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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 05, 1903, Image 3

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Showj,g How a Miss Hopefl Came
Successfully, to the Disc
1 " ever IIle3re were \u-o 41i.3.
greeable, hafI: I iI. ty"ranu1a(11
ol Ittihs onl eari I, ho10.e tw \\t
aire 1)1y stel -sisters, arnd youl
know it, Milss IteleW."
Aliss Re( ! looked u11neonlfortahle.
'".\s your ov;erness, you know, Ih.
T Qlllt 1101 to lislll to your remarl:ks
oil yolr 1sist ers- " she ' ;:egal3, neri
''S II'p-sisIter's, pdl'ast'," s np1p71 j)J30 i I.
')h. MIss iteatde, If you hai( only been
here bef'o're they eanme. II n-"1ns so
"idkn't thecy always live here, then?"
asi the governess.
"cth. dIe:Ir, no. 'I'hi'r fah e ded
1\\"ellty years ago, whent'1 laI'Rlra amnd
'I'lhe'Jtiorn\ 'ter' Six ani eIght yemts
ol. ::mt when mloth1'' mtm-ried a year
lIter. .1r. Ne'won's m101her look them
to live w\ilh her. Then tuothler (Ile<1
I w4 years ago, 1 d I'aI he' sid I Wasnt't
Old enotigh to Iako cahnrge. Ihougli 1
was liftet"n. o as ol A1rs. Newlon
ha(1 'lie(l a t year or s0 Iefor'e, and
la la and1 Theo w\ere staying with
hleir fathtr's sister, father wrote and
fSket'. 1hemt to eomne here. In'vle
<1d e 0'oting b ut inlerfere with inle
e\ tr sin'"e they 'anm0. Youl have1'n't
!oe on-- e'Iou)ghl hle to tillll ti yet.
in y:'u will soon. The, i'len of 1:t:ig:
11:1 Ibool: away 1'1om unle..
"'ell, you know. E-:ll". etoar. tt is
11"41 '1111t at book for youngc; girls: hut
mhtl.l -1 hear .1Miss Newton's volce.
13(' gel ot p1ract i'in.".
'I'!,- <lo(r opene l, and a Iall. .:.:me
fill earl 'I(entore;. Sh' iol:oil as oneh
ymuuger" 1han her real a;ge as I.11:1
looked obler, atnrl no 0)1' \"twould h:tv(
gllesse'd hi-'r to be Imloh'e IlaI1 'lenly
1113'e (1' 'o)n:u. Sll. Ilot'"l very pIal"
n"i)tc1 there w:ere t:.ra ill hcr eyes and
:1 !niv'r in he:' voice as ' ' alrI-Setl
lilt' ;:ocerntess.
l:'Ieale. I ha:ve"( jus) hatl a tl.
rat! to Ioil me 1ha tl\" :1my 111 1u: s
h11d : 1aralyi si srni'. .ly slst.er :ntl
1 :1: ; i to hi r" \:illh ihi: .- t% -a" ill
W i':! Yom K:ltlym' . '"ll t'r ' ill,;.t" 1
w I .iv' youl all tlirt'etliuins il' you \-ill
' l1' - 11to ny13ron;I. 1.l :1,. you will ex.
1i:IIin to 1':the ir. 4 ad. a lhe kind 34
lil h :; I le ttllv .
- t( \ : 1 1sit s' :1;1:1 (4*ljni3 3sh1i l o' 311 4'
1' t w o 1.. .1 I l"i Ii , s.l'"ti
<ir o: I t e1 n :!"-h 1 i .!In 'amt,)II Ii:c'
'' o n I n.^ i ..' ,::'" M aj)r
T.eil whbet hr :l'ri\ve,d il er in Iim
a1 14I-rio)1 :1ti 1w a e u t ill li!' 1l1:
1. i 'la. t' tno ;,l him lth o new::s.
".tl e::aet i.vm\ nk W:1\ eoin't
thi ir ;1 :tni tai;' ill mt i;mtte tIht'- titile?
W1ht on rthl slwi: < (37 \Ir'iti aindI
1111; thornl (ll'. I su . ."
''1'l w\"ho off? I b:ve you askotl anty
tloiy !,vw41"n?" askoIl i:ll:l. who was ae -
<--n 1,:M3el it) he' 1):1"enl's ilet il4''(t
I mdet 4 two fieus in 11own to-<ly,"
Ip.m< her 14) l: fatev. "'wih41 I haiven1't
s4een for six or seve yers a4 II3'O1.:(11
2i. : the 1 11(31 o1wn for2 some14 shooting.
I s(ip:ose' I 33)utts3i ul'ern off."
'No 1)4(3 11or that." :nIIswered4'( Ella,.
w't b a tISs o31 her' he4:14!. "T'I! 3're -n-e
1'l'''y of1 goolll s;-vn:s. 03m) 31;ss
me4. WhoIare ymi4'0 ;-; n,i,:3(.-3) l-:er? 1
sup) 's they4S~ are'3 o i'n- 14bl1(.''
"T 'ey ri(4n't 31bik . . ah the .!la
.':- ih :3 gri. "I h'ou!h 311 cloab14 y34it
wii!. Theyv: 2' 444 34;) I'n y rs ybou:t--1r
fo.l. Its tiio ba:i of1 31h4 r.irls,"' w\*'m
3):r. wa':s '4)Im'4In :: lo)' wer n 1>,); :43(4
.\shby. andl i3 woub21( 4<(4 4 lry we4l1 no(w
in.'l t hinik ol' 1.m n-:. !Uno away 1E11:
1 wasn3't 1talking3 to y(44. l;o aiiul t4ell
-\Iliss lietul(1 I want1 11:')."'
.\1iss Iien3ile wasl a :wea4k :3)1l 1041oolih
w3'300n, who, be1in'x ilu-apable of1 4)' X
* esinig any 014 cotrl( 1'ver 1)4'r st :onig
of gr'oss flat tery' an1(1 33n)imiteIl( 33n1lnig
('33 3' She' was1. wrliing in her' own'I
"\Ad I shall1 hav ~e hemo :alI to uni
self." ('rih'l tile gui. 4'xu1ltantly3; 'with)
13(4 sist ers to keep) me14 in th bac 3: k
ground;(1 no hlat'fl1 Illura 1(o look 1131
jlien(lly 113 m3e1) if (33 I nture to spea2k;
nol de4te'sale3144 The3o1 lo snub3 tme. I look1
41)uite gro4wn1 u1n, don'31 1, .\[iNS IIlend''i'
"YVou ar1e gr'ownt 1u1. 41h'ar." rep1lied1
I he .juldIi(ious governess08. ''You looj:
413u0i twen'1ty. AnIII sevet1een is a3 mar31
r'ingnbIle 3ag4e, you)3 kliInv. \\'O331dn'I II
lIe fo:n 1o stea21 34 I)mre4i3 43n y' (333 sIster'is,
:413( get 3niried 34) 4one1 of these gent le
"'Wounl( 't it?! A\mi 11he p1int1 Is.
Al 3's Remle41, Ilmil I bei'leve'a 1:3 1h1') as5k4'(
Ithese. mten d1ow~u n l mee I.:3ura: ni3)4
'lheodor:t-I won(13 4ail h li'' )ot: s
al'ur33d to keep upl hahy4~ n3ame34s wh'len
sheIis 1 o old(1(. I 3me':an to ar some3334
JollIy if I were3'4 to3 marry1 (one':"
"'ItrW ( wouhl intleI," .\ iss lI ea !e as
"'It IS a4(15 distt lea dinhg orf i(rovidence
hat I le 51isters ar away 4'h3.'' lauighetd
Iila. "If they wer'e at1 home31 1 shouh1IIn't
have a( chance3110. 1 shiouh be1) keopt Inl Ithe
ho03ek round;l1134 and bei4ges, 1,nur 43'7
"'Bul you113 hv' 1.-he (charm33 of y'outh
1)1 rg I linn33I thet1I4Ihe(l133ma11Iegg of
OIcle womenOl."
ing5 absenty113 at1 the wvindlow.
"Whatl1 1.Is m3y (CInderella thlijokl
l)11m. A1lIss ltoemie, and3( If you3 11e11 me4'
I'll t akIe yott to li ve wit me1 340when i
031331 marriedC. 1I'13 goin1g to nect a liIttle
('ome3dy. I am3 Cideela; Iioltnte
by3 m~y 5tep)-sisters, who3( are' o1(d, ugly
- 3and jenlous, bu3t I am3 1(3o nloble to
(comfplain3. 1 1am3 resi4gned(, gentle1c, eer
"I see. 'Pilty is 3k1in to love.' And
y'ou thin3k you3 0e3n 13nterest t hese 1men3
by playing33 ClImlerella. Well, It. Is not
1a 1)ad( Ide. Itut hlow enni I hlpj you1?"'
"'I'll loll you laiter. 31(11nt11me you3
had( 10 helter go to fatheri. I qluite forgot
to loll you 11e wants to see' you,''
Colonel Ashtby arrlved next Cveinzg
Within an Ace of Playing Her Card
dvantagc of Her Elders,
Sirl ,c.' Ge ''1; i .,.., -(1 ('-[)e('
e(d fot :1 dlay oir 1 w\o. :tu(l 1.:l1a I 'el
r"allher 1-'liever(. ( )Ile inan.11 was ('Ilongi
to begin Witih. The "\I:l,jot" nenltion(<
castually at (linner tiltit his 'ldt'
<haughltets were, 'rolnt hoic. n1u41 I'1rnes
Ashby felt : p:ag of (lialcxlis:tpoitment9
lie h:al IoIpe(l 44 to luee jI)ol, f'or" he ha11(
heard of the death of' her mtotle'r an(
of the sisltrs thavig goie to live witl
Ilth'ir :<tel)-a lt'r. ills bilef love slor'
lti h('ein p1la2yetl oni onut ittunni in ;
("1n1I)ry house where D)ot had beet
itiniIIig nlone. Ashby13" had 1allen v"io
extly iii love wi\ith I)ot, but althoutgl
she had r"eturlne(1 Is af'ection, thelh
lngallteIlt was never ainOwIee(i. I'm
It'y I1a4 1utxarrele(I .li no'(t it one
111(1 A\shv ha:dc gone ai.ro(il inl a Il
f teulp'r.
As soonli as Ilhe Majotr l:n4l fallen
isleel) (v\e' his (illler, AsbyllV 1xia(le his
vay to the dlrawing-rootn, where he
oun(1 iss IReal' at the piano, alii
I':lht prettily reposed in : w\"iu(lo\W re.
-'ess. 1ie <iuickly ,joinel the latter,
nid be.i"nl to inak1' ("onlversat ion.
"Yi(On have sisters, liavei't y'ou'" he
tskei . ftr('U' a i1i '.
S('i)p-sisters i:'.:h re.. ti . iio i, 1
"'our1' sisil:'s are fromn !11ium' just
I ow?".
" :. y.s." iih a :1 'eix sISil. -ori. I
holu't h' lire.'
"NlxmulIn'I you?' \\'hy riot'
"ih. well" a 1Pa:('. 1y1.II stex, I
il ratio('ir ylou:!:. :Ini my}" si.t's keep
ti' ill the 'lxool-roomx. ''hy ar very
'1,!( ai1l k:in1(l. bult 01ii( ol: ihey"
hinkiC mw ..bil."
"4m !" he e.;t"hiinel. 'W hy,
hxy :1 u)1 he. At elit: 1 lix' one I
n1:\w <:In11) h)e n111-h u\ver tw1ety,."
Ellb hit ht'i' lip inl nunynn,vIne at her
11uinler. She h:tl forgotten that .sh
Iy hadl4 known Dot.
11la hesitate1 :1 Inomuent, then risked
1:riIg si'I.
"1 i'lin.g 1)ot." she mlurnu1ltreul. "Al,
4 !l(;ne1 .\ihby i-' on not :now
)ot (H'il two yer '.; :I:o."
" ilt <le:xl:" hc (ri( 1, inl a voice of
it:-,uishI. It was over, Ihel: his Il1-vmn)
' i.e uneilia, kIi' . i I e1' !d('4 ileve(r ask
rivs 1e-11ss c: c in> 'w': i vt'\le ' e'll;ii l awly
is h:lr:h wo t:":u ree- e h': er
'; " :h oe:' ':: "i n. " ::x l 1;.:y u
I' c i
".' si' ' x . "1 !in t lt,:1 ". h '1r lVc''
cx tt:l!1ch I c (: I~Ix cf ili'e, andc I :1111 so:
ficl xycxr Ni's dx).."
1'h mi 1 lst th. - h1' iw'..\eare sliol: o:m
e11t1e1''ll". " ~ou1 11111Nt illiss 11('r' l("t'
illl\'i .
"Oh' 1 (1o. i I 1:11:1, 1 ;c's' ,in l
vON a1 lcxng. silcx.e. A1 last E'lla oo':exi
ip. "'I muist say3 goxd-iiighit nio,
'olonel~ .\shbyx~," shic sai, wiithx a lit le
"'Arenii.v?" 'h'le remni lstraxte<ci. "Whly,
t'.' v*ery 'enriy. l)oix't go yet."
'"Oh. lxii I haxve suichi a lo to) clo to
"'o you .'cxt: ill dox lx''.cuns. t hen?"
"(Oh,x i,"' ('rix'x1 lilxi. c'arnexcsx ly. "'I
in ci . 14' x ithcci nurstery.l linhyx~ lxrt-i
.mcl lic'n. xxxy sNIIr hav- l:ie lefx lxxx
iin.:s ltx cl:1."
x .x !txlilc'.x . l: :cx: h i w ix 1 cih . Thev
'lbuhx lx'r h:en 'c iinexxs c:x 3'cu. )xcux't
Ixx'; x vc'x tixl' you1xxi u ;ih Il n:
''Oh, they~ :4'c' vm-;;' l4:9c." s:iil 1'l1n.
':4 idite I x tr:: V ii i <" l to take~x meI
xxxe~icnteher "cne'x x ' whenixi ti ho' ysx~'
xxrx clxd enoughx'l lto be4 :t schoixol :nt1(1
xi il:xl so tuxich n ic''cc'l at1 hlinc."'
" h:xx'er n i <itn :41 ruospect.''p
inairkedc .\shbyx. "I 'xx aft'rnbl it's ai
-:as' of' C ' ixulerella ataii lix hexcuel st ep
Ii l i rater' l'or'got her parti next day.
-ler faiter waxs hxihi up wlthx ai sud1den:
it ot.' go~ui, andxu .iss Il(nd wa'ls kept
may53 lookinug after'i household atir,q x
ind sublluingV a mi'utin iivlx th1e nursiery.'i
xixx1lii xni'ed i'un theixl114 giroiunds w.'ith
hie Co(loneil, 'lhaitin g g y13y, and1( 1hen
is'stedl on1 roin lg ihlot on thi le pond,(
xs iiullik' ai hbousehioldI drudlxge' as pos
'or'cilyl. she~ m:ixe anc eiifftort tox reCsumeii
hxe retnark 'I.ed. nixcori'nliigly. retin lg o1
Lix''r car s, ai iI xinhg gl x''fuil ey's (ir
'hn. '"Thaxt xlcari Miss: Ih'xidx hias lii
I maix- lhave' xi ent)iilete' i'c':l. isni't i
we'e't ofi lie'"
"Poor' lit tlex womanfiii." lhe. rinexdc
IiOwc-"'ita '" iihamixle you1i shxiouhl be sxi
xv'vorked, x'l nd li I shl: te xll y'om-i I
her' O."
"'4 P I. yx,3ouii 1 must' 1." criexd 1lix1 , Ii
Ilier' wvorried. ('sI)eelal ly now1 lie is4 Ill
Yoxu nolsxtix't. inxk 1'mi c'omplinhing
My sist('rs iire very~i good to iie. Pr'oim
Ise' mei youx woni't sny3 aniythinig; pIlenti
"'I proiseii11, 1 iiioxise,"' he4 soot hef
hier. "I won)i't sny' a word, y'ou 10oyn:
Climle'rella, but rememcxuber' howv thc
fairy tale enids. and1( thiIs maiy emi
soonr thaxin y'ou tinuk.''
"'I ow? W~xhaxt (14 you imenn)'" askex
Ih lich(ild, wiVth ide (, innocent'i eye'Vs
amd A shbly haxsti13'(y i chagod t'he suin
jec,x'solim: t'Iii~o say3 nothlinxg mxor'
to dlliturb heri "'Ieavenxly liunloxence."','
As sxoon as S' r (ieor'ge C'ourtene)
arive~d. 1'11xxl ituned her xittentioni I<
hiim. lI I. xxt lr'cst. ('o'1ld not1 horei hel
ablouit ti' h cian't IJot. 1'Ulhxi'xreall
time, HO wI'I )itu abaxiindoinlg heri r'ol
of C'iidex'ella, shei keptx it rat her in ti
hneikgr'ound,i x amil pratle 11o4 hn lilil
a1(1leen wil1ii1y tha hiiIolhi meni wer'
amui)ise~d 1and( fasi 53n:te by'( l her'. &
skilfully' dh i she~ 1)1iy hex' parxt (iie
veClop)ing lustiole14 tilenti ini ai wnx
thait (iuuite dazz.'/led MIiss5 lIx'nde) 'Am
by the endi of ni wveek hix'r suc'essH haii
B3othi Pien hadt r'esxolved to propose05 f'o
hiei. !0lla had( dletermxin;ed to unecepx
Cour'tennvi. If elnc cnho shby, .
ifon utit I)ol, )ut Cot"tellay had
Ii( ' me ilt her s!s er's lilt([ coli not
hol hrr responsib le for aIny llisere! -
anei s hs t1i5:il nolee ht lr" n her
dwe 'tription oi' th ernt nid teality. -
I nay .s; well owNN1 it t yttl. i)le
lle." hr" sait. oie :ftrnoon, :s th
rolled olt the litwn. "I wasteng fell
to 4)utr 15is: 1 1 wi:as rali.r :1 h le
less alfair, for' I lw"as wr1etehedI!y I 'o:r.t
.o we k Iep t i it to oursrl ves. iit a
seiet enggernt is an awfu 1lly Ityinr
thing, 1 was jeal,ms fool. \\ r
Sitrtreledl. mn i pat-tedl, and so-- andl so -
I lost hrr."
Elit was silent,
When she w:ts gonl. Cotrenay fell
. 1h1to eonv"ersatlion with .i\ii.s te:ltle,
} :iml Ashby wenlll 1 1indors. I:unnin:g
S upt stairs, he sIuiitbledli,vi v ier t 11hm1le11
'whicb. on i nvt sti.gation, turnedI out 11)
be i sohhling ehib1i of tender yirs.
L''\'s Awrong Mlitle one?" he asket,
pleking it up careftilly-.
-"Ei lt a)J.htld hahy." sobhewd t he
"i' (lil t Il? Where is Elb. 1thten?"
"Dlon't wvant Ila," wailed the hahy
so heart hrokenly that Asht fel t buite
Iltehril. lite was tr t'ing to t'OInol( it
wit-n to his relief the 1 1ns Aeoared
withl a floodl of npologics.
"'In so sorry, Sir-. hul i h:mll u o go
dlownsltairs for somneltlittg. and< Miaser
iert ie ran a:fter me. We e 're Ialt at
sixes :,lilt sevens just now, sIr for tho
young ladles being away makes snt"h
a d1fiferoc."
Ithty b r.s1 Itl' renewetil sobs, wy ail
in.\ I "\ie It ) w llil ursie: mev walt ]lot.
OI, 1!e i) .t W t) I )tl
"Alh, poor l ilt i the 1t n! 1, too 'dli so,
wv:Int I o.' " sghett Ashby.
Ihllal ( V('n1ing11 :. te Major ret' viv(e d it
lelrhr fIroi iLaura. inforn hn," im Itt
her :u nt was better antI she and (ot
wcuihl iturn the followin; afternoon.
I ie lt;tl Itis to him st-lf, inte ,ling, at
t !'a:Int0 sulrnri.e. an(1 had himnself e.
tahli.hl"d on tinw 1:1WI next dayI. at 1Pen
timw. 1-!I mt:ale 1)1-h a pretty pi(
Iur of Iillal love A-4 she hung about
her fathur's ehair that ('onrtenny made
up h ind u hi delav no lolgr;l"1', bult to
aisk her at one,, to subinlt to he trahnedl
--ater 1marr1ia-' -into his ilen wvoman.
So he presemnt'y asked hert to come for
t stroll arould he lawn, mial 1a,ltn
readilng isll posr in his fae, 1'os'!
-wi!h alner'ity. 1 ttt, alas: in the very
Ie1 of raising the eostly lel to her lips
it was ilasl r"!!to the groundts. At this
Voy tin''ent there appeudli two li
dlle:. hasttenintr fromn t1h house :ie1o:aa
thn. law\n to .ioin the party around then
tea nble. C Crlla's irt'ned1 white. ier
father bld (11 welcom11ing hand
"'h" ;;irls!" 1 exli rd. joy' ously.
"W\'!eome holnt.l, d1e:11
.\t tohis m11olli''ltt -when(i:'fe. no One
1ou l tell-- tr chihilr n luashtil aross
1it' h:wt anl up 1 w th-Iwcom ers, wa
iero; shotrns of wteienlme.
"lh, :'ei triis. we're so g:lad yott're
back!" etri-', the e'ldes t. "Ella's been
horrit;. S he's mladle uts live in the
1nur.sry And neVer" coet:1 downstairc."'
Thie two loatet h. f 'eor n1 latini on
iysit it 1' - it' 's i~ha adi s ealne nwaret
.\shbly fairly g:sped for b1reath. For
ihe Lady t"outl whosimnoleck hhy was
lin:ii; was no other than hiw lost
P'i)t'As for Cotenn. hutIe3s'lyt was
-n strckn' u speehesb aura' henim
loveles. (1ere--act-least ins appear
Ianc ewa tl.'his i woman.' 1015
"11Iln' you11 know m ridl1iy daghtr. As
byl 'l asedo he'' Majy'or "ot,
":Itln' hlilie." wh o:fs'ed .sy,lhose-i
liy. ll l "1 ( isn ' tnhisib . c'11iot is dead.h
E-toh l mne:t3 sheiedtl w e yas ago."e
Vlh''1 itI dead." ll)i repe tc t e lliji, isu
tleild. "W01hat.-'on -andi pdoe' yo
S1110:11 hsh'r':"ie fe in~elt
- t it- dlrete ittaistte soldlat nwul
1 m0 i t (ke. I-'lh loin Ime."ii 1a1)er1 .\ih
ry gre t hent13 o ra st her)4' eyesi tot
hi ai'd s'aid: "true 'nst! anhe hifno
E jColanin,ias :lms uliul
Remarkable Cases of C
bus American Penite
the Scene of the Latest
I the t"tou (s' of an inl Vest"igati,oil i
Q the 111:Il:1'.,i tii i Il1t (I I lt' ( -ist
ill'illlisylv %-, Iliai 1pet11411 11en t1hy, It
I'i Velol)p(d tht. coin colnt4'1rf't'll
lias I 11' O )I'4i ll Il 11il'. si/' ll ,(
weas 0lie ofte 4nd1 sris4ng'.
by t0e o('f the lisers. The 'Flit' and
nieuIt w"iti hiv 4W. this in1for-It loion
tvel'veil by%" thie lrison inVestti
lig-1it hae ben len m1I nutrked( lid i
heun f'amtlllnr with Ilhe prison hist
of the "ot1utry.
I)('i:1 ite the righi regulations,
Ireinlt vigil:inee 11nd mnost e'xr'll
1111uag en'Itt, uter hIlielt oill. Ie
evitItutiolnsK are 'Iililu "the. there
har<uly :1 prisoni of any Size inl
11111ed toia's whh11t-h has ot1 1 b
omulled to hear' the ret"t,ror oIf'
letist oeu Suich ials..
III Most i n1 stalt4es <IiscuVtIr' til (i s
i'etssio ll ove ritook the d r 1 n1141
inl its in1'tlne'y, lriligin (o nly dlisS
tI I h, offeni de's. .1 few : iese(s t:l",'
roctr. h ever, so ennnlingly plan;
1n ttel utiusly .111 rried out tha11t 1l
r1ih ibeynd1 Ie' tontins of the pri,
belore detect ion.
* * *
In M Iar 1. 898. Wil 'on ll1io"
Ja'ck .\Ionrov, while working h(e4ir u
frlom) olornl to Iheir homues inl I
n(oi. fortnet I it ae uaititne at .1
fers(n (',Hy. Alo., of tharl.s !e
Iegr"o wi-1e had1 just ('uitutplrI a 1
ye'ars' 111'in in lt pris1n theiri 1(en v
nout to honalj4 :1 freight Irnin bot
for 8h. foluis. T'h( tro got intto
r(tme ("ar. I.ewis h:ll his I (1(k(ts f
of ("ountter"felI coin. 11(' toh(l his e't
ofations Ihai for the year pireviotus
hadl beenl it "trnsty.'' mnll dur11ingi 11
t (' was :1 1 li rtI y to io. a it 1)yp
I1 the l risIn. Ile h ttuhrri t r,-i.
to and i otl the .I:t ion Iery day .
TIhI' trampls werli( clis( eo d and 1
( il' the Ir:1ii at ('h; uio s, \lo, 11
l.-'wil dlis(;trdIl, the clothes t'uril
Imy 1' the uosun anlhurities au1a-I
(hase('01 a ne w uutlit, -ivh"ing in, 11
"1aln In1e)t sYtut' Of the Counterfo 't (ol
.\ I1 i'tnan11 le 'llel teit t tlernl t<
friend o,n 1 :01 I lolph street. ot. i,o
rhitIgin him not to oell(n a box t
hei' h(Io ilIt y1Y 'xplres t1 1 lrii atri
Ither'. At W ash intion1. \I t. as
itls ('ustlt in ne8( pt8n . 11 11 tss,e
few ' Ille bog1"uls coins 1111 lf' to
olo wed(1 y (''onnrrn anll Juu
itme hi is v .l is t raised a l:
rind the I(wn ma:rshal w ent in pmll.
of the trio. 'Thty ofny ttire(1 thl( -
whlite n t h e ' - ro ese n('.gr (':
W\'hen ifre of h r11e nitu
and1)4 leig(of tei oelegast W
1l.ouis an th of lier nputured5 1c o
ot the llnAdolp ttreetalo house nt
1ettred1 the ox MohippedI from .in'
Ii' 'ee:t.di Iinitesse eralutird li<
1)41rfe4i ttins.' adt n Iohnplat eralu
to haingy mad)1 e thH conefots in
Whil the mornhorii nIt .Te1fer
1iy e usl(omp y foinvetning I1.m'
statlentsIa woIrde w reeihs hai
(-'omsJm.l ('1 .. of the l ''iIovery II5
5(1vin4( (nll w:in 1~ lison Conl
11'yn and C'1 ) 1hi'on wer1 ienh iln
no fil;1'I makinevy hn<l n ioyin th
ine roo ofsal et1(t a ins it('(( ut ion.
Atf the~ gitgedt sIptliof 1he oplter
paIs 11 wih whichn1( he ols & werem
andtthe. )1( forn s tere:unt
froms htnit meta w4aken foml thea
ite thed Ito thaut femIght hab(ut
Th e folloin "wing to~ inm
Wethe onexect o leret wdemn
.$$$$ $$?k:-?g!f
ounterfeiting l)iscoverecd int Var- F
ntIarles---Mloyatnling; l>rLsont
" A
Outbreak. ep.
nto ,"u ltlIll isi.'r1 i b I bis survet"illIne, '.
lr' oi ulr) .}I lf"ith. II f:Ic was;1 1noted, ti
aili 1iren :11 I he pr in-\ s ill'.l i."tl
Ill I''ti4'llt s r11e' of tru l' I g ln ,'. Ilth S
('ze4- ''ret seri'ce4 :4g4'ls <leterIine114l to gi4
L%' 1 I,' IiiVIat v :II i; l ,'44 1 l'1'11 11 't) 1, +:Xlh i\
\"ax ITnvlor all " l)pporlu 1Iy 1 4la'1)in.
lot., \I"' y h i niorni11g. .\ay i. Taylor we',_
lwy, ;,) \\'es t lhiln l phIIia 10 visit :I trilen
ory )(n th w:y :11:lek t11 ' town Seclci se
4 Cir"t441'4 ) 1114' I:4'Iillll iI \V t vll l' 1 IJl1
forn ~f the "a lt' ' ni ear. \\'hl ' it11e e1
tnt 1 ra'te h'd thel, '4' 4 $c h kill l{i,"1" brii,l"
11ll 11i1.1- :14f' - 41lr lr ,'ll ll,l look I K,:I I 1b
i- sihl liii t(4 IlnSlS1 ! tin}; "shover'." .'
111he 1. Tw nly - 'ond It' t tI.'riill I len ,
r'n I )ver n1 d <tie414"tly infor n,'tl Tay: lrri I lu
I he w\ante(d h1iln4 0i' ,t uff t" .-:1'. .1
lhrr111 t;11l 1")lt Ii'l 11 i11 1111 $1 , I 1 \i l i
upl - ii'e t l'1 ' 1 t 1 rot1 ' I i n 4 I ear
- i ( h l , l. w I r l ' i e 1 1 1 ' \ \ ' i l h - ' 4 1 t 1: 01 ( )
' r IlCv's ensi i 1'r aw\it lt'tl Ith ni. I II .\I lirt
o' 1a "lrr ll,ntlen d that hIII kn 'w I!I. nl t
w :4 : 1 I 1ont 4vy wt"as ,"ount1 r''iI, I
411' 1111' '.hIeq tii i' I ' lnil.'< I I:. hi i
11 : I ti .l It '1nll 'r 1tl'iI nuc b e1silalion, s I'II I 1111
hilm brot'Ihler ArthIur gt1ve, it to hitt
f1o1llws il t his nitui'ss n w\ it i 111
ndl :tartling Inf1otn1Iion 1lha-t .\rlhaur an
-ny his imrner In in. :1i 114441l"
iii \I,ynnI en,'rtsing ri) {l'iin llr,ed''I
1'- lI sityll edlo hiln Wi h n1 f1' the4 liott
.aI to 11ss, an1 11h:1 lihte hat su "Iel1
t'- lisp1 Olhintg of fot"IY-Iive,' 411 1 the'lu iulp 1
4a I1he ti'4ne '\r. l rInlovy s''tI 'f11. hilln 4.
ind iiwle nt whi.--h :.n l iln such a 1'rigi
ih,' that he''it protptly ]futl the,' re1lnalilh
uill t1ute-11' the stoV, and141 dIstroyt1l) thet'
111- * * *
Il II \\"141: w l "11 114 4 to" Il1i llriso llr.
1a1 -\Moy1n1ine silt; 14o ,'xpli)tn. l,ravir
Irt llarry Taylor in tel' 444'totly o' .\g't
rht iri lin, I'hi,'I' \\'ilk4i4 ' a li ( )pernl
I n 1414" r 1d l to ihe I1 prison 0114e Il
,tf Tay lotr :n,l li1'+",1'l b rol!h 11 d,ow\
it' a1"4, ' ''ll1 \\, '4' 14'4,. 4V Ills 1111 1 t'\"v,i '111
'1 oit h'r "l nsively whe,n the' chi,
nr.- tlh d Ite' 1 lo beI. attel',. .\fter hol
'41. i:1 1 u1111 '1:inst I t ' :11)d1 lre of ('1 "e :+
is. 11111':tIl Io ii f1114 n1 ' I: h 1ti ' 44l'ed<
'is. "\\'htl 'you(11) 11 111 I u to 41 I --o'
h'tt 011i ow1' n\' head1 s o1 f'?" lw' szk',1 .
val l'hi'f W\'ilk eiw' s \ u1 tiirk to Iak, I
osl "11' youIlot Pr i t of t
1 1 w11 t'o)nn. rf,'it, why4441 shouhd thel,, 4 tu11
w\n. (Ilt you hr:!tls o!t'"" Ith intui"r,d. 191
m t'll lo, k,"l appean:1111c' gly" a11 T:tyh
rmt "W\''." he11 s'id, 44d4r44si1g '1Tay lor,
,uit guel'ss we'd e 1 te ll."
o A1 f1,'"r: la brief p ause ITay1lo y'i' l
w':1nt i n1Jl th,e astoundnlug t'uf1confes
St. 1 1el,i 1h n .1 e. ' r l t n1t11 e1i' ,..,...'.. nil
wis'~I441 41 paratus having II been' 44ing4le i
414'- 14r4 on' 44u'l. hers4 ( oI ' t heir. 'Ia1 nilles, 44S '
4-so h 14 an41 tl'4' nus ('44n14414yedI to~ get.4(
1ii('1 ioI s lWOV siti on'4 444 1orne bI! y theIl'
lsn to ut th'S11n te4ine(1nat
Cesunfrelensiencyin th' sentefl n-1.1 1
of tei ori44441g ial 14 offense.jhe lates w'e
1111- th 1rae 144ofs 1 Tal's fatherl41''~ ('n4444:
of wood414 21,847net01ry. were tite 11104 (44 u
I'ed (sn douh 11.( IT ed in4 4 l ii, 41nlin1
luns- ( 'le W'(ilki ' '1 s II to the enti, tr)4(
l lgtlIs"! 14C' were 4ubse('Idt44 iy i ( 114 fri
In, 14444 are4' e1111eI s 14' of1411 11 Huma hoLi.
ronds141 n1111 thfe Ulix 111d ('tatest1 durit
his-. 11[r'4" eas el'i''king ,Tun 30, 11MK1 .
ow swre '14'''il'4urdered415. No 841,# taite (4
in their live by44.114 4114'nt in mills,4O df1I
orh lit144104 I5 We a 144tgeh4 1to4 perodiI
'f1-1 f hil 11 l'411ife n hi 4litiy, g
1r. 22 i '4118944. 144i 4 ile 414 tiiOh r 11f4 den
'. 'I444 by4railr1ad nelfnt in4reases 114nnuI(1
any)1 ly.S The4443 iur4e for'141 I4' 1 11r
r- k 'l'ed and 1 30inue.. The numi
to U ii sh8 4'4 s 44hl 14rs who 141't('lhir ll
}, a- C'Xin4e1s lh' litinh' 414 f4I pers1 s k)4iW
vas4 444 I I same slu41 e of11 4 tilie (.hree y4e
, ha 4 o 1 1 lln'i n 1 is441 th uis 44 f5 the114 ti
to ".'lo41'4u1g" now11 heron44l4414g that44 14
irn has a'ulrd 1444'e 4 greazt, fige in~ II
3'44 it jy, am i' the144 namo'1 h If he'ome famiil
('0) l'''i4 1' . 444th 1wo ld S( i(' t14( Illrrowly~
'1ies. Mr.4 .lol ne 14444 1404 the(liIl Transv'.
'ere" From 1nh4l4' it hi14i '1.he former For' Qi
The pri.nuIi . "'. 11r ofi' . S-:11r'
Tofl lisil. w ingl u!' iII...',-i. :Incl ea ;e r
u 7f hlil'1:: I lt':l'l: is 1111ip 0: ill . i1 1 '' ' '' 't'
'i li1 :h i Ii Ilit :in1 v p1 ; I I:I; , -:1':r: '
tl:' il S tle l!telll,L.1 '
i it ite 1 ''t:ln:i!'iu tr II lir :.14 ' I 1''
I ':11it1:" . s it!:: li g :l t lrt'I'll i s 1' t;-i i
pres1'erve thle f'e1w\\ het11' s Ieft inl b;
I:t . Thle aillt is nu\w :iiitt sI :.
!":I "' :I,: Il " l1111I I I'. .\ >:t el .iil lt..
4w2 s'I)141 i't'r :Out 1 1 h11 it is nt:
244111 411i 144 2j)41$4:~.14 4
i s yI ihh' I.;hl'rolix 1 ; t1lit4'.
1t .\I 14 t1i) iIIt-1ne hav itI v w ' ton It iIln
Itl n,t"411 1 'i l-'s ( I lit' :1'1:t1:\\1'.1 4')'
- of i t i rl st of . I ' 1''! h111 .' I:!
' 41 t orit 'i l bl:111 liinen:t1)"1 ::: :2 n1 tl hl'
tl \\ hi . liti\ 1r ir, 1'hokte<l inI'; its "Ia rt"t.
The)'r 4t1,11 11)u11 II o of41 t' i 1 ' nlinaint
I, 2i '412112 III 4 it\ 'I4.1 it '
' 1i 1 s i' l ! t4 11' t rill 1''e:i (liffe :r2 tIl
i I ' 'It li:letr \'1 ll a t' 1 ]u1 " 1 la ll li
:1 guuli hl:ltr".:l :11w :1vs rt.;ilt . 1';;I"
r.- of h11 i"li:nd1's vil i buisi;is il' : gri utu"1 11
isis inl I le ori ng 2t o it' tit ti i th " r'iti
'. ':lason for pilani ng ii; ut)1 inl :1 11.11"h 41i
("ul:I t';1'~ 1 141 Il l 'I : I ,ili 1t' tI)II 1
Iil lt,. 1 : l t ' llI '. s I l:) it n OI tt t I rli :
1 I w"l'ih11 ;u e it ero .
It ~' '
.\ ii11 ial:11 f're't'"zing i- :1 il-vi l. t hll1
h rl'urlt'tl to for sillki L jilt sha:1is
Ilt lrll Igh :nS n us. Strata. l:Ilh'ling;; th11
1 , I '; thll in .I "Inlml 'Ss Of -4 ..'ill 4 war<l 4:11'
it I ntbl'n inrulSh 1 f11' wa"::te1r. T'he ' .2
w's fir.) applied in 1 142 by\ a m:1 Iinlin,g'
dnll. r'1'' tanl'tl .\li4 :tllx. :Ilt)l af11t4r1 :a
t lln .Iru:;gle aga :inst Ilitiiien it's tnlt
it ur' I't'fect ion1' is n1141y 111 t bel,ginn1 i11g to
:I1r11 'u.ih'1 ' s :eni y11\ ' :I 1 11 'r'i 4l '.
1r. .\. Keith. inl thr , on-I1:na ift .\n11
11 1ly anI i'hysiology . valIs -111Iltion Ito
1 he fa' 11ha1' t n tirlists are wrong in
. tldeS1ribting till- large'r :1es' as (111.1 rtll -
tl <lal. 'They ar" only when1 n the
, 'rounn. wh-111 is not their proper hb11'li
1 tat. \\'ht'n :Ia tu nll' atnt ng thel IreeIs
they 1'arry3 lite 11111y 11pright, and lt:t\y
ig t 'hus hie. " 4t2'tl tI Ilsral'e. ill 1"con t'ralli.
i tiln to (ho ot e r lrimates, w\"hic"h are' '
It it .1 in-1 tar, that ilt Iartieuak t11
:)4 17)4l))s 4'r l .\Iullust \\"was fir 1r1)'
tl Ili s:.t 'u s aw:11 s \; NuohII 'l 'ul11l 1rn 'hI
l fi )41 :1 I1u n1)tI. Tihe 1I u1o1 tIta st' ls''
-h n1't of Ni.in1i .\rtish, iniig to the
1'f n"rlill'a"t '1f lIash :ar, was 1 ralt itally\
raz.:"l. i:nny of the' hioutt' s werl' whllyl}
o r 11irtIilI' (':lgnlt"eI"I in h ig' fis.urt'",
ull 11 1 n-so441) lns p 1e'ri1ht I. 4 42ash
gar iasel' :1)a in 1111' i )nliatt' nl'igh
'1t 14l 14)2 the I'ar tul akte a'S less d '
siru tie t to r pelr'ty1,1''i. llt 1111 1 'i' rSonis
w'r1 k\"'r' illt"d. Ih ' i1 :1 (of 1l1i1Sj -l: -
R rin., r'onsistinig utf 'ighity house's, wias
i ntirel' 2 l)s2 tr)2l2 wl itht the- whl' of'
is I'1 iIi itnS. 11n11nh r .-'i d p(1 r) <a5.
T''he' total lu.. of lifl' 1 i' lest niatet' l it i4
(' llth' abve1 ' "I4ult. iltu11um tions f' the1'
. i e42 l'at n 'c e . l ik e s o ul w a es , e"1r' o b s e( r v l 'd
,rl hel t 4' ' 'lultar-Kllh li 1s andl the w1 ')'ll
O 1 t h ): 1 4f t h'lh har'Ikhanskia lt
v 1'Ie' 11 n 2to illllm2en'lse t"hlaslls,
').I))p~ N4''. ave the )4 uma Awy,1'e42(
by 4,I))11342 414422:2itt '4eil ll t IIl'' wa
eho'a J:Ist' ont4') 2r44' 1'Sad who' wa4441
of 14 v 4ery p 1r11e222 :2111 the 2411 (':ptais4 or
so 'iof Iver Inan in hs cn1)ny,'nc!als
s '21that theI s'ptir,' of'4 ( 211s'particular regi
'' inon1hs')'(1)' l<-ave :'()1 IIigis lsec
,u ': hirsseI hIs 11111pany 11121222 ows:
nr : ne, i,as 0wa onyh e
.'' oit i'. Now,5 ther' (ar1e4 many) 'er wh
at "rI strangers to4w41 w2',"ri a
i' your' ('an11te's Ire, ,I I )11 r where you hen
:21 Io. 1 1' you rlo't contri41 5li11t it." fll 1
h- h e ii a lu't n a i l sai11) to thIII ls Ie ('Inin:
rit "Wher4'e 1111l1's e 4 co1in' 11ro1in?" r
he2 k (4 42' lp r:I l 11ss445, lti 80 1
['1 I(i1's4 this144na ths I)2al'iI),' ?" V'
Yni-lesh nnefotl
e- j2A1','/.'2In141 , 2)41ev 114')), nin mysI lf.1
. 4))1ne count Is De'von, Ill 11 2 o' , 11'rJ4Ivate
y1) 2'noient, nl then4 4' , : in1 124 brolael (4rish4
'o'2 I wo 244e,: replie ')I'l 2)0 2o41 21 114
2124'I ac14, 4 a' 24here ai' t a22 foiner4' (4t'n
11 1')I.r I; 21:)4 1n1the worbi, yer 'on er.--- it-iit.
e('itousI th:t4i :afasn col1uIn, i: she
he:'.2,-1 4' i 4:) 124m
ik o)e'n(4sionally toI) :mee4 l a n )2 11 Int e t
'in her businun''4',l4's hobby;: OlIn) so2 1fr2oIn
224' nI II o1 1:hne' sh'e: goes tol 2th:e "1brar
ith n'L1414 briht lsi, "by an'I!f autorl
t214')n 01 ('(114': 11s) :h2( ('1112 re aI' goodilI
es- YesIny dear;' hal writer of very consid
k 41''4m'.raewwnA.u
'i *h ;- .' -r: "Iini 1i;:e.
- Ath .Ie him11 : l t i- 14 .
I'hli!:( llh bh l'r .
TI',a i-l" 'Y'Irs 1 O th in doo
Spa1inI 1"1n c"lt'arI :IIOit 11 l ' he 'w'rb ."
T1' 01N . 'y 1 l"IWo basl'(I itl"- Detr'oit
A P'erfect ('ntnIb inat(inn.
"\\'i'.11 didi 'it i y' :"
. 1'l I. . h l t is ha: 1 -it w :Il :1 (osit
(1 iris 1: .1 :i11 :1had: a sl liS i otl'lgolt." -The
AK"a intn liin).
IH e 1! I)i itili y' "1"'it :1aint tr llev
w"ol1 fai: ladlI. " :0:. I 'r-:'r "
she 1.\w1.'tIv\" ''Ihu1 1 1 i nlt nllee
tlleltly." It':it le.
1)u'' Outintty I-'r1"-1I,tIty I.n,'t:ln:'.
"5 ),1 \'y u imii e \1 thal .ln and
get''it i go toge t ie'" ItiIitx te
"1ot :lway:. 11l.'c' w\OnUhi he :1 lot
Iliol", ;eiusl Il' 1ih1'y (iItI." hii(:ito
:'"or, - I raId.
A 1't1fessionl go iche,0.
S''i'sI i.:1".\ t'r ll I'w ui c is . os
by's sttate w rlh i 1 ( I.ii' "I 4' I
andl to . l andl IwI ht ' 1 chou
safd(l to lis."- .ifl 1.
She- "1)i1A't ur ho,n(ynloon pass
qui<:kly. de4orst':
li'e "W\e'II. I Sh nh1 s yl hit ld! W hiy.
it seln1ed1 no4 1iln. b fI'or1' 1 I1at1 spent
itllt te filottey I 1ha 1."' Ilarlu'r'x l'. -
A tlue utiin i.
irst \1..11ketimll t " t l y . T
raln'I l1II(1(ErSt.IIII wh'y th11'" h1i.LhI prirr(d
satiSag es fly so fast .'"
So('ond1 .\arke(f tnao--"I','rhaps they
alre 11n:1d, of' :reyhlolittls." - Nvw York
19114 Simp1le Plan.
".\nd yout say he' goi rich selling
ineal Ii,ickols, tenl f'or at dollar? I tow
w\as such a1 thlinig possible?"
"Oh, very simple. Nob)ody ever'1 wenit
hick af Irr ther secondi meal."---Ra:lti
tulor .\tA erican.
Tiho Appr.cJit.
'e .\uthior l fter (Ih l ir first iform
1n141 "\\'ll, wAVI t do you think of mily
1''emt-ine l''riendl--"1t w\as Just love
ly ' h to dhesi;;nwd1 ti Ihe hea velly
deltse St? i Brooklyn 1ife. .
A Soloemn Wtrlning.
"B mtinee" hie ered in a volei sur
("1chaged .lilth agilish. "If you refuse
mne, I sh1 allrie!"
TIhat was forty years ago, and the
da h died. irls, beware.--Tiito its.,
ji:tluig '.JIntke ilut.iyu jOkt
ItonsNow I hd : ong ko whethern i
JIught to4 1k4ss ingI ibot or whethro that,
.mrgof thig is tnlyi3't do ithe?o'
BrIgs--i~'Inadnualiti. aitita
"is.I dint r oin yur far to ay, sahl
theiconduitor, hdIng o'-Iut hshnd
"Oh, th tall rigt, whnispeedth
pass'enger wiws tryliilWing toiV' kev
paing.4 hn ".s epi nyu ok
I wnt. tl.h rp n ." -he g
AN,hs ev Pint inel't. 'lfa
I iggs--"ii hda 'longilIle wruet both
hogsier Onlay niti bota future bofe
a4tdl it haim."
"rWggs--"Wl, IO ht himnt badin1" aIt
last thatked dd' ko nymr
''1 er1ed"iteanr d,Couratgo. ti
trch i Sohilig as Tfear." TIi
"Ah, had' a mlirlitry rig I sZS(Vt up-.
tuherv iian~ ')'d h rndfater wredfboith
hads 10 hit b in. th'11)1(11 n1te
"'lltIdid," ''oI he anwrd "tIiI it h~at:im
backU4 firs"N:w ork3'tt Tiesti
"aItt," or inur-oI hlluis was !'verChcauro
ous"if isoy eUltonaredu.n

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