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The People's .Tourno
Local and Personal.
-Sheriff Brown was in to'
--Jesse J. Lewis, of Anders,
Mills has two very sick children.
-J. H. Vaughn, of the Both]
hem section, is quite ill of puoi
-Rev. J. E. Foster preached
large congregation at Secona Sui
day morning.
-Mrs. W. S. Hunter of Senec
came over Monday on a visit to h
father, Maj. J. J. Lewis.
--Ben A. Hagood, Esq. is soo
to erect a splendid 10 room ree
deuce in Pickens.
--Brandon Taylor and Lloy
Grandy have returned home fro:
-The many friends of Col. J. I
Hagood will be glad to know thi
he is recovering from his recei
-Sheriff J. H. G. McDani
will erect a commodious home of
his farm near town in the earl
-Salesday was only slightly al
'tended. There were no sales whai
-ever. This is abundant evidenc
,of the general prosperity of th
Ipeople of the county.
--Where will be an 'examinatio
Feb. 20, 1903 for teachers desirinj
license to teach in the publi
schools of Pickens county. Fe
-official notice in another column.
-Solicitor Julius E. Boggs ha
-awarded a contract for the erectioi
of a handsome home on hi
lot opposite Col. Hagood's. B. I
'Grandy is the contractor, and wil
push his contract to completion.
-Aunt Lou Griffin, (col), wif
of Jake Griffin, died Tuesda
morning of pneumonia at the horn
of her son, Jack Allgood, aged 5
years. She was buried at Col
,Springs Wednesday morning.
-.Samuel Ashmore, whose ol
borne is near Piedmont, but wh
niow lives in Texas, has been on
'visit to the family of his uncle, M
II. Ashmore. He is doing well i
his adopted state.
--Julius E. Parsons has pur
chased a lot from U. E. Yongut
rand will ureot a handsome cottag
.on it at once. It is between Ma
Yon~gue's and B. B. LaBoon's lot'
Trhis street is to be noted for it
I)retty cottages.
.-Mrs. N. E. Thornley receive
*. telegram Sunday from her son.lt
Alaw, Ralph Oliter, calling Ler t
2Nashville, Tenn. on account of tlb
dIeath of Mrs. WV. J. Oliver whoi
lhome is in Illinois . She left Mor
4dey and was aecompanied as far a
Atlanta, by her son, Larry (
-Rowena Lodge K of P Greer
illIe had a big banquet last Tue
-daiy night. The Greenville Nev
rgave a full account of the pleal
anst occasion, and states that
'"Solicitor Julius E. Boggs delivei
'ed a tot L on the subjeict 'Woni
en.' 'I [is subject, which is deo
tto oil Pythians, was handled in a
Uable ma'imer by Mr. Boggs."
-Monday was "ground-hog day
The Dutch weather prophets si
that the ground hog comes out<
his hole on the second day of Fel
ruary and looks about him to sa
wvhat the weather is going to b
IfI he does not see his shadow thi
day he will stay out, for he know
it is going to be an early sprin
'But if he sees his shadow, he r
t.urns to hisi hole, knowing th
th, 'ae will be a good deal more
Mr. rged-ho ha nochance
see his 15h adow Monday, and
course, we wiH1 have an ear
'-Mr. . A, Hi;'4o's bill to a
ply the prodIts of th3 dispensa
to the free sohonle" says the Nel
& Courier, "wee killed as da
Ileotor," The yen and nay 'vote
indefinately postpone was call
for and resulted 7? to *8, and 0
bill was thereby killed for the at
ston, and no ahange will be mae
in the distribution of the dispE
'sary profits in the .conties. A~
Matthew Hendricks, of Piokens,
the discussion of the bill, said ti
be wanted the dispensary striol
infiocd it it cost every cent of
proftt, and it ought to bie snform
ee t a6ut6 more than the proli
Eugene Alexander has ro
, I turned froit Atlanta.
"e -Dr. Jesseo J. Morgan of )
oueville has been seriously ill but
is reported better.
Vn --James E. Parsons, tlho famous
"wielder of the bow, ''was in Pick
ens last Wodnesday,
--The County Commissioners
are in Columbia this weok attend,
ing the Good Roads Convention.
-The pay roll at Clemson Col
to logo for teachers last year amount
ed to $tk1,480 and College expendi
tures *154,071.
a, -W. T. Looper of Piclkens. who
r has been with i. K. Stulrdivanlt
Co. of Greenville is now with MAi
n hon & Arnold and will be pleased
i. to have his Pickons friends call
and see him.
d -Stonewall Jackson's homie in
u Virginia has been purchased froml
the widow of Gen. Jackson, by the
Daughters of tle Coifed racy. and
will be oonvertod into an Old
t Soldier's Home.
-Last week was exceedilyis' dis.
1 agreoable weathor. The Irish
man spoke a parable when lie
said: "We most always general -
ly have some kind of weather at
the beginning of the New Year.
-A ten months old infant of
e Mr. and Mrs. Earle Gilstrap died
e Friday night, 30th of January at
their homo near MoD. Farmers
residence a few miles east of Pick.
ens, and war buried the day follow.
e -Rev. Mr. Wade, of Gastonia,
N. C., will soon move to Easley
and supply the Easley and Pick
ens Presbyterian churches. Iis
former home was in Kontucky.
A warm welcome awaits himl and
his not only among his ow' flock
here, but among the Christian poo-.
ple of all denominations.
- -Supt. R. T. Hallum received a
e check from the Comptroller Gen
5 eral for $fs42.53 last Thursday,
d which is Pickens county's!share of
the $60,000 recently turned over
to the school fund by the State
Dispen,ary Board of Control. As
0 there are 4227 pupils enrolled in
a the schools of this county if pro
' rated, it will be an allowance of
'22 cents per pupil.
--Frank Jennings Is at home on
a visit. He has been away from
Pickens for about two years, and in
0that time has seen a good deal of
the world. For the past few
smonths he has been at work in
sChicago. He says there's lots of
difference in the climate of Pick-.
en. and Chicago. When he left
' Chicago the snlow was three feet
0 deep.
e --George R. Shaw, a colore~d
,man at Clemson College won a
sprise of$100 for raising the largest
,amount of corn from a pound of
seed. It was the ;Golden H arvest
Yellow Dent furnished by the
S"Farm & Fireside Publishing Co.
Springfield, 0. " Shaw raised 1655
'pounds from tho seed p)oundt furn
ished him, which is a little over
29 bushels. There were 1.350 stalks
and the majority of themi average
'three ears. The good results ob
rtained by Shaw should be aii en
n couragement, not only to the peo
ple of his race, but to whlite peop)le
as well.
- -August Koh n has done some
valuable work for the papr,rs in his
write up) of the cotton Mill indus
.try in tihe State. Mr. Kohn has
compiled some interesting and ac
curate statistics nrgrdt h
.great industry in this state . One
of his articles showing the invest
tment in mills reveals tine fact that
Picken s county has in operation
three mills as follows: Easley
C otton Mill, (will have) $400,000,
Norris, $200.000 and Liberty,
$ 75,000. No mention was made in
his report of the second mill at
ECasley, or of the probable enlarge
Fe ment of the Liberty mill.
s --As Pickens county citir.ens go
as dragging over the deep ruts and
omudholes, they might do well to
c urb their tempeis and gently
.whistle, "When summer comes
,again." They no doubt wish they
d ad done a little more work o.u the
Sroadg during the summer. But on
Cr, the read question our people ro
mind us of the Arkansas Traveler,
twho gave as an excuse for not cov
*ring hls house, the fact that It
hwas raining. When asked why he
Sdid not cover it when it was not
$raining, he replied that it was not
14, sary for no roof was required
tu the weather was goiO~~
Farirs are having aminple timu(
to maturo plans for tho next crop
while the plow stands and the
land is iud.
It is not every man that travels
these days that finds the new
roads without trouble as it is a
considerable listanco down to it
through where tho old one was, in
many places.
There is con-idorable sickness at
present. Mrs. C. T. Hutchins is
seriously ill with pneulnonia. One
of .J. M. Uroen's children died last
It. R. Section Mastor, Iolim, has
ia very sick child.
WVado O'Dell has returned from
A tlanta whore he went to buy some
horses to use in a livery business.
B.R F. Crane and I. II. Callaham
have just roturned from Atlanta
with a car load of line mules so are
ready for business when the H. S.
Convention meets on the 5th.
I. C. Robinson has moved his
stock of (!l3thing to the old Smith
stand next door to the bank and
marked clothing down to prices
that it- v calculated to astonish the
'Ihe ring of the saw and the
hanmner may still he) heard and
house room is iii great demand las
we go nmarching on.
Feby. 3rd. C.
Death Notices.
HAWKINS.-On Jan. 7th,
Nirs. Lou Hawkins. wife of J.
Frank Hawkins, died at her home
icar Mayfield, and was buried the
lay followiig her death at Eben.
rer church. Mrs. Hawkins was
1 consecrated Christian woman,
lnd leaves a husband, one son and
three daughters to mourn her
leath besides a number of relatives
uid friends.
C(O lEMAN-On Sunday the 11
Lilt. Mrs. A mialis Coleman, wite of
P. 1). Cole tanu, fell asleep in Jesus.
She was a consistent member of
Peter's Creek chur-h and will be
reatly missed in her church, her
homo and neighborhood. She was
buried from Pete's Creek church
on the day following her death in
presecefC' of a large concourse of
relatives and friends.
FREE MA N-Mrs. Ennie Free
w1as b,uried from Peter's Creek
church of wvhich she was a consis
ient member, on Jan. 14th. She
She leaves a husband three child
ren, besides a host of relative, and
friends to mourn her untimely
JONES-On January the 18th,
P. H. Jones quietly breathed his
last, after a few days of pneumo
nia, and his remains were laid to
rest in Peter's Creosc cemetery On
Jan. 15th in- the presence of a
large and symipathiizi ng congrega
tion of relatives and friends. The
deceased wvas 27 years old, and a
Uonse3rated Christian young man.
Hie leaves sisters and lhroe broth
rer to mourn his Joss, but their loss
is his eternal gain,
H UNT-Mrs. Susan Hunt, wife
of HI. Hunt, (lied at her home near
Olga on Jany. 20th, and her re
mains were laid to rest in the Nine
Forks cemetery on the day folJow
ing her death, She was ai consis
tent member of the Nine Forks
church and died in full faith. She
leaves 0 children and her husband
besides a host of relatives to mourn
her death. The funeral services
wore conducted by Rey. J. E. Fos
ter. The sympathy of the entire
community goes. out to the be
roavod ones in the hour of trouble.
A Word of AdvIce.
Having passed through the ex
perience of a genuine case of small
p)ox, I want to say to all who have
not been vaccinated that it is to
their interest to do this at once.I
knowv from experience in my own
household that vaccination tends
to prevent the disease taking, or if
one should take small-pox after
8uccessftil vaccinatioD, the disea.
is not so severO.
I know that vaccoination does
good, and I advise all who' have
not attended to this withIn the last
two years to have a physician to
Vaccinate them at once.
Ofico ovor EarloA Drus Storg. Of.
A Timely Letter to School Trustee
--Oice of
County Supt. of Education,
Pickens county.
It '. IT allum, Supt.
Pickens, S. C., Jan. 17, 19t
To School Trustees:
Thlore is to be an agent in
county at early day to sell mi
and globes. I desire to call y
attention to the following:
ist. No sale is to bo made
copt to a boaid with the memrnb
all present at the time in f
2nd. No purchase is to be nU
unless you have the money to p
for it. Moreover you are advis
not to buy anything oxpensi,
and to consult first with yo
teachers, so as to be suro that I
apparatus is needed and will
used to advantago in the school.
The contract of the State Boa
is that whatever globes and ma
are bought until July 1st, 1j)
shall be bought from Rand-McN:
ly & Co.
A good globe in a school is ve
useful if the teacher will use
properly, and some maps ought
be owned by a school when pos
blo i. e. if the financial conditi
of the school warrants it.
Rt. .1', IIA LLXUI,
Co. Supt. of Elducatio
All persons are hereby warn
not to hunt fish, cut timber or,
any other way trespass on any
my lands. Any violation of t
notice wvill be prosecuted to t
full extent (f the law.
N. R. Konnemore.
County of Picke
Office of County Trea
DECEMBER 31st, X9<
The act of the Legislature up
provides as follows:
That all state and county taxi
and county taxes are collected shit
31st day of Decemiber of each atid
monts are not paid on or before sa
shall he added bythe County Audi
b)y the County Trcanrer, and ift
alLies arc not paid1 on or befbo th.
additional pienalty of onc per~ centu
Auditor oni the cotuty dupliciato a
and If the maid taxeq, asssmentl
the tlrst- day of March next thereal
centumi thereon shall be added by
eate and collected by the County'
m"ents and penalties are not paid<
next thereafter, thes said County T
the said taxes and assessments ani
faulting tax payers ao:!ordJing to I:
The provissions of this act shall
assessments of any townships of th
and coupons in aid of railroads wt
said township or townships.
The Rate of State, County,
One Dollar Poll Tax ati
In secordance with an Act to
mencing January 1, 1902, aotice i
Treasurer of Pickens county will c
fiscal year Iromi Wednesday, Oct
31st. Rates per cent, of taxation
Levy for State Tax,...
" " Ordinary CourI
" "Constitutional
'' " Past Indebted:
" " County Roads
Total levy for State and 4
Levy for interest on Picns I
ship, 8j mills.
Levy for Interest on Pickens
2j mAils.
Levy for interest on Pickens I
Special levy for School
*4 44 66 .4
81to . 002 eigh da4
sAt po thloato or OneDllr prper
thoe ayothe taxs fro allt tnat
tlng 19he yead102
5 Attention Teachers I
Olico of R. T. iallum,
County Supt. of Educatio
Pickens county.
Pickens, 8. C., Jan. 29, 19
13. '"'here will bo an examina
for teachers at this place, Feb.
Applicants will be examined
Ilas al branches taught in the pu
aps Schools of this state. All at:
ur cants must furnish thoir own
tionary. Examination will bi
at 9 o'clock.
ers 1t. T. H1ALLUMr,
County Supt. of Educat
de Statement of the Condition.
ay' -OF
The Pickens Ban
Piokeus, S. C.,
uri . *
DECEMBER, 31st, 1902.
Overdrafts.................. 1,92
rd Furniture and Fixturea.... . 1,1.
sBank Building ............. 1,11
Duo from banks & cash on hauad 41,0(
11- $125,02
ry Capital Stock................w20,5(
Undivided Profits............ 7,81
i Cashier's Cheeks............. 2,22
to Dividend No. 7.............. 82
i Deposits....................93,ti
n $125,02
County of Piukons.
1, J. Mc). Bruce, Cashiet of
above uamed Bank. do soleunly a
n . that the above statement is true and
rect. to the boat of my kuowlege
J. Mel). BRUCE, Cashi
Sworn to before me this i
ad 31st day of Dec. 1902.
ill F. E. COX,
of Notary Public, S. C.
1is Correct attest:
hie J. M. Stewart,
W. T. MoFall, Directors.
J'. P. Carey,
ir's Notice.
;urer Pickens County, S. C.
Pickens, S. C., Oct 15th 190
proved 2Uth day of February A. D.
s, and all tnXes collected when e
,11 be dite and payable on or boforo
ov'ery year', and it such taxes and asi
ld tlmo,a penalty of one per cent. the
lor on the conty duplicato and colIe
he said taxes and a.ssessmemts and
3 Ifist day of 14ebruary next thorete
m thereotb shall bo added by the CJo
ad collected by the County Treart
and peinalties are not paid on~ or b
ter, an additional penalty of flyc
the County Auditor on the county d~
'reasurer, and if the soid taxes, as
in or before thc f1fteenth day of' M
reasurer shall issue his tax execution
I penalties againt, the property of
in tio wise app'y lo railroaid tales
a state that, have heretofore issited bi
ichi have not been complleted thrt
School anid Special TFax, includi
I One Dollar Commutation
ad T1ax,
raise supplies for the fiscal year <
herchy given that the office of Col
pen 1or the collction of taxes for
nber 15th, until Wednesday, Decer
are 08 follows:
.................5 Mills.
ty tax,...........4
schiool tax,.........
.............1 "
Jounty taxes, ....... .14j mills.
t. Rt. bonds, Pickens Court House T<
ER. B. bonds, for Ilurrlcane Towni
I. B. bonds for Eastatos Townshij
District, No. 9, 2 tnIlls,
"4 " 10, 1
'' " 11, 8 *
" " 18, 4 "
" "~ 16, 2
" " 19, 2 "
" "' 28, 2
"~ " 81, 4
" 4449, 2 44
" " 65, 8
:apita on all male citisons .between
ah as are exempt by law, will be collec
Dne Dollar will be collectecd at the a
citiEens between the ages of 18 an
I by law. Unless said tax is pid bi
ork upon the piblhe hfghwuys wil
i and silver coit, United States curre
a of State Bondis which becomo pay
y mall in regard to their taxes will pl
ly, and Includ, postage for a reply,
Include the charge for colleoUuag,
Trase of PhOkaS C1unI
03. C ":-For the fin
20 Spring Hat,
i blic
sta Gooc
gi n
on. (lGents Fun
That we have bought we
10 per cent (i line of
k O Heavy Clothing,
' ct and (
'This cut- p1ric 'tialt) will
3.00 Dou't bu1y your sprinlg
5.73 8ee what Wo will have to sh'o
72 A fill and crl1l)1.t( I line of I
77 4Harnesv, Plows a1 11w (G
OUR PRICES Ait1<: I10ii'l
0.00 FOLGER &
7 Annour
Wishing alI our patrons&4 a I
gratefully cxpressitlg our aI>rv(
announco that it shall io ()11ur 1)
the same fidelity and c(ourtesy
period of ou r busi 1ess in l'ick e
[902 Thirty Black ai
Cutaway Coats
'Ol8 each, These goods cost mit
sOt izos are broken, but if yt
pen1. B,t gloa t 'i
rer; Nine Pi
*er Coats al
ach Salime tflater'ials~'wvorl thfm
>nds ...Don i Miss a
anty Main Stree
We are ahlw
Clad to sec
6, 8& The best is the cheap~
We like to soil the best be
Thlis alphes to aill cla
Stoves, Axes, St
Cutlery, Han
the Shoes, Hats, Cloti
i 8 and hundredsof other usel
the stock.
i be
e, shoddy goods. Call in, 1ot
ale lineos an~d give Us your valt
plote in every way.
and -W-. T,r
mense Stock of-")
, Clothing, Dry
Is, Shoes,
iishing Goods.
propose to make a reduction of
Dry Coods, Shoes,
i gin
ONTINUE TO MAR. 15, 1903,
lothin g, l)ry Goods etc, 'till you
w you. Watch I'fo our ad later.
lardwarr, Stoves, Bridles, Saddles
ds. S' w for anything in our line.
icement !
iai)l) and prosperous Now Year, and
iat.i'n for your patronago, wo be to
rpo set to serve you during 1903 with
vp havo shown you during the onliro
Res)Cct( ully ,
.in in Clothing...
d Blue Clay Worsted
and Vests at $4.50.
>rO than twice this money. Theli
mr size is among them you will
lue 1if you buy Qo.
-ince Albert
1d Vests -:
10.C 0 to $1I8.001 your11 cholce for $6.50.
Bargain Like This...
t, Greenville, S. C.
-buying the best,
st. It is economy to buy the best.
tause the best al ways gives satisfaction,
sees of goods
ws, Table and Pocket
imers, Hand Saws & Hoess
as well as to'
lng, Jens, sheoethiigs, Checks,
Dr1ills, 011 C1bthus,
ul aiticles which we always have in
goods cost but little m~ore than
'k through our stock in its various
ed business. Our stook is now com.

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