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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 15, 1903, Image 2

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The new Chinese Minister is said t
be a widower. Here Is more work fo
the gossips who love to prophesy mat
{ rimnony.
'Tire stat of nIlissoutri has no stat(
tlag. "It has a great seal," says one o
1the l sat'5 papers. "it coat of arms
with Iw hears uponl it, and a splendid
Ilatin l::otto. ilut there is no state
t'ag. '
'T'he ('iinese of New Yorkl C'ity arte
planning to ('I't a hospital in tho
('inaIt(1111 Ithe.e where th('ir sick may
be Innreai by physiciians of their' o\wnl
rare. 'I'! is huspita, if it is estab:ishc(,
is to be c)nducted oi the Oriental plan,
and will 'e it distinct oility inl the
1'llite! ;ateS.
II is an astt,liSiinig faet tlhatt the bi
' is 'keping pate with the auto
ml.ile in 1-':11'-as legarIs popuha1ri
ty. ll I. 8 t here but -184,11 1 by
(veles in the ountry as a ugaist I, 1(1i,
7;S in 190i, when the tax on theml1 net
1ed the natiOnlat II'elasuryi $1, 258;80,
as against .Y1$.2tlt) f(om1 the 5::81; auto
The population stalist.ics of lidia
are claimt 3 to vijnIiente the heiiiniiait.
inlueincr" of ir itish rtile inl that do
1en(lent'y. The 1opu nlatioll of the svlf
. v\ernell :"ta:es his (i(e reas-;edl, it is
stated, ;., unno in the la::t 10) years,
owing to i 1atn-1 i!l !'antline, while irt
13lm!tti(n of th ose 1-ats Iuli er (irec
ltrit ihr uh. ha i int': e:sedl i7. tIl.00l,.
iThr Ilhi!;ld.-Ilh in Il hiie l. d er
r' nit!; i il:;! ;tn ' lnett nIanl
( at.. nt : l. onl as ,io
33,3'. 4. re 1 ,'I , 1)111
, e hi : n '. ;i . attrat. Is a
crowd\I. Th'!l <0100i. 1 h l fl t t t,1 hl
nai. t lir:alt1it\ oi mn11 r, !:m lon's) is just
1S pr1On1O 11 ri nf.w \ . I 'r it w%as. If
h'ears sib :t hiui '3133mit1e 1 I(' in iu
i e i:i ' h : ]:. 't - lt gr w-.
ing; Vt,Iri.
W hatt isn ialmu ! t I1 1-11h l s hos
'3i3. in )!he w\":,i i' Ie exelusive
irran niof ::fr: Iha.-bee open td
in N \w York 1 '. ii associationt
S(lntreiling: Ow ini stiltion Was or1ga
l ized ill I. Te3' ' need foi' "ti-h a
1(5'phtaI it Sliow Iy lie fact that 111
ol 1111 hospitaliI his in New York
('ity in lu7. only i \1er' (levOIiIl to
('1ch)hirenl ulnt"lr 01lne year of age, anic
this stat (f affairs existed in the fae
el the f'ai'( that 21 percent of the total
dr ealh r1ale in the cit3' S)l'eulS ailong
chiidr'('n Ilnde(l' one year', anld 34 )t'1eent
iilnlig th(cse n11 (ll Iwo years,
A lllnllilenlt wvas '('l enit ly 'Oeected at
lIcavera I am.ii N 1aga1ra FlIs, 1by the Ca
nian(iL IlistIorical Isociety, inl commem111
(cration1 ccf the herodismi of 1.aurat 83'coir!
ini the war of 181 2. l.earinilg thrilough
sp)ics 11hat. an1 attac31k was3 planned uponri
the3 itlish garrPison a11 Ileaver Damii Iby
the .\tniiicanis. .\its. S('cord mann1i.reac'l
IIIr an aill-iighit wal31k throunghi wood3rs
anUd abo111 31an1gerouls rcoads. shie
Prcrd 1110 IIitish 13am1p 33arly ini the
Iiuandcer ofl thle prposed('3 attac3k. Inl lhe
sklirmishi which- Iollocwedi the liritisht
S1)r3es were( successful3. .\lts. S(crdl
dliedr in th1e sixties. WVhen King l'd
ward0 \'. l,as Prinice ofr Wales, vi:sitedc
l'atnla. he ('alld u'pon111 .\lrs. Secidi
a(r13 13resented('c hier withI $25003 in 33e
now led gmen t of' hier herioismti.
.\t 1a reent 51ession of thle Ii tilsh As
so'3c)i for the1 AdIvaneietnen'lt 0f Sc-i
c-nce. Sir Friedertick lIra' ,ell, set I ing
aISide the mtifa111cture Icf 33 IIniverl5
that3 ac livitig lan1g133age sh1ould13 b)3 1takenl
the ('arthI, the t'nite'd Stales. Germniiy,
:irnce and13 ila3nd1, shioi algree3 11hat
noc Iperson inl these state4s oiveri whomIi
1113 guvernmen1101t had contclirl. dIirect 13y or
imilir'ectly'. 51houbl.1 aftecr t hic e'xpirat1ion
ofl xuay, 2' y'ear3s. lie cligilc cor any13 ap1
10 a1 plllreman,lIi ulelss inl aditlion t(o
his own language11 h le is able13 to read,
IV ite 111nd '01nverse ini 50111 othter Ian
5)1age. ITe lan1guage.~. it is proposedl,
$1ho1I h Icc talianf. its adoI(ptin lu.It wasiI
ar Igued', sh1ou1ld 1n(t cause5( any1 interna11
t ional jea33loies,~ it is clodsely3 based
(1n 1.at1inl and1 is highly melodlions.
The Nor-wegian 3 lif e-avi n glbe n'as
tred th other0 day'3 33'In a norithleasterly'13
53ale at I th BitIish AmI irl p y3 pier1,
Ioe ThV'3 I'iis spheri'cal ship',~l whih eann
Icmminig arrangemeni(.its -ins513e, Is (eigh1t
feet inl diameter' '1. Whien It pu1t to sea~
it w15as arranllgedl to carryP3 fot'r men1 in
side, inlu'tding the in1ventor,. and was
also w1elghtedc wIth sandbags to repre
sent Its fuilI carr'ylng calpaiOty 3of 20
persons. In additIon to ballast 3(0 days
provisions5 wereI also laced in It, with1
8ails, etc.. stowed away. Thle globe)1
whic-h la priotected round( their centrII
line by a i('nder, has a sort of funnel1(
at the top wIth a1 prot ect Ing c'np foi
venltllating l'proses. Whien seale up1 ll
the globe was atistt ((ltse
and demionstr'ations5 tol )t'eilt(
gr'eat waves iln the tutleway. The littIt
(craft rode overl the waves like a (or'k
and r'emidC( re narkable steady, the
waves strikI ' - her never breaklin
and never g' t over the top of bei
(funnel. Several of those who accom1
papied the tug afterward made afi
davits before a notary as to thle art
e g the trials.,, ~ -
SSlokcless pow<der is now to bo fo
r Iowed by the tlashless canlnonl and t.li
. invisible gtinler. W'r is possibly al
proalhin1g I hlappy conditiol of ''Ot
of sight, out of tind."
i1anik deposits I nt(he United State
aminount to SS535,053. :sti, or $(0S (lol
lars per capita. an increase of 110 per
('enlt inl 10 years, bult the amoount. It
saIng banks11f:, rep resenllting the monel
of the continionl el)wu ,is im- reas e(
only 50 prent a'--fonin Sj,71 2.7; t(
As a restllt of the recent na1v ma
neuvres at Che'rblour g. the French na
vail 1om) :and(ers recomnendl that tht(
entiances of harbors which mllay il
tIireatenel by submai nte boa:t h't+ pru
to(:tedl by lay ing; clectric wir,; utn(lci
the -surface floml 5hlre o lu -or, con.
ta(a- with w ich will Ih 1ray it' Ill
1)r(lchl Of fihe IIIIn-evIn 4-ner1y.
Ori~inat! seh( ntilic research is the ha.
sis and t;eynoe ofithe i(It'igram lail
down\'u fo' the l 1,lw 1 :1;1 ('a !tui I insti
tution by it'e.lo rses hr11''
are indtlititll amd ect onmil I rill)ph:
yet to be w ot ill t1hil. 1-t:i11 and wel.!1
nighl fallow fleld, atl Ihe nt'\w in titII
tionl should Itnot 1:1-k its sh-arec. I: will
::tandi pre-em?!ne:0 in l ... l- . I( yf .
i:letic inqu0iry: an1d :11:1 way lies in..
dustrial an(1 en:aneini sup: iaiy.
'I'l c a111n1tia it l' c:1 11 i ! be fOit i. \
SiSlta t I l't ttli:i I ma st r- aIul r. es1 :I (
Ithatl oist u i' abh 1 , i Is I i . .i -.
Inl;'g inlstead Oi titlmliisl i , althllu h
t r he r.' (1 I ht' I Itt :e r it e I:, n uyw
Iargcer tha:1l il < '.1 w'\\::s. Tho ' we1'e
12i-0 e hh i : -t . t. litm ' ;' . : !.. f i ,. t 1,.
lalst fiscal y. t ;-. (;1' t ie 1-2 li't'- . 1;
ftllalt' 1( I t' h vi,l l(: y ( t1 I Itloi.!: litlet'
:01 i(e fi t r I e rr .te v;'i . ' al.
1t'cltI \\ 1i t hr pl,( S. I ...ali, 2
('aiif(,r:ili ' :ui.k5.2l. il' 1 h :i ;; ll: ' the
(tates Of t et - iii , nh' t i iltl 1 a at'
\egta' n rl l hav111'- :; :: -li
Iactoli(s. ac:inst il 1 in . \w y h a iy
lII ii .\iar.\ 'l i. h:s+" ('alifornial i' : 1
bothl thi.- is atl in Ih:- ralu - c1 it,:
Uutput. wh.'Ih' :lit.' outi!' s It, s1 l:,1 1 'S aItll
alitlellsl. as iam ot $7.111)..(It'1 1 lflt '
!thler 'tt 11h s a'lppli('s to vege'ta.
I)hles o ll. I f'ruit ('alifirnial an S- -
i0 0 wo,ie1) 'trtli atnually. as a1;ainst $y .
Ih),I in .\laryland . Which is the it c,-t
iilst up Itl anltl' othI'r :-ta les.
l lere is a cutriolt probleml in m1ulti
plicntion that is b ing; lig 'recl out in
the newp aers. Oe1nt f'mlale Ily lays
120 eggs d1uring lher life of 1 to 11
days, and 1ia or 1 1000 of these eggs hatclh
olccessfully. 11I half the new lies arI'e
fItmail s eas.wili la ie suot. Inder
his ies 1'ttitethe 1ti enerh at
0 ' a1i'e l 'tl o :th55.20 '.:: .-s I li s ro
Ievery'11(' ine iof te hi ' till n a' tilf
Icllmes of altI thefies' iuicon'm
Titeen ili nidred fie' werte ttiue.nl
n .e YI rk (i'ialiy waihin a ear byt'''~
aget hii' le tevityii laIt'torities 't pro
hIt itlelstor orii al e ofi~tII ''lprlor
maties.1 ulph Iu im dtaIitiesadsatyisi
matio ms tk the plabc'Oliton0 Ie ofte
goes (onvenent b ut'Il iirea dangerousty
parlor miac. adTile Ntiewi Yorkl 1 Sunl
some ohe nti onstli tol' retognzes tshe
dageo f t i n t', is le?"sie.sifa
"aho poplodiay. O ve onya hagr
th "Andisho giovemntprohibiyed th
"W,hyougheun he igom, loef
yearkago that the matce nothw ro a
the ~ drahas eithefr Jsto injurion.
or'oisoou k uealdte. ra sucs0
A Sonnf hin-; white camo ilp lft night,
I wavl. tht' nliit, I wI-t, or rainl '
t It wh<t'.,i abtott, Illshotl lin mid o t,
Mai boeilkote.1 gninas tit l,he y wiu,1 i'
It w(l it a ird. no4) tIoubt.-Ilo dollbtw a
And will not colo agitn,.
And som)ethti:, he,rnt wit i slow rltpatnt
Anti ." vy sw-''" , ll". . t11 1 .j-w ',
Aii Shri.f tael vit',t- lt d liirei' vs 'Oeft
I th1111:t il t I'aI1) il:tt i<;i \\,ya ' enll.
ThII 2411%, w\-rt itt ,.I ye , lilii yet
It n11y Ii -. tlv att I at l l ii.
It w'a clv;t' 'eI nlinO\iwll wVhenl the,
"t'. S. A. des 1)' biut Speedy sighted :
a1! a si:eX' Adi:iral itraine'rd's tlost <
c:> :4-!y .'o t, t w i Denver, protected I
< rai:.v1 : :01. 1 t h 'I'liser's were the
la t A":: :r :ti! <t I I lthtt :1he w\'a8 e'eI'
l( C' . In: 1,; !.rth1 ast. leaguer,
away Iromth *a:n: 1ti ingco. the Ameril
(unn lib,:r.-tiic)t c f which(1 flr)in (.ntliul t
intr'1'tit'i ne read (asd('1 the Fit
t(cpil:t: .\liiantce to dic"lar(' war against I
the Sa .,ist:'in( rd was feveling for
the e'mly's pI ow' 1rt iii I!1'. toplilg to 1
I,i\vert it:. a)a'nti(.n f :i:li thet- U. S. A.
Flyin'.:. I<i:.iron1 ;,.*W WIng down to y
dl."Ity lts ilhe wet'1 'tl t'ilasl.s of the S
Iliti il:and( tlf i-l!'tlpr'., 41 all' s ee(''ll'e v
the \\'ii(wali paa ;st'g atg:t :.t its Ill
,itatl'il on Iib iliili7;t :ild ('tii:t. i That
alterm:01n a1'1ng t n infr'nation a - vi
lat111 l >uppli".l b:: . t "aptain of a
:lhe It. .\. . ('o.'s, mlaish .) 1 Cahe ad-l u
11i;:l ha.11 il ! , s 'e :its. ome aIfterl a
1h1 th :er. d wn i the .' aIit "'. ,
S: ii l -! i' l tin- :1 '. t i l -: e t it : 4
S pl e tty -I "':, i ( . \.. i t 1 .s 1p
\% !11 w''.111 :I'!i1:'S ttt i'l4114j
m ii t! t .--; 11 ihe I ., , l y , , ut h.
I 1 .\.:- ii:I", ' i t I e a ::Iii I.: t i it
t :H< t aill! tif . t i lin t . lit'.t a :tinl4
it. tr , y' t .: -.'; o :- " :- l .I n en411k 1 . i V.
1 1 1 01 itt;:1 \. n h- t-rt!l :;::4t
in: bin )1 14r 1 lie dfud itr .I~4
i i ,h tl t l :I. \,ii.i i' I:a r.
ill 'I t t"1',g li ll' i a l:t I l li ttI)'it l 4 1 a:f
Ili'S +i"l t11ti i h I i t h .11 : :i I)lt 1( Il v. ,.,. .'.
lt be( in h Il(. :tal. "l':c1'r t'tllt.t !: :
m .'t ttI .1 . ,t N..'itt < t the w " 1'14
i i. ltt hi: . t i rt (4.1 " l3t't(el t tl .i1i!er !t
'b s illtiit li -.: d " li li \ h r t t
itiiI hlwini4 the~v ittle I I imp r V1111 14 i
Ia.t)I ihtll'"y wasl: wrti1 )tln inl at IYresh
altlai; of ag01;1Y. A SliT<wat1in-, robl k
liet: fr m him( el1VIiiii: he ( u his ebosihu L
iu l ; Isknues. W i1.1 his ai ' t :4 11. 1
polted lmtw li.- ; hand. I( i h i him
:;('il Swing like an automaton to the .il t:
w'ere the flame"set !a" trlin w\'ithin his
b11alst tlaalt it v as if a t ;:11a ndl to
it v'i th. r . 14 Viha.t. . 1 expOSed, i n
we're( b11ingt pluck.t1 Out by Ilteir
rools. iHe tirittedl his teetht togetaher Ilh
to hin-ter h nimseil' from srieking. I(e
Sweat headtd his 'ac"av'ily-lined bows ta
and triickle(i down over hoIth w'it4hing it
ashen-gy t'a"" ("Ic 't-t. asping; lic l\',
he thii ew\' l himsl b hak shit his eyes, ti
anil stt e d i s, int c.li c" 1,t
away.4 ForIi an miti'o t weighat h
there,1~5t pantingt w4 it inti."on. hs
bod liem and.1(4(i1('lIr ~i- shake; Ibu aluch and 1.
weather' 1 rIoll1'.1 made (1hise(ure htime '
ina 5a for poit ion4Jl beide( ot h. ('au bIe ii
lie wondt -r 14 with fear, w1'1' itie n i-h1oe(I n e
boat144)14)g die t i d hb 114 h ughtii1 i:44e.t
tie No i ieitr . huled 'a14iself up Wil 1)
-smash('ed 15 d Iwll a g will t ' .1i(4 o s. 14' .
Lshe iarrd andIli Iran1 ed1 :)4ro1141 p iered'~
in 141very1 ie ll 14 '.u-r 1 ig ul. i hi IS -44 'it
lI I'hought:ls were~4i1(1 Ita)ing a n'o se4
hulo1h. 41t!(11 sat ti W-1 (f loie dullyi
at11(4iI lt tiin shield 1 g li-lam p.i sc a -
- .rippig~ t' "ibih.(IIIllgte'P(1
(,etenan 1' ie g1i)'t Durty wa 1f lendi 41v
huild, un1ited fI r much flhardsh~i ori
phy icl sltre Iss NothIig bu)tis h'
withstandi'C the pu' lngn .waiing of t'
te gun room.l)thi lowever. h1)(is( 04 sefai
him aitsetcit came as mereiC( rt'Sinetoiiig
top'.ith and her the weigh(l"1 4tC:. of1 the
iealetl dte o h famly ltoIc wasi -
the111aint deOveloped irehi-- hisR XPinradi to
A,wt schol h0(Iis cordl fCanting duy
had ianedt tecontmpgos oherad if
hafrdyI ls.olwever ast yadrsald
pansedinl his cphyslies improvendlIne
men 'eling, (landt'toug his o prent
h4'atome rendt tethuh
ofA poib experining it.soe "fday.
toNeerheless bahise temh wase piot
lugow Lver.8wiena th.eLruor~ tof wari
ably maried b thisti.2&> whs
1Ut if tnnig"t a sail ahotti't 'nP.
Fr.-it nl it ttlu Ihitrk neil .t: ivnl: r:lit,
\"t.u in':tt n.>t h,,,Ilk t ' Itu ' le- or weep,1'
F .>r I ni-it sal it tr&,-k!'.M lti -i,
'I"I Iintl anu( hi+\..., tot b)I I and. Ia""e'.
\ihitt I havo .o;ugItt so long in \.0t .
1 t) no chart of soa n4r :1in0(,
.Nur any bilaziis h t.'ii .,ir.
nv jrtW t ainst wiltt \v:tvt': hi s itU tid
i"(.t;l it cuts tihu l-,. "l bair.
An"l I runl ll tit, h iittg stln,
\ho- "- inv lo-it youth a iit 31ary are.
Flavia Itosser, in 'het Criterion
iu l :;calrlltwrin.l of naked 'c f('.t O\v"
w'a(1. thll (!t tpening thrb and thud
!ui(k ne li I o n1:w;u1nt'ry t Iook hIts att
(1!. \\'i.1 .1 -uist at is inlirnliti
lii: I ani ly lit switched off t
htiI. sta::E in 'r . t 1.t" la dde r, al1
-low Itt la t l re ( n dIe k. .\s
Ir(w hli b:; 11 nut Ot t.' I. ompianin
he( boat ni:'(it at tt'I"p 11:': h1a ti
tlt,iig-t(to the :u .t t, Il!ry grabedi"l
i tc-liin' and sta1 -tid alb ul h t.
'ie' nig:lt wai-s e:ityy with the t('
CO of st(rr;1. T;ttl h a iiiyriad1 sta
lealnl(ed al ad, 1:1 ;IW.Zimw to winl
'tI spr"ay t.hat si u nI hi , itl al'l
troalt ati :eost rils Ik: liii'- -lit. W i
stti o sur tiirle-, i . s witlie piie m
i ta ' IIt rt' IV it' 11
; itanl(iln bY at :I1 h !. at
li>li h . ( l)t.. t.ttt'li is, bin .
Il\' i"'.i. st( h ai. lilp itI:; tui
11 (x larnti on1u l-- wI It of ;11r
1.!t 1111(12,', 111 th ie tt
A\u ill' h iinbt teil ix latl(r ai : irlit
tttuc)h fsat ni nhe di tan rt itr in
idedn onio I jl f.)tt 1)egt le a
P (i1 (;i a th e t-c?thI I 'l o t ti t I
)tla egl ett t 111' Il -m t i i t' 111
Pit chilly old'. o sit 'r ay t st)(ed(l I)1u
s I. lf-ili r::. T': " drI nch.ftie .
.a tI;, i!n: 1 ah i ns , twil- h . ",
E I ( hol i ti al- il, g v
h a !'. 'i . t'1ui tcrl !i al ('o. I n a vt)i
lrte{ w it, ex I it .i t t tt .. tli
it iii. It I t 1' t - i( : \v , I!i1 \1'I
eai- er ('a -o. ltit-'si throw
l1 f I t atl r aft. rid 'i !ikt
No itt d ri\ it' ti a . I rt i etnteO!. SOil
1t' ltle ti ihani si.. lta l1-. . -v' . '1
"i '. u t l' 1'irun. I. t ::!C lth "ir 'e!
ItIr .:t' :: V l- ub handling his binhln
1.. :IlO t .(o te in i an arm w\'st-b;
' " )t.ls ig b: ts. OVrehaulil
. :: s. 'too. \\''ll fig ih t tioUghl,
s I tis It ht. Odt n. rp11 C)ty
lI w.,as waiting till there's 1o i
ltalinty about . them.
1- et steaied himtt-islf at d tooln
n1 look at ihe distant strager 'ent
a 1 ai t)n onl their part tltart Ie.
li ht'y' o non1te' of Ours. \\'hat al
(' do(1li1 itg h th're I just re('ck nu 1'
adiin boat 's a smart tig.:, t1n'
kl ":Omr' lic"kin'."' het snapped Oil
li(ict as his heart w"as" heating.
'Tihe acting isutten i nodded emph
:aly". ''hat's my w y of thinkint'
itnd. ,"The lok f aine-goteill th
rel oftlt r4- gloud eTn u ave ith
waylX. Gles-~s h lianellagv-c Is
itn i ilei' earonA aso. intl loCe
-e-it the must- haie. Te' v,-tt si
they i-l enclw .lmlthig ahoes
''They've taen~is Ite lialt as gi
iarod tht Caon Runn'ingf.
--Iato an theatra. lirts." Sorled I)f
1eliunat' s .llOt hands.e- a. ~lii
;As haw strI el at thes eni(y. tenv
f lood rnt Ii- ittje t g]-. aweti l
itmaneer an s mglyx antttl s l. e
hiarmi asI imifv wltoi wtas- i.wd
'ttid and pinfIlyi appe hinsi
ai hte- a'i owardt ehyai. ally wit twt
ltinoraly. heastde i hiself tit
lat iy3 Ias eattig hit hyeaitt 'intt
lide.a iting Iton thee binnalel w
sari ey brtiee fom te a tig1<
-nant. "to lt he.ittowers.) th'e lptn
lie'' andhtolI hi et mIote rioat
asOt a'volca n hernptioneafied- :
plier andt'ti sparks amidship as1) t
ta ht-ilpent( pot flspp ed at-ail
he ba1steseftles hotiniast.t sra-h
sin sinS lie ate-ao the tost
)Iliury reitoveIt e him -eself Bromw
rti bridg-rails agCaistaith hc h
i'l ure wt the le l B(t i den t.opptir0
ef the ihahowd hell. ATheu atigali
enat low i aiblodytt- itap teie di
theel, an ledrm athae sril he
ud hOarse an the tin ele bodis
lor hesl umet he gre swells
hpeing down-intg thes hlo. at
lashed over the grea wide touat
pugot ieharer. d he enm ohe
"Brmeraha hereren , som of
orcate en"DueyodeedI
here, reortth wre.I s.wt
Lieutenant Durey had returned t
tho br1"Ilgce f'rcm attending the woun('
ed. Tiough pain gnawed at him I
gav"e no heed to It. Sense of the rc
sInSRbilities now lying on his shoul
dore na:l revive,l his sell-respect an1
Indutd an obliviousness to sufferinj
lifthorto foreign tc: him. lie wa
rtreaning wiith salt water. and hi,
eves and uostrils were ;ttigi, will
br1ine1 and the salty northeast wim(
that roared and ('ddiekd about. stnc'll
ing of the erlp, gray Atla:ltic surge:
andl stolrlt-iill i we'ath1er. Its !C'.1r]
p .llag (rm ated his brain. It ]rvi\'
Itied the ,lo uinalt illstinet. of his
I ! I nrey was tratisigtiurei by it!. mna1
ic"al intihlni('ne. Iiis face ::cttied in stull
born litn,e ; a grim joy ligh.ltenet it
.i weak.i seuitous I;p benme hlar<
as iron bars. HIe had the omnipotet
I(;)ik 0f the 1nanl who goes forth ti
deth knowing it is Ih(' best fight o
CI ,l'-ta I Went a :eavy lrojectii<
lth Iiroug,h tl ctp of the (10rt ofnke
stack, and sme !e ain! Ilane poutred it
a hirid cloud to \windwailrd.
il I
As lliry thr e\\"' :. deiatil to;l: att th(
S criiser ag in ,, lout iitg tite, the seconc
llart itcer reported water risiig fats
in the ailter stokehold(. 'The p)rOjeetIh
wilich had w\"recked the after-part o
the hoat uist have start ((d some p)iates
!ti re nomw- 111Wad no hlesitation. H-1
d hent o\v"r the bridbge rail. "On deck
there. The E nner to the bridge
. . ." calmly and inisively he is
sit((d his (,rd('rs. Tfhen "t'!) helmll
l t(' r11i ed til 'he gull (lrew\s. yet titeil
loa!:- ceerin('('i1g IroIugiht . )no ("hangt t
!t1 ir >Iti e''' ir: i'-clad (xpre : n; 'i:l
oic,' but 1'ang I h' hal"det" and mlort
I l e 'ti'" ::s hli.t r the .- ,"tii
ir" 11 's to torpedo :Td iunil. 1''ot' hi:
lnl" had claimed him heart an1d sott
ho cin tell Ihow.. mantIy -ie'rce
1 i' 1 0 ('i 1 ) Tlt , I u Elllic('t'
a( ,l 'orvhears' blcood sang'. joyous
v in his i)lisin ' bodly at the titlnist hio
IT : l1 a_Iin. tthe (enmy. On
( t)t'ning: a terrific t"atnnionlading? An. .1 1(
\ihat th)l'''ht0 ll's thiln ed1 his el te inr
i 11:( T Is the tau g'reat, inn derinm
i)("r,Iiscrt" h1:(d nl:s e o icn h t. bows
\\':r of i S ,'( rehe ars claimed hini
n It was not till the w\"ai" was ovei
ti :at Ihi" SI'eedy's fate was known
The t'i ('iOnll.
P... . Kent was opierated on ill at Chi
4 ,ago hospital telt ofwter daf, and fron
his brain was taken a knife blade om
and one-It1uarter inflhes dong. Th(
bladc' had been in st is skull for .
at tarsl. at sinee that tine ig e ha(d eer
t f iubjec to what were sutipposed oi b
., epileptic seizurls.
a ha'itblimne spe(tacle was witnessed :
l. few weeksagon n a Tyrolean valile.
near Tannheim. A violent storml aros
fsudden113y, and many globes of lighT (nil
t rolled over the sutface of the lake
Then ia column of water, :30 feet hig.
rose from the middle of the lake, an
from its top small flashes darted. 'he
a-. spe(tai"le laste:1 three minutes.
'1f P11e3'rie lamp cannot ~ olyp be madi
Ea ' touaIn but" at sig.i Aen ordinar;
mn Eound byi3 p'lacin y the ei te'en
01. tions it O nili11C crono 'e words,n (I w ie
01 TI)n he hetar<tn ghuiel'lyI ait a osidera
ci d 1i1i-lne- Uliid e ianr ll T lws. ya
*. s!he reeveE n ls asei he ransm'itte
PE' ile of thdel rae unusua' Shnge
110o 110 f7eeltlwere( racndl use Iaini en
tos wrk.igte drper frt
ast Thes iers e-i lidg, at NeC
v.t rom 50l t'ori ii&fet, long wit oh sprue
-T'l l l pi ''SlitWles,fa 5 o1 f le. tile ofathes
n-i .ie .we11 r rivtae '' eret. ote
01- ThIey 1C1-thl werere- 11o rpuac pIle
driven1 1) i in a ich- had blt.een aTlmo (
ed ''0A1 pet it lol lstged by a00 peroh ls
a-lay roth. Nales corrsond(i et oti
triono iiixpreus, has noweent arellnt
to. toethe 10Itia hovlernmtent, ask.iglf
110a peeedeon oft lay72 pr tant to vi
( 'le Granseto ta, 1who has ive birtthCc 10
ry- pies IIIch ild 501boy and threei gOirs
l. durin her'maied 'iluife. I iey a
:t shle I presentdt hier husbandwi.th '.ir
ad aeso ''l'tr (O'ipls Ihreelgroups efiduat
ag ru 'l ' hOOV'' iplet. negou 'o ix,I and e1
-tler 1a1n.' 'hidten l)ame01 Whngsy hei(
the niw to yearsi oldT andl o incapable <
11( 'OlThe' grea'tes'lt ceg-laing th ompe.tlI
l-at ewl tilth a 'Otllles, under themng
mofthe (11state'.3'1(( 1C4(d i( hoen ent. Foth
ofe on'ei be iny1 fale---omped andilt ol
aC(i aoptti l asted o orh ah ' perio olflI
an monts. Blak' Opinoossowe.i
to ompasrbly, ay the s rsulto a
r-lterogherh e uhWls yii IOn 10hpou
ong try breeersi3 hae now en atIpphad
it, lenge to fthe ntd ~lStt iithI
br teedelrss of n talleincofor'vi
thrpeer'es tow cpersonwitythr (0F
Svic an articae in the mnner pTatt
er. ofvulgrity "aramount Ik almosrt,I ba
mIculIty,inhowev'er ispwlad,ch ieflU
re "EN. ocue-nudelv
It he 'I'hoy 1t(auitt llntrial for i'ractie'o
StrettugTo Clwu<'ncurn h1Io Tuako A(Ivurn
tn);o of tho Upl,ortuinity o,f 111t\in1:
T'hoir lHt O,it od siaivo for Ntthusitt.
One of the most curious of the Imany
sttange intstitutions of New Yol%k: City
is Ia school estalbllishel not long ago
on the last Side, where young mnll
and boys are taught to become skilled
harhers. In this school long rows of
barber's apprentices are at work all
clay throughout the course, sc'aping
(iiligently at sundry stolid countcen
an'ces piovided for "clinic material."
When not. working in this capacity,
the majority of the faces so used
might be met on the flowery or In
iindred regions, s:urmounlting the
sioaching framl-e" typical of America's
leisure class. .'ome are placid couin
tOiatlces, bearing evidence of a \li
(awber-like trust in potential good
luck; others are sillen or troublei.
with the hunted look that comes to
the face of a man out of a job; but.
each and every one is the better for
a free shave and iairc'ut, even wlni
awc\wardly done by unaccustomed
In order that. material for practive
may be plcntiful and at hand the
(chool is situated far down town.
where trafllc of evel y ,ort is thickest
and where the great. city's voice takes
oin its deepest and most. insistent tone.
\\ lilt the first drowsy growls of that
::uulltiple voice at dawn, the men be
gin to gather and form In line at the
'antranCe to tCie building. Many of
,hemi have stood for hours in the mid
night br(ad line on Broadway that
(they might bceak their fast at least
once in the 2.1 l hours, and now cocme
to be freshenei up as much as po:'si
bIe before sta rtiug forth again on the
.weary (uest. fo'' work: otiler:;. (I1l'y
liveto ti e advantages of living .-hav
('n1 and shrn and madle as prt:'able
as may bhe, coen by way of living up
tc) their life principle of getting some
thing for nothing, and getting it be
foce any one else.
At 9 o'elo'k the sclol is opened
and work begius. Men comve and go
all day, and lie aspirants to barber
craft work like heavet's, getting mocc
l:ra(tice in one day than they would
got, in a montl) un(der the old meth'ctd
of apprenticeship. All sorts and con
ditiois of men cOti umncle'r their hands
ituamps, vagabonds, t'roks, woikmneI
ot of a .iob. gentleman adventurers
clown on their luck, far men, shriv
elled men, sinooth men, gnarled men,
men with skins like rubber, and men
surfaced like nutmeg graters, downy
youth and stubbly eld-here is exp
rience varied enough to qualify any
one. Only three kinds of men are
hai rcd-the unclean, the intoxicated
and the men wh-]o have once stolen.
begged or given any manner of trouble
in the school. One offence is suffilient
here. The master barber, quiet and
alert, has an unerring eye and a
striong~ acm, and wioe to the iman wvho
sneaks in for a shave after having
been f'orbididen the' la:e.
Thais gray Novemb er mor'ni ng, when
thle cmacster hairIher t old (of thle teaching
and learcuning of his einalt, saw ablot
200c men sitting on benches in the
dta rkest corner' of 1:1 we~ork roocm, await
ing ti dr turi n. The big room was cliin
.y bu t cleaci. well II ghtIed from ocne
side, and: sparsely furinished ithci two
long wo rkstands rcunig f omt wall
to wvallI and Ianke bI.c'lIy dlouble r.ows of
well worn barber ''halirs. These were
-all tilled. an icciie ianiks of busy harc
berlings wer'e hardc a I. woc k. Most of
v thecm were b)oye-. r'tangincg inc age fromi
_i16 to 20 yearis, b)11it herce and there an
older nian sood1 1by one4 (if the ('hairs,
learning his t racic :i a time when
,, cmost men are well est abdlis:iecd in life.
.One cheec y old tellow.~ with hiai' as
Swhite as snofw, wcorkecd pantlently3
L amccng thie studlentIs, thloughc at best
iIt. coulid lie bt a l'ew yearcs biefort
hacnd andic eye wouicld all and diexter'ity
witl' "ste lazor wvoulci ho a thing (if the
past. All thei et sidcentis worked steadily
danad c'onsc'ienti ouasl y. idecl now and
r aga in by a in t i'rom I:1 mn iastei' bar '
liber ats he sItrol led tip andi down ih
-lines. Som' cof thIe beginnlers atItacked
othe t ask before thiecm withI nervous
I tainstaking c'are, t'achi graispinig the
razori.)c hatchle:iwisr ini tens~c hanccd; and
cdragn'cs il like a gravel c'rushiec
acrc'ss 1cth unesislting jaw of' his es
peialit I segmeunt of clcIincic' mat erla I
Othiecs, ine(sumbl 1:10 iic born baiirbers
coi Ithe cmoi'rec ~i advane'c st udent s, wor'k('d
tfreely and c'onfIidcent11y. wrcist ndl cl .
howii 'oose andc Ithe i''rao ad:d light.
I ' nthty t'roi th li'watin cg benene'ic'
cimeic went andc c'imne, anad ('ont1rary 1
a,. u:at .ns ccl harhiant'ti hl.ua'ity",
the wcorkc was cainriedl c ini almost
cii inbrol;cn si len''e,
e "\\ ic'e av .ttienits here t'romi ail
iI the mater'~ larlher. "Tlherem-tie is-a
1. (it courisc, hmtt tihe l:ic' who take miosi
g~ ei c y 13 o tie woc't; tcrec ustcally Itdi
dI jins or Germ'nai. I t:c l'ns aire as limc
Gerc~,nmns dloc', .get ii-rIvous and afridc
of the craz.o'. Th'lat is the dliffleutlIy
with wonu"c. 'Thlere is at bIg dlecmamcl
frc wmccenc buttrberis, itnd( we have num c
AP.*1: of themil tomie hle to learn Ithe
rc' ob'.'They mak le goodc barber's ini
ime11c. I(cr women'I are ltiic'k aicci light
l tuch'd , but moiicst oft them ar'e s'car!ed
toc d'thl oit the i'iraor andi live In terr'or
ofc etting somebody's thiroat. It 's a
pnofitatblce business for thiem, i tigh,
fori Ithey (ustlIly leacrn all brcachI'';
from shavIig to hir dr'ess ig andc
mnanliuring, anid they ('ommnandc big
wages aind get liberal tiIps It. crbers
lIke to em ploy thieii. ThIiey aries steady
aiworkL w~ell aind the ('rantk iest etis
I'm c sn 'I going to compiillaln of liL:
shave or ha IcirI if it is done by a prep -
3' giril. No, It. isn't an un pleaisanct
Itiade for' a womanltl un cless she makes;
e, 5(1s for1 hierself,
."I ow do we starci. a biegininer'? Jst
o by giving a mail a set of Instrunmencts
y, andl somlebody to prcactise (in, acid set
>t ting bim to work, lie can't learn to
n lie a barber by looking on and being
e told abouit it, any more than hce coucld
o leaccn to ride a bIcycle by watching
s somebody else. When a beginner is
;- ready for work I make himn put in the
* first day..learning hobw to hone andi
strop his razor. Then I assign him to
a chair and let. him look on Wnle 1
shave a uml. 'Ihe next man he lath
ers in and I give the first shave, let
ting the student finish him. In :ha\"
ing you always go t\wive over a mll; n's
face, once With the gralin and lht'
against it. T1he thiid man the( s!tie nt
takes alone, while I look ol at )d c"or
re(t hiii viien le goes1 wrong. After
lhat h1e n('eeds only occasiona slulper
vision, unless he gets hold of an es
peIially tough Subject.
"After four dlys of st'ady shaving
we let the stud1et. ty I Is ht and at,
hair t tinlg. 'Iat's harder than the
shaving, hbut all I canl (1o is tI) give
hirn a pair of :ie1jssors and ;how him
hov to hold theni, anid let himi to
ahead, Willie I stan1id by and tell himt
wlh(re lie is wrong. lie has to get thle
kiack Of it. 1imSlf, and the whle
sei'et of good barbering lies in t!hat
nllack. It is easy to get if a m0an ales
a light hand, a loose wrist, and stealy
nerves to start wil hl. but a!Iybo(ly (nn1
get it with (imel( and Practiie. it all
lies ii n'act ire, and thie value of' a
place like this is that the stidenlt is
Pract inug every ntonent of i lie Wtrk
ing hours. We shale and cut. the hair
of over a thousand men every tiny,
and We average about 5) stolets to
do the Work'l. .IO ta wy havenl't miiih'lu
lile to stand aroui and talk about
how it ought to ie dlone or to w%VI(Ih
somebody else.
'le1ore any' 'trainling -Slhio !.: fo-: tai
bers were estathlihed-. 'ntd they only
date from1 the \\'orld'. fa,ir---a ntii
col(1 not, learn the tiade aLnywiw. r
)uit ini a small sho. The big :
\w"onIl. bother with green ihais. \\",en
Ia lnan Wanted to be a barbir lie hiln
to go to some little shop and st.irt in
ats po'te'. lie might pt in t=ix or
(-ight. months Sweepswceiing and dn,iin1g
altd r1''i itg erralds before he was al
lowed to touch a lazor. 'T'Iti lr' wa
put at. honin' and stropping the ra
zoss. cleaning combs and brIlshs n'
filially at lat:eriig ili, colbinig hair
after tt w\as t.t and( pltttir.g Onl the
hay rtlm. l'or real work lie hail to
w\ait hlis ehant e nintil :<one extra ;,o,d
na.tur11'e(d mial ('ane il Who ii il't tmintl
being shaved by a lanw hand, and sit-lh
IIetI are n1ot So plenty as they might
be. lair eu1iti1g was out of the tiues
tion unless tlhere was a bicg irushi ((n
or I. hoy ("amc inl. Boys don't miinil
how thei' hi looks, but most n I
aie lssier i' ablut a hairt ut thla:in ill -
thing. else. Of' toltttil a hiit yot:
Itllov wihll) his wits iiuti. hin ,oulll
get the knaci in tim, hit it was -dow
\\ork bcau: h 1e couuldn't ;;t: real ir:ar
ive enotglh to keep his iata is.
"lifere, after seven we'ks of stealy
pr"actie in shavinlg atni hail ('lllinig.
the stiilent is i'ealy to go into the
fitnishinl'' room. There he is taught
hair dressing, how to singe and ham
iioo. how to use toni("s and dyes, and
finally how to trim the mustache and
beard. That taies another week. and
then the roan is . eady for his diploma.
and is fit for any shop in the city. Oh.
yes; there are Positions enough for
them. We have more applications for
trained workmen than we can li!!.
"The older len here'" "
ai'e lear'ning the trad
it. themselves, but to
eimpjloy mn to dlo t
haiive to know how it
f'or it is had plicy
*a shop to discover La b:
I hr'ough thie 'ompitlaIin
Irs. Yes, thtis is lihe i .,..,,i
int ex'istenic. WeI have.' brant-hes in
a ll the prinipial citi's of' the t'nli'ed
Staite, buit they ate Ll uinder' one
mnanagenment. So f'ar thle entel priise
*has beeni very'3 mi('esysfll."--New \-ot'
A 'Chaitioni snake iiluteri'.
it lb not well k nown that (cta in
-parts of Franiice are infested with puils
Onlous serptsi'L , aigainst which warfIar'e
*is wvaged biy stait-.paid seripenit huniters.
i'They arVe hllied ini thousanflds, and lhe
lirice per' head is 2 1-.2d. There was
some tine ago a f'amious ser'pent kIller .'
in the forests of Soutthamipton. .11)hn1
Milly wh 'o In forty-t wo yeats of hunt
Iing killed miore thiani 29,000) ripers. A*
P'rene hman named Couritol. whou i ~. hum
tn the Lire i'lst rit', can be iomiparl ed
to Mhilly, as he wias iredited with iiavIi
*only wveapons11 wer'e one ori t wo) ma9'sivec
stiiis s \ oo asfl hile saIw the serplent
lie aidvainceid and hit It violetlty, tete
killinig otr slutnning it; with the seind
stiek lie pinined it ti earth at.ul eu,t
off the head with a hulge ipair (If sii
sorls. hltI L along i th t hesa sim ple
weapihons ('oi' ol po(ssessed a t hor'ough
k now ledge of1 ithle ha bits of Spt'ifts. lie
kiieiw whein and whiere to find them. lin
iwo days narii l'uty-a--Clermont1 lie
*killed 2s0 iof them, and not only didl
lie kill the piohionouis criea tures but hi'
wouid ('apturie thiemi living when die
iie.Lndoni T(atlet'.
Pt ape- Thawin.: byi ltctriity.
it Is (lie ('ustomi at.
to make use (If the ele~
totmier' Is mounted ai
driiven arouti thie sttl
ILose. Ce. nnection)3 is mc:
irie atid thle et urenit I
IfrmerIt troitghiL aWa tr 'heos.tat,. a nd
I thence t o lie ft ozen pipe.,\tiiiiii
is made itt two jilaces and thle ilurret
lpaSSeS irectIly I : irouIgh the seiLonl iof
pji pe wichiil is frtozent. Ii thie orIt'lI 1LII
hmouseu serice pipes I le water' lagit
to 11(ow veryi qutily 3 freiquien 1' y I i
La lit ite. Th'le hlrge"st pipe t\sIi
inlie has opieed w-ts fort inihc Le
hiourt to stait Ith' wLItir mttiLiig 'h;
tul chiarg" is $3 liayalh immnedia)tl
'lit wter floIw... lrovined that (lie
;1ousehlder~Cl's9I lIes LIre fr'ant Lii
ro:it ;he n.ais. Limul it is staltedl that the
savinig io (lie ilizens of fhutlt St'.
Alar'e biy the utSe of thIs ti'pIiti it i
very' large,
The. 'iiu ie 1no 1 ifb.
Not. loni agii am tcllca IlIpractitiloner'
enliled at tentIion to the datige' ot' scent..
drtinkinug. lie mtenitiotied cases whier'
thle c'olognte habit amon~ig women hias
tal disorders. Pers~ons wvho are tho
mos011t ardlenlt ataitner's from or'dinary
alcoholie liquors have been known to
fall victims to this utnnat-ural craze,
in one case of tltim tremens a
wVardrobe wvas found stocked with
empty ologne bottles. Of cors It
19h the alcohol in-'ensth'at 'attxacts.
-Newv York Prmi

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