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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 29, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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000.000) henuse of liis s:-I tas re:iso
to he gha1l that "bIoys w1-ill I:' I:'vs."
RopliU an 1 l':lil"le is s:itd to inltent
at last to aholish all tliles of tobilily
WiIat assel will the iIl)ove\rislel no
b)lesse 4<1 i Fritlt' lave left lolim to ('N
ch t:lge for .\erit:In tillionriirrsss?
l l nl :n w ho initr 1 ( tie< :t ill il th
'lit'-init I.(e.isah itt"re to pre t(f kissin
e I(' ptl lIhl t'ase l rt :i iIysil"e t i t
r'a(ly to e slil'fy hat ther11 is no11
f1rolm li:? illi is of c'.tu r narritl. (ll
erwise he woullillii lht twice l1'. o"'
runlinil:;; chances o i :1 Imy feott.
'h'l10 : il11 who tir.:t Ie'lie' lth' 1xist
ftlt" t1r h{y1Iroph1oh,ia tlit'1 of it dog's
litr; the':1 ' st t sci e t Ih "provetd'' th:l
nI'il .ll ti n1:1 w s 11 :o t :1 (i5tl'a' l m t his
deoth f,om it: Thomas N:s(I has fal t n
Tihit1 "iroi V of fit t' e ' 2tllo lmor t l ha tl :1
ll:t1rt ( oini nl' e.t'
Thell r'obbery' of grvsIn ol)ler' to
FtupplIy llisset"ing roollt- w\ilth lnit'ri:ll
has 1 t 'lwe' I pr ctit'I'l It :11 outr':ag1'ons
'sxl n; ill 2:ome( ' I:tr is of en1' W est. :i1ii
t:i'\'taI :1'1l'es h1:V Ite' nI i:aII h'llis
e11I t. t'rlle : ligh b el' h p111 il il l
tuli : inl' w eriell ver it .rol tie otI.
1U l;bIlis. s t :11:'ie t i htly 11111 ln<is 111 a1
to In11 ey'('1" sh l e'hl im .s Itn I suithl
htilol. tloidil "ll . 1'x1 i sIiii t'e New's
Ii 'thi'i i'ol f:o len'1:.
Ir :! 't'ii ll:ti t i t.'" .\ \ew'iet'i min
j1,1 o l \ i" \le tand :\ "1-:1 0 i :111:1 tr tll
/1'5'. i l ti:' eell l' . i"11 s ee tl
Its '2'2 t in l!t'1 . The vin e 111 N e
lilt 11 him i :11ml b lh 1 :1, \'r . t':: t ii
l'1 i / lli t I le': w \'illi ill ill'i ow n!
hotu(. Te!el i is h1r t pe i'le. It) r 1Ihe
(':Il 1.1.1\1 . i-:il :1" It e N i he he lverst
1'olltt' il .:(l t+lll he t';' 11 1. iii'4 1t '1' i 'I'l i
tgI''t 1 'tli "I . 1 ii'll t11 ',t 1"i 'l t
eeC:2nin e:9 vtoin11111y 1 N::' the. meThusI
'1l o e f ' is s(,\11211 I :l'tt it ew't', Il
Itt (1 It.Ibil e '' h t1: i t ll ('i i,- - i I,a l ':it is.
Th ewt3 ul ai ! WO's ::l I Iieit kill I i en
tv '!ort l'c t l evt:it'1' t0 to . 11lin i ar". : 11s:
iitelll' I'si f tl lie 11)1 I. ie 111-1 l .\ IIt oin ob1ili
('1 11 I:(ilt iil Etle s Wi Slill iI:I;t ;tio Un
1rgnin=- '-'l: s. ,i\,, "I'1 1 1 :I 1!i( rock lesS
Ii\'iv i_. Il1 111t1 i t11s Iltaill i ve 'rI
111111 '1'11:iv It i t! lli''i 1.Ii1,e J In it I111 1'1l
: '1_: i- I JI "IiO t1 11 ii i'e o .ItIliiu oneU i
\\'et', iei e d( . l-w l ttll s l:lrs. the an
1l an 1101s on bIv e ant In va
riolu ruteo t p grov urati' for
1i : 8ItoI -I . i1-Arcitl is p riti of
gop110 nt :llnscarce cnniit to lowg
senses Pn:1' Itile :on'y:- :tl eunnar gs
tha et son preiicdto e talerliots. nef
letions 01 evey t-siuires tht fmisfAor
tiele. sol, 'iere mauni e e'ntll bfats
th lavernm lnd voilerte, OI11) .'t 0.11 ;; ine
ofiviuits. .Al(gmet, tmonti. oil
1811 I1.7 grwiere11( reietvi faor of
in1 he'l esa me o tt)dt. i
l'arclu the mote rextP01' moment<
tion of1 the greadt' .\slonn i)n.:V1 for th
tTes' tnu o.-e of thz~fie' waters 11f th1
Rive* Niefr*h upoe f 'gp
h) iian in l. :ie o h i
f,t l rIil/t. heduit x te < 1 ut"al iiub. 11ie
IiO I i))\t'" 1 ' ttu ' il l(
t,is 1,or"0es ;1111 Ires'( I he worbdi to Ilc t
A\ coiniussioll has b'en1 Irml <l in St.
1'( lr buri to vonlsider"t thel t11ietbl it;1 '
l '4 ':'l411Ill jl.a;ll ' :;1!I t't1111'1111
tiOn"s I1ro l t '1)ll +i iy'l-s. 1t.IrsI' ,n t'
ig:iil.sI :lrridens,1 . p): i ul- ar1ly inl
1!!ti : u. ns :111 lre Iy been lar-:t ly intru
T'I:(' ..I(enl ofI iu.uran"e Iti)t)n thec
lives of t"hiiruen for. llte benetit of1 par"
en1t 1in:v possibly ntei dI the c:1r4fu :tt
It?til:1 toof lg'ishtiiu's iii several Stat('s.
Itt:.. h1: a\t h 14lt 1 hi tt" ins.t:ilI(e( r( -
eet! o1te':Itn'l"r t)! habty boyis :lull
i iy : ' : : li:t (1u11)illlrs
\1':11 w\'t"'1 w illil'.: il) t I,Iltn it Ithe:,e
':-!l:e In. tl:-h-; 1) get it n y.
T 1!(' j)' 1 \ : 11'1 :1 1 )14 ,4 til ('I l lt l
tllat4 :!11 li : ''t':I:. 1l i 1' : l '1 H S 11 :1 1
The n-sns ho ae o th iionv
h:t ::1 1r1i1:: ln-:: o : 1.i1s -4 nt :at
ror,- \\'iil , I t't4 i' :.,- I. cu. t - i ve rs -y.
rtl ' \i'ii ,1 t14 ' ;4 ' tt.: i l \(r ; c
f'1 ; .)itl1+ i. !)-. \ \ S' S 4 e pes1'. 14cI
; : !- ' I i is p ";. i:n a cl',
l,'r i : in Ii .linu : 1: ' ii. ('O;n er11 .
ial (*il;.. r t':::Iatt. Ho :aid: ''The
1,.. (.1 ; :tI : . II 1.ii- he un iv :lt it i(t ;
I(u 'o: l i 1nd :; l (' i : h :::i: . hkill is tE .:Il '
Ia -11 1 :l ... i 1'. : I ' : ; i i 1.' -
- -' I! i ;! t".1, : illn o . 11
w i,''! h-','.i 11 t' 1 (I
:c'. '. . \\ .ii t :1. 41 . l -l; . . 1
i': ". ' -" 1. t i : ;n i '.e c ;,n , i t t.. ! 7
i 11 1: ' ': ; 1 11 4 1 uI:- !1 :1 . 1"'+4 I:.
t':li".1 : .I"" 1 :, i!(ii1 :1 1"tl 11,f 1;:5 11:
I-) ', '' I ,: i\ 1';i e ;'l
I h le' 11''onI I T r'h)4.t. ; :. l r-: ih :
{ t' -. i ': " Ittl! :t 1 : . . 14' 1, I..1 e 'I il :t,
Cof itIti l ig 5I0hi. .\ ligI..hI-s p'os
Ib t d ':'-t i'o 'f i t1':i')h1':1 -1i: g"l \1 ,
il 111: i.11''1 111",ll i ; :1 :i - sta '' t::e; l t1
1l'r 1m ' l+e ! \\ "a "'v nti."e et e:r
lat.'' th .itlron:tek lark as teta
1' 1 li('" 4t ' ~ l te i v i'kt.: It.. lAi (Ii ! (1'll*
IIt ' in 1c e 1 i lol U, t ie I:it? 11+11 l1i;' 1 :l ll
1'ndI'. t: ,'( r \ n\ ag i St 1''. t . :1,.. 3
litt"' Ow the1i:No tha" \\' 1;"l.. \te tornier
\liniti'll. Siu llte tt vlia Iio t"u.liad a! li
h ttel f th' 'Illepoi)l 1,4k--.' Itili'
;1 he111 li t t. i('1!t t e eiite: i'11s of 1111 l I1ll
4 .:3v . 1 i*t" :11i 4 t il u tiht. :Ii1r(l. f '
I 'tI l by:.'g iu th t f t : - e :
By Frank I.
' I l )t 11n 1 lt'ii;it'b eri('l' dal i
hll':Il wVatl'rs of th1e (3i l:w-v .
an l srt'k: off il1to a wiil ciir
in'ss b roke:a by setlleinunts onhy1lt ar
tthe Ilavi.gable 1rea(cS of, the( river.
w\:IS looking for a fat-ln.
My tIln(el, wi"1O 11:14 hc('n in lte nil
ItI(In drin;; the ."1:-'nian raids.'' uue'
pett'(lly toin(i IIiI $S 1f e11itle(t to a
1lin t'er-sect'ion 1of wids' i \i \;t lIi m (,-\i
:IR " eteranfI' Irtds" InI storther'tn oin
tario, and ais he ':Is tinab)le to leave
sI basiness. I had Vnn(t'rt'eti to se.
leet at desirab,le ("lail. 'IThis w\ould at
the sa11in1e ti1ii ' Zivt' 21e anl opportunity
for liy\ ("ustoinlary :Itlnll lallnpinlr
1ty w\ay of comnpanion I took w\ith) m(
:a 1118n hllb t abnlornu;llly restl('ss: fox
terrier whIo h:ad III-(' in thet woods with11
Ille I,e 'ore. No one caln possibly t)('
1one}l in the mtit)npany of :1 fox-ter-itr-.
:1i-l 1 11a41 4'1lnted .Itn"k to take a
m1)r(' sc"ientitl' interest ill partridg;es
alin rat1 t:;4 thanl is natural to his
b rc"',. Ilinvingt su('h small gamen mnd
the ofc1asional l 1Im,-"kw\;oods 'etlIer"s to ' Ip' I 11o1 "!I'"t( o ll%e I
Ilillit:l: 4y alu it provisions. :tiu(i :larrie(i
il '13' : 11w pl 4'ndt!s of ('onee't rIta e(I
S1upIies inl Ily kn:apsack. Thel- rest of
111 loa(1 onsistell simply of s I 4a 1 :1
: lib l'' s11Ik f ' 1un itilo l. t I I.
d fi ;dy : . w!ih i (, -
11ltii I slilrv1y nl11, 11. :1 uI Il(!1. I took
, halft-obt lit r l trail into th lif orl >.
I 11 ril 't Ils le s r'' (IItI 1t t1II
1:1m1 es. ir'mi--",i :. m (I Ito, wt' 1I .1
NIt', I' I , 111'Irlr4t1! th:In It.; l (l Ii en
h1 I'' , It ' ;xp '. l '1 1Ir ihln:" t:1y". an,l :t
n I ;hot' h. i le i'tnt 4141 lv 'tKe in.
I II' :: ip . ti; , Iti II on :-le(I i ' a : It.,IV(I
llto' ;;i'' t'tlr. Inn li tl lll t i l ii i - lii.
: : ll-r l':1i 1 I,('11*1 t:rf . h,Ui th1'
I u t h ty lit:I n- - e-b l m <h i 1)4 i
tri,'.-"'nti', selll 1 into dIisuue:1. a'lli-d
lII;t'i' 'ts : II if-1 ,:1 1i'i ,' ( t11 4'5 i'Ii\'11114 1
" 1:1 \' : o 1 .'i :1 u\" e1i:1'. 1 1 " 1 ::-1111d 11 i1I
(1' 1 ii:'1. : 'i
I; I I (s l i ;1s" ,1 t'' 1 ln -k's -:II 1 Iim l '
p.l:11 . :lII ! hi ," I1.1e 11i i iNd sIto l i" n.!.itl
I l' 1 iif1 i it'(iiL(:i' \ :I ligh itl'-r'st
i 14:l I . I':11it :teit \-,c111Ii lttt"I:t 10 11(11 4: s
v. p s c I \ 'o " 11' i' (il ft1 nh n;in(} ;;1tting C ir('n.-!1( (: I'm
'1 tY (lislik("dl I : - i t t i 11rf a \1
No sheler presetnted f.hmi':iiail.4 s411i
1r t'fore sunst( I lmt lu tsp tel y
1!o 14n, unilit:nisiak:tble wood-(}ro-:l.
1" w1t1l+ '( i'tih -v ,- : Ii tl ":1' \ lgrow i i' iet in i
di i ig ih(' III-1 li thi b it (i llttnn n i
hIt -:s. I Id ullIi I p it at olil-(' 4ihl
Iiit' ple'al1urabile antic"ip:li 1n (1f t111l;n-;,
:1 (h'art l t d 111( hI ospitllle sn;:1eer :a1 :
It" ('1c of it; but as t he 11 a(1 '<otlinn('ct
to show every iniention of ong l-.. _ 14
11N(, I}hese hotpt.X gradlially\ \,:I we 'k e l..
till, t e'i was ((1rtain to It' Ibuldn114'
do *e l .. ii lr t ' o i I inie fur':th e t Ii
rIIa l trve 011( litte,' an h a thte! n'.
l)n'fthe tIeperI:. le rng it.h
I slp 1y lo hn Iyi. hht(k-windoed n ad
detitoed, :1f11ilis ea ily thuh 1:1': te
ie1114was n'st gun 11a'cho1llook :1 itg
phsn'4414. 1lte : tuterl odinary (4 I-i al
sane I th(ould ' lastly :v prefierrediii t
ie itilisI the:v ipiit fokest.i bhie fin
hiswleate *1 wdtel rush i4 and0S litIlooi
throiui'h the5:41(41 l)rppii'54 junlil osrh
ai) 'tett'tkbly 4 h /id t thresoh :
eller lii rners of3 t,' te' wai.ThVeuiel
nitrna ase . I.teplc tigse
:Ilie nollock. t,
! 1,' \ '. 1" ' w l i lt ! I: Il :1 1 i1 ' 1 i :'lIi - 'r i ! i i
0: -: 1 !1< : )'- 11'1!!l'lli.
I-'r)'ia th Ii. 11 :.tr i11h. o)' t l.( r)):n
I hl iis !!: 1 ': ' $i :I:I a::yOIlist. 1 1'1111h
h ar' l lw. i i gwl)\'. r1 it r11"
s':I'II111;11\' 1) 1 4shrill st l::i. ililo' 1:11 : I
;t he'l i .: l' - :I 1 4 '1 .\lII l4 ill l I
'iIilt I , Ii:t' 11 11 II 'i' i"':'ill1 r Ili " r 11111
li1;I 4 1t lill' ::jlt ilI. I w'":Is lIr's(' Il ,
:1b14' tI disi :' i lh :1 - 1) ri ' r .sil
i ll ll !Il it' ' \ *
I I \':1s 1)4) tl-liiltil l 4 i iin4if'y ihi i
n'l :'r. It , 1ln ' "I :4t n' 1 h ,at. :
1y nx . I thtnl lln. ''1 :t1 l1:; 111 ' 1ityl l i
S))n( . a:y inl,))i th l b' n'1 . So I w":.S I t
11:t! 1'l ll:l4ly' ;11. 1-'1 11'. 1. ' th e I ' (':ttlI llt -
ly'nx is 'iI er rits - n!'4 't 44 1'O'ill ' : 11 :1111
to kill. :111 1 i )"I:' i, n gun 'rn 1
th'1\i I w 11al 1 I"o, lmkl' i ii. . I Ihe cli144
t~4 I'll 1114':. ,ill 11'14 41 Ill 4 * :11 1 I 4ll 111' 4
]nltently. 1 i4 I 1 11 !r oI ili. arl ro r
44 l 4'a II' ' I\'Iw . 1 111(I (d IIi.trt'y 'e
I\It n t 11' h1ospl,)r')"I points :Ind
pulledIll v tigrr
TI'he 111 Nlsh bllinth I,:-1 :..:n1 1 e tild .('('
urthing;. .1 ava:a ' 1a:n-1 ))llo'wedrt Ihre
Ilho. d .:' -k dIsh' )l y lllill into th11
S I o., 'l l'l' \\':' Th r ,1'fu'i sIelni
])t-'lll In ' I f e t' '": 1' . 114. h laris oII
w\":t "Ii Il ililer 14111 y'' ::111I 111 14' I)nl(1
4 it94s fon11 Il th 1 do::. :4 h!4 41 1 e'i' n d II
havi o ' we bI u1 a .! ;1:111::11<' 1:1
1 tr111i II ]o1pok%l n i i l .11 ..1 o it: ' w': 1 \:!
1un ' Il I (xli: l . 1 4 :1 ' 1 44I i 4h1.. ! :1
Iht'1 Ij 1114' t)' : I~1 1I
nItch.1, i 4 r141t . I' I:I' ' :n 1 y':1: !
) I1 1' . 1h i ' 'o : 4.-jo I- i . jI 1 , 1* :4
.1:1 e'1 :w.i41. ' I 4II 14' (4 .
I"lI d ilr lu I 1n,:111. :11:1 1 )11: '1 . i I
.i -!t' I w a' 1' .' t)l l i . 111 : .111 !d : .11 .
11h' Io I 71'fu r :- nen t. :: : '\' i ll.h
:1 , ii' s'i4:s on il h is wh!':1' 141 h
I'' I!1 " 1IIal h It tir n d 1)I .i
I1 wl1- 'dl' i'Iy 3ur'1: 14. 41i4 ; .'ll:l ; !'1
"l ' : 11 ( r'h ; .it 111141' 1;Ia11:11 11 1 ''il l.
11 rlI'll 1O;' )I t' l. 11: ~:s l 1 : iI ): 1 1' 114
i,'ilt' (1 :t11 ':1 '14 1 1: 1 'l : 11 1 1: 11.)l, \
':1114 '4'4e1:'i'4 l .1iny dil1har'4I;ed~ 1:4r41
I )V neln d, I 1111 < 4444. inl ili-I 1in4 i(1.
144)i11 :7 4' 11 )'1 iii 4J 1111V i I n 14'4'''1t'1 i;S:lj1
i' I 111 1 1" );1 11 : i. h h 11 y :' . 1 ; I .'.1
n'i l' (410).'.' l l( 141 ' tI 'I 411 4 I 1l" i:,'!"
t:1III)-. I e1 1 'p1111' ! jI h-I . 1 1 I'i ::.'t h
')1111. 1 .1 11 finte' r> . : t: "I:"1 "1''-, . :. m I
Iih,'S i : l t 13'ia ll I II lh:41 i 'Iiu e
-i4ht 1.4 ::)Itbl' 1'r
IV:""I 'l '4iI' I i I I11 4.':!!u,t \'I:: IlaI 11t4 4 '141'
,'. '1 4441411 14414 ("41\\a Ia4 irl1''4s I,('11 114 :
are ht - toke. 1 t'1ll th' 5(ofi.
,'i uI1r :aga1 1t mI ne k. nll I was
II'inl. h14:t(1 '111t1 hittln11 With :\v:Igt'
t14 ilt :e iina11. wh'i: erll('\'I' it 1a1s
ils clin gin"lg t1 itll I tI n)til uts i ,.
n1o1h :Ind( 14i 1 4 like : \"('rit bb:l ( I1 ur"y.
I1 (t'int'ed siall, hut its a4nazing for
city 11rrilild 1ilt a11 n I 'luttchd'tl at it
til tried to 1throw4 1 ittl ' ff. I w\a in
:1n14ly hiltn'it in' tlih hand, andl it 1huII
k(l a h ul". nl- in:u iuX in Illuy t'ar: bunt I
"rt'n("h1d it bse 8n11d Iitinig it ito IIt'
1)11l' n 1 1 a i h4411a l en.1 4.I . .. att cke b...
he teri'er . bu4)4 :: was un14kin-.:l4for'4 tII
I~I dit 1 not iltop1' 444ll '' wa'1., 4 usie 444
.he unlj(ighted01 44han1ty.: 11lo4 d wIasil
4i4klin44 141own1 n.y LII 1h1. :unt 1 wa'4'(In
14 4111''.' n 41414 .It' sin il fI''4 e Ill, II
11'l'44r.t 4'lltila' igIilX i t. gd g .
hlies I4 h1ad 1ither to4114 ridt'll V.ha)n
of/4' its n 14:'Ser or resi gn444 1: 1ny1l ~i44p.4.
11: was'l hard,t '441~ 11 ne erhee .'11!o 1111a
bIl afterli ts te inblus of hes1( 1itiI
ani' t ht 1 'lid to (l. :1 1 n,arhe1i : '4.i44
fIrep'lacel .03 w itho'44 in erup'ilon.4' I ;i'.
a'n41 1' igh tt Iit wilh' 144k1 441n0.-h; l rsi
lIni ed( tIhe roin brit14l104 li Isn t ly
hInh 1 of'' cour43se 1414 conh see 411 le44 f
rot i )1ed 01' 11fhe I1' in 1rfu bze.' -nl
a wi leila st tu t reb of site ry 1'g
11'y It original setWtrs of lut'' cabltl.
:Itd I 'elt sovrry for the des'rted ctrea- -
I Ires. 1111t it was 1'at llttly nceiIssai r'
fotr ltes, of peracer to ;;'tt tht'iintt
of u t he hou!: , ;Intl 1 :'lnt tl al the'!u
al :( thtr( hips>(' 1: 1 h it o:k.
TiI : lu t'l l'" I :uc 1 p)itkrtd
oui a1 ltlln!) of the tnIl t h'inllking; ie
i ween.(1-i I 2ho ln 1 ;l4 i ugt n il t he1 I h 2at
;I:ilt I i s -l'eII. The ni ilt 11=4' iIt wttyii '
h.,i'tl -it l wi th yow l f' td,'" i .il
r":1;:@ Ith- : 'i llal s itr:lng fri t il t' itt ' 44
l!I. :II; ih tl tiart y 1 4t4prn thi I Ir i :
I : . l et ti ur t"(l it - t a iii his t ':
e;tluet.', .ack yelpe ;it Itt' 411et.t' .
b i f1' u g14ht hltr'ttit":Illy", ('o11 =n Ititu; it hat
1!1" t '4s w r" t'' 'I hi4 4.
I t lbl nillokt' out only a :ingeit ial t
o' w.hilte .a4reyv t'r, spi n:lit l lik;' :1
wh I :tllI ( .;ntiIIin a u".ie'd n1l( 11oy
of o\very inlaginlable" Sort ofi anine a:t! fe.
I'rlin' j, a"ulaliull. ' T' he ,t't"itld h at su
joined syuipatIhet ically" in te nut('iy," :oi
:tntd the* l11rn:ir w1s indesc"rib all. B l 11t u
.Jack w:'' I':r tn ita1t"hrd in o\verythtinl: lit
hil vt'ight. .1141 in .1 few sicon s 1:' th
broke away :lgain w\"ith a pit ul htrw1l in44
:n' darted 1e' hinti llt' t'or protecltion. is
tt',"iklt'.s w ith r .':." he val f1 oll t'o le I1
h IimII. I kirk"l:t uitu i h;iliy. aInd1tt he t
a tun llIl poln lmy 11115 w\ith toothI antl
l:l\w. i "iruckL it w\ith Ithe bultt of 11ny
n andl 14 11 it w\"'ith it tnlit ing t l hI d1t
Five l'w in' ll dt 4ir tioll s. The tat Itet h11
t( wVithII : t ('a - \ta i11:I1', bull t It e luos e t,
ht lnt"Ik hladl tau.ht lir' like 1u luw- ('
': :IIt inlst: ye loon l 4 wa!t u l \ is ttll'
oif Sluii t. :11
21444 'h il o 4t ti t re d byt t t he t \' hIV
tut . I 11: i 1:t1h s:11 4 s nnbled . ve ' \l \
I Ii}" u1hin sotlr hat s( :I at . :1 w. lonkrt)
fi!ii ou1sb 14. 1 2to p e 1 and . sla( 1'
t t':n tl a11 ' : 1111zt', h1ut I was wt11 ty.13
t t i:I!s i1hat I't lit m: aost 's. (f 1 'ts
W :11 ld 12 t ip :11 :td1 1n it \ withou' 024
fr-i.~V ii:'n d, l t e e then1 I h:1o ''
t+ ii . i l a t lIn"' tl l '" 1 1 ' t l l
21' 11 '4 2 i2l1ntio 4124'- lter the' hu1 iiin:
I i un t lm iti! : Ili'i i 't l tht' i w..is
1 Ily wh-ipped t. ll w\:'; :lta l : t -r- )
t,: 1 i:1 sitw 1 :ItS 11 : h 1i tied. lik.' nltr
w I i:tItItt'il l. front'th toe.r i n i lt: il
:;r 1'\; 1 :' rrat'l 1 : n' a: 1 ' w t t run
tt:' \ with ilhat 11uth\\w f:n ily. A .\il \
It h ", <s of t tatitni'.:h .1 'ltl k d sp ."nt. 14
\it ' :''.nll mfottb'l y h lv itu1'l ' : 1g241at
S IAIt t. W t' 11!11 s i r i.:-.
\1 . :..tln as it. i ght I w nt l:l
It t "i yi 1:na:t ti;. '\(y .'wlr in s dl (
i11:4 1inthe tt:' r1n11 hadt t t been
li' 's of or : Ioeit'It, tu bes ex
44 I + I I4: 1 41 i' II1t t(, ;;114 1 lt'42 1' \\'12 . '
t' i'at't' I t nlll Ilut'4 " t I'i' 111 ' ( i ('4ll't 1l141 12 .
(e'tI thel(" bodt 1 ' IIl' the d (' at lying
Ilnei. 1111 4the li isen ' t l Ishe1''. It was l th l1(
h +l lnllt h 'll)- f ' X antilat io . 11111 it I
was:l s ti 1 0 sco 1ha:t its sizt' w\"as f1:r" 44 I
11yutnlt that of 'th healh -ll.. ' 1u1ss. t
.144k's h41 o lin th I tilonr had a1 n'\'w t
meanin)11!g for una' nOw. Ii ""t e t o
le d t t r ft(1 nlrt t o :,.into w\hh-"h I tnnuld not :.,-e. but wh-Iichl, tt
'ron11 Ihr \"ilr t:dt(r of (decayedrt hones. t
t11:11 am( tu ,'in. ust ha' t ' e inl lipe'
f'or" a lung t i:nr. In i'nult, as eryt"thin;;
Itlln:(t441 thlt the' t"a1ill hadl 1b'tn for 1 1
titar.l abandnti('t by hum an life, it l
,t's'ue tl1om d li' 1 424robabtle tIa the1:1e f
1't<lint n:rn 111 \"terr of thr secod,i 212p'ier
huops of 1,'t third, gi'neration 'romu "
thei doiestinte ancstor. A a '.
w4 ith '~ib:-1 :reat4 s :t4'11ility,1 rema4'iing
. lei i al:t -hinent'2 of4'1 1 thirIl rac for
4 i '' :1 11'' w i t hi 4'it It 4t4t4':.1 121
i1n4 in thleir i: 111w t nv ionment. 1 :111 1 i't2 f
11:1)enied 5 ee,in~'iI ihu they45 woul I itn Il
t'sIi:end 1 12r(1ert 11i '1 lte 'i r iialsnt t w11 I C
122t 41in ' t s i Jttin I i he fu111 S ture0) y-t.m
natu'i:tis 1erc1 in' reporitu the discovery
21 11he11ifo414tstil 4' 4t 1 114 of nortw1u ntrio
1 the 1201141 y, ( te b)'11 it tof w iich iis sI
Isa 1to1 horses43 . e only ef, feua pro- sI
I i o n ('421n the h rlid s of oilt suit 24 taiii li
tlfi st:i it' whih4111 l argej1XI 11tly i t.o. g1
Thlle eliholwiy the p .iutIt ts are'lp~ Ii
im h'. C1'a1124llo f1' llh. :u lialan,i 11 ti. o. ('
I lied ib:n1 ni ne 1)111wr1( Iet. If 1ltsenc( of41
ytlir i42.of1 meis l 122wrat orse. .\ ths I'
y 411 1)12nceCs ent1er 1 bi 'el. .If the 1 'o ot'- Ill
1 i se s11211111 a''lli od :n ie pt h-el for b I r
the nail, wtith ''"' t"' '''"e u" I""(
elinery bu ntl. Th llis , ''tllI 'e 1)l. tul-'
v(')ns('s tha I ht 4I I y Ih:i I 1':'4 'Nd
by% III' s1'" u1 lil ' ,h c'1 I1(e.
. ulmtrse bu4th h ainls il :1 '.an
u;l y 1:1 llt'' 34!' :1 f w I n1"111 I ' l'y,
lh') g'nly1 luu.n'n. Vitb :l t'i,"t'
tIh! e(' t if'l,' a :' : 'i "i.n to I h i :i1: ,httil
I! heI long; or {. '.:l, I rictt (:arII'nlly
ih the e14tit' 'f'i 1Ir'".
: D.1 p1 an utrangI w'e\t('(f h- 'I:u :It'
:t n;plg M ild ::il luinobn ri rou)1111 :aI(
ttntlf"rn(':1 1h thel rIut if"l(; IIhi": (ithl re
Imo4Ives :til s'ai:lIs ro14)11 II''' I1ails uor
linge'r ltps.
S 11's' l3-' ivory presser. I:('.illIiIn.
:It IIe .'4112,(' 4fi 111 1" n : 3 1 1 wkit ittz
rIulni. e:tr''lly'' prs'55in-:, b a(k IIhe
5 .\pply :1 111'tIh pa,t' to :i ail.
:In I on this 411u5) :1 littII' powtlrr;
polish lightly :iind ftl1it:ikl: ::I)pply tnur'a
Iowh'r.111c I'i r':Plish.
(il't:t( ('81'( 11u11, he talk!'l inl us ing
Ihe flli' knilf". 4 S 411i ' i)' 1 ) 11p ) in.iur
Hte ('atn(I. f',I('Iiatlly w""n ulperI)ling
'n lte na1iIs of the' righit ll:ndl. \"\w
wtk News.
144Iltj1 1141n' \(~';\" '/I:4)11 lV4101. '4)14.)
M'*V 1111'<' w,Illf'ltl \tot('r', II;)!! tll': .
'(h( I:tnll :":' Ilitw aj. '.' ttI ('ii.: is
buili ngillt he1r f)wnl lu tl .> :1, tii.i \1 mf.
C 'alve =ulnt' tilli' :go.
'I'll' A 1I1':ri' n N:I io' :a ')l t ('1 )'rfls
Socie'ty, 'llc't lig ;11 \\';I,hitI: 1 ):,is: 1), t'.
has 'l(' (' <' fl .\ i: 3 ( 'I :Ira 3 ar{u:I il; pro. si.
h'II' 1)u\\:w, 'r" I 11("h' ~s uof .\l-: e' l
is th!i " ;r.I:I 4: 314 \\' ln i" ii 1:11:
:llll's t i)"'I':' I'. Si'' IS \ or I::l "'l V
:lntl hlas :1 son 1" 'ix t'y.1 Wo41r
\"1ulllilrIg I144 \ i iit' \V w V4o :!' :: :Is
.io oi.'u ,1 tu iu : (.'. \ece r), \I:)!' i
(Il t'ibu-p of I.ff(11.' ut St:atiPn. w%:l r'
(('4 I V e'l ' i' i in ! .\lhanyi)i' 4 ( ait'' n : I '
I ' h'!III (ra11c 3 i'I:t't,
T1he" gluhb -I r1 1 in f1 1 h i; :: !a' Il h 1hl
of a1 1i1 ('hine('st' w\"ullio l4. t111!,'1 I'to'
1)lng ('1t'k 1 K wal. w1l') is pret:'I)a-int:. t ll
a Will' runutI 3h lt-bl. She.
("(lue:Itedi, ,1in:k, 1'nglis:h, amfl i': vin
prt'ogr's ive(' tt1h'4:- is ('t-'r)l li)nf"tl .I'
ful' h 'r,If'1I IIo'w I i' 1 3 ('('e )1".'- f 4 l.4 r
l:Int1 , liV " :l tl :1-1.
'T'l(' Vaity')1 " w'ays5= ill wtith ': Im)'n
('1r-1 liveflihc t(1 art. in( t tl m any. .,;y-.;
(lay'time' In4:0 ll b- 11 1 te atl furni:ill' ' a :
nigh 1t forcet in :htf sameI( httiling; w1ilh
bottlt'tl ilk. Shne b)utys a <l(1z1e) 3I4:;lt's
:it :1 1i)1' :11)1 uI,)kc's :) (-ill :1)e4n d :4 in:t'
lil t'achi ulne.
'(gotiati(Ions :11'' 1und('1' wy:11- t'lt\illg
1u 11t' 1)ur'11:I,I- 4t' the li'thp:c ''r of
.\aria M.\itchell. Ihe astr"OnOm')., inl
Nun)I1nk't. by% mlru)lhers of the 6I''-111y
444 \':sl,ar C ollegl'. It th(' lle'goltiations,
are +te('fult;} 11e N.intutk :'l:ri:l
3it"h4,e11 Aso'<"ia l Ion wIll lo for't"I 1
p rese,rve; thIi, historical lAn<limun4 inl
ihe in)t''est' of V:s4'a:' Co'llege.
-- t'ett --r
4414 0 IIi' .--5 40 4I'I t!51w4 -' '4
.\'ije:I31~t'S:. IlIVl'/o111c :
The4 log<1o4ii:shude tii
3lls or breast o'f l4':414iridelscetu! -41l14r3
A1)1) ver l)44i4. titJwpbi nfii
ofI 3e)1114 l 1 141 110 4 '34 ! 441 re1tte 5').1411 S
She el:th it 444 1:4 14(4 st'I ')4ei wa isti 'Ii w1 'II
)'i 'ter (1 l'S i n: 444r31)4 I'l 4':' t'1I o le
:r4'k. 443 1fashion).41)hle girtiles.
.\ long~ :11414I'.,43 elegan t oa. of la ' vel
4e) is 11in elv wih hea'ivy4. (31uillec) wh'iile4
.satin,) at314 44r3namented Ill~~ with me.0:1:: 414
.\ I::)nd15oi4) 0Il4ak 34)r 1 gil of 144ur4
b'13 id 1illine, 4the4 1front4 douN'1ebreasted,1
w4ith3 tw'o I'ows 4)1 Ir3ge buIttons. TheIc
)44undi colh111r Is of4 4'lo4th, 4'dged1 I with
velve't,1 14114 :pplilined with 1)ream'i) 1hier4,
a344.1 thiished wth lon4)g ki'alfeI: ti's.
.\I ni4'( li14'le 1 aft'ernoon) tir ess for a)
girl or ten) 4)r 3 we'lve! Is of' (1hik blueI
l(est 144313' yke 44 ft wh~i le gr'os gr)ain.
abo)4ve 114e 4e11f, and411) a )4 144')' po1ints on4
"('I. helween'4'I whl1eh 44~ are i ('mbri')d
1re (4il 1)44ots. 1iiI~ltm
31n'4hd 44. the( groove1'is inl wh'1ich 314e
Iaiy13' ourIse of' lhei' life' runIs, 1)ut 444
where''4 j)erhapsj3 3430)'e 1h1an amIlonIg th1e4
'h' break44)4') w ith I.n '.i habits," "111o be44
bough14 one 1(14( of thle wr Is tha3 ei t hnn
rzI'I/ier4 11ear P. .\fans,1 of t he 114ame of
'hapelain 43. 11n order'4 to) 14void the( upj
'4141i4 fre'm4 his habi)ts thatit in his
113i4nion death I iniighit ('ause( he had1( a
illie ('1a4pel built1 o)'.v theb faml1y burl,I
intee,3444 8 and 1''o arraged thaiit he could
38e It everyt3 day)3 as8 a sitthig-r'oom.
II 150 1 to pend1 in~ It th earl*i'y hours1
if 1he a1fternoonm r'eadIng 1his p1per1,
titinug l'tter's. 1118 collin (OI ( o tied
('0n1rtablet m1114t1t1)essC1, and( lhe used3 1it
8 ai bed'(. When'4 the( cureP came11 to ad..
1)1 s14i4.,(on beingi as~ked whether11 ho
'11 ('0om f'or'ta bl, '"A bsolu14tely' 8o, M. le
'13te. Inl dyin3g, you4 see, I sh4341 not
1eak wz1ith my313 Iaiitlts. and1( in thle graveo
shall1 he1 ini ai hiomi that I 3am3 used 10.'"
1(e be(gged1 tha:t hIs 01(1 1)ipe and( to
410e0 pouch1. 1his lenI-h4older that lie bhad
sedI ir lty-liv year'1 4s. and( 011 som o1her
Iimihlart ohjelst should be1 bur'ied wi'thi
1m.- IMrI ils ('orre'spondence10 of the
o 0.R L54biy P(eYd . -. -' - - -'.
l'tronIK itecomn;;nly I)r'essft,.
Xhile Iigh straight. ollars are the
itire of the hour, 1'arisie'ntus (10 1O(
fTe' by Ihln'Il without lookliig ilto
he pretty ' ays of obviatitli the'i1'
heeoulingtess. To soft en Ihem wiit h
tle dlevices is the l 'arisiene's 1i1st
ought. O(e pretty schene for Ink
I the stilf, straight appearalice away
by little eluslers of velvet ribbon
1l' silde, tow:rd the front.
Thet \)UmOt Thing In L.ne,.
.\llll1 lIets the ilew\'est color is n
eo, )almnost yellow, ereaul. 11 (oml
nls niost ex(itisitely with gray, pink
blue. There is no enl to the muotifs:
ihese laces as 21 garniIturIIIe. They
e u1st'41 inI ills''1tiis, ill iloui n ( 1igs
i n ain inl mle<hlllionls or" inl ehlboratl"
si is a1 liied to the whole skirt.
itII the heavy Russian lace :1 wide
Iin g hotlel to tle skirt is especially
'i2iieti B'e'I ei.
ItInt rinllclveiir.
A\ il:eity hairpin reeeiv"er tann he,
:'It by trobetitug a eii rce of' wool
-1 surrountlinig it with i puff of silk.
tst olliitg the whole lI :i rilblon.
ilet is the litest hit. of" neetlh'work.
ihit- is fttshionell hilr-au emovers.
i1l)\w sh1:1ns, 1h'oonin sets ad mnyl
he1r llainty ) i"c'es. T'he plain lilet
't Is irt-u"trcl allll thetn einblroilheret'
any I: lier11 hll iitay stilt her fune'y.
rather heavy Ihreatl is nisetl for the
ork. :ll1 tlit' result is : very ii
(-e' of llet'it'wto'k.
Pretty Tlmoin For the naby.
The IretIy "Marguerites," :Is the
liity ha1hies' kiinonas are lvllleli
h)it'h busiel so many fetninlit- 1:IngCtrs
hotel v\eroilas last su lter. have
ilu'atrctt in 111e infants' dlepiaitieills
a variety or styles. One of the
m1plest to in1a1ke Is fashioled froiii .1
ilt' of wht it' to aslimi'tr'. nun111's veiling
:llhatiross t"lthtIi, cut tweintly incle'
1 <iameter. 'To In:tke t ne, eult 1'rllm
ie luiidite of the big rouid a little
r'-le fort' inites in diinett't' for I he
eek anld siash one fold fromi thie 1o)
> hottin fow the front opening. 'l'hen
ll the c"ireles together amd )iirse
Ito eight s;evtious. Thr'oglih the thirtd
realie froin the front aindl lhe seeonti
rom the back ctl slashis oil each side
hout three and a half inches deep
roml the botto.11, T1heHe itre f'or
leeve's. Catch together the two op)en
i(1es of the iidle sevtioln oil e:1h2
1tie. fiorl lh' sleeve. n d ai ls. draw , he
wVo open'R sidies imtler it togethier fot'
lie littl Ic arment'i is *'ompillete. .\
ting of' thinia sIlk ini white Rior Ia'
lue to' p1ink is uisualIly uised, agu ii ll I
1' the e<lgtes ar itnuishec1 wtithl : ai hil
ig of was rli ibbon, :i silk 'ro'ehetetil
or<leir orl a imit41 ohole st ithiecd se::1I
>I). "a 'ot1ing or Frnchit kiiaIs ima:y
Iso cotibutihie to te ornameitnt . 'lThe
igethe IIwith IbIows of'2 wshini iiibn.
-hich is also4 it.c1 t) fasten'i thei sneit'1
I the front . .\ (harinRi Rg little ki
buna is nudl' in a1 simtilar fashion ofl
s<tuat'e of chliuh, thbe tco!rners tii1 foring
iitk, froit. aniti slt'eve.s. -New York
' T' younhg girl's who ariv e ini Iroops
I "receivie" liiithe11 Ioinin-ouit --In
ciie 1'r'hiks. wvithI the holit'i tIlt high
ti l1 wih lon)g z-levs. SwaVtheill to fte
liuoa I :ti wrist ire' tey ini fin'
ibrob'ritnis. \tOlln lt on tgeri see( 21
ingl' youngi?. giirl irieeivinig 01 an1 ai'ler
hei elorus)ii oh' linglish, coulsinls who
sei'to loohink astonishiitenit :nl t' 4h1i
y .\metrleiani girls at auitelrnuoon I.as.
It Is tillh'fiitetrt I.ha t thi' yoting girils
are*t left ill11n thiessiing room)1 0 pa:i-Rtl
r' suit 1aste, ('ontaiinig a low t'vetini
.aw:t ;l M o't'loi'k. \\i 'h l r'oek s. iiit
nel:. :i'i r lihe re'gut ion wom- W'ii b is
rOpiateR I ili'tss fori a ytiunig giril.
tRt'1t havte tik'ienlt' ther etil lRe a 1
it'l ir arduousi laboti:'. .\ groupij of' a- I
It'ld youtei me ill iiasemlti il.
lkur. ulannonn-t'ed. Il ':: Ma t'ieth
hiit dresing2 rot' and p:ot''i o' in tIr
ningl wisl benuly ai 4 1ht'u littl eni ou
h'o)n11ie( thro:112. The11 de'll ng ITos
111n filled' in l it h l): t ic en'21 iizli
'es .\'l itrsag nit pofe"ala \-ierg
l"i favlie reclteIt) e. ~ni.fetoi'ylie
ho limff<ould lit' iet'l "lop" ('leiyh 1
iRnilt'R't tet ly ado te aowek bodice.
"hltiTbopolIant At1tf'y hanere I- .
manlshi'u, utew knIrls cutclf tei
'r, 2111 scIr wrth I teay nand l)isl'
ital, after Ja litle iriitice anVtQi manR
tre usn well(1 A most cli profe s a
liat sh1. e welltCi13 and enrelly 1i
oanlurd t (nstit:ltV(' once a week ilsli
Ill be olihe da-ily.04' 21 Iere is)'~ I
2111lisher, ele kulfe,~~)112 cuic (iie Ies
P. nu hel I' s IsI hvory1 nl tesser't.
(el ile, eml I i mery boatorange 1vood
~ o insitn': owver,1 l lonstr- 11
Ill be found far tuior~Xew atistr SI*.

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