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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 22, 1903, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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im.m A Bov 4r Tam
SFtng.t IinntI n NeT 1rIla.
ta ltpt'dl 11.11des oln Nt'w ;'itts.
A!thought ykes or ;:mpel hand 1r.
no!; uiniver1;;.11 1 b cr :ming, they atr
setiti onl most- o.f the niew% sk.irts Th
tnes that taVt tihe I taI h t t ; i
ting t h.. tigtur'e in tw o art' sml'a
Iby br.lid ,or str t ug. T shirnt;
y1r tt" h n)most tt amr t a:1 a -
't6 rihey apl to h4' S1imK.
t h t't & g a 1 ta 1 (r"e si m : tu .l
t in11It ion of thl M :
lPhattt anfd gtlrdtl
(t ' t ' - I t ei 11.
IoneIt" 'vt ak : ;.r
E'I (S
ph'for.th gla ly f
(jyonh fe aelemtIih o in-r veil thenu
thgt.ll o Whether tit shal be lac fntdor
woite, wil the1yc atnl owhii meto
known~c asl will botly vei. eaueo
it,lo1 nie.lb c mi;n s,i
a usinwihse e'e nyate
Ote of tht nlOst popilar and ef
tivr \v"is "hown this sraaon is a
fine open tla'2t mesh with large bhi
t blt t'ttih, ti"tt . It i:s not hing v
,, 1: t it, bu11t lan.v wotmen nil
thi \'"! . the en :n:-:. n t't all uthr
or th - ho tin0t - a bl1nt"l, a
\ttlit 1 12e i % ming .1 t: ' t'I t\
wh!i: n'itt w\itht 1.1rLt :an,t m
ctati ('ft-n:tlt' tlts a '" n tt : .\n,tlt
1- h' .!' 11( 0 S y :.
n i--n. Ai bro b m
& . 142' m r : ,i var 1 .'ia
atti -b-, 14u'itI probabl heiOL;
"'V' aiio at9 th sam ~e time1( art i:;ti
a br 'otch (of ('mirahl matrix withI
t myl 5(erpents.3 ini du ll gold (0olled al
nobIIf 0l having a ruby and
other aI I diiamo3nd1 eye,
PrIof 26or Moriiiai, of Naples
verit y. who hlohlH theo posi6tion of
stetrie physician to Queen I felon
Italy, enijoys a uni'ique dlistictioi
ha stateud thait both in staturE) and
portions hie iis t.he most dimaini
doctor in the world-Corriere di
.9; .*
r Farm Topics
t"' atotation or cruo a
1 trops of tth s:Illu1' kitid an11111ol 1t 1'
1:bh .% :;rot, n ul a 111t. 'i i lt:.
:;i,t t e t y tl . as' hL tg p
lltlt t 1t t l '\ te It1\tj:1v i'lvd Oll ~t t11"
1 ll :1iitl :1i e ll'anlt i ll 1 t
et t1 : het saIlu ki , ille oi) h t tI:
I l1 'n 1't 1 1 iV..' ti l lll t el \ i +
n{' he.t reu lts are obtain t
t, - l ta y r , s
111:11llt at ' ll ow1(ing l mh '; 1
,. l m b :I l ;i\'t I n'tl st,m;! :. , s.
-:1 i:tti 11 .1:iti ph1u ;111s t.1,
\ ' ,t . 1; 'n t t.
*' 1:'ilh tl ! 1 t ." 1 "t
_: t :1 :l1 tn Ig
i 1 1 .
su e -
- in
uniti. ei b -i,' b0 -ii -i*i'lii
4ii . 14 I .i4 i .h i 11m2 CIit4. 11)1 1)'C.i
-i tI"ugia I I' ilth.pia whO 4) 1 8 now((Ii C
LT! ni ~iI bug . in liewgot lnd whtiolI
h,4)' iip,1 32; ' inig a Ioto ro f hcis v:o-ri 3'l
wt ithl i i tro nehe wroitI))1Jte ahnd 1)4
the- * i -r dayWt I t I lhum tin h win e igty
i 'O li14 ililoJ b:i pre Itbed to wrii tlx 1)1
Na in i lo itter, IioU be procurebl
It"used b h eerphcmais
Vr.O F"ew l'eoplt" Ablg to fUisten ct,'fo
stwe t.iaft)iI'.
'it' t"ihttle ilndtli V of 1ht. West is
1ui1det'going a sries oft hanges. Itlnre
1 al))t't'i atle to tih t';asti'rti cort
lI the day.s w hein iloh'I anill hetds
l'1 Iltut' , ti nmol' et . ai a111o)1)t utI
sen of mln. :1\i' 1t.e ownet. wili'
si rtrt hvt o cot t nty i \a vrio:' iott
Ie' in the west tr)nislth e li tntot a1
tnir;1le Iti) trag' lor h''-f I.ittl.' and
th' stok ani riiln i tmeti aitel'd in
;l:' :" numetrous ;"l'd , >hi!)pt't thenl to
n'. 'rt. i anltl r:ealirii a Iaidteli'
tt:i:l. tt1:lintly hra lltse of th ti' xtrrlt'1tey
snr,! r to of production. 'Te settling
1:1p ,If ih' tointry, 1' at-ittes here. sina1i
r .tt h0 lt'e, towns eerywhvre,
Ii! tI ' :tv)nmpanying: tr;anSpt-)ttionl
f.1t i :1 :-. natcle easy' by the' railroad13
li il r rta'iily gtidirtoning sote oI
'i' i' : rn Ktaires, have o,, ol.y , t
\iti t Il OIt' 'et l t iIi It u iti. ili
. buint \\iII, in a \ti . short,
S u: :: a it: thuit itr i lto ether.
n 1 t ;i was )Iht' t1attir;1
- .. : 'I : t ilS t : l iil \i h
1 I01)1 .\. hl:ts gi \t'il * i t
I :':i I r it \ : I of' I il'
i' - III 11111n estrainedi 'lirli'
"..: 1 1it t'IIIIId te i illl: :1ndu
i ) " 1 i'. i :ti i11 : " ': .i t'"
" -
Itb n. 1it - I' ii Ii
JIi~ i% eaii 'i 'I irik ri. ( imanit-c-q
I w a 'or' iy dam.k withi derid
in the banil 1hal hold til hier cord;mrov
skruws ilaspotd at thin ubain, uunuch
ni glt iotn poodhlh, joug, or St. Char' a
lIpa n iel I rt t injg ath>tg f t he othier uiii,
WIt:; t a n:l b]I oy of pt-rhapsti (I. yuiars
wholi. wvhieniever fascI iate bi y the alluru
inmg at.triaitn a015tlonig hisilt rout the mia -
u'irialI handl gave the dbain a it:o1
I iig, an<id thle itmali hoy obedi1 entlhy ant
"wredtI iho muito iictiontlf.-.New
York Ti'mes,
'rTh Firencht mninster of aLgrict rn1.
lin catablished an ofico for the <tu..
14femiation of agricualtutral Informtiton
with the Idea of DoPillartzing slcientIl
1 - t <
Latghing 'Ga May via AdmlstSte'ed t
Asinmmisa Kefore sin(lE(gter.
IIencefortht there is to be no glum
iiess in the mlind<s of steers. sileel anm
hogs iaarkedi for deatIt in the slhugh
teniig lowms 1 at the stockyards. if tin
plans of a Chicago man hand favor will
tll itnugnates ot parekingtown. latugh
iog gas is to rob cientil of its pangi
and 1,1 ihrious ani1lmals will ravorti, dowr
the run wim \atys to mueet the deatlly kinife
Salittel Pox of SiR iii nierdale. formtet
e(iitor. now scholar. author. ntachin
it. sie nt1st :nld inventor. has devise(1
a sysetRi by Which l(mntled aninals
first (hazled by a ghare of electri(
iight. are to roke thei mt'zles itttn
a ha:i of laughing gas nit i ous oxide
as stient"e has It --br'eat he deeply (oi
he' 11i1l1e.s a nd11 t : last mirthl"Il tno
1111n before bIig, itd arned nien slash
th1t:1 ;'"ro=s the Iftth i t With th eir 1(lin
knl.". .\1r. -'ox takeis p1rid( in th<
M th. i ihat the idea is distinl'ively
of ('i<k a;;o and I'or ('I (ago.
Irart I .ernh11aid1 (tItIIni:hed One ( oI
ihl. inspiration for Nit. Iox's pliat
hiolIt h 4 :Iltnits that Ihe had1 ae mlorc
I :11ind i\ t' Ira 1 11tt(R . ch . tltn
-t,:Ih ever 4.1w the stocky ards. TIht
r' : al lre:'s walitetl the( Ittkcrs tt
- lh'llorut-trnt. This vas a 10ood idea
: 1 1arter. Nl'. F x ( iI ., k.-. h ,t
\'ti l I))( ' j444 "T 1' i~Rl 4j 'al4li tit(1\\ '1:t1
wohl h (41'iv 8144IR st ii it iI
1 - l : i w 1141i' 't h)1 . 1111 1 *1 in11 it r( - Ia
h l sh' t :. . o ' 'he . So he htt I',
:44444 ,"' 11 l .1' '.1 ltl liltt'tl I' i \+ II.1 1 '
Ft(\; a ;1 tht ap. (41i:'; and Jully: !' Itll)(
li exp lin . . h i : :. t
w1ith iI . a: l) r tlitgra:u.
Th I'!t '= n'it.ial !t at'!t, o' my1\ pl;u:
i'a -. 11:1 . l t 1 :r f . - t in i het ;:n 1
t' l:+t It :! ii I
I I " :
"1 ' i I !, " ! ! ) . 'I4 11 "il. ,.' ".
h 14:4 .4I. :li4t
a 1
I1 I
11" :.;1' : I)'1 ! i : .,I :I I I4 1 \ '
St i:
bh1 a.
it .iiI 141 14 * ~4'14.1 4
-14 41 Il' 111lRl
b * Th. :4 'ra41w ': yi.i :: n.
ot th. 1 : 4 ..4 'I b. 4 . :i b
r - R '4 i4 -
*- ',., 4. 4(4
, d. '.4 , a t. I -/ : ~ 144
4.!- M t h 'at '' I b.bo '144 1
A TIexal rnantO's 'ito 141 14. aeth
he h~oll wu+vii anid hill e-rf -l'I OO
bRy the dron:ghtI. I is ((iydLtgio
wife gave bitt h to t1ripleta. io (tomi
mitt'd 80ield by444hs the( rp0 and1( rafteI
rote, -'nd tiIhe coroner very propetri
r'etu rned aR v(1d114 of justiflIable homr
(eide.-,i hillel svilIlo ('Tox.) I eraId.
'The tuale of posltage ~tampst In MexICe
in 1901 auuounted to $ ,049,680,
An important Article on South.
ern Truck (Irowing.
Trucki,R In the so1thI 4tlantlc Coast.
I'5ie 1 1lt'k,t gt'rd.1Vn Soils of tltr Suh t
A ntle oa t r( geent-rally or a w'i'm
andi sautdy cbarneter, lyilng lr\vel :I1
('los' to i'rnlu inent UIIIstul,'e it I l' ::u.
On .li1 Ihils it is tnstihih' to tse the
courruir:stt' I ft"rtiliz(':rs iu tillan tit::
:ir.' Io( Jlossibh. t>11 <try ul 1:stn1
.oil. :1l te 114 (4fill, 'l;roiw l"r 4 i ('t141 III s((j
in;' lob I, nlt,w bro\\ lijill" Ill.'y t":45 IYt"t I
altiig vitii :It+i 11 :"!'I it.(. ('t'hillg
i' :1s, 't"rtill ll,\ i ll ut I l('- (:he I tl'(.
)IroIitl:lys'. 'I'll'h IaVsi' ft+tni'"l IhaI Iht'
r <., ' il'til"ir nt"i ' of lhi'ir i;nl is ill i i
Io'u.rl ail(l )liiI:ih. 1 i nitiny of till"'...
f:lil;' . i" re44' 1141 iih I ll. e ii ' 4t'i. ut"'ll' 41111'
Stu). wh5 r 14 ho4 14 h-% I Ih- '-o1-lIe 44. -' 4:')m
::OW e".r'. han,. f ouw( .I .ii Iii' (rl
iit"bl kIs b s n .i,i.cl iha!1 till. 'ithetr t'il- ,
- II IItt' sly ill ilitji- it'rtili"xt'r'. ' r (,"
ynsago then New\ York s(O
to le ('l t"rint.;lits (i) tl('It.rlliil!t it. 4;
I1'1 '(' - 1i w" t a t'ertiti: 'Ir f,i: I1he
rIi:<I1 liu;1.1 o -1( , 1i.1':1'i (Ilk fl it' .\.l,'i
:t11,si. (t ll1' 1 th l;pt 1i . :in(i (Iht( 1t'i i- I
4z('4- 41414 the L".4I4x Islaud44 groW)et.s '-r ,4
1z 4' Iila l I el( ' h . hmt 'o4 i". ("1Si,.
44n-4'' V':m 1:4 .':gy~ j44 -'4'' L whaIt
tl'ii i iii44' \\li l ' (iit:' I i: iif I'o( 44 . I )i!.I;1.4
t I ' t '.:' l: l .'. in ]e . ' 4
i .a l: i~ "4i" : 4 : 1''l!" 4 , - .\ " T llt"1, 4' ill
1Lt" etlliu, n 4t' r 1, 114b -q
(:I O i \\ ;n;ti .\'l,intr it II +
t \\ 1. It it h:lt O w ."I i .oth. i ( .l le h.e . retstill a !a ', ! i(!-"': " !
ti' lini g i altil : -t i i! l
t i'oiviti" 44 1 h .'. :t+ t4' : 'I >.' ::tc !.
:Itltlll( i4 al' 'i '!' L S(":LI;'.! I,) ha\'1 * ". 4
1 4 4 oi 'r' 4 I . : It l i l y i h '
"41 :I 'ii i . . lllf" i lii i:" 1' , t 11}11;!.;44 ii
tal ii },I - ll!w a th ,1 ;n t", avt"l l"
" 44 ,"., "1 .I . , 4 4 ' , 1 ,,
4 -
I . . ' 1 \ t (
l" " : ( I: . , i t t -1) i i . t t ,
40 \\- , i tl :, -i
54,' \\41r h.i'ii .':tt 1'' 1' ''i'l 1 .i~:I1:4. li tii I,' 'aii.. 1,,..
4 41 ' I 44'~~ II(" it 1. ' 4 ; 4
1: 44 44 t 4 I, l i I \ Ii1 I :tl ii: 4 :: ! :1 " 11
{ 4.:l : 41! I.!1 ' . 1 4ii: l ." 4' :(,:14 4444 I)i4 1 .
I' i' I (il )"t i : : :it! I~ tl4414 lil 1 n1 ,4
*t, 4, ." .~ .,44 II. 1. It ":11 11> S)4 44151
rt' (t. : l. :: t "r * ' i' l; tl4!4I44 44."\ ' 4444'i;
4 4 - ,4 : : 4 . 1 4 1 4 . 4 4 44 1 4 4 4
i4 44.'4n a14 e ' hl' l, ~ 455'4
-4i4I 4114 w'''4 ni:44:4. *e! .' 4
w ork4. S '1 4' ,1u1 -.I 4444 i Ll
:11, 444 '44, 41.~, .) 4 14!. 1:, )444'1444'44 1
li41' ,' 4' I:41 4144 .444 - .i
441444 '. 44)l e 4 1: -- l ' 4 1 44 I1 .' 144 |
1 4 t. .' . 4 4e (-1 4, (1 1 -41 144)
*s. In ' 4 41 4' - 1) 41: } '
1 I- l4.\'1-. 14 .
1 a 0- 5 a "Le
* - i4.1'4'4'1 1441
-. a 4 tSir S'n 51
-4p4 -try 4' in th4e 'ul.
- r r,th protection11444
4 .4 44 .. , , r4 -,4 r. u 4 , 4 e r
-4 .-4 ' p te-h
- of.
-- . . 4- .' -r4
4 -4 . 4
1 . lyn-.ry, w414.',,f r
-ry of M bin*i '. 4 h. 44 44444
4, n'City,444M..
11 II. l 'P, of Mur.; 4 4ny~
ha44bo4.h4n444 4g
4.430 4:lu ra 44-4 . 14 O 44 h4'4 rgen 4
44f4n 4, n v the 1.rn i A30 4)444,a n4 h
S1 )cret.nry1414'4 llchne han1ugr4 llree, 444
1Isininaal ofS IIarry KCing, 01ht44 of theg
'Iranughtsinan dlIVifldon of thb0 (enrn!l
IAnrI Offlce, and FIreder44l(ek P. M44ert r
'4.i1tnt c'hiof, who wereO nActUic oN
nI'gleet. of dust,y ini dIOV0ttng Part' (i
thielr working houra to privateafai
indl of condulct detrimental to' -SQI1
meat intereUe. vrn
;ister and Cousin of Dead Girl (Jive
Their Testimony.
ilertford. Special.-'I'he State is
learly ready to rest in the trnal of
names 10:. ,\II(ox for' the( mnurder of
'ellie ('ropsey.
Iiss Ollie (ropsey. the pretty shd4or
)t the dead girl. Was the tirxt witnlehs
o testify Friday. She told at Very
Or"eftil story. ie r testiluony wats (i
'C1't lsn( full. In pirt 'ho m;id: "Ii1Ii
latlde Cropsey was miy -sister. she( was.1
yearIs old and we"(ig.h('d Hit luouds
\'h(n she dlistappearedl. We li\etl i"
31rooklyn., N. y., blrfor(' comning to
.Iizabeth C'ity, whe!re we artriv'ed inl
\pril of I8 I had four sh,t s. Nellie.
.(tti,', I,-lula andl Maii te. W\. 11. (.rcl
P is iiy father. We uet Jitl \\'ilcx
n -lne. 898.lie sent Nell his t'ard
'o weelk, frotn that timo and askil
1( t to I'll dri\"inl; and she wenit. F-ronm
haI daly n he begant to :a'Ill on her.
001k her riding :01(1 sailingv. IIh- en: I1(d
I'rils(lays iin(l nd tn'in(Ity;. I!e gave ller
)!'esen(s of fl0wers and pitures. Hie
\i t ai1in;; alone with Nell (wi(-e. Shc"
\a:N sloibled I acmpa:o ninp g himi .
11lugIl the sli(IerI" before he' dlisain
':tnltee of NeIl She and .lim i e;:I an to
1 Ir1' 1. Tiley had becn frh.ntlly ul to
h;t !i:1e. 'ThI' w \,re at uas in Se1
uz;.: dr1t1inl tha . Iinou(h. I c".t insidl.
1t1 nl)),:o n r ui"htt :and( heardi NE 's ay
1 -liin : 'Jill. if y u ',. e i i ; (u :'t
k' tlhi . vu .:f,1y at h mi .' I Int w
b 'y u :l cu lrr, ln , ; . tl,( <-aril,;.,
( ltt it , I hl -1. i m y h i:a ot t..:
nt ln l'1'l1 lto !ih ( :> ll:li't 11i .. 1 tin ..
a'!1- li, bu11 ( t ': .11(a d It ,! "'t , !x .'1;
( \.:I ~ it( h . Ni-il. Nell join i.
!( h' (n th!l'e 1 tl lf O (i,to 1b .
!i' !! ' .)Ie ' fu illl' i 21 : (')I':l ji'e' 2 1 thi
o e tim t j ialn Sit N i til11aerl te
Vi a )rd o Io Yh r .1 n) l eb
ili hI i o . . i . ' . .
ii Ii galie Il s t'S1 u t iht th:I
a . \i i i ' i i wi i, i.t h t t l l e ' . )i
i:,'" l, t i 'u . il'krt:iI : ru .~ it,,1
i i : ll it :t:,: o It 1 .l11
N it 1+11t' ' ll .u i li m 11 '. r"1 v.'1 r\ 'xi!
; CarIh in
I i l i I I i( : 1
i "t 1 it tIj a i :( 1 t .i " to 111 Itpb
.ii to my too " and: it, ir. Ne,,1"1 ii t
Ii". t h . Ti dotl!it , hi nk 1ig 111" i', :l i r
nL )
nJim l were ela'i)"t . ie atecleil
gave tei: I'?(l!. .l.e. p31ah. it1(': l
:O,1(i1o~ u iOIo v n 11 el e ' i
eni f h!w I hIm l)l O,u of I-liel
-t', as t':i l 'r ll nstneil. Nell rHr i ut ni
("tt 'i '1 )l Is. ;{ll1 r ))r il u} a w !
t 1i ' t, I'(h r 1 . .Im 11 lamlt e h I n J i
,' .Sue, hu Nll n:e. t til' to
. !s. One d,y aftter thl 7th I s 'ar
-t,. Nell alin. flintip the t eet
unexIt li u c o nu! know
'het(a-r \N1 a1l .lm wpoki ha 4:ii
n" not.
\'We sat. in tie dIining r.nom. Nell
ewe'rd On t jacket that she hu1edh tt
alto New 'York.. in.' (I yVm anvwr
!(t <t 5I il eint erm. hlim wa. nmooly
n I IalkeI Itl little.le tae imalt int
I it angel-ed~1" to11 be' resi s.: tur l o .!l
di pt .li m. a IIty i l 'i nn) !.Iii mysel
ead le:::ft. t the i .. i : ar se ic ed
Ai in an h l:xvi ' t iti'' t'clc a nti'
rl Is') tito .\iy moe' itithe , (no t allw
ellc o st o after li.,'i ('-for. tisj
i.nl liin n tl ask e or e. [ li tIl'ild
1i0y wsoul,e himi aV gla. (ie sid't
No' faher ofgh Nelieo. \\3'hen' h)e'Iio
itet to g or e al o . fi i. t h Il 1 inh
t'b the aCiro ett)Oe. 1 lioy eittt h.' ls
ie t r c o:bn rfh ty ti.t it ;otal the.
tim giaor li hfci eye lit Nell :11 i l.Oen
It H i n 11 s n i t't.ahy. n
rnie) Parid: 'Nest. ed -:li sa yhou
0 l!u- ihall.' he l oe c p111C- and ta
II il him Noemut. He nxv - tiar autin
%'ettn ofi bot tn sie minKN
''i h lg the d ooi I-i nd( jith m a.sW
3 il y wet'u. Io aiiy for
( ile forde himr tha;:t he sabpt 'Ith
I'e ot .4it nappy but it.'C .im .ne
htytig romi thel te \\'e went tO
'lthe tIll.th anex fontg <lier 01:
lit. .lmx andNll werenhe ian sighit. ii
-emark"t that it ws th.mg 'th:ifat Nei
itdioetup later byf Mises to!e up. I
lint Ctopmy, ho an eredU. Nett th.
vbnefr but i an furor e Irn

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