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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 22, 1903, Image 2

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Austria has only 2.1 p.r.sons pos
><esst'd of $2t10 incomes. Yet sit(
wvorrIes along sornhoIow.
''he Water power available oil tht
I'acitic slope for produing elect ric
energy is eqilivalent to the colilbstion
of thrce hundred million tons of coal
a yca'.
'he "nien behind the gluns' at 'San
tiago were Iniserably poor shots av
cordling to 1902 standards, says ,ietu
telnalnt.COilalln(e(r Niblack before the
Society of Naval Architects. But for
.IS98 they were pretty good.
Whymper, the mountain climber.
conquered the Matterhorn and later
broke his bones by falling otf a lec
ture platform. The son of Kit Carson,
the fanedti Indian tlghter has lately diei
in California from the hue of a spider.
The Fraunnes tavern. llroad street,
New York, t he scene of the parting of
Washington anld his geno'als at the
clcse of the Re volutionary war. is to
be preterved f1or posterity as a historie
relic. A nullmbt'r of lots in the neigh
httrhutt(t are to he cotnvcrt d to give it
tle piopel set?111g.
'e1iny:ol i t( 1 (-ll(thl..l u a grt'V.
5111e S: ial d conditiOn ill his olI ouilil
Iry, WIhere "a \I:lnnilonit' nInlIr I;iIls
hIer l tt(' for a 1 'i:ll fee." ha 11 i 411
1I '" 1(l 1e t1' ((l11t 1'' t1 tca in I "lainlh w\hichI ha.4 1ho ct"td nIo
lilly thal ("xpani"v nlb-Arcit"c utlll-I
lllW illt'h tlih. b t A l Ili ' t of lte
ml l 11tr'' 1 1 i ' lI.
A\ ;eO|ogital surt"cy It-ln 't on ('raier
in Oregon. 1 l1o(!aills as 11111rt:e
ihi e 1t55(1 iol. ('o111111(11I0y !'lai e, that
this reanakabl thody of water is h(t- I
1on1!',5. It tou( a line two thou,sa1i
119t long, howe\e , to reach the U(tloi
ill the ieIlp'sl palt. lnaking this prob
:bl1y the e(1(1p1 st 1r h wIi r Ill hl
('nit"id States. This 1a1;e was forllleil
in a fort](n' -r getol(gica I age by the col
lapse of a VoIano.
A I',risi:ilet i ll Imou -s tei' com iie Oli
of Ili illveltion whlich lie 'Iss"rts to It'
It I;1':ai. 11 11't11"V 'll(t'lli till I he O 1tliIllry
lype-Wri itig 1mac1hi:l'. It is ci:1l d tiht
''slenoda l} lc."' andi rints on thle Ilhonl
t tit" sy;,t'in. i'ro'du,';in- syllabl(", ini
.tl141 of a singlh l'IttI". It has ttWo sets
of Ii'5. l' Wort'il by i'ch hailti. I1)it
its l'ing silu( l; at the s llie l ilit'.
I'acl li c is lllnn (r ( ll ut u h 11111
herl clTes(54linth' to a 1l1It er, so I h1:1?
Ilie syllable is prtiiced by" l>r(1 i n g
riiiiiiltaili-"lnl'I.\ i li" L' s w hichl'! It'1rnl I1.
\ I1.1 i alt'iles lst iin ti he lih:
ill!'lig a 19 '' I11 b11 ii 1115 I' ' 1 lii
piet 1 n11 h lit liO I jo ot - i e.
-11 u lu-le. <1~ ai, bruhi. b1:1al
otlng a1g4 t he stat1e iaHay .i .i
44 li\ (it Illl aI ti;-a 'I Ii gu 44.1
104,4 i41l1 s. I-bliililltg li1p th- (-ligine,a
.i 111 lti illg 14 fitl'j4ill ;1.e:aIlit 0141 110
dr i ver, theI ll-; 0 gao WiIIlin pa
:uI li i Whlil'. Theyv 4l'< iloW ilpi i
nIt> I 11114 hl- Itlii l-iltg j eiIeIhi
14ase sotil11bhaly f(irgti 144 lj~ -ii l
ints imi We ii [heu 4lgli. 14tt b an
\er h lin a I il>t gi Vet, Ihte 'i..
self, leavinig ilhe 'alriagls IIII1115tl
getrs ill Ihle Ili eli . ( hltaId. sittiOlliniasi tr,
I'n't ers andi shpectat14ors yelled. but
311iles b efore it was di sci ire that 111 it
had noithin g bhlinid It. The most d is
'tuiet inug feal ii to of 111h1 ineltnit was Ih
tact that it. passed seve'ralI si gn\a1 boxei
without receliig aniy warinlg tI0 stop
Peole4 who liIke 1o lhar sto4rie s (1
success achievedi after mighty elfor
a411nd mny discouragfeents will be ini
1 1rest.ed ini ai (rtain yotinig woman u
St. Lis.145 The4 schotol at. Port lloyal
lFran k 111 n1111y, Mi\., had(111 no tacher
and14 this ycning wolnlan wanted to tene]
in it. Thle t rust.ees. Who had14 knowi
her during a summer visit, were agree
able 14) the Ilian. In l'act, there wat
but onie obstacle. M1dIss \VoIId, for ti:
was her name11, was 11ot lIcensed Il
t each; thait Is, ill technical11 langutage
had( nto ceri fleate. TUl.! was she dec
terredh by thIs? "Who issues the certi
ficate?"' was her fIrst 11in( of inqiry
"'County Superintendent IStel iheek,
she was toldi. County Superintenden'
Steinbeck was at that time engaged I
a hot campaign for re-election, was fly
lug about over the face of the count:
and making 1no 0one knows how man
plolitical spCeIchs a (lay. Sihe followe
tihe suIperlCinedet to St. Louis, the:
to Washington ( Mo., niot D). C.). anl
then to Union, var'ying the mlonloton;
of the chase by I'requlent attempts ti
call up the quarry on the Jong-dilstanc<
telephone. At last she0 Caulght him ii
his private of1Hee, hie hlanded her a lis
of examination questions at once, an(
she answered them all correctly. It I.p
pears in an incredibly short time. The
school at Port Royal is no longer with
ruit ec
- With )Mr. Carnegte's liraries spring
ig1 up everywhere 11(1 daily news
papers at a cost to lit the most humble
purse, there is no exetl'3e for anybody's
not being well read.
Phliladelphia has uinearlthed a busi
ness Ilan who turneild burglar at n1Ight
for (the sake of the excitemuent. I.ife in
the Quaker City has generally lien
considered itnexeiIing, blit it w\as not
SulpposedI that it Would drive a c'il izn1
to that extreme, comnments the Pitts
burg Dispatch.
Dr. ,orenz ('olmbines at keen wit with
'I'eUtonie plain-speaking. Inl resp)ons'.'
to the action of the Northwestern Uni
ver"sity it Chicago inl conferring upon
hil the degree of I,'. 1). he said: "I
am the worst dlo(tor of laws in tihle
World. I1 it It sths owadays tat the
less a manii1 kiniov:s lhe greater is his
There hav "e 1ec'n gomd Inlians and
they at' nol all deal. but there never
was at ;oo)d train 1(I 1bber. A \\estern
ra:ilr4ra;l w\hic'h h as :lm.n nmedi that it
'ill! piy .K (il t ( any ( ilplye (IIn its
l:tr" w hO, in (I' n( ' f 1 -.:, : i: ; ig. 1"il
ltn ' of t he1.1 I uc lt1 'r'"=i , hs l o' pt'l a f
1::1 :i("ai i c'lic y wit 1ut;y a:;: ltn( ni
Ihi : V .tI:1 la i t ' (101 i in lt'' ani i til a
(h'trc 8:11 ,iii ! It'ti'i i!'l (1 i e Il' I"'('1i(ll'y"I( a;: (
' p liI;i k i' s:l i ilno r-o lio ii
taI're . no'warialie --." noaW . po llusd.
: i i ;1 t.illiii t1 l lit th e ttie of
\t'li t ti i lils i a 'i tii' (an ist
hs i\'ii lion Itat ( itelll mlb ro
II as ' l:' ltit' '" 1 1:- 10 11 ' a 1 l ' (1 <f
'UinI"; i\i("" lId' rt ;1 t I ('111( tiii e(t I
ic"i t i i:at r' to)h.il' I .'lilt1i ' on 1
ir 1 11l . 11 l1 is n !in '! i l ll i< t
ill7. 'I1 r aii e. hitill 011" \\") loeuhii 3ii'
tIIa - L1 ;" : ariet aihe iimploymt en of ivI I
'l'\"i i e ,.;tl illilt ' ii 1cl- thc" a 4 io onit'
thi.,i:nll.' i i ni 1' th naillie I
States s. It t hats t eieI not by b
thori' th :; the llp tliioi lo women it r
(I;l h''y1 (!U i lli I 'illiiIuiCb(I '!l(t' '.; !t 1
'I"hci e ' 1111'111 of v'IIIi s ' at is
til- Iu lbl:' llr y is a114 raduCily int ir et -
i.nhe O aliausua 'nlly bur an ofm
th:i iQn hotll adae orassti.teioeil
riig fnti the re)rito labto her
cap onte nt h ist'1( ah<mt 1 :5(lt t.Is e It lt
htsl', in ;tede to fote that.temrt in whar
i e : ouldr: i nunbtsiix' e sr A ret of wo e s I t
lh:tmtey ilo no l)l'('e dIllte-i rom!a End.
l'ilii o wriv ie ight . yesas tilu;, ha
TiI' illstlrili ( titi' I w ii-uinen11 tag an ,
tlli '1oy5iet'(1 i.hltrindaegua bnting
in (this etitr v . set fo re't rt I n the pth
si tas tecetoly Imadle bytn of-fe
iia fthe d1epar1 iten of l e nabit at
alre ion wa)ls xx'ade by t he~ ITO ciny oi''n
thre ,i S it iat'W1i, in ei :1 b m.is
u('ynsanl. T110 o mtiers iarlti
Itu. Ind .hen tihf tosen eoyeno -
foi bynl'ilai If t i be he ed -- uiti
int sitt.tvo dafter'uil the Ithdstan- dlng'
thiNeoi thnr lnis ahtnew eabonliillei
in 'ltniea.Io " lthip en fu ant-r is rtl h
Eiioid and coner nd te (Xim
Pa.ewdt . wll belC osdo wthe reta..A
(ilI11'Int1' 11)11x'oiihtl 1)0 a li'rywi 511vor'
th'' r i 1d e rth. IT hnuisntew
'''1'ilii h Poh- 11001 lie i strnge n ma
u'wn.gon l'CO-'l( 'Oln tipo : (m"Th
I ll evnr. i l sI) re. didy 1not1 make1
heir Iliilling a(i111o secytnnh aos it,
asdptoe' Ohl) l teshyran poraed
t'od a'I'lui ist1comgemoae"h
ne mnmenti ilfpropos e. th is in
1.11tie On10 eliiihng, t.t' h:lli tVn stairs
Ito enroll-th. h w.(y is Sttv,p
Atd th littlo II t's ['t1 frut 1lt woak
}or tho task of thlt) upward Crot)p.
'Tis mnany at fall you'vet hail, alas
An I many it liiim i and brufso;
3ut ho; bri ny roll in y.)ut littl ltcart,
A d cil t le%t.' th. t.-k retl'cws.
Littlet 0n1 ('liinlbin. tht' hallwvay stairs
Look tu an.1 4 litnh, nor fonr;
:or tl.:-r' in th 'h:lows it wttehor stands
And fathurly nruts nro nour.
B3' George Eth
The 1leaden 'IkycOILtainled snow and
.:lkes were falling spasm1odicallIy. All
tr.l(id ill the dense Woods drifts were
II''ape(i high. Donald Stalworth, with
i , wshoes sinlking dee) in the flaky
1.t. st(od paliting With his exertions.
?ht r.. i gt y stillness of the Words op
)r'sstI hin. Oe\tr' h t h11111 cloueds
're mn iirky aultl Ithrei:tt('nitg.
"l ilist he live Iinile's i'ont lolne.
):ldt multtteredt. "It w\iIl he at hard(
,lu |. ;u11 ih rt''s lui' lus \ (11ow '4o in)g.'
'li:i' r:'T it il' i 11ott'lts against a
it;l ily la'dt b11irt h tree. w1 , hu.:( whii(tt
)mr-k t' l' t h;i ally Sit-ipet'l oft'.
hliII' tnil g d i tils . upitiol lhe
Iard a ti.- 'hic( h artl a li tht nat1r
,i instincts of th(' hutir. It wa'ts a 1
tit Il t'at of :t d,'r in with1 a strang'-I
' iiIi"til ttltl i in it t hat intale Don
S11 x1htim : i
11\h t's p1I?1. iomethlni; l S wrt lig! I
t lusi he a1 wilt or tidlg! l
TIht" :)>ssil.ility of ata clog in thie
V!:1' hn Vy wo(is \\1S wa n(ot ret,nd an
t.tlt 11 =111 :1 11 Il1441t \I'i \- I'11 1 1)t l 1tl It
l t.on dVti tm ise tauview from ind.il
"it nu 1-1 w'.ol\(S or sone ot ie (
ild bta. I woundl'r how\" l.ar. it is!'
li li: tloneid intentlly, applyi his i'
i 01sral 11'l1 of the i r was l'(')"at'di
t inl'( r'als. :.:rowing fa;intter a1;t'\t'ry h
hl. Nld'tle) atd tlo :t t l sy anxit)1s!y. and tht'; down the I"ll w i t t is h tt' li ih 1
n]w r l' he!"t It tighten!''d tht Strap tl
f olt ' I ' his s \1wshc . it'i d a I It p
I.' r'idt. and1 star't'd off inl anothtn-r di- e;
'"I i t t fill otil it troublt'." h( e a
tidl between('l his (!l'n(h(<d tee(th. (
Tired though h was he slid tlong
it hlis s( \iwsl 's w."ith agility, til ani
llit"kly t,a.s:,d bt w'(u tl k the o itnlg ill
o r st to i tw ti kois t' t'arll i f it. I
'oll this dtl i l '11 1o til ' , .t'i11ig'
I't of, tio' de 'r. i v\s. IIt ta lat -r h o
(lod inl 8n Ip"tn gla!d" w\ith! Ono
l .; 1'are si:l,!s' ; of atittim al strl gI lt's I1
ist (tied btefor t him that is allowe ( to
ig fortunllate few. TI'wo' large tuitks it
ogt la-ing ch 11 Othlmr, wit1 lo\red
atis. and tosr I interlocked illa de
('lmbrce (. 1 their fit' s'ggt' itor
le lmasltry t(h< ir bot had ' ("otiitit
lwin t so that neitimw could sap. t
Iack 'Ind r t h'm ail t11("i'tntll (p1)9ting
t'y ha i b)111n 11lun inl. porshil i, sho\'
l . and pullin1. hioting to brt ak the i
.ay Inbraina btllt. ai t ly iltad e-t
t'V(*i' tti he 11' ('11baclIl 05. e
cOIlnaIlIt' :.t'id a tioiten 'it i lISrp i t'
nd :mmtmetn ing the r h w
ol.oed em oin is.i N poer itof01
hiroen itt bl l v-' ti l en it h nI . faot
'i;t ooli thtigs winy "radua 3)
aatirlsl"le niuterhi s lienet. bu ggeat
away.- "thir. Tot be ielpiknd w(it'
h1"honsly or th d.d: ws th-- ntn
try l antililm(I'te gaeadml
01o(h bnima sa aed tI t re.ali:'. ther(''
of ar instad wolf huiaen t i (ligt-an
feiftl y ttsi thsd ltit ii t remb- 11g
in.;g le oat jitifully for i hi hs1 elpg I
hilnhl litgt jitevier Wt tole. No-thitng'
forts torpe' the hornso at.Ilo itih
\\ndl ttihi the apaeyelnu im.' slow
naye ton Itald wit a. wI.-e. "hf it
h otImnbthrns atl reiee plthe t
i alingengg dat'tht he fan'l akI
hotheir foe, an05 inw I a ltem
herk. teaholve tile soons malm wav
sdt'yal(tre tornwithhhem.
mls.t he thir iwe buconstd wasulot
"l'il etu. th ou fl teoroule swif
.a.......a.. ha........ ve.h.m.h.r.. t
Now over lho topuiost stp yoti riso,
Anil youtr eyn is Ilahetlt on tilt:
3Iv glad heart wairnis and jvius YoU in
Your cry of victory.
I,ittl'' ((no cliItbing the liuiIlway stairs.
I : Imak to u tys("If in vou;:
For I itil I chili with fi u1pward task,
.\nd I I"' It ti ilier, too.
'Ti tnat V iy fall lan(l Ia sear I get
Ill (lin 11hinig th(e ipwaird w: y.
Fir t'a% tro these h,(1adnad feet to kuoip
(in thu at'- out (Ihy by (t:ay.
-- -To'l.do lila lu.
elbert Walsh.
the other, and then rleajsel it. Ther
wvas a Ioudler click thatn before, andl( the
two htt(eks lealied a loot in the air.
Iti mIuc(h to their own surprise they
ratise(d their Ieads in the tit 11a sthook
Ihem fe. 'I'hy stared It ech other.
twisted their ne(e"Is to see if they were
broken, andi beat their heads down aid
then up again. Th'ley d1an(ed1 ar-ound(
thlie on'l siat and aitp('iil'(peaed o dIaed
by their su(I(i1h" reaw'a that they acted
ike clhi 'en just (imI of school.
I)o ahi lu h , al_n' i i n d(1 au( said:
')Ont( II ) \ i anow w I lt ; in k(' (; it. (do
'01? W\e1!, (!m('t (14 anly morel'( lltigh t1Y.
I' you'll get inl II'lt tblt' t:tiI.
' lt' Ilit"ks ali(:ira -ti lild to niotitf'
11111. 'TIh(Ii. a th ()lalt oI it' voie'
h elt' t liR t ' ati aI i aa'tr : 'tI t h iit. >N wi
loi'u t i '\ il' l l'ii .\i(dR tLi 1ight (it ll i,"
)oila l :aidi. kino.. in.: ' Iht li iiise ta
uire of tih' Inia ls. "I (anl drop h th
' i youi ,y' l lr it'a kI's."
IIe lei( 1 ts I h t le -
i:r ey, il t he bi) k Is uifter starill .tti ari -
It n il for alilit' \t Ill((tllenits I 11t lle(1
Ili("tly andi trotted awta y t ogo (itrl , in
ihe trest. T't'hey were !ikt I't w ri(nds
ho had( nd1l 1 1) their dift'erinlces, and
O t(re dlet('rn 'ined it)( to light ort' aitarl
! av ltore. )oal l ruistd his lille It -
i:; shoubller ;tnd mut111eredl:
'iiweasily I coul drop t heinl I
,uler why (Idon't' I'\)l hunted \'e(ks
efo'e ain 'vert t'aot sto a ie shot as
hIs. \\'hy (lun't I shoot?"
aie Iow\"erd'at and raisheal his ritl, hit
nch time he slat ok hIis head an addled:
It wouhd he ta 'halcd' Io shoot them i
ttI hulpin; I htm 'ut of suolh a family
'let lab'. It wva in:ll l't he riht! i
'l it they got b( ytnll his range and
e lo' r( ta tis i.1ej for good. "'\1 'ell.
Ow they ar( safe, but I can't say that.
al. It's I iret y a n lat ile li' m niles
I ravel. It's snow\\ing hard, too!"
'':e sowt \'i as 111ling heavily, and1 inl
liniit! (luil:s. Donald had1 Ieen so
11('rI'st(ed il the two deer that he had
i'n little atte'i ioi to tho ap1proach
ig sturun: but now he whistled sharply
In( tr11n1ed to 0love down lthe tr.ai. Th
o'niIs of Snow w er' ob)lirateislapilitg it
x((" ti 0; Iora e( t ihoadl. \\ ith1 bent
tnd he ItIrl har'd Ia it, studying eth
rees ;ta hl e hurrie ailong . It w)a!al i be
'tital to get off' the' trail.
Ie stir11 was thle s-ol anh iif of a;
~liz tad b. indy, and blindlins .
'1e 11ako's Of nw tk his'at wih
~igli It (ailt liaa sti ' to wi'a'id them'
t)is u ei al l t' o ltid h is t h 'a'n' l'
ulivi it od-l to' keip on tein- a il. load
'lsIias 'il,- '- u ii i i'i'jI tat'il i- brui , a i
le mi (u .-d ai s''taliie 1110 tIn- ii, 'e
atndu p ni hi I h(ho iii hio (reat. ''lhau
r dIo lnklw I liurw. The 'Wl.' olie
faal13 aitd tlrd.r o 'They lsot v: ea sin
dldt' :e-htn to hisua meg.'' dnui
Shiti hitn sl oat hi ise progres s 1 oa. sl 1'
lenly tart'il it aolar. le was niotl
in 'iiia Ili' ui l i 1'I o i wt h e t h;tlt['
aised it' ad h'iad fol'e tlam lal ont
loroake1d le'w niiiee, 'a' 1111hg01
01)nhea'oltds ar' sow.dadhi ad
tr'mld It13 was~ alio't usewas to at-l
homt to lind ii giai t in tha lien i ltom.
Y't. his blould ot gie up sin spai.
i'i1sytop. It an tried3 htao tink lig o
tate 'witesuyi' i hsmnde
amliars lail rnark hiei has ned. TeI
siot was ith a'~l reary an'i' ld abneati
aoi' is nialigtlia retrai is iloo t
dieps it dis )too, wlrha tiled l up
wtyh5 T hedrif in stow a c1oze n y)oard
~its-h a d he i w a tshmoel t hopelssly
onldso itd hae s ta i ished' itthea
woa urned oim or hin ath ltol sani theu
ii might)01 c have lef them1(1 1 alon. ''to
ight itut ~'sor' shouat them( andii movedy
wa." he aid hwiot outly "il ae t hr'at-'
ie. bug a'lo i m ie."awli'peku
he liope s everahi i l es to 13 line ighe'
tagais his luitIk~ and theni ler.t "Tely
wreg thnless t' igs,t anywoay." hettI
fin ate. muttr'Tey tr Ileoptte off rand
did. nt in ankoi me e aotglt
Dili oal dshook hitel'f. Thie ortof
'thingl tol o o lie sl~ he'tu ha. slowl
heaway leftetoehisbworesouminde. Te
Tot ikei "he dely stilashin oti
orm thee c meo asn nlow. etiag
"Bt. sthisg beling ltin aarm is tter
oItward to rouse lin.self. stilt I ho
noise continu1ed(. Donald picked hiliJ' f
uii amd followed its dlirection. A djozen
feei torward1 he Stuimbled aga tst solie
tiing hltd wh'1i(11 rvar1ed dirctly in his
pathw\ay. Ile toucehed it, and in the
larknes: t ri1 to so Mudy It wit Ii his ('yes.
Thnhe f;ave' a ,1h(Ilt of exultation. It
was one of tile ultlii log shIter ('alhills
Ie ha(l hlled to build ( for summer
Iw::e; w\\hen camping in the Woods. Ile
isne that under its sh 'Iterinlg roof atnid .
5i('s ine(' would he w\"arlit h and pro
Iertionl fr'( 1m the terrible storm.
Iit insidO the sh(l- ike cabil thero F
was a loise of alarm. As Donald floilin- Con
diered through the snow a i'er rulshed an(
olit of the sliter an(1 disappeared in
Ithe storm. It was his "white deer"--one n
of1 the buteks he had reselld. D)onalI al't
stood silent and amazed. It seemed So
likr 11 vision that le was unable to .1
speak for some10 time. In the desire to
Iind shelter from the blizzard- the buck (o
had unconsciously directed him to thle "
l)lI ahin, w1her(' he was safe trom the
cold for the night. luil
"I don't think I'll say anything more
aliot ilglateftiness,'' Donald re
e1 (eled. "''iat deer was the only thi ng
(hat saved me fromi a terrible death.
tiii'tim l' i'rovIdence works in a
st range way.''--Newv York T1imle'.
MlosI fishtertnli :tloiig th' coast ( f
I''ranie still avoid g)ing to sea inl Ihle i
irst i lwo days of No'embr, uwit:;- tc:
In ! i l, ' >I o t: i'al u it' ct' l : t'all:
'ltll :tthi:i ('t 'lt air otl t he " i e:la 1 h- e.l
wi!" al;d tht l)rlici 2hal at. t hat. 2ime w:i
the -h11fs of flI(Itwe<l lishc'rilnei 1:s(
luc l -sia' boals.
.\lillio n: of butl('rlli', ar'e (;ten i it ryI
1oil by t11' Allstla:liatl abih.giies. Tlhe
hr Cetis <ongregalte ini Vl 11)illlatitifs (tn1
lie niatives S'curel" tlheni by kindling it'
ir,:; Oft dam1p wootl and thus siffiOcat- nai
I1g tllm'Il. 'heni I hey are galt hered in
iiasketis, haked, sift(ed to reio\te tihe
.vings, 11d finally p)ressei into cakcs.
\ccording to a t('legrai iately re
-fle Ifrom iti Iku lt sk, a hiulg( ret f re
flit. ifulrtntioll has bee l iscovered on
he site of .\lount \'erklioclensky. At
i'st it was thought. that th li issuie was
,wologists that tie steaii and white
1(; exIldations thrown out from the
Poit akre Ile to the spontaneous Iom
Just iun of coal st"hisis under t he sur- ofi1
Eate of t he( 1111tlntain,1''
.\adame dIe GeiiIis. in a work on
"''ime'," tells its that the famous Chan- .
tcllot I)'Aguesseau. oi bsei'\ing that his
wife always delayed IO or 12 minutes .i
beor lo ame down1'i to dinner, al(, ill
relll'tallt to to:,t' so noicllh lime daily, ,(
b(egani th" copllusition of a w ork which .i
lie proscuted nly while thus kept le
wa.-itinlg. At tht' t'nd of fiftv"ln years tr
t btok in 11tf' ((irto vo1i \a lesiw (g
(ofl)llet(l, whiclh ra11 through three i
di tibOn1s and w sI held inl high rOl)ate. ll'
TIh^ lumutl.Or' of ar1 ticial coloring i
111:11 2 its nr 'tr.tr (1 82nr- l'ek ii's discav- p-f,
ely i'.' ry lifty yearis :lgo til te pre-- ole
I 22ar 1 has wen -- ltwmott1. It i-s <:dimmeid fl!
i: 2---c.-.Q 2( to n(mr indsi lies, while at2
:Ti CX521'I (o. . Th number1( 1): i:lin<.C(
.1'. .\lflfrani wrlites; t dIescrible a re- j6
shloot i'ur at2 : ierd fi ten('I deerl'rt'1- -
unumli:, ,.es t he l.undIlen 1-'ehl. "'I 214
!iiie<lI." lhe says. "a il ighit-year-old ii
buiIk 21h:u stooil l'ead( andI shllersl(C h
me ati'l bro:'ulsir' (on. 'Thie bullet al1
thrl(e iniches belo1w the butt2 of his ('ar,'.
1urnetti a)lnl.Is at night anlgles, and)1 M
am1 i out a(ll2t t hf ba1k oif lhis neck. It 'I
the1 ('ar1. lodginig ulndier the skin on lie e
far1 sidef. AIl I hrnee (1ie1r were' killed (In
till spolii. The)1 (listae was12 \'1 inety~-sev
('n yard1 s. anild te ri (f' used was a WSin1
ilhester1 ain ile .i40, wVith aI flt-niosed *
A greati dleaI f initerest ha~s beeni i
dIisI a11ches' fromlii Aulstrl'Ia2 tell ing of an1
extraorinarilly led dulst stormfl that1
br-oNe Iverl Al elbourne.'l 1' Novemb Ier 12.
andi vl whih 12P'l af flar hecamfli generlalI
over' New 81 Sout Walest'.
One plhen omenionl in )1 ionnection wit h 21
thle stormli was the Calling of fireballs,
whlich set fIrIe to seVeral 1bu1Ilings in
Mlelbilournie. At mihbIflay th lit was'i IIiIn
dar ikne('s, plei trlaverIsing thle streets
wit l a n terns. Tihe suplerstitiouls
thou night th1lat tile ('ndf of the woirld was a
ablouIt to come,C andH scenes) ofI lianlie are i
IAt tihe same11 t Ime( ('omes( thle newls a1
that Ii he Sa vaili voleano( ini 82amoa2 Is iln
violen'it state of ('rupitloll. and1 1)1 tha lie
villages i n th' neighborhood are ((ov
('red1 wit h ashes If) a dep1t hi of t wol e'
incheIls. Sit' Norml2Ii . (Ikyer,i' the as-' d
I lrloomer. in ani Ilt erview prlinIted in "
Tihef Daily .\iail1 slated that fireballs ii
were12015 conlntly 5E'an atl thle time1 of' thle o
lre''.nt I ruptldions ini lh' \t's I lidieg, e'f
so1 that it. is poss5ib)le thait theO pheniom- hI
('112 inl Auistralhii miay have 1been 1)on
netdwith thle v'ohlcai(- act)ivity in 4
Th'le firnehalls are' gener'lally3 descibed
als glohbuIar lightnin11g. Thler'e are iree--1
(Ird(s of mueh damange hayvlng been)
caused0( biy Ithem). In 18019 the WVarrenl
llastings, a Ilrit ish war-ship, waIs
strulck on the mlasts 11y tihree fireballs
ill qulick success1(in 1ii 1881 an1 elec
iric hall1 enter'ed a1 woollen dwlell ing in
a1 vi liage oIf Allv1ergne. It explioded anid h
set fire to Ithe house, withb the result
that a t'hil d was burinedI to death. -F"or
eigni C'orrespondence oIf thle NewV York
TI Iimes.
A Milghty )'olitIcIian.
Politicilan-Tlhiere goes a man) youI
should know. lie caries the state of
IllinoIs in Is plocket.
C'andidate-Indeed! Who is lie?
i'olit ic-iani-A m-ap petddler.--Ch(iIcago I
Nc gs. -
Shoo )on'e. (1
lon't V1it nw' shoes iI n dirty
dilt ion. WVipe (herll1, I)olisht thlvill,
I store titein il an airy culpor1d. t
* *1 P
loti't )lne"e Shoes against a stove
rr con11ug int front the rain.
* * A
on't weir1 one 1):lir of shoe's st('aed
oiste work of thre(' 1airs wornl cOn
ut I ve'ly.
* 4) )
oin't wear. hos that ill not 'll
th' gr('at t4' to lie ill U st1nl;It
* .* *
Oln't ea'r :t a shour so lage lh41 it
is :11 Iwi' nor
:1'I w'11' a shot' with :t solo n ar
. th:lb it h 11i oull 41tln f he foot
1-t-11 w I t ~ 1 1 111 )J 11 411 4I S1 tilt -
ol''t wear Ilhe lop of :1 hoot tight.
1 int1r!erts 11wit1 t :11.11ol of th eit
' Inn.i it s. nuaikes one' walk twk:
r<11 :1:I 1 a llsus thl' : kllie to swell.
* * *
I i' t fail I trub shot's wvilh soft
5slII!: :iu le:st o 11 t we'k.
(tII1 \vewi :1 sil('e 111:1 ha;s t'o)11
need"('4 1 to run oV(er. Il:ve' h1' heel
light1111 1 at o nt'e'. IIll I lni- h'td on1
V"4tIl elige' witIt : I-ow of tilly
'T"o Adorn Her Ladyship.
Ili ilngtt'uity is b4rought to hear
the .jewelry (litt is now w"ornil.
le of the gol is of U cop)e'y till.
' :s was the luole seventy or
ily years ago. and this looks very
11 wvith 1arls U11(1 n411thysts. As
'uile, feinilnr fashhons prevail. but
ul111111'111s VoIl1'11 :I1'' showillg a
scullne' IenillneA, atlld inany of
it- rings are af't(er the 4rte( r of 11hos('
rn1 by n11n11.
)i:t1nondis are oftenl set inl silver and
I on1 bl'twnerll INwo goli rings with
wer sttnles inl the mn. l.airngorlns are
ur1'nlg to fas111111. es'lw'inIly \whn'll
-In(Itdtb'(y i \nanl4:tl'l h14'ar-t 'Lr ('rO\wn1.
t' -olbl('n-tilite"l oiw('s look heautifuill
t hiown dresses.
'yinrit esign s ill goli a144 silver.
tht a ttouth Of color inl lhe'n,.:are h('
4a111litd Ii ill E in * (1n11141 abroad as
uinlls for te nei'k. : s broochles.
Ie t"11'S. (VenI butltins. andl tht'ir
1in1y is fteIn41 etnhane"'el by the in
1111tion (1f opals. Iwal s :n4 t rIl -
Itil w(i;.. :lre illt l1"w form of
ttt-h1. l nll( ' iln line ;-ol1 1wirt or
II i 1I. ii1 lls i i :1 -hi V 'I 1 hlltterill
th: t"witt1' ""r t (ist ' l n('rswe r " it lod
4(f 1114-:4.
tih4 e 111 ;!IUi .;i 4 sth1 i les4h11 i
'412in hl raly w k.-l. 141 44nr4U41 4114w 1444
1(11 51e4414(nt 44lihnntis on li ich is|(4
(1ays3 iti i heli:' : no tced :lnt' :I -,05
ecl. i; is no414I ('ery 111kien' to14' ill
(2'I'xerc'iseof ill 444 or i is4 not easy
Sot stan 1111g is'( 41ilifk thLe ilhes't alye
14'yit)5 i n a -'Illlil :4h4' the ' toes,'
hell, w4'dih 44enti 1114' , l t ;t ke 14114 Wit I
ra141, 145n no14 ('1h'e411 hel, It.dgnt
i'tepsI ltha(1S14ttt are <tt lit' are 13 1 indientiv
LI:en i er g s :11 2 aitLii1n'4.
Ti' toekI walking sy(inhoizes'uprs.
Tured-li''' ins are tien') fuWII' wiih
Theii 241( ilise''1t13 wak it representIlCel"
'"ilt'l 31 4 a tl' 1'is tle wi't 1111w13
)'eous n iItinUImltxious4tps
A it'12 4s41he 11ase3 nay be.4' to h
'The'14 pron1i 411ep is4 s 4ow andt ine:iaI.
1(t: the les tra'htighlene144d.SloJist
en iouder 124'alsei'i, tiIstep1 wil(
44! slikin an414 l ni seles1s.ttII 1'dl (01
ud folloil 'ievery414 hilt'in i1411 F:'
2inty hesi11'1'latin :Slit indltl 1jko f t1.
Obtinaf1lt)teple who( tlini wronent
l44 11144' 12n1 1-140se(4 h '1 1iy I t n o in
'1leI tna4( dower re(4 t he fee 4''ltlt aily
44dt filon 1'the 11round, wlk t heny
IY and slowlyii. tadwthlg
411'g IWI'oln I '"o14014 oo'on. 14
Exgerose ati theI~4 h C ivnp,eron,
Id her'l tlii man0111 sayC hIgtoIher
V'r iea tl.o qu'ie you1 mflstrelly.
thel more8 ~eer)is1," ihai the W1(oWste
'lT)1j on o tIht kliohen,lI ustd 81he11
i IltIat 1y. 3'
Th1'isi sh40 formsie ito p40(, and for11
lys afterwar 81he i1wouy (talkC ofhe
'uesh feard it woud141(' 11ose is ail
)tig 'thwee;s whot-le013 dloor the
rg hous lJlIn 01'c sheli,s gr
o i l tItn g e 4'l'l it- t l t I - l 1g 'llt
)ii skirls :tntl hig 1hh t"lh'l shoes :ndl
,tIllini frtU , nt hos'et' t n : il
alling: ton 1ri'"P6.i ,- 'r u 1 tr" n e ot
J'4' gtoter1'. buyig ne' w liothes. '\
au llr hll\iiI t ' '% 1 4 1 , Ii l(t'". 4 le
tIealt e 'ntalit il ldy l'("lart:e tha t he
ri5t gIt tlyi l I t l:,is t w t1 n 1 i ' I It.
it " t u nti l it :11 bo it lh i "l 1'r it
onlint'nlt'nl :Inti ne I hlt i!;, rtl ol" I!
,ilt' l'r SO tI ktt h1it11 in ,ii t tl'
it' bt lt Iga il :k n o ' hedrstlf r-.in or
hint', :si thte :1yin is :lu t t:I1 had t
peta("hy 'oulelxion fo r'w:atl her
or he'r tlfort.
Ii' l i'tnpllelxit1'o:s '( not ,1o
n rew\\ardI thoset ladlits wh"o tr"aui
brotglth ile Ibhrlry uut to tte dr:lW
1g 1room11 amlt l hau k thirty - Iiv'el tim sc'
I inelt'nlttnt afttrnoons, Iul it's this
or 111of exerciSe tha.1t lvni'\ bl $ 15 )'
uet'i'rs ol th x ItkI' wlhe :t
e litnlO$ lit(I(' rain is falling .
.ust as if ritin weren't inl itseIl :1
itutiti'r andttl 1 v' ery" god tl thing to
It ouni teir. i lt' t' (m leltx ilo o xtin
it' ins is only to b' had by the girl
1'l ilxeriseI(': 1't'tgillat'l ' and ill a ('111m
1011 t 'sps 111:1111It'l, :U llll 1lot alw:;11.y
t! ent' t1 1[';':1 ulf ll:tlyt, wh"lo is :
killtd tl:rfisl. has: bee ilt' l ve "t :t m1;em1 -
14'r of Ite .\t:iti'mU\ ut' -t. !.uktct :it
I 1111'.! -144 iiis
I i.: ul 'l len i tomerse its lifty- wo
A -1r old, 1 an1 its btt 'n r:!(" : it il.
t thte he:Ul of I-'!,ni 's tota'l ii:i'
T4he' lI)tteht' ss of I -,hlfurtl l rob, t'iy
lowV.s ll tu to e lt li a:im4lal s 1t:n 1 s
My other sot ity t" w" nan of Itirt'p't',
ll is tt' "tir e lve tninaltai-r.
th Queen I)owaugtr of lmiu i- Wne
Ithe hiet' little tiirphy i'oa ts on I lit
\vorlt. t has carully oac iled r
otl. .lfonso I I I.. in thlt tte
Mirs. IItulmp Irey Ward", 1th1111 ltto
ives onl ilE t'he ott I. 1S1tlks. coit'thulalll.
vher'.e oince th i tl t 'llter liv t'e in
ite svt'r enth e'ntIly, ,ntl ih-h
Srefe'1rre to in t illi lon sda lotk.
Oie w al :i'rns a liv"inby I1,e"t'1t'l
n!i tit' ha.1r h o InOrl of ch i' tn
n the' teimholuotl wheo she 11 v's.
un she as we0t'll 1hone1 t raors11 or1
lll ghlI' fox. u li 1 1 )tIY alledh, it'
tumbrl o yount men wot:ire hair
\. t hle 1rs.IS
Almlilt,. L.oul lIS y \ i t o f t th(e is i h('1(
1)'tilet. l 1ii h'livt'es1' il o o-t'tduta1+o11.
Iteetly a a Soletity of Ftnh m1-1
rS she broghlt ow\ n upn her l:a tl
arte triti ilm in ntl\ot"Itingr -\m:t":
t'nln methtdo uos in taii1: girls.
.\ gotd income i yosng uy lby a brlib
.lteamshlip ilpanies it treSidet s
I' pel ele w\o :1' oing abrad, ntd
he foing to thrir residenIe 1 :Ss
-trtain if the' rtinite the servic s tlt
I lrol'tfsion-'o t. I'Ckr. htey usu ly
lthe lutino g llf' llousa o fr u1' 11l -
rlh'ons daily for pup11il5 of the( 1.:l:ii
hIgh,I "tl norn" :l t "itho l. is a br':t:1ch
i1( tn.,ae onIl for whieb she luigs :)1M.
onh-tnsnstratedtherfox Is .xtremely
s113. bvtt it Nlews 51(1hlnd kItce: wIt
ilis e, f1or thte pure of hutnle
smIo aIt fox ase lienihlth a ous do.
-Nhek jer. Woreld.:i rpeul n
brwll tipry foreeig ar uJllhO'f
reel o ile col ise bnt ulled.n
Ihnndd gauzt te ('0bbons~ol rtsed /I
big hat 'oun o- onies.y. f
withinc wh. backsatn egeI
.\ ellar of e mine is e ge<l wit

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