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The People's Journal.
: Local and-Personal.
-It pays to advertise.
-Run your business, or your
business will run you.
-W . B. Nichols, of below Eas
ley, was in town Friday,
-Pink Johnson, the livory man
of Fasley was in town Saturday.
-Col. D. K. Norris, of Cateochee
Was in town on lusiness last weok,
-When a iman 's in love he
doesn't know axle-greaso from
-Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson, who
has been ill for some time, is im
-S. W. O'Dell, an energetic
young citizon of tho county, was
in town Saturday.
-R. E. Bruce, of the Heath
Bruce-Morrow Co., has been on a
visit to Greenville.
-Mrs. N.E. Thornley is on a vis
it to her daughter, Mrs. Seabrook,
in Goldsboro, N . C.
--C. Frank Roark, of Easloy,
is spending a few days with his
brother, Robert R. Roark.
-It is likely that the inaugura
tion of Gove'rnor-elect D. C. Hey
ward will take place about the 20th
-Mrs. William S. Iunter, of
Seneci has been on a week's visit
to her father, Muj. J. J. L,wis, re
turning home Saturday.
-The wood haulors are doing a
rushing business theso cold days.
TI'hey are taking advantage of fro
zen roads.
-Ion. C. E. Robinson wont to
Cedar Springs, Spartanburg coun
ty, last week to assist, in auditing
the accounts of the Stato Institu
tion for ti Deaf and Dhumb.
-A man that has the cheek to ask
,,Is it cold enough for you?" these
days ought to have the icicles for
cibly pulled out of his whiskers,
and he rubbed down with a hot
-Jesse Jennings, who has been
with Oliver & Co., Birmingham,
AIa., is at home for a brief visit.
lie leaves in a few days for Colum
bia, whero he has accepted a poi
tioni with the Southern R. R.
-W. L. Laloon, Esq., after
spending the holidays at his home
in Anderson county, has returned
to Pickens for the practice of law.
HeU wadmitted to the ba:" on
Decc. 1.0, and his cars are now open
to the whispers of clients.
-Governor McSweeney, upon
the recommendation of the Presi
(ling J udge, Benot, and a strong
petition, has granted a. full pardon
to Eugene Baker, convicted sever
al months ago of assault and bat
tery withi intent to kill.
-Married on Thursday evening
at 3 o'clock th eigth of January,
1903,.at the residence of the bride's
fathet, Mr. Jacob Martin, Mr.
George T. Watson, of Anderson
county, to Miss Cora J. Martin, of
Pickens county. Rev. W. 0. Sea
born ofliciating.
...-A large number of Pickens
c)mnty people are inserested in the
Constitution guessing contest as to
t me number of bales of cotton re
calvod at all the U. S. p)orts from
Sep)t. 1st to January 10th. W~e
say there wvill be 5,299,999 bales,
but don't expect to get any money
for our guess.
-Treasurer Ch apmnan desires it
to he said to peop le generally ,th at
lie wvould be glad that all people
who have not paid their taxes
would come in at once and pay
before the penalty is added. Heb
desires to accommodate all the p)o
pie so far as lie niay be able, and
urgcs that they do not longer de.
lay hut come at once and take ad
vantage of the opportunity to set
tie without penalty.
9 -A Pennsylvania newBpaper
prints the following weddin g pres
ents at a rural wedding in its par
ishi, From father and mother of
the bride, one Jersey calf; from
bride to groom, one hair wreath
made from the hair of the entire
family and also 8ix white shirts:
from Brother Elias, one book of
poems, one dream b>ok, one pohte
letter writer and a dog: from Aunt
Hlarriei,t, Rix biens and a roost3r,
also a jar of tomato catsup: from
Cousin Sarah, one poeml made by
herself on the bride and bride
groom, fifteen verses in all.
P -Chief Constable 0. L. Cureton
of the Western District embracing
Oconee, Picken5s, Anderson, Abbe
.yvile and Greenwvood counties, has
filed his report for the past quar
ter, It shows that 801 gallons of
whiskey and 44 dozen bottles of
beer were confiscated. Nine stills
were destroyed and there were 83
convictions averaging fines of $100
each. All this was done with a
force of five men. This is an e
ceedingly good showmfg. It is the
opinion of those in position to
know that the illegal whiskey traf
fie is decreasing in this district
and that' this district, is now one
of the udryest" in the State. There
ar'e only three government distil.
levieB in operation which are usty
ally the saurOO of ao ,iiiOh ilegal
-Maj. J. J, Lewis improvosl
slowly. U
-Earlo LewN is has roturned
homie from Toccoa, (a.
-Dr. E. B. Wobb returned Fri- d
day fromt a brief visit to Clarksville,
-J. Calvin Jennings left Tuos,
day afternoon on a trip to Colum
-Rov. J. E. Foster visited n
friends in town Saturday and Sun- e
-R. M. Wortz, of Atlanta, is in h
Piwkons shaking hands with his tl
many friends. 01
-Fred Taylor, of Taylor's Sta,
tion is visiting his brother, Capt,
J. T. Taylor.
-Mrs. B. Frank Sloan, of Seno.
ca, is on a visit to her brother,
Maj. J. J. Lewis.
-Silas Hinkle, one of Pickous
county's most substantial citizens,
was in town last week.
---The newly elected County of- tc
ficers think it is about time to al
play "jinks up" and "jinks down." HI
-Miss Lucia Folger left Mon- '
day for a visit to the..,famlily of h
lion. J. E. Boggs at. Gainesville, 8c
-According the census of 1900
Pickous county has 19,375 inlhabi- at
tants. S. C. has a population of
-J. P, Carey, Esq. returned Sat- .
urday eveninR from Anderson, y
whoro ho had boen on professional B
-11 you really want to do busi- re
ness in 11903, you must advertise- W
let the people of Pickens and
Pickenis county know about your of
-A woman can stand bemg
kissed against her will all right, wi
all right, but it makes her very pr
indignant if you don't pretend to so
use fo co.
-Married at the rSidonco of the ne
bride's fat her, on Sunday January n
4th, Mr. JIacob Bearden to Miss le.
Amanda Turner. Geo. A. Ellis,
N. P. ofliciating. ue
-The man who tries to do busi- (
noss without advertising is like re
tho man who rides backwards-ho
never sees a thing till its gone by za
him. di
-There are about 200,000 miles
of !Railroad in the United States. ~
This is about one half of the mile- ya
age of the world. Pickens county
figures in this snm total to the cx- Si
tent of about 37 miles. at
-Monday afternoon on the last he
trip) to Easloy the Pickens traini shi
had a wreck--nothing serious. r
Thr'iiee car's partially left the track,
but wvere all back b)y about 9 d
o'clock. The engine did not leave m
tho track. It proceeded to Easley n:
conveying the mail anid p)assengers, b<
but owing to the conditioni of the H
rond,.bed, it was impossible to get YE
back to Piekens with the mail
Mionday night.
-Richard T. Hallum, County p1
Superintendent of Education, is the OC
first of the County officers to qual- if
ify. Ho took charge Monday. r~
Suffice it to say the office will be W
equally as well looked after by
the present incumbent, as by his
worthy predecessor, wvhich is say
ing a great deal, for W. WV. F.
Bright was not only likely the tl
best County Supt. Pickens county si
ever had but wvas known as one of w
the best in the State, a
-It looks like the small boy is of
going to have to surrender the toy el
p)istol, It is stated that seven s
dleaths occured in Charleston dur- I
ing the holidays from this appar' ry
ently harmless toy. It seems thatm
the paper caps are composed of in- g
gredients that cause lock-jaw. In
Norfolk there wvere six deaths,
and the pob1cc of that city have
been notified to seize every toy m
pistol that comes under their no'-a
tico, We havo heard of no fatali.. ai
ties from this source in Pickens, p]
but from the facts stated, the toy
pistol may well be considered dan
-It is said that the fertilizer in. T
dustry of Charleston will be at ?]
least 20 per cent more this -season Il
than at any time In her history.
She will ship in the neighborhood
of 400,000 tons which will require T
25,000 cars. Of courso Pickens a
county will come in for her due ,
share, but wer hope that.every far- ~
mer m the county formed a News
Year's resolution that he would do-a
crease the amount of fertilizer and
increase the size of his compost
heap. If there's mfonuey in the
manufacture of fertilizers for the
manufacturer, the farmer can
doubly afford to manufacture.
-Mr. John T. Boggs, Pecretary 1
of the Farmier's Publishing Corn- a
pany, will be0 in Piekenson saleday
in Fobruary next prepared to dis
tribute all unpaid dividends on
the stock o,f said company. In the
meiani time he will be at his place
of business in Liberty, S. C. and
will theire make distribution to all
unpaid stockholders who mnay call
upon him. it is desired' that all
stockholders bring in their stock
to T. J. Mauldin who will take the
same up under the arrangegnent I
heretofere made by the Directors
and stockholders, and that all
holding stock on which dividends
for 1901 and 1902 or both are dlue
A*aa tli (b Ogs# S 1 h
-For Sale. One good young
iilk cow with young calf.
Ivy Mt. MAiluldin.
-Chief Justico, Henry MoIver,
iodl at his home in Cheraw Mont
-We are a little late in coming
it this week but we give the Gov.
.nors message in full.
-Morris and Freeman have the
icest lot of good North Carolina
Ltles at their stables at the east
ud of Main stroot.
--WANTED -To buy eight
undrod bushels of corn and ton
lousand bundles of fodder, High
t market price paid delivered at
ickons, C. II. or the County Poor
arm. Apply to
County Supervisor.
Mr. Abney Thanks the People.
Rev. 0. M. Abnoy, for his wife
ad himself, (esirtes to thank all
le people of Pickens wh') gonor
isly Contril)uted to the "pound
g" given them upon their return
Pickons from a visit to relatives
ter tho sesion of Conference.
o takes this mothod of oxpress
g his thanks because he finds
inself unable tp soo then all per
Liberty Locals.
Beverly Granite works has been
irted up again for the year.
Building material is hard to
me at and in great demand.
Mrs. Eastman, of Brevard, is
siting her daughter, Mrs. W. L.
Joke Allgood will soon have his
sidence ready for occupancy on
est End. Enough said.
Glad to note enlargPmon t and
her muproveiments of the Journal,
d wish it success.
School opened Monday morning
th Miss Calhoun, of Clemson, as
incipal and Miss Reems, Tennes
?, as8istant.
Sueh another moving arouid, we
ver saw here before-it is an an
al game always played more or
is every winter.
C. T. Hutchins now occupies his
,w residence on West End. When
mpleted he will have the best
sidene on that end of town.
Mniy are sufTerimg with iifluen
eppizootic, or some kindred
sense of the cold kind. 1). J.
-cor and somo of his family are
,k with pneumonia, but are con
Clark McWhortor was at church
iday night and started for home
lively rate an'i his horse stepped
a hole in the toad throwing the
rse and breaking the buggy
afts etc, this delaying his prog
ss for some1 time.
J. F. Jennings has sold his resi,
,nce to Abb YOUnIg, who will
ove ini town as soon as Mr. Jen
.ngs vacates. Mr. Jennings has
mughit the IIunter lot whete tihe
unter store was burned a few
ars ago.
Tihe past ten days have been gen
ne winter weather. Mercury has
ayed between 20 and 40 with an
casional slip below 20. This
orning it registers at 15. Has
gistered 12 in December this
inter. C
Jany. 13, 1903.
New Pension Law.
The new pension law requires
at the County Pension Board
all elect a pension commissioner
bose duty it shall be to receive
id. make out all new applications
*r pensions. At the last meeti g
'the board the undersigned was
ected as such pension commis
oiner, and I will be at the Court.
ouse during the mouth of Janua
, 1.903, during b)usiness hours, to
ake out and receive such new ap
ications for pensions.
Those having applications al
ady on file and drawing peonsion's
~ed not apply. Only those who
'e not already drawing pensions
id desire to apply for pension
d will be required to make ap
Pension Comns.
he United Statos of America,
istrict of South Carolina,
.j the Circuit Court,
The United States
egistered Distillery No. 588,
nd its Distilling Apparatus,
lId T1hree Packages of Corn
/hiskey, claimed by E. F.
nid L E. Looper.
Bp virtue of the Decretal Order
inide in the ahove entitled action,
nd bearing date the 28th day of
Ictober, A. D. 1902, I will offer
r sale at Pickens 0. H. in the
ounty of Pickens, in the said
tate, on the 26 day of January,
903, during the hours of legal
ale, the following property, to wit,
Twelve (12) F?ermlenters.
Two (2) Cisterns.
One (.1( wood Stil
One (1) Colpper worm.
Two (2) Pumps.
One (1) Lot of Pipes
One (1) Flow Box.
One (1) Iron Boiler.'
V. P. Clayton,
United States Marshal.
Omeie over Earle's Drug Store. Of
os1awa a open, Busnes WIl be gives~
90Vi 0% #
Watches, Clocks, Sewing Ma
Phl onogIfraphsI anld Supplies for sale at
regaahnti.n p)ricet3.
Always on had.
Privato and Publiu musical entortain
monts given on short notice.
Sowing Machines, Needles for all ma
thines and finest , Sw ine oil al
ways on hand. New parts furnished and
fitted at bot nort notice. i
Picycles--laris and Findings.
Repiair work done in all the abov
lines--25 years exoriinco.
fitedatches for ailro.d Service a
I c:an make it to your interest to give
mo a call for anything in the above linus.
Jeweler and Job Printer,
Liberty, S. C.
Things We
L"ka- Best'
Often Disagreo With Us
Becauso we overeat of thom. Indi
gostion follows. 1;ut. thero's a way to
escape such consr/luences. A dom of a
good digestant, like Kodol will relive you
at once. Your stomach is simply too
weak to digest what you eat. 'T hat's all l
Indigestion is. Kodol digests the food
without the stomach's aid. Thus the
stomach rests while the body is strength
onor. by whlonsomo food, Iioting is un
necessary. Kodol digests any kind of
good food. Strengthens and invigorates.
Kodol Makes
Rich Red Blood.
Prepared only by E. C. IaWr' & Co., Chicago.
Who $1 bottle cuutains2a t,imos the; ,0o. siz.
County of Pickens.
Office of County 'T'rcasur<
- DECEMBER 31st, 1902,
T1hec act of the Legislat.n re aippro'
providecs as 1ollowvs:
'hant all state andf couty taxes, a
and count.y I axes are collected shall b<
81st dlay of Dec(embenr ol each andi cy ec1
menCfts are not paid on or before said ti
shall be athded by the County Auditor
by the C'ounty Treasurer, aind 11 the.
alties are not, paid on or before the fir
athlitioenal penialty of one per cnti in t
Auditor on the county dulicate andml
and if the said taUxes aIssessments11 an
the tirst dany of Mlarch next therealter,
centumi t hereon shall be adhded by t he
cate and collected by the Countyv Tret
men1ts an pena )Cilt,i are'L not paid on o
next thiereaft.er, thle sauid County Treas
the said tarXys and assessmenits and pe
faulting tax- payers according to law.
The provissions o1 this act, shall in1
assessmeints oi fty townships of' this st
andl coupois in aid of railroads which
said townshipI or townsipi1s.
The Rate of State, County, Scl
One Dollar Poll Tax and I
In accordanenm with an Act to ri
mncin g Januar0 'y 1, 1 9t2 , noatice is h<
Treasurer of Pickenus county will oper
fiscal .car lromi WVedniesday, Octohe
3 1st. .i:tes per cent,. of taxat ion aire
LIevy for' Stale Tax,...
" Ordinary County
" C.onusti tution al sel
'' ~';Jast .n de bt ei d nese
" " Count.y Roads...
Total levy for State and Cou
Levy for interest on Pitkens RI. 19
Levy for interest or. Pickens R.
26 mills.
Levy for intorest on Pickens IR. I~
Special levy for School DI
a.so 42 n 41ers 4xep 'uh
81t o e. 1902 eigh das or
tAol th locatio oher prperty,I
thoe s41yieg taxes byii check malt i
816 190 De.d.0,eih ay
Grim Grasp Caused
Heart Disease.
Could Not Lie On
Left Side.
Dr.Miles'Heart Cure and
Nervine Cured Me.
Itirs. 11. K. Jobe, fortna ly of Birmingham,
Ala., writes ionm Eldredge, the same state,
as follows:
"It is with the i'rcatest pleasure that I rec
omineml I)r. lties' Nervine and 1leart
cuie. I only wish that I could tell every
sufferer how much g1ood they have done tne.
Last winter I lid a severe attack of L.a
Gippe, which left my heart in a very bad
c0ndition. I could not lie down for the
Stnothet lng spells that would almost over
come te and the feeling of oppression
arouml ry heart. I had not been so that I
could hlie on my left side for a long timne. I
got your lleart Cure and took three bottles.
h have no trouble now with my hcart and
catn lie on my Icft side as well a:; my right.
Formerly I had suffeied for years with netv
ouls prostration. I ha tried so mt:any reit
edies t hat 1 had )(ot cle:ar out of heart of get
ling anything thtt:t would help me. Tle
tierves of my heart were so affected that
sometites it would lose beats so it wouli
seem to stop altogether. It was on the ad
vice of a lady friend that I tried your lIestor
ative Nervine. I felt better after the first
few doses aid two bottles of Nervine and
one of IIeatt Cure made me feel like a ne w
person. Alv heart is all right and my nerv
ousness is all gone. I never fail to recon
mtend it to others afllieted as I was."
All druggists sell and guarantee first hot
tie D)r. Aliles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and Ileatt Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles 'Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
One o'r lmore notes paynblo to J.
WV. Ilendlricks.
E'inder will u)elas.-' leave them with
lieo ti(lersineil. All perso1ls are
wmreby warnted not to trade for
W. 'T. FELD.
One Minute Cough sure
For Coughs, Colds and Croup.
's Notice.
r Pickens County, S. C.
kens, S. C., Oct 15th 1902.
'ed 2(0th day of Februar'y A. D). 1902
ndl all -taxes collected when state
'yv yearI, and il isuchi taixes9 and asseuss,
meit,a penaItlty of oneC per' cent. therleotn
>n1 the counl ty dutplicat C and collected
st. day of Februariy niext.tIher'eafterl,an
hiereon shall be atdded by the County
:ollected by the County Tr'earulrer';
l)penalties arc not, paidt on~ or' before
anl aidditionail penlty3 of live per'
County Audlitor' on the county dupli
sur'er, and if the soid1 taxes, aisess
r before t he fifteenth day of i1MrcLh
turer' shall ls.suo hiis lax excuttioni 1or
Lalties against the propierty of de,
ICo wise apply to railroadi faxes andl
att C that, haeve here'tofore~ isued bonds
have not bcon comleted throuigh
iool and Special lax, Incluldinlg
Jne Dollar Commutation
c supplies for the fiscal year comn
reCby giveni that th lno(ilice ol CenInty
for thle collect.ion of taxes for sall
r' 15th, util WVednesday, Decetmber
.................5 Mills.
ool tax,..........3
, ...............1 "
...............1 "
idy t:ixes,........1-1~ mills.
.bonds, Pi(~cns Court Ho'usc Town,
[1. bonds, 101' Ilorricane Township,
.bonds for Eastatoe Township, 8&
strict No. 9, 2 mills,
"10, 4 0
"a 16, 2
"~ 19, 2 "
" 2~ 3, 2 4
ii 31, 4
4i 49, 2 -
", a 55, 3
ita on all m,ale cit izens bet.wCOen th)
S areC exemplt byS law, w~ill bie collectecd.
D)ollar wvilili becollectd at the samie'
izens. betweeni t lie ages of1 18 andl 50
v law. Unless said( tnx is p.iidl by the
upon the pubbie highways will be
ad silve' coit, Unifed States cuirreney',
State B uuls which becomec payable
nail in iregard to their taxes will please
and Iile post.age for a reply, antd
ludeO the charge for collecting,
Treasurar of Plakana Oounty.
1)'1Li4i:b 0>I '4 ~ i th I o)U ari4nd a
pat un' ge!' !',iU (11 i ll- ill 190 2 1 i(t 11t
tiL( CO i1 1 U 1(',' t it 'J'!
1"ID l.l a t1" ;I 1I)'(
,ts very tr
('( tl i l I ,.. . ,;11 i ; 1 t
\ lly ft a 1 and
at'a 11 tdu1( I'i a a
1;. \\'. I t 4'N T ,
iv 'w: 44 n: 4. u: :
1 .
VI' d1
JtatemeCnt o1 .\ lI i' ?)t(: Iln nnil
OfMice of (Cunty )\uiu - . wk.
O. I
F"or thle convenII'.ilPnce( I te :1ublic(t
are ailounCed .
(I4;ll deir' .I'l 44 4 , .l .u:444 ry !;th,
C~ontracli \\'dni~ .' , y l;iarv ibI
1 '~l'ekens Sat44. ur: J la: n *: Inth.V
Crosu ell, 1.\\44 1o 44 1'y, .l. i ; y 1.17
Cr[oIl 'hp in Thur: 4y, .:n ar 1 l i4
Lope' Shop'4. 1144 -'Iy .Iannu v 1
Ilg eo SI 1 : \' 1 i1 l.n , . u.r 14
Pump, k in.'4 >w S: , T1'',;, l a .' - ,DI i
Hoz ly, SJprin'(1, \Vi .h , Jmluna71
Aiko le 27' S o lre. I Th r. y, .lanuay,1
P~o iken~ , COt 44 rd( a8y J a44 nu ry 2-U h.
time 41he boo4(k.s will be closedl rual lilly (50)
For non1 rettu.4us.~
attend14 pe4rsonlly 1o the I a4kingL ofIU ll rr
:ty o1' liable( to4 ai poll a1(.'U41sment are re<pi4
nametl and1( 14u4iuberi of th.e school 445 di.ret, ini
properCt.y, lj4ibCle t'o tilxatI<., is :-itnal i '. 4
81hould4 ab.\ ' uiMI.l4 :V 1 . ;4 : hi A
to4 their iten-st. t o h :n inI i C e h44.
'20th ofi 1I)i'bruary 1 2.
All p sI4.'4 SL ( V.C.in l : .' * n 444'
there is1 a speebdl I,:vy, hior .<:I:d. ~p"op'e
LO give the vahtI4 ut anl. :n. pro .sji! y so
purpcs '.f 410O.1!j I L! *t ,4(
i t , wlill U av(' :) :t' til Vli 'u'. 414 . N: \ r. a4
liOIst , f every itm4.e on lp oet
catt le iue' & m14'Ie:4 :f o I .l (h - 044;. m4
h00lli A 41 I i Q 'i''d go !'
I I t 1is ' alway n51 ri'ira!':i 1h 2 the Aut1i4 r
townI 4)r in4 1he count: 1y. A. adl i pa1 lie.si
pafrt ini 0re t'.wnip'41 51441 a1 lart ini anot0he:
Tai~~xpay(ers rturn what V ii~ they ownl 01 11
T1he law'4'11 '. re<iiire tha 1 all persons ow.
ing char4ge (f siimeh proper4C4t.y, either as ap
execuItor, adm:n44straI (1'r,4 e. , retuu the41 114
All innlo1 cit izenIs be4tween1 tu14 aiges of
tile 1s1. dayl ofI Jariary1'3, except tho0.<(e wh<1
po11 r 4ro bemii L mimiUi ed, or) 14rom4 (other' ci
Ini Cvery comrjiiunli'y there are4:4rs
rnot takIe aL neCwsJfppr. T1hosei mlore forturII
ftavor byv tellIinig thelp4) of' the' tim14e1 to make
BothI rea1l1 nd per'.. Iou propert are'. IV tt
time1 at the real v'a14 lue theeol. J11 l'prpet y
or ii there should be tun jiequality i I he v'
propel ty theno wO xill b)e1.rc'ere'd to the (
COrrecionf. To\. aIvoid trul of141 ) this kind
I would urgC upon (Iach taxpa)yer' to inako
tion of his 01r heri prioperty. I
novI8. 1902U.
rl customers for the liberal
10p,, in tho futuro to merit
shtallI be better -prepared
vitl always be ae'it ;has id
perous New Years We are
ishing (lo, di a Specialty.
11 EFi
.l 1L:
iCHA.N t .. .,
'Inwho ftr o ei
t. ache.s1 . Ii\ n-'
f', ll 1 ertt e)w on salo
. i . TI'A Y1f,l1,
(i.;,h-n'l Pas s. Agent.
A tlanta, Ga.
.C. IP V.\M..1r.,
IAiv. Patiolnger .Agent,
Atlanta, Gia.
ts for taking Returns For
n County, Nov. 7, 1902.
)eue on the first day
purpIos'e of taking
(thv& .i
-v 21st.s.Agnt
...x,AJanuary 231.
pe cent penalty ill benadde
'tdms e,t nt,Auio will
CAs,adarOINs'w, n prp
uin asr toisg pRern For
idor Conty Ni ound, it9wl2.b
d)iieLt firts inahic
1r)rilPested tOf coepared
ihjet fo spein' levyOfrm scho
sman12: iurud 1otaaioite
iogetllaiitt hewr.
.Jnnh i iy an2 ngn1 ,m ne.
dwll he n yociey, icudng
ive n'umer 003 utheir hooich
ether the propety wils siuaded
a towin iandc pare usde tor wil
townsh:iip, sol speel ,IiS~vig Pthp
wl sti lay lof Januar, 19hi08.i
ingprope11Isy on intwil e h
1kit hs band, gardli n truse,
n. under at tor it ihs Auitor.c
lire incapab81(~Il.of c.aring pearedp
ns who sI lano req o that d
bAe ass ies o' taxation aeithis
iI uatin othe same cath ofr
Alonrty oaio Eplizaethiork o
toiei botmys a nd hens taopy
a fowl and it etuOaod vaa
ownip, ou\ 1r gvigyh

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