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ply the -11rAt andt :h ia:?t t- bn- ;
UIrganijC r:;:let' i t'1-h I laiit" al -
inenl, 1ltn-' 1, t.. n the (ivsh.
Inormem. ;ix w i:nl :t: eim i l; 1;
stai b'tl ' -.il --i:t (l J Icr of, fa.i
a ll te !": \ iii (rta y ie co .
Nut .:-v e :o:itable, t nu ie.
r et irN s t; :t ti I fill tree lo
a :,,,tag. e of ;iut h r it will py h
mnducetd to )h- iob land inl that dfirt'
itt Ll ti. Walnu . !ti:ldut" and hut ter
nuts wsili in:p.u\(e iuilty 1 ltivat!uu.
In a few tti; wioinut i:--a il; i
ao is ace' tI ;hi rm erwon, stl
SU t 1 I !rove w i 111 ; ' 1is wn itltpit e thll r
lot , he iitlbt' t n (xt Ixiing:ly' val;i
I i"1. t 1 12' 11 .i tW ('11it t).
anhile iier1 oii the cow :al
be wa.s:(-l1 :"-very milking, to insure
1)erf'ec t !-. :t: 1 .-s of m illas, yet tht
cow rloal In' keti whhill be I
clean. Thel d'a rymaun who allows his
stalls to i : t :"ith (1ucdition that th
sides of | ' W's be:oh: plast"red
With fi .i : ti i:'at -Imle. ald with the
much of t h i:llr is guilty of negltI.
The 1:( O'' :-'raw for sevral stccessivt
day. and( :illt without hange i.
a nistak '. i shreddein corn stalks
and e: I.t;-: are )I1t( in the stalls cv
olry da ,..,iuv ottly fresh mtatelrial.
hlre W t' lo (lilt ! eIayrs. 1 hIrf:e't
thai wvh i i ' VttInp is mal ' o et'tn
eggi vwit t' I ul e ofl old i uatritiridl
o-p t, t v ily t S Ri.da.
It is lli u business policy to k<t"op
aly ltmbe11)1r ' 'iens fn the lokt I that
ae f on ti.melhes tnproiteale.
A louse sI. fonwill soon disclose
the suchr and all such should etx
Otce be re: 'e rm the flock and
prepared im- :I! table. Old hes are
always in d(inaud l'or the table. and it
doe not u:by i kee one that does not
lay. espe-illy drieg the wVinte
lontih whie lrain must he prhasd.
An experienced poultry In iS soonl
able to pick ont the layers, their en
oral atppeara:cs indienting to the prac
ticed eye their worth as produce:s of
eggs. 1h,oso tha lay have bright red
combs, Spa kling eyes, and a busy,
hustlig appearance, that denotes a ng s
thefuol .ie.t Thoronelysgo aroulnd slu
gishliy, apparently contented to wait
for feeding time, rather than search
through the st1aw for sattered graius.
Select all such, and by a few days' ex
tra care, pr'epare them for market and
let the surplus Iood1 be saved.-to hom e
and Farm.
.Keepltng 1Sle.'p Free frn Paura.utes,.
LImee(lp are upet to b be of and.
shoead bfte oued. te (shee should b
be dpped atnn lea twicae a yeargef
Iioittnbecome infted I in anyr hay,I
quarain e I it atg oneason at i illg
tile oflun e the n ans s binel ad
viartsed i 1a isfacstor as also lthe
prepaed ld')ili lps. A ist beo ase
ens ough is h tankl soc theyate lishe
Iauft be ortae getting ot. hee h t
ifthe ool i1 ithrough soake andi' ev- it
wr it ot'c eki1211ton msto durig the
ofuri ings odb wetet ted grdiuamust
sbelykeptut. byl men (ofl a small fur
nace'2ii or heat preandIseally fore
liesl pupy of rosighage dIf besr
titr slet InIe, lhat isun freeefroiiiny
thess woot or( bet poionoust the ( lIheep
kepll on gteem 'perat of afrom l00l to
(I0y degres.iIllfel
Ill en new or nt Horses t'n Wintesr.
oAst thoa e any marms. Ifv a largeiii
durinlg 1the1 sprifneawo ad dur1 l if
old autum5 n wh e15( theri beig pre
lptte dalfor f baod r Itgs.l
Alowet for spi' nIleos.As when ths
thiswrk is avmlted liey avlt tle
orinoth In gelto do unil next wieason.
lit te mios t oeus 1features is thlo
hane f11romi har weo rkiin bt ilneses
itho. irfltatteno tooee fee.sThe
fiamer. seemsofrgnet ta t te atountII
af gra( ai oul biile restIoed gradally.l
If tiis notl) on, fidest(Vin ill
ofgin lsbt. lt te atas ave con
II'aure is avalalet em ae slie
olya (on greni tros atare eantm.o
Try, Itubstant f eol i gIl
Therl ai wlequenIs dIfeeuc heie cult
inlfeegrewlcorn ailndsteimes gIve
oats tovere atnyima'ls.11 so asto un
pl istcprtly fof bIngew 1 andepartlo
old crops crnb usetd, thr lil too
hiteangefr toft h r ei'ts. ttl
lottlue laseri''tsile sec en h
anwet feom oes and whens tiirng
thder wti'val, the rat.il ieontimay
lynsIstrey.o onfddrwt
iotl grai'n. atI dots not pat oral,ow
ther aml breIot thncesbut. n-e
ns whpofihabl thaed expeinite
gorhin t'xeroment fil with a weerm
sceued frl o orynider,. Alv hay,i
ungosbLy iteot n on
growtb of hair re:ullts, which is a
great proteet:ion in cold weatlher and
also when rails are fre(luent. 'ite
ptr itr inl these open IieldIs is a fac-.
tor In the healthfult: 's of the herd
durltig tie wirlter.--A ilerican Agii
tu t .
A 'Talk u(( 1 t, to 1:a111011.
i tn Vt t), th e lce n on' i("I
they; w; e ;;rown-. TIe tuart :;els
his wh<tc-:a and limrsthe 1an -.lLh refrot
it) hj i1 d as food for ::l o,-:i. 'It \ a
rio:tl exllerimleut ,tations: have -.ivena
f d!rinig tIhe past illt 0:ti'.;, and
iti i s ure, of ite mt i0o:t liml
ii tlmatt rir afee'lf'(ing tht' intstc" rs
s, the N'w .lersey station hav
:+uedl aE lect- ial Ib)lel'tin on thei
It lTe 10ur1-chase of f('eds. cither
osup)lolnienit home-grown prodnttte or
o 1roide te(' ( intire amount Of con
1. 1aieS needi<d, r'eqireS t.hat cnre
b1ould( be exercii.cd inl order to obtain
n Ilmost eronMui.cal le:.ults. It is
tow f!lly r'eeogn:ized I'.lat feeds t'ic"b inl
1r'teit shotlld be athd'd to the hemie
rwniIl Products if they are to be utit
zi'd to the best advantage, since, un
ler average conditions, the crops
irown of both grail; and straw contain
uo great an cxce'ss of the catrbohy
0'tes, or slarcly :-lubstnit'es, as t1
mal;e their excl;5is;ve uwo. w;asteltlI. The
ee(ds that are best adapted to iltIs end
-those 'iclh i) piott'il at3 a rutle
mOi": 1st of resid;ea from t(he manrufa;
iures of somiie specille proit ro:tm----fl'utn
he seed of grin , as, tor exam ple, or )i ot'
~ i fomt the cotto:2ss'd and the flax
ed stalrc'h or ugar from corn, beet'
'ronti barley and thot,' ! Iu on wheat. rye
itnc buck wteat. All of thel;e feed5,
Iwh ih include11 saol t seed mueal, Iiniseed
r,hctirui"nUtnSe nal i:e( al, dried brevwers' grainls, the ;utltenl
un'd f(e(ld:, andr the' variOusa kinds
if' lantis anid diid s,t are very mtuch
'ber in the (omlitromd proteit II thanII
le ori;_inal seds or gt'aintts. ir(aus
he oil, starch. etc., ext' 'tei leave the
-ubst5an1ces r'i("h in pii
In 1)rder' thatt vahm b!t' inf-ormnationl
nay lie fIu'iishrd the farmers ((I
i'rt iinig 1te l11tote:itn foods ofte!ed oi'
'al(' the station -npled and :lmlyzecd
lie stock of different cleaiets, hegi
it ntg as far' back as I1885. wh'i 1ch shiowed
that, as a w1'hlole, thiey wet'e of averagei
4ood luality. A tnly o' the conts
iition and v:altue of driei brewers'
.:railln showeI tiht" ptrodilct:t to be rich
n the t"ont,nmtntl proit.ii., being an ex
-lelnt fool for horses' as a sitbstitute
'1' oats, and a Itut:ih 1111e satisfactory I
1)1rOdlt'. for dlaily cows than the wet
0rain1s. Inl regard to the giluten etiais
>' feeds it was shown that. while all
were derived from corn, there Were
ott!' distinct classe --tirst, the gluten
'e'ds. which consisted of the entire
esidue. Iunding the hitull, skin and
ermn; second. the glutein meals, which
lid not. contain the hull or germ, and,
:herefore, were still richer in protein
han the feeds: third, the corn oil
neals and cake, which coinsisted (if
pressed t'orn, and were proportionately
richer In fat than the feeds or meals;
and fouth. the cor'n hstans and corni
germns, whIeh :onisted chiefly of the
bu tlls and germns, and1( were poorer' in
both fat arid lproteinl thian the others.
Buyer's shtould alim to purtchasite f-roml
reliable parties, althtou.ch inv'estiga
tion shows that lbut liIttle dlitect aidut'
teration has bsen at temptjted. butt there
are variations in thle quality of foods
rif the samte naume whtich may place ant
iexl)teiee buyer' at a disadvantage.
Various tables, showing the average
Irotein an td iits val ue, itave beeni pubt
lished, r'ecomtmentding that all such
Loods should be sold itnIder' a gua rani
tee, the farmtters, w-henl buty ig teeds.
to select thtose whic'h turish the pr'o
temii thle cheapest, as this Is the sub
stan-e dlesir'ed mtor'e than anty 1ot'
when t he feeds ar'e putrhia-sed f'or' lhe
p)iirose (of enr'ichinig the ratIons made
fr'om homte-gr'ownt p roduitce. Wh'ile li
is Impossible to obtain feeds which tdo
not 'ontailiinmo're (ot less of the ot.hetr
i'motmdOl(s-fat arnd catrbhdrates
lie purchaIiise is virtuially that of lpro
I cin. Pr'oteini foods, hiowev'er, must. lhe
used with Itare. Cottonseed meal, ghit
ten meal, l.inseedl meal and gluten feed
may be0 fed int larger amounts t hani
some of thle others. TIhe Cli cago glui
ten andt the tot tonseedOi and linseetl
imeaIs should be uised int rat ions for'
dlairy3 cowVS nt. t) exceedl two to three
ioiundsn per' daly. A t'omplarison (of
thteir' comptjositiont shlows that the gltu
ten meals, at til average i'ost of $18.75
tost than anty others, wh' ile ('ottoniseel
mieal, at, ani averalge ('0ost SI' $5.7.
third't in ordert, an d lIInseed mealI fomt th.
t.t ani average ('ost per1 ton ofi $28.S75.
0Other poits, htow,everCt, shtoui11ld e se-ci
Sliered, such asi thet' generalI adap11 ta
bIllity andi tiheir ct'ten(lt (If miTIneralt ,'sit
utituenits, antd if tese arie takent inato
acctout ('otton)lseed meal comle I'st .
in sceed mteal secondt, gluten meca1 l iid
antd gluteni f-eed fouth,. miuch tdepend
ing, however', itpon) the pirev:ail ing m art
keL prictes at timrie tof pitrchasing, ats
priices fluictuate.--Ph iladelph ia Record,
A 11nray Youmngtts'.
Somte of the unmall boiys whlo get into(
a buiness life' enn lbe retl i uponi ftor
gt;tsd comm ton sense. A mdan in one of01
he big shops iup towni was muchtl
pleasetd tat this atltributte in a1 boy3 lie
('mlployed. iIe was a brIit, hone-I
bioy, <tult'k andt r-elilable, and whleni a se
ondl boy wuas needed they Senlt f'oi' Sam.o
Ctouldnh't hie get. thIem a b)0y? Thlev
wanitedl a bsoy as good as he was and'i
the mu st. kno tof one. Af,ter' soime
thoughit, hie finaliy agreedl to senid one,
t,nd thle nt day thIt boy arrivuedl, anti
iSam was; cale I to( 1 itdetifiy himii.
"D)o you know t hiis b)oy, Saimi?" asked
thle em ployer'.
"Yes,"' anisw~eredl Sam; "I knowi, hin.''
hionesl boy ?'
"'I have lalyed' withI huim all myv life
antI I have al ways :hiught hei \ui."
"But wilIl you vouch't lor'li himi?'' r
nistetd the etmloyer.
''No,'" answer'ed Sam,ii ini gntatly: "'I
won't vout'h fotr anty onie. I woutldntt't
Stuch for' my own brt'herlc. How tlt I
knowv what temptationis you ale going
to pult before himn?"-Newv York Times,
A Kymspathiette Setimenott.
"I'm crazy about musle!"' saId the
girl who always uses an exaggerated
form of speech.
"After hearing you practice," said
her father, "so am I,"--Washington
J10 ER LD h1NT S
i)aily "achet i:ag(.
IAtle' sachet. baga of thin silk may
)e hung iinohtrnsively ulponl tle baIcts
if chairs to supp 11ly a failln, elusive
cent to a, room), if that is liked. These
hiulii he filled with Iri(ea leaves tI
w\\eet t;elaninnm, lemion vprNwna anti
avender Iiii:(d, or of the lemoni v"t"r
)enan alone if that dtelightnl odlor is
referrel. They nutk swt sacht's
for the hantdierchief bo>x or the lini-n
oset. anld the hureauI drawer:1.
To 21isitt' a ( tl tk Fit.
To malkt' a small cork fit a large hot
1. and vice versa, it is colnulin prar
i(ce to trim the sides of a cork whn
t is too laage for i bottle. General,
le knlif'e is dull. and the li. irregu
ar. A simnp1er way is to rut. at wed1g;
iIaped piece out of the cork at. its low
aid. If the cork is very la irge. cut
lilt an additional wedge at right an
4ies to the first. This will make a
)crfect non1-Spilling stopper.
To WasNh 1'illont.
To wash a pillow or holster, tlouhk
sheet and sew onie siud and e(nd. to
ether1, leaving an opening oni one( (end(
I little moole than the wilth of the
illow. Open the pillow. sew the awt
o,gether, and shake the feat:ier:. inIto
he sheel. Wash Itorouig ly in :oap
tids, rinse, waring' with mi 1ianihine and
Itry in the sinshine, hati:g o'ten to
ighten the fcathIter". B!4(11re rturt(lning
le featliers to ihe IU-:. <t"at the in
ide witI ttil:Iur liit a nd let try,
>r" what is be tt(r. itab t ho it"Fide t-tl:
ave with e dl. (1 h<t ,:Ix :-u the 11fit7
1d( icit hor: will nlot work throuph.
Brownl I E1)' i; aul(>ng tlle tl'til ilt
iovatii!S io- dr)i' :. a wilnliw. Ii
s pariu:: 1.1div wh(.rv (1v
'001m1 i; Ireatei in ctra or in di;ferrut
.1nes of yeliow.
Curtains of thiF have interb-ttnt:
if heavy i-itly Jack. and many rouws ft
'mslit chin;. 'I le coUt raisi of II I
wIhitte late ai:nl I: dak l iiwn is quite
wtlriking and prc:ty. \Whit. this styli
>f hanging 15i'itmor fr'eiluetly: utet ii
le biedroomi tains of im-e for 1h
lining rotiin are gotl.
Ct-h. obl-fa:=hinell crash (if th
lish-totwel variety, canl abu (t be usie<
with slacluid success as wind?owi. cur
tatinling. The vuarse" tlie nitesi lii
bettear the ('e("t, and as I..i i ver'
heap in price, the fashion shouId hi
welcomed by yo.tng or ec r.oomlca
'ace '.c'ieun or noting.
One hundred years ago Count lll
lord pointed ont. that in Munich, w'herl
iis e'xperimneints in cookery were mud
wate:- bioiled ait 209 1-2 degrees, on ac
count of its elevation, whilec in I.ondo
It hiollted at. 212 dlegrees. ThIs mneaii
according to Bridget, that. hollitig wui
ter Is hotter ini L.ondocn when It boll:
She: t:links that to boil1 a thing the onlh
wiay Is to boil it. hard: thet. mor-e thi
watter s1pout s fr'om-ilc (er0doulebilt,10 s
or splashes in her kettle, the more thI
food is b)eing eoolodu. To make t h
water hubllble3 mote lire is needed
mole futel is consitnmci. If you can ii
anty waly succeed itn the assimailatio:
biy BraIdget. ofrom commona sense i1
tookery your al or gas b)is will bi
smnalletr. I 'erhanps you might pirove' ti
her by an experi ment. Plac: :a piece (i
mewat. ina each of t wo boilers- -etyta
qtantity of watter anal Samle weig:i
ot mentI. A fter the wanter in ene1:1 ha
become boiling ho0t. place one bioile
over a smnaIl flame, an:d the oither ove~
a a-ed hot cover. 'The la tter will o
courise boil vehemently eaough t<
pleaise Brliget, an ithe t othter willI keei
at a cond.it ion wvhere thae satrfacte I:
un ly spa~sodialIly ri pled. Sheu wil
thlorouaghtly (ookedi at the .sa me tinuia
while the latter will lie nmuah biette
eookedl. Ir a' lie remaaibered tha
vIolenty 1boilin1 g watecr is no hotte
han watera boil inag hot.---D 1esthe
\Veh i. in Glood H-ouseskeep ig.
oild Cod- --Choose ei t he: haead ian
51h(11ler 0, or a sallt wh~ole tish : aIt e
having cleanedl it well, lmtt. it ito
fish--ket tie with warm, salted water
let i : hiil fromi 3: to~~I ilanytutes, o
longert if the Ilih is very thh:i.iServ,
oin a haot d ishi covered wi th a fIsh dail.
anil gtanisht withI slice o1f bamon am
St ewead 8 Uiaih- -I aric. seed an,
aiiaat ter. Cook in boliling water. salt
oil. tintil soit. .\lash in a ctilandet
lia:b aihroutgh it anal pult bat-k into;
ter roilled in tioiur : it f'w tapoZtlionfltl
iif milk. iicliw' andall to( sutit tasti
stir tuntil it biegins to bubbille, the:
lioura into :a deepl disht.
lIatte: ed P':arsi- -\'asIh anad hlx
iond thi c s I ccI " . liiaveli te-,aa ju
satuiepanIii a tlihepoontttut of bttlet
anid onie taliespoou(11l of ilotur, prev i
Ously rubbedt t ogether,a.a at ci wo a bk(
.sp)oons ofi mil1k. \\'hten il iioils upI pu
in thle pat-u ins itni shiake over the fIr
un tiI sminii~itg ho t. Serve hot 1i a(0o
01r(d dIsh.
Chaa-ice Salad .linict thle whtit
meatI of a chi(ketn tine. lthai ahop th
wh)ite lat 1s of c"lerty and p.repai'e
i(e4sil'g tas follows: tuab te yolk
t2 hiard-bloileal eggs smnoothI withl
lio'itat (o eachi yolk one teaspoon
ful of intade muasta rd, half as mule
sath, a smalh glassful of st ronig v li
gar ad a tabilee'> -onftul of t he in'
cliv'' cil. Pit. t CIC(pelery in a sainud
howl, lay the ehOR8-n on that, thie
pouril over' it. thle dci ig. L.ettuce eu
small may lbe usded 1/t in place of eel
ety butt the latt er is ' (h more delic
ius. Cult the whites of the eggs i;
rings to garnish the salad..
-The wIfe of the govern of Nel
B3orneo has a babmy rhinocer* to. . .
He Kept Cool.
One of the plukiest things ? have
ever witiesse(i. says a traveler, hap
tee when I was staying for the night
It at ctllntry ini. I Was on a cyclilg
our at the titne, anti I hail just pitt UP
nly nlachine when a man on horseback
gallopetl up to tlt Inn door. The
)orse was a spletnlii an ini. young
tild !l,irite(t. bit its rilel' managed it
r: ith thet- uost p"'l ' t ('asl'. On dis
]il llltlli l; lhe a ''(od it:lt. his stee(I
-night he tu'':e1l out It, pa",ture -a
'e<luest w1\iH41 wa:s er:ltted.
In the tutt.in it ts I was ahtttl lt
I. .twne u 1t4rney 1 ov''eeril
he'h r'.in(t .(' infy ,i l'- itt': ' lan l r i
n,,' er. al(s it : eiiite1lt forla an l tran.,er
:e (.()roIlltLh( hi.(.
"No, e: . s!I1:l 1i' Ialndllort(i. l:inlt.
nt; to the treadlow. "I>'ye ste that
tull ?"
We both ii:-ne(I and saw a red-eyedl,
tsavagel4 -hti huill "c;rlrin.' is(trom
av't'er th c' ol e. N ot rar away frem r
Jl ;?- oI .." wa--; pla''idly feedting.
"ile ba: tn :-y " (1.' thle s.tranlgvr.
' ''!v e l":-1 l i .'agitie ,n fetchi my.
",r 1. 1 .:"r t-1 :1leo auvise yourl hull
:o !ke('1 hi.: il a:n<cr."'
W\' h)nt.l !(:(.ked att lliita. Th(er(' wasl!
tond i r , hle (to :Is '11at':a e that
Fish Act as Surgeons.
"AlOn1: lli' t '1ribb'anl ...n." said an
arutist who ha:: rcenltly% r"' r e t'1 1'1 11
th i(e 1 t ." t ii ::-. 11' 111m l!n 1iliw to
set tuen and woltI4t t nd ' in l:-en sit
tihig on the haul-. ':' :'lr lt !e with
their hate le:s : thi!g in ' . wah-r.
"i'e !'.v'e : sitte, ' '' ea fot r 1't
this s ila ti,e 1 oilit'I. '1 v r4' 11:1:1r m
tru bttled Iy' a li: 1 c' itwtn-l I iind 4f
tick- which 107!"ib'! nth-r e-h
andl is very h:ard tf dsh-.:,ots
when tih(e Iitih: ha :t .i t h : i a
they t;( to thel t' rh r :eifro
1)m lts b('I;' h :i lt ' .i': "t'c an''! i. I
aut1' st ill. Th l 1 h ha -- a f mit a. i
No te o 'k Wohe .ut Cto he
ftIu I: %tl It ) I).t:"lik;1 $it tll(
plie ;nin' I uant m1"sh t Ie 1''. ,iu't
rlling tt 1 ' tie o . ti-vo r i h'e'.
"in thatL it ::: n Ir t ('Otr'Ihs t~ i ttar
all d t 1:..:rit o lelt :lt' i
eoiit ill ;-Z'.:: .. r 1 itt.l:' y.l ; i ('y iJlit
C.oo.' 'ithiati :ii<1 i t"''-- )rt1.
New York Women's Clubs.
T''' N. w al .e! C u .nowI
Iaw\'istetai. wa:t h. ii, s1 -- x lusi)svi
inl t hi il' t o I. !:. e : Iat ini t ioa
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pay h'1 deh- .1( I'or' the variou
breaf aht :sts .t ers. .ays Ain:sl'
Magar.inc. in heeonltn a pwtrn-"
ess of a ti:t....;s abl hospiial or a
life mlether (11 almnost atry old thina..
for $1n1. .\I the newly ynart"rt
Wiomnant's ("l'lub in New York, dinin;;
and writing roonts. dr'"ssing rooms
and a.ttendiant lnalds. sleeping rooms.
where fol. $1 yott may 1ut upit for lthe
nighl ; loc'rs, wlhe.e a 4ba oti f
clothing may h kept: (elephone, tee
graph and messenger ::er'vice', Turkish
and Russian hath, with a urained
ln t s '. n '- -r i' hla. iho . i
aj..hi (.--y,teri:t i - Ibe t 44i-, at mnrt al ing
(or aI~i 3 t t tlir ofai Ii I n il..~ ta. us4" it
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W,My mno.tged. hav irownd i'.Lth
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and asal speediy cared.u"nyolia
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WAtoday,:m get a b.Woe.tle o>r.f
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Ltac so ii e s y . I.. P- 1 (1 ' 04 hi1 .
Hals I''a iy tPtl.l W are w ltios .
----.......---.- .re
consmptin frian years. At
adwa spreeiyurd
D. P. oly,Avoca N. Y.
- lftNo m~lta tt,e how hardEA
b,iet thing8,' yu canlgfen take.fiII
unlttp' 41 ilu hae' )onsump-lblnrt~te
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todyu getU UaCI bttle bof u
oherry beeittoraolIt a onle.o ~
Thre sies : All 0.,$.ldruggists.oo
. bt C. AIVE C., et3as
H E- A L~
Praise Pe.ru-na as a Cur
I ' i . 1 I 33
\V,t h A ) .
Mils. M.J. IRUNK
A Serious Mistake Which Thou
bandSs Are Making.
Th" 4I : i I.. b 1: u14"t 1-111;%
< i,et11 ""+. ".. I;l....\\ aI a 1'' .. .: 1 tth l." 1 I t n
In1:1 be.v I th- " -" .":, . , . ":U - it 11r I11 1.";. bly
It- I, e IIII InL i- 1.":111- t' - t- Itn .s t ),
..' -" .t t" 1:1 ,t :. . l:l: t:.- b v.1:r." 't"\1" . ".1' it .1"t
Ill.ly Ilt- .1 .;' 1 :t: j., nI : IIi ti" .1 pt :'. -o1 tl
ft'ltll h b. ti r t'i u .11! t -. . J:: Ie.1: t i - - .: tt'1
I' 1. ""9 1 i " i .. 34W 111 lt ' - i p ,l . tit':tl'l-fl i..;
hes'1 l' It %'i 11t " nt -.'\ V:Ilib l' lit 11he I11'.
:lt hal\tm tI11t"hru i.tarrh lin ",inet I":n1. I:
3 e .e .. , nd 3 t, aie ch on
" Matar r.. .As .-,ln "- n i h-1 4 t ert wi
lth " tilt't .\ litti, m of! "'II Iich n "tlt h1" th'
r1h11:bh at ;,.I(, bInt 1 thel u1t"e i of '!li Pe un "ti
.nIt ttr.ihng to d ir'l"IhJu -, ur th ho t t Ilt, I na
'Origin of "The Finnan 'Haddie.
Many years :Ar at. a eIttort towu
ranl the North 'Re'. " . r thi . al f,i ire S;I
-ccrurrecl in wn f (te tith-4"nttingu
3333 lihtl 3lt . freshly3 vi ght hael
doek, w ich w-ee lyin o. h3d3 of;3
33ry help. '~1.31.3333 33.3 3.33
After.'311 13 the flame were3 13.uinguish33 333
andi ' 3 th 33harre33 top ':ni *.i3333 of one3 ,
of 3 t'33 131e of 33 lsh we:o 'e3'oveI33,3. the 3'
--grtty of "Tnearoinnbln w-adchilhsd
the ilsh, '3 anl, anr 1 . 13tn i. took1I' an- i
3T13theNo b i, sael noh <l hihe. anflh
pased i ove(r thi orm i atily,
Aort .etIhen for e3X ve3ry Xlherman in3
of cost that. ha<11 h en 'i3'l b theI 313'113 3 qu3
fr 'f hat t3iP ne uniltte pesn 11*31 03'33(V'1 h
in lflKe a m'le am313)31 .31 1110, 33ver av3
gIhetn~ or the'3 burning111311 seaw.fl hnI e 1 * ~
Thve 1(V. lle e' 13)33f 31heI l) 1nton f
<lalrs3. in i ng ' the- 1i,3 to'133 1 imi this en
fo het then 13!.ory1 (1of1 the trade 13na1Ine n
("133indon130 hla ie whc was3: abbr133
vint.edI terf'1l In'nt ")111I 'Iu j)hu 111." O
l Ref12OVlection of3 33 i chelor '!.11
"ile .\(''*1r. 'ahi-. 3 n any1 originai k!)
Rnn; l- Ie ohas is vews are Io i
ghial1 is e'xeIntsi'';ly hi.- 33wn1." -\\' h
lington Stari.
"DonI't13 enr3 rf wlei 313n't.1 \\ '13os in
"'~'. 3 r-'s bee tr in to'3. ma 332ke a rco! .3
m113.'' "'Oh. n . Sh.<13 133011311bious 3:,
(161 . >ias,. I'.33:ls of3 ChIar, ('tc., enn3 Ihe
13.yed wah11 I'll \ A) "l'A131:u-I:ss8 I) lh :.
The3 En3gh;:h3 I.133guage1 3s -plen.~1 by I 1.-.
ne3'.45after Grii 3i..' 3:.- U3 1Dr. I:ine3'.: (''ent
Norl tent''i' 33r3r. i'2z 13 ria .l h 't1ima31 ren3th i re ,33
1)r. 1.11. lIr.I s :. 1.331.. 3:33 \3 r.h SI.. I'h3133. en,l
1! .n3 3'.313 ny31 (3: hiI p'1 -.
.Ii '- m1.1 13 333'-w : . .: 133 -- n the tr '
J''s Gur16 ca.nuo3t be3 t->) i.thly s3pok en )f
et cughcue.-si W.O'tniN .! Thr 3
'1 thef?o 1blooi'1. II ,I,.:,'tlervly, will! not3
'ifying qIulitiesN Ef thifs mieldg'Inc8.
ItAI1MIG i, N. C.
g teatimnony to the ourative DrODL'rtIi
t'd my son of a bad case. If tliis'will
Ir ileritorOus remnedy, you can ue It.
8tewaird, N. V. InaC#uttion for' Blind.
r expressag egaid.
.* SItak mMpaasL LI. a A.
for s and a Pr
1 AA
t1 i,,I ______ I'
I I ililI * 71
1 hA.. hV
eeRemedy of Swet i
it I'sto. \ t s .I \ I\ tP s
il t' . 1 1 t'I'lli1l l:."li \ 1 \
I1l1 t/lll ' Ilil < .l (-.IIdI ti?' t', 1 1 !1e:s. i .
,Itn .- .\ llw d C. C . N ver \ 1. b1l..
1 "- I .l t n It\ - It" , -.1
"I i'l.l'lie stil\\ t '' . I ( I .t r " i. .
\ Ii r ti tih' -le. who ti .to sel
. 'I wI\ ttii l t l( " > g ."
ap sicui Vase\lioe
\ \ i. ". i'' i. ' 11. .. \ Iii t!I ii t .
ti"IS 1 .1 I it' 15\ 1- 1 . 1; n iil i; 4I:1'
an i lelt la.
. -1, :l t Itit . s 2} i -. l \.. ftl I! -
1 \ \ - . . \tl l I u i w .l ; .:,t I"'
ll'1 i i 1 i e 1 " I l , - I I il .' t \\ t ;i 2
, I . I . , . - .., M 2:1 . ' ll t tIt :\t
ub . -I" "n. ;,. \1 0 . u s' .It" ,--..
111 I h. 11 a l u2 1e1l1t..
2'1 ..l : \.!h i ll t'T.I t,'g it ' i rll " .i" tl
11 r \1..!I ll g .11! I1 I41111 4iii i n j11:41 :'t"
.1, 1 i ! .I " "2 . ." }, "l ,t l.l 1' l.l I t 1 1 :.?:1 i
11 iII .. , . . , - . -;t." I . - i |I1I1 .w. .I
,1 n-otis... n12 ,'lf't
t;'itS1 :- t i l I :" U: I URN\ 1O,.'ll! I
e'1 lt 1:,. .t . w g1' ( ity. 1 .It
\t Agricuotr:..
|k ir b 2(222.2t I 22(1ann' ! ro
-'l1l'l , n. h : : h " n"l . , \ . . . i ii i. :..
12>n . It .. e't : 2' i \i e ' a '
I' ( 1 1 t -. n2'2 1 1 . Ii I b g;'I t , it ,oligh,
"lth " aI' i '.',\ 1 1.'t ;'Ii\ w a . * lil'\ , ,.\
itt + w "I .- - i "'ll (u c li . tit'llitl' \I rt'lnle
Vt "2i not h 22 ne an atg rm th si"
,sI.tl ne h ht all ri d\.ve ,rem.tl;.
st,l C ld , La " :(1 ri et'.'. "
In e s\ \tion Pin
s, old argspoe21 11"
C'di;A sio N DiTI
.V L EVE IggEB t,
unn stme' CCCVevrsl)i'uk
iear oftedae wh rest e
111 . th etrt ia t nd 2 rill noI, t.4atr ihlu:Ii4
lien1te4111 *ki .4:' 4 i:e p i I'llaying ll2 an 3 ('t i l iv
allies o in-i rrli l r wo d rti . I t4., wil!.
l I.iptet th hea ocead rlil.e he244nd
bear WsttIra. d D?7.d t m
Sere iee: ta h e' anlsfu e
eventive of Catarrh.
5 B!
- l't1 N \:Ir c CA1c-...b- t
,t.. . .' l t ., 'i n . : - h
- - -- t
.\ .-4.b\ IIt ;7!..im . ..' I 11e :'t .,
t n11" .. t l . t1. . w r ite 1" ' /, ll ta :1 ,t7 1
ft."It',I l i .l e"\ 1 " . 4 *'lilll, ,., u f
el. '. I n ul I l'tI 1 4 i . I Ah.
gi . nii . t totk I'-.ti '\ .\ It . t hir.
n . .i ," I w\1 11t i ! , 1 \y . . .;a r
It Vi - Iyo il l ild l . t t : it\ive p1r,l ipt ,trm i . 4 -
- tt ' it e I f tr l om i L . o : .ma
r', i.at once I. I r. Ibirtmir. c: I. a
(Ill M.Itt liteit 11 tf \t tli t.1!(. tuit 1P 's '{a I C
call l, ).. t e y ui Ii \:::c11 h :at .. t .r- g. tin .
.OhIrew" 11r. llit-riiman, I'rt':l."i nt t:" Th
lii .tn SoilIaltl . 'blimbu;. '.
mi and Munei n'. .ta
cttr'AItUi I'u ld + "thttU%ty -t"
nAIl: ull a .y
-- I
To ottn GinrW,
Tog Cotond Boinnrs.
W lo ManulaciryithgnMostseary to t'I~ he
ooern GingOti Machnr ofurk Co.
tm winth f der|, a l, the . . ~ .....
E A m GLa~ E,a
WU T er Y f r O l Mi A l ls?'*'a

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