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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 05, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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The greatest hiolor tha:: :an 1-'( 1:
Dr. .Lor'en'4 Is to le t:al1;d '"fi. iloo
lera snrtgeont.
. mnan willi A lilie'oscop t'a.1 t
h aclerhn inl anything. 1orie(y inay.
vell iake 111) its iitl ) to pl( u) wit
then a(1 be thank ful they a'e nu
:S hrge as 1ntos<liuitoes.
11rri:at6i11n ('nterprlisrs in 1';>gypIt :til
in W\esterri I'eas ill (the 'nited S13:e
iatro acttady Irolttiht :IIbulli3 Iarveli't:.
resultS. W1'ith -water 'nuigh. :llusl
ully ('S('rt maY lie lalle an d1'Ien.
It vas the irony;* of a4 that Thonas
1;. I:c'ed, at'er retiring fronm ('ongress
forl the purpose of* bettering his eon1di
iin 1l 1 t tc'I11t"J). SII(iu1(1 3In t' I c'el
I';llled) :('rusc the( dark river jutsl as Ile
was 1 ( i b teintini lt f hi nl I't'i"'1f ini eas:yN
l'3 I't't I 1 1 11(',.
"lrl'e'l3l'i'lIt, ;i1 1:1 ' 1 :I11d Ii 1 ish
1nfn :l'I' bly 11:1 tur( - 1a I!!t1." says 1 )1".
I':rtlll!r. . IIf New \'I'rkl I'ily. --If.
IIn'r 3':"s,'ss :33) 1'!1'i1I. i' r utlI'r
?II;ItelIy t'oi1 i1 '. "ii i" 44 II bel, dIis
t"vt-t'':I i III' ally lI: : w it l I; 'I h<Hi uo ' S; ir.
jitlil nI liul' .II:i t"- ui Sir' loy! .
l w d: t hey ilii nillsi ilc:
1l Ir' ' I2::3 t :t <'' ill r !\ : '. i : h (: :It iII
beil . hui atl :11 I' n aI Il' t'"tl ilishi.
1! -t'I:1 in (it : 1 'i{Ie I" ' 3 1 44:Ir ! '
Sh:niil 'r,- i l ih : II I i i l.- i' Il:lt I'ed
in II. i!.:rtl :i ":s I;'I'i-h ;'r4'. in his
tr"-t ll i i I' : ' - t'll ' ! I l I :1111: S u4h le'.
I)1 11'' i I''r !' . 4'1 i u i r, 1 Iit .' 4I . - 'l-'e
h i i ; b.1'' I ! r'' .:.I IIf i: li :l a
in.- l't I' t .l. t'll t!'!:, a . t ' w I 'r '.
i" it h1p341 il' I) t ; , pra.ib-;:1!y
ilbr :i :' ' ' 1:3l'h: i44i ' : :ll ''
pl: 11l'r I 'l:1" Ir' ih':3Ih: r 'i'tt!:il1 1 'u i lint' 1
Iir :I lt';- i lII -!-; .t h::!t4 ;In11 bhl esl"
w hich ti :111 I.)' I'11lu 1lli t t 4 4 li it lItI141
tih ir (\vI fCor :I 4Ill': l I,' 1i3!331 3' 4 I 1:1' '
T1h ' i1'IT p'li 'lli 1 3'Ilialt "' !I1i :i' 1l: ' I 131'
Inte1ill:r'13'' 1f li ' -'' il''- : 3'':{ IIsI l 1t
1h1 h - r h' I 1:1 :1. ,' v -.' i t : 1 : Ii
wy1:ys illl 'ett' I' 1 h)h'.
83:31 W3'* 3 13. :: :i i'4'31 N1"eI 'll v,11( (I
T hII (i3 . tI ' 1l' I. liI :It '>f 1 3il l \v41331t'
.3:3 iof 33he n33ew bop :tio, :lkei lhe.l
" goIoidi 4 :'. I ) :' 1" ' "'r.I4 '1sts
TIha1ker' : ''" "li! IlaIh1 olrnl" :11 IiS
bIIf : "helu 1.r I:I n .\ ::Ik 'Itwa:i1:" "as
rea'listill ,ts li::- 1 Il: lt '" 1':n lifotl Ii:1ns :
as '31u ny ;4s I.w\'i . t';I Ir1ll." ' e ill it .
li'"I .nul1' \ i111 :tI - 1,tuli p lj l :1- iuy 1-1:.
.' t \l lii 1g: lr ii(' Is l l: 's sli I lis
|'31 1 !::1lI1 4' Ii''II l I:4 lt' ; il lilt' eall
?143 iII 1!I:1li'' 44 1" 1111:11 ' : , 1.;1311 i . 1j I 1 )
('t11i11it'1 n tI: 11 ill I:1 i'Itii)i is elit I il
it 31 Ill It'u'' 'd 1111'1" i l4ttela 4 3'. 'I'le 111 iten
' hil tuflerst-ands. [IhI ::uil the b est Is the!
1.1e ' who 1 uII I'' . .\l r11n1'11 31' rn irs
dII, nu 1 inu toh14 1114 in so iI. theli
31330l io j)1'Ot tt he3 4t133 crop'best dted '
10 iuisttt n re'. li'rop 'o3 a t ist3 is33 fol
lowl on thvery341 tillit reg ki4te farm;i
4'lilza'ion 4i ai part o the3-3)341 14)44ual
ear hear5 1) 4 hge range of34' V4'ttnd'3 thatil
doth13e' of' boys."'4 34'414 Naturally. 'lh
ten inine1sensilitiis'are' in3 e ltlent'
I ie4I1)33' 3nuke tuost o. th nise. 1T'Iln4
wtn have411 to4' dink4 31t1 in3t the hi':
1tatemt131 .0lhat the 3 3l'i"ed tes is i'
MOly1(3 lvilid Itulry ~in the4'3 worb :In
produc4its au i he3 13 ditertI ion o 11
lieve(13 tha muc (of1j31 the) 1h-3es 1in1at
)'ouIntr is31)used toby e ma-urllil
-oaulterat.in. 1 is ot th1atu pep
1)onoty pe nough hu 20theOie food'd
1'rishCil ori1ti) ) 31n:re baefl byi I e in)
lieubir, '1si woen lare Ilhei 4alto1(13 un
ugersal eteers Iin lLthe t'nitl ('0113e:
11y03(1n itlht tsetlectiot of14 11oot' the
en fsr he1h health30'('111 3)1 thei fmlit: 1
them. Wtul on hOl .1)an ready 1'1)1
Id The s8Iia1lsli 'T'reaslry is not exper
l- 11n 1 ellelt. 1'ond(ie' of Wonders: T'ii
age of mlli acles is ot yet ted. ..
T Io 11 youulg 11114 RenutIe 11nn1idenl d1
s(Kcends the w\'nersl11l of Ihe b igges
1 artillery nlit s i ii ithtte hen1isphere
i ei rupp workts, in iassen. Th.1is 44t .t
prove to be all 4)ne1 of p,are aiti g<t>(
will to the worbi
T he Kan'i sts falr'ier lilto t i ri i cs Io
talle hilu t'if aliie 'iinl to I larriage
ilble t'lill't' at t1 ' nit-i v I V I'l Iv t t
"ehanc'('" is true t' i' ier. if the
scheinle -worki It he l t I ie .1n \ r"if a :
iwkrli'l'ful uf, :p ilinl ulon(1y --aind slill
hav'e the 1atr ' i.
In sl'vet:iI talex the tii-k of in
est ig:l t !it:ing unsound i l I I I.u l' int.r
iw, thle live1 : of PI lle ch1ibirenl f'"r te
her(s-1l1 of 11mre,nts ha:s bel enI :alre" .1h -
.itil Ii' i liiit 1 it hlt 0 t I- t u s n.
It w1'1I Ii - tli ssihit to s u t
1"I l' l II sitr -t'nt'ar' t is f r lth l' pr1it iI it
oi l t h t'it' i; ilI s l lit hl rt' 1' 11 t iI.
A s 1ni11lrt' ial t :-ogrI -s tt "h t' s :litt14,
tiun4' I Ith inlolt'et brl'Iccl lit rft'ri'a:lls
ii t' l nilii't. : ntl 11.Il tI lI n l t bl :gi!!'
tit ' n lttt.,t.1' ; ri t n \ I iih I i!1 - ' .':1 I r
I 1a1 i" si) If I - evt'r il i b t'-- rt". T hi'1;
i the :I e f l it' I.t:i t"I l in Itlt!'1 1. im i ll '
on th lu 11 13' t'i li t" in1 i.ft ::-e
u I \ r w t ; ii 'iiit g 'l't 1.
\It lI:tu . in h - in o g;a h.
u a f ut' uit h l l ie 14tI ii't It' rf ttilii"ie t'atli
!',: !'ht . :i t- tu: i r: v.' hi;i i i I' :'
I:.-rlinl i11 ! ' .' <>i nl I'::n I say s: .
il t'illt I ' ii ii il 111111 t lt llt' ; iit nt
it" i 11..t -!It' - yIor t a :- ...I :':'t w'inl1
ulbi.' l s \'I it iyt.' rep11i d t! '. I ;-.-<-I
' :t:'- t !, .' tt! h i I1: e h1 : - it l t 'u - h orit
,' ie 1:1..: i it ii h e : eti i n , lit it . i a -
iI''ll ii I-"r::'h.! lu:r :hle .!a %lzh ' tt nl
u!' Ii Ilou t of it' :1 sl' tt'lt ": .\'If n l
" I I'- o"- t:" anl.eo i rui:r la nl.
li<1; hi r:t41j i'tiet' of flte It'. a til tof
11a;c.1l t' :ai of I{1h"i'l1 and th1e
othe lc in - 1u 1 hi; h renow\n w\"ho lived t
in tIhe1( . it 114.r 11u 1 uft' he Itia' - 'hil s
si.xit'eet'iI h "-lntlury t'v(r tlonlk -:11 t'1'r ln
I11 his 1i :111 tlish, I' f .in-bI : 11 ti i nbItlle
w\ar'. so-M- fur .!1, . it. whni:; \t I i be I(
i f'air ti;.ce for' :1 :;enuin(' I':i:liz l :lh n
1 latter1 hits enunth1 Ill 4.11ntainl a bar ton
utf i'tlt' I it1ishi 1'tas' (t e .?
I'yp1ress, ai'cor(liing to A1lheti:in alt
\'h-es. I1: in at state of (Iestitult ion. I'y"
ri "ots re("ently itrriv"etl inl 1'ir:tus, thle
11ort of A Ilhcits, slate that1 hi( hau'vests
:1nd 1e(xorb1itant interest on lollns havte.I
-Truo Story Told by Ono Who Lived]
.Thoro-Lock of Woman's Hair When
JFound Cave Substance toa Strango
Tale-Days of Slavery Recalled and
a Dreadful Crime Unfolded . .
ihree woien--t wo gossips, ehieliI
Ity crrotlle"s, uinelit a lady. The 111tter
looked liiilessly out of Ihe win -
dlow$, abSorbe'cl In thought, unttll sht.
honal. *1 aiet'owetl na Itil ien I itie i l. ith
hltlheow1111ent'lot'winn xclanaltions of ohl's, :1hI'-, :1t[1
"w wtilt' ii t til 1have i lottght l-" Soon
het' discoered 1hat It was not really
Ite r.nsoal, Ibut it rts'h:14 of foolishi st -
rit"s, InI w l e wh i i tiae nti'I i f:llily.
ri til t'll tilt''l:it,' i iti fori ev so ij l
ptntin rt o tw re the 1to1: es. lit( i-I en
a:4 r, i i t ll'irine'lt ' rassti htt'
th' old hlct'itttl' h itos's tow hol
asilt . Sh lit ha, Ilt'enIl .nl w'I a:c a x.
ioni . n t t tl itl : "it %he' k11.-w the ho lse
:ii t t wh 'I)ls '"1 i liti,try ill towit. :liit
lto 114ti t'1 lii' rtt. s il'lrt bey. h aott :
lt'nn1ti It' iti' .\lt :li il'iol :alw Iatys
ipptt'olrs 1it ltI it'4 i i(t it'olIS n[h -
1eill'.;s a iit'gh askingi for et'leai s. '
.The. ladyl. W(. w"Il enall he1r .\IItS. X n
t1:t, ll thitt' gr: islt'i t tal lh t ws ast
uton her win-n Shte- ' arl l1t-in it.:
"t,llh. yei. itis. :1 bii t hito 1sc . uII ilrs.
Nuh! isit 1"b1enp1. ht4":Its" : dIis
r, 'Ip tt: il t'' nittn h:ail po ittil y'1t got tloi
('ll'II th, rl, r"inaint' wit' I'i nt i i; !
41nitiis a Inli for1tnI t s. ut eIII
.\n :tv l:'ht h i f 1ri tl ta' ht! swlit 1'
~vetr ir . i n' i'ta'1Il. a itn.y h.:il melt iI
vs:taa it ' ls ne art'yt Y d o Itie
t1', :1 >.," b, I r a :, ,"It' holt, . .\It inv:Ilthi
i'1 ht r 1':niIvy luad to be c:nr14 f'or. kc"pt'
in r,"titr,'ntt 'tt 11 11 1 u'nal s i '. I It re
cltit a h I - i l ,t' or f t t' i ast' to in
tn'r bi l. 1h :1c1. a11 lr"ly !mut e!
:'1 I inirtin of 1- inu ney It.n h:11
hi n ' ct'al tot" e h bi t t IIy 11t'h sila f'
bric"-:.-bra " 111tu1 4"hertishl<l t'hjet s . Shet
' oh1 l-s) 1i v'' :'it t. ihe' tt'st stay
In 1ihn11 1u liou ohi 1i ,'l . .\ alt "1' i
h: Il r ntuledl it to h -: l l'en si'
hu Il t 'it1 s hii otil - t ht' lu1h t ni th
r nt'ia'al 4)f the gomsij1's 4"ha11ter, su olw
of the( a tt'rat '1r f t'thistor lt et' tthc' hou5'.
1 tntd uffelt' t tit u lko any Iiirit'S. ht
thell ns tttusI stand. To'o IIf;r toII
t' ovr, thet il t' b tname1o t' her litethet-t'
t"vil lnr.S''ntc' of att1 41utlaw. Ilow -1he
hItIdc it:
Iher were'1l' t1) yIrV nis.(1 1(5. llarti. :it 0
In I torlat e. Iitnty of llight n1t :1
p -lt' fo 1 W tht st to wa:tlk ill: yet
Strite' u'( titoiSt' i l 11 1w1 nt, a Its we'rt'
hen:irtl. 111 i :h t hig c hi 'e dn'el the ' in i
whistling lowln stioin' halt' ,oin' ttlt it
spea':kinlv tubetts. T'hc house' was in n
lonely ce': -e1rtel ptiirt l' Wits hito .t'
I e it trr o "ltwn.
No e' ,lgre st l''an;lt aI hl l i'll v t'l' s it
there nirhtx. I'or a tr":olition1 was rih'I
that1 a slavet robber hadi on,'t ow.114l (te
pice'. nitl thit str ws a tse wr
w alllt'l 1a:sl that 1 't1 to Itht' rivol.
For., as Mrs. K lekn1iliii ieiIni- < l.
aind dlownlth l 'l.I4111t t"f neg1ro,'. weorv
SAeltn, dIlln. heav"ily 'ig n:tn'ied tnal
on 111ark night:: brougtht inl hoous it
tte water gate'. :tnd hurriedt up1 th,
.si itn g_Cr , , se t o. . . l'el i'I'.thet hie
~Lt the aptt' lolli ott t Apulb (hlrt
Dienvated aith e3 wer~ed itilerti
t l 1 4 ully' :ls of I rii." " n(' '01(I 1
5:ll IIN (Ill1 l'4 r t'j u 4tI t' (I(1 In l t;;llt
'1'lu'4' (It' 4llt's or ~ 3 (i, " i t' 1111:11 4alne i.
.tra:rg ,ul('nl ilr rt"i!Z IljI inl ill sick
ppe r1 i l i tn 1'll " .or .S l 4 "11 :1 1' -
l I'I tll tr:tilIii '4 u I'~ II. 44ll' lit1:I Ill! I.
:4U l it(l i111y" she1' sit il14ll) 1 t t II ls .'
wt'iuu'( It fllk 10 Ste, I-'allbt'' \1.," ioi h1a1
j I4 : . I11l 1 1 II t:t Ita l : '4' l. 'yn a h i in -
iirliy. 11 e'n I. (:::: a.I in 4 ir.. 1'nII
(1:11 ::,I'IIi'Ih('l ("ver"y O9 ' Iy sayN.I
-ilait 's.l' w\" ill i't ill' t 1 h ' :ll:lis
l'hurtl. Ib o'lor an11l nreil' "'r 1ott
:Il< thI(l. Thlins. rl' ' 1 gui("klIy iirep11arlt ,l
Iali4 a 'li tH,1 1 I'I 1 44h li(" frii'ent Iicnl') ' Ihe
sI11l1 1114 Ilt, leI of t'e I l y 1:in::. Iig Ull1
e't-iai(I': inl ili ntl: ( I" t' l r itnt'l u " ilt
I : l 1 i'414' df ' tIlu h. isl :Ii'l'itt
w' .- 'I Ip, (t, :'It ii 1 i s, u II'eIuti 4a 4
I \\1 :"(, 1.t ' 111-ai "I l :i It I 'll l It' . K (.11 1' 1 11
1 n.l'i to pa:ssx o t'r : n1 t b11 1 y I t u'.iii tl is
ltr. I (I. s swe et :. I l l Ie:I Ii I i bIi: " ft t'l.
(11t't Ils I ii' II ( .4-11. t(i'3 t"' iI(" 111:11 fit,1:1
111111 . 1 lllg 1 I w n'i (tl'! r l)'IL.
\ l. 1, 4 1 | 1' t ;nti-'e'tit'l 5 1t'4- i14l1 y Ith a t
insil.atl u( tlyili: =1h, was '-albit ::I-k
o Ibli' lift. - l 1 ' n1\ the'( '.' It Url
Se ng tlt: a I . A litt'> :l', i p i I. 'II
ll at! I .t't st1.rn ot.. ' ni i i e ..e
Soti elh ill;: . illy\ ab tli h1i I. 1s i Iy
Il ;gi(' Itel eill- h %' w 1 l ith l - l h:4- n11111I
<lay : :lt II asi eit1.ifon: (I'o I( of .Ia-s
w 1 byun-} 11 yt' : : Ivil -a ( ii ne11n t a..!e :
otbitiIi.I lyig arlIni:trog .
lItlig. I 14 ii|g11 hilt'N ' l gl: i -1 '44I it < i31 Ie r,t '
g(Itl t: ' 1'i't't i'-tl li : P I ''. llt ki lg !( I
ruol t :l 1 "a:uiv i'"(i I r.li 'l I ilttg 1!i.
tt11 :, Ilo:II Ill, i1:''l I : l ii :1 to ?(et'ili('Ii
81 u1' t\nw'e t'1r' e:1t' had Itet uit bIfor1.
('lit' 1ie 111 s i)t it. I iI n)1 (u li m -11111
"i('(tly. :1n 1 onle lia( i i lo( '4<lt his ha il.
' tht h t 1'- 1( o 1 i ':l;n ii .tt-- 41:i1'
thok '\t ' lh ve uh l t':r wh w stl ll-1'.
*a t\er' t"sl I tuId rt"(11 11( o. )'(, 1 i '1 Illt 1
il 11 1 11:'0 11( i ": ut'lb ''t' ,1 1.1 tit - :I I)p (' t l\
(i n'tlll a( . 'I1t 'l r(':1 s i fi ': "'i :h: o b'1 I'
,i)ne1 I1h1 lo1(tlhl1il Ia s we(r(e af't"r :
w, e i' p 1)we e itarly 'r:-(,<l'rt', al.t In is
l tu VI )) Iwll he :w t,i'l1. \\'t' luust ornI
Clor our' lIi ." Thel ('!!t t.al. 111urr
(: it ull '1 n 'le t1'Vlisil . : 1,'1t-.l'g "tow I.:
"ller we stay: w it w \artl tTr "u
I' i . 1 hlal t tli nl ":ey: w'e hiil ire
both1 (in1 ger. :Itl tul(ney,." "Ittit." '-:it I
the tthe '. "yule l1111141!" . listake i tI(e
gir1' I t'll you this onte is ol(l 'lu'1l
1 ltirwourlh's laughltter: thev Oilvr wa":s
ht' u1bu th1tto ." ShtiVI 'ii wI II '('i .
the ''the o'rplisi: "W'hereti < -111(Iou :m1
t" l(''3 I hi'' 't'O ) i''lle ttli li l tll I iIt0
hii'"She 5 on thti oi i t bi wt ithl
All this .\lts. l 'l"iait :w anul hear(1.
:11(! l J ly :13(b.wt <( (1 : l1 i .l 1 i 'e Ito lit,
{shown Vl. A:\ e: t uI:1 ilrllil :1roset (over
theV <lisappet:il-illit 'tl' M .\s I-': i wrt1 i ,
and1. 1111' br1-1kten-hIarlt'l ohtl aI': ( r,.
(om ing; tlaitly i 1 ( -11 h1is ;ric'e f ) o Ith
1 1nu 1r th r(-r. offI'r;lt t te1ryIiln : hll .'
ye.. all hIi s I'trtulnle , tiilll pveln : a 1rac"
ui' his i(1h1lizt'I itlia ght1(er. herau:Ilst. bIt
1 ('ol,h' uiight lt'arln xol('hin ;.
'lTe 11nur1tlt'r' r, N1it 1in; in1 11'rr'~r,
I0blig(<'t l ISI('1 aiili :lway11s afra'11Is I1f
his5 1 4 w\ ar'(t11 (' tu1):1 i(n Inl (-ri1t'. \Il
1 : ls\\"w r I":I II.W . :is II f I :1 It 5114111isil, " 'N ,
m:ur(lh-r wtill uut: l ::r,'aI s1orn11 wtill
re Il ;"1 \i\- :l w ls: Ii'- of r itlloo m .w ;]
bil broui gt: l (I lig lll he11 ske1'l'It!n :1n1l
nu11hin; bill the1 longI. hhl1tk hir f atl l 1
I h ber 1t1ulr lefIt to It'll IIhe ltle.
.\ t i 1( he rowartily mu1rth-'r'r"s? 'illt'
sh Iall bet 1forlever hutrltl'n("Il w\i11h I1l-i
9 9+99999999999+ 9.i**99*9*9*99t
511(eltit' till.e (: ti1'.
I 't'tfi 1 c":itlt' of all a Iei, 0 1 bitik,
however, be(inl71 ('r-ml (,ne( 1,t;' : Jnre tyears
ohl!. O>nc Of the in-'xl fc't'4s I (":tn etIs
two Iit s ( '0 "0 :Int i Ot(t 11 :ii oats 1't'
thle 1irst1 thirly dlay". T1!w rc"ter I
begin lo ii('c"( tolcr e s 1e th I irop ort;t (t1
o:ats 11111l t ille Iu rtrh i h ht iiii tclhcil I
I'feed l V a t t lo' e I ll : hill f(' 41 of' ( r1.
.Iy be'li(1 i. that it is IheI 'i es t Iotl '
ott ite o:its :1s soon t s (th e ':ItIt ai.A.
hI cndI (titiu! to :taiall :t f ll feedl of
Ion. ('o11 1 onc ft(ins ittle nost.
rapidly. : (1i)uti ith rit inl'i1 a 1ia.1ketable
t011(4liti o t i ti("kl'r thll itnyt ot'ar food
or rolnIhin:atiot of, fools. tI 11 1ittlly
f'ei( lily cattle at l ' 'otll lit' itthti.
F1or ' t gil :lt' lise o itts a ll tlx
stra1w. I lite nvel Iritd (ottons00
1111i or 8any" of the glitot 'oeIs. As
to sht'er, I haVe larg, roolny, 'll
vntllib iltd'l hoseI.s. Ie'l I lIe hlaV('
fre( necess5 to (Il'tih, and10 go inl o1'1(t
out ;t their pleaSut.. -'. Iii O ge tull t'' Phes,
I 14O144ge, 1iti1 arlne '
An InucsesII(IPVe Feexier.
Aft'r I0 hc Syru1) has hriltjitiade, pour
t into an ordlinary fruit jir, ovei' ih111
it Single thiknless of, cheis(' ("lothl aInd
tie with a string aroundo the neck of
the( .ar. N(w inIVerl uln top of It a
breakf:t. -s. it. land'i iiwi iN. whole
usl 1;':;lt w 10 n 010. a l of 411 to br 1'd
u1)s(' ctotvt 4' u Io'l V 1 )ii 114 ' li hc ~'i*' 1) 0(
fIa'tit inl til . s hli A ownl il tlit
illn't ro t iun. The > yrup will o( zc out
ay 1'ast as twhe' bet) sipt1 up, and nto
I -:t(-r. There is no4 d an:'1ger of ally
he4. (ro n1g44 in the IlluidI 4i. (..eII
getling Iht h ir i' tl woi.'-i 1! . (;. '11er
t ii, is I l t' (I* i 14] )Iiv I'.
(I' Ii lI! 1111Il 13 11111 1"11 .iY itic' t11
Th 1n- r p l }y of arlnt r5 who I lid' I io I tit"( ' ' t
uring. They.. think it a hettel ani
n11r hI( Ilrofitll)Ie d11an 1 ha vs a crop,
wlit'a (",er it i , ait Ied it to n al1 tS.
,H Ilit't tIl k l h( ( 111 ft. I ot' II I' t"
soil :I ln'liot":1 ion I ihis lng ans I' t'
:11)w, lta kes alto.-other too long.
'Th1.e1e :ti ((th roh.' il '.tIonS to }:t(1'
lininurill Irv 1h1ti.1it1t'ile1nd rahller hard
I) r(' 'utc. tii llh fti a rc'lt ins that
IaVorabIlo I :n arl' tilen Obtained
by 1 lu'.:inl 111d('r grvvin (rop 5. ou(
liitues a I'ar11ner1 hast IuI( tilal is die,
1('ri11r:1tin:; 11u111. .In111ual (ropp1ing,
all11 ho' 0'811a o! w--.l) pill it inl : c"oltii
tionl to r ir I 1 roli1ablc (ultlIlted
few drops or liau(nttm or sometlhig
of that (itulelingr natur11e. Placee the blr(l
It a low coop to IreVt'It blying or ex
(r(loll. W1ash the parts atf'(ect('1 S1'V.
'ial tittles i' itr'(SSaIry. atl keep tie
b)ir<l (tutlet. :Itlll It thel ruptlre hnot
b eent (aulSe(l very. long the hirdl will be(
all right lit n "hort iinte. lnless a 1)11
ease.- \ir. :11<(1.\lrm. 1. Iti(ler", inl Ne y
York TrIltte Fare'r.
A ItOt%c(inento 1:rooteI'r.
''G> Itoder has gi'venl4 ex"ellen't
s:1tisl'aetion. T'he elut showvs th:e 1i11n1
below :a sheelt of irtoit tlhat ie 'urely'
shitt' ofilie 1:ltu hitaterr11
,I)ae above. 4ik4 the heet iron in
white lead to luti:ke il air ight. .\ho'e
ithl sheet iron is a floor of m18 (atcht
stuff. Ind in the volntre i' at five-inc
alruml opening Into the space b)etween
the floor andl the sheet ironl. Around
the to of the <lttit are olt'in"S that
let th: b h,1 tit out into tis brooder.
The topl of the Ilrunl vxtetIs for tenl
Incehes all atrl'undt the d1run11 andl fronm
tlha' Outer 'lge Ial t'unel eurtati Is
httng inelosiug a l irular pae' with
the <ll-unl il the centre. The e11r"ain
is "rlashedi" uil every Ithre e inc"hes.
heg ,l(tI ill -it lgwh tIheIll.' oVrI
(.::' he 1)ht(e(1 I'or anl insi(he b)orlier.
It it is tto be uIse ti u tti of toors it t i t'
h:tre : :lolin: eovor. I'ut two lights
il' .gass i1t' 1'it ini the e\ e'v or inl opi -
p.ie,:itIOD-. STLEU~
N#0 nlolr' Ihan lifty, icki(ls sh(utl
ho l)hac",v log('lher wvh(n h:1c-he(1. :1114
tlwol wileks lItr et"notlll ote than a :le
l his tiunhe(r hoai i ht l i ootei( is ont
t(o. -or Iifiy t a hi(kis .'b sI liat-tlil.
lhe hbrootleri Sh(ub( hit thlre feel squatrl'
:tli'I the sheet-l - lilt Iot of lilt hover
"h1oub11 It v' a i a di;t)eter ti1' t\'e w nty
IIe is. TIhe vent ilating I I olIe are(' one
'it 1' in tiiantlelt"0r. t't r'e("tan guItl'r
Oi nai ligs in the sidt'ts :'' (1 lit glIass to
Ihe inner and oultr eglies of the o enl
ing. lt'his will give light louble win
1'<(t! or this brooder, huill the rt'gtlar
b)root le' .a ov(s 11tha ':t 1an h ' Iit oil ht
rt1" 18t 1 ay p tultry t .pipliy h It :f are
b'et ter".
t'hi(t' es r his tt ittuulitg 1n(ile thet
in1''line. To O i0late this. au 1 lig is
i'aln inl the setond illustrt'ltin. wherh
til , ttu l aIhu is i lt' v t111(l xtIx(v ils ill
f'r'Int of the r-o O . att Towr t.nr ireu"h
iii I lt' ~'ltatu' tilat Ii' Ii'Il'lit''i
at y~ ' ala-I lil ti'ttt Ia 1)1 I t'tl ''t
1t:i11 hie ing I 'ite ground for te 1gn1
hl.1. h ring,ing i(' brou(ler proper downt
itlte l withi the 'r'iontd. so that the
Ithi np ' -u int( th lr(u ntvay "t i a 1 1i1
atlog t irs te ite of th lwoo3 t'er.
T alos .Tthate btcr' in frnt Th
fr't St ttui)11 ii . to b t~ca wo holets t
raited waithte ceniicr.so
A (ConivOlklenei?.
A 1n'ikage of tihsorlbett cOtit'I is a
co1rnvei('un"( In thle houlsehol. 01n0
of its us('s Is In liIIOr"noig g;rens(' spotis
froi wr"ool('ns. If pli 'dt I null''la ely
after oil, mil1k, b utter to ("r(':n buls
h( I spil!.'d1 on ithe fab ic it wvi!! : -
sorb eve'ry trace.
(7nn heetM.
'very girl V.w th' Ia litisp-eetiv"e
bri'tle o1 not, anii t'very littnwi'rr"if'. is
('aver to po,ss("ss oil(' of thel niew linenl
ncests. colpi's of' old iIIedI'aVil tn:t
tinge 'cests of icii'nI times. that are
)ow% heI il suc'h high ('steeni. T'h
rich dark woodi :1nd4 (lablrn hand1:11(
nt)tlei 11i 1il I oin ts lnn,s of l h('1 I:I1st
oie(s r wittIV-holly s t isfietot'y,'1(1i1 t ' h onli
tin artisli :t nd bilaty stand(11 oint.
For thke stutwaywl
Of tenl kihe pai 'etl wall along :t slalr
way h'eromes soild, while the re's of
thet hall reliulins fre1sh and chl' Ill. .\.
t'ouc"caling (t(lit o tiI t is Ia dsc) l :'t liII'
cann he( 1 st on of fine .1111)anese n )llin1.
'Thls sitonil be IackIc( lightly :t hr
wall li,i e ('d1g.' i nlishe,wi rr" l mr w
itIt of! split I1:itlthoo, he Un:tuli biiu:;
l1s('(l, 1111). w h"t!1"'evr"(' l y 13 j(illl t('t1.11'.1
ltha It shldtl 1 "ore"verr(l. Ift' tisirll. Owh
l.tii:ll in1 Iinihoo iI li, b "i:in('(i
to il l1ii I l l 1 ti t hi I lle ] i aItlr.
W il ltlw\ sI tIls aire' u1sut :11i' 1:1 1'f
1\if.\ s \r~ ihcv ( t In inilr vI-l ' s
wii' tios whre 1 11011 isiel0 .,(t ilirs'
I ':h h'o into lt It':1int, t' :i:.- (Iiw
to writhin a i t of It li o hr a in
tInf fidt b O illng ji l I l gw the tII n ,[l
on IIhecs(' ("lc'l" re,,t :I 11In .rd ;botct
Vwviie lV or iteenl In"his wihe.!4' wiiih
tI)n havr prcvionsly padled .fil (4vr
I')t(1red "wi It :t s itab e p. t 11 riai. l. iit
lr in (n.;Oy theso wrindiorrw son . . tlnil
whlnl I it-' Is a o n bl t o n : .1 i a ilit
.:ii : <,(I' il ll:)t 1 11 1 d o rt' a t i ". ith 1te
a''i( 1 41 11is ! it II\"I' tc c 'i\ : It 'I
t(1 a r,1141:1.
Fil ets wY'i'tls iCn trlini:.
1'sc' lit'llol' ji'-" ill pe ofi
onl ily :-.il neaii n an eid.
4"i1 itttii rr" II 11 11)11
(i h s i s tik ii 1s s i ii t h
'xtet h: 1 il s II , )s' (1f rheutati : :n :111
lieittit c'.
bRl'ylt' s ils d"lb-i: i i glu ten. :t t - -h
l I 1 lo ll'l . l: l i t I s . It is ti! - t ili t''
t e:'(:( (fI' Ii l n rI iui-t 4 i blIii 's o 1'
1luro; '. I'hn- 1 r1 ' ks ' I t in'd1 !It ir
:Ithle'i(s ,)n il.
l'ori t is ih I c' irinc"ilal ):atIr lIhe
litn1 in onie' 1at:Is of .\si:t aned .\:'rh-:.
II i' ur ) tiI ItrtoluI li I l ir -' :ll t d ln
I'o,ll:lins lit' e!(1st oi'.lyto1"e.
(lu"IrIhI al shouh( hce us1'(l :n i hlti
of(h r 111h1 inl lwar Ant \iwen.ilhr.
I .its ("tlla' in l ':al ":y twenity Itr i t , .
If11011I fnol' s Iuist ce. 1oII rlt'Ipar
8111ts ifor' IvI 'Ids should h .. wi ll
((e1 ('tl I II(I str:in (1.
l ntul s ar'(' o: les int of'iIld.
Ic' is hw's 1utri-it iolhs [i11 \t'utn whe:t
and luot r 1I l\"iv . - os.tt ('t,kinr
Sc hool1.)l": zine

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