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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 05, 1903, Image 1

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XHS. C I [U R S)A Y , FE BR I'A iRy ., i (J;
m b
Appropriate Monument to Be Erected
To His |onlor.
Not a Tablet to the icmory of the
(reat American-Congress not to
Be Asked for Money.
Washington. SI,peial. -The' 'T'lomias
Jeferson \l' mntrial AssoiaUtion formin
(' for a ll(. o 11111-1e of erecting at, the
national e;apitol an appropriate and
trilly naticillal I1tloroial to the atthor
of tli' I )''t'llat (ion of 11)(I1(4e 1e Ice.
through its pres i t. Atdm1iral (ieor'ge
1)'we' y,v. has ii - d a-(I .appeal t(oIl l h
Ameri can t)tol,l' for faunds to1 carry
otl the Ohi) t if the associa ion. The
t~x( of ! lb ;( t(;il ii as follo l -
'"11eadqcuarters. Thmmas .('ffer'Sln AS
t' iation ot ii a l' ;t.
"ii\gai- I tto . ia n. :;1 I :IJ1r:,.
"T1o the A\neri'an i i'(.ople:
"The Thomas ,1 e[T,rson \tNI(11orial
t;soiation has ien organized to
tlk 11p the long-lgle(tedI duty of
(1r' "tini. a i fit iai t_ lllemtlorial It the
inello of the man who wrote th.
1 chlration it' in hiep('nldenc'e. \\".,
lavi' hoe beatit:ul and r'osity rilh
utes to the' in1n r>' of Ameorri sot.
di(rI l sta>; :;t;l (er mrn, phyi ( tian , inVent
oS andt ph i lanthr' Iiiists: ani Iti e ;ol
dlier>; andc saiIr'rs of rance ar(' hton
ore(1: but ihl :' i. not (ne tah!t. I Ia
Tr'1holuas .i' i -!' on.
"\\- tslc th( !+;t i( to ontribult' au
ort.nr to th :- alb ili, to ti e mo
rial. ('ttl rt -.' i ll );o he asked for
itonehy. I we :, t !: sotIy 1po() n the
pe(ople.o Ih ' t . he l s t e l. tiih',
hldn , l d i t ' 1a 01 fIoII thltl, 1!:.
--00ri-o i. l t, t' -ll fon . T e h t l-t
t tire1 WI , i "In r 'pit.I.it 'I l tle 1i"0'1
:11, u st '" I " llr"tlt):t"'1 mtn lo ill
<'annll t I't .' n"t it wt ill be apprilt1
jilat'e to I Sat t . 1h 11 :tanIand
w h";t' h :i !h bli!t'!. rah!''. ltii 'i
('Il.1n1m:,1 w 1t' , t::e v. I ! t i I-;; '..
"o e (I' t r!! l :1o tr e wfil' .- i l a
"C('1rtii<a(' a l' l ecl;iati hi su:r'-ip-o .
filo n t m 'ar:'Vimu: withl it. m-"-mhi'rship '
in the to: ig i -tin. in timllo' 1h> romil1' e
th se i 1lih-il'al il he h tnj-des of
h onti at i gh.tg money o
le to (honier ei d - treasi(r of the
assovia; in. M . .b1 . : I,(. \' ilson, I,in
('o1nt Natiion::1 i:aiti . The iniople will
be k'i :te i orm(It'd ol all im1p or1)1tant
a t ionl of it 11o'iati 1111. 1h enl
illltlili1thI sa a ti:''hss'd i i the ti'r('t' t
ttry.v . "!s .an. w,\"ill r c(ie
(0r 11I II. Ill( 1n t'Lo ,.
"Admliral1, U. S. N."
Th. , ats!: int )I1n is now1 comp(11 t elii in) I
t: list of ofhr1s. hli tae ing
rt'i red by a vtie- pr'.i(deut a d11 in
sOme eH s b aV ''(hsryeent(iia .tie on"
te badof Cnvernora. Te controll- I
ain hol.(s.I1:. NI \ra m ; m n o il a "
-iilir c .e I in this r o,untry, it
i; ca - . illv It a : i a t st i ig r h iore
ten of lhetimafemr ac er :u !tai !l'i
iwlic te i s 11ha\ 'i, 11 in'f. vol- and
1ve w'ilt 't '
Rociatid .x pr -lb.n apr'ivc(. her,e
assci" t inll ti l i l,>o g !
from' Ne,Tr o ips -l i is t. ,ll'zt! of
i ah h ry. ( nt.. Itp al. eltivh.
:-opanfie o the irshit thmet. ('on.a
ngount Na ti Iio ltiard anf hive
Ac ois plfn thoI heooldcn.
with~ to lting fornat wr led too
\atrbur goinaya Wight. as thie com-t
mandtem ifsovan [lp or Camb rhan e- i
avy, O "that impeclmratiend aoea
thued wietstht of further dis.
Imnportant Session of tio Anthracitt
IP hiladelphfia, Spevial. --- ''ho mtiooted
(illestiont of responsibility for the Iiti
tation of lie hard coal productIon was
again an issue before the AntiravitE
Coal Strike Commission. The ImatI
was brought tp by Attorney I)arrow
counsel for the milners, who reilneste'
the commission to sttimmnon the presi
dents of the co''-rarryinig railroa1s a.
Witnesses. The detand resulted inl a
lengthy diseussion bet wren ('hairtmaz;
(raty, (otinsel for the indepenlent op
orators. and \l'r. l)arron. l -nll
(Graty said the cotumission would con
sider the latlet of calling tihe prsi.
dlent5 for stated pl-rinses ac<l i Ih'e
isne is regarded as in'ii; before th(
body they will be called. other'ise he
pit' ilenis will not Ie asked to (es.
('tttsel for the Ininl.rs also) an
nounr'ed that he had recefived nlun.
115 lett' 1romt targ" operators and:
.overnors of State In the Ibitumnino:t.
legion and desired to have soine r('p.
IP(etntativ"(s of th1at distrie1t app'-:1
be'fore thl( ("oninitt('e to give intformal
in ronnrerning iradle agreemttsti . II
his ioltlil not h. <1O:b e the mi -r
lniou would like to hivre the i 1t< -i
(:dl,before t he ommtuission. Ih T i l
n:ln said the sbijct'I is at t rr". 'nt h
i h1eid !nder adv';s('ment by the oIn
'T'he'' his I'n testiilnony boefor(
lie '1onimisi on.'' said Air. DaI-ow
'that tho. ' inert's hav e limited to (oat
111(lurtion. \\-e believe the re';tilion
!as b(el Imadle by the oplerato:'. Ittit
;o long as thev romplanie:; hav(' nuld
he %ha g '.i l t to bring 1 c fore tit'
('111ui:;ion the presilents of th' a
id- ) i nordrl1't htr we'( iw he abb1
301 arn the rm.n i.' JIs;IlI Ilr
((Ii(r-i 1 1 ti' ( li11 ied th s p l be
ginl th nat:;:a1 m'ark i t na i
liilH 0'to n tel l an orr'.lo the' op 1llon
,)11 ' tI11i i'' s(r' i ici g t ' 1( ;:tlil,l i)r41
h (1 tilh 1 . il l) ll
a': 0114" t'."r)i;((11::("1 Ii 1'
'''I thI)' ' h1 1 -: l i i '.1 tit(' O 'llol
111 1 thejuj33. (",c ;Il:; :'' , :li i ! lit-: ("111
1Ieti n of hli e otl s n tp 11 i o ii
A tIlle'!h All ()i :''n l' Ii . li :':, Iili 1
ihtllt o e irt t in 111)'). n lHd ; a o"the
ain n1 I!iher <o- cars d:iily t :an ht:il a
nille' to te l an o r ht:raI nle wuo)1
IO:i (' nli a r,l"taint 'n1 l I-.r ('Chairt-l tn
tray answer("d t,egatively. b,ut said(
mie it-(1"l has no right to rest i t the
vorking hours of antother.
''Thn ilinr.1 t rl M rrw ''Dar 1 ha:
31 i m y b a : it i:: i gg e: an!
Irog'er, the right. to telI another rm
any it shall do a rertain thing?"'
Chairman Gray thought not..
Attornty DIckson, for the companies.
tited that during il101, and tlp to the
ie of the strike(' iti 19'1.! the output
' (ill was restriled by colre:"ted
eio'. The strike was known to be
hand and the operators made overv e
h31rt lw'sible to store as lmut h ile w oil:1;
ie bly. The oatera.1 , he said. are
il.o ls to keeli 1 1',arket pt ! e(es
o(1n by eenrin4'lan Cd011 te a'pvo
i ar the dmandmw :md de( r . iir.
All of Iter bla les i oe
(.ry! t exan ined by oe<mns fo t rl' til .lill
' e with a v ok ii n inftor:lta
'ihonna . \-i. Spli:al.- .\ ll ''l'i iflor
bIlilr oilf a l'nainl'erl 4'lOmed11. Par
11r. liin olnilthe1 roifom' 3M1n1 to:
Ireal. boltheI '.jam s rver ami1llI i i kiled
1lr's track 3hidr tre psling11( lin
hie' 31dge of the woods olyliio a t 1341
'hed yardsi from the' hoye when tll'he
alsgwer very rld.and Kiledto. le
bildre an to the hose, forgetful of
di tolave tlittlele i the ne arn
ad rn1 the head from (Ct Co tle bodytof
1h( 3hild05 adker devioing oCIt. Du
lerydtrouleom Si n heI magnains tild
avetli preyiIed n ore and atle 20 Asuch
n119 etetght own~ilil~ershae biled.naoe
IltCleepIt t,hir te h'lroused.lllle
Twolia' Kil'llked lTrain.l'llri
oavana(t he a.. 11 SpeilI1arry fulln
e sid ois t ,ily i'tushigwr.n
tn nty ied t to rairoad rosingb
CoarmSavatna. They wpecIa blugty
ithl lIst l' l s ig'ds t b roth e andfhid
if. otzhs of who edIr o enlul Sae.
)aed uninjured. A b10luff1wa o bsrshe
ailwiay traca therIii crossint an be ee
are. drove wil tei track before thoy
,lrnaa of t, eek Allroach ofIa brain.s
ratheibed mareienafw weekspton.
he -oug wma'soywshril
End of North Carolina's Senatorial
A Sharp Bat l'riendly Contest That
Ended happily and Developed No
Ily far thc' Itost. im)o)ttalt nltter to
be dealt with l1y thill present goeteral
Assenmbly was ihll( eleition (f a I'iited1
tateh Senator to sueec'ld Ilon. .1. (
Pritchard, w\"hose Ierla -X))ires' i on
March 4th. The legislature be'itn
+trongly I)enocrati(- in 1oth )1anl( s.
Or. l'rit("hardI could not hop( to sn(e("(I
linum elf. Ihe canlldidates moist. p romli
('nIt ( n1 th(' I)enoeial te ,id( wer(' , l11n.
11. \atson. of Forsyth: Ilonl. 1,oke
'r'aig. of lia111('ombh'. and H ot). 1,(e .
)\eruniin, of FIow\"all. TI'he I )emo("ratil
'austis has 111" and balloteI for i b!re
V (ks with but little ilnctualionl in) ti!(.
'eStlt. No one dlarc'id I"laim a nanlina
.ion for his favorite.
On ''hIfrsday night. 1owever. lthe
"'a11ls sel(ect('(d Ion. I.'ee S. e( mi an
>y a break in both i the Watson and
raig for(es.
Ilo). L0e S. Ov ofran of itowan. is
I 'nll):aratively young manl. lie be
ongs to the order of young r..(n wIt)o
r(w up in the lwriod immediat(ly
T1-. S. ovi.:.mAN.
tfter' the war. 11is r"cord as a i:nvtyer
%ild a legislator is lea:n, ati ahbove
'iticisn. As a politician his rc'(-ord is
mne of conser\'atism. clI leld with ah
iolule c"baritabl)nes:: towards all who
Iirfered1 from him.
Th(" following :1("coulnt of his nomtina
iln is talO'n 1ror1 the ('ha.rot e Ob,ser.
et's Italeilh . ond(I(n-"':
ii i ))le ib 'i - .\i tt(n ninutes to
' Thur sda:y ni ,11 ! .( t h O\1rmnl: , on
ho 10 I1s hallo: 101 1 h! 1 . i itn a d 1
iI,:h of the ui!ghttr i\(" I -:t of thll 1 -
O!("5 of 1 1 e Il" 1 ) 1.-r tl ' i-- , t - an.1 -'
("'a- 'Ive its !1- 111(i "" T he1 I"X(it-.:1 il
iII I til'- 1+u41. w \h", Illi : n 1 wi b n i -
.n-4 as.4 ll-) Cir' b( lo r sh-: I. . rl -d a
I,iual iner (i I-u2 f41:-S ( gaerman 410H III
( 1 r1a)) al ; hi I hI f th'.t; (I 1
h-:ide )t o ie '.1 4- . v r. :.
(4e)an 11' t on I ,)fl i ;-h)4a ollits WIt ver*
'C'o(n i t Ihe 1 Stte. )411te 's 5
Assoosn as the514)) ri I-fln was)1 an--1'
Ionneedto the a Iha.I iman, .t. .\l11rto
IfI 3 ma it1 unanim)' 41 5 ns. I This wa ve'
Vats1)n's toreman.)4 Onii mtI-i)On- of11 Spak
)''r Gatti the1418 hirw appom Messrs.
liebb Giat.tis. i) 1ughton. SOurph and11
i0Vatts a i 1))1 om ite t4o04d 5115 notify, M.1
.Joverm'nan ofhisiI noin~tion1nd44'or
3ra) and4 Watll)son.f Al ghy hecheer10 11
iin entered the hll. a snow-sgiatrtli 'ofi
'Iverman halt,) thr at from4 the 14l
144 n n the plai)1'''55 tr inl 1 ront 1 of1)4
"Wonh14' l I thae ft )gI )t 0ld il 1xpre:wi
01 the feelin1gs of myi hert.iinn only1)
aygh1 to ou I1a g4lad.tha )r'iIeS Im grate
mOlen ba1ttl roal't buI)t a battle 0 bl
00)1twent 1) 1) t 10 tGea)thpp'aus11.
W'Go the s exaha tilln ) tha t com I i i. lit'
tho gthereti \omes toI me14 the 41 sa r
10 t hat .i WO be)tibl:e lln1e (1ias hav
b-n a v ted.hIa a pla se.)it
iMl, W,tavl bu it my greaet
hition 10 itoI otilta thelins. Wth ob
11'' lgato to ndefepatio' n oleial
eeI't ie wih ttiy '' service, ) with the
bles ing oft e God, tll shlleote P1urelf
of44 3)1y Stteand for my) prt 5y~a, fo
wichi 4OItihave fough0t5 for the patt:y
tions- are upon s; the very hasal) ston
rights to iat, hpcig privlgs t no
man5 tright o1f (en-needs o he~ care
met by''0)o th05( be g rut and otheri
0ombnions that44 threate) n the vCoun
"lIIG fbleds youal my~ c~to arinys or
th4aln)asnan h ra ri
( iy s:ying he wotud :lever forget the
Ir'iends who had stood so devotedly by
ii tiring the conliest and for tIhose
1)n1 the otior side he had no hearthirn- A
I'egs. lit- only hoped they Would hold
ul thu' hanid of the genetleti thley
h:ad (Intrustedl with the highest. Off}(ce in)
Iheir gif.
\Ir. C'raig iegan by saying: "A Hol-- \
dier has lost his bulkler. but there is
uo grie' he1"ause a soldier hts foIlt
it.'' 'reat applause). lie said th( di'
a,pipoit 111111t to i11m w h grclat, bult
tIei Was great colpensationl in rl:il
ii.ig that this honor had been i, m it
ferrt'd llpon a true D)emlocat at111 a;
uoble a son as the State counted ald
he will work and wear the inalIt o 1
tht' gre at \'lnt(e tunldet' w hose pol ,:it i
lie is now sitting. (Great. applalls~'
T1h1 li)1"nw(irat'i' party owes t e osti h
iupg :1nil 1v.OS no m1anl anything .11111
ev"ery service0 I have ever given it w\a:
!e luet it was given. I(; reut a11
phl:lse). T1he great (ldI ll Iott:nr, (ty :.,
. \ ati son, nd I Ca11 contiill. to 't-1
in Ktie racks and will help to hoh1 t,t
~~reckc'. 11
~t il ha n s of t 12ii l. Overman whot1i ii 4
hW(l'tn ("I("(t.vd by the b)"st11. I sl! ,
(''r: aSSenll rI(' 11 the -Sat(. tGt )i iia '
plallse'I. 1 beli('ve 3<ni ha ve dlone w\'i:1:
)o*lit belioved to be for the good1 of Il ,
State and what. youl hlonest-y ti o141:
wnld best build up your Statl .i r
nany Killed and Building Completely II
tablsli 141 tt. t N::L: I'd i's s Ilis'
Wreckced. '
Niagara l-'alls. N. Y., Spt'tiul. I ml
which was1: startl'(1 bly ht".1"xlo:io! ~i ita
l(e' of tht ig tra ' rI u r.s i n:'tl e tr1 1he Il
p 1wert t'lo of lle \o' i:l'i . ('r- l 'ils
1'ow r :lb 1t ('out!nil t'iltoi I\ !.'rj,1 h 1u
night. Il to yed thou:I ls Ie f 1Itlgl:ir hi
wourl.hl of vaba l mi hin-r;hi!t m
uarar ilyi Ch ge . f t he bit ' 'l
to (1Witri ; ht'r t. :\: ' ( 1n a: pIl.t.it bl, tit' , t"
w\or'k of reph,a,inc 1114- 1ls ::< +nh !
na ' he:-Fit 1 wiVtht nt o h 11 tn 1.1
por ry a a : 11'In:'1' :11 c 11 . ha. - ml4 l
w ith ;It " \ i;i;iarl !-'il:l, Ilvy l ito, ( 1
whte b po er: Ai.l-:re. .,- ,rm -
tlgti b ('I t' N fah-)t l at. I n" v
T l\ nty' (lit tle .t :t I ,11'i ., oft "i 1; i 1. 14 I
Wh-fori ahre 4) tn':da gi th. daet fo hti i
n\'"'i 1r d 14 oit :' ( '1 ',I 'Ft' $ .he:i tI i
1 ent, t hii 'l Ian 11 for lrl"i1 1 ctlt iI ' l 4 y It
aNId S11 i t of Ill m:)1 o--mir.. 11'
tem horar 1r'. a1., ;.,' l l ia t\\ t'he .1
ineilng the iagra:rnt.. h t
at n t,1 N ived b o: so h t.
1!"I('ti\1' f i lil , ;; . : ! i ahecrl I. -to~r.
f Ir
lt i is, \f 1 ofl 11 It ' I : ' I is t,l I.Itl I r
of therIll it a' d '1'. of ' h ma ni-- hI
nrt iglib rli c)1 (' i f In) 'iIt' 144 yiz"!lt in:; I
t..l t was felit ir 't ly' 1! by,o uto iii
A of t: O itcali. N r 1 lle. '
~t('lporarye 1t ;):li':< ;+''.11 ;bt1 Niil' lo . I'+ : itt'
otower' n pC' ( 'ot llt;ilil ('I tl tly ~1t) t'l'e
Lnjti rt d np thtlw a T n w; Ilt,t i ani d Iu I
itel' on. e \oit r. ii 1i , r. of lar o
tbri s re l iht o dwai to. 22m .:y and t
str is l t Iar of v 'i ';:g ::1r l . i
Ths te eri "ea l r .i ;.1 --1clay9o .-. ur-. b!
.fp(' plo f W itnef:l,s \ .am;aied I':I , s"
Lock ort 1111 !I: 'Ion:l ali r:Is, :In, I1
Pitlell hia. po a\ith-. I!tltl' -1 < I x- f
Ioril :;r \\If1 th 11 Irh ,iN t:i .a " tk( :1: \ :l -
T ilt' be or EI,i thal A nt l.irav t 1., 'IIna l r " ri ,1
C 1u1i inl'ttl ii ay. t"atu \.it h i ii 'x.
I"d' that tf h l" t riki n :l m in<"s il l begI in " h,
orf ur y i n- r1butta n-ex.. .. t k, af. - i
lany New Pjcasures Introditced - A
Nunmber finacted.
Ai1n>; :h' nE hvills in the h1o1ISQ
I'sI(f:l n\ r the tfollowvin:g
Ir. ('lifton, to :lnl('tti tlh' ruod in re'f
r'Ol11' I IIo 1o 1i 'lKe's.
\1r. \\-:I1d . I tIIIuth w sIfot. IIIaachinie s.
AIr. Sinl:h-r. by regt('tle( t. t11 Irovidle
)r a S.ot; ' haItI r'iol(ogit: also i hill
r1quir't' oVnl:tu ti l'itil's to fitr
h I t ot 4 tatry stilt ist il"S.
- Ir. hIsOllO, r'elI tiati to in "r'easo' IIn
lnt oit f t't1'I' Ir n fl('est'I'.
\I,. IIill, tO inl t'a'' nut ber (of Ina};
Ir'aI" of ('oh'lo1l IUnoun1t .
.I\r. lIaillo::'Ird, to to rVill(' foor IIth' l'
.Ir. K(Ilry, r 'lnlill; 14) a ne V jail o
.\l' r..\os.~o to o'Ihanogo altid dol',tutt '
riaill town tsh Iips ina l "itt ertttt ('loO;lnty.
Aitr. 1 to'.'(u\r sllter too eI xto' ll I"the \'."ht"
dl I i ' Aie is tof' 't loI00 f 's oft ralr olt
'I r r1 (lit s as ltov'idl(l by3 1 rth' on -
totiott to e tcploye(o's oft' totiol a il
i1nIOi iU tolIIo 'IIII I i"t". lo ' t ' '' aai
tiII' t)iIl (url)urati n 11and t(ellgr-.i", i
ntpan ites.
I1ortst )n .\1t. I.anhalt 's hilt r p II ) to ' ItI '
i!ro:ls to alio' eat -1h I)asl':I::r lr "Ill
ulids ofl ba ggcl}:' wit hit o lthat rge.
ol \l. . . .. ... l o son's bill to pro
Io' it r':tiroads (wlr"atinig in Ii
III' to pro t''rt thit ratI's of fr II,tt
I,tlat('1< in th1 ' ill lootr 1arriag' of
fIfreight, gm<l wars \V: :11( melr'Iban1t
w. t11)l to )I.O ilro ' t ttalt i's too' tiho'
111(on thI o' .
Tlherv wails als:Io :In tn faVoa1eII' to'
rt (If \t n .\ . .1auli n't bil- to niv'1id\
aitlst usury.
\1r. I'u!lu1L's 1diSl"nsairy hill w\-' re(
In itt' 1 t40 lit' joinl '- 111it4 o no',4 fi
bliI 5' o1)o14( s 1(1:+1 t1- Ih Iis111ntt::ary. 'I'tis
II tproloIsc'i( raillu laI ohnt1i1os in thle
u"nsar.v 1a.1v
t\('SllIIt'I ' I ',1 .\.\11N.\TI ()N4. IT('
.\lr. KirbI 's bill tooll r('; lit)' tII'
outing of ril 'o i tj s toI a1 t itn itho'
- tlol ic scho ools 4am0 to'top aos tinh
oil h to1t:0 I '-S :11til 'a:s kilb.,.
.\it. It. ). l b' r'o t utio(s t''I tIe .lil.
is talt alltoit atnlt IIIIIII' :-;i' \
11k('titng tril) tOot' tho' .1t;tot' li1otIl Of
III ation. 11 :al:o to ,:1. Ihat gn tl
tI's of bt ital ((Illt';''5 Oin at .t:and
1'S' t'xatlit lI tI otw. 1' 1 '' t ilo' I obj It
1111w'lllol 1'ol 'lo .o i: too ir''r:'' to --
tOlI' tho'it" \:)rl. lI' oh1j'ttl t t'ar
-1la'1\y to t 'tub1rIil s 'of t iho' tall' b)o 'dl
'lnto'atlut I lo'a' inog Iootloutl oV'or t'
It ' };raInti:t ('rtili':t.s. li' ohjo 'ii
g i ti g I I '(ollo g ' g,r a l t I ' ' o -r '1' i: lo n t .'.
\i '. KCilby d('fefnlld thIt' hill ((n0 tte
t11' li.oo' of his se''1 \lonayllaV. 1Mo'.
1'1'hor' had d'tav':t'oro'il to ito all tet
Iinoits in iI. hal tol oovo'r'lool'kld
I' ood fa t1'a tto's.
\vr. -''tatis'r oplu5osr'l Il lill. ''lho' :I01
lntat;c's of a ('o l('g(' ('itten"tiotl 11o 1 to
m115ist in tlt' 1,oowl'lig, ol it uth erloo'.'
i' i olat('I facts. hu11 in 11h' t ortining oft
o' iint to fit its 'lf to wotr.k. 'I'lh r'
but onoo' ('XIlillatlion frl' tlortIot's andlll
1 41ot 10 rof ruf ioiuns. th"n hy'I , shOult
' 1('.; b: :.:1b j.' -t ! ' l o s u h' ha rr:ss
I=, ('xallnilltionllOOs 1v'ry f ' y'ar"s.
\I1'. 3htrr tan. I)f \l'otlI, op<)1)11''11 ti11'
II. In ('bihal' of tho' inlt),; l'gislat('(i
:lintst o'lass IN to' Stafe. Iit o'tmnlon
t 0 t h wi ' h'o' ll o ot a m 1i;'s' ra lo
It:ln' fo' liv ayt\'S' h1oardo orutk, too
o so'd t11 l ott1I's 0. Q;l 'alifie:ttIont)t l I
'h III nt 1 .1:i: t ni i( ko i I' 1g1,
1 few lacts, h il il 1' tI no toloo
IIi'' ''' 0 1 1 'i(1 1 1:llftll'c; 1 (.
00 iini ;'a 4r i'l ilg 'e
i'r'' I.: a ' ' ;,' t I :. ' 1 li y' t t1i l : a :cI' e1
tho< 44'0ate0 an'! 'oIb r h - oiir oi. ao
l' w lio:11, ill , I -th- r ip ti' :I1 ''. pIo
-1'lon.o ,':: Thi u: .\ilr. ilaob' i.,.:ior.
i' i'on t'tt-'oh o - t. itio4 h 00 a Otooile'
.i 's It l .1 ; ' 1 l t I hll lot ' lb''
,.1ti ' 1 \\ o (. ' i 00 1 l l h. ; O . ':'1 o'
b' n ig 1 :1...
jol' l-';o'ltiot'' -.loi ootIiil ! o l oo'a'''iav l
too's in1 .\:! ii s to . .n M:oi'. '(.>ro' to'
a to" uperint lu len f o'cin.To
solu'ot"io'ia hl n110 linntion of .\llr.
ide''o tracking"00 othis 1fi0altoav0hi
i 1d i th to th se'offie 004 roeatooo ly itulo'r'
tMo.vrnoilo I'leywar'tl in00t og'io'odllth'et
ts ht I.l;o.-('io. ulo n T.oo ooloan111
0 l reOi'n0 fr:'onih boo'ardo'(I ('o'f tut
Oas of th South0400'IO 0 iartia ol4e o'I)o
agi 0 ll00 r t to receiveot :o $(,'040'gir an
n ot i'o t privi'loeIg0e tax und Tne11
0000000i'' lio i ien to;4b l':t'ocho itot
.\lr.4000 Wad d400 t4e luit otricltural 10
o'r. sihlj ar.-, l 'ing, oando t .i' only 1a -
00i 014n 04 di0r it 4' ,: ,tr'o' ning. T h l ios'ot
0' a'rienbt r.t' :0state, but11 ''the togri)cul
rat ioterI o' :n'ia'Iit 1n05leced. tot toon
''blo hlb 'a 10 nol- lopg to1o it oxpoo
Son 01 ('o u: 11I 0 .'imoer l t oensjo ilo
iillo 1 011: stpo ' co, ar 10o GtO'1rgia. lie
lao boln!ne. ol TI o-'veaI furnier oivo0'
lot <inie!:!ty.Thydntubrbet
riul ura(1 p1 :0' Wsolae nIs aIbueau
4010 ih at to Itr ' .Aeonot't fiestIolan a0
-ryI' imotant:oIntter ThesO'loo salary of'
lo. oonnisi.or. ~oo' 31.0 w,its to omo'
it o.~ f the 7 privO' fltax AInni ai, he
'aught tho 0' ar hgal inst10 <0 3 m-I'
Ii. ) with'V0 (he oot it would 0001o. l
'The bioll:waso killd by~ ~an~ Iver
orth. 3ha'lot' te Gnil Ass:toomb .ttly ofl
042 0)h . ltr-dina lecttdl Chas.~1 Alrt
'o.Ofl .lro. soite.utc
i votill jrr(',"il t in 1a -h Il the font
war(is inl ihe towli Of Iliuln.
.\il. ('ool (r: A\ bill ito p1!t, !1d, for"
Ic'ill(d(Xin: thel pib li;' r"1'ords inl the
t1111(' ft l1 k If 1our' for 1,1m-1ns
ron11 '.
\I1t. I.AI.\lICS' TI'i.\NI:.
TIhe' Ifolr,l ing Il"tI-r 1fr~1m :\. ('
I,atIiit '- wastl rY'Ud, it il ill: . t ; ilr":c,',
I(1 I l i u 1i('lt'11 it !))VI InO: ;tn'i .;j. - . ;a .
"Ill \'in', bllI"n ad(i' i:' , h. th,,
morning hal(rs of Iny ,b.,- ,,o
lih'- :. :'l ins4 .., I(I 1l ' -,'IIa1,' of ;h, f
Ill it1'1 l l ''. fori th" t1:' r'" :.. b, .In
lill:: :;1i'., ( 1 I ' i. Ily il ' :ln t'
11i1)11 Vi,t, o f ii1m h -' h mll .l i , "l .
to ('xjrec"ss to ie memb ier. Iiroiih
y'til. 1ny d1(c1t IIppr11ch'i li(1n of the' (li..
tinglislied hI Iionor" yout havI' ('uno'nfrr,',1d
on n11.f
'It'ti e('ar of t ilinul'd1 'I"e \ r t'' ill
tie" hl,lo-.1' of repre'sntatives Ilas, giV n
In1, a k('(' appjr('Iiat ionl of the. arduousl:
:tltl dlilli "tu lt d111i"" w hic'h a1 s(,;I inl llt.
('natr' (if 1he(' l' it('d ltat(' ('nftaily. In i I
of 1y imi)'f( t l' il)111 1wt' 1 for Ii-I
Iliishar-g to tilh ' hihIi)1 t n s l ;l rdl Il''- I
II1nctd cd by Ih(! (cluntry". I'rc)f'1undi1y
uon.lcioti of mly r(':pon sibillty", If
p lr(d, e nit 'I'If -to IthI( i11":; !;,'r\'h , cfI\
w\hi, h 1 a1m ('ap)ab 11. al) to ilnr'"mlit-II'
lin e(ffort in b (half' (If Ihe' bIIst inI-!t
11"rt'sts. of all th1' j I j p l ' Iof I the 1 I,ta t
Iln(i (if ( nt' I'om in)1n "(nntl}y -o long :w
shall ronl.i)u(' to rr"1)1'sent olthI
ar i1inf 'n that high iliti'..
Rushing Wor k On the Appropriationi
T'h. -II;l ilt .\lonll:ly h:1.l 1h'
arlil 1 1)1 i lrit on1,,11 1111 un 1 1 ('on
:-illlr;ltit'1.11 w a.: :bout to bl pass: 4-d
w\\ 'l II \l F. I'' :II1:.. III :\Alba m a., r1
t11 1 .l. 11 IIhatI 1 1 (. : II\",'r' I til lo mi lorrI'u\w'
1, j'I 1 11 : 1 1" I i' lltillll'l:: II) I I ' (li-1
4' ''m sin lnninents lo44'1 b11:f
11 1 i !. I>1 1 li' - dI al i ~f (t " I iIl .
\ lr . ! i ,h 1 1 .\Ir. ('1wi " r l I I t i11( :
li144',.v:.l,il 41\in' II r 1h '1'al .latf prl'o
\1.It,in . Ii' ih : 1 , I.r i'- 111ln' thI I it
w :1.- r i' t: ' 1' I ' : . .l'a (11 ; Ilt jt jt I II) !
:-1: i', " il .. Ii l' ( ll' 1.1'1 ! ll : t I t !
, 1 1 I'r \ I:""" \ t (I t:1\' d11 rinl. t il' sII
1' :I1 ' . I "''','' 1111 ' I'" 1'nut th;lI
\i' ' 11 rl ' I iti 1 . 1 1 .' r 1 t bb . 1
.l ' a I'','I'I ) I"1'i I I, ,i l :I '.'.1I b .l ' I.
1'r': ('t l'. IIi \11i 1n1 I. If (;1' 111;11i 1
1i' 1'"\ 11411 . l::l' 4 l i' II li ct 11\4 I 11I t( 111 '1 ' I
,'1 \\i'hI ih1. ,1h 1th 1,1 I-':lht'r A ugusl:tinl
ill th'' I'hilipj1in,'1. Ii ta;in lir(1\w'n ll.
ci i\ . I t1r\ .ai.ll h;tl :tt1m11 (' 1d ,ti\-il n
lth(' w\at r1 I" r,' 11) I''althl'r .\ l!"ustin
;lll y l t :11t ,y i:- ;a i to haVI
sl >I I;ilu t 1' ,idi f' faltt' dI gentrl' Ia
Ii1 (,f thll h,'art. 1-'alh('r :\uitustin. hm
d(I< 'I :Ir''1 . hi 'I 11h:1 h n .0n re 1 . 1it1 )'"
('atjtain I:l 1\\wn,-ii was1; t1 bh b lt"( 11p
its thel h1ilo ",s :1 iln,n"n of thll :\lll-ri
(.nn si' lith'- 111' .\nll-rit"'all Iitlic'e,' . itr.
ll rl; 1. r\, 1'rI - "h) w ta ( 1\ith 144444
I'il jt;ti iS: "'Th '('natIIr r11 11n1 \','i'
lu lnt 11d -f' 1 ("'i (- ia ain Itrown'1)t'lt andl
1'tlllt il lll-4 II Ii), tio. '
('aj taint Itrow\'n, lI, h,' said4 , wa";1s: ill a
:itlultit n wi 'IIh r 1 - h:a. to d i,'lit hiIs
Illon :igainst itr("aI"hiry in w\hi1"h t-'ath-)
(-I':e\ A . iStin w\a , It ' tritni'i1 1 \",'r.
1II'. JIvr'rl., ilswi"erinlg l I'ro(lor,
Iaibi fhat. if' .ir. I'roltor apprf)rov"d'ci of
('t)11in row1lt's c onurt hat. was
at r!n('Slion for h1Im Il cel(li.(' "A1s to
his Say"ing; h' r;ss it." iice sa, "I
Ito noio in>\' iwlal . \a 11)" Il jrlljururses
Ili rlsi it."' lr' lrll tl lr int11,' n r114) I'
Th - :1.;:11lo ui hlill a ':: il 1'1r at
!!I,w' l i 11 'ii Iir. Q uarit s II p r.It~I:t' ill
llt '.tti 11~ 1 lit it. \11 I- a ll I'X'""11\. ' 1 1,
': :: i I lil : l : ' ;ti l' l: I' tt. 1 I I
t i 'r l 'w ' 1it) ,i4 -1, :,14 1 i hr,1 'Itt ;11 ''1lit "-v i
havelis ble' 1iIiga,iu : 1 \1,.14 ({it.y fri
TheS i lh)'1 il s.e abenIl (Ii WhOil
The' 44''1 44)a iinii,r 1nt of i~ l' !i wast a hip
t ale hof '/el rionpion Cof t he ne
hIti'1i wi4 (0441. 84411 - l'i'1;(it fi!) 3' 401
llo'1iV4' th1 errlar of4 t)iI4hes, Tr44a4uri
The0 ~ ent: ill appropria 4u1ting) $.
?n.u 4for aII('l new..1 Deprtn-n Vof. .\gri
e:ween Officers and Supposed Rob..
bers on Monday
fter lixchanging Many Shots Four
fe,,, Supposed to Be Safe Crack
ers, are Captured.
\Ionta'. N. ('. Sp,'rii.--Monroe of
41(s. hle b;Iggd It 1ten who, it is
barr.', l. hh-w \ op tn I it' tw\\o safelI. in
he1 I t1.at h. 1t10id .& ItarrI.Itt store at
1: liII \: 'alllrtu h.V night, and the
n"''- o in'eutnably. w\ho robbedl"l Ilh(
i I. :r . or' iit ('h:t rlotlt' I-'ri lay
i:. 'hI rt' ;r t folr of tihtn 11 andI
I11 ' 'aI p I ";IIt11.r1'td! Iil afte it a (Id y'ti
i (if grlit! \'ig; r at1 44 x. :c4 i tern nt.
'w'I \wtI'I t:lkl '1 ;Ih111t I ( 't'ock andlt
h11 of It Ii t at\'I t a -- I. tu ''h to T details
t' t t ' ("aItIIill 'i n t I t. : i 4 .1 l h ' I ) l t
l te: :aptue' we'.invol a t4 iirre hat
th-\ with l Istith., ont" w i thI pistols, shot
1u: I n \\' I - ,tcrs. andi two \\
ll:'t" \i t1 1t \I I1( Il)I (5k'i' It4sltts'illt"11114.1 ohe II14)'. IllliOl
intt weit :i t il I l \'lI ("lh und e1 p1t
i : 1an ti- m141n. tw4 a1 a int11. fl)1
Ti t11 11t I'I IIm' 1 f t h1' tIll tow11 , ad
lIV a on tI'-ir ;.uardl :inl. 1h-- .\iat
II. \ r: 1 r :14'" Y ;1 1 \t'th 't w ait ilni at.
in-" dtlt' : n .1 I:11-b t '111I 11 ' ti \I. ,"xp t
IIg I h ;a I I l'' 1til li .'1' 1111 .,II ( l l". 11 I
0 1.akl It I:ar:. .\londla.v ig ,ht. .i st
rfIr(' da:yli t s1 thlt ' ;uIt I r1ains ,o t.
n. tw \\'-1 iI1' o:t)tolfti te traint from n At
atita ai1 itimedia4'41 tl.v atlra"'ted tht"
i t 'tn ( i(1n 4of I'olitl(4 ' 1ten \\'Ihliam:, anti
.a;1n-- . w\ho +"'r't :tl 1th i' tat ionI. Thel'
r11-u :In 1('I for Iilk -'I to 11la m111t. hav"
ig Ito "hangt, t"ars 'r''. 'I'' Iif lit"'
i iit ~ "1 '.':- !ti t 'n t: I r1 !In Ili. i1i I-k I of.
Ice. The two\" sI :trIgerl. Seingr. tSIiIhat.
b1'' 11t 1( '11 haI i1' th l (l9n ion o ft th'
tlib-'or , .:trt'l 111) 1)\tw . in1st( a ll (if
tung itothl Il. ar. T e pli em"nl' fol
4lld 1t r ll ift ' f'I'et bhllitnl -i .
-11idel y.'1 and NIil b re IIt mlitn
1silh bouI t 1 n d p 111 ee1 d 111(11' ir' with11
pit s1 . TIht" 11lii"tr:; <llli(kly rt turnedo
ht' iirt'. :fill it is a ut1arvelons fact. that.
.ht' I'(1' 114four I tIs st.ood fa le to farn
if til III'' I nt1)1 . blankll at. /'a("h th er'I
1t1til All Ith 'r pistols wor(' t'nlmpty with
[)uII anly 111e be411ing hit.
'Thei' battIl i n d th1' ntt'n Ilingl
in111 thet, I1rkn("ss and c'rossp(d tho
to\wn in I n eastt rly dtirel (tioit \\'ien
d41yght enmllet' th' Ioli("tn'1mn se(r''1
hlt. 4 l it for Iht two dlogs at Ihht
(hain ,: gan1g Sto(Ickadlt". 'tnl took ulp the
trai1. 'Tlh' uurstil lurtotd'tl fruitll');s,
hio\w"'er', and as they worl abhout to
ahandon it. news cam' that two
st iaIngt' moln had junsl been sveel on tho
('on(ordl road nort11 of town. To this
::pott It4' 4llert1's w\ ntlI and imt th(' logs
upon th1e t.1ail. It. w%\as 1'ollowt'ld until
ti' mn(en were caught tnIve milvn abovo
town aifte'r they h1a( st'curoid b'ealk
It' 'i v1. 1:11,1ti1 h( I!: .I !."( g I;: I ''1:;>
h'Iy offor'tl no resista '. 11n41 in4
l('c'(i bra4 t1ro1-twn away th14-ir' arm'us.
)ily :I 4inull :Imuounllt of mnoney 3'td a
441'tisicalI bl''glir's illask wa..Is I'mintl.
11)4n tI 11111.
TIh('y we(rt' broug;ht It, .iil. and! hadl
ardtly bteel :'I" r1. Iy l "k'(I ht'It'k'' :n r
(n1ner iro1b' Ii Il1:' in'w:; tha1. IV.
I *(itt' 114i l Of lIt1 apII tn''m n11 dtt s1Qs
leilts de14444i4, 1 4114hi i 44M 144
it ht' 44 sIti'ge 444 it- (nity ah-s 44 i4.'d bit I
d'lt 11n ' 4 ' 144ilre l iu ly'' (h je o jI i4' jleg
hIilT I 14' r. 'IIe'(' 14stable I iivIen1 tami
ter a lli, and4. lmen arunhlC'' w'tith
\'inchesters.i' 4444 sh t'Ins Iand 1(Istoas,
n(44 ha4k(1 ttheulI4 4)h1-' 4akin tho('('1gs'
hI tai(l ad led0 the rnen n a furiousm1(4(
bas1 afityer11 te 14le(ig enrxo iits. i
'4 4'iglh114of( the ie wo had'4 alr4ady
hioit and' wound 444 ded ofth cls
mr141al ig dogs. ate On ht afer 'ontined
('444 tey 14 4aw the u(selesnes ofr furth- j4
The ee had havol's vol .
4414'rs $ oint money, and4jI( olath aricle
>rough'4t to toiwn ande'h ilodged:0 an tail,
Cigarette (1 401 I('aw ioisgoodtt.g i
ru litd. I'sach of t( Ihe three'! deCfects In th14'
:4w allegf'd a4:inst it by the Ameican
I'ohtnt 'o ('044miny, wh ich1 br1ought at
41 sluit. was44'' delared1 by th1e ('ourt( not)
vill :dli-n.
Prominent (uests Arriving.
441ind Du'hess o(f Mance.'s4ter arr'Iived
((tlo Monday nIght. Mr's. Yzednaga, thef'
')uke's mo4ther'4, id n( ot acrompan1iily
lhem from4 the p1lanta(tion owinig to iII
10.9(1. The conle4 are' the4 ghuss of
W1ru. John(4 P. RIihrdon( and(4 wtIll bo0
arnival gues.tH wvithl Miss Altec' Roose
relt. Admiral Sch1ley and o)thers.
Telegraph!?c Briefs.
Santo Dfoinugo agreed to ari')tr'a
lio of the dispu1ted"( cIlms oft the San
(1 Dominilgo 14mproveent Com41panly, an
Now Yor'k hank clearings yesterday
werle $24.C77.9.k8, br4eaking the record.
The Iprospcts of~ a coalitIon of the
anti-1Aiiek.9 forces. in the Delaware
r,gilslature4' are brlighter.
I'uwtar'd Rt. Strawbridge, headl of the
'l4par4tment store firm of Str'awvbridge
%s Clothier, Philadelph(a. (died at
i homasaville, Ga.
JIldge D). M. llrofwniug, formerly
(nm1,i4Ionr of Iniani Affirs, died(
at East St. LouIs, Ill.
FIre in t he Ruhtreanry In New York
thre.atened thle destrnetion of over $41.,
000,000, b(ut the actuial diamage was

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