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So Pri' inced By a Jury of Fellow
The l'risoner IR:ceives lls Sentence
Wi(h Stowtal indiffereice --- Report
In Detail.
Spet"ia to 'Ihatrlotte Observer.
I t'llrt' Nf A, 8i)e(ial. - "M tlte r In the
.tu"(rlc dt(g;''I" is; the Verdict (i' (he
-ul lHit \\'ilcox-('rolp:ey case anid
'30 years ink the pi)'tentiary at h11-rd
labor" the (It' nc of the o rilt. ITh
jury c"atme in at 2 o'clot"k. 'T'lhey were
ouit ':- h()ters. W . (I. Il;idI wa:s thie
tpok'"-;man or the jutry. .Iudig(' Counlctit
t a ;.it f buitt tourehing lit,It s)('eI
ni tngl in thet detf(endtantt. The
)lged. at in part:
' n 'eer" I:: i.' )l'easire in se'nteileiuig
)illy -";: t' O \ 11 1 1i '''(d of ("I'illm ,' atld(i t)o -(
O tly' fi<II! ! I)'O"i .Ittt l N ,(: -v of dlt).y
I.": '. zttonz r.w! as a( trial juIt' inl
s i:( :: i tn ' 1f t' u r . tte'.
Th i :: hav ' Sen'('i fit to 't'ttu'u a
n . 1 1 i : '.t5' o' 1tt1i:r in t it
t).e:! di 'T1. TIh.y Ilu\'e loun(ti ii;rtI
t tciant took ffhl' Iife of Mi
s''i* i'' y. 1.1:tu l l a lit'., hill witholit
lrzi h to anld deliberation. fly
w ilt); i tt"' :. (o! reason i ng thet'y l18a I'
nr:-t :I thi t rditt is not for m1e t o
:ay. ' t; rd their action. hlowpvtr. inl
tl'i;ul,t that they havo been Its
laril cit-ib (o tli tilefetitiut a,s possiic"
in Ilh l,- t of the 'vide ct itl tlt 'ase,
"!1- , ty i s i :. t. and r('solved1 all
o.' ipo th''ttloll o f iit'n ofpeeita
iimtt : id-iberation :in ravor. of thle
,fr ft :!tit
II 1)rnnouticing juidgtent liit f tihe
te, initi:nl I hatvt' nothing to say as to
muy '-pliniin hhh I 1 may 'uteriain as
to his guill u:" innocence. I silply:
taho ht' ver<iie: of the jury as r^n(der
t and treat ii. tlefon(lant as a guilty
man. if guiily. and the jury have sai(
so, then I think he deserves the full
11i1 im i f ti law. ThIw Jidgmieit i of tht'
cm)11I. thurcufore. is that the defendanut
h n'- 'tn- e.l to tho State'H prison at
ard tihOr fort' term of 30 years.''
'I'h,- court. hous VIs not ftill at the
I in,.t th' ccrdi't wi* rendered. 'I'he
io'irs from thet streetts and the mti(r
Ih:itits .'lose by had rttshed in at tht
r-.; i .: (f t ho ht'1!. VThe defend(ant
hi -ardt 0h. ; trdict ant) ihe sentence
wtith l a s!voa' of 'imotion. Ills attoi'
l. . '' . W+' ' (I b l lr. . .1. I ea ry .
.tt'( lisv iht't of an1 1 app(al. le(' rt'ison1
er w rtued:it to .ail at d the t1Owd(
r' na;Ir-dt t(1 tiii' t trtidlwal s to dlis("ustt
h tinl of hIII.jury. Al is qliet here.
"{1' ha.; been no talk of violenc'e
I! :11a ' 5O'htr . .l13 . 0 (' '.-meti l leaves
t.,nit.; for Ralt'ilgh and th attorneys
S -. it;clil sevral honas . Wilcox till
't izab'ht It ('ity,. wher'44''
h ' ill wait :Ie ort'rs of th o coulrt.
Tlit n :: % w:-11 to the at 4:30
-'n a -.3ening . Al -a q ittil1
i -~ .lel whefn an om eIwas se i'1Int go
.indle min('lii l. w)i0 waOs outi at n
Ther. .ilr deiredt13P h i to e a iti h1.'
ich : I t the again.( Bu3 ateitias ,
ht' tht Iheliud di d nottngdro m i)1t
brite e'a heu knoing tes teirht
. GC!(4n he ttry war cantin.e til.
ay,lwhn i was gra. h amted.
wih hesinsubjct tm, andehaies andg
)luililof:e wen on mte ourti
* d on :o Satsa oth juymentired
8htsof he disrear in a seond
vIr.le' fwam not tudents whe of hars
irltarn troop and the orif toe si'nd
tender wrorto kill outpoost ant
bite ii nde la lthsaos
Sira.e. Tre killn wan upd to~
oue hb the ex:lottal. ofch pwere'
(h.a dbae on the lnttSatshtet
hi .aa kuet:tl own (liauslianl
Witnet~s teBi>e : wthen eoi'hever
hal o d M yjo a-Edwin i.g Corpse.it
-ala t-a n-tiv. ofia.- Twoi owte
lit :'.'itsttrachery of. Hovre,aiof
.1) r1 . tl.on'-- an . R.. Me rd.o
chile' .ra essll the hosi tlwith
hN'E: I:in ta helha nd byul a tenaculum
M3heal JCo-itll.in woud was3n. ai.
'to5nh o cntariesttofllw"uha
ace:denl (he to evey precuion. Anr.
Ml.od Jwa wking~, e.athed with time
with rthe(me subject, and ghadt aed-h
naray.o ofthea sn one of himst
h thd.oFrdayiach hand aelqght ohil
and o Satrday hh bmen howed
viruentform Boh stdens last mna
WA ish in Morcco etwee the
verlay,'o troo athero Burte Te
tdr Stats repor ta outdost from
'air,t aic serou Newpotageen.ls cox
Sixln,wih3 men e wle n hreeo
-ahrip of Blschuetk f er Island0p.i.
WtnsHig teter at fte ensrt-mar
in mef amr aEdwin In ats ,tv
to Peaes teaery Iadn aeyoti
trR. 4.oxrcrssand then belf ae f
'LWvl>adthathe wuould "hoaly thl
wlr16eachedr Thli tug gabsluy. a
1' r i s n.M-. pe i l - h
ala J a,S yc\ hag d ih i.
am,rtreC editoiulyWd
nesdy. Syleswas ne o themos
Industrnil ff':C llany.
C'iltizens o f IradfC,rd <t y. i I I(ri'1a
are agcilatintg for Ith' rlitet icn of a Il
for 11' mn)1i( IIti' ' f' s1)u l pot I(I
from the S it II, tti '('. This liov .
mntu hans tld to Ihr sugges(tion Ih:a
Vald( t! t. ti:.. ,Ilrr;(iy h ir ,: n
land tong stap!' rottun m1arlo I in Ih(
worbd, mih aetrr llpon a liLt. undrr
tak:ing. ('otm tt"nt.ing uponII thlis. th1
Nt'w\ YorkI' Conutnvr(ial ttay:
"The Starke r"egion is a rb1-h onc ng
i'ittitirally. but its r o urcilt's are lar.
gely tinddvelOped(. T1here" has bee(n r1)1:
Imtrat ively lit tle immitgriit ion from tIht
North and West into Ihat sertiol. Iiw
the pele)( arei ent zriny,,. prati(ic!l,
and aitions . And it. would n(1t
therl"for,(' he' su'h a vryt t i g(
thing if the "ituon-}r-gr'ovrr:.. (f ;ltti'.O
hi(u( e te frt I h :!:lelt. to muanufartunre their 111<( u-- it
fi'tories ('unttit.ac :s to the II::n:at:i)is
They mtay yt Ieninstrat' it: Iti(
t plnnerm o1' Niw Hti:hund and IS
('nited Kint(lom tihat, the Crnl eIr Ia
do all that the Yankui,ee and ihll e l(i(n
ean- :itil tth:(1ps do it t lit i I' hit h t
Ar"rangrmntn , have' teen u omp {l' I'
for the v.a'thli.:hlr(nn Ot thel r(ot!:n fac"
tory prl :oto:-'d at t)iratg'. T1"'Xas. Tlt
Orange C( ottn \lill; to. t: ti ''I 0'
ganizr.'d. wvi bi (hapi: i w vt 'tnu.
00i to uil t he it pii. Its r(Ioi n,'mInt
aill bre I' .hlhi :.-pindc. s atit ''I bit loUt.1
'ith e.'m-' Ii '.I'I i Xin;.. o i tal laiot
ilf r1.000 anditt i tu 1 ) l"lls i'li
tioil. . li on t !,l ( stulaton. I X:
i:; ellginrrr in charge I l ivlnstr'lititoIn
n1o.t ill at once b gin w. ('ouInt'l r
Ior tl,e ne:!t hinery 11;1 been p si t -d
.\l'(1 pIth : k tofI' lclS t'n .ll .. is ih<
,in-hIitntt. 0). It. h-h !is lt erl
e'lI'"t;d trsdelit i t l . .\ l"'i- i'a ni
fit.-t vice-pr('sidenlt : 1E. N0. .\tc ii -'aand
trea' urer, a.nd A. .. 11atehwr (i f iliii'
ti. se' lretary. t'Ihis is ilso th - 1in t
Iete.t I )' annnln'"rti as to be ledntvc
through the eITSol:; (of iMlssrb. A. M,
Atlher & ('e. of Houn'' iton.o
\\'irks is p)rogs's. ing steitdily on t ht
(Xte(nsivr wsat''r'-piu1we(r imllpr'ovennt lity
(if thel Dlan lRiv(r I'ov:er &l' Manutfattr
ing Co. at ilanvill. \'a. Ct onstru . or
of t he $:;00.n100 dam11 and power-honse INi
heing push ed forward steadily. and ex
cavation for tInvtmill h;rtlldings begun
(1IIring lite 11a1 tweekc. This (con1P y
exp t n to (-;in in iht ('arly Si prilt};
thc' tte ::tien of the frs t mill, w hict
will b follOw e i by the sec"ondi plant.
Tlhere" havr" been uo mlaterial t:hangev
in the OrIiginal planls a a n anniotned in
the \liinualurel'1' Record of Septeml
heri 'I'. 1902. 'hat ci there will be I wo
lin!:f 1 t10I Splindes and 1,20(1 in(I("l
tach, towline abOit $1.700(. l. . .'
Bishop m'ilany. 'rovitndene and 1-lo
;ou. I% I: "h t <onstruetion contractor.
M ' Ir:. .0( .t'.' O'. r(l In & Co.. t
llOSt O a t : t lAitects-ninet.ers in
nIl ti n;, ( if the di ~ ti I . at Iht.
! il!indi i':ark .'antifnetrlting Co).. of
tChiI'lotl . N'. ('.. w bel during tile
weekn. A c '.'(I:m aI states that it wva-!
(d(ec'cilel b.e tI o'ardc to r'er-I un addi
t (t1a 1 n, uii t o i ' ha i 1.14(10 l sus and s1-ti.
$45.-i(.(0I. Th'!is will b)t thecman'
th!rIl Iiiii', ;is it (operates 13.50o p
' li r is in a plant at ('h1:i't
Oile and , 4Ii ring s i:ilsl an: ist
Giheam(ol I. te-dut 'il( of; both mid'
I1ht hitnt13 btn de'd'; whethe th
s*:wsiil will hetniO l'ated ait Crtt
. i'y the anno tired next v-ek.
hrale s a l('t ' Anders.A : . t C.~Itt. ha
d fecoii temp1orari y Sorgaiza S t n
Meris. R.651. n Hll pomt' te of 4, theien
Madrprit .lSphi N. ro ni.illSu,
M'anit.t.'hn. CAo. and J.nR.'andi r'1
were etctedo directo tou $mor000 it
Isro'etlthtors cto will be ebsnltro.tol
lo.0 ha bymereon otsribe adtInh-i
(11)00.11( T eoth. crIntnplai. u(.o.
."ny'. Poesibyntsa plant lar. mtee
spndleis,t opantatt'.00t splie.y yars.
C~-n toii willsh, naeeded rlcft
11. his rori, ''' .dant.: o b N oi.
ottons M'Il,to 'ebane, Show.an hat
btil :$r;0,n0. of ttn milla edlt i.m
hsigho uri.lt dyso the Plnto Givll Mai
fasotitrn C . of.00:dvbale. Sn ine,r h
saer the made aeiat year of :tCt'. .0'
ar6074 lIl(li hals:th exots were1 fo.,773,lli
hac le, a el' :em of77i-5:ta inS..
dcrans ofh (1.8-,)h othernl s1d
Manunfdeoting o n increased capi--ti
from $t00,000romo$$00,000, t$30,000 'it
action by theLo oeetio o anaddit ina
millan a0 clth ll piItig llt. Com
pa0( ny' pet plant':u03 ra '5.000o mne
spidesn, mnfcuighseyyr
Antiton (Alls, Coraerd a r i dl
Dre a. Nral presidend of 8Not'i
scin,and willraizeIt companylh i'to
buolm$20,00 enctltn 1,00ilng Pden
Wm.th xn. Miler fkarleto, 0.( C.,1
ha bought oe plnighfGorile Man01
sateows inaOder ato publipWuttry.Ther
at50sdes bldn ah mIll forh mainn
fanet lleotn (arnCotto ilh31 140
milltd recllenty, an ti nreases capitala
actoneby viot o thesochldrs.
Thear Texa Texport capital wl. of is
rnedo Tnxas, form fd pnfaerrdmstok
to Itsnarer,entsreto be itndertac
Anncksfom $25la.) tordage000.had
clte an tannutatR dWodedow por
millnt.Sn~ and 5,00ncrease osfaptal.bThi
i Trer GIenevI0a,G, on tm-t
lat,estroydin a mrll for the manu
Lu.0 ee fmber oeds. h
The TexasExport " Lu brCo o a.
red, Txas ha fldaq mnmn
Ten Million Dollars is Necessary Foi
Beginiiiuig the Work
Injunction (of Secrecy Not Yet Re
moved, But Sonme of the 'Terms
Made Public.
WVashintgton, special.-Th'lIe trealty
between the (lnitedt States and the
governm111en7t of Culoibia. Which was
. ligned Priday by Sie(retary lay and
1)r. 1lIerran. as tie represenita{ve of
the I wo ('ountri('S. Was trann5mitted to
the (lmntittee on foreignu relations.
T!he treaty was read Iin execuntive s('s
stion, but the iijunetion of secrecy was
not. removed. By the teimS of the
treaty the United States agrees to
make a (n11h paymnent of $110t,t(tt0
in gold to the Coloibitn g( vernn-nt,
and after the expiratiOnt Of' nint. year.;
to Ip1 a ri'nta:l of $,. 00 o1(r -r : ,;
0)1' the stril of lanid t" be set I'( "
(Ihe ('anal and for <-;tim, il I'urposes, %h
dD'ov ision n hth>' poiin) t'i,iig Ihat i'
liIstI lases shall I. for I (( %' cars, anid
t'('n('wah le the1wr' aftfr. in : of 1111i
vvntS atl, I h'' pl(' : t1re 1f til, 1 iiidD
St at-s.
TIhe S I"1 is top b " si. i<i hen, ter-: or
about siv- miIs inl w:idt I. :(tinc over
this terl ilory ti' Ui il tt is
gliVen potli'c(' anui :itl)iar'y .iiD'.dic1ion1,
alt(ough it iS ("xlicitl} ol ' (itih d that
1'olombia des inot surri ilicr SOver
t'iAgnty over it. Tlhe Il' Ie :tatces i:;
to have the privilh v of fr- r im.lort:a
itioln of V'('s ls a'1 t ai'Dr::als o lw
nused iu the ('nalt:t. It was given the'
richt to improve, ilse artI protecl har
1)1'S at both th' Atlantic and 11aeiiit"
uls (of t le canal. ThI'e grant Is madIe
xeluSive to the United ;ttlcs and no
axes or rentals are to be cchatrged in
,d:lition to the gross siums of $10,000.
cli cash 11n1il a fee of $250.000 an
nually. The foreign relations (omtt
itlttr"e will etet't tomor'o%w to consier
the treat.
Friday's meeting of the( eainet. was
un(' of the most iipor'ta.nt held in sev
'ral weeks. All of thilie teml,ers of
th( ('Iabinet were J)resent. Secretary
Ilay leaving his home for ti' first
tine in Several daty; to attend the
tieeting. ie prSi-nt.ed a diaft of the
canal treaty signed last evening. The
treaty is identieal with that di..-awn b)y
this govern)en((It s 'veral mtonthis ago,
and at that tiine sulmittled to the
Colombian government. with the sin-.
.l;h exeeptlon of the amount of an
nutity to be paid Colombia for the
right of way of the eanal. 'Thi g,v
'rnment prol)osei an annuiity of $11)1).
(1(1(1. while Colombia Idi'manded $650,
rjI0. The Culomb)ian governillent.'s (le
mand was baed, i.t s sta.it.d. upon the
'tS(ertttin('d rotutrns fromn the P'anamal
Company in port d1tues wh'ich the Co.
1on1)1aa government ditl not desire to
hat'e redlliar(d. IDuring the sev'.':"al
months of negot.int.ions. Colomhia
agreed to all polnts; in the treaty
ol)pos(d by the tTnited States with
the (ex('eption of the annuity. That
h as beD n the point11 (of dliLlieece for'
inanyv weeks and at one1 time)S it threat
"nr'd to brea k oft' ne'gotiait Ions ent irii
ly. Secretary~ H ay commulnicated dil
reelyl ith thi C i'(olonmbi:tan go vein
ment. intimnat ing that somec agreeet
must18 be reachedii( s0oon. as t he Un it.ed(
States desXi re'd to) (enter! upon0 the ('on
struiction oif the cnnal, if it were t)
he0 ('onstrutedt(( by the l 'a nama routeA.
andl for' se'vera'l day13s activ'e eftO'rts
have' lbeen ma king to secunre an agr'ee
men'1t, but not1 utilII yesterday were(
hey succe'lssfuil. Thue Coiomilan gov'
erinmen t then, thriiongh Mhl. Herrani'lh.
thei) ('harge de affa ires hrr e, agreed
Alt other' )oints than this one or
monliey ('ompen'!)sat t11ion remin 1ed as t h rv
stood in the original drin:ft of the
treaty and ar i''cOmDh t)11ely sat isfact ory'
to hie United State's governtnent. The
I 'iitedI State's wIll have conItiril of thel
-mI as ro'ttuirIed b.y t he S pooner at.
Ithis haing been~ti'ti at tained'l by thle aih I -
tion of a plan for ai leasea or 10)0 year.-:.
r'en''\wable at tihe pleasure of tihl
Unitd'l Stat es. and C'olomb ia having
nohng 'to say aboltlt. thet e.xtenio~n.
The mtteris of 1)olice and juidicial
c'1 ont ar' settl'id by a scheume of
joint ati on, alt houigh it epial'r.Ily is
teSSudl t hat n0 ('it l/ize of ite Unite'd
States ill be irid by3 a.ny other than~i
hiis own courts. Control of the wva
ter'is (If the ports of Colon aindl Pan~
ma Is t ested In the linited States just
is far' ats imay be nec('(ssary for tihe
complete oper'ationl of the ('anal, and1(
It is a.tuedtl' that 01nr extra terrItorial
jtirisdiic't on will be unlquiestloned as
to the v-ater and 1,1( streams pertaining
to the ennial. All por't dutes on ves
sels passing the canal aret to go to the
UInited Statcs by way of an offset for
the annuity payments. T1he President
and ('ahinet are 'onfidl(ent that the
treaty' will be ratinied.
All For Teller.
ibenv-er. Col., Speclal.-At 10:30
o'clock a biallot for United Slates Sen
ator was taken in the joint session of
the D)emocratie Senators and Repre
sentatkv'(s. It was neicessary' to send
for- Senators Bailey anti 1111, who are
sick, and they were brought to the
State house in carriages. Fiifty -;otes
eiere east, all for Henry M. Teller.
Ilepres-entati ve M ladden was absent
st ill, and there was no choice. The
joint sess.'ioni then took a r0cess5 until
9 o'clock Saturday norning.
Bishop Watson Paralyzed.
Wilmington, N. C., Speelal.--Rt.
Rev. A. A. Watson, bishop of the Icast
Carolina diocese, suffered a slight
str'oke of paranlysit at his home in this
city between 5 and 6 O'clJock F~riday
afternoon, physicians quickly coming
to attenid him and tonight he is rest
ing teasil'. 'rhe bishop's left side Is
siightly affectedi, buit lie remainsc !on-'
sciouIs and1 his c2onditlin is not reC
gar'ded cr-itical at piresent.
Tlwo ior'e D)ead.
San Juan, 1'. RI., 13y Cable.-Alex
andeor Newton Daissett,'of Durham, N.
C., andl James Gartneldi Patterson, of
Plttsbuirg, landsmien, of the battloship
Maus achusetta, who wereO injuried by
the explosionl Januiary 16 of the pow
tier charge of an eight-inch gun, died
in the Military Hospital hero Frido.y
night. The remains of Dassett wore
e mbaflme~d andl, shipped to the United
St,ates. Patterson's body will be
buried here, T1hey wore the last sur
I ivors of the gun'. Irew, numberinlg
nius maan.
4)sie 4'atIvastes 180.u00 Arrit trts Iat (' i.
Ote of t he 0nos successI ul illion
aire farnliterS lit lt. west is IDavi(1
IRaukin of Tar)ii'. .14.. wh( hits mo:'tit
$1,UIII.(1 11.11 In) 1':l i ing. .dtn. \\"h , u . i
aliy own:- th1e ja-,.4 inrIn ink l11'
\\ ltt(~). Itu lii I1:15e. _3,M I .141, tln
norld1(. llan4kin h:a -.:1.000~ a1t' S un-l
dtlr hi,: pell-onal -;%I er\ 1 ion ali of
wVhitI. , uid('r cultl i'at iou ''- .\l ilI
':rs in )IInho nl, hIaV (e ;t 7,uu() :c.rts
Illitlor c''lltiva1iOn. Iut, tilt re are st v
eral liiub'11ems lo ithe C oti1at1y .lohln
SIt''atVil owns I'nrly .wo t:r.(ir("d
far(Ils ill Kit 1,:k b b. he opea es
tloute u (h(-n., auid :sanuut \\ .\Ih.r
1t1 It ( 'ti''hnat_ is Ohc' o \I !' of I t.
O(l( acrv..; of I'alr'rm in itlil I! Illinois.
althiugi' h( se''lo. visits at1Ny of
tlhei1, l.lalnaging I ll"' vil,I.' \al'i aIr"a
froml hi:; ofi: t in al ('hic a;;o ~ .y.,oi :y.
It:tnt,;u I1-:.'lu 1.1r-n101w with it %.(It
wrhi('h his i:Ither ga\t" hiin' wVil( hI IIhe
' ist a ',. lii( tiatlc'(I II:( ' (ilt fur ;a
.)ai' Of ('\t"li s111(1 d wilth th trn ille ;(II
lt'rts ,.I i -nl tl land. 11,1i hln h(1 w.
-ttu lato tl enc,I )h to buyl} al .-om;ll
1lr tet. H c had( been:r Ili; ' in lthinab.,
but (lhr niri,bht hett (I .i j:..,i< ti a4'; :
!:Ii 'n ll l;.' I ou nlt '- . Ste '(11 :.: 1 a 1 ;: -t t
)it IC) li tli 1 : :t the ii-ome of !.
( 2h: lit - h 1' r 1 i1. 1 11iit bIt,
:- ~i. l: Ir p Iti,i:- y e i. lie l --' -
y . '' ' 4 i 1 1 .. 4 I". :1 it ..'{ j."l
1:11,:"' : t ,' i 41 n ii :.I . t 1. : li, iI.
4* 1- 1 - . :Iii t l in .:t'i :I :. -i.::: h :
('i -:' I ', 1 '4 11 4i)'' : nl In s : .I bi
' \' %."4-I. aitie tt-r-d ( it i . i. 'g -II
IhII .- (' ;:!ite 1141 in I..1r- Ii ,n
(":'al. NI:i!bb - I1im( l o :. whe ('r I,l.y
:I(' l'(d i:rlil t h i -- d u--t il l ol. f hli:- ibl::
1 1' il r':l!V 44' :!.i 1 41 tiit' lmaihrkets.
fo : inst4 (' . \e \ n i 1t" 11ane . Ih- r - m is
''tillIt Il ('II 411 lir("'I\ \I. I' m-,-;I!.( Cl 1
bhth-vt\ r in Ith(" ani; of alila and
i)t" hi4 [-..ll :,'r -"; SOVn ;o h lih . . c'
al.-o rt w.s sirl --!" I (a tl, tr the
tlla' _ ts. but he.' raises (( : e (": s.
II(. h'"t' a mill (:1( his ra chiteh, anr heu
tlo1;.s it into tl(ur1. bult he( raitst's 11h11
whIii"a t I,ir; (:i. . 1it nti ht'- Iroti $141
1(1 $1110 . 1't pIotits 111 a( Iv I(III) l1he :tl
!all-a. AnI the fielrs in l1i' fiaii andtt!
wine r.' fI;-nisll )a'ti'Ire I't'r lis .I14 s.
r:':;i:l i'tan t ar"-hiug and irilailsg
ii J'In ilsam 011I\ it ('r.w yeari s pgto. '
day i' is wrorl b :' '' IaI hur'ir'l 111u8
cind1 dollat.-.
.It ll4: Si t'Wal4 it- L nl) fI'lii:1I g in ls;ll'
;;als w14the ul a dolha. le itIs V,li!111g
Ii' a reitl .('tit- ofl'( (' :I, a .aij'5.I4an.
lie lt)giht 5(nlr hu,rn(<i';ac'Ik .;-' rij ls
to dI( 'r' i it i e r--t i ( ns loll; It.r' it
i -l'i " p i .ll .1 1 'i. . ii :. ,?: l . t:I'. .4 : 1;
t)hII' t . -.' h r, wt a' s e ' :rt hit ''' T i i
i'. ' - '. :- ti l1 1 ''n ( ( (1)i., i . 1. ;:0
bI4) 1 :11 I.:1 .0 ng1 : 11 i i r 'IYj1 , i. , -1
TU04y. 1. : rn~s emon-1( Ill. 0r0t1Iu< 4.
4 1141 .: y bg a b i. la a h MI -
iilll'"I n' 8!' 1 ';(l: ' ii '44 \\ I t!, - ~ 4ii )1,1"i i
aInd 4.14: thw worh(4's I(c"ordi ill (hl(aln
tity}" > i ts' .Siz . tit( v a 't bI outl;:lt ct:- ij
l io .! VIa c lmi . V\tr t :: 1' wlit'r \ci. wat.,
dioa u . er ci :rlin IO itIl a t'( 4 e 10
.'0. h- 1hs bnod, hits fo.1 11rn- 1n h13:
ths :hrty1n lye clgs. ck
Aheedy rian ac'ins was 41luo''v.'( lthe
trleturae of th4.em.1( Thc' rough-cao; tn.1;
shouhi.4'41 sei these b(eau4tifuc ti now1) 41(
reatres ht rtingl avflock othf shi14'Il
i)lt4ory 14 night '43 in th rn:Ilivh hihhn. 4
4'4otlantl.(411 juming from 411i1 f a o e''40l;tT in
1t'he 1)1 b fitin sow aIn. set ln
and d45icin.rn t'she l ; Ier'to 4'h. &' 41
A e .at,Irge wat todm -1b)a3 ' h54
'h ph 4 :d. wh11h isho'ri: . )> 1.i4i \ b.-y
bels. Cear 'year1 o.4: .14). )it d:.4 Sh) ..N i
hunted1k wi'thout3' su'lt11 i(. One't :iin i
I hephser no1i' 4 tha. his'144 colle, 1-addCi
trlefweek. 0113- I thle I: i whis'I . wheni41'S
1)4'lddenlyx. 'P14t of~s a d e d r ate he '
h.)erd t e .h41 ep th n. 1)1121'101i'1 (11' 4 1..
lowing the sound,i hll came i')lt the edg
sawr t his ltl" blos4411y, with bothjhis tin
side thf I)chibl and11' bread Plsmal cansIel
table wre near'c i by.--ew or liier11
oman ei)latt fo stahyin witle geto
eltihesn. And vc~ie l YOthet mgo
whrsf the familyC iilaukety and
roldin lor moe a thn aC) reasonab"lre
Plet of11 tCie. wihoutS hein libl
fort arhil foret bor.vlt whi wn
.lstia dGra voes hay jit, rende ire.
thasin i n afouito brough by' havr.five
eirds. t,o Saxek for "ellth55. whi
thleyl acoge wasttinoed byoteyirtstr
hnd haun. Aryur mayel yond hismwif
IoT h reone thowe thetkihg Vh
thie later came two women 1.d.iod
The (iovernment Gf Venez.uela Will
Pay 30 Per Cenlt.
The Allies Said to have Reached An
Agreement That Will Settle the
Existing Difficuelties.
Wash IintoL(n. Special.--The) As Ori
atrcl I'rcr(5 hi I.; r bee Infc1"1'i- ii
l nitite"r I;ow\"n, arting for. \'en("zue(la
I)) ret"ur"n for thr raising (of it- blockj
adre, p(l(dges 30 prr co (t of tll, rv
''I'ipts of Ihe portk of l'orto (ih'1(I
and I.t(Gliatri, fill- sa1nn-t" b() <-o( (0 c t
c't by at .joit rtommillrt- miadl( 111 of
(ittV rpI)resenitiltiv. of raci of the
jHowV:i, hai'ng rihtinls ;:,:iin.-, \'( 1(
zii'n. I"ronll the fc"w dectail:: 41 Ite
("xthaniges t; w"\" l lnilt all. - thb:0 I"..iI ,
(,II here il. wvtnlt l11)"; r b M a l hr
rt ''i)N i(t r'ing :-:t; 511111ii J,ila i-" (.I
tIh - ltimnatt" ari' ::ni :, I. II 1 1 Ii, Illtll
c; hat Ii11 - h;t ' t i i :
i la< it a t ! Ir . i t a t:,?I 1 r l
31 i'l 4'lt,l . 3I, ItI I171' i;. ,
I tl to Ihr ri;,.:-"na
llt7lic~ r" Ji I hl"i:! rI a i ' ii " r,; I 1 . Ii
( - , , i: ( I l ' , t , I I I r " .t 't! I ' 'I" " I
' i ! h i it ii Iir i' tt'
'li ' Flt'I'(l3l r) 0P 1 s1 , it f! 1ut
sa 11 14 lllll l i r' 1 l l't' I t t h i'
stal - 1 1 . l i )i1(I' h, '17'I01i1
I 1I t~ (.1 that(im'( \t 141 hR.- 3 4 41 I~u
ii,; 11 II t 1 Ii(iiti t-o It , t , I I "\
t l' 4i l t . . T I ' I I ( i l 1 I o i \i a'. e
bit" s{'ll r so(1 an satisf;oti g Ii), 13t
iS 1(lea n (( d iii lim t ' h, lialii;, -vI"i -rn
31nl intti t h e 1 h ., ii f! (;, 1 It)111a
al1ongL fav')1e"l an1 honorif , l:1 rt I) .
In se and that ijr h i'a ' 't lts all - ::
I''u trhe favo Vol. \\th which it rt"1gardt1'h
th ftowen1 lt t)ios ion. he \\' i re
ing a w\illinlgnv.s: to dl(f(r to. thair
\,'icjw' in thie iatt'!"r.
Aintly derestie detail dev.\'tlopII. is
that (the proportion of the rttstom::
ltt (i iitied' al Lai' uaira :114ia Porto
Cnlcllo to be paid to the allir"s is in
pAer cent.. a proportion 1rally larget
than at first a)ppar.s owing to thil)
1a("1 that t.host wo ports t ollcwt. a
larg, part of rnstoms 1rec"(ipts of thle
rountry. fTh" airangemntent for ( nash
payment cnn probably- he ds ee
\;itht, for the customs rrceipt wvoulri
ildy dora' hll. It'pressing individl
c 4 aims of 1the alli's. I'h( liftil:1 of
ttt blorcad \-:otlI not mniin thn (omi.
I.I" t virhdlrawalI front .\m(:ric'ani wa.i
trrs vi thle all!(i flc-"t. and it is unt
td(:rSto d th.t nr,t on)ily 'i1! th( liritih
Amelri('an iI("'t rolmain in its ac"(ulI
l:n d '1 witr (llatir rs i the Ca'i1rri
-ian. it the German ove"rnonlt Will
dr( -' fl.( mi its :i:,.- -11 n ve ol< -
t. a '. Il' r;Id wvii ronlinue! thlr
S ta'i Pen .imerha w:
T \ ."' ( lOr'. th;. . l: nty) anl'l (;,,at
I. it:, l li,.: !: ,' i.sis.n all :;( r ?I , i 1 t w
Sioibmitt((d by\' .\ ini.:. :
Sfi )' : r 11' ( itl' 1 3 34'1 o, '10 ImS rll
" ( 1(-: Srit r ti ifr r r honf r -l
R.-- T11::. SpnanA larffe fatthey
ioi -t.in bht. h .\l by,v N., wtor
Gut'11Ifrl' a:y, tpehp'ofnetal 'foat
C...rn 'Iliy. proc 'es i wa:d iyfire Su -
daypt iii. :'li (!UCo the Glern3y
iirdaow. The ales are nhwe-va. in
xaine:rath alu ino the S.:uth.n
hoff' eeti n1(* tr llgti ICGitl-. dW al
11l3t. fom ofQ timmeS ih
Ai'i t.an Pe1ee eiive.3 pldt
i'('CC!3) t l 11.1 thiW. lPv a hee. .1 Thea
beInyal1 mais Pt.--amr i-.g took of 1i h0r
333 l .-stin .is 133343' l'it h e ,o I si l a -t
.\im3l !!oof Ii . lSa turd 1., l thd iti- I. t
by .-h. 'il..y. tiC . he .i;ty Iftl 31) ofh -1 -
:i 5t ('3L li; I (ht ljet .3 e o f I: : he : i: 1 - I
nt' :':l a031 l. 1)rel t 14::. 1 1 a 1 la-:8 no 1)3
ter' b)" 13):1t1: Vt - il-f theV ('' i t.IV I i-,
1004 fet o3)flI'e 1 3n' o'1t(f he 13volcano
in . th n (t' .i lt'g:'awr . 'l e 41)1 tlou .
aof01 trik l m:'- s ovthree-ua ite. Aotea
Cch od. Spe- S argi fator
Vaugha. andl. operated ash argeobac
aomay, was deC'stroydga fie Suntiyt113
day~n night The case lofth. f-*ir ge is
unkown.f Thve loss is eavy. b t
nithe thatm nrvhehdtl bnuage Inuhl
bow ashrtapdtnight- hlcw~e~ln-3
Adredy, and i patia lftndid
receptkpntei ria hr,ti
A lagl .et just likt" -uns'hine";
it free x u ti; e.
Penkof tu ith light
And drt\".". t.,hIi l a14b tav i
Ant fv ' ."rg strolg
A I't1l; is ju>.t l'ke- al unHtifnll
' l',e,~r IngK ttlk! i al ing.
A 1augh iw j l ikt ni u :u.sh.
It linriters in thu h tri
An' wt"hero its i lyh. is hwartd
1 h t ills of lifi til"lrurt
Andt, a) y tholuglih'our"wtla
Its joylul ,t(e to greelt
A laugh is ju..t 11ke nltialt;
'or naking living [email protected]
--\whbirttoni %ta r.
ihr" This folr rug is %ery be'auliful;
I( w,\ha1 be3'1N( Irr".' it be(lnga' Ill- I-an
lhilly T 'Io no-.
tiarl ' I; all t)f I'arlton's m on3'' in
hi:: 'if("'" i2 li , *,. -.' \\'hr-(II- m \\'t r'e
thal Ihat it's in 1(r p .i t.
11'i'w\a". It i .a I114 ' Iiu.tle II O pay
3n3' :3I. lar Idli The. (ll (p!-Ii(n o( i
r(3nt Ie p.. ul' nuoving. Ioo.
L 1.1 3 ilnl s ry- b $ ie ". Ir --
'rt '' t,tl,l; I i rg3 it It. . I ii S k ill
:( 4\ti3, e i.: Ihat i a illg
i -'.1 1 li l'e 433
b)h t na h a h. pt
it rI xa( '' 1' itrl tv :1\ e o i. ;3ir:
1i4 I: "t ; " l t' e l i. 1 r \ : : I a
I' ;!ri li.
N 3i I h , a r ' : . a" lslr".1 atl
343h13 14 3 3 1 tC. I. llt.
!o\ Nv'~311 1 .~ il ,' \\'.:I:3113 it
lh- I(1n 1 i r it :1 1 on. I 1 1:I i
iil"T hII i. 111Ie ;f t;bIi!r".iy h
'T. 1!3331 '33 !('" 3 ;44 1 I)r'"I i "3 11
to i 3." t hi l;e tl i 33. .,[rang -'. --Y.
wr. ue. rtplh'''"d 113' 133m-r3 mlil -
litIe . "\\'h}' do yo,u 11, w ors l'k1- '
I hhiI ,s -\ hy wa-,- Ith Ir-. til1-I
Irui\ien (,rt b11(1\r- n l Iarl lpIm an \ .\3 iSS
.lt :i' s:' Sl 3bbs ---1 13 ljr. t" i h ' a in,. to
(hr' rclnvinsion ihat h("r in'Onll- wtasn't
:rpl 33oug t('Tl1n)'11 o1 sull, l 1 (hem.
"Ilitti .t y u 'Ollow\\ d the '-(nrst- y"ou
marked a3t 13r yolirsrlIf when a b?("''"
"No: I in)t('nl)h-d to b u. a gre-at financier.
but I have no-volr p-1 breel able ill get
('lloIV3 .tl i1!r,ll: t 14) t I'il(:I i.- (.VIiii,
"I)(arl'.. " pas.zi(P1,11-.y exclaimed
I he visil i) ). yo '3t. "'O1 ai v(" 1.1 m tO
a(ore- - "...;o md!" iteilrrupteI ;3 Voice
fro33 3th4" Sillirs. inl r("Iic-\-("(d It( -.
"Now. I h(,l,e- you'll t Ir-3n it and Iso
ti'1ibli.h-- It ri3.3t'n-1 r'(equilll(. 3(-h
inmy,);inlaton or illve-ntliv' ability to
write a his 1tri l nlole . ir '.I1''
That's wh r ( (tIt are wrong)Ii L'. it i ....
1',1)1r 5 lot of imagination I in) . I3 i
Ih(' hiStorbl:1 a-Imr.
The. lPallt r l---I m:- tin e ti33
ve1y' u'ra geis t yem d (l 33 3.3t3
S his rcloth 's. The, ''ail(1: rI;:u I 3t'
''I1. l. thinI-: so'' Til I'rll on
-lt 1 1 ('\' r 3' lit t hi.t.
11. rt llla rk$- 134 13.i!lla the wi l' l1310t he 33
'r. "'Now'. itl 3mr ma3tm33.-r 313.13
:33 kno3w. T(1m-3.Oh. .133' s0'31'med qut3 4.
ta2il 3)n 31he ic0. - 4da--Indeed 3?3 Tom3
3 4- 13 11u4r $li of~' a gir3'.
The3 jurly br3oulght in1 13 '.et die-' of'
Not3 g ti!t.. The1 .Iu3dge' said. 13do11m..1
11:!y''n th3rso3-' .f r t i
' -11:1 to' kh away144413 from31 had1( enm3
- Y. 14.y urim .Y u wili t
333 1.-: 0 agan113 3 itn a hurry3'~ ." '
Y i';:1 no1 .' 'ai i stern'J par33-11.-.
t ii 3y'. 4'lt 3l e::s m y '4;li j
'-p h3-3r3 in ring. "Ixings.'.- lo you
link I.-ite is going33 133 wear'l 333n331litigbu
ings1$' "\\'1l. I 33nly ;3$YkeI 3i 113.3
.\t . S;3r'i.gins- -- I fear'- you3 wi.:li .n33ike.
3mis$31ake.,' ieti in en3gagig 1 (that
ir3. All'rordin33g 13) h1r 343 n story, 0 sT.ieh
-3rmat13ion shIe w4''ill be3 able to Ii'inn-3
hout33 3130se ten fam13ili0.9s! . -
A wel-known.''3 authoress'0$ wats once3
tiking with1 3 a1 dilapidated hacUheIoi,.
'1h3 retained( 11 ittle 1mt 'his$ conceitll. "'It
1 tim3 3now4.'." 13e said,( pom13poIItsy. "'for.
30 to) setle d.(own as3 a3 m1arried man,121
uti I want133 $3) much1. I wanit youthI,
enith wealth'03 31. (3f ('ourse, he.an1ty',
ra13C-" "Y1es." $3113 Is f'air listener,
empatlIlhet ially. ''you33 poor. man,31 yon3
133want .them(all." ' '3 333 4V
In 333t3eIt of1 31Speed'3 a1 ve'ry litt1le vari
31n ofg( hl1 1ai'. power 3.1( 3ounts for333t
33u3'13Iihl13 a330a, 1hi3 aI~3313 oniderale $
is $ singular' that in Iour33 Frst railroads31
r' 3re11331an13. En3ginr3r enr$034'0icAvored.
a 33331 numer ot walys to overcme 333' it,
!'''d. 313 led'( by'113 the 4 familiar3 r3:l of'
333 shape10... !Nt3 3n 33 pies;ion$ of31 (3' r1'
I('3e4. Our' ('ngines ar34 rnormous3l3.
13113r" i'3, but13ii; f.a33 '(3n aga11nst1
1!m1 ('3 hurrienn3133'. 0333 ('ar3 ('3311 ar3
33t walls, 33' ofein 3131 . squar feet to3l3
3g to3 annilate11( air3 as. well as$ ;'jar3-.
New Yolk J'ves
teof 13)31(1'ion3 upon0t the93 orch1131. - 31.
fection03.'" A03rordinlg to1 31. 11irnartd's
3dition infecte1d 33'~3 1ld in'toruglyrnde
tied manner103, and3( thle cultivaIon03 of
3o finest11 var3Ieties is 3)1nly 1poss1ible un.1
33' certain conditions013 of Iinfection
-omn their earlies13t de0veIimiet0l. The
ext. quetion 101or determination3 i a
> the r'&atIin oaai l'OgaQhin3
.4 '.b .letI: I'a it : .at h ,'klH11. l t c 4vil., 't''i' 4
- t I t 1.1 're"t . 4ia xvil.. It-- Ml iinry
'ir*e"1, (, -) - C/taaientlaI r l4 n 1h
li t 't 1. -w I I 14.
A. 1II! . I 1 .\ I \h ' t I :: " -' \ ie
i1,:, ,, , U 4 .11t ". .I' i lnt 1 1'. n1 1
.r: li' . ., .Inll I t ll. I' \viu t,' " ,4 11 '4 111
U'hE' j. I titU ' l' .ibit .' . 44' t
, y l h e 1 . 1he
4\I ' 4ill II I . 5 I '' I : u' I I ' l" ';
11 .\ hel,. t' he. 4 -it .l m' ltl I '1 t.1 ,. 1
w\ r I. : ,1 l It ., 4 '.. I;It h . , l-, .1
.I Iin .jlt I 1in- r l( t I ., \\ h-1II
:. 1 I h " I 1enun 41 .;i. .
'h I :r u <it he .h-\ . .1 ) l . 1,i.
it. 1h-'. e-I 1it ( t oI It '- 111'i w h I,- fiur . TIi.l.
.' -h' : , 1 l,lph ib,-.. 1h \ a,111 ,I:I:.u .n. .
-'s, b y"I 'ai . .II' h;, it .\I-m .- 41.""11.
u i. ii I :ii : t _ : ,'
ruI ':-'I -' Il v,1. ( ; 11h,-" Il,.;I l.
1ln . it II 11. 1 id . \1" I I1 1 11 ' 1" . 1
- b. b1 ',, f
4 - - 1 -t
\. I'I ti ' 11' , I n -\ 1
i1 ,I ' 1 1 !,1 '1 I ' ', " . : I :. "
II!, I h I ."t,
I.!. L ,I I'- .1.1' l1,l , II I,. ,,
hi . 1 . i .
--titu:en ~ ~ ~ i to -h d .r' \e
11, 11 1~ nI ro:1.b "l ,, . n t, hils ) 1 I 1'. t ii,
h e >u d : : . \ ,,"
,Ilt ih of the 'r '. d wh m . hI"
1~ II I~ :I II ,"\ ' 1. 11 t; /lI. it 4 t:1 ,. :'I ,11 ,
' . '. '. 11 t 4 it a e .' " b. t f". , t
. tid I ll ' l 4 II i .I. i ti', ' 4I t e
41' I ,;t l'" (1 (Ii(' 1g14. 1 ~I/lt p . '' II, t I, ):. i .m .
ll'' J\ "llr4'.14I4I"l
y4'ti~. W & t) 1N't: 4Illtl' I~4 ""444 '
that itlaltte 4 r ( rl ;t d . 1. Ih.It all thinl
:!r 1';1:ntIt1lled by Ia tC. I, Th1 - 1.t 1.tv worl
n1.i. (( ed1 by an1 ( t ll aci eiI thll",)11g i.1
tt(14(lm . .\nd t II".(' w(' ilt' h14 ( dio'lt r'ine-. ,"1
ai hivaea r:. W hII le I' ItI I .(4:n t~id Ii
Itr t f+ aiitlh in r44 .1.- 'I r Imlt 1 th,mll the(
( - t 1). "I)u ullit h 'i .'' \ -.Ot Ig. I , 1e
.I4 '(11'i4 :Ig1i 1.1 Ih, it!'ah" \.till ''I.1
l k 1gain-I1he ,lbt lt 1t444 I \
2ri 14 \'i. i 'lItI' , - i' .!. .. Ii
(1|u1 4 . 4411 h41 4'',h'4 .. ' . 1- tite m .t , I
:I4d ((I:' 1. tI'. h h 1t ' h b. ,,..<!
11 - it 1 I,("l ril'! .1 , ,:I1 h'''t: 'l I. I 14 -1', .,
i, i )L' ! '"'i. m ih fe 1.o 'ffe r - .1 1 '"1 .! 1 .'1'
('1l.1 ''4 1 .1( t h 1 h'' lte ist" 'l4. irn .l ,1
1 "On blood. 4od h1 p . .l4 a4 , 4444
,1 :11;.4. ' Il4l' 444 '6 \ ' i. 11"' 1,4( 1 44 r,ti ' ' . ,I
44:t4 ; .'1 :t on 1, I r .( t.:- ('n 4m: . .
lit.4 ill 44'1 44.': li '(1114 .1 1 ' , ' ii 44 4 iIl)
nton .III 'h I)util (por l . h!I ; idt/ toI)1
bel4 all 1 ('inle . andt(l i Ito 1"1t i n-' ji' 44 y
;i.i 1 i11l.i \. 1''V l ih('eIi5 . i Ii. r; r ,-- .11 I.,f,
41r-4 and i 444 tree.1. every 4na in was te pro-4
tlue:t t its ownli~' 11 soi .414 4m that the1 r li.. 44:
mns4. Thei'444 'i whole 1 tnman t ..n v. 1444wen.4.
41111-'ient lit 1')4tn 4\j4 , n0" 'i .4444, .444 ti.4
un.tt .4' arei brethren4l'. ''ll.tII4111 de 4ennind."
it nent.11 4i 4414 world,1 a4s 44 l ;.,. 44'I it 4'.
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