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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 08, 1903, Image 7

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"I w.'s !,'.'1 ulp to die w"1h
1uicli coluIin.in I then hegin
use Ac::'sCh-:rry Pceoral. I
improved .!t on:1:e, :I'd !:li now in
mlall, t.lht):I: .'l, i\. Y.
tco 1sky, playing
with y}o.:r ;'otghl.
The 11rt thing you
know 'Ill be down i
dcer in your lungs and
the pla y, m:ilt be over. Be
gin early with Ayer's f
Cherry Pectoral and stop
the cough.
I ' . j ro . e , 1 r l k iti i ary
CI'4 " . (:th. , 4.c e. .
A f: OV loisoN COOK.
cco .,cd.d for P'ercois Not Too
xci _d to Use it.
"I! v: ; i 1) an e:4;clent iiia , or
ve- f niy t ! ('e ! ! h - : .i r-'
I {(1 .'' Wi l a4 . . i(: : N 1w
Y) (1(' ,'<- . !i' . i i I. ,v.: 1 hat
of' i l: : .' ' ( ". ' 've had m'
t: l < . ! I ' :i ,):'.i, by : ,t1l('O lt t.
it:.! 1!.l a:1)r4.1 -i;y 44: :140k -ps,
Ii.! "n nm:'. :;nv' 44I'h md ri
:l1;( :( .1 :ill:tl \\aS c it for t-i :aljiug
r t:pi t{ " is ,he :r('e4 tling4 in
(a st's: O: Pli:'.olin:,. !ty the tin ti ne
111 't' 1 t)l frtin a doctor or dru;ist
it it; ofil n ',t(4 !Ite to Savt ih1' pa i.-lt.
A few a tI i1ot t'; 'or te (im111 un t)t) i
<tnlt9 wouhtlil he rn.:y to lea111. Still, if
htere was 'suoh a 1 ok I supposo most
1Wr"::on-s wouh0ii he too rliuch excited
to u:,"e It ill t::11 Cl' e':crlgeccy."
ThE Pil- [ CURES
Mr F n S r 2
ll4thi St., N.Y. City, adds her tes
tioy to the hundreds of thou
sands on Mrs. Pinkhiam's files.
Wh1eni Lyd ila E. P inkhmamn's Remc
dies werei firs:t iittroduc.ied skep)tics
all over th' coit r'y frowned upon
thir eurii:air ehCltilms, bult as year
after yeari has1 rlled by and( tho
litie it roup4)l of1 women~i who hadtt ben
curecd by the nmew( di.'covery has
since44 grol( wn inlto a1 vast army of
hundr(1 edis( of th1lousads, doubtsq and
as0 by4 a~ miighty flo, until to-day
the gr'eat good that Lydia E.
amuong t he womenW of America is
aittracit ing the atttenitioni of many of
0o1r 1lading scicnt ists0, p)hysicians1
and1( thlinkinIg people.
M(erit alone1 could win suchi fame;
wvise, therefore, is tihe womani who
for a1 (4ure relies uponl Lydia E.
Pinkhami's Vegetablc Compound.
'4, A
Fat Field
makes a f'at purse.
A fer tilizer without
is not complete.
Ouur books are complete treatises
on fertiii.crs, written by
men4 who44 know.
wVrite for theum.
93 Nass.ui
Newv York
2iSQ 'Yo-ung 1%Eexi
At once to qualf fy for good positions which we
will guarantltoo' In writing unider a $5,000
deposit to pr'omptly procuire theta.
The Ga.-Ala. Bus. College,
goe All
Genuine stamped C C'C. Never sold in bulk
Bewaro of thei dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good."
0 1 , 1 M ade by i av al ra a n
SA gonto;twitl ur Fau
Phd ing Wlood an:
- - - 0e for a Itroon
lintted States Gnaentm SalAW.m
I1. ?av ll'. "':-1, 1.1. , , e' , ',il e-l
1 illililii' -- i,It:1 1,' 16* . 1 "t,11,
9 u l11'4 4 <4<rr. *'.i 1 , ... I V. 11."C.,3a1
I 1', Ii . 3 iii 49I) Ii '. , 1i .: I 1 ," ,"rt "~ trt (...l,
S I I r! l ;l1\
;'11 11 1: i 1,~ t'a:-"lli' M I (ll . ol
hlulitll :irauonulu ive
bn rd l<r)l-n pe ::ll ur.( I(...
'1il' ' ;it 1t i .a' ur 11 re1' a l '
l ;iii gh'Il.1 t Iti(1nIti1:' t i i a i;il I,::lr' (it" thet'
U'tldl S(tates b .\ Goh!ber IC r C i n
w\'hlich;1 he(' nu11i' pc'rsonai ob : tt'1'll i;ln'
anld lnve(sli.al it,ns imt.: IirlaIti ':', '(:I.
n 1('rt"ial l and !::n )mi t : i; ns. ii:;
<('t:,:t"ild i " i ' i 1o 1 IIl -. hlu,' ' C.
i''' 11de dirCt"1 !) o t ':p 1r111 :1:n
thel udl it; r' of rc'111:t'1I'( :tlti ha;VI' not
C'l. L;,( I u iitC ,(!Iy ! i ' ' ,t . .;I '; ! -
'tme, howevC', ill ha. tublisin'd in a
lt( ing C II 1 V i1r1 ni I i-i!In i)1
WV' he ' a serli...- i :: i.-d ;1I ':, I t. -
der2 th liti., "T i". I.11i ' 1+2t,l :nuiC
I':( 1 (cllll ' : , I4 ' ' tC) !' I 1:l:, . ,"1 1 c
tl'I l b.'ili : I i , IC ' ' ', ICC
C1 1 i'" i :1 a .':.a'r 11 ,i,,' !' : - a t: ''
frIn iC 'I ' 111w1h ( ,1 !'atl 4 i in s
i'\'C I:l: ill \(' ' I.I::t:s IO( v w i tC s
ait::,. ii' n l ;1 t :1n: 11ly rt. v '
I1l11 I S ;11I Va i:, tlv . a,I1t11 h1 i Ci :w ' r
,t "ir 1 ). 11 a 1i,n1 'l ncou::1 I 's (:tc11 in(I
Vh:itu i. it untIos hI iin c l)1121 itili'ative
lnand f 1it'1l1y (i) i)r' ign(i' w\'iI( ar
:("1<lii ' iul t IItl;:tit1t. I ti'4111s a; 1
tl-(<1. 1I',cvery u11'. ':irl- lj1141 wCi \ ilt thJ!
idca: "TIit' s1'tlln 'Ir :-haltl See v :ow
gre'a( and ltr0nt; A\ ir Icr a is." .\ly
eight l o th. ' tril of osvati(on and
stndy t ul n 1 r 1 the stat+': and 411 1l
igllt (se I( nlltr, and nIowhe I(r( did !
tind th(' slight('st a (lttnpt at O Iecr('tiV(
11csS. ;ve1rywhe(r(e I ubserved, atn un
(.lllnnon, l t ,st'( ady hilsth' of mn4en who
'n.i( y the'ir Work'I and( are ("onsc"ilusly
working 'or great results. "t is a
great 'i ntry." This is il \"("rllatile verbati n
designation of' rovetential admiration
which the 4 citize ll of tlie lnite' States
has loullI1 lor1 his c oun t1ryl.
The inhabitants of the tinitod
States, Including P>orto tti("o, ilawaii
and thit( Philippino Islands, n uint'Ir
a bollt t.n , h4u1(1 at is, .arey 5
percent of the wourlti's lotall inilab -ti
t.anti, a('c ilI l t1 1 its hlige('st I l i
mate. T!his . Ia ('' (elrInt as 111 )1'' se('n1
taken Polssc'ss1i)1n of ' "'5 I petr(c'nt of al:
the cultiv"ated aroa or th1 4arithl, viz.:
" 4 1 c a 1rS. A la nd f ml a rv e llo u s rtility
ofered itself- f1or Iillai;'; and the hus
1andnan hadl but to gat('r in lte
produce. Thel! virgin Si illde i
work t ie r and' II its ('(111 nsivene(1s tn
de1ed thed' app tliCtinofl ariic:iaCllt1r
tlilci(tize s pra .t i:ilyil i)4n15 ssar , ai
St ate"s adtetn h v e .a ty
1b 1 ticllen i)1 iviil1C 1 andCI pra t 414a' 1414'
(: .e1t ui tiex:114in! the 4 orn 11' ropIst'I for1
and ilOl bIl ?IIio ul p r annunt1Cc.I aoigl
tota of1. ilI I bil1i4n for the'l' 441'i12
OII this amount I 1 tilt lnited S1ttes
talls. rtned 1. ilon ,a vr
or 5 percen(llt oIf thl111 wol 5 (rop.(l
T1ow.rd theiC wob's wheat A elp the1
(biTngdaes ontributed1~'s in the115 flyeI
fortH ) the year'IC 1901 O jts contibution tI o
thelworld'sbl produCI tiIo tof whleat11
111ni)nnftedt to 25J'Il pe '.1'ioI tui' g the1114'
hi ilen Ihttthels of ats in lO ItheI1( wo 2..
'ad f this 3. tobll ohuthl of a 5.511
perlcent,11 1(ti~ were produci 0)b 1theUnilld
S1t44ate 41 'iS t0~pollcd 11.
31n tll (I d co f Ilt io'!sPion( orf ti9..
Uni4tedlS State rov18d itl t011 be(I!'a
41101. It l o ducedIl I' I -;1ry nearly '5 per
dent loll the1( total14 ir1o 1 poted and71
Ipas)'tilea th li ited St at'sII'e pro 270:
1ig1 troll. 0n1' 0 tlit prod41 e.1 . WoIugh
'I10411y4Io 10.11million 11ns ,f s 1ei er
in14the year0 a 9 11he i(l'ted((alto
output1 oxt('l tI was in re e it. 144.5 m Oil0(n
The'''11 U illted il'IltC States prdi-s n:al
41''.l' developmenIiIt of 4 th Ameria n to p-5'.
'i11iIistry grew by tlea.' andg': bounds in
a remarkab411 ly sht t1ime~ tol the4 mo11'
impornCI' facOitr l'CIn I he worCd produ2 e-1'l
-tio1. 'CIn t 144' the coCp! 8 produ.ti on4'l!
of th(41e( UntdSaj m tne o 1.
h 5n.1, l:'.iI'1I u 11'; : that ol S1i\v'
I' )t :1!(1 : ;1 F : ii f (I I :.'
i h t ' i . -| 3' .1 O : . t .
t <i-1 1. .S1''' 1 1 'e1 0i - U I :
11 . th' e' (" I1 '1 ,f a .o I
Jo ' 11r1 th1 h~ihi :. ofI aj In4..
i''t !'0 I' t i' 1" tl .1. I' i ;lll. tr!I
''ii; l i l. t . U t 1 ' i t.' 1' .; . '
bi' h 1I ,i1 1:rI ia{hi: a i I .i
' i. r b11 b . r nl 1 1: o ne I:f '. I I
-h ',11 ( : r 14 \1,-- m ; lr - 1
fil e l for t i} \\1, ill Z i ; : oI
111o ' a i,r ;. i II ' 1 iIiI I II
ll(44 ; i ;. Or 1' :i , ' s':'1 . 1 ;-t~3 l i1, ci::it 1
I':1 11' i 11 '1 ! , (lll) 1 o11 f I4 II)' it
1'i lillijc lti u c I' OI I:'r;," l( : i 'cl 041 :
ills for1 tIII ' t"c;!,I'4 :lli tO1;ij1 I
O. 1 0 t :ii\' i;i,iil l it)4 Ii1 ;'il4 Il44 i
1'.. iht' l ;:b y ; . i' ' 1
I)(I.g I(' 1)1 l r l Iii ttvi i i I I . i
N; urIl ally t!)' l bl u IOr i )':. i (t h
world i 'I J tr t av. \"., )04 118 1("i. I1 111t 1
il( :! t I) l S ' ' t's-i !! ,i ' ! t'
1:: 1): -. tI '> ", \l,:'. I V t i I} i
it b il ll ' 8 I::n. l ' ' til"' i
' : p , i i l'. " It -III
li1 :1 ('111,' I I!l", .:I0 'il ft II 'uI l
...,.i: 11i i :a l i t i '..: .' ( t in' ; i ;r l i '
' y i t 1 I i h a111)l 1t1a i r 1 1; 1 I
i1 \ I I . i t 1 t1r1Io..1d 1h
1i\ "I iI 11. , a ' I I,! i I ;h I .: i i i )
i . t( i tll' i ,,il ; in th 1 ll ong ti 1 ; rl'
I 1 It w a ' O na li8 in ( 1(1 ;}i ; 1.111 ,i 1igl
t'0cI, :;it lI!;:'t IO ('.I' . Ii l'i1 l'(_"'I':: 1:: Vt 111
t' sa t I::: ' ,:I ' i '.\ h;;a is r11'a. i l
I l l. 111!th ! i!:: ; I;tl:8 i1111i' ti; 1'ill
.i', w.! ''llr ii. Iilll' 1uill((lii bui
1 h1 the('. lu tin y.orti. 1 1
Ia'. .1 ih i iihu l 1br. di to t rnnin;
1 (et'l :;;t : in jhe iI,"Intai'I:c hIiill
r's (i Iii ''Il ('\ Iialt )Ii I llilnet' iln; I'-!hOra I'-t ias 4)f I ila IItit
lit.e of Tiehn loy ' t o hese te; tis are 11
pro gress tiot onl y night 1an1d day. hi
iO1ole of tI1 1m11 lti2g o\"er siv''rai year
ti' colstanit strain and prsueon
iven pieO d of 1nnterial. The i'hol1
ory iltself is what s('l'nti alnliust
-hlao5 of powerfuil inal'hinery wh'iOS
Ille IIr Ost. 1. t tbend. wist. pa ll oc
11h11 thle 1arillls i eilst'1 of hllier'I
-on ls'Itr l0t(inl to their Il. points (t'o 1i
iislan"e,. \\'oodeon heats. I'mr exaunpl'
tr( here kept 11nder 1 Colltallt pratssur
or years, theitr sag being 'e(or.dv(d from
!ay tfo dally to d0termine just ho 1e11
Ill. 11il1he' is dtllectt' d (Ilrin g the I ii'
11' a ibuilding; inl whi,'h it is plat edl
t long ('olltinuld experinment \\yItirl
1111o11 oth i Itioligs. looks forward I.
reIinedying the of't'n iinev'en floors c
t"cotton mill.
11 o( ll la(So1- is h)11!dilng a rhtur(l
I nmasolry ld1h large enllilh for
-hlurh loor is tested with a weig
"Onlparalt to that of a ("hurc"h ste('pi
ot lIoa11ddgig to st'e. With so inan0
poun.thd of m111eriai, nlot being conli
pres'ed to the ,nershing pO11t by sel
beants <rawn lowwan1'( by1r py reletle:
n~i' hanital,10 owr Sgte lods till sutl
jeIled t111 wh rsil < w tiItil'(' tOl est
''1 f a foOl 101. eligiles. t i lihpe 11((''
[or lisrts of safn' orh"ta
mifion f Ioe ny edfnieys
(lillh fa rny or(~( t I' an 11i li buil (('R'
I nitls alecilhire ljuIr Ill eIj
.: : t'l t:-t, in-. it
d in: 'a1. r i l
It a, i ' ! : 1 I i
-. ;; :11n i r :al, ;n ,n." as i a ,1r\ : 1 1. h .'
i it '. - 1 :i 'i W i3 y of V r' :' i '..
' hl l 1 !. a r e iiade of ia71:ti,
;f ll u1 a:Ibi. 1! 1. I!h1 iiiist I ini 'l
11. Ii" Ilt ' l l: ('11 ' t)i i':3 i. V1 1' ' I " ~ '
iIi r ihl( )t ., h t: (ll-y g -1u
3)\\'liit3''3 .3 11 1: i ll) '3 I ":1)
b;n,di 1,( 't :f ,:ine. 1f ' :
1 ''1i . c' tl ooi l '. . h i h .
Ii 101 et o g;o ialo
' i r 1 ) d ' it i 1ti- r . i! i ! 'I'
" , ", 1 I") ' l it:I I ' i. !1 . ' t1
. . ft"t 'l t ll .1'. .1 \ \ ' :- "lli. ;!I I,t ,,
it i:' v% id ' 111,4 :l
-: h an ll 'i' ' w i 1 1!t 's ll :t "' .
"O:llt 3 \1'111 ' ?3' '''I .i'
h:: ek.t ;;i i a i 1 '3: .3 ; *3y to k e
: h !e 1n 111 o In Ir ia.' . : 31 t:''' '
11,' ' I)s I a I.ixt n ,,ii 1 13' !i i t 1 3
-13. .1\t h twt t i ' '. lft., is 1'o '!b " I
'':oi 1,. t' I ,i: tl lil j, .,,"3' . 3 I t"3 V. 33 '
I)I ! It: 331 ) ' I t t' t111 :(7. Ni ' t')1 ,'
- illlt'11 l t: ). a l': !) ('t i sm:: , tlci, 'i
!7:'1')ntl l tk :I \''.l .l ; ;l"Il t 'j"il'. i I :lI'
u)33( l3. 3 .5131-l in r,g 3'p(331ba
t! 1:3 11 iI'1 ( w i131' (31 11' ,\!tll' 3 1 1,1'i Ia
11113 Il i s '' 1,: I' i17\t"t :1131!)1 1333(1 53 11 1 '114
the l aill' ; le fi I-i a'1r1 t ;II'i% I 1)"' I J
-3 n;Ia li nli:' :vi
tl lh(r I(:t3) 1is (31 ':l tI lii(33 ' ski'33 1 ' li nto:'13
lti O l- it K. ab ut I lg'I:'\-!iI ! ;t' -. 31 g i \ul'3 -
\ra " in (le 'lrisi mas Si.)3 Nlfihola)3'3l3'~
Q Anw"+II+r11. ofo s Ii ' 1'1+a. V I)('
1" TI 133'irr for; c1(''11Ili1(' I1itis I I h e IItIn
h ounld I tt o l:.l; Il - i llt- i 13h f3
ute a 113 s ok a t1h--' e p.. it' ha
a'1v1t ''h r t' tn u-i'i o t he i' :ieil byds i
t o h t r 'i ,i l t o ) t i l t ti t l h o a n o t e sto ' i ' o w s t l1i e l h I ) r A iu ( 3 -
- 'el,i' a i t( ra1 ee333 :'l- h Z on g
'. 'iskn l\" . ith: tr 3(11 or n I re I 'itk. 1
os (11311' (is tll( dvitioIst l'ti l of0 1 (1 lit' a llt '
a : ;try : '- :f the an:s a r e i:::-r ltil'. 4 (n . '
h ! h inb. too -,.h it'. hnelr(ws
h s 1 3)' :u l the- ' m- it.h.e
s o1 h i wh 13tih his i-till re he lt t3
t 3hr(e l o 1'O st p: i11111 11iz1on' a 1adi( Il.
aiv t l3 is k arste the sl k mius : li h
S o gt t o3Ihe ttore' eftw r m t . 1e. -
.ay n ie h ('ri'uma inst. N ihola 3
, l'llp.Te 1t' I f 1133 inen il nd te e iu in
3 th ( n t 11 (i t"o 1 t 33e 3ot andh 3 t331 h-s
13 f33 31)3' was told'I33.01 in 3 d etil 1y 1)r'.VVAn-3
hl (31w a' the 33 113 1( mee33ing of0the Zoogcl
233'ors 411)1, th a.sto ons If1( (1)r .331ndrews
(ha' no3t actall ds 11ov eed he Voriginal
avil stock, 31) he 1 has V cet il tra )ed the pedi)
needgi 3only33 o k 1( at3 th rema14) inslc' Ii ha
Pod ar 333 his oncisions.33(151 ' 3'15 '
15ie was) in 1 f( ssil 3331 mains 33. ('nd33131 di-'3
VV'lto of 3I) (31 sre y gave1;'33':1 (1 a ilitie for1
>t theI 135vn researchesg, 131(, (th' 11 arlies3t13
1 I('1owl 1 (1'1 alee tO' ofJ the 1elephnt waits
the.413 narrow-toothed1I3 natoons frote
13rance3'(. 'lho ndma ('(ad jfon' 11( u3 ks.11
two lin the upper(3 aw slop3Vidng downw''51 ard
h.wr eena A th o3'ther two.i oi 13nly0
prinlitive tye . 0 n the33 earliest,3 loer)ith
33' d the3( inflad sk il showsIignsly of('
the3I ''1( tallula srctur' Iharaes is ti of(3k3
3r)3f33he1forms, stand juse ''idway4 o
131i1 I)xploration'51)3( 1of this 33 ditith may31
1of1 th e at3i3n and 3031 el)phans,3 wh'ich
s' ('333 (03 l ' r 1(.3 111 l1x Itut3n33.
g ni n''ig ht1133 itomagine blit,(1( Af louse t13'
11 033h a1s yacht. ing,1113 l, owh main-1
(11)31 01 3ly an probabl a4 't'ffords3 mlor4el
. V u. 131 hI 3The(3' 1oind1 1311 just13 3s much
0 s the1)' 1lub 1r1individt3 al ' aresI to~i pay11
po.r is ot 1$'I3ll35 !1:-'3. 13)ine i33' npor'ted
coure. 'If1', one's)( 14as131 runs( to(113 prize
walln13s the3 1ost may V'11 mo') upiie 11o3the
33bu3) s. .\ J g ood pak3 \n -i
is :n s ri s ns fo :nu t ::0
a year1433. A 'X(a good hunte lis n vr( used3t
for1(1 any 3 o 3(her 3'r. s itie pns a
- ' ( Of t;:1r.ca 1:.taL't: .hment at
We 1 Shrewd G.css. -
.:oan 11:1:i:.;: i(N-hly
44, 1 i'"rr I ini a4 re:tIy'
r( ( a ih:tt w : carried
ht !i& y\ New.. York.
l .t.'t reported to
-.t ith - w\l-i: lh
- - of t Iecotin.u
-.! Albrahtus, by
- - 11 nai "tl t:-c"t ottl('IIt
n: i tl.It the iiro
- 44 1'ht. lie (on-'
t~~~ in:-m\w' the
\ u I :1('ed to hm a
-!-I- ,nt .i V int rw
' . i; , a I I - al ) attr"
t . ' eio(' t trit"ity, but
is :1-; t:tl d: r1,-t <(aut:i
ti"" (' 111;_ I 1 l'i'1
rl a i to (h:; '& i t 4th1 1' t
!4"41 !'y'. \4\' I ) <' 1 '1 144.1i
S- 1 t.m - '( I. ! 1: m i '' 1;1( 1:11
- 1 ) 1.4 44 it'?" .4
h 4' i iisi 4) ~ -4 - .
Vt 1 h:. t h t e It ' it
4444it' I.
4 . 10 ' t n4 I : Ii It(,
R.,rilns R'li Finds from Ar.
cient C:.y.
.1 h:' i1":s 4 . li:iy <-on1 i n14 to
4.t11" un I l .(Iliili's 411 tht:' \'e1'y ll; !' .At
: i t hlle. 2 ' '.o \:':: g;, w h' 't l :-l.
r' h :1,14 :- fll th -Iuare( site
.vb!(ilb ('\t(!n(h; fO:- inile":: U11 boeih side:*
>)- the( I1-: !!1'alles, at a place now
-l i-d Nb:eb-tin-el-.\swadt;, thw (h('rnmat:s
linv'- taken -;(:i 1au>h't:., one be(ing; a
:lahary inl .vo \\'u; t:wicht 1)nny
t(;i a :;O(1 t ' al to our knu\wh-"Ogt' of
he h::: 1ages' wrilt(:n inl (.unIliforml
-.. :.'l.d a1uther. al, litany, which Was
'hatt i by the'l )rie'.,tu of Miarduk or
\l('redach at the tcnmple of Esagila.
lartdulk was ot(1' ol the t welve great
4od,t nm1( wan rrpre'.ente(1 in h("avci
by i c'niu.lelhationl. I1 soine ('' hhit.
Ir:its he was like lie('tl's. in oth"r'
like ZIhs. A striking di:"c'overy w'a.s
the site of a t('rnpl(' of t.he god whn;
Was t4' i al1niianl Iorerunner 1 ' f i'-i
'(44, the physician of the gods in
li(n e:, and o' Aes1(ulapius In later
f enturIes. This god of physicians w\a:
.rhipped as Adtr or NInt'ib. Aniu
(lt;, cylinder tevals, reliefs Shlowinl1
h!1ntinlg -lcnes and colored tile worl,
)f a ver y high artistic value are1 1am11111
the ('rn\lan spoils at lIabylon diurin
the past. season.
The fel'.ow' who %!ti' l ha h t114"i:'c do1:"
he4 ('ver'1 e-'IIred is prett1y apt to.L ho'.d 4on 1
the Li-st.
th loc1414al anpl114)4Ienin, 11s 4 h - ('4nno1( (-e4..
4j4 he sea of 4' 4llho di .n4. ( at4 :4 --.h i,; a hi144
':atarrl Cre nois takeniju infernalIy, a1444 a.ct
ii uilI's Catalrrh ('ure i~4sF o a 4pia '4: mm~e1ies,
It was44 pre'4scribe4d by. 44n44 441 14he best4 phy.
'14a14 Inl this 4'ountry for4 year'.- . 4.1 is a1 r-:.y
11114 pr4s.-rip4tion,4 It is- 'ame4.i'44: of1 t
>4'st tontis known4 414 '4444. co ii (v.ih the 1114'445
"'11 4 'oussurfn- . The4' 4(erfect e' :44hmat44 n 4(1 4
1h4 1 wo'( in441'dient11, is want41 4'rodluous'4 su.l:
F". J. (UnixxY4 & ('o., Prae., Toled4o, O.
IIal,1s Faly% P'IIls are the be( 14st.
'Th4 ('ye's' mayd be 111e inirror.4 of th II'san1l
'ond. fur4th1e1'4ror, the 1 .n satisfy4 a5 4.wom1.0
Inl that her1 hat is4 on str'aighzt
En)ghsh has11 been 1inade. a4 ('ompulsory44'3 sub
ject (of study13 inl Aus4trian14 schols4.
FIT: permaneI1ntly eu4 r'ed.N o. itsa or nervou4,ls
No.rv4'itestorer.'2 trial 14044leandn t rent1 Iso 1'r4
Dri. B.HI. K LINE, Ltd., 9)31 A elh St4., Pijall., PuI
The14 CY.ar of Rulssia1 has5 es4tablsdj a ten
hour14 work;ing day.
Mrs.WIaIow'sSoothing ~31L yrp forab.ilden1:
teethlim;4',oteln the gtumfl, reduI1l"es 1int:am na
ossilj coral'41, foun:] 4 in iji, IS theC best
builin1g &4tone in) the 'ob. 04
N'ao's CurelIs thet best med(1icine w4e ev (4er 4154.
for l' a41 Y1T(41lonIs of thrto:i and14 lun..11.-4.:.
D). EN1SiSrY, Vanbhureln, 11411., F"eb. 10), 1000l.
Of the 1000 part44 of thie moon'~i, 5.G are
visible to us on4 the earth14.
The Standard Rh
STANARDcure fork rheumain
4 ~~ph4ys1iian r(ecentl y sa4
prescriptio tha141 t w4.d1 (cureF rhumi m,1'
dieLs(1 do1 inalculab1e11 ha4rmn to4 the4 dige
-pletely ovecome444(s this4 dIifileulty1)--hene44
dIigesitionl-hencefl(4 it caIn he ta4ken for m
1he, to e:fect a1 permIlanent cure."'
7/e Docw!or quofed co"xrs 11he case c:.:. ly.
I ~All D)ruggi4ts, .o .0
SBobtt Chemical Co.,.
I. s
URING our 30
discdircr'ed man
no one could 1<
discoveries in ti
experience manu
to embody mn
Metallic Cartridges for rifles :
superior in many ways to all
Winchester cartridges in all
and exact in size; being n'
manner by skilled experts.
1 1,
'r~~o w1 1tlF tt;e
C' . I.. I tl l:l'Ir'in. .\ . I)., w 1I tt'. li'-otui
hanK henl /Itr.lI itn:1 entel ' j'here
for" (en 1a1t'h all..' <t rteneitral rl lr."
lli\clienit t ,o iu,en-' V'. '. '-hea..ney.
r h w n .I\rr I,ll. .\I..i;. ,l E:\.Inllnl't
of V '. 'I'ri .t,ury lh-pa. rt u"i::t. .;,;r lt:iti Ill
'a.it " ;I.l., + + ++ + teini b'.IIU 'a l leg i,
\\'i'tt l'i1t . h1.1:
e tli"' fol lowig to a I of
a e lfuliuu
+ Aflow me:t
i (It I \"lo l v Ui I
f r"I f non rPlil -il
Ie sho rt Intit'h
4 has Irolght forth
f a a\ ast ihalla" anid
" 1)r. 1,., .l n w con id r lly
.self a well man
Sold at all Drugs%toros.
east e W ost w un erfdii
'/ onecs avocureduumuny tuoua
-?E3. U. E. 02BE:?'S C2OND,
Atlanta, Os.
T PAY .4'OT C'AqilIFOft
ISsIudi to Ia Ib'iuro it: a r. L Als I a d ieut ' Addi
- FRA N K 11. RtIml-:., P. a. jixI fr Iaqive.-, ('ul.,
I o. 2.
GiMi2JdDKtimkyn .e'
aumatic oRemedy.
ansi dcla.re tht it - ia h onily :absolute'
ini its. v:aria.us farna-. A broicinent.
ad : 1 " id~ a ve r beenl lal towite aa
owingt~ to the f.(Iac that t usual r(ee
itive organs. RI ii UMA CIDlE cora
tts rather thiani injures~ t he orgtansi if
inadefinuite petriod, or( as long: as nie: f tj
Rhe':!..m.ide' "Is ..t.:.;/ely Ia.arndcs.s,.
or e'xpressage par<pid(.1
- Unitlmore rid.. Ui. 5. A.
Kf:aijil u; '' o 5.'iz G :t';ca'an'a
rears of gun 1making, we have
r things about nmmunition that
orn in any other .way. Our
ils line, together with years of
fdicturing ammunition, enable us'
y fine points In WYinchester i
md revolvers which make them
other brands upon the market.
calibers are accurate, sure-fire
inde! and Ioaded1 in a modern
if you want the best
lIh ;121.1 1' : s.. \\:a un1 ltn. I) (
nI yt (In-: 1"r (1'ul )I , 't. tei ' 1 'eI.I- t Ir
( )r I c';:cr rj sI11 P1 r (It1commeIIIt it
-- 'YW11. M'l .1 Mr!iM lI.l.\', M . t. !
ltl'1 I ,itt-I lI:1"1 t1 I14 lI ll 1 t 'r l!1 . I I iI '
iden l'-" n . 111. 1 \,
(;iCo. ('. IS:1\, nl-r, .\1 I)., of A natcost
1). C., writei:
l'hr IPI'1"ul3 \ tIi'innl ('o.. ( I , htbu-,. U.
t'en ltlenen "In Iny p"1r.t,titI 1 h1.1 , Itb
I"t",'I1 1 1() I1'I'1111'112 i\ al il' 1.111 \at,l 1.\
1:l1a1(' I11,'ltll"tlll' :1ia11, 4 l)\I ;"',1 : I , I4.,t" I,1
'111'it11. a 1 1y .I --,s 1 ..r: a.
st'.Ilrle C . I,"v ' I. . I)
li You <lo nat 41<.1 . ' 1r l4II 1. :1111 .It i.i
turs r\ ' t .' II ra ail ai li ' Il 'r. ... \\ 1
.,1 orn( '' I,) I )'. II:!': 1 n. giving ,1 f1lI :1,
lnllni of y-our Ia e unI"11 he w\ill be1 llt:
to give you hi. v1ai:,I vt' I e grI'a('
.\IIlrea 1)r. I 1r21t n1 2111. Il'r,"1ed nt of 'l
1ati'nlan Sait ai rilnl, . hub11)us. U.
W. .. Douglas makes and sells mc
,non's $3.50 and $3.00 shoes th!)n any ott.
:wo manufacturera In Tho wortc, whl
)rovos their suporiorIty ;
they aro worn hy more
peotnle In all stations of
lie than any other make.
1e ' 4 : 2 1 a - - . a . l ' : j aI ' h mU; ,
islil'l ar:' t mu n f;t/ tntrl
po.\e1 " b 1 I: a.1 at 1'111
I ",r:l. W htiirll .:- Ib1e", bis;
t lll 4 . w- r ,/
h.n i I 'i.- h-: p a :: : ', ;n i : 2(11he-m-rh :e
II', ithi e ali iii:'-. l . 1422slo l- for a: . a .
nnl ei o s1, 421 . i. : a'aa " n ;; ., i
\a g' . a' !f.P, .as.a5(M.'2 I.'l:n i '1a:t ....
W. L. D OUn L4 A S .O() C iIt-Y F:DC ri i !NE
Worth SG.00) (.omp,ared( with Othler 9ankes
In, aa ner ' .a r ' - a et al A 'a cia I.< a I',.. H; 4j1g
'alt :a.a' ' .' ''.-w ' ( a GaCul/. ('4I.lit k:- . (- a,i'w
-a.tIt '"#;k;a; :~0:-1. Fas' i T -I
T a i'.. h:.e W ..aa LOU
To Cotton Winnrs,
Wo Manufacture 11ho Most Cnnit to t hn
of Collea' fii W aCh'cry of r-y OCnera.y
In hha \/kr.d, nlama ly , 0..: .....
We ais make
Lintqrs for O1I Mills,
Engine sand Boilers,
Io also soll oto'yth'v. necessary to comple'e
l'fiodorj i Shning Cui f21l and furraL:: 0O i's
tometrs wal fu!ll del ilo'j plans and ma
tor:al b~Il 'Mr cosr' lon or necessaiy
houses for car~ hIbats wilut oxtra Chtargi.
[ha Uordina~ntal Gin G0mnit~
wat rIan lat a1 a lIn eAIi r .ry,
1ssc Vase1lint.
l'iit tip ini lla~psie Tu be..
2y a'!., . :24',e--. Iod it'I , 2 hot b i'..4'?t thi. aa
ala:'1 -.4 e ' n i' ail 'a!!;t'y 2: 4,n l sim en-a2
:anill a'' at : 'aitel" 2. 1- l'( 242 waVI'aa de ;. 1 :
ihi 2]2' I. -' i. Unt*b a412:1. (-,e (.h l
a1h a:ll Ith enmn('l t la'.le:'2 : a 2. ,a nt 2'o:
.1n1nts2. A t1rh4i nill prea'a what12 neI *'e!ni for
12d It waIi taiaillalnn to bea 2oan: ilaha inl P
Iansl d.'1ua .\ nnya eop; --lay "243 'II the bel ast
IIl ou toe (p'f arain<
P'rice 11 een . 2 id n 'I' . i"'2a i ? or 2i"I o therd.
'I'l, (ar bay .-e:laIliny :h2, 2a. :unt toa II" in poaO
ii mils 'weat wil a'piii aonl 22 b 2: y 1.' nt 2,i
No ai r2t1i!' f'hould( h' n4'a'le i.y ty hei puilb
inle'ssi L.he "2n:ne enirr:.'s ou2r inbeh. a. therve1
t isLBo U 'ine. AUA' ;II6C
17 S4ta.te St.-rt, New' York Cit(ty.
42' Ear 12arn. 1Fire-a
thai $lito C,r I'd
CO(., Ot.mdten, N. .J.
Pay Cash _*
Set.d for Catalog
Desct Coug1i8rup. tsGod.U
in 12 14b tiru 1 a

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