mlust has
personally or' by agent dully aulthoriz<A
and all returns'1) must1 1be miade unlder'
It will save much timel to taxpa)
the Assessor', if tccry perstd n1 beflore I
list of ever'y item ol p)erson1al pr'ol
cattle, mules, sheep and goats, hogs,
wagons and Carriages, dlogs, mOlrchatl
notes anid accoun1ts above inldetbtedn<
household goods.
It isl aiwayl rqjuiired th'at the A
Under theQ head of place of r'es
ship. And all t ax'payers are requir
trict- Thoy are' ailso reCqueste!d to sti
town 01' in tile (countr y. And if parl
part inl Or. townlship) and a part ill a
number' of acres anvd vnillation in1 0n
Taxpayers.rot urn what they owvr
The law requires that all per'soi
ing char'ge of such property, either
execuItor, ad ministr'aI 01' etc., return
All male citizens between the og
the 1st (lay of Janoary, except thol
port fromn being maaime!d, 01r from ot
Confederate veterans are excepted.
In every comn 1Iity there' are(
not ta!;., a newspaper, Those more
favor by telling~ them1 of the titme to I
Both r'eal andi per'sonal pr'opert;
time at the real value thercof. If pr<
or it t,bere shotld be ani inequality fr
propet ty the amn will be referred ti
correction. To avoid tronll of thi
I would turge upon each taxpayer to
lion of hIa nr ber nroennnty
f Tho United States of Anerioa,
District of South Carolina,
In the Circuit Court,
Tho United States
Registered I)istillory No. 588,
and its I)istilling AIpparatus,
end Three Packages of Corn
\Vhiskey, claimed by E. F.
and L E. Looper.
1) virtue of the Decrotal Order
miado in the above outitlod action,
and bearing date the 28th day of
October, A. 1). 1902, I will offer
for sale at Pickens 0. H. in the
County of Pickens, in the said
State, on the 26 day of January,
1903, during the hours of legal
sale, thf) foilowing property, to wit,
Twelvo (12) Formenters.
Two (2) Cisterno.
One (1( wood Still
One (1.) Copper worm.
Two (2 ) Pumps.
One (1) Lot of Pipes.
One (1) Flow Box.
One (1) Iron Boiler.
W. P. Clayton,
United States Marshal.
Things We
Lik9 Best
Oftn Disag e W'th go
Tecauso we overeat of thop. Indi
gestion follows. But there's a wry to
(1s'ape such consequences. A dofle ci a
good digestant liko Kodol will rolivo you
at once. Your stom.oh is simply 6oo
weak to digest what you eat. Thes'n all
indigestion is. Kodol digesto the food
without the stomach's aid. Thun Abo
stomach rests while the boy-oatren61ia
ened by wholesome food. Dieting is un
necessary. Kodol digests nny Rind of
good food. Strengthens and invigoras,
Kodol Makes
Rich Red BRofd.
Prehared onlyby 1!. @. I)SWITT c 0o.. Ohtoao.
_____ conta,isys2f6 timoa Ahe N~o ^n.
Kodo Dysprpia CUre
Iftests what yvau $at.
Foley's hfoney an< r
for children,safe.sure. No e . :a.
s Notice.
~ of Pickens.
ments for taking Returns For
4ickens County, Nov. 7, 1902.
le openled on the first day
the p)urpIose of taking
Personial property and
spcCil tatxation 11n
'lie the following appointments
January 12th and 18th,
ry 15th.
y 16th,
riry 19th. C
iry 20th
in ry, 22d.
Friday, Januatry 23d.
I, I will be in my office, Pickens
0t.h day of February 1903. after wh ich
(50) per cent penalty will be added
to avoid mnistakes, t.he Anditor will1
returns, aind all persons owning prop.
requested .to meet the Auditor o06 his
uformnation as to his property and the
et in wich he lives and in which his
uhe Auditor en his roun~dd, it will be
ec before hiis books arc closotl on the
any district or districts in which
oses are0 recquested1 to comeI prIepared
y so subject, to special levy for school
be accepted, as the law requires that
e the same returnied for taxation either
id to atted to the same for the owner,
era, also greatly facilitate the Work of
enving home will make out a complete
>et in the following order: Horses,
watches, organs and pianos, buggies,
ii e, maichinelry and1( engi nes, moneys,
8s, and( all ot,her proper'ty, including
uditor get, the first giYen name in full,
deCeW on taox return'i, Igive the towns
ad to give n umbiier of their school dis
L.tC whether the pr'operty is situated in
lies ini town and part outside, or a
notiher township, so spec'fy, giving the
chi instance.
on the 1st da8y oif Jainuary', 1908.
is owning propertly orI in anywist .hay
as agent, husband, gulardiadn, trustee,
the.same undIer oath to the Auditor.
:es of twenty..onc and sixty years, on
me who are incapble or earning a sup
der enuse.s, are deemned taxable polls.
l:persons who cannio road or that do
fortunmate may dlo such persons a groat
aake returns or by returning for them.
are to be assessed for taxation at this
porty is returnedl at less than its value
the valuation of the same class of
the County Board of Equalization for
i kind to both myself and the ta y
make a full and1 fair return and 4
We wish to thank our friends and
patronage given us in 1902 and we hc
a continuance of past favors. We of
to servo you in 190 and our motto wi
the past.
Wishing you all a happy and prospi
Yours very trul
Fo1ger & Th
Clothing Shoes, l1ats and (onts Furnit
The South's Or
IRaHiway. Syste
Any trip is -1 pleaisuro
those who travPl
North, East K
Through Trains Consist of
Vestibules Pulhuans and (
oxcelled D}ining Car Ser
Local Scholetles.
at Reduced Ra,ten.
General Pasvetler Agent,
Wathington, ). C.
R. W. HUNT, J.
Div. Passenger Agent,
Charleston, S. C.
Treasurer' s
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer Pi<
DECEMBER 31st, 1902, WIT
The act of the Legislature approved 261
rovides as follows:
That all state and county taxes, and all
nid county taxes are colectedl shaill be due10
ilst (lay of December of each and eyery yeai
nonts are not paid on or beforo said t.ime,a
hall be added by the County Auditor on the
>y the ('ount yTrcenrer, nud if thle said tr
Iiiestare n.ot paid on or before the first day
dditional penalty of one per cenitum therear
tudlitor 0on the conuty duplicate arid collects
ond if the saidl taxes, alssessmntls and pennh
he first day of March next thereafter, nn ad
entum thereon shall be added by the Count
ate and collected by the County Treasurer,
sents and penalties are not paid on or befoi
ett thereafter, the sajid County Treasurer el
be said taxes and assessments anid penalties
udting tax-payors according to law
The provissions of this act shall in no wise
asssmentes of any townships of this stare tha
nid coupons in aid of railroads wvhichr have ni
aid township or townships.
'he Rate of State, County, School at
One Dollar Poll Tax and One ]
Road Tax.
In accordance with an Act to raise sup1
isncing January 1, 1902, notice is hereby g.
'reasurer of Pickens county will open for th
scal year from Wednesday, October 15th
lst. flat.es pcr cent. of taxation arc as lol
Levy for Stato Tax,..........
" " Ordinary County tax,..
" " Constitutional school ta
' ''Past Indehted nes .
" " County Roads.......
Total levy for State and County ta:
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. bondt
Levy for interest on Pickens 11. RI, bon
ft mills.
Levy for initbrest on Pickens R. IR. boni
Special levy for School District
41tofDc.92 igh day wor upor
reurd ne 4 contractor
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AsMt. Gun'l Pass. Agent.
Atlanta, Ga.
C. BEAM, Jr.,
Div. Passonger Agent,
Atlanta, Ga.
tes Colunty, S.o C. at
SC, O11 isct th 1902rSeI.
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hdo February A. D. li 1002ie,a
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>iin enalty of fone perhro
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apply to railroad taxes and1
I, have heretofore issuedl bonds
ot been1 completed through
id Special Tax, Including
Jollar Commutation
>liCS for the fiscal year comn
iven that the office of County
a collection of taxes for said
until Wednesday, December
...........5 Mills.
............4 ,'
...........14 "
..............1 "
.e.,........14b mills,
, Pickens Court House Town-,
da, for llurricano Township,
le for Eastatoo Townshuip, St
No. 9, 2 mills..
" 1, J "
S11, 8~ '
" 18, 4"
"16, 2 "
"19, 2 "
" 23, 2 "
S31, 4 "
* 49, 2"
" 655, 8
all male citizens between the
cempt by law, will be collected.
will be collected at the same
~etween 1.he ages of 18 and 50
Unless said tax is puid by the
the public hig a~ will be
r coir, United States currency,4
Bonds which become payablo
regard to their taxes will pleasd
slude postage for .a reply, and
a charge for collenting,

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