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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN ...........Editw
W. L. MATHENY..........Bus, Mgr
ubsoriptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising lites Reasonable.
Entered at the Port Olen at Plckon ae
- seconid-lass muatter.
Tiursday, .anonry, 21 , Itm:.
If the momeers of the legislaturo
could bo carried over some of the
rough roads that are now to be
found in every county in the Piod
mont section, if they could be
carried in the ordinary wagons
and buggies used for transporta
tion in this section and thereby
become experimelentally acquainted
with the eon(litions that obtain
with us now, wo would have no
anxiety as to futuro Iogisiation on
the road question. Compromises
Would bo spoodily ellcted through
which low country represettit ives
would yield to the obvious necessi
tv of a law that couldl be made to
apply most broadly where such latp
plication is most needed. Consti
tutional restrictions surely 'an be
circulventod in at case like this.
I1 we don't get. a more eli-etivo road
law, and that right early, the peo
will take to the woods.
Pickens wats shocked last Thurs.
(lay morning when peopl( awoke to
learn the sad intelligence of the
death of homer Rickey, one of the
most promising young men of the
towi, which occurred the night
lie was at young mnan whose
qualities marked him for a life of
usefulness. By his courteous and
manly bearing through tho brief
span of years in which h was por
m11itted to meet with his I'ollowmen
and impress his charae ter upon
them, he won the esteem of men
and made of every acquaintance a
friend, It is always with heavy
grief that we come to the task of
speaking of a departed frieid, but
it is indeed a sad duty to record
the fact of death when the Reaper
Comes and takes from our midst
one0 so young-sQ full of hope and
jiust coming into years of ripe
manhood and usefulniess-one who
was the soul of honor--a voungl
man whose life,was full. of promise.
His death is a lesson to us all
the remembrance of his life, so un
selfish and so true to the duties of
life, may help other men to main.
tain in all theiu walks that high
Ieg att for the obligations that rest
uipon each of us, without due ob
servance of which woe may never
hope to reap the reward of the jiust.
Tji. his stricken family the boart
felt sympathy of the whole communn
flity goes.
Theirs is indeed a loss in which
the whole community shares.
WeT print below a clipping Ironr
the Keowee Courier wvhich will bh
of interest to the readers of Th:
Journal. A. R. Craig was wvo'
known throughout Picken)s county
"One of thme saddest tragedie
which ever took place in this comn
munlity occured On D)ecombor last
namelA the sudden death of Mr
A, R. Craig, a prominent citizon) c
Pickens county. It is suppose
that becoming suddenly ill on hi
way home, being ill and exposo(
to the severity of the weather, h
froze to death. A sad ending t
the life of a good and usAful man
who, for four years during the civ
ii war, endured all its hardshipa
and faced the leaden messengers o:
death in defense of his country
Mr. Craig will be remembered by
many in WaIhalla as the eflicient
Deputy Sheriff of W. N. Crait
during his term as aheriff of
Ooonee county. He removed frou
Waihalla to his large plantation
on Keowee River, where he resided
until a few months before hii
death. He was a man of a mosl
kindly nature and generous to
laalt. In the days of his prospar
Ity the poor, the needy and thi
uinfortunate always found a friend
in Art Craig -' The widow and the
Orphan never departed from hi
thrshldempty handed, and ir
faworing this class of people hi
t0k4sd not~ of compensation in this
-Wari4,dtBut [email protected] of oharity
wil bageml'eo4$0 3is oredit on
~,. ~;n
bo judgod according to the deods
done in the body ." 1 hoard o;10
poor old woman, roumark sinee his
death that if the Widow antd or
phan childron of Art Craig had a
dollar for every bushel of Corn and
pound of m)(Alt holi had givon to the
poor they would 1)e richl in this
world's goods. Such a t ribute is
far more credital)1o to his inOmo
ry than all the lands and mortga
ges ho miglt have atceun)ilated
had his heart and mind so inelin(ed
him, for he was a mnan of line 1)b5i
tness qualifications. S) it Ie did
not loavo a large property it is
owing more to his love for his
neighbor and his (h:tritablo heart
than anything else, M r. Ciaig
leaves a widlow and one son ian (1
one daughte.r who have tilie si neer(.
sympathy of this whole con1in1111i
An Interesting Letter Front the Rockies.
Menan, l"reiont. Co., Idalho.
Janl). Sih, 190 :.
M1r. Editor:
The1C Jou1rnal of .Ian. 1st,
1903, arrived h.r.i) at 2 o'clock to
day, and we are alvays dOlighted
to get the hom.> news. I lntrein
..ivo your readers a few items from
the Rocky Mouniitain r-gion.
'1'ho year jist r.;st ws a very
PrOSperiis o1 One w'ir fariners, minnrs
anid stockitien. (oI 1f all kinds
woro lOver tl t t'r in) the Siiako
lRivor Valltiy. 'T'lie crops irc near
1w all raised by aid of irrigatioi,
and FI1renort count(y has the finest
systom 1 of (:tnaaIs for irrigation of
any part (f the Northwest.
'l'he o(t 1incs hatVo I) ai(1 w( 11
a:di th" h now discoveries show ip1)
well. There is a great excitonlent
in the n(w! " minling cminps. Alnost
all the mines are located on the
I igh, rugged m1iount ails, 11(1 he
very dificult to get at this tune of
the year.
At this time the snow a t 'T'hun
der Mounta1in is five to seven feet
deep-at Spring Mountain three to
live feet deep). The I ighust peaks
are covered with sIIow all summer.
There is no snow at this place, at
this writing, and the weather is
the finest I ever saw.
We have had some very bad
storms the last six weeks along the
foot-hills and the high ranges.
Almost almost all st.ock are on
the feed yards nowv and are look
ing well. Thousauds of sheep are
still on the desert and reported to
be doing very wvellI. We are now
feeding more than 30,000 slheep at
Menan, as we have plenty of hay
to feed t Ill April first, it necessary.
I wonder if there are any of the
boys that are Rocky Mountain
struck. Boys what are you look
ing for'? Itf you wanit to invest'
money, this is a good laice. Land
is worth $20 to $1.00 per acre. If
you want to work, in the mines,
wvages arc $3.50 to $4 00 par day.
If' you want to herd Isheep, wvages
are $10.00) per month, inchlud i rg
board, and you can work 3635 days
in the year,'if you like. If you
want prospect for gold, you will
have a big and rich mnountain
ccunltry' to try your luck in, and il
you got broke and1( want to go else,
where't, the groundt is fi'ozein an.i
walking is good..
It is against the law to play p)o.
ker, b)ut if' you are look ing fo 01
game, its easily found, hut bie sun
and look b)ack oni thol wall anid set
if a zuloo beats live aices. It y'ol
Sgot busted, be0 sure and1( look bach01
over' youri left ishioulder1', ats you g<
out at tIle (1oor.
WI) want all that are Rocky
M.Nountain struch:, to come hir'
theiri luck in our groat hIcountry.
We will lie p)leasedh to givo any~ in..
formation deOsirod(. We are' pre'tty~
Swell posted on almost anything you
want to know about the Rocky
My advice is come and try your
luck, if you don't like it, you can
go where they hunt o'possumis.
Thomas Lynch.
CurIous Freak in Names.
Peooplo in Melbourne are begin.
ning to say that in order to do any
gd inVictoria your name must
beCak. The governor is Sir 0.
Sydenhamn Clarke, tho late agent
general in London was Sir And rew
Clarke, the first Victorian baronet
was Sir William Clarke, the richest
squatter is Sir Riupert Clarke, the
newv bishop of Melbourne is Canon
Clarke, the most prominent mem
ber of the Melbourne Stock Ex-.
change is Mr. A. Clarke, the chief
Australian novelist is Mr. Marcus
Clarke and "the handsomest Vic
torian matron" is Lady Clarke.
Probably it would be difficult to
m~atch this in any Anglo-Saxon
community tia the world,'Lond1on.
90 -
Saniuel M[ottcr, assistant prose
cuting attorney inl B1u111an, Mo.,
was linedt tlhe other dtyt for sneez
inig, the Justice believing the snieeze
was an I aI ;1 t joll of c()Iltelipt of
court. Tihe St. Joseph News de
scribes thte occen :s fol'.,.
Attorney [oMotter, though he carries
a1bout the culture aInd polish of Yale
aild ot her alna iinttters in addition
to the relinemnent of. St. J oscp)h's
best Cir1eles. persists in sneezintg as
did all ou. AIissouri ancestolrs ill
)itneer hi.aw,-just throws his head
bal,k :nid rt'ls his mnotth in ant ill
fluenz:I slile. which is Ir"okent by
lin "- of tInl.r s:llness just hefor~e
the t u o enhl iitn' at theIl hack of his
nte". Th'lui le gathers inl all the
cir(e1n1:1nib lit at inosphere and
microb.-- m:l hits go like a fog horn,
eCIlin ,up u ih "h hOpper," ats do
tht1 <n1Y1iz iii I>i: Creek even i unto
this tday\. It i- ntot Surp risinlg that
t i itn't simu :Itl i-(l its preroga
Lord of the We3tern Seas.
TIhe pIs (i ' i srship hIats
forbihhl.n the piblicatioln of the
(otii ; If ihe ignl ex1Ihanlge(l as
falre'.' ;eIl t: lin h t\\et II the g er
tIn il) ri:i vaIht IlOih<'zollern
awd l : lth -iIm stat1ulan1- ()n thle
ovension ~f the r"ct";tn ;t w ting he
twteenl t;e' eza:r inDI tht "::!i: er.
11It ;: has i t been a-*eta in)tII that -
th kI.( r Ina ranI thu=: '"ThIe
lord of the wtstern i stnds a
far'welI greetin t to the lO'd o the
eat-ternt sr:ls." Tlhe czar, inl .;.hool
gr st vle, relliehl, "l-:ttrn l trie'nd
iship." It i t nt aas to where
the dlang er ("t l! ("t lllw in f romI: !iv
ilg 1ub liuity' to, thse hi:h ilown
compllinl.nis, but. sin1e tltIol >-ian
c'l'e1n+r hats laid t heln u1nler han
htr mu Illt het somelthinllg wr'ongr Of
cour=c' f'omit his point of view.
Leslie's Weeklv.
Diamond Cutting Extraordinary.
After several tulse( e"Iuil at
temin ts and(1 three years' labor the
allrla1illeIed feat of cltting at Iing
out of a single diamond has l>Cen ae
compl }islidc 1y the patience and Fkill
of Ailr. Anto?ine, one of the best
known lapidaries of Antwerp. Th'le
ring is about three-quarters of an
Inh in dianeter.
Watches, Clocks, Sewing Ma
Phionograiphs nnd Su pplies for slJ at
re'gulaht ion pr1ices.
Always on hand.
PrivteC and Public mnusical entertain.
menuits given oni ihort notice.
Sewing Machiinos, Neediles for all ma
chilnes and fluest t3owing Machiinn oil ali
wahys onl hand. New~ parts furniished ind
fitted at shiort not('ice.
Iiheycles--Par'ts andm Findiugs.
liniosi-25 . oars ex perienice..
rW alche1s for Rai lroad Serlvico
I c1n make it to your interest to giv
Ife a call for anything.ini the above litios
Jeweler' anid Job P'rlitr,
Libterty, S. C.
DeWitt's #3* SalEvo
For Piles, Burns, Sores.
I(' our ownI'(i lcti os) to every sub.
. herilcr. Onlyl 50 coats a yecar.
Afem beautifuil colored plate.; latest
Ld aent 'jumed * ed or te.m
Stylisit, Reliable, Simple, Up-to.
date, Economtical and Asot~utely
Perfect-Fhttia,g" Paper Patterns.
AU Seams Allowed a dpeforaftions show
and town, nr'y mat krom eeya
11-!-1 West 3st 8t. NE WYR,
Things We
Like Best
Often Disagree With Us
Dooftuso we overotnt ot-them, tadi.
gest,lon followd. But there's a way .to
tusoape such consOquOaceos. A dose of a
good digestant likc lCodol wlli reliv you
at 01nce. Yout' stomach is simply too
*weak~ to digest what you eat, That a all
indigestion is. Kodol digests the food
without the stomach's ai, Thus the
stomaoh rests while the bor ia strength
ened by wholesome food. :DIeting is uan
siecessar. K odol digests any knd of
goo fi S,trengthens and invigorates,
Wl'o.invito yOu to inlS1tect c
We still havu a few-l i(c.
Parlor and Diii
D)on't for-got thllat wo ar a(
Ch1ewinlg tobae.om n<ld 'qm o
Box P11'a1per froilj :,cntsti i p,
Pickens Dr
4 Shot
1" We Have a a
*"'Will Sel
Fain suppl)ies,.I lacksnii7 lit o
Easley Ha
- 0 A\ (;
0 1 f 11 t
- of
a I
Let us Ha
Partiesi owibng on account w
Do put us off longer.
"Short Credit M
We appreciate your frien<
W. T.~ l\
- and Bat
ar'e c.ertaiti ton'esult,
,y,) oep the ystem
and good blood, good dig
the roses in yo ur chniei
-Tonic Pettets gently a
b>toklet tit
.<so u~1
* * * The Soutl
Any trip is a
those who
North, Eat
excellIed Dining
at 4Lducedt flates,
* General Passen~ger Agent,
Wa8hirtgton, D
IfU. iT, . , ,
bb, M. 1). J. N. 11aillium, P11 1.
Drug Co.
urt new linlo Ci1
LirIl es,4
'Iy'v are the finest oil the market.
ing=Room Lamps,
It t h a t w e a r e s e l l l i n g a t a dl i s c o u n t . ',I ( t a " ( s f r 1 1 t g s ) c a s
ker.7 G;o ,is of alII kindls.
'I'abhlets fromil 1 cent up.
ug Company.
.arge Stock of ")
at COST. a
rdware u0o,
y, S. C.
I )o
oSho ~I;or
i'.o'li'( i ll
o ntew stockj
Et of' oter
e all
comdse ndr
tipatiot t
Complex ions
Then where's yoeur beauty9
iH good ordtr by taking
astio end ga od hAh wl keep
s. Ramon's I.tver Pills and
mis nature. Freesamrnple and
Jeale rs, or w rite to
N MFo.C.
vn ork and
i's Greatest
System. ..
pleasure trip to p
travel via Tiheoi
lon1sist of &lfgn ifici nt t
na and Conehes. I in
:ITzS ToX all flusrts now onl sale
Asst, Gbiu'l Pass. Agent. to
0 . Atlanta, Ga. I
J. C. BE AM, Jr.,
DJ . P8!sngr Aent
Atlnt ,
l' are offerin( halrg;,inM in S1
Gents lndrwear, Dress Goods, Vrehl
we do not, want to carry ov()r. Wo:
entire line of pantg and anre! offering
We vant a11 l chickens, egy
Very lespectfully,
Qet Out of Oxf,
Its Getting t
You Know...
Lot,s of, ew ' al! Shoes-Somne of
Illest iln ablO11 you getting eoniplotc I
rom)1 its. YuIt i ako no .risk--We. guat
, I) )t saItisf'ac tion. '1'he largest stock
e,:t r i.
...Card of T
I wil to thnink ily custcler:
(111ing, this vear. and shall cideavi
youtr fayors du1riing 1903.
John F. .
County o
Statement of Auditor's A)pointm<
Year 19i
Office of County Auditor, Pick
The. Auditor's books will be i
of Jaiiuary, 1903, for tli
Rleturn'is of Real aund Pe'
Polls, andl for~ all SI)
Pickens C
For the con'venienice of the public
are announced:
Six alIile on Mlonday', January 5th,
Calhoun 'l'iesdaiy January (ithI.
Centr ul Wednesday January 7ti.
C'metcebien rThuarsday J anuary 81b.
Ealeylt, \londaiy iand Tu'iestla), an
Crosweli, WAeilInositay, Januaitry 141
Cross P'In i n, Thiiursalny, Janunary1
L.ooj .cr' Shop. F"riday, JIa nuary 1
Pcens8. Saitona. m,Jaonuariy 1'hh.Ii
l1'ighe~ Store, Monday, Jauairy
1' iunipk intown, Tueslauy, J1anunary
Holly1', S prin gs, WV aenehiay, Jantuiii
G-eorge llo~oiunbe1s Rets'iience~. F'ri
P'.ek enig Sati iura, .Jai nnry 24lth.
NI ile Creek, Mlonday, Ja nuarv 20
Pr,iiers. Tue~sdaiy, .Jiiinny 271h I'
AUer the~ 2'ith i J iuiarv 1903. 1
Court 1linSe', cont iioi,iy unzIt thle 20i h
lie ihi lb ooks wi!l be .'osed mi lay ($(
Hor hon l' PUt I in.
Ini (rder to) Mave c'olfuIijoni to11 Ii,
itind j pesonaiilVlyo I he takinig o1 all reIn
Urty or' liableo a pol a)11is$sson-t are0 req
rlOl i s ;i :il b~ prepa iLt to g iv~e full inf(or
proprty I1iilialel Ior tax lion, iiihs s iated
here ~A a spe(ci:il levy lior school p)ilIn-pos
' give the value of1 anyI SuICh Properly so
'i r iiuns ilhnle b) 11:11 will be' o
i: persons ownii,g proper(.ty' ilnd! have thle
It w.'ill sitVe I nuh time1 '.o iXonyerst,
.h0 Assessor, ifI every piers< II befloi leaiini
ist of every ite of11 01ersonl l)~propery
a111le, 1 luules, shee ~p manl goa ~ tt hogs, wIate
atgons ainil curr inges dogs, merc handise,
(ites andl Iac(ountsI abiovo iniltde tes, nii
oti8eIio:d goods,
It I il awaya r< quired that the .Aud!hor
Undert' thle head1( of pluco of r'esidence
Oil. Ad aiItll tax,'payersi aret required 1
iet- They are' alsao req(uested to state wh'i
wn.1 or in the c'ounlt ry'. And .1f put t. lies i
ort in or.o township anid a part in aniot her
itihor of acros~ and vultulioi ini each tnsl
TaiXpayora rel'turn what they own on lth
[Te Itaw rOquires that tIll pOrsfOnis own
R Chmargc ot such property, eiher as aig(
ecuitor', telmii)n mt rat or, etc., retut th 1 1e 6sal
All mulol cili iens between thu nyes~ Of
C ist dny of Januanry, cxuebpt those who
rt lromi beIinzg mh ued, t iortrin othier cnc
bledle'ate vternusi1) are eRtC01il,
ii evel'y comthul'y there are c0roo
t. take a newapaper. Those or f orttum
for by telling t hemn of thiiime111 1 ioimake re
IlbI real undl personal propertyv are to
n.e at tho real vanluc thiercol. Ii properly i
it tbore shouild be an inequality in the0 va
opel ty the s.ine will be~ r'efOe to the C<
rre'tction. T1o avoid trouble of' this kinud ti
rould ur'go up~on e0.Mc taXpayer to make ai
n f ihis or heri pr'oge .
-wr -womm s....
S fA
ios; Heavy Ovor Shirts,
't and many other things *
ire going to (lose out our
oxcollent values in that lime.
s and butter we can got. *
0o Late for Them-.
md all those things
thom aro sure to please. Nc
tisfaction if you buy your shoes
antee every shoe We sell to give
ever shown in Greenville to so.
S. C.
foi their liberal patronago
)r to merit a continuance of
F Pickens.
mnts for taking Returns For
I. '4
ens County, Nov. 7, 19O +
)pened on the first day
e purpose of taking
esonal property and
ecial taxation inI
the following appoint1mns
ary 12th and 18th,
iry3 21st.
dla., January .231
will be0 in my office, Pickens:
'!ay of Februa ryw 1903. 'after which.
) per cent penalty will be added.
cidl inisteakest, t he Amlitor will'
ents, unil all ptersonis owmiIng prop.
testecil to met tIhe Auditor 0n hiss
na1 Onl tas to his8 property and thes
wichQI he lives and in which htis~
lore his books are closed on theA
y district or dlistr:cts in which'
30. retineted~ to comie. preparedi
iilbjet- to special levy ior subool
'pe,as the law requires that
sa me ret urned for' t aaxationt either
at ted to the same for the owner,
iso g reatly facillitte the work of
chn will,miake~ out, a complete
i ite f'lloiwing order: Uorses,
les, organs aind pianos, buggies,.
maichinery and enigines, mioneys,
dt all other property, inwluding"
get the first given name in fu)I,
on tax returIn, jaive the town..
rive numaiber ol their school diw,
ether' the property is situated5 in
i town andJ part outside, or #
township, so specil0', givinig the
a 1st dany of January, 1908.
log ptopurly or In ntny wiw. Jha
'n t, t3usband, guardian, truste,
nce u itir oath to the Aulditor,~
Ltwenty,oto and sixty years8, oRn
areO incaptable oh earning a sup.,
isen, atru deemed taxable polls,
is who cannot road ol' that d'a
ite muay dio such pel'80ne Li I'ent
turns or by reOturnilDit tot tno.an
be assessed ror tnXatin~ at this
i'eturne,d at lo88 thtan ),'aIuo
Uation of the saime 01a%# of
anty Boarid Of Equalisat,ih fot
both myself and the taxp yer
full and fair retura and4 'aum

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