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The People's Journal
T. J. MAU.mLn, - - -- Editor.
W. Le1XE MATHIENY, - 1Us. llgr.
Subscription $1.00 Per Anunm.
Advertisilug Rntos Reasonable.
Cntero i at the Post O1Nrco itt 'iokonr as
secouul-elass nuattor.
PiCENS, S. C.,:
Til1nr"dny. Tbruary, :,. i10113.
Tlhe County "ommisdsione0rs arIe
not respolnsible for all tho had roads
in the comity. h'lley have their
burdens as wt?lo as the people.
Spring wiu(is will hel) to solvo
the problem -, had roads.
Sn1ill-pox talk keep s interest in
youtr neighbols aliv', ispecially if
those neighbors are neltch prool to
travel through the cotint.ry. But
tile scare has sollew 1hat, subsided
and peopl0 atro not staying at home
on acconimt of it.
From every section of the coun
t" come reports of the awful con
ditiont of the roads. It has been
thus every .1anlu!rY though silme
the good old tim1 ' of eight. days
Hervict' or so 1lnuchl I}i 'reof is the
roads }holil(d 1'N(Iuire.
The man with long rangr fore
sight is the man who takes lessons
from his hindsight. The nI-aln
who thinks well nd looks hack a
few years will adopt his 1mml rIiiing
business to the prinicipl" of th( r
ough cultivation. That ought t
mean a restriction of area with a
great mamny.
There is soon to h , hid anl ex
amimnuatioin by the Coinity Board of
Education to determinme utponl
those who ar he I icenmsed to teach
in the public 5('hoolH of this cotili
ty. Applicants should take no
tice andit ho promptly ol hanm a at
the appointed timo. A "rigid ex
anunationl will doulbtl'ss h" givon
but those who aspire to teac("h are
not afraid of strict tests.
The attention of delositors and
business 1mion generally is invited
to the statement of the Pickens
Bank appearing in this issue of
this paper from which it will ap.
pear that tho holders of stock itr
this institutjin have that munch o.
their funds safely invosted whert
an excptionatlly satisfactory in
crement accrues with each year oj
the bank's operation.
Thbis statement shows also some
thing of the v'olume of businisi
dono at Pickenms by its dopositore
and is represenltativ( of a g row ing
section wh'Iereini tihe people are grad
ually takinig advanmtage of' the so
curity and convenienmco ailorded b:
banking concerns.
An open1 letter pubiblished iin ti
issue, addressed to School Trusteel
by the County Sumperinitenident o
Educationi, gives timely inistructiom
on the law~ as to tine responmsibliit.
and andutiies of School T1rustee
in time matter of contracts for mnap
andlt globes and other schoot htous
paraphlernahul. it would be wel
for all trustees to read andt reumm
bor antd be fortified the.reby againl
any p)ossile a rgumeonts ad vance
by agents for time supplies.
Somo of the arnticles are usert
and in some cases almost necossar
but the law p)roidets how time
shall be bought anti Mr. IIallui
makes this p)lain in his atiross I
the trumstees.
A bill has been introducedi
the legislature by J1. A. Hlintoi
represontativo from this counmt3
providing for the application of a
profits, accruing to thno dispensai
r'ios, to the general school (mind
TLhis was the salient issue in thm
last campaign in this county so fa
as the race for the legislature wa
It will prove interesting to not
the progress of this bill. The ad
vocates of liberal provisions to
pubili schools will doubtless be at
traoted by this effort, but there ar
knany representatives and aena
to%'s who, will oppose it and insis
uipon an equal division wihh th1
Since writing the above we lears
that this bill has been killed,
Wrho Town Council of Pzokens
- Myelled by a sensee of humanenesi
ad4 *bedient to ani equally h-igk
9i*f ,y av aa?d .g
(liult,tleo0 designed to aid i tl
fitrthierar.ce of omllentEly pr1op)
general Jaws against cruIlty
dum l) i an imals.
An oinbargo is placed on mool
and Improvised convontiols ai
ranged for tho purpose of exchlank
ing old rips of worth loss ciaracto
or taking good stock fi,r stock thli
is p)ractically wortiloss, by mean
of which tho Colntry i 1)ei,I
OVer'un with horses and l11111e
which aro such in nalme only 111m
tho crodulouas aro being duped anm
The ordinanco does not strike at
legit illuate trade 1101' doos it "seei
lto limit that, inl anly particilarll
hut, it dos' se.'k to rest rict p)ractic("
winch halve, fr1 ( some tImelll, oh
talined( w ithout licens(?-pIractic'(,
In whic du1it 111n1 1imlsl- are mad
to su11er tunreason:ably and througl
whii cht young menit:und boys are inI1
t1oducod to conduct, ap parilent11
sanctioned by oler men, which it
Subversive of th et good muorals o
ally community. It is (!ntirely
within the provin(e' of a towm
authority to limit an evil SI l lni
festly Ilagrantlt, and1 it Is onIly' thhl
thalt Town (ounelhn..-I seek to do
They (1( not (esir(' no' have tie)
111deta.'ored to pla:1(' ally rest ric
tiolns on Iegiti n:ttee trado or ex
Th I aVy .xlpvese to which ey
1ry countllty i. I his state i-4 Subjoe
t1%41 as tIl( l'.Silt of the ilnsistcn
de:1: it,diti r1f,-gislators that only tlh
Ses i ns 'olrt lake jurisdiction
('ertain Ioll'ns s, hOwi'evel trivial
is a Initt r to wiichl legi hitor
toi.(lt tuirn mtu re seriouls attent,io
and give 1o1 stIlldy.
'Ihrc' is 110 rt)tason in th1+ w'orl
whv infterir courts shoul(1 not 11
inv',t(ul with full jllrisliction <
c1'rtatinl minor0 offens,;.s which crow
the Sssiors cour- t C 'a l n(lars at ('
e)'y te-rml). I t costs soImeth1ing i
try at vase ini the Clrculit court, anl
every Cot (1 this 1mlust be plid1 I
tho p llo with till) 8111111 excel
tion of what canl be rucoipod tir
)(lnal r(erV'itudO ill Lho event of
con y Vtion, an d e VO then th mllai
tnlance of at stocklle is a disp
ted question when considered at
means fo' the reducti-jn of expm
A little figurinig will 'onivit
mo~st peopoiI 1tha1 ai very'3 coniside
able1 par1t of tho expanlses of
county13 is malde throuIgh this m1o13
od of conlduCting thec criinial b1
iness of courts, and in manny ca
the fines 01' sentences imIpod
aibout Ithe saine1( as those impijosed
ases8 no0w fallnig witin thejuli
diction1 of the Malgistra3te cout
TJhie jur1isdition of in ferior' cou
, might, be extended to cover' 1ma
cases3 no0w falling oxclusivelyv wi
in the jurisdIictionI of thel j hi
()ourt wihenI business woul be
pod(ited( anid jusbtico metedo wh)
aspeedy justice fulfills the high
I enid of the laiw.
Ten4~2 yearis aigo, thier' was3 a r'p
SsoetionI 0f South Car'olina3 to (3
I north-wost. Some of' thlem h:,
t whe some130I haye roturnel'Ild to ti
the'y carr'1ied with th3 bu011it w1
I l30mor of worldoly wisdoml than11 wI
v Tlhe fewl who have1' been1 for
o 121lar j 11 apphai and11 ellO'rt., 1h3
su30(cceeded equallyJ~?31 as' w.1l ini 1
Those who 114 hiavo r'et urned bri'
n wi1th them21 stor'ies of hiardship, t
rePlatlonl of which ma3kes intor1
tinlg c.ha1pter's in1 novel OXp)orious
ito thlem, and1( tales worth hea6d1
. by all w~ho are dhissatisfied1 wi
, heir presenlit suirrounidings.
e The South is aidvancing an3d
r ory year brings opportunities:
young men who arc not afraid
work. The glamour of adv<
a ture passes when one settles to t
opin)ion that all success m2ust
r wrung from local conditions, a
.conditions measure up about ev4
Sly throughout the United Statei
Going t4i a neW place mea
starting life over at a disadvaun
and life is to short too waste
specu(ationl and experiment whi
there is abundance to be done<
fering the beat returns to all w
bend their energies with willit;
ness to the task. The best advi
that can be given is that, befc
deoiding to leave your home--t:
home of your birth'sand childho,
-you count Well the oost WIl
Ana~ Opr4 19. tha .r41. ILeVQ Yms
I t has not yut clearly dkvoloped
just what changes aro contempla
ted at present session of the legis
laturo as to tho matt.or of ponsion
appropriations. It is safo to s1y,
howevor, thatt some amendmlntlis
t to the present law will ho oflerod.
People lo not object to t reason
able tax or a, tax sufficient to raiso
a1 respictbthle .fund for distribu
tioi alonlg worthy and 100(1y vet
elans or their widows but. the law
now of forco adn.mits soine to this
1)ounty Who, ttndr 11 strict rulo
governing the distribution of tho
s;1llt', are not on1litit((I t horeto.
'1'lerte re', no (loull, solne draw
ing pellsio)d l) (l'der the 1)resunt law
who are itot. entitled to this ioely
anI(]"lt h mere not Colntellal 1ted
when the draft was ma11de but who,
by r1 a15on of 11he law's ;eneral ap)
plien"tiol, are Int restricted tinder
its pru"isinsi.
\W belieo that p' lsions ought
to 10 1)ised oil service and not up
on prsent financial 0ontdi tion, and
thatt n. man whoso aitithful servico
at all tiles Wh)(:1 not laboring un
dlr disalility that made reasonablo
xcsVn;e, enn not be establisheld
ught, to share in a fuitd made
1vaiibl(+ for tll purpo)s( olf recog
nizing tlt)sl) who gaveservic wheni
it was1- dem'au(led, and sorely nIee l
0.l by the country.
- 'The D. A. (ooper Homo 1'hae, (on
t taining fi oty sevvii (47) alero.;, lying 4
nmiles n'rth (tf P.ekt"ns (ourt 11ttnse on
ti .v t3Ss fr:as rl I. A) utt 41 acres
eleared, tho re'm:iing 7 a+. l tim
he re tl. School houlse within ono 11nile.
thl wheat uni con mill within oil
nlmile. Well wa";terotd, land level and in
good condition for cultIvationl. On 18
n 1aur0s of III IS lnd in 11)(02, wetrt) nadtle
Ihr4e hales of cotton iard 219 hushels of
d sate mu)lst he) t'ffectd AT ONCi' or the
e ',tame will be withdrl'awnl fr111 the ma:rk:et
A gootl i,pportnnity to buy a nice homo
il in a; goo selttlment. Terilms reasonable,
(1 (iud Ti ics. Apply to
.T. JT. Mau11ldinll,
Ivy AI. Mlanttdin,
c Watches, Clocks, Sewving Ma
a Phnograph.ls antd Supplies fot sal1( a
h- regulatnion pri'c4.
i 33m1nts giveni onl short niotice.
Is Sew'iniig MaIe 1's, NeedlesI for all' m11 )
' liines 1and4 thrte't Sowving M3ch,ine oil a
its ways onl hland. N ew palrts furnished an
I i3Ccles--Parts13 and1 ltindings.
Rapair woirk 11u11 inl all the0 abov
3er lines3-'25 years e'x perl'iec'.
x- WWl,atchies for R.ailrolad Ser'vice
I can mako it to your interest to gis
met a call4311 for any3thing in the above line
Jewel(1er and Job Prin1ter'I,
Liberity, S. (C,
u I
jIt y11 .'l 1 (011.NwhrE<nrePo
hereas, ll . 90 , 11'3 Iintie 103.1 Il(i
.f, metat I 'hkillm1( Lotroi ot Adntoishen
uIn tS(31'iof theI ltle oflVi andl etsiof J.i Ad
ti '2h llf int s tJ igua the kindre am1
credto sfJth sad3. Nl.Eiwen dece
in the CourtB Nofiroby, Eto e Prbeh
It d'yo Feb10, after pubdll'IOlliation her1
his tiaue of tany1t31 itti hae, h th ofi And
~o wOie tnderofmy' hnto cite ald thd
of iotil dall fJan. 1ing,lin te kinr7 yau
heofcior o Indeetdence. vAnor
he fre Je, n tiewbory, Esqi Probat<b
betol metat bortes Uofs admini,tra
oThes aeth yofFor, to. cite andbad
of ionsherall ad 1 oinglr the ore n
creditors of Sthe sdaidArti ey Aeso
I,- beceasend,thttybeadpprbe
he ifome indteCrt ofia n Proba, thb<
1 he 0th day of eb 190, t12ear uoi
ndou iadeonnhereof,,11'ooknth fr.
i. noo , 1ho ca,itfli, any they have,
why he aidadinisato shud o
he We oran, rspoe bie
regand ou12nderam hanerandin andti
Re gour sndpen er as,o go
ih J. , EI!* 410WBEWY J l, P, 0
en U
J. L. Bolt, M. D. X- 1.W
Wo invite you to inspect <
Wo still havo a few nice.
Parlor and Din
D)on't forget that wvo are hic
('hewing tobaccos aid Smo
Box Paper from 5cents up.
Pickens Dr
4 Shot
(-We Have a I
*'Will Se
Farm supplies, Riacksmith tc
Easley Ha
Park wishes you health, \Vi
ent ye-ir, and ten smileg for evei
with the right stuli at the right
Mens and Won
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A Few pairs of
Wool Blanket
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Great Values in Mens andI
be stuck deep in the price of all
"No room for themn hero. It, il
buying D)ry Goods and Shoes,
'West End.
P. S. Messrs Trom Ligon
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and Ba
are certaina to result.
Keep the systenm
and'good blood, good dii
the roses in your chet
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i tooklet at
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thoe whc
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dealers. or write to
w York and
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travel via The
i' hAIL WAY.,
st and West
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ans and Ooaches. Unas
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perfect satisfaction. The largest stock ever
leet from.
...Card of Thai
I wish to thaik my0v customers foi
during this year and shall endeavor to
your fiyors during 1903.
John F. EA
Auditor's 15
County of Pic
Statement of Auditor's Appointments
Year i 903.
Office of County Auditor, Pickens
The Auditor's books will be opel
of Jallutay, 1903, for the 1
Returns of Real aud Personl
Polls, andit for all specia
Pickenls Coun1l
For the Convenience of the pulic' the
are announced:
Six Mlite on Monday, January 5tLh,
CLloulnniTuesday Jatnuary G3ibI.
Ceii ntrue'li desdny J anlury ith.
Cute.chhen Thursdayii January 81 b.,
Liberty Friday January 9th.
Pickenis Saturday January 10th.
Easley, Monday anod Tuesday , Janu ty
Crosw~ell, Weudnesdlay, '1d nuar.y 14th.
Cross PIn ins, 'Thursdany, Jan u.u-v 15th,.
Looper's Shop, Friday, Junnry 16th.
Piens. Saturday. Janiuary 1li,b.
II ughiow' St('e, Mon iildy, .J'anua~irr 19th,.
Htolly Sprii ing, W~d 'esday, Jainuary 2
Ai ken's Store. Thliiurseluy. Ja~tnuary, 22d
Pickens, Saituird ay, Ja nuary 24'h.
.\ilte Creek, Mlonday, Janua~r,iv 201 a.
Aller thei 27th of Jannuary' 1903, 1. will
Cour ii louot inM,0011uoustli unilt h le 20( ,) r
, me the books wilt be c:osedl and IIft.y (.>0) pe1
ro nion returnI'Is.
Ini or'der to s9ave coiifusion andto avci
aitten ) pe'rsonallyV to the taoking of all ret ius,
iarty . r liab'le to a poll al'~sssment are retJinest'
roun v/s an be prepaloinred to g i ve ful iforum i
nam1e1 and tinniibe r ol the sch oot thsNtrict inl wh'i
property, tinable for taxaltion, is situat ed.
Shouht i any be0 imable h o meet,0 the Aii it
to their i Ieresr, to seu him n in h is olliceiL~k eore
20th of l"kbruamry 160J3.
Allt per'sm:s ownhin pi roprerty I in any di
there i'L as sIpeciat Ievy hor schiool puposes262 tL.4 2
to give the vatlue of u inOt uh roery so su bj
No rturnna madte by rimail wil ben:ceepa
all persons owning property mu lst have I lie sam
personally or by agent duily auilthorrged 16 nIl
a nd all rein.urns musti x. be miad1e und ter oauth
It will sav"e much tim to11 (1 alxpayers, also e
the Assessor, if every perst ni beforo leaving hio
list of every item 01 persnonal property in it
cattle, muleso, sheep and goats, hogs, watchies
wngons and carriages, dogs, mnercthandise, mine
notes and accounts atbove inldebtedness, and ul
housebold goods,
It is always r'equired that the Auditor get
Under the hteadt uf place of residence on
ship. And all tampayers are required to give
trict. They are also requested to state whetbe
town or in the country, And if part tics in to
part in oneo township and a part in anoctheri s)w'
numnber of' aoros and valuation tu each instanci
Taxpayers return what they own on the 1st
The law requIres that all persons owningi
ing charge of' such poerty, eIther as aet
executor, atdministralor, etc., l'etuin the sai u
Alt mulo citiiense between the ages of t.wee
the lst day of Andaruuy, except those wtto nro
pot't Irotn being hullmud, or' lroiin other causes
Confederate veterans are excepted,
Ini every commnunlty there are l'Crsons wi
not take a newspaper. Thoe more fortunate~ m
ivor by tollhng themn of 6he time to make return
Both real und personal property are to be a'
time att the li-cul value thtereot, It properly is retI
ot'I i ter should be an ineqntnlity in tho valuatj<
propel ty tbe 8.Imne wilt be referred to the Ooknty
Correction. Tro avoid trouble of this kind to bot
I would urge upon ech taxpayer to make a ul
tion of bld or her Dronerty. Rn-.~
Heavy Over Shirts,
d many other things *
>ing t> cl<)HO out our
lont, vAuo in that limo.
l butter we can got.
Late for Them..
all those things
aro suro to please. Nc
clion if you buy your shoeH
every sho We sell to give
shown in Greenvillo to so.
the'ir lib eral intc,onago,
merit a conitiuan co of;
arris, i
or taking Re-,rams Forr
?ounty, Nov. 7, 19o2.
ed on the first, fJu'y
)Irpose of taking
al property aid
1 talxationi ini
following app)1oinltniets
12th, an I 13h.
-) h'~y W?di 1I &iw'itt
lii' PeL,i .y . will~ be~&i4i will
Ii~ t' mai i h-: Aul eli oi his
.:~he- Hven andl il (Which his?
nF f his r.gunI.4 it wl h1 b
boo~ iik(, um l'~cIi.sedl 0theii
ll'stri s in '
-~ Ma. i levy for sabL ,
he. I) i n i w requiires I'iat -.
a r- turnll-Ifor 11.Xt(i~cn.the -IE
Si n Ii fo11 r the ~nr
rentally faIcilitate the work off
e fo llowin.g order: llorseg,
.rwgns i : d pia nios, bugg,es,
unlcry and engines,Iey8
I other 1ppety, imelvdia '
tho first given aine in full.
Lax returns% foe the town'.
a unber ofl their school dis
the property is situiated ink
.rand pari, outite~, or a
ship, sc specify, giving the.
tiay of January, 1908.
"'operly or' in alnywis h)a'
busb)and,~ guaianli, trustee,.
ualer onth to tho'eAuditor,
neprlo 'enrnling a Ip
areu deemetd taxubke po) li.
to cannot reatd or that du
aiy dbo suh persons a great
or by rfturning for them.
ssed for' taxation at this -
rued at, less Lha 1La valuen
a of the snme class oif
Board of Equallsationi for'
h mysolf and the taXpayer
nd fair roturn atuti va naa

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