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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 22, 1903, Image 7

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rlii"t athu ttllt" e"a r'd No fltc or norvwmi
N s'rvi , ll' st < it% ts ' t Dr. l snali*
\tr . U 1l t e. tr i"r al t b)(ttI,u;tlttrrealiLl"fr
*r. i i. t , l,ltl~ td'J I Ar -h st.. Phila..t'
*.' ohi Ct S love0t i.7 "It" etri n ,hatie thr,
a nau , .,, ,, heOV' ttempe,r.
iL \ Ir hiligi i:" 44(4 t I,z,.(I I'rll $12 .5"iJit 1)01
( nt hiu , r t,rit o lt rto . , h t , ror inlln'r,;I.
li tlh,tt il t a ifnwr a itlu t-li .'2.i .it i
I'll" L a,!.il Imlt , he touhe. t ":l i anI
i , I ; rtion too its thiLc ":.i .
I(''\. I \i 1 A''is. :1.i.:ss I )Vt-:s l i rt n it I
u s, I gI)hte"r colors. \\"ith rssitag
8411Fl'ti12.5 .7n yc"r t-.s pcr
a int streis n-ahlrl at cas0
whioh badluvo tre for (s
II on has an eqtttal for cugyad(o s-.ui
- ,1So., Hraity fy
t '"i , ill ho u up a bo vd bil y than I
Jutl am I l h(
4rel ytit"3 tot5,0 1s expen i
winkhlun tht" streets of london with, sat
to ileenl horses (t-,)ImI slippi g
Z'llci iJJohi a1 ItV'1:(
Fibroid Tu
A distressing case
which baffled the sk
M rs. H ayes, of
the following lettr.
cured, fter -ever tl
T .... 1a t - t
S:L . Pikam's
Mrs. Hayes' First Letter Appe
DAit ll)s. P)\NKIAM: --I ht
itnellt for "1 IIo' fitnt" withtt ";'y
lilnu)r. I a01 5ot sit down iw.llc)Ilt
up mily spile. I llave 1lItarin -tigol
don ie i.;s :wclltn,8!Id I have ha( f
pet.it e i.aTnt ,n od. I cannot wailk o
"I1;e Syilpto of F of i1ilbroii
eluraltely describo my1} 1ae o'Ir
E. F. II.Au:s, 2fn Dudley St., (l,oxl
Note the result of M
t houh she advised Mrs.
erideter ht contiaie a. I snIi
tosa ' as trement, faT
abouIIt ii ol lll the p resit.
Itl' Iny syin T PQ.Ia imsy im it 1 kOdi 1 yo ii:
all 15 l i" s i th u l ei' ef lly, aDiih
" el gThei us(e of4 Lyia . Pikh
expl ihs tu:0 andIlfl Tstrenth
"la by<I'liea t( e. ivt Pika' tege
lars <t x drop. ST ii I1 . advise a l wom
feinale1 trouble i cof nyr54 kind t iv
E. F.i r11 ' ):,2.T ul ey rgSt (TItx
tepace ORFf the eandtt hapti
Vegeabe ompluoundla brht t<
wtO F you a a remd lorin
mensrittunition,l the it
les ear aipint yourguin,e
ALoIae Shtgher Shoelals:
Blergack pd owdr; Leadto
wietfrhr Sokeles in sisun o
FTry Laeda itShlld
aO OR ~EITi e ant .t
BrwnL,,gioFl youd lare Plyoot luki
Black powder; "eader
wih Sokees. nss
Hae ado Dro tl d it om
liio rieR tailir en
- The Pe-ru-nu. Altnanac.
at Ihe !ruggist( have alreiauly eenl slIpIuie<l
wI 'eruin:l almnan; 1. Tfhere"is sure t<
't. a gteaI eleii n del fo' these abniiu o
ea 'et'e"eatt of the arlit !es on astro4log which
IIte" e"oat:tin. T ile sultje"t of astro!o. i.
ver1' alt r ;ee t iv one to uost peopie T)l'"stI:j:
oi.u:ae" have b,ee n furni.,hn't by : \-er-y -.
i. lent st olgi:,l. and the Inettal cha:it -
l- triSties of ea,"h signl is giv'n, CUoIIt'Utin
al:uoc l : e nilete horo.: ope. A :1 i1 t of
e.tion and nsli$wer: on :istrology sent
free' upon reelue"st. Tlhere' will be a great
rush for these books. Ask your elta-bi,
for one early before they are all gone.
Atnoog the Wonderful nlosaje of th'
(ancient Church of St. Siphia is a
I gigantic figure of the Savior. Moharn
- e rndan desecration las covered it with
whitewash and paint, but through it
ail t h original picture can bo easily
identifie .
The population of Mlalta. about 200,0010,
relies wholly for its m ilk supply oil the
mors Cured.
of Fibroid Tumor,
ill of Boston doctors.
Boston, Mass., in
tells how she was
ing else failed, by
Vegetable Compound.
allntg to Mirs. Pinkham1 for Help:
iVv b)een 1i11d1 1 1ostn01 doe.crs' treat
r'lif. Aty till m1I 11111 libIr(i
great pain, aId the soreness extends
L pa 111 1)ot11 back and froni. Sly ab
[owing spells for three years. My ap
r be on imy feet for any length of time.
'1lmor' iien1 inl yorti' little book alc
te to yei for adVice."---(Signed) is.
ury) Bos I n, Ala-s.
rs. Pinkham's advice-al
H ayes, of Boston, to take
e~ knew wouldI help ther
iass of additional instruc
I! of which helped to bring
a'o imai ago I wr1oie to Voni desxcrib
enecd mIy whole system1. I (can walk
'(a1ble 'ornpounid is worth Iiv dol(10
a whoai are' anlUbictd with t umor's or
.it a faithful r. ial."-("'ig'.ed) .Alais.
mry') B3est on), 3OaSs.
purc'se such text iimony or' I a ke
inessx wivich Lydia E. Pinkhamu's
) 3Mrs. Hfayes.
"'plted by all women'l as coninfcinig
mi's Vegetaibie Compound stands
maitijons5; ulleerationl, falling aind (is
bie; irregular', suppreI'ssed or' painful
andi' cha.raIter' of thei tesxt imnialm let
.' spa: per's enn leave no) room1 for doubt4.
re"ss wVill gladily pusIwerIan lelY1tters~
fuiller ini rin1ation1 about1 h1er illness.
(1 Lydia E. Pinkham ii's Vegetable
'I felt that shet thiniks no I rouble is too
uen, and nio other' mUedicinie ; don't forl
to xeil you somiethling else.
with prodiuce the originalt lot eors andt signateires of
oiva their ailiol1ut i oii aminoe n
in E. .Piinkhuan M1oduieno Co., Lynnm, Mass.
3ader" "Repeater"
for reliable shotgun am..
d that shoots where you
buy Winchester Factory
"New Rival,".loaded with
"and "Repeater," -loaded
upon having Winchester
;, and accept no others.
Our money winning books,
written by mnen who know, tell
you all about
Thiey are necede<I by every mnin
who owns a (fid and apiowv, and
who desires to get thme most out
of them.
r 'They arefJree. Send postal card,
I OFnr.nu.a ro.I wonusK
Let the sllall, 'eak pigs Of the lit
ter stay with their mothers for two
weeks after I ie large ontes art, weaned.
The increased supply of milk will 1m1ke
them grow very rapidly, so that in a
few weeks they will often sut pass the
largest and best of the litter. in this
way small weak pigs that would other
wise not pay for their keeping can be
made to become large and thrifty hogs.
I ai: nest c Ialott ror i1n'ttn.
A halanced ration for hens is all
right and proper, but what Is a bal
anced ration for one flock is not for
anot.her. lirecls vary greatly in the
respect. You can feed 1.eghorns and
sucl active fowls a much larger
anionut of corn than you ('an iralhmas
or even Plymnouth ltocks. The best
way in feeding is to earefully study
your low Is and vary the feed until you
get a nixllure that s'lits them. The
yearly egg record tlIls the story.
On( imp11'ortane fact or w'hein 1'aisi rg
kte potat oes is to stare the s'ecd w:h( re
ti:" will nti1 siroat and exhaist itheir
r('n ct h. .:ally in tihe wi:iler the !)ot.1
tres w\a'' t fotr' ' plantting ihm iu>
lo\\i si sl-o;llI le pal( i in n('\\w
tlo r i:art;!s and h1(:id(. Tion remov'
('d to cold(t1 :M a(ntl I-,pt tilt-re unltil
plaIt ling timlle. 'The see1 potai-cs will
coan(' tclut ofl the cold st"age just as
fresh anli i ie in :IIypeari'acil (' :S When
they wi re t1:1;en fra,n the :;oil. 'i'le
tube r: do not send o! sprom;s as el
lar-kept tithers do. The st rengt h of I he
pol at o is retained.
We hal a good opporlt iily of muak
lig a very t horolgh t,'st of this iet hod
for raising late potatoes. \Ve had
planted out. two fields alem.lside(' each
Other, using for o11e liei (I ("'lIar-kept
seed, a id for the otlcr seed taken from
cold stoirege. The field of cellar-kept.
se-d wa:; a total faillre, while the
o1lie' liild was satisfactory in every
way. We strongly rer onnmend potai.t)
growers to keep sce(d potaltoer for late
planting in the cold storage. The great
In(ereas' in the crop will repay any
one for the slight expense of sto'age.
America n. AgricuIlurist. '
Sceirot oir S("(t in t \wint,r ..
To proluc e.n in) winter hens rmust
have warm. cornfortabl(e lIuarl(ers, good
food and plenty of it. in fIedingt; for
wint.cr eggs hens should have a warm
Imash in the norning, fo: ihis nil hing
gi\es; me biettee' etr iii'ns, for tIle mon3ey
inve:;tecd, than poor lbans hotlct tWo
or tlitee hours and m!ix(d w?ith bran.
They should not have all Ilhe mash
they canl eat, buit :ihonli be 1I1mrgry
enough after eating to scratch for
grain thrown in litter.
The sectet of lerding is to give
enolgih (tf each kinl of fred to keep
them lnulig'ry for it. I have folundc oats,
hckwi'a;. wliat an(1 coIr geoi:i grain
'ocl. . Ilit Ille griins 1uisit h' scuinl
orl'' s will 1'ollow.; Animia! :!utl \eg('
Ial' foiod . civsti'r shnl's sic'! ar;t arc
clli'iles is a.90 wccl ivmm hioui:. sur il..
~i'ily ve~tiIn atd to bec c dr a nil yet hti
fri 'r '' ini idraft. Thii'en hnse shcuhi
wih i: '3.' tiit I litir-j;ci heatliilaccilfli[
irc : rl i r ai li'. o ta e c h. iv
I r''tin ii? ru:h r pntfilul.i nport'i
.cc'i li vie'w alre stii'ricit' ;ia a rule Ic)
hcsc \'hiih haie niot, andI for1 this
liccaliln pure-bd li'ciIwcals are~ bettIer thIian
l( iligrels. 80111' htelit'vme I ha I a Iirst
crioss intkcs hller (1 fowls than eithri of
I lie l nit siock., Tlhis mnay Ice t rile to
stome c'xlent hvi at breeder mackus nol
piriigress breedliim2 Ihis way. Th'ii stock
afIler yar's cit bir' t'inig is nii biettei'
liutan it was at the scci'l.- HeItc W. [ictaw
ley. ill .'ewa I'>rglaici longnstad.
\ailihchiiifo prtopi:gitting ic.w viines,
I ioniui on whoi l n I ci' i ce:;ror' ofi
a vi'ieyardt will doi will to visit his
nc'Li lor's abioict liru;nirig ci oe id oh
tail' ithei -e'id t -ot?lt iings. The vine's
arc' uscally 10run:<i hcalk leavi~ing eii -
:hrie buds,' cif ine lriou1ils steasoni'
gcowti Ih din eaich rchooa l Thre latl y'car's
.iiiroil orii ii's''ti I0 t' (on10 oi lbe
rnsted inl sellting drIl. l'a''h pice ofl vine
Ishciiuld1 hvi' three bi:l:n, twi ofi whh-hh
aI ii' cveledl with' iirih whbea Set, l('ar
ing onte tocor i'c'c he ' ine. Th'lesc' three
hodi letngi hs i' cibtained beifire I rauns
planilting rilme,, may beo burti'i' ini lI~oe
'iondutil thei seaison op1ens up and
th goldis pr'epar'ed fo' Itheir r'e
eion 1)1. A\fter'i plowiig anid ridding t ho
soil of Iroucablesomeo clods, a furr'ow~
schoti hIe openr'c where one desli'es to
hrave th li ropt)~agatiing 11ow and( thle ciit
lugs Ilaerdi in thIis as noea pier'peilen..
Iar as15 I iossillt. Whbich iay b'Ie clone biy
p)lacing aloncig t' Ian ud sIde co' the fui'
iriw. Asi r ow li is1 not1 ier'manent, the
cnttiu:s 11ned trit he' mor'e than a foot
a part. Whe ti'~Ihis ha.s bieen cdone t.ake a
hoe ailul lhrcow a little of t hi loost' stil
toe' thlit lower' pari' of Ithe cutt1i ngs andI
jiotiu' a ciipI'ul of walter ti eac'h overI' lie
(jarthI ar'oundl the slIp. I y the Ii me all
havt' beeniI tus tete th(IIle wratet' will
hiave dl!iappc'nl id s:o that the furrow
may bei hilledc andI lie ground slighily
pac'kcd ai'runid each tibg wvith thle
flat sideli of the hoc'. Al ways ad,just the r
cur ttings so) as to leav on031 bud out1 of
the groiaiil. Vines gr'owni from cuttings
make ecllent spi'riuIs for sett ing ini a
permanieni. vinieyard the following year
If they have r'ec'eive th' Ile proper'
amounat of at tent Ion and cult ivat ion
thle firist season.--C. Ii. liar rett,. in Tihe
An E~xpecrimient itia l'ernnuts.
Th'le fIrst of last May forund me with
on1e sp)ar' row in miy gai'dein; so pro
enrinIg s01me peanutis sutitable for plant
i ng I opened the i'ow, which hiad been
upl))ied wvithi somle v'ery c'oars'e ma.
nu'e, and planted the nutls ihrce or
imor'e per' ill , wIth hilis foru' feel apart.
Wlchien plants wet'e bieginning to appear'
I dr iessoed thle hiills heavi ly wv Ih plaster'
and woi'ked w~el I untilI the plants wer'e
able to lake 'are' (if themiselves, which
was not. ye y long. The I)lats madet'
v'ery v'igor a; growth, measruring fully
four feet I dilameter' 'ahen full grnum,
inded they were the largest vin(sn
have ever s(en. TIhe wea ther was sii
able for a contintuous growth, and thi
tle peas nade use of until ithe' tir:
heavy frost. The peanut is a ienitb
of tie It'rguinillouls fatnily,. and gatlie
gre'at (luantities of bacteria upont it
roots, an1d in this way brings nitroge
frot the air. It is like the cowpea I
not being able to stani Imuclh frosi.
I legan dilgging a felv d:lyS ago, anl
folind the vines were littrally fille
with 1 nuts. I also fotn( tIhatl where t1
Co1arse lauiire hatt sponiged the sol
enabling inice to dig with ease, thi
little anlinals had almost cleaned mlantl
1)1a11n1t.s. I deternineid to id whet
the mulip had stord'( the i nuts, whicl
soon d(ilt, and these pilevs Velld(ed ov(
a half Ia bushel of the peanuts, wic
t;ues to show how udestructI mice en
become; they had hidden and cntel
fully three periks. Somue of the vint
contained overi a half-gallon of nut
euch. The lessons (Irawn are as follow.
Peanuts will grow to perfection o
coarsc I1nnin"n during wet ieaotl
when Suppliedl w\ith lime. The iu1
sho::hl be dhug :as Soon as ripe to e:
cape the work of the lie as tIcilh I
p(.:I:h-. \\'h'n th ground is sp'ti'g
tr)ti part: (ly dec"ayel vegetaldie mla:ttc
gl'it d:'i.age will s mil('tilllc't t ( 11
The grurd taho;;t peattitts shottl<i I
\( 1) cle a I ,, wh. V ic'h fur1,'i si) ciu\
cr for ire. - dA t lert 1). \'arn , 41I \ it
(tilia. in Newi \'ork-. T'fribnne i t'i: 'ar.
V. :(tt"s 11' 1 l"t:tsl 1.,.) in e-e ibS
tl1 I mldwils arm ahi c," aco
Slan1 wasI (" t oil the plaill o'hil r l)i;
--lhall i:, ililrOgel, pl o ;!s!: It d lttlu
phori:' acit. Soilt; cut :ai:(n a italltr,
tindlit all three o)f thle nl c-s:l'
tilb t llre5s, the p1oltslh1a' '{ i1- 11u ri
i(1 ais a <oalit.uel!t. t f of a I'irs Ia it'
by diisintle:;ratth 1'rotn the -.;i ln hul
of l.r soils, a di te the itrug1 I: in li
form of vegtota le natter, ti-ef. rt sitl:
or plant1. growth. A pl:r1' 5oll of ' tir'
conltainls no \eg;1'ible nmatter ,tl itful
lishes a 1 d11etiium ft'rI1 nth rowe;; ' th t
plati1s of the clover faiiy, which hay
the lower, whin stupplied ilh pias
and phosphoric acid. of assimila"in
the ilert. lnitrog(l ( f' the ialtospheri
The dleeay of the runts, ete., of 1h1i
:'lass of plants supplies nitr"ogen for th
grow 1h of plants which canniot inak
their own nlitlO;rgn, so to speak, a l
thl('s, step by :t4'p, w i have the ar'I
cullural soil of today.
Plant l("ooi 1m:st (he soliu le in . io
water; be'for" plthi'nts a mal - It.-'
it t 11 t"t"l.'ie)F'a (IF1 e s fal li' ii
Ii; a iee(a r;. a n t ir ; a'iil :i. in tii
point th lss ;1 J1Y'= 1 t l1r. l
eamlphe. j4 fn r' e plan fi'cotd is 1 1 nl
s01l0hle dIa i the plants it)I halat 1i n1
dliate spnt (ann a(simila the luantil
o114t taken utp pas.e. i on with the drail
age (watter. itl he t anll u tl ore ilr 1.':
by the feel ing i8otS of plantsi t i eel
in passin g tnll 11h i ram' andAa l.. w1a1 I
(- od11, -". r1 ' Or h-ss fails iO bw ntiili:.
in tl lis prolcess, and i lt i ately fieds il
w\'ay to the oc(Ian1 wie'e i serves It
grovwmar'ine plahts. Nitr()gn is ill
.i't"t to l;sset inl addtlitionl to this'. II
the( acto (1 1 f( cert8lin hafeia. l,h ni
:").ti n1 inl id4'ayi g t eg;eltalle lmlatte '
('( ll 'I i tlit am m1 ti., whith ma
ct'(alwi" t i r('i8l' as a 1i4a(, ii' lh
a' lol ia! n t. i a by toil oi wl-r mh r
the. Cin, ris formt' 1of r O tl ,,. ;ill
alinosphere. andw w'lhil iis IIIil e
on :te(tiEl h:d ,ma i d'ci' :w1 t o i....
'tlise lons, 11hol1I lhey 1an 4noII
be whol0lyx i argantd lohe All;Iie
)1 lise cur iin tho ain,twin te fn<il
. ty of>ring whIl the' sur)l:l-g nivaitr;esi
fwteril light, ante din Am4lin
deril Ihe aondtos'.eslbl-pa
Ifod mad'e( sobt hteons 1)0iiin,: Y. i
frnel weahe it hem drInagte, car
techarip.s muchlof thise ll ne
toe a vovr{ again. HL'enCr his aino
tye, foarb oer thiow pels anfe
pens are gised,ad sht. e s
wereaer l"im.siei i'll plwnt is etix
1ellent hin benoin l(t'h phy cal 1o
dit ofa sil,ni thsels planil 50o
theising to ra Its. hne.R
JTrbis wacag now al odihow wie
woeldae neot onir alltsl)practical I
One trunle impth iittt tnt'ers . cin Ie
ntiwther may e , ew 1 ial 114 it (io
oitfc th at av not baenei'y sur
ceurm clcor, ow pia. int. hloilasI
pro01,blem. POts (uitt 1ubje4t (tio 11
there re fA Icobinationqwhh.e
onthe oat.e hland,11( is very 111 if jat
inosue aoms andVi5 Itheos of'~ b
1hrnt. f'codt eleeniathe 'iIiihho,
dery pbeaceo thime hnentcountPered
had sonluion ofbph.sphoie isacd a
2nc fes ithagainst ploss All thfl s
pAns amustltbe forsider in)0gtri
tabl and Inem to intain thes ferti
ltygof tesol In applmay.n aue
A PASTOR wlo w
h ;
11 [ 1
uii ! I
" Rev. II Su h m l,ofFl, o n,\ .
' (.
to In Ib I:mpror \\wi. 'ilham a t l t i rn Ianv.
In11'1ror ha. +nI,tt)"n in hlix ow\n ban1 n '-rilIit
This honoured< p:sstor. 1n a re't"ent letter i
''he le"t"it ii'a e1q reti' e a ('o., 't l ut mel, bl,
(.'"rtlie t+tt.: "' I lettc dlteom oi'rltrtyr -u..
tlc'apcy t rt l of" natt. 1 lo'tl.: l't' ttilt it sti
("nuettllf, it ul mttlef hl ith l y, pttr!'. bloct<
n et l t I l r.0lnr, <ofi itt 11 el ttrll. It is
titIet' yutte ke(-p1 l'(t"tta. ltt the heouse 11
yeat*."-II. .STl'ltI.XI'OLL.
Tlhotm-and- 'W! I)tph- h.a\'' 'a(arrhl whol
Il nh,'' l e .t in r1'i'ed tt Lit1"w" it, Irt'ali't' it
l" het eItt ":!l:'d sei ot e it n;a1 1, th n ca -
t:u-rb. The ita t is ;rt"1rch i". 'atal"rhl whel r- t
t'Vier l11.,tted : .111l 111no 1ter at uh\ -b N it :".11
it r 'tu .; g Irea:t( ltmporta:twe, . 11t.1: I'erunn
1'1llne. t.tarrh wt\he"rt"ver1 locatedi.
t Wherc Everything Is Holy.
A rett"tnt travvlt.r in Africa w"ritt a
tt' the ntltt ive towi of Shleik Huisein:
"'!'t'rvtlingp; in ald ntar Sh'eik IFrin
h'l hli. ;and blo(' ntg;: to the d':'ad het'ik.
i It is not Ilermittedt o r \tt winnl nil r
i fi towViI, 110 Cattle arr sold anid w\t
1- wti' askt'd not to shoot Iiriis. )ni
'' Iflny ionlial hatt\in;: vanlght two lm:'
- with a btteityI' ntt il I lie holy oblh
s I:1"t :ar s 'llembly w\a:1 ht'ld at,n il to t ''l nd 1 v tI" w l' t he '
' is byi etr o' ima iut l 4t4 ga ve b i i Isen.
n~ 11v I .ie (n Itt I ii I )kivv 11 I ti on tO '
i- tullars to appe)tasethe w1c rath1 of th::
SA Dieintegaratingu ITachel(or.
narryi:rg,~ 1 o!'Ti t tr i:i at 1:ti th :ir
Iii just ' o ~theI~4' i : ha ' he .n : ;
- (to i a (Iorner4 :u4i wro4'tt- hiT tJhoh-tt tn :a
I ! itf St i lub tu 'i the eu .i;a,w m;) ,it
1 uptad Vsmmesaealmla
('1 i'reby ";t an ittn daii n ii tiit 4 n441
-10.000 rhibben: bii'sute itaithai
IIair Splits
"Ih ave used Ayer's H air Vigor 1
for thirty years. It is eIlgant fot'
a hair dressing and for keeping the
hair from splitting at tihe ends.
J. A. Gruenenafelder',Grant!orkt, ll.
Hair-splitting splits
friendships. If the hair
splitting is donc on your
onhead, it loscs friends
for you, for every hair of
- your head is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will stopit
$1.00 a bottle. All drugfila.
If your dru ist cananot tan ply you,
sond us oniCi<tiariand uwe wi exres
B you a bottle.. Heo iuri' anfii v the4 nameL~
I of your neart ex prs ffe. A ddress,
J. (0 YRC., Lowoll, Maas.
.Why take sit(
~JJL~ lke a dose <
irritation, anc
(4 . Might just a
disgusting, ni
~'disguise the taste. Fool yo
offensive to your taste or sn
m rakes certain things repul:
yourself to nauseous dloses,
,. bowels, dlestroy your health
a fuj, palatale, pecrfect mod
i tonic you find in
I l3Hat for the Ho'wel's.
Ge'nuIne tabtet r.tnmp-:d i
Sample and booklet free.
Sterling. Ren
'a ttr 'e{ th. 1;irlngeli(cal i.uthtertln St.
eIitill-I ciih
It"rn th(' II, lt".it of onIe or te ISIIhle. the
t text.
SThe I'rrtut .\1"diiie CO., ..' C.obnbusn ,
1 the lit /' fo tt ltoury tiume, et iill till
f1ttS cu -'vtl. II t i 1 ntr ei l h it t uel tlte
hse libt'.i. nelielper in the iworld. I/
itti it(t . c11 u ItIt 'rom (lectih every;
i y.u d 1 1.: V . ri" e t romp( i' l i-tne -
or i ui- ro I r'e t'e UI '(l'erunl, w1t'itl'
t in:c<' ill 11I:. II /Itn I IlI. r;iiM .1 tuI I ttt
un l t t '. t- .1n<1 11- ut ti| hII le:"e(t to
i t" tty u hl_ l,t .t. 1h- .14l% ice -:r.iltis.
.\thtirei h- . 11,r11 ."11.1k. I'r t . -n" li t T he 1'n ll\ n l i n t.(I: t l . }
Ille r de't hlt"" i' "t't ii ' r 't it lik le. : i'-i t.I
; : ! Illtat tir." . -. l. a 's:tl-i I l 'rIl tlnd . .hs
"'0, ' Iih t sIu ti, - lits J II4 " a( ' i iit. I, g i iI
r 'Itg 4 :inl ;: II :tt a r!:.I ; tt'. (' l:rrh
'ure i'; th" mn 4"i Ur" t kll". t..
fi , :n"'di t1 frat"-rtlity. ('Ittnrrhl btil..e : .-'n,
"t 1: Sit lli llm IliSt'1" . 1'('Ilui'r .. i - . : i-,-, i"n:11
rtr 1ijn. ant. llust ' rh( :i t-i. t Iten i t' :r
n'l'y. atlingir l y pn'ti o t. m
- a - 1 1 h u - t - mvl t. iherel bitt y
rgtfohit!.. Jo Thed Women.n ih
li t t i' l l : t'i': a11 turt' in 1 t iti,
w'1. ith, 'I'1 It"r> ha\ I :n h ill l tith si
I-- - urn t l " I t .wIr. t : t . ' te r:. l th t.
Isr t t h t r 11 .r":ity .:;' - h:it :t !1" ;, -n r.
t ti r 'l 44 i .i-i1 1"a. . A lh r.
11 !i easen ith' tiing'Im 1rrearnhk
UNEot1 i 'UAL LEDt ias Ina
.:..' ::n-n:--'if I hali' i - ::i.m's (tiI or al.
II.,ha ('* fl' itiche ,,i -:ne Vit. cot'dg
kettri saltse tor epuld:e s Ihv h:
i w .:l ak co e n:enty<.er ml.y
ir ow :.thombach,6- c r Don'es
'jel h oin hemto do. yo ..a
ith yOahi yov.mr distbuion,
n the othe :; hand eee-v
elhin lativte, ivebrs rci ah
Uit drgte iCrCas of, 0 thevr din bulk
-in Caan t erwist, uc or yohr OneY ba.
idy Corpan,lhinago tor Nre uprk ire
oine or em"inesdry of w eet 6
a h, Colds Le-n roo peo allTra
ndhiensah- art tth da's pro-ea
To Cotton Gimmors.
We htanufacture the Most Comlikte Line
of Cotton Gin iMaohl;iery of Any Com,p,n,
in the World, namrly, 11:0 ..........
We also make
Linters for Oil Mills,
Engines and Boilers.
do also sell everything necessary to complete a
Modern Ginning Outfit and furnish our ojs
tomers with fll detailed plans and ma
terial bills for construction of necessary
houses for our plants without extra charge.
The Continental Gin Company,
Birmingham, Ala.
W. L. Dou,Iao makes anl 3ells more
men's $3.' 0 and $3.00 5hoos thin any other
two manufacturers In the wor;rt, which
pIoves their Superiority;
they are worn by more
r00010 in all statiOn3 of
life than any other make.
fii('lae \V. I,. I )Inll;: r
I lio- lar1 t n nu:lfaci I're r
he cal ln ' (y h(i aluer an(I "l,
luh 4 hi: s1h.1414s :t a },,
I4\cwer' c(ist :i arl ('h11r ("ill- 3' t .
rerll,, Which enabh-(" hiin
lu4 '"ilI 9114440, fiu' .:l.Y4l) illl(l \ .,, 1'.
st. i u141:11 ll t vry
where frs 1.u 1 sr>. t1.
W . L. I hmght4. :1.5.0(
ual Sl sitt arrn by thuthsauds41f mne% wllho
hla\ v e (" p i \ilt; s-l ai( a'd4 ,n t be l i vin tI they
voli i .,t a Iirnt-clIass shone filr u:i.rut or $:t.40.
Ilie has un\in('(':I Itheit that the style, tit,
:til wear. Alf his s8:..i a11i1 Ka.1 c) ;;h<u s is j11st
as In111. I'lat"c il ( ice . by siih- 1 it is inllip.ibhi.
to t:('r .any iiifierene. A trial will con4 vince.
Nat ce I nrro(u(o (Ix" ta.ul : f+2.V.01I .:t,- d
its Iln %ine.e. t -l'r alet: fi"i 8 .t,Y4 .'t"40,41t
\ 1:un f , MrS .2 ,4 5i.7t) i l''ii Yearn.
Worth $0.00 Compared with Other Makes.
he Ibes i-npu.oed min l Amnericun lenl.: r... fe.yi'
A(nt Ca,'. E ".01A. 8 1< Calf. V ii Id. Crronrt
('"11, umd Nar iomnt XAmrr(rn. Fau.f Colt,, [, elets.
Caution': Thu,...","n""ha1e ,. L. OU(::A
niuciy Jcayit' (atalogc}'
(sl'or C
for a Postal 3 AV
Sold at tl Druinstoros
S4o. 4.
U t Wic t Ai. . i AILS.
!ie-. t'-nw.h F.rul. 'tnv:1s l:.d. Use
- l 10!: 41/b dr:( t
leumQatic Reimedy
rhet that ciires this terrible
hiarmi to the tdi(jiestive orgen s.
t44j'et her4 I 1,,' 1Vt 4 seven butt :14:4 a 1141h
Cl ho 1'. 4 i - 42 9 4! ri - 44math144m '.ince. -i
141 44 . 4(41 '. FFNI AN C
-- altimoore, 1'd.
1- i i t p .. .: t ,g; 1:44u. 4 'n
l'he (Ga.- Ala. Bus. College,
Capsicum Vaseline
Pu1t up in Collatpsible 'Tubes.
A ..1.:l I( t:u i for 44 an<i upe4 ilr to4 Alusturd --
any1 4t4 e 4c:Ia ',r. and4 will not~4 hilter th--' 4404
d14!b-;4: -.k44i DlT e yai 91'.ying aun44 4.4iaivI
qual:it1 .e 1 o th. art-4 are411 won444drfuIl. it w%I:.
stopj the4 tootha4 h at144 once and 44411 elieve headl
We'I rec innwnd 44441it as' the4 hea.t nn144 4afet'L e -
Itral counte444' inl in4.n41l11known. alsoi a1s an4 ex
*(1 444h 41 and a 4lil aaie4.neuall 4 gite and1 11(ut y com-4.
phi4 in ;. A 144t rial wil prve wha14t we.i claliii for .
an:d it ill be olu t to1 be (1j0 4 invaluable in4 the*
hou4seh4old. Nlany peo4Je 4-afy~ "It is4 theI heat ne~
all your4 >r4epalration4.
P'rice to 4ents, at * ni d4ugltr or~',i4i othier dent.
ers4,44r by send14ingK thh, amoun4tIJh to u1s In postage
altamps4 we w .Ill send4 you1 a1 141be 1by allh.
No4 artice shou41ld1 1be accepteid by the p1 blit.
4u14less4 I hel 01nme( entr4iIes i,u4r label, as1 othe1.rwise
It 1s no4t genu4411n44.
l' Stateo Street, New Y'ork City.
I I-AV s.o'r cASIn r..f
11nuetd 4oaldlira ori any war. Also Ioilir' Addt
id Caistor Oil!
tor oil? "Goes through you
ps, gripes, gases, soreness,
owels weak and burnt out..
e. Then there's castor oil,
tomnach refuses unless you
:ever believe that anything
good1. Nature
them. Force
wecaken your
at a dIelight'
ri andl bow~el
im and Mullein
and1( I,un1 g Troluble.'. Tholrony~b1y LItC
9. All ruggiss:. .c, 00c a n S'.co

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