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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 08, 1903, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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"1huu; :l .-- 1-- .t I.v1r ' t" + :iiiu. tI
An': :1' " .)v'or all.
lnt"'wa.tt " f:>r the .-titin!'
Tllu 'I 11 :t, :Ik t",1nig 41 e
.\wd tranipe t-thl' t ,i't.r.artil (ar,
() bI r.i of j:w. f1.) .nl t') '''t :i< t'
Fron h
No ring-dovv'. 1110.111 1 in 1Ily throait,
Tlhy hlart I-'-vi'r yo:'inL
1rnve ---t the bt h. anI t t }ri:Ial
The 03::04, ln"ril I:ri .
Fall to t!:v t,w iI \ Il't ' " ''t ill"'l '
1'rm\tttl tiV Spl':ia'or. waI ri)r bird,
Anl of thy ,i.lri"a ton''
No ():. t" b,, rr ;:". " ,-vrr .tirredt
1 'I.tn "4' iikt' tial''
A m .: t "rrC .'\ . n --i
II ' ' 1 ii*'1' Mi O :tt 'rl:Ii.11r
T u' m: - th.- - ;t
L . i - - t I 4
i. - -
'4\ 1'
I.n:it .:
-- :. "i " \I, 1" n eb ' all . :I iill 'it
1 is i I]i
I'' 1t ' ':: tl t n1 Iit l iit
11,~~ 411
1 l . - . il't lIL til ('i
1 bh i u1 . 'I ii.' t ha I at his
-inTS: ll .: I "I 111'1 a : l .it I1 - o we t1
n 1 i- 4."'lir.til-t 1 ' . v ta llres it b iI
a* ' i)'' itumn. 14t4nt So h( st1p.
."'i r" -M it : hlavt" thl'ir s ay
l 'll w.: l1 \1t'. th. v.lt d t htilOy
na \ Iina in ral'l'tSt i lI of i 1lov
im 31.1'(hi wi t a ens of isloy
34ity .Thei startflh.ing neesaion of411 an
11:' \' toni ence'1.l awakt%ened'l wi,itil
I '11 : . i1 lI 1 i lti).'111(111.'.\1
"i Inot ' 'm Iuilts,"" ly 1 1ng i l
h iingie fm en!Te
I '.('41 anor.II ii1 -4Thy will alway,.
mn ,1h day.li 'IlI ' neverth Olts 14411 n|
h ( .d h eetfr 1'i 3
thrili t ~I t011(41311 1i(l)31
hl',i 1131 towa)< filean14 it 1 l4'a3 131:
h? 3 ii4 1.e v'>i,'d 14 1' ' l' 1-l14 .
lii, wit. ad ' n 1d'Ila4
flll:4:1e Ii vi fo3c 4la ltt4a
alt y1 it r l l o i it itr
N 44m. ' :o il' (hevi l :thou hiin. wt
sett itu o 4'C thet t. Fo'rur
3'ig F.lean 1 o oit a ofish lhoghts. 4(
w hrl n.ow1 wa he i flOti' for livinrt
Amh,44'iton, it IOVil1 toisiri of.nia
hl h-ft~ hitectn. s.a ws oft 1)a
h soulVof tone.11(t.$01 ltly
A"Oh eblion .OUShVos hitin. "11i
herausey u have nhot he onc of asy lif
Th. Yold thaveogotept u hit
4n'm r, ig eiztg hs h u h
4'rlln is w r lw t c lr
P'earson loke'Nr(d Sr1 (nlly at the0
1 i' t a:l.
"i1oy is a good fellow.' he said; a
t'1tn(il t' 1'-,'\' Yout have" *o hh.
1I1' 1:111 ('(I vagu ely. Te:l(''( \\'al .t
" '\\' ia2 't you spe,t1: for yol:t'f
hle sta '' d :"i lently. Ilad hi m-' n -
ory i'y am. val, or was it il'' I
I-:lt'anotr h('rSClf who hadl givotn tter
ane'(' to the familiar qulotalon?
1is ga1e met hers and e"uing. in a
flash he k1PwP---knlew\ witlli! dou1bt.
* * * * * .
iA fter a "hil' she Iri . ! to release h r
.'1o yotl e l: "sn as e u er
"tllat we ti' si (in} h'n )n h'a h
11 h ) ll. i n1:1 I' 'i t n )l eianl fal' ii.)l 1I', sii11t of
(' V('I 'l)ohlt '"
1este'. ".\' a l !. !" .'1 a d - .
ho e I i i i - )
o. I: I :. [ , (
i , ' I. ,
I nt i s:a
a.\ .," l. ' 1 1 ' ' I1 t"1 : 1'". er- t " '
' '
- l n r . r.-li(
I'l l 1 5. I Ila l il ' ' ilng 111'
1!!t' \'' ''ttli t'.! sei l 1 I n ,I'' 1' ' 412 (1i
I' a ll :: a1 n rt Alf Ih.. n\ti 1\ nt "('s.;ary"
i fmoi iin", at Iplan : a' itn Il onII11 lan i l lst r('
Iainll 'iI fro I I I : I . lit i\"1 I,tr':'. I1o'f(Ire
Ih"1't ''nn ht' a1 ttlat inlg n1111:t 'olnw
l l" 'r alhi1M )n l t t 1) a (o 11)411t ' o
lab O1rs V hil'h dloes not, of t"Olrse4,
t'xi> ini a fottctst-(.over((d r(-giun. The
w.uI It (f tl" ainiI; i", Ino .-matil matterv .
and this i , f( llIwtdI I Ib t1he'1 I It inIg.
('t'!llllltt'1. l l l h;i1 i 4E I -I I tl;1t' \'('lt 'IIIg
. -aI.s. w\'iIth shi 1lt1-11 'nls 'arr' (tf Ilt'
1I?rt f(11't' Itlnm " to llro(ut'(' oni ti pl1 n.
aution. as far is pllssible'. 'rops nt"e('es
at4y forlhe 11 ( subsistini( it. of 11) t4 ult'n
and1 a1111 als empl)loyedt. and not Ia f-- w
'omlaiti are 'ellgag(id also in Ihe 1.ti_
livaliuln of "side( crops" I'or mark( .
su("h as will yiel an ilncome whil( h('
rubber eI'(es are reaching a1 prodelli\4
(i on' 1lantaion in .exico. a rpt'ort
ol whit11 has reached us, alh>11 "( h
thc greatcr 11art of the l rO.ie('ttedi r -h
hc'r plant ing r('malits Ii) be donlt', i , aI
lage has grow\u ulp. with a puhint
V i '('4114 2I1'm t.ilt (o :.112. 1 Im . i ll'i, l1
hat h'( b 1 mrgalli ni l : in a I,t.' , ,..
1slab lih d (' . Th ('Sl is a1 m111111p;my111 4' -t"
Iarrin a svto c (11 itf' t1 ('Hd I Ia a ;111 'S
$i)141 12 .\'eican;l m1e51 mark11214 i.'. ll.. '
4nti t shotidjI. 1'14 launly. 1 a nIt (1.51rh
i n ;u I a .4a t''(- 11i4 physiti -
th'' 125 01 1|,:it y. I l j4112 galyI(2b
n'Ioiet ha lab r fr ,on tru in- bul.
nr . 111 .\ (2lli', (lne t4;1d:; jl tbl'SI i, 1 211112.
l' ili 21e It4 ', il 2 1:';ttisl ;ini Iu. lt.:2 II 1'
11i1-14 1 ' \ (0 i'iti'.I.\i' - 4 '.'t :-telli1 ' 41 t lit
4O2 l1I ours'b 1. ilms 1114u ('tilnrt re.t
a lte Th r 4 re.1 12n2 Zte s all as4 we'l'l
asib tIIhe lg eslta!testl. 12111 items1.of
I I ub e trees, siIl that the rit .,pect)1 ive11
this 'd oe fetur alone will( li lwlyl he'b2 2
whithwohdine t hatbla'tia the qu114' st (I'n
011.ftn heard. ais to thei lot ei' acre l of4't(
Yn the it' ('yit Icrowa. l
t at hote ie I.irpoo4l recen tlyan (b1
.itgao i int t'e earttwith lis enne,H
(11Of11ourse, a hyslltilndefrs saw hO' im tu
2) si'orid ha h wasOil abot.C110teoh
"t'm tv lIOOn frOliB athaveeign. as
-NTe orks Hoerasn et d ad
pr.u ig a ln tik elt ign
(ris I4"f4 it ti4, 1'*alrie-Ne w Systettt t 'In er
11 Ititi-. 1C,er.titA Wlll Ne Sea 'lt- tistg
AIt I'vr" -r . ' for Natvali Soervit- Preoli.
4I11r. 111tnii"I ltie OtHeor-t 11tt(' ito Fttoo.
(liven a farm-hand, a ('lertk, a boy of
the si reets. an idle son, a plainsman.
aid a North Carolina tmountaineer to
prOdtucle six sailor men of the first (lass,
pro1icl of themselves, their ship. and
their service, is the problem put be
tore certain officers of the United
States navy. The problem is presentei
to them in bulk instead of in detail;
i place of six. six hundred.
i'er:ons ashore had an oppott unit y to
:bser\ve the progress the otlicers in
(lristei with the plrob)leil are llikilig
w\'hln the lrtlistr I'rairie caime into
ihis IpOrt last ve i' with 150.) Itil) ers
Stil ed lanilslen aboat, after a six
Inlllths' erlis.' of int truc"tion and train.
in- 1rough thi W'I I tIies: and th.'
i:' dI -;1 1 l ': 'I':.- \\ irk :l115 b)c'en
;g1ro : h. a1!;1 ill' t1slilt;: havi' justitie<l
ll: ! 1 1i !:. , t)t i l if rawv lul tps 04 ' hitcI ll
in :l ': I t. Il1lli:- ii)liueil. for the
. . . . i n');.l:Il'l f it: first p rin1 -
;i IiI:a! ilw-in:-, !ua;v \s .'1 lI)e
II 44141 I~j 1 (1II\ e t he
. h r :il <iiih - h' i , < \\ lhe
- lin' i Iih'-ir I ' ; t h
ii . i i 11' ::1 11li'i 1 I 1' ''!: 1'!'1
T il .n .1 t i e a l
' 1 - 'I) '4 '1 l, . t il ' - :1!1
- T
1 4' d lp * Ai
li i : : Iii' IUti '\ I i i i 'I 1 I li -
111-. Iii. I hilrw<- h>r h... In ;ili t tt':
ufai i \'1 . )r;' 'I - - tIj- lly nil, 1 Ii'. 1 i i'tly
ha11 p. ii'ti that :1 1:11<lsinianl 'l;i ngl ihl'
I ' nt l if Ills e l I l " 11. ;I '-v ' i n e ,.
a !oI)". or learnle1l his wa liIi ; III'
shIii. lie 111: r 'i ' )l I1 i'''I . 1 ;. \'' t
w l"l''11 hie w i'a; 'irt'';'' II 11 1 t l'oell iII ;1 iti
and (' fitt k: < a l i Ir'a i, (1 t> fri':b itl!r
. '' the wi ' w with Sla 11. Il. rI
114 t 411 I ii a11 11i t I i : 144111 1'
ill'a l t ship. il \olli - o -Ii:
-' t ')i s,"lil:O -.11 11 i IN;4 41- ..i' . I i t
b; h i
fi -- i II I I i t , --t)
\\ ' a <144 I, " :. '' ililt! '
4 Ila i I' 1 ;; I : " 1 II, l 1 ' '
1)\'14 4 t. i'i1 11 ll It : 1 \ ( '.i .;lI: i I 1 1
" i'. !) t'1V :14 1': :i .1 ' I!, 1 1 11 1lll'
t,4i i II ":1 " (4 i :111 I 11 44!'li'll_'.I
I1 1 1 1 ( ' , t ; "
alllii, I l'' !4 i''li)t1.'~ 4 ( f t I'~ k . Y t Ih
ti ' i' . 4 o I lll ,:j'' 44l I : i i' ;14 1114
1444' 1' I II L tI 4:1 I;i 41
I '' ' hi' . II)tlt11114 ' I o lt 1 a ' i:: i, il i 111
1 1 i
hII 'l': wh t 14111I. 1"tn'1i ill
'4! " 4"' II 1\ fil 8 i 1 I i l! I' 'tl: l''"
Ii,I il Iii'T '1is ha le : si' I1
;"+' "!l' ' i V I' 11 l l'" . 1 111 I' h;R11 I 441
I"'4 fill tI l l.1' 11: 1 .<!x lltllll4ilsI Ia 1114
:"i . ':1t i " i ! !) 14' .I 'I - llt of I ; l oll
of\: .1 : !414i w 4' lol '14 4:44 ls I li' ati
his 41-'14441il1 all w life11' th'-l 1s. it' tile41
n:'at l::1 i. 14-1 . ' 41uan441 .1han they41
i- ir-- on :1in dar . 1111x tuot hs4'' back, 1
It .w - a:l' 4t' -'ih! (i l it I i lt ; lI al ti
(.\4l('1141 i'lli- il' <n . :l i g h m
.I he ia breil. is' : ill1 . 1444 he1 Iuy' h e a1110
4h ayta the hulI'is hav1-441e a1 so ackd
-:I liss o t eii hatum1151OCk ys. mal1
i co-. alont th I\)rs.ait all oter thn
\'141iniII; y in thw wIt ot1hia . Iboats
lrub alver theo1 d;ies\at k. hi' 11i't14
114It 1 n I er on: 111n114' 1:1y1. an1' gSat
nriystitg li : ly "oti g 1114'in 1444111 \111.
:4n4 4Ioppntl t.in111! wha4t i41:1b itg to 111an
;11 20 I~': 4le' 1 : ail 114 141'i5e',-1: ''\gli'
1 i ''- s . --.t < I\1 1 14h 1 i '4 : tllc: ' I;144!i-4
1(12.I'la i nilI.I 1421 hili h is I i h t hI t:i
.1!1,i.'I' :'1;l st. s'It e'It--.l 11o1 "i1 , :ha'i
wa. hi htl! ('411:1 i.e 14he5 1t'4's1 of the' i)
II <bu 142t 4'< to inail. i i al ilr
ril. neat an-. il .l aitlt ltIle. 14i1:ningI 1a11il.
ihiamm:s it h-t'I l. 1114wh1e1el. in<'ott -i
I'sl ins4114trilet114 , 81 rm ;)ttu. 4- way h11 ats,-1
-Ioldli'do a 11 ill.ol tireo o htu i'lr.a tef gnal't
11i111n. A5 I11 As 1tw10ver l'threeC lrignhs
1'he1 boys areIg exlir'i.oels of niht sliar
''Oirde, tiihie iuar anti " t14Inan1~
ofThle days1 teln aor wereOI all1th sampe
IlOnatiay hn thle winldC ohad dIlaout,
tered nalon athe pldrctl tails bmdr C!the
tIl' Sieej oil' of their yes. lt sil11'
t;(t ril' the1 workc inl h1ant. T'ht' .h'1
wit al :h o hisy1 1 itll )ls : uu 1.;h i I (
tart'(Il jI:u ''tt. Thel( ho(Suil Vtr
ilol> fl'l i .ll.!' Without st i t
''Get th a : buillie lati. iit;' byl
"(;Ii v 'a it : 1, (Ii1' 1a. t""i tt a' ' .i i Ir\' I
to ht'i:rl a;1\":' Stlilartly w\hent I "l
The hi .., al I alit 1hiI stitions ti
(letr tli.. i 1i b'":!I irks w'aiting= lil,1 (('r
1'i(rS itl i ';ih t111. the worid . It e l
"Stanid I," to 1o aloft.'
TIhey Sw;lln:. i :l ove r tho taltt andl
for the rat'' ';p lth' Yart. A yell1ow\
Iea(eel ill II , i n deci k ulking
11p) th' atri " . f rigging wist
fil ly. ()lo ; .1it1s ers perlhedl
(' ' 1th ;l-at :itl i*: - \'1 tall,ntingly.
"L; 111,11:m1a*. t fr 1aidl to .-a 1up'.
"'Naw\. I i. 1 a' wait till 1 (as
iII" v. l, !: i_ A hi't telIo\vs .
ill all in i .i.
"N IIw , lm 1 '' ? 111
t ' is " ' h:l 1 a\\':l "
t(\ndi! s 111 :.
t-;ra" > it
nll lt r. - -
,l( .'.
1. 1 I lit
ll' i
IP 1_,i ti' 1 . .
ii awa
I a h
i . 1'h
-.to.n -
r:tt ll a.'
i. \ t
haea.w - u' aa
' a..\
l\aa..I"- i - at-s ti'll '
S h Ir . ta '' '
*'t- .*p -:a'c a o Ie. u I at a, a.'ii ( n.I ,
II ' , as t it 11ti. t f
h: Ih'y i t ba a'e--M <ai ''i'al ;-es
1 w r ahe II 4-an alt t' .aw'or< it
h1!. ' .\ll sinalh'r than mluttny 'I otes.
" ' rl-ii lvartl- hii, most fearlels f
'. o! 11 ,11 i lig ;ttl alu atllnl t X('t to1 11
to 1 ''ilIaa at !jv taii.a <i hal s he 'i'l
a ) II I ' . la !lt''t.i ( 'lI11 l1;11 I: Ii1T"
w ".a .:\'ord lish arl' tio t inte .sii
li ma lt' Iii' (- alt red14t1(1 to a i<'l be
sWe"'n t '.VIo 1xlitl I :;\w or(lIt;unoII. Such
C0lni'0\t was (lI irved of (i to' n m . c
i"r that ' 1 e '1nlS (11t in1)to tho o("r1an at
iat .t\lonil'a, 1iar I.os ;\A gel's, ist
'". r- tiUllt(' ti-1h '!llnilt 11( iOedt( wo\'I
)ig lith le'uaig out1 of the wa.'ater alli
laa'hing along theu aurfac.oe. 8o'on it
w'as se'eni Ihat thely werei'o 5wari'tish,l it a
wa.as the s'a.'lnt whei(n thle lishi are*o lin.
ttstta'lly fe'rnwhinisa. 'They h;ai taadeI
s'ver itis his. an tia'lt swhent'a oberid
wiiraI at 1clo~sealll a Rl ( latr, tiin ach a
a1he a,'wrful :ile blows, l~;ike ava-iI
t i ly tha. .vt4 II 01par .-'' d anl da ttat Ili
low thll <.I' ainti pl1w\\'4 a sp 4:urrow'
it) in l bd-l h,;l Ia-r;-.i 'lI;a:ilhin-: th fiah
oa 4l1. Ii: it..wil :aul atta n,dl a' ''t) II.
L0 .a Im!~ 11 l ' a i a bo t rv l
ai ! ' '. . :. a - I a'g , j i t .. a-.a| * l ; .
Di I: i hn(tO' i'lh . t i ,. l ar :,I I .nyal I
II1n 4 ' 'he vi 'l a t 1 I lin- j l i h . Thi va
<lub-hed,L I~ )lan,n a on ) tIll' slutr al- '. a a
aiaal lad I i) 4)r l't 'u:( i 45 .) wpt. In \[t
Aullaeh' anil! 8antIae* .\lonicat-~. T la
gavea~ mph-411 '. jaihmno' oflI11 the extionl'
l'aryv stio'nlit ofl ih' liiiust 0f4
w..lihihlrive's a tIl-p'oinni shot fromn '
hiowit aaaI .a'will beo inasily' .hl)'iO'Ial alte'r
v.im'aw'inmg thIe r'esualIts. ---(h io'go C'hroni
Ihs d115'.lightfCul l'rench atnd l'ngllih
inns is aull nontsensa.e." saido a man w..ho
recent lily 1reI trned troim a l' uriopeana
Itrip. "Thelii aidvent of thn' aulltmoblile
was a godsend to t hem. amnd t hei' hat
rona,ge' has hel'l' gm-eat Ity i ncrieasaed
stinc'' peole toiok to) r'iding along thlost:
hleauifull loads i:,to'adolf1 wha'lizzing ;:
long~ onl ily. 11a. 4t tratins.
''And wh:lia I harl'ling odli pla-(a
thasa' holtls alro' 'Thleir imumeuilo'late'
aiathlilt fttunihigs. inoin.:ijeur w.ithI
i I heory2 sinil', the hiiah a\ Il w.aiit
in naidi ll aa. akai .haorael4 ho~y;
I h' Illalce lillaa to b' foaatal sis whire.
.\nd ater th avean'. eal wht
coI archea om.,;'a e'ee l
ini lthe ia; Miiatl hoatel to bI: foIi.al in
thie gr:.ia 'ilias. but1 aas for1 me, 1 i
lmet onia oat :he* alnu'a litl inn
I: ila It aw\aly in t' ilII'i of I'r;aie
.10). i oph' ) 'i' au Ol-I tifuOl tIll fir:
tim htlw11 try su1icidle. hm11 ilhe ma
jerly . of laa-:a aa'eeal alt 'it iapts a
nece'ossarya bfr its h le litmlat rl't is~ at
talined." :-aia a hospitaililderfor. '"Th'lrtl
is ttt . i i j alit'th :aui id.ii 4104nia.
'The a. istim maty be siatched froill tha(
~jaw.as of' od"ath,i but1 s1ooneri or' lateri h;e
a.wIll mnake anbothe at"' ttemptlt andui if thic
1s unsucct0eass t he' a.w'Ill keoep it. up urn ti
lie succeeds0I. 'lThe pteisont w..ho once0 4re
to take is ow..n lilt' w.'Ill alImost in vai'.
ably try again. A\lmost' thei first qutes
ttion a doctor' iasts a paltienit w..ho hias
at tme sil''ide' Is: 'Is t hIs t' iirst
time you have triedl It ?' Youl wo'ul hi
su1I)'rprie to know how. often some1) of
these poor,~ desplondenCt pel"l mia)ke v
hanlf-huearited effort to 01nd their1 liv .es.
Some of them'n keep It uputilt u tI4hey dit*
a natuiral deafth."-PhiIlldlinl nteonci
h tw ( r 4::0ptd 0<4 J 'I halt I u
1)I4111n0p1p-;(I ,- t-r n l t Il lnaI nn t.
Now it is assld ri that te Sinll toe
I he huiualt Ioit will be trowIe( out
I eXi:tenet by I' the nitl of the lre'Sent
e:mnry. Suncht is the View of citrIt'Opo
ists gellerally alltd of physiiais w ho
a'.0 e \ven the matter lnore thatli pass
i1 ( tnsiel ion1101.
.lust as. according to Darwin. the
all was crowdel out of the hlunati
olly skelettn Iany ages back b(ecause
ti hal absolttely no useful function
o perfortit: itlst as the vernliforl ap
eltlix. Ile' olnly apparent funktion of
lhibt" is to lictessitate dlangerous and
xpensive op1)erations, will eventually
mid no plat'( in httmanl anlatomy, so,
'tordling to present ildieationls, the
ittle t' tituist iltitmlately (lisappear
The "ontilitions prevailing at (lie pres
ni day are sucht. indeed, that but a
hort p"rit)<l of ev'olutionl w,ill bel rlct":s
! ry to brin;: abtout this ra<ciital elhane
he hum11an sy',leml. The little toe i,
IS h . i n'' t h It 'hl o(l!. butt e'Vtn thienlI
fr' te tl t hil' It In tt' Is1t a l a t wel
>1 i a I( , \ ; llit' Ith I: l:4t \V I!
'.' ' t I I I 1I" I': ,! t tli t ,IO ill:"' (1 it '
heI It n -
l t I
n' t i " a- I) - i :t
lt' t: . I f fast '1111
r I i fo ball pl ta I's, ani to that
1'I tht- sh" hav been': 1I'l lnalle so illi
e' th:l :1ity pns4ibility of using the
.h1 iot't hU '. l tn irilit t 'it.
iTh(' rillet': it h i tltl of walking, howi
r. i: rIe ll re pon ile 01or t it noi
I' of the lit t e t t t. T I'he ftll weight
the io<i :: is thrown first on tI he left
t and th<i on the ri c ht big toe.
t'(h' l ee th Iet of the foot is
lowed to partivipate in thle Sipport
thl" htly the little to re eivrs 1ess
'it than any of the others. Nil:eoy
'r(' i t. of the sh(les are Wri, ot it li
lerably Inor on the bigi to:- ie t Ihan
i the little too sile.
Hoeee the mlodernl methlo<1 of wallk
it and the w earil:;' of it:ht Iit.in:;,
loes the little toe is doomet to an
irly end. 'he disappearance will of
)III-Se he gradual. As the t1s ' of the
lot is Illore tld more confined ta tile t
ig toe. 11' ' little wtll t%ill slowly mt
t."I.'l ("nI. l'sh in Kizt-" with rat"hi su'it -
Aorting Io Ia phtysiiae' who has
'iel the matter stme stu<y the pro
('';s: of evoluition will he someihing
ike this: Tihe anehylosed .joints of the
It1ii" to1s. tnoiwl- so e"olml ons4) al)t4ng
row\n-up people. will Iegin tO apear
nehytietedtIe'.~ge us it, tol the lw
evioll'be's short stop e ill abe ginil
lilthi app eo theiitte gtet 'gati itso iil
r''w~\ ited" V by mgmbanousti sal. or F
'areti e thte i stle o b 'emi g smaltl
'riltl c'' ath itdf'sie I lle', .iol, teeIi
i t(osesir al geila tl iiiOfatinc', a i's. e.n
iothts 11a stlp ig"T tn'yo, t'el e
h e eIit is tni'.iTh< l tha ' t e owg ine'
Sill'' f'tllt e; i- 1111iii. aties si i ll e vr y
a2li'o e ll tlige hit mife in foit\\elee
1e1 iltl locomt i's , the vei'gtt; l1i111i
eandy wotmi w.itleli3 h te rue nth aetI
I t ine ' i he excet Iion. s me'
Ii h,'een wlee,, hit litna, l'it t1xliyi
'.11. at .\ns. alt' Nottl a babyl thati
Ilct'er fixedtt mh bl tin Ihe wa of' li -c
uiingea' om ic' than an haby' iitint ht'.
ti l'gatei Slteaos. TAs ab hassec leic
'r;t'etoth:-rt. thr I I tat eitor. ln.e
anita: ai alet a en om el)l lio . rrItm
leitis.a isc t e Iti t i !y titwith iv
'Thois his on ilts moter' .lidelt, beg
11r1aindthrapa m n flellVttl-on
r. V. lydae. radater hemoh
Success mak1es suc('(e'(s. as mnotley
manke's 111onte'.- -Chalmllfol.
'The only disavalitage ol an honeS
heart is (Crednlitty.---Sirl' Iii p Siil y.
One ianl's Word is no man's \' worstl:
we shotild (iietly hear both ith-1.
There is - not a string attluiel to
mirth but has Its ehord of melancholy.
--1 ood.
Virtue alone outbuilds the pyra
minIs: her monllinents shall last whenl
I;ypt'S 1a11.--Younlg.
A childlike trust, of heart. that aln
take a hallil. an(1, wonlerillg, walk
in paIthils 'inknown and strange, is the
pr'ime retluisitte of all religionl.--James
Seasonis of c11111 mitldiiation anil of
heartfelt dev\otionl appear to he . -ed
til coinditionls, if w ' wonlli ri'ii1 al
tain that wisloin o which w ri'd,
"lie who iind+'ih ne lindetil life.
('hailes It. t -)1tm.
ti ."i1\ ttl the boa.; gt;lll: ( ;'i G MIA,M e(
I 1 :ay i; (oill 'wi t w .' ' - i
Ii- to bii (it)t', wvill tor 1l , nIa uy
I I:!n;'.; e li lilt' 'tralig;ht l it of' t:aa
-:i:o e D ib. :1 I:tl"1.a: 'it W .
1." ,.i1.
Inlt)~ all (::r J. " it
.titl III iL ' >
.ia - h, a
t i.- ''idh i
l ~ . 'tit r4 l. I . It ! t a 'tl 1 ! i i t' i'
(nn11 iv, i'',l t'. of r ,l.;gin2 as ti y
pass. it) Ilie i<h'as Of our lfiiediils. It
'eali\'ly bec1'oles iell al"al)It' to 4on -
verse with I 1el '1: ilo:)t brajis aro di
vid('d up int) weil-lilled pig'on-ho-les
wh'l'ereinltto nothing nn elnti' fl'in lthe
(1utsidle. I.et ns have housiitabile
hl';rts and( nllilld.---,lo;lh,'rt.
I'oili 1 ic) ('c l("');-ta .4 frn: I'.'(''Iiil)t'r
Almnost to !ate -mni;av.
'I hin l'orto itican boys al 'rc,
w\oliltl be :'i,thte:ec'l 0111 of it il i wis
if Sa'nta (Ilais sholhI com1h to lWi ini
a sl''gli idrawn by rtintti"l:- a;nd .:i:I; ,1
try i. eiter the hol!s S and fill their
.-tockhinil'. )own I here. Saita ('ius
:lttcs nlot n1eed al ith- e tt a;ily (it1. t
Li'id Of St,e(i s i. I ):- eiilcl'"i say
thait he .l''st eolles flyinir :uo)t';gh tliw
air like a bird. Neliher I.'.s he lol;
er himstl' lookingl::;o' slockiings, for
s:=ch thil,": nile not so t)lettifiul in
I't)rio I& c"o at: tht'v are ill eoolor c"li
ni.t.4. Iiste'al of (it"Ikini , Ilhe chil
iren is little boxes, wlhch thy mlake
( lmn$ elves. 'l'he('e i hcy piau'e ol the
rootf: and in Ih(e c"ourtya11ds, atnd (ibl
Santa ('lals drops the gift into thlim
is to liI's: ar(lntln at night withl4 his
ha1 (in his hack.
lit' is imer(- generouis in Port4 it'o
ha: I'e i ; 1y 'tere I 'l. liI' 1o.S
is liI:ely tol cahl a loillidc ev- r y *liglt(
wor dliing the( w'.ee.l p hal m4.iiil
4')y to' 14ee' whet hs r anyl Ihingi more1'( has)
beeni let ini lhir boxes durtinig the
Chriistma:s in jl>rtet iflh (1 i. a 'laiic.j
f i alJi o''4f lol nn 1)h i p riur. .ind I 4tim)
tthe eelebr'atio:n of' his i:irth at ('Jhrist
mas:1-i ime. ti.' 418 fat days follo.w 410- aS
mayl3 just ly be, salid 1that they Il not4
oelaiy 'lome 1)o1 an elld 'ntli-i.
tl-'relm tI('ijt doiloi'ard-lse-!w i-l
''m ell,.-: hat s i)gt' ;"aid ('beige -
'mt s tlichol-s. Eey1)1t Il
.\nl old30 flb1I' whgive alt a o o
Iaiwhom t4(a o h av uiely worlw<nl, an
a qni<m'ted. on Jof Id thatrn as' sua
"ell. Thl elol ylow'81 took' i,
thedand the doltlilr, tt I 1emed diis-'lt
"'W e. wha isit?" said te oldnmh
''H, ut tod'ay youll' have iven t e (ol'14
"Well,4'r t'ai te 'e ('ou," said e in -
Imn god-humoedly "II Ihan' had
some 'l'k'su a ll av expensb . 1)1jim
rV(i'ed,s)' ed he ulysfor tohe toenhi
etc.,111 g ha lompeXed m11 hlh to ewi
ev r 'irec in." I't'c 44O
''Ah!e i' ve " litd ltherold(l1 man.'
"Bu 4i* really )1 hen' afford1 toI ontrih
ute aything towrd0 yIour1 <bagter'
Aith,i Sier.wlteti aypot.010
p her world. ie kndo 'r
1144W It Ne. stimastulntec1 ineThisle Couistr.v by
tht+ "stett 'r.ut."'
It mtty 1e ascert:inc(d that produc
tion is falling off or is costing more
tllin it Should through the incapauity
or negligence of the ' re;ponlsible mlle1.
of tile laster workmnenl, of the suiper
inten(lent of a mill, or of a department.
il'i,e it is that the comiliittecs of skillei
olcrlltivc; becomeo of use. These tom
mittces ICtpresent every branch1 of the
business. T1hey are complosed1 ot: the the
oretical mneln, like chemlists, . exam
pl, and the prlctical menl who tuaily
work the m'ac"hinlery in the furnaces,
the nills, and the other properties of
the l corp)ration. 'They visit the works,
exalmine the machinery, stuldy the
Imet ho:s; employed' wathli the op)era
iotiS of the establishment, and inevit
bly a , ltin what is wr"o11- and 11po11
I hol the rt sponsibility r( sts. A oaUnk
WI- ( boss o' siuperintcient (reads
the visit of 'he comiimitiet of his o)wnil
l't"",,lrh of th business. It is comupo>7e(d
()i hli; f'llow \w\orlle. who> ar also
his rival, who ar o on sr:iiiig
vey tort to suhrii ate ; hiiu taa. \It w
al' tetelrmin'd l t) d1icor 4 i is wea: -
n(-;S(':, mai1 to br1'ing t etr fo t;t"y of
the cor)pt,r:!;ion u) to It :ta :lrd.
T se Visit alio:l:, (f, o ; it y m
said to bi am -i1.4 he it o:a I.h-t
{ ( i ! 1 1114 ili ltiti l;: (' i t' 1i lr' il 4 I'ltr
hunmn11 aincidhe' <>f the. '~ le ;;,. : 'he
le ritt'i:-n tl a ti llil ii;::, , n i t h n t
k pt up with tha 1 11;' h 1 mav-ll
itt ' t', i' l ;!g Ii,' .Jt1 i'I ' ., l ' 4t)l II 1
is i: r e 1;' y'.i i l : Nt) \. o .i
! t rit - ' 1. i u ti iltri l . 's i t - I !; 1,I
nt biitt1e': ct". '
I' t, lll; t'11 1'; l I. =la (!ad:.t.- g Id u l bt' ( i he
v11 i lt, ae c w hit h -~:t', l't '' e ri: a tlm t'1 , . l is
\'iSI1 1't' i 1t ~' lic :t '1't: il Ii!i WII Is
goi t le ' l " ie' Ir 1 Ir-It ti. t stim ul aI::tes
i'e 11ai11 t a ill! i t"-' w'ati-h . ra t 'j o ,acvs
hIltl wit a b t m :'1 al t '\l"t 'lents,
a' worlk !n.s on hI t t' 'i', !el product
is Iirl"'t'r or less toI) " I h compttillany\
ainlS. and, if it e ar1Iit :s :i ts pi ro't1e'
si(ts, Y he ' cotnsulter also prit 'te
manner inl \:hichl a t"omm:iitiI't wOrt:. Is
as \a'Iti 11 11 on111 m11 : it.-t'll, b)ut1
1t " iI!tiat beoss in an1 i'e'tigat'lel
fadt I Sli' at e alt w'ith by a gr11p of e n 11
w 11,1Si 111, "II )ilI I j. lie'rk. Iit ' b o\\s
l8r!1 0'11- tinI 114' worke 414. lie'w
this, atl l i' knows allso :(I'thry atrt'
ambitio s to s'e" r(' larg' . rosel lts. iIt
11( 111) i. d :' )Ivt Iem., as hi'e st might (It
( iv' aIt , lw t-r who hal l''r'I- p rall tIll
a t 1i .1: ', i - Ill ( I!d ' ti iig OI' it'll1
or al htr: -' itt'. Iti t r 1t m han .itea
ilol d 'i'l 'l'i ' !t i l l t i 14 'i t ;t:.;, bid
wo41'li.lanl t ill, - llsb w' so h o illnlt ;s,
li: t'al nollt)t <-t-tt sfll y lit t in1
ill Illi owiarld : dt la it i si i ste -'te (11
1 llt s lit musi. tal;k. h tr wit hout
resontm( nt. If het <an dc botte.r. he1
111 st: ;I hr canin l. he( must go.
soetllm(1 i i's, it is ll a E'ri' ndll' hint
that is oni'tl'l. ",llm.'' "s aid on)e of a
vi iol the Onl I i tttI' t o hi:s friend tihe
formai, h o was hmlie1 inV'stig'atlio
.limi . al .;l f(ylly, ws : oe after y ,to.
Inow\ it, for li'm1 one of 'r1. Now you
I(t hisy:, if yun w ant m( to I'll tell
you how1 bt11 dn' the 'l'm eink a' yo need,
to0 he ose you'di hi 4 er g bisy."
cld oi S tl T r's in5 th (illnnir.'111
141 a4 I t'n 4 i Not a 1 :18 I1''1. Ie
'In''4' llarper's .loh 44.1 C am1li
nor bittl r an11 o'thei r Ilii o e hi
been known0 tO fan'imd :ay .\Ir. Champ-e
11in'. 'it fl his n 111 IU htiti ting h lt
:h4 ii ubje t 1of 51u (' m ..\i01 1 :'l a15 pi4 ..
old 'IIij a im was n. !h-l.i'd 111. un
811r! ' sI Ied v ig o il) - {t'
havel h " C(l aoiin e ' oll ar11, hu0
ia timesh whn lawsd:l' 01ulatig the
ommerc14 of i iethie 15a w110e cm!tar:'S
tivl "tilnowof whe ('O oic inoe.- n
rrshi wln haraio.jnd miga (XCnsieut-4
White oly rvtight.. .abse wla te
r.10ulear thain t o xon ie ote
royen andi dieed aborj parItraned withs
imungi'tywich on l aie wai t iild~e hiave
mcost.aheir athoresthei lives .\ye
kown, ao had omittdiccs, 'and
lxine uisosed intef yeto
th i4gi';n y wees kti e o -
ord ih mea reonin'hre

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