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IP P s
Ui red.
- .....EoPLE.
VOL. X . K~ . , tlit RS.DAY , AN ANO. 49.
iovernor, L.ieutenant Governor and
State [louse Officials Inaugurated
'eace, liarmony. (ooi Feeling and
t ,.,p< Prosperit. Prevail Throughout the
Welsday l'iit. D. C. IIeywaiid of
.' Colltton ci"wnty Wvra: inatlgurated into
t h': di ti's of Ihe trovernor's otlic , I ii.'
(t r oi" ie-. t ting ,.urtliul(ted in it u t,:+t
33 pirl ss >ivt )ollirwr. ihe1(" inaugurat ;in
Ss.hed in thr" 11:111 of the house of
rt'1r'":eatl i I'. l: T h eing th.":: :it1
tiin' in SiX VV,,ar: Ith:t h I rtirin g oil -
crntr Was l pr's('It to take' pait lin titw
fornla l <-x r,;c .- a umade the tc"r;mn\
- (Im:lbl.y ii :e s e
Thrtr \t as a imnetseo crowd of i
tors pis t ), re rst-t.i g the hi
13- 'pl'" of rvery couIIy of south ('ir
b1 a he uembhers of the generai
ais"1m11v 'en tl( digniiled senator"S
\\(lI' cominplc11ed t(; stand driting thte
t"ex("i.;ws wlrich: lasted nlearly tw\"o
iiours. The gauilerieR were crowded wit'1
rz't! resr,ntativc p .))h-, and the chair:,
on the floor of the house were of:crilloil
by l t' fairest. Womanhood of Carolina.
Mulrs. .lhSwemoy and Mrs. Ileyward
land other ladiem of the party wer",;
4(eatedl imdliite,ly it front of th'
speaker's' rostrum.
.1llst, before tho hour for the intta ,
rat ion the siate camne over In all of
its dignity, healed by the president,
Ehx-G'ov. .ino. C. Sheppard and the
elerk. Ukn. Rt. R. Htemphill. Gov
Sh1ppard, ascendig the staud, qaled
the Joint assembly to %-der rnd an.
nioilnted the purpose of the assetrblitg.
When the ltpproacb of the governor-s
parly was annoannceA by the sergeait
Sat1-:Irms. the Joint. assembly are:-:( at1
Ihe ci1stinguishied company threaded its
\tay thirough t.he clo'--ely packed aisles
to the spealer'1: desk where the c'rt"
tnoni('s 'w('e to take place.
F irst c"cme tha offic"ital party. ea,-th
ni'mher of which was attende-l by a
mnemlber of the legislative comm,nitt".e
film inaugllral exvreises---Capt. 1). C.
Ileyward. the governor-elert, with
Senator (. W. Iirown of Darlington;
Gov. Miles B. McSweeny. with Hion.
.J,. R. ('ogg-eshall of Darlington: Col.
,Ino. T. Sloan, I)('utenttnt gove:"not
eletJ, with Senator J. E. l'eurifoy of
('olleton;-- ion. Y. .1. Pope. chief juks
tie. with lion,. Wn. )L. Manila of
G(reenville: lIon. Nugene B. Gary. asso
'ial' .1listcc, with the- retiring se4.re
:1-y of stale, Mr. M. H. Cooper of Col
it'ton : lion. Ira :1. .Jlones. associate J.s
itt. wit II ion. E. 11. Aull of N'ewh'er
i\r. .1T T. Gantt. the new secre
tary of state, wit.h Capt. R. ft. Je,t
nings, who succeetrl himself as state
IreasurI,r; Mr. C. N. Gnter, the n<w
tittorulty genera1. with his irede("ersor.
'Ur. G. I)un"autl3 lIlliiger; IMr. A. W.
Jones, the new corp1roller general,
with his peod.c3:mor, Mr. J. P. Iler
hamit. A%r. O. ii. Martin. the incoming
State superintend-nt of edicatioln, With
h:is prede"essor". Mr. .John .J. Me Mahau;
andl the incoming and the ratiring
heads of the millitia, (,en. .Ino. D.
Frost. aid Uen. .1. W. Iloyd.
(lov. Sheppard having announced the
p;r(s";nee of the distinguishedl 1 artv,
l:iayer vas otered by the senate ch"at
lain, Rev. O. A. Darby. D. D.. Gov.
II-yward itlien advanced to the right or
the presiding officer and Chief Justice
'opc' to the left. The leiad of the Judi
< inry pr-'tttd the oath of office which
was assented to verbally and thenl
subst-crihed to bly t he new head of the
excotive dlepartment. After Gov. He-('
ward-t's al(ddress,5 the same14 formalit
was obseOrved( with the lieutenanltlt gIv
ernor', Col. Jn)O. T. Sioan.
(Governor Hleyward adldress~ed the
gen eral assembly for forty nitnutes,
disct11usshg important qulestions9 of the
dlay.: .\t t.he. close he was-Iibernily ap
pllaud ted ando , re(eived handsloma bion
4huets9. 'ieut.-Gov. Sloan was sonme
whatt nerevous when he was sworin in,
bt regained is self-composutre wvhena
at.page laid a handsome bouqutet of car
nations beside the gavel which Col.
Sloan , wgil wield for thte next t.wo
After the conclusion of the exercises
(Gov. Heyward andl ex-Governor Me
Sweoney . and their party retuirned to
tth.eoxecutive office where they receiv
ed hutndreds of friends from all parts
of Sotitih Carolina, welcoming andl en
couiraging the handsome and genial
youing governor and giving godspeed to
the man of -large -hea.rt and keen per'
ception who has been the chief exee
tiive for three years piiat. Goev. Hey
wvardl's first, e,xective act. was to sign
tlhe 'cmmisusioi.ufSthelt hew seeretary of
state, Mr.' dessei .T. .(#antt. The othter
State offig were sworn in privately~
in. their several-00'ices..
'I'he .fo lowintg: is. in par't, Gov. IIey
ward's'flrttt u1tteranee~l to the reC)Ip.-,fn
tat ivts- 6f t-he people, huis inauiguratl aid
Memhbrs of thet General AAemb l'/ anhd
(01'r6 (i .th pwoole is sutpremte, andl( 'we.
have th if to)(eth'tr' today to carryi out
thte- wishe'bf 'the peopje of this State,
asi e'xpressie(r:Ut Ithe thenf,t electiont.
in the providenehtof.Go (10 t has13 13a
Jlen to' my lot to lie -called.gomu the
quiet walk of life td assume i this
mlantner and in this presene9 the high
and)4 noble office. of '%dVernor of South
Carolina. In. dohng sti. r. Bm- almost
ojverwhelmledi .biygs.esa of~ the great
resp)on'siillties whlichl I have- no,w .as
sumed'; bttt even4 beyondI ttis is m
.5ense oIf gratitutde fr the great lhonor
dlone - me by the people1 (of mty State.
I am mindful of the fact that the truly
great gifts of life ever' involvo the
miost uolemn responsibilltics, atnd wihen
they comie as the expressOin of the
manhood of the comm1)oniWellth), involv
ing the selection of a chief magistrate
.of a people whose heritage is as proud
ans that.of any pedple upon this earth,
whose hist9ry is a glorious rccord of
patirt6tism, virtue ahd achievement,
well indeed may ho upon vwhom thIs
honor falls st.andsdrlent in conitemipla
tion of ther sacu3ed responsibilitiest
whieh his people have placed, upon
huim. 'The honor you have 'bestowced
utpon me is such as.would fill the heart
*of any man with deepest gratitude-a
gratitude that should call forth the
mt5 sacr ed lolalty of a South Care
!inian to South Carolinians.
To meet these re4poni Mbillties. to ox
e'Ilte til) various and onerous dut i:
or my office; to give m1y tim(e, ny
thoughts and my every endeavor It
the service of my State. I feel wouhi
itrdeetd be a poor recompeinse (I, Inly
people for the trust. and conictlenee thert
have placed in me. I beg, my frienl
and my feulings on this o-ccasioa t
speak to you of a heu it tilled wit i l'u'
fur Sotlith Carolina an(1 for S0th(a (':1rc
linians---let theml speak to you. for lmec
of a dvottion to the welffare of o'T
State, which with your conlt inuecl t'..
and help, will endure all thilinvs t
.?cieve tiL fn : let i he il s iak \,1vo
Of-a dleterminatIon to knOw' nol) h;iule
amalbition thn to labor for the best in"
.erests of all the peole of South Caro,
lian. (
I ivted not a.sire you that no great'Er
pride i-; inine ihan lies in the fact that
I was elected1 to tis offic"e by South
Caro!ina ftroml every c ounly and from
U1anost every l)ro'ine1t of (lir State. I
Our fo'llo' )emlocrats of Soith Caro- 1
lina cen togetlIer as brethren, and I
this n,ll have but one meaning -.a (-p I
itnd1 h1o11lylm anling which ('ann1Ot 11(1
sibly an14,11r othel i1han the Ibesi. 11r st
and li;hic.-t thii gs for (ur dear oId I
Statt, go~( fa: tow,uardIs uiuiUi, 11he 1
Sainterests o f bo h rac "(s. O ur w hite ("iti- f
zels are, as tihey should hn', in ltmn
p nte d p o ss ss io n o f e v e ry dl( o i S te " a n d pa rl ii ill i
O1'('ernenlllt. \Whil'" Ohis naturally "' ---
l.s .geat cause for rejoicing it sholl l
at tin sne til]( make its deeply seni .. i
hhi' of the fact It i:; in"umn1(ut uplon1 '
its to enne"t and to adiminister !aws r
when enacted that the humbl'st cit'. r
>:ens. he they white or black. can lio(k <
1o those law: for the protection of I
life, liberty and iopert.y. It is only t
by acting lin this spirit and under the d
divine guidance of Him who holds us r
all, State and nation, in the hollow of f,
Uis hand that the great problea
wh'-h confronts the people of the I
rothtii. and especially the peole of i
Soit.h Carolina. can he riglhlly and as
finally solved.
Gradually the colored man Is awak- r
ening to the fact that the white man c
of the South, whose land he tills and I
from whom in variois ways Ie de- I
rives his entire livelihood. Is at last t
his host anti true,t frilt (l. amd instead 1
of scekin;g to attain political olfice lite
is 1(;w" devoting hiamserl to those (,
c"11'at ionls for whtic"h by. 11.tm'.l h 1 0 ,- 11
ouist fitted. antl in the hputrsiit o' w t ;hih
alone he :ill aivanlict his (win ma.tt"rialI
interests ai in 11 dtoiing the best in- 1
tertsts of his Stat('. i(
In ("c)ini'tiol with i':-; pi lt-ilal c n1- a
dii Can it. is fully as signilail t and i
quite as gratifying to add ilat our <
intlistril1 conditions were never so 1
satisfactory as they are tolay. In ag- 1
ricul1iture, and especially in uiftui&o
tures. South Carolina has taken suchl
strides that the attention of the out
side world is upon its. While we can I
congratulate ourselves itpon this
however, remembering that Ihere is
still so much to be done-we cannot af
ford to rest here. South Carolina,
though one of the original thirteen
Stat.s. c has fully one-half of its great.
irstrcts yet undeveloped. P
No one doubts the truth (If the state- T
Inent that the general prosper'ity of a
State is dependent, primarily upon its
farming interests, wIth-l establishes
the fact that a government should inl
(-Very wcay possible foster and protect
this industry. lThc" steady. persistent
work of the farmer is not. hlaun'(e1I
forth to the world in mennin11gless lInt
tely, but the results of this faithfiul
ilaor most forcihly gives its own
speet-h. I ask you all. each and 1'very
on' of you, to :tand by lme in the lad
mitnistration of th( high dtties of this
office. even as you have Ianife.sted
thlis splirlt lay y'tltr votes.
Th'le addrtess dtlt-us w,itha a tnmber of
qutestiIons that will demanal tite at teta
tIon (If the legislat ure, anal clo's withI
an Iapeal hor hlarmoany andat gtod fee
lng amonig all the paeop)le.
ltlghwayman Shot.c
Middlesboro, Ky., Special.-Henry
CummIngs, notoriouas among the hIgh
wvaymen of the maoutntains, tmet death
from ambush Suniday. James Adley
Turner, who was walkIng with him,.
was shot in the arm. The assassIns
are unknown. It Is a common repor-t
that Cummings killed John Abr'am,
president of the United Mine Work
ers' Union two years ago. Gree'nwood(
WVard soon afterward,. and about a
year, ago Blranhtamt Elama. a Kentuck
inn. wlhile othaer ca-lmes at ro chlarg"id to
h im,
Poriland, Ore.. Is aout to r'emodel:
its publIc palrks.
Last year was not a profitable onie
for' the lBritisha cot toi trade(l.
Disease has braoken out among tile
foxes in NothI Chleshire, Engliawtl.
Hotel rates are to bae advanaced whena
thle Granad Armay amaeets at San F4rian
cisco, Cal.
Th'le lotaul enrollmenr'lt in thle (elmen
try schelools. of New York City is 481,..
-191 chldren.
'IThe 100thI aniiiaver-sary of the birth of
Rlalphb W'aldo ICmaersona will be ob
serveCd niext May.
Chlicago savinugs dep)osits shiow ana In
craise of tirtay-ninte paer cent. withlain
aibout asix mionaths.
The ( ainraie lustitu te haus gutiarau
teed $4000C to Ih lapi ek ObservatIor-y for
ast ronomialeal aesearchel.
Thea St. Iv"es (i'0nglanfd) Schiool Hloard~
haIi sanealtnedt I )thapurhase of a rock
ing horse for' t' u-ie of inf'ant sc'hobiirs.
Thle Goernmiaent is bteing urged to
hioltd thle atnnual tanua'tvres betw'',een
clAmy anid Navy tln the l'aillte Coast
next year.
Gr~eat Lvehlls of ore' contaIning fr'om
fifty- to sixty iperi -'it . tat iron have ,'
beeni discovered ini thae neighborhiood of
Vadso, Norwiay.
ElectrIeIty is to be uased for' lightling
the bow masthteand comp !til ass lamps11.
or the liitisha tor'pedo bat dlestroyerst
now laeing built.
A reproduaetion of King Solomon's
Temle on a large scale is to bae one of
the features of the Expositona at St.
LouIs, Mo., lin 1004.
Thae promoters of the Jamestown Ex
positlon will ask the State of VirgInIa
for an appropriatio) of $200,000, pay
able In four annual 0nuna of #n0nn00,
A Sharp Fight in a Nortih Carolina
Iowni, With Shiot Gnns
/ault Torn Open By Explosives, But
Only a Small Amount of fioney
'harlot1', N. C., 0h.. Er 2. t ih.
At 2 o'c'loIlI Alttn<tia" iln t g anl in
!et' litt elflt f i a: l(a'- to r ih ti
'ark rc t A t\ate at \lot"ki-iHe. i-:.
wIrt. e: kSmlc n1 - n t c:I 1 h va lt
1ld stole Soe 11.' loose m14-tal urr e.
luit. w\ere inic'rrup ttd bt fourt th y h:a,1
Ilitm tto 1:1'n tl l 1 t- ' In i, sa;ft' in:i dol
h v:,u l .
At aow " o'clccnk Mr. T. I. . viyIv.
he 'ishicr of tl' b1an1k. who rtotomS
1! :t !itilding c"lose toi ( the iank. he,ld
w\"o t'xploslons. whic"h l 11holiught
;"ll-- 1r..1 1 te k -leik. !: arousetitd thce
i l:reident of the bank. Mr. .Jlames
i- c'-n:rt. .1 r.. :1n fl :1:iing tIhemlselvesR
itlh shot-gts and pistols tif(e two
1111ng in)n stated ml onic' for the(
il:ik. \Wh'n they catle close to the
uilding they saw that the door Was
p'n. At; Rye'rly starlld to enter a
ian inside fired on him with a Win
b!eStor ritle. Hyerly and MC(Guiro
0111 rt'' I -rned the t'rc' and a 'silade
nrild. l' aShier and -7t"e pr'sib
eint fired ten shots and the wvould - bo
h1crs answered them almost shot
1 r shot. N orc' Wa: strutek.
Wt'ttin the !'ring was over it was
:)mnd 1i,at. the c'racksmen had fled.
:inrri ' "xamination of the bank
howed I no damage ns clone he
ond ruto . the i vaIlt. which has a
inassiiv -- loor oile and a half inch
thick t; had been torn off by
itro-gly; eri..,-. i r. B3yerly slated
vet' the 'phei' this morning that
Ilere was evory indiention that Sc'i"
ral profc sslonal rohher"s wec're )en
ci in t he atr.!a' : 0 rohhery.
The 'whole to'n of Moc"ki.ville was
ru'.s'd by the cit'c'ttnCe and efforts
(' It' 10'' ' 1''c it i-rtt '"'' d f ll'' pht -.. sir
u4' t t lie 1'the1's 1 roi:; t'-t apllintg. A
'h li:-orvc'r g- < trc press the 1"a.<h
'r and tII. other otffcers of the bank
re t ring: t.o get al spec"ial train to
ing bloodholtnids into Mo-ks:ilb- in
rdi i that the dogs may get 1n the
rail of the c"racksmcin binfore t gets
(1o c ol
Sunday Memorial Service.
Wasn:hington. SpeeialI.- -''he llcI Ise
tf Representatives i1nalugulrated the
xper'imtent of holding nemorial s'er
ic'c's for deceased eimbers upon Ithe
ahhath. It, will he followed hereaf
'r duiring this session and lroblably
ill I-come the general practice in
he H-lus' inl the future. Ileretofor . I
xc"ept. on very rare occasions. the
c nsc' has hr'oken in ipon its tegis
itive work on i'ridly or Saturday to
;.tenl to c'ulogic's on dec"cased mivm
ers. but. the tim 1' has toldom h)6''in
r'ollitIous and latterl'y1 the practice'
as been ieeting with growing disfa
or. On ac"ou1nt of the presstrc- of
111bI c" busin'ss at. this session it wa.s
('c"tetdd to hold the iillorial session
ti Sunday, and dhuring the c'ourse of
lese eulogies today Severall iethei's
mik occasion to v'oiec' eii onlimeni
t1tion of the innovation adtu to ex
i-css their opinionl 11111 it. wouild be
ui.owed in the futirue. At. the session
List Sunday, tibuat Cwas pidc tco lie
if' antd publi st'rvic'es of tIhe late
tepresentatti'es lIussell, of C'onnec'ti
uti. and She ppartd and I)eGraffenrceid,
f Texas, each of wihom died dluing
he 'onigr'essionlai recess. The attend'
lnce In the galleies wvas quite large
.nd there wvas a numflerou1s assemblage
f the friends of the deceased mem
era on the floor. Thei following memi
'era paid tribtte to thet memnoiry of
Ir. Russell: Messrs. Birandegee, of
~onnecticut; Capron. of Rhode Islanid:
perry, of Connecticut; 11111. of Con
ecticut; Payne, of Ncew York: Me
3lellan of New York; D)alzell. of Penn
ylvaia; Grosvenor. of Ohio, and( Me
rail, of Matssnchuisetts. Those who
culogized Mr. Sheppard were: Messrs.
lenry, of Texals: Brantley, of Geor'
lia: 1Ball, of Tekxas; Randlell, of Texas:
Juleson,l of Te~xas, anid F'eeley, of illS
iois. Those' who eulogized Mr'. D)c"
iraffenreidl were'c: M.ssrs. Ru1sell. of.
l'exas: Stephensfl. oif Texas, and let
seirg, of Texas.
The Plague Situation.
Me'xico CIty, Sp)eclial.--TheC charity
"(lmmlissionl at Ma tzatlIan has received
.1p to (lat e $1 30.0001 fo" '1te In com-~
[tatinig Ite plague Money is still
pouring in fr'om all parts of the coun-fl
tr'y. ThelI otlicia Ilc hulet in from MIa'zait
lan reporC)its fouir deaSthls anid four ne'w
i'ases for Wecdnesdany last, and for'
Thiuisday flyve deaths and twvo niew
eases. The total nmlnhor' of eases in
the* hospItal was 44. At the pavilions
are housed 520 persons, none of whom
are aick. D)r. J. ii. Grimes. the hubon-00
Ic plague expert, whoIl offceredc his ser'
rices to the government. has1 been?l lnt)
tIfied to hold hImself ill reCadIne(ss to
Earthquake in I'exico.
Mexico City, Special.-News has
been received here by the MinIster of
thri Interior of earthquake and vol
ranie dlisturbauncs neari UrIique. State
r>f Chihuahua. Nenatana Moutin
has he'n 'lven in twain and thec at
mosi5)Ip're Is filled wvith flin vlcanie I
Ilthe ::;rdt wias terifyinig to the Inhabi
tancts and( the4 people wvero tIlled wuith
conisternait Ion.
Crew Rescued.
Port Arthur, Tex., Special.-The~
steamer City of Everett has arrived
here, having on board Captain B. F.
Clinton and six men whom the Ever
ett ,picked up fromtp the wat r'-logged~
schooner Otis, on January L1. The
Otis had encountered a hieavy gale
and rapidly filled despIte the woi'k of
the pumps. The Otis was from Scran
ton, Miss., carrying a cargo of lumber
and thnber to IUavana.
New President of the Senate linter
Upon iils Dities.
hle' te'nat n.et ai 1o01n WPdut d3da
ail after i t usual formil (i('ning tit
joint t:olmnittrc' appoinlte(1 to arrang};
for Ihe inittigirationl of ti- grn
andl livmtviunt governor madle its; r1
llurt namiiig yesii'day at I o'clock a;
tl titm' appoinlted for the ceremii s
.\lr. .;arshall in belalf tf hr ilin
(cmmilh(( inlade1 the, folh'twing r:I 1::
Ii.\.\'PTON .i'L\1lOltiAI. I).\1".
l1' i t1 ii r solved by fihis s nai o ' i t - ill
hou)1.- of re'pr''Sentatives, ('oueurill;:
. That Ih(" e; ;n(ra ; :tItilyt , r
Ili;ll.' appllrove's thi (' tl tit l f ;1i . > , .
1 " ' n y (;ovc'rnor" .\ . It. .\11eSws;ll.,
inl invilin~ (; n. .\M . ('. Iti1xtr It 6 -
liv e b Ifor' I'-- leg!,islatueo an atl I ii1e11';
lie th(' Iif' Ill Ii r vi1 " . of 0 1 1i ,;
rn. l adir IaI .Ipt.1 %l r to islo ' b(1 1 .
r't int'lI ndat i '0s.
'i.es o fll'.a That 1( i' I W-tl h1lum
m1.-i in "jinti assei'nly on I-'riday. thi"
I dlay of .uui:iy i.t ..a at I 'a 1'clo ;k
'. 1o reei tlh orator gponie.t .w,
l' hear his :I(dra s ath o1 herwtie' pi y
Ititabhlc' martks of re'Spe'-t I( b o mn'i
>ry of inr great solier in s 1tat"..;
:!. "- - %vt d. That Ihr joint ('1ni mlit
irl;'.t ctoforPi apoie'itid flt conititi(I
i a ("omltl niltt'e of ar'llglra ingt m lms -s1
i)rop(r1"ly ."ar oIubl the oecfrt (of ths'e
ThIle jot'. lnmittee to whomt was
r('fe'rredl thi' m11essag' of his e te;(llen'v
he governor in Which hP roimmi-.
'aies to the legislalture that i t' hai In
r'it('d (e.P1.\l. C. 11iutler to deliver au
lddr'ss hefo lrIhr(tlh o to hs'S of thie
enerally Assetnbly uiton Anl early day
n its se'ssio n pol' the life and seI'r
ie'st of the lae G(eneral Wade lamp
.o and re('du(stlg that arrang;em'nta
)e made to fittingly recognize the o.
asion: have had the samiv under loi
sideration an1 br.g ile vet respectfullr
fo report.
ThIat it appear.s to your comimitt<''
hat ille Action of tit governor is 'i
nently appropriate and that nothing
4hoil he left 1111one to proprtly ex.
pire.$s the sentiments of the 1 a("' an'd
,g pay a suitable tribut( of r(sp1i'(w to
Alt h l o'iry of her great son.
Your committee aec"ordingly :'Il.,ni:
e1('rewith for your c"oinsih 'iration t(
111nd4 thoir adoption.
ISignedti .l. Q. Marshall. R 't. \I1l
ric,h. on thle part of the sena te; Low
is W. H askcill. W in. f.. Mauldini rn. 11
A1i 1, aln Ii- part of tilw hut:.
Th apreport was aiopt-ed.
The('il1 poresaidg arved the sete
h Carose and proceeded to th houS
representatIves to take part in thi^ in
auigural prolceedings.
T1o houirs later the senate rs;.r:
to their chamber bringing wit the)n
Lieut. Gov. John T. Sloan. Who hatving
taken the oath of office imediatel.
ntered Upon the discharge of his du
ties as presidcent of the senate.
TiE' PISII N' S A)f)RIt 4
In a few" neat. 'we chosen sentnce
Preside'nt Pro Tem .1. G. Sh('pp:1r.I m
roduhcd th new presidanl. wi fni
s.sm ing fr chair sahld In pa't :
gentleeno the i'Senate: 1S.r to
h ofilce' of lieutenant gornortlo lv thc
pepl' of my beloved State, and r;
(nired by the ionsti tion to Ie'0Shi..
oner the d(liberations of this honlr
ihle body. aSnoume th1 responih!i'y
>f my new position witi a profoi.n1
('iens of my inexperieinc' as a pre'sidiits
1t1!rer. and. When contrasting mwl
lvith te distinguished men who l1v'
re'Cyded mel' as presidenlt. of lthe s(l t,
I cannot hpope to make their reecrds,
imt I am deeply imupressed With th 1li
high trust.imposed in mle, and with
tu id ntdOC'114 coprtoni.ishali 01r
dney try yo exdute i fto.the :bi
good nd fo the elfa('11relfor pe
ents and parts anshi,ad. hrci
izd fory foeration,iht fnesan t).in'
11apprecfte thaitis apaig i. wi
tinctoon fopreie toveri te' tenateit
iouth Sate.na an honor solpu' figh
gatifieds are idutoeps to aepe
traonhof it. )rCmpsedI as iiii
rnemes conpvicuou haor thereabilit
bIand ihcaracter, leprentatory
tesely un thund loft spndls,prmr
devotn o fedr SttIndto twih w11
only ouits tepe aiono gethmei
buhoi Baeaen pading er sail
hrinh brfyghe strmns of thonor
prever four flag chldro.e ifcrmant
p1wsetwrlt v of I lie St'ate is due large'y
to her rotlon factories. and the p)r'.
'ients of thevse mills (14e.rve Kreat red
it for the success litey have altitinle(i.
1hey'f o nt(?( 1sk for (lass legislation tei
iIrlp a.Letln. hut they asH k for sneh re'a
'nable le;gIslat io n ats will ('xte'n1 ('m.
IntCriul r'lattens with foreign c"olan
Iries. Appropriations might well o
Iinade by our State gov"ernmuentt for
bulildint; an? main(aining leexlil:
svhools S) as to elevate a11n11 ed ,''I"
1in o )thler 4c-ount Ir ie t co )nl b h :( r,1
of glbien rolot'rod tobacno whichi
e 'xpo1 rtede! har;ely It f';nglanld aI nd her
lonies an harm) twn llands of the'ir
Aga;i(n in ot.h r (' ounities vould11 he
,n i hle' I hr'ift. ein r:y :an0 ;ue'llig, -I e
1f i;r' farmIllr4 s )!s eI x-"np1 litird y11 til
iil' i 11ovell oOliens of thrir 1;anh1. :1ted
1h(' i: hap11 )1}' holes':, inl IheiI lahnnie;,t
hirt'sts, di Vr"siti l crop.- :4:: 1 ma: . ,t
in11r(1V ln)-tI. ill wv ll-hre' et i1"t. 1
ie rd IhW. lvwingl h1elb: of blI1,mirl,1 a
1-" delligh 11d th n ar Is tilrY 1)!)i,dl"d
their way homlet'ardl inl ihe ;re a
i;th I of thr stItn xud n fromill I e":1,! t,v1
,r l t41 w ll-l1lld harnS.
ln other (.uti t; ar;u 11hi e'9 i :
lhids41o;lf IU(its fr (it Ii a eeS 11 I
pear"s. ma(I 1f straw%\ i -r'r'ies- 11 ih1Il' "l I.)
th m' ar aokts of Newy York. el stot : I !
('hi1-1go) be-foir the ire is ihawe. 'n
ti 11(1 f lroze' h (1114' s a 1' ri'veS.
Ill others truck farms wital pro":'1.-.
of great vue and in still Olhers rc
Ilumbher Ills. amlon1t th" haru('st in thie
world, beside naval stor(''e(i oI' ,at
De'pression is at ano 41141 in 'o i lh
darolinai): no lOnge"r is shte a pro:tr" -te"
State; mone'y is gasy and her blee
ar)' in 1gund e'tndlilionl her fnanrt;e
ar(' muerged on a safl as1(is: her hrubs
are far above par: her credit Is trnl
limited: her colle'ge's and school% a:"t
flourishing, and let GTod be ourtised
that o11 people are togthe'r aga'in,
that factional line's have ht-(t: oblit.
er: ted. that 111ti.an hitte'rne'ss it; ist
an11 end. nnd our people have' one(, com
mon intl-rest to build up)111 the 'w !'t,
and prosperiiy of our State, I' ever
diI '(tiotn are life, progress and ac tiv
ity. The futue rOf olu State (onrtaing
more than hope: it is a vertaint.y, and
her prosperity may be romparvd t() a
skylark in his flight toward the blue
sky-- "higher still and higher from tile
(arth thou sp)ringte. t and singet.h %till
dlost. soar, and soaring even singest."
in co11cl11slonl. lei mell sa1y, senators,
that I b(elieve thlat. your deliberathm.
will he marked by harmlony .nd wh
dom and1 youir aets. will refleet hlonlor
upon your11 State, and 1 hunnbly trust
that a m111'riful God will bless our free,
en1ight\'ned at'l re-united people withl
peace. pr"osperity and happines
I beg to an tounct that the senate is
11eu ' a 4y foi hucilli's.
Saturday's Proceedings.
Saturda.v's session of the 1 11e was
fuill Of snapl and busine0ss.
Thl'1re were several second(t 40e4ad1in g
hils 1o 1sty i Wdills en t to the
general road Ilaw Which wvas passed
last year. In speaking on one of these
hills Iir. Ileamiguard of York declare
that the nle had been ruslhed h1)rough
(in t ho last day of the last. e s'ion and
the( senate conferees had mnade the
hous)t confe'renre necept prov'11ion4 as111
to omlmutation tax whh'h the hou;--1
had in open session 1)ersi!tently re
No action wats ItakIn, but all th
road hills Were groulpcd and madle the
spialt order for next. Il Tursday.
i'A.SSJ'iC SI C (ON1 RU,AD1)N(i.
.\Io. 5inkler's 1111l proposing an)
ia oedment to the Charleston ollnty
drainage art was g;iven srrun.I rea
Altslo etron it' billkiro
id1'( itng for li thee rawing of an jries 'ct
for. CooarlestonIaal other amundea
wil . eulirifoy'1s ('wo' h il rlt.ing tny
th)ee duty and Salary fli superinndnt
of14 edention( of ad lud )1asunt psedl
h hous'n etavoe th 1econ lreading4.e
1144 rlt.ing t te qulifIcat io of
county1(4lSPby1 superintendents of duatille.
Th e i roed141 "hto)r'1ei no pes n-sal
have1 a4 etif '1iat ofl qualtsilt 1 i to
('It.nh inl thi ( 41 e fr pbic schol of. t1he il
Stae. 0 Sai cert04Ifleate to411 be ran11lte.
ut14pon 'lmait on'I0l ' eihe y inhcel Stt
board114 llil1I of1eucai (lraiby the ot
Mr '4:54. Wingo1 had' a14 hill Ito amen the14
the1' sportis he prlohi.Itd fro tiaklein
place'1 within4 three4 mlsofany th chrch.i
51:4r1. Cooer54i'l(I fi 1offered an Itendment
'dg.trI (inl t State1 ii. The aendmentu 1
was04 aotill and the'ill passd secon
(1e1ad ill. Heretof1r1th law ('rohibi ted43
Shicken 14 I f hig w1ithn1'4( kIled ileso
chienwd Tihtingy'rI (lo nmIstakableSi
fOlCCllOIe wild .o furtler 114.
aThrie house' byi a14vote of 40o11. ile
Y r Deore' ofilllt rdue the num-as'
been furors for( af c :onesllIu.est
thagetit rualt di1strits nt is111a dife
fctmer to sgure af tuyhe du.'fiileI
fti cof aij" juonr' Ia1our1 )tie a(ctsile.
No prpety wel at ctalled tothnr i a
astake. Th oroner' humry lIereay bee
Onc the mnno th deathe out the de
(etfne awrl te ote was 44o tria6.Th
Alr. Frascer thought .t.. dnern
tme an . T, Th habeln let
aln e for a year or )11t. :si s imnntl-r
roinl' of the "onutI.I,iem 'n1 49ted I ch-ct
their t"(IInly boards anld th("ir. 'Ii.p-n..
s4rs .iust as In em bere of t in' heg l latui n
:Irv ei e( t.t"d. The State Dinrue"rat i. e tn
lrittci( wolildl nol perwmit this innart.-1r to
1(i i 1 th I 111:t 1"ie i 1n.:-A "utitlite'
.\I I lii : i n of . I. "i(n itr i . 1t a
!i!1 to nrn ' il '.hls[ 1 fli -'.- to be'
l!-l i t>y Ithi- tn-'optln. W ht-n Ithe ii I
it ine iIi-tie qutit '- a tlttrrv. it was~
A '. r I e ( 1 11"u 11 .i i \ h "It I t I +t !1n
:11 (1 t t' 1 in "i t ' t I ta 141" - it, ,. " 11 l
1s il it l . 'i n h11 ti- t tig .:.it.t i inni
S1.\1I": Nl:\\' 1i11.1
1T'1tr0" W I r ' I', in. n Ii'h il str i lin ept
in tin . h(u: t nt a iiini.t. 1i; intin;. 1:,: in
nin n'I i ti: S i n . 'I:th-l zn -nA pIrel tt
tnt-i n t' teint)l iiie with n: A ,,w my
i re - ht. I t 1"t oI lo I ttno A
in hs,n:-d ' norn iopit i n ofn 8thet i on 1.i
h t't ea nti aiint V ntistllawt.t:
\.' t. I. r ii titOg ' t o 11 l I i t -ti iir Ile 0
f hnn('I' t hIui h t in' n At It. a i ).I .
t i III II t i1il"tl e ' hll I Ii ti11; , 1 .to
ttoital tint clogs.
M .\t i!;''ne TO proh bc it t a p o tie nit
wynin f -t aalr t i r - ih t h lrs -" l1al
truiti as. Ifniie c oos lo b
\Ir . I1atik1 r:a toIt i r ich (I f fonr -te
Ar, h dil - f d (irecor aof th il St t 1di-:o
tti : n-s. l- Il lvls
11 rt y ( a i n h ."r a nty ll -ltfte 0 r it l t dip. in
\ I. It i k7n'. n- hi) a ttll sro id - rItL
elnttnilun tt it I "lini lw.ts cunlIl- l - t:4 itn
of . t11araitittir((t r oftll ta e (Is
Mr. W. ('. Sinith: To submit. to ile 0
Vo)t(r-1 Ain I904 the yu1-stiun of at t"api.. i
t-tiotn tax In ogs.
MIr. ' .I l'a t su : T o exttI "udI t hl e timne
for the" ta-n nt of ItI , without pn-it)
alyt to 1 1.arh t. I !m:
MIr. Deli('hamllp-: TO p roteel. hiigh- n
ways frmiII Imarallel ur inerseetlug o r
tramwn ays. I
Mr. - I,i.sl liielatinl to atnt ts of fat-im
lab)OrerS. r
.\Ir. Quil"k: An anti-p)istol mleasur(. i
Lr. li.tn i r: To Valiaty al ti e stckt
iliwroven t i -nnis issted by the city t ,
of S anti n iart . t hi n
Ni-. ('(oe sha1ll: To amtend1 the ltw
relatint to t'rlin for of citt o t ie
vial palerS.
TI'he're was orVrable report (with
:llct::l.,"1 . ) .....""iincreatse earlh Winthrol) si:holarshIp
from $44 to $100.
There wa(s a favorable report on Mr.
.leremilth Siltith's$ bill to athorize anl
1'h;1.1' it.11 iu no in n tly on the stock
law qunestiton.
ThI'e committee n comntmer;e ina1nu
fa't.tres reported a su bistit t hill inl
the place of (i. Webb's, Mr. n. ..
tFerh'ert' and Ailr. Aull'ts -chil lbt.or
hills. Tighe subsitute is like the Ise
atc' bill.
Mr. Rintiford's bill to inrease thu
penalty for usury to 25 per vent.. of the
A number of local measures reeeived
favorable reports.
Amellric-uns Routted.
ii 1nila. ti (aibl. -Il- t is1 r"eported ,
here th I the "olu1nt ont er ore organn..
.ed at olina , lroVinc e of Zatit oine
for" the pulrp l" of di s netring the t.a
drones in hat Vicinity. s beo.n de
IF atled au(l thatt thre," AmeIrietnnS, inl
eli.1ing M1r. itsbornle, I teac"h( ser o
kil ed. The tI itn uitlnum itr
th wolunh."rs, i-rrmuiuled th" latter
aind holord I hemt . T)h A mlrica n.
di itrlit in.Th dtics of the offay
totinabl ain prevntset ae imeagrie.s
in tiero Wenil iame 177 anetheIs
hilliard. ly r
rest ofi tho wi-Itc c ttinterls intntoiite.
Stmee Trst,~l expct Ito retns Itto the c
Uite fta-citic es s.
'iI1. ia-sin, t he-3 ) fomt t in ist'er-of y
t x itntri--rifo-r I tsinya, hanshed, wtnt 1".
't n-ti, 01,iXX) pi-erss a ioes-rli
.nli.t Pirnponot-Moga 1a contritmted.
aely t the -fou-inndat ciI oft an-v A nr
ni-ntAcademy tof ts It atn I Ime tc
nsenn tir An-Iso'nn isI onelofthe onlyits
twogn who-iit havet served3 inntinuously
inn- the1 nena tt si 1i877. l The cithe Wis
iThomasc Poe, of(- Ilu hvilne ,a t- I -n., its
1)i.ved t tic-i the bbt ageisre iny
(-he o Un isd 1 :tas i hins eld fom ihe
tThe- Psidn o lintni os-i tnniersity
haslnin rsignb . Wicl-tct- hnhts enliam 1In.
in p thne TeltgintInaltchool.citlvVlly
J.)t W.inn-nin- on the C ntt, h ist s s iting
I in-ion i Q iart-l," ha ri t ebated- is.
eit-secoin- bIirn-thday- in olios~rton. (
thrn livnttin ormer P5. iretaries f Wat
nowI tsrvin nc-nl- t i ' intdS tts 1en iti
a't. Thes ofc hcr awt aenientor Elkdtccit.
1t-. '1ven ('lini, ~hoI the orer,eay
tat ah famlyscnlng n of C tae fogher
tat tIld.he muitf.\ntIlsiane. wav
tnTed lIs . tr. he rarellrt atmopee
Joetuhntabotfele ho adyee louylng
hup mead Itn teeat) linlth Valoy
near swallyown, It. Y.;and know owne
4ore cre thee.le may,its ower said,
waurewiardet ith a preseato park.
A Rogers, Murders a Womas and a'
trger' lias Twice i ,e.i an leutrnt'e oi;
the Il.'bspitnl :oe the iusane, But.
W\ as I chtarge(d, as Curedl,
t, lt" a n h1i( lin v- ? be"h enI is
Sta - i. 11( i a :t tu t l( e n"M l.
*i> 'l(r a I ii l( ,t r nt;nt hoy) v and
n,t I'1 -.' n<ar his tmt e.
i_it ntil(s "; 11 n1 l-'' n h(t. 'h( boy wa
1 cilih : .. n zhilr ladi :tigla
TniheWrrm:ln %N.(:; hot Ii.btough
1 ?inrlctw": o! r,1 Ittii t'. ltogers Said
tld h 1 h t:ra " liv, lItv(d h(e'. Ile
:1', 'il(X(U 'ot' killing- lh(" negro.
Stiltb: .\l. I,. I'1 14w e iivei a ntle
('I (o' 'IL .\11i1 iay sayttin :
'Isite tw o w:irr'ills for f:li. log :s
n( t'or i,illint %\ ill Itie:hardson. e"ul-.
t"d. :lnd1 on f(or killiing .1iack Helnts'
atughtr. Setind offic('r' and1el a numb1i1her
i nie'n at (on,"t. We fear erouble for
oe"UrS is a dIangerous Atha raneter.'
Mr. lIlow issued tfie warrant at 2::31,
'"lo, k and la 3 o'clock Constable Biv
anti a itrrsst" itft town In ti'suoti of
As neanr as enn now be learnesd, thea
li(t'inlnrs aIe- as follows: Mondar
turning Ili Rogers vas roatinig
rough it-he woods near his mother's
ome. eIp,htl tmies west. of Monroe. ear
rintg a shot-gu1n. lie (am u.1 tpon Will
lehardson, tn IS-year-old negro" boy.
hi was e-aditn(; a (enm, hauling logs
11 a1 san mill. whien he deliberately
Ris('I his gun. shot and instnntly kill
11 lth. boy. This happ(tr d at 4 o't"lolk.
in hto 1r hntitr tl- owne-r of the teat
ound Ite toy1 dead.
At il o'iewli ito,gers, in past.sing Ite
'0( of . ack Ilinlts. who is a t'.nant
ni is I loger i'' i mtother'h land. Iiredi
brnotgl th( Windlow, at Miss Natrc"
''t" . i Ih 1: entering her t out i
d bowintg Ihrt h oa off. Miss 1>ress
I(y w a. stel-tiatlaug te"r of "r.
I ttlms.
logers thent went to his mlotle anld
it a (-(of andt('libera'te manner toild
hlvr of what lie had done. saying ho
hot "Nancy he("uttis" lie loved her.'' Hlo
vrote liss Pressley a. note Priday and
2ad heard that sIt( langhiil at It. Ho
av1'e n10 exeuse for killing the negro.
I.' also fold his mother lie was going
r) Mon rot' ain give hinself up, bitt.
t.('tr loaded his gun andll lied to the
Rlogers has IWiee been in the Stlat
lospital. bil was di;("harged several
EarS ago.
Only sI l-'I riday he met a negro boy
ry the name of \VIinrhester, and with
ilt any provatlion. shot at him, the
ht t Iaking Infect inI It negro's leg.
t201011S f)ICH W.A1t: PR l''ltOM Ti1it
110SITAI, IN 189G.
.\imrganton. S l t("t. Cl --f il ogers,. of
.'uiont comity, was (lh:;:barged from the
'tat( llospital h"- in November. IS!I,
Held ResponilIe for Bionds.
Watsht ingI ttn w.min. - lThe qulestiotn
t the liabilityv of Anudriw WV. Smythe,
ite super11in tendeni't of' the United
tattes init at. New Orleans, for' $25.
10 in 'Treasury~ ntotes& was* de.eldled by
If I 'niitedl States Sup lreme Court Mon
21y. The iltim In his behalf was that
ic noteis wiere btirned, andl it was urg
:I IthaltIas the notesv were( only prom
tes to pay, the government had In
"ality3 lOst nothIitng by their desIt.ruet(
otn. The cour't, however, refused to
('(ept thIs vilew. holding Smythe and
is sureties for the entire amnount lost.
itsflee Pteikhanm dissented, holditng
hant thte governtment had sus..
Linted no artutal loss and that. as the
(ndi wats ontly fotr the purpose of
tudemnity, the governtment could not
0l1e(t upon2 I it under(' thle ci rcumIlstan
New York. Speciail.-The late Abram
.Hewitt was ('ulogized( by former
ri(sidenlt GAroveir Cleveland Monday
ight at a1 mtemorial meeting held at
hei City Clubi. Addresses alsoi were
mile by 1ilwardi M. Shepard and City3
hambterlain 1E. 11. 00ou1d and irhard
Vat.son (lilder,' read a poremn, "T'Ihe
ren'2t Citizetn," which he wrote rot'
ir. Hewitt's funotral. A letter ftrom
rceiet RtooseCve2l was tead.
Killed Daughter anid lHImself.
Rtoanoke,Va.. Special.-James Wray.
,Ftranklin (counity farmer, shot hit
C-year-old daughter Bottle. andt bl0w
mt. hI isVw braIns In his homte :12
olles soth of this city, Sunday nIght,
Wr'ay had just returined home from
iloanoke andii had not been1 itn t.he
tOeise long whten hie .seizedl a revolver
indi thrtene('id to kill his wire and five
:-hildren. After a struggle, Mrs. Wray
wrtneheltd Ithe revolvet' from her huts
tiantd. f.afi Itoh again got the weapon
mid goitg to1 a r'oom whtere his dltagh
er iiettle' wVas, shot hetr throutgh the
eait andh immiediately setnt a bulle1
brouigh his cwnt btrain, (dyig instant
y'. The tr'age.dy is att.ribtuted to the
('empo0'ry insarnity of' Wr'ay.
Carnesrle In Florida.
1jorne2gle is n h 'is way1' to D)ungeness.
m Clisictiand !alcrd. neari this place,
"htere he will visit Mrs4. Mary Carne.
;ii, wilo hasl one1 of the largest andI
-tstheist homestC ;n1 4 m South.' A lar do
party of hi!s f.tlends ht ve( prCe(cdd him
o thtis 1,nce, wbh:e he annually
spenIds a St.ason of rest. The yachts
to the Cartnegio iiAy, pre alrebddy
igneboredi kt DuingC .11 FI ". '

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