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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 05, 1903, Image 6

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Jy Lungs
An alttack of li grippe left me
with :1 :td cough. My friends said
I had consumption. I then tried
Aver's Cherry i'ectoral and it
cured me promptly. "
A. K. Randles, Nokomi:,, Ill.
You forgot to buy a bot
tle of Ayer's Cherry Pcc
toral when your cokl first
carne on, so you let it runt
alon.g. Even now, with
all your hard coughing, it
will not disappoint you.
There's a record of sixty
vc2rs to fall back on.
- i ei:ct: ! c.. Fcc.. SI. Al. i gl jsts.
-, ., , ,1- t *r. I1 h.' .sys ta!cc it,
- ;," 1 n , 'i t t:ike it. He'kr,tws.
'.o: h- . w 6. e vi i:
.. I I Wl. Iw ';'.ea i ll i liti t -
-, . iitin.
new.\re of o (intii' tI I-)r Cataiiarrhm Th'at
('ontitiii , rt 'riy.
no 'ury w'ill 'urly h-'str. r I it onse il
tiw1,'" :lnil t".:'pielyl"i' -r;jilge til he vhi-111 Sys
rf: . t h :t'i i.-I '. - :h r l in-vI er\''i' u s'Il
(","' iIt "n ; S. tati 'n, f i:i r putahir. pl'' l1a
nl,1i11' .:l- I:' :tilii1:g ' Il~t - w ill .') is 1(' i r ( s
it, t ; "I y :i n po111 sit yIi hr' 1iv from
IIhe . I i li I'sa r il '~tire. mbes t a t r
b\s l .. l itl v A 1 ' ' t irT l1do I .. ,n:.- nfi t a
non. o urt i .:'' i iiiis tak n Witernlly, aS in
di t -it Ii . ! 1 t . ' h ie: i ::' l I ts si; u fnillils
ii, 1',r). :;111I 111111''ti" "n r ttiii
" II," \-1e u.. lv i .ill \inlt II: l 1's t':lnrri h ' rt'
- 1" Ii I ::.-t th , r line. I t i- It1k 'n in
ierna'l . refn, is tah i T oedo. ()hlo bIy .'
. . ith n'"v , ('n. Tes -lt m niails fro' eIrt tlt'e.ii""i ', r''Irll
t: ' l':lnily ill. art" the e a 's .
: :1,11it"ne h.I1'lt'en thltlan i,f ol trirf
Fl.i \ :1i I s hI i ,ii .1 ' ' sI\ i 'i''r it . I'r
11it \\sti(I-. 'a llI r I 'r . Il \it ''t ' V v1 'is.
l' i 'U1 tas 'efr I'On:InmIlon i s an infalllel
dnit uiint" for eulilt' unt,lt ld.-- N. '.
Ati :L O,'cean (it,r\ve, N.i.. I'F'b 17, 190J.
Thi drv:i l net . ft <.itt I rrii 1'd ,1away iy'
a~ 1111," 111K'Ij"h:"oei h t l
asil. f lmgt ~I'Iii ls ih f e
A:.\ ,-:, r.In dyVt ilh I' r\A\i ["A D
1. I ) Iv .: Ill, e r' en'1'l,1 ret"'' redl.
I d i' dt ' tMibIt g ir I to etid a hand
tl, '' 111 1" !ts I"' ir t t t't l l 'it it ii5
Mally Prefer- This Method of Disposal
of the Dead.
\( )n ,:(' se sev n 1re.' (inlts
I., !. l(h t)it 1tibIh tr tll ttte aton
1"I:1!IH1 ; tt ('sfsalt'1 ill'nt;t r' >1alnt
itr: tnnti i t i uT ,.; .nr i lt yt't
*arer idv Armatoies. Ine whirh edu
ine h th You1. 4sters wr
r'nh te(I. Italy )n) w l.rs c twnti' yil-twV
01'.u :0 i' . 'ltbiut Iln tislits aS tO ith
nient-r1ttl fprsnupnwhom vroinl
tsa. wa"s pi hriformu i(nt 191 is lartc i n
in yome etc'hese.pThee ares theero o
matripet cin l i tzeorland t pon''. 1
i s ''.1 no Swedent tiltese tt 'jt wo li an.'
I li str In' ne.'s n ' Atrlarhiail tin a
tttiitteontnu tho bexclismed,'ilit
''(lin aetin hi''sa; potrt hoi
- tl - aitd Iin.ld i d he rihtof'r
A anmt has lbeens cnierred lb sy at'sy
rtot. ro ahh evln inng.<iathe ga
an '. St1 i: ases y to isesue a li ttre it
a-' fo ::i:' rimtin'pti'
S I e w ieisa lirgn cremat or i'mis litt'
S- in. 'tt htei'ar-aoundmtery i cI
U".n i-n -p. All9 ho'di'esi' base bsse.
n 1',stil t'sIh 'n iti States at
( lih em:{ i( t oriouns. lwenty-for<
nohr e hertim. c' h arer nu
''iaitin, Stae l han inin ath
Z nknwn a'yet'he nly ren
Thei. t neer conc't ins fk t
tht come' to clad r'on cause ntlh'n
a d afe six strikingly)' rgna aid'
at their).00 ldrsr oe thaune ast
iseAlittl''' e le ho whon il ivs umf
In'h countr inoie'ett fr' lhi'a
.was iv . i ous'~t thrit( g t enfa
they pssled a pilaert' litr Vashout
weatbin erete. Tet,o hItirsoh
romleted the floo~ietre tly mach
hi noits asn e'tc utte.1 AuguasT:
littlo'fl.lof 'loked at 't e ouse:o
inut Sated t the xCaItallit:
"Ohit, mssiama, a there ao wt
Anoc-the $ little durin, ohre nIeas ph
Ctepped'otRit tee ya frd ith, 1
54 'A '~Oiothe mon ai coldIn evhyn not Nc
f'reez an the relt ait tsa
hl iayiage thy aved to:i ll~ p
- (9 EALM. :
\ot n l.. sy : t . !'u,. . ii II iv to I.n(lnl) .
New Yn "rk lity.
: : 'v i:: Il ii:'s li l i .n2 iv int"l , In
24a 4 :1 )~ \'lii ll; 4 Ilillt .i i alti'tt IIII : 1 l'24
111 \t' I)w '. especially if It heo a uorl'i- .1
t:1iti al. :r1 ', 'fin w hih :--tr, i : r". ' : tl t h
best shluls. .lltl whii1b! sliops :re1" ll
bt141 for 1 st' 1hos 1e tit"nl: l lull :.: Il h:l 1
wa2t to buy'I' Say, lh, I.I'i4!lnl It'ih
t ir- il. "' I 1 O('.- 11(1 :I I:t' I i !:ilt11r''
lt, I.nntnil tery lt,in:" II, I'a 0 1i : Iw TS ,
to) ths'Nt" Iltes1tion1s, butl ill It"rlit it is
t1211('r 111:l1 it". 4it." :n. air' r a--: ia
()mt lilaitt' :1 'iif'I''r t1 4i - i- I l 1 e:It 2r
(il'. ii, Firl Insuu:1 V.4 yol:l it to
r'tli ire lthe i - 4 ry t''::' I":: ! Ii
li;tkI litt s14'il :1 sI l11 4'l aih ' :II :
ii''ssinlg .I a'in k t y.I2 t '~I.Il 11 1. n, in1
1.) d l. o ti a t<t'1 11112tr's aii
I11e'1' t)p1 11'Ir' %v1'\ry iI t 1 4t2244'. SIII
' os l ) t he lt l .in k t is lto bie u i f th -
111. This 1n1111 he on::h r i
Sh p) w1 re only 11.n: 1 l. ret: l-' nta lt'
I1:IIIIII-1 1144'o4ds :11 I:1'11i 1k 1 ::t't sihl1.
IT st' t h11e :111 '1s fl-lk I llP 'Il h 1ent .
tocmk of h111e S111 p. which r'jiitst'S ill (ilt'
11:lnn1t' 44f 'w (IIill nnt r ht:'I li.i:i1l n11g.,.'
N tI y4412 'ill \":I ii n andt 1 11i111.
Ifor ril l in. ltlli i's e. l(- :' la; "' yOt1
11n11t go) to wha1:i i": ("nlled1 a ' Ipitzen1
hiau"'; ribbl1n14 ytau %vill 111,414-1Iur in 121
(t1hltr '1hop1 whellrt' nlyN 1ibbontu . 'iil
f1nlis, tils. 1i-Its. hl kh. et ., :11'r. s11d.
This is t-:11l'd :1 's1h1'ln:Ildr'. lilt ('ne 21
('ti' 2l41l" ha:us15.' :11111 -4r1Iwi-:11y has 11rIlly
chlaliing 4tisli:y.s 4f :iI tIlt' tiility,
tilt-Io-tlatr. ail' ' 2n4tIii :. - Ih:)I So t'ln
h121 "' tih' 11p1p1 i'alwt"t' lot Ih 1 m u iodern.
fashi n bly111 i1rs4dt' '1 w I'man. Ir.1stly.
yul w"ill w :uit hIti'; t o . n('edtII's 111)1
C41111 rl you .i lt. :11241 these youl
wvill III' :be 111' 244 t 11 441-'Ir all togt'hr('!' Il
II -'1sa:ll u tnitr .a t haft.' T h'Iis last
11.111114 i is titl. t 4' i I :lst lls(full L n1:1 s
422' 51)1h 1is ill I '1lill. :2141 if yot)ul nn' ever
:11t : loss w'e'ri 24 t'I s11'1h odds :1141
4l41,"1 as lIss'ls. Iwn'als, ho1 1:tht'vs, 4"m-ri.
w t'tlbbinu .:, all tl;l utling tn:t 'rials, Iet'.,
this is ilt' .dho4 1(4 .i to lirsl. Ii' 11t y
hlav 1nt ::1) t e esird atrtitlte 12 te
w'ill lway, t il you whe;- it 244 1.
"h1llr l4'rli4 sh1O1) whire l1heyt s11l
dr1ss n1\a1rials ("Ontalill slitfs l'o every
illa::in.:lhb. kiInl. fr'n1 t lhe 1. 24 ali4t
01"1itl I"I h'e I:11le1s I silk 1 nd bri -|
j Ii . I-:v yth Il is inl thie' b11 e'st 1 4 s
1le .llr I .s 224'".' . i 'i'l'd. illn st tlii 4-s
I I"llanl\' ;t :'1 114 I 4 i 'nll i2 it
U111n1 ,ou 2 \:1 il yo"ill 14re. tonut dt'il
t' 4 I.t rI,ll) ('nlll lt l', n1 411 $ 111 a 1 t m -lt't'
2t 1 bl 2ir, I'l'. vit.ew\ off :2I It ilftf r
4 4'i 1 a 11i" s. 1 14111 2$lrs no it 11;1 . 1 ril1
r1 ltik1 < o4)12 I1''ai- Iii 1n('
himi n. wh 'i i'lle'A 1no 1:- ho4lm'pans144
I altwI': 11 t t 12Ii1'l . l111% 2tis 1 : 4I it n-,
aul I\\ t 2 1 tl.II !ln22 4 l' r,'2s rllhs4' a114 l(1.41
I l :11n th1' r. b)rn1 ":Itlvs :11 silks -111
nllt 1r', tnnls. -i1t' 11 i 1 n.1 '4h .
he,ad u nthrug a th whole
1.41 111. n :1 1 I44 :44 11$ i"i 114 2\r 4n4
' h sh.42 " lt' h e :I l lstn k il'. a d1
21 In:11kt'rs'.Z l~ iiwht'.itit ye'I.l' 144n2h 122 2221'.
S I' i llt 'l ' tll:ll 2 ' , 1ir 2 1 l |1:i irt ' u 41,''
W-I ilitill ll 11 $Ill iini 1:, Wt'. l2t4'$i41
i" t':iy:t s l'11It : 2241' i t'l :n(lit' y:i . is t
11 l ' u i s1i n +llt e l 's :-' Ir 221 1' 1.
- r ii l l'2'V 11 11 14 i el 4 : la w o
'I '1 1 ' I rt e tli -h2i41 4'4lant IIn$ 1r
br:n1- etabli4h1wn4' 1:251 1n-r' yont '
aI will414 titV i s in4 lts 1 414$rtw$--. 1 p ssibl1
\I ' L ill'4''il l h: 14 4412 in12ro414inune s l
2 i ihl in4 withi l' he14 I''l 'liv year4s .242
114'ndows ith 442' 1441le 4wri; 14' t'411i2111n
by w1eia 'h.e't of~ beauty. hein
n0 toI the'2 hi tttstd re oft 11 -z21:111 . V Na12: .
r1' Il 41owever. i l i-h le h p
4. 1hn 2'l'$ri 211012 . and 11v1 en 2444 ry fa'~i;
a- tinitti ons,lII li ltn-.:h 2 4h-cll::n lI lit :
at1 w41i ltnve 22 tIuIt 24 -'e c $2 nes Il or4$
the114 111 re4n- one forg delt:' W42$io2'utiIa
At1 21l242 cetin li t erval the lireI 1:
ns for4ta 1.engue 1$ 42 4lls 4' itse .' l 4gter and
m fIninil2le' o rbi2 Ito th l e sty2' le of' ti os.2~'
Ilde I *2he2 title22 of1 beigthel1 worst-dressedl'22
mt 'Th4 firt' art0ich' of apparel 1 11o4 b11e'
'.11- is ~ w 142rers andt 1,41 12i12 $12 the p:22n-1 of
2111ts 1224 nu nn tureI2t S 1is ge ttin to bet''
.it 42eformers, 21 a ta "o 244 n11411 1124 that is
td''f you want 212$ confor to2 the4 hy-i:4n1I(
i les ('f1 dres reform.t' 111$ '.20 li2
The~i-i2 lZ 11x222oit f tnek lIis thejJl2 1sho4.
tih 'it: mults he broad$ 4 ni' 212at-heeled1 noU
i' 2 in along4' ':I te f' r htn1$ tt solh1i imu1p4
" - '' TiItskir22 2 n'l',1t' .he s kirt Ind 22412
P11' 4e 21,''alo113 mus:ha 2g Irom' t h 114 Iimubb rCi'
1nD i 41'.' i of'2 1 rom til'1he14 ) it' "n.lothing
til4htI -i i. bu1 ' everyt' ing ' loppy mi
tfo. tonutn'dess s lle~itlthe rill
1ireformer 111 no2see in tl' 2 ha41jve -truck. Yi.
m-' *1riejt. ' orIcenhewrni s
et reslsennneeu1 t\ (kirt. ni o
1- of n(cessity2 hn 11ron thVel thoub lr.
13 oot (vidt' 1y thI'e 02'i of22 (he reformill
er is"ie h 1 ieou and10 12114 2wi2:; la
g.. they(1 leve eauty ou f'ithe qulIestion.'
And unt~iIhl( th e nnIC ils,u)1cced 4 ill'en
't two, hIteIlDreos liefort oenuy ilO
~- otcacliarecintps toi (brts.adeti
In i lt tl, ls u 'ishthitjs:1 t'i it: I I 1ttl u 111(' l(I tl'(',~ 'i
;irl:s 14ho llhl hltttd lit ' r I t' tl ' w arn.
.\ e i l in ,\ I :I: t i lsr iu tn ' ' s:h.t h
ltii.a I :it e:ere Inid l : ui ro
w.. ': s:4 1::11 llt'' ' 4.oll;. 11 11 )I 'O11"
ilh ti. tli:ti t ly 4 to litt t i! i ::;:. of t ilc
A: t'x et t" oollh-poder111 i11th:I i n
t'xpIn'I vel't, r:l l ('iI t' lll ma y
h,'t xI s lr 1n i byv ally one. .\ 11' li: i
'1n1t s I < I) 1t'rizt'll h)Or:I'1i w t \\!II t'll
I1t f' iI trecil iitatil el k: : b a ttl (a t
I'net It th of I)uw\'lli'rtll nIsy rrll -
III\"rizit 1 rins. ift thr'ou;h~It
'ohtin::-tlolth, :1ntil It is re4:1 (., for us-w
Inoi. -()w lr otl h tle's i' thf 1 11t41J1 istabh1 tl
'u\et'rs. sne"h as Shop )ow\ tler is pitl il,n
Ilay bet It:vit tl antIilltrl witi this l it'"
Tl it' l: covers ar ulv to llll t' Io I4i
una :t-honie:. i silnle kiwil is :t
lil'!t' OV i1IO}I r i'lll tiO214I' Is t I( 'll5 SIt
'1,iii w:as it rd hiie I let':: button
Otl(l all ronll i I!1Ivi.-- t Ilr e''
Therlt1'e is :1 ha11 ri bI ou IIt'I' the11 n)11
w\')11:111 that1 iS as cat: I va\"1tIn:; 1s it i:
inilrs('r(Ih: he. lIeIr clothles fit pe(r
'4tyv ;ntl th y :Ire put on )rop'rly
t'h s she ha :t n inl hlm table styli. thaI
is atl he' r ow i"n, nl a he si tet'asily' out
shlinets her llnort' he:'111ttiful but 1l
intty sistl r. Il4'r gIov't" :1re( nl('ve
s1Il('<l or rlo nl htta d h'.r 'oot ea' ':tr i!
in tl i i k of "ontllition. Itt'r hti i.
re( al':! aIt tn iln 1ltl : (' 1r1', and het'
terth are t'tfreshin(y"lean.,
Alnl1 :1 thousand oliwnen you w\"o11h
pick hl'r out as t ei' )tti( who i tpr1ettssIt :
you nl(,st ,fav"orably, sitys the I'itIs
huir ObIse'rveo'r. er uttider Iiarnrtt
ar(' as. eiltIn 81n11 wel-liftinl Its heI
oulter onels. andl this is oile of thl
slt1t' Is or her h:'r iig : p)tt:ratint
dh cots t w\"- "" top-hie t y-lookiljt
ha iis or lolt train s oi the sl t lik:
Ih(' wi-o1tan of p oor is l tis lots. sih
niever vulgariz es h rslf byv wearin
,"ht' .iewel " a1u( her h1a11kIr.hief
1 IlW:lys fresh andl of njl i'x:14' 1es:4 ' :1Iitd j
l tki'4 he' a wl rI t\" i le ti it iou tl
(ar afI1 t' ye til h 1.' i'ih WAY o
,'ibra II n tie's b hti t y is be'iu,
ItttI'( u1LtIverlsally' al4l41111t l. A mi'Iita
1tro1ll tIs a1 l . hv issn:a le Ile t' aI
Iliets tt of t ir hirIbs an o,t : "io1
ifio ret iviing gitrs. hui l now It is ill
IIhing to 1 :Ial: a little fl-to lh:l w\i'
1)1v\"ll easut'I ft'oIr1 i nt'4) t)' ''s i'i , t'i':s.
('hIh th y Ipl t e i ' 0rties r' (!
ill \ e..,ili. i'll l'1y aet 41111'h lt)o s . :ies
i\"( Of, (lonationl 1arli,'s. I1' a t"('I hr:i
Ition Is lanne'l, a chihd win h:is il
pr,to r bringring- up will inivitte his O
her I'rit n(Is to ,( for .1 (lay's outtilt
t r son t liillt 1 lIt'lsitr 'xit'i irsion, (bal
t'r ' <111 ' 'l by t th ' 1i1th1''r.
T'I'- i: - lst lt' o( a4:1hit' I)l: tiy iheal Ir par"t(
is _r 4i1 xI l lt Inel I i} popula r. 1 is
d11li(;hIfull w\ay for :1 w\O1:n1n to tI'
.iin h f' a: tlo''tn fri'uils, Aul :
hlur. spent :1 :I Inlt'incelt is t1t i i
Ir ilint-ti ( of lea)t satl IIti ' i tr s t
tI,' )On whoset' bir1hd at h v lebat.,"
NewOC 111rk slra
tO nlit n'11s4(iltit '' t'3 C'' 01 rsuls(Oi
lwn tie 11<m1in hai'cii of' ytt re oh
liens ofegtll brw in off t heir hoe<ilot
th i of thobstcn - of prv ni
Whiutl <'auxt. Ilxs li(enwrkab11t" % .eetlii:r y 4II e
- Attq ) I tis t1 1:t'nt1/ < I,t.
Illl ''I Ii t'-prt snlt(Iti v i li ' t :lil> :l l' '
('Ililt,l. tlv\w knownxvi :1' SI.t.u 1; 11. ,11. I:
as itl l:', !ai ll :Ii 1itt tI I,'i s.
;11111, I'I t hlt lll illitiati i l. ii' rii \y. i I t
: 11lilt 11 1:1 tl li'l ti iii - li i il i;'.
v\' 1iie of I. '41'akl' r, eve w(It lnii Iuilir'. tl
In a whi:stltir. a.0hues with r ini l i t
(iIill'I1" s il't' lli til(t t I i lit' u .1''11hitli
1)l t it, 'XIi'i lt' :I in i p 'to lit 111-r, it
\vhispered1 'l r l:r , aud1ib)le 1nI\' a, li. tii
0p''iI' ' n( Id lt' 4 :1rhi r I I ll i"t' t 1
twa. -'rt)In n ?1" it fi(" s t '.,It 1rI
Ihi' 1)htlno in m t b silt I i' 'l i o
pIoh in 'li. t hai'h(r i s in 1i:i .in'' 1
o f ;1 1111::'ttr 4 1' :1 "Ith 1r , Ilh ( (nI!I.. )! 1 1:
wh111 wo\\u lI (Itmlt live or s,ix f ;l
low th( floor. \oundtt wave\'s pro"uj(r't'lt"1
'li 1instl 1tte sp)ht'rit':l 1'ilinIg 1'ebI ut1(I :, - I t
i hilliard holl v 1rr1ms.
W hil' Ihis h e ni liaIrilt' i: ittt lin-;
a 'ilt': itts it a l y t o:X. (uils I I (.'.. It
fori''l witI tli s li' t h'II ' tib' forini'1 I
eishl Iii i Y s itii's s, :iiii t l iii it ll V .t
l(t';i51;t I v t"1lit I)t') s ' (v 114 111 t1ll it' aI 1 1i
ii't:li( ws t'tre ' r r toi it thi t11
ho e of r medying it. .\t on(e time' .1 1
c tnnvas lIIlst' v 1ili :, a s t rIstr -h.-I 11
atro .<t t h; r(' i a d41 1 ht ohit--t in: ' I t
a("on>tli :o 1 o ii'.: (i It " hall w I t -. 1- l:
sfrtr'' l I! tilt' 'iil e til o\":I1 ia t i s te i li t
w t\ ieol n l lti g has bIt ' 1n rt'pia1 wth it i r
fir rt too t tintru(stion, i ut lii' io i li'
may still he1 heard. Whe1'1n ' h (hal ni+'tr
w\as r('novaal" Ia't s(tmunlr, in plainl- t
ing the ( ouu ns to ;e.si'('('bntl t' m1 rb1.1 I
(Ilie :rlisl w\gork(i d into ilt. m:IrIz114'i .:l'
x('1'll(t' t liiet'tn i'es o I i're sIde 's t. i i
lIInll'y andl Itt)osel'It, but thirn p1res .
t'n .t . ln forma Similar It o Ih1 new'p er Il)Z S'lil:I
it titre Yuzl. wa"is. semdi:pr
moved1'(. A Il o ugh notl ge'nerally'i ktnown1 I
th('r(' aret' lanyt' ('tioul picturslii ini linet,
real mullrhli' tolunins Of Statuny 11:11 i
hillich cnnnot hI removed. for I1l.l Irlit
itt theo n au ral Ilns o11* the Iarl .
which Is knownl :Is t 'udingut; slto'. A n 1
Ind1ian, a d r.a girl's he all :un4 s11m11 1
( 'tth ill't t; att' l 1t':I1-r tlis' t Il il 01. t'i I
the' 't're e, olther ((hols in iIh ('il)taol. I
nofl1hly" it n th1 l) the ('i'urt r0 in1
and till' tariols luommittt' rooti s. an t il
, even inl t h rotmtolt. hull the'y ("an hI-- I
h(rdt'11 only wit iI erfct'I1 e 11itt I)r('
ri oails.- -INw York Ykrihnul'.
Theoli tlanest f(1) blhsm iit eii
is ! o in iwh n th h ar is fi o t he oln "ot
W e1'nI e - I r 'e lit'I ;i t ano1)h ii'r' In:to u l's
Ow111' MVw If.
I ll liul 1itluie tlltt s-hllte i lell l t y'il
ownit lc ':iiIllii l t 11 i '' \Il i' 't" I 1 it'll i1
:Itotht"r ti11n '.
AS :t rui lei( 1f lif . nle lIi1s o h:f :1ie rs
ruilh li1's x4om11'whII'n. I)n-t\'w',n iisina hI:
I tr11isiotslnt iel o11 to1 hit' t.e.':iiot
ile1 11o1tat e ilt 11 i. 110 ItlnIl ':: li1
.lu1crcon: : lv"o h': (p11".t dIf-f-elle.
(' :11Of n\ hi1'b unn is the1'in:1st,'r.
The sou ")tr("1 ofIll, p1Iassion. is s('Isi.
siI 1y (',Itll l T11 'it1' riIt :( Il ' 1 t'1"I ltit .f
I I e.1enit 11I (i 1' V tanr.t .
' '")1 l'r 1. . \ (I1W< +1in 'rl,l. t <ii
4 111:1t I 1n:1:ti" :ln 'i- inl 1 '11 ,g:IiIn
ilt 1'lf(' ts. 'I' ilh:. (ontl':tI-iiln of( Ilhe
l I t' <iil t l tle it.. <1( 1 ill' o1411' ItIIII,
d tle' in4r eas o' f ils l1ik I'rIn11 (
-I 111 114t. tII: 'l I1I11 ni --1.111" : 11 :1 III I
lII"i112i 11 11;iI. II It'll:21 ;i i If5 ii:r2 11:\'
:I tlt :Iil 'iI ' 'i11'e i 11 u1 stII. i he
;eIn Ii (It111 n I th lll gt ofI ti:all y. t
(to ' :11 it th M t wo ' :11 l t:I l\
222 ht r Isllt in u t have i il n 1:1'y
v'i is I 1tlII S I lol' Iint "e: ill t' 411
*(' 1 ' ii11:,' : Il l111' 1 :I I1:14'4: Ili \is 4 11
l I't 111i' i, i 11 1 h I' 1 h I h yil ' 1i 4 4lt
( IIat \ e ltr : I 1 1 1 ;n-.:,i . 1 t1 I11'
-I" d inl th' is'I(t t ) In illon yoll '4ntsll a
1' Il 1 111 elt g:Inl to Ntolil;ify. :'l ill
It -. 1t'lll lll IIil i Ilt: i t' 4 (41 .11' 0'. ltit I11111
l1n1' w ithi 22 h t htll r sttsIII- l 1 ' :: 1W
442i1 is :t1 'Ey s2i ill' fr tion to
pu<sent !tgihl. A:"-urlln r 1tWaI th,
1h rgnlly- haa ti
Ilr der:;r;', (.(nll r:do. it f'otlllows, :tt
lording to his t"iItutlalions. that IIh
1y will ultin:Ittly be shr(ned b;.
bout1 six pt'r cent . If Its inlit ial 1(nth1
I- by atl hour Intl :I haIlf yt-:arly. ''I
'n Ilth lf (iit4' re'(i "t(Ir < by\ IIte (': tl
11 1 ldown to I h(' tt :i r t of, -It"
In ini g 'spale nill"i ll 11ine2r. '(il h,
ilillti.s of yrsr,. hIu'i:s. Wod'natwar1
hows', thit It will r,12 'nir(' :1hottu :ll.l'
Ilillitin y 9)r.; i'iir i .t' v;arth tol :n-4111
Ili,h nitt'ty-(i\"t lllr t-Int. nl' it>' ((I
r io:iun, and th:lt af'tter 1 inlillionll 1 nil
rinl y&:' -s it,1s24 222nita (inn w%-!II no Itllnrc
'nsily al l t length of th' la.
Wuring no intr')'Vll ,n sht'r :i s 2 ".'.I)
'trs in tht' 2'nlirr h.1istoryv tisi5 1"1)4
ng pro14441 ss 1':il 1hw lngit of h111e 412n
in'( dltnlinisht'll by\" .o . nrt-h11 as 1h
hIn1:ian th of I s al 1r2In 1 Ite taln
'l'hi sh hariningof the day i.< ,
t 12' i te cri - of th :ne'1s':S;tl In
n(ttorit cu,- : t, so slowly dov. 1 11
In:t a ululti'. un1\with,tandin.. Il2
I . that flly\' : ,H 2InIl . t u te s 1::
luil 2, Ih:at its ('T1't" w ill noiII't I ,' tin
IIl'(tI5ptibll ' n 21il the t t-'' 1 1 ( fti' '( fr"tl
o1linl ' is n -ly'Ii" 1) in1h I'. Ini nul2
nt111Ih r 11th'e 11i t tt f l :.; I\\t
Nt l'!r d 111 t1i.:Il1 I i) I "- :il : il i s 111
tI tI r t'rrnt in ('u rir (it. 2 l'. thorl
i('44, thr r('4nIIiy 1'f tht' (arth :--:
inl'k 'ept 'r 1liring hi--_ Iit llrb- hi'. -: i; I
le CI12 2d in 2V t t :4 h 111 'i au' in' llt
tr ' .IIII::vI I' ' th::!!l 11i9 tw o-t w hieb :it
l(" cn1i11'1rI'l.
.\ l l:(:l I t' h ish1"n! ', 2III, lt li I t5 .1 :)22
P''t'( ':i 1 l2l : 1 i( lin s2t1 'y o hi
\"ii i tllt:. l 1 Il. (' 11::' .; h w\', ii 2 lrl
' ' II 1 i,," Iit '- 1 III :1lI ill' - liui ' :111
ii 11t ' 22 li 1'.t wI \\I ' I II!. 22 , -'I2 i1
IifT 1 1 , w) s thl- 12 11 i)ht I :I n11' t -22
lit ntd tiat'.In:1I 1 w\-it h :1l h h 22un1iin2
l ie l'. wi, o a' t i i yy It2 'l 'I
\"1 l' 2 IIIN 1 SlltI('t 2'1' I I lI2' ,::1i(.'
"lo y IIi kutw i" . ' I,' 'h ih2 2a 'r 1111t
Il': t'e I tlI 'n w o - 2 .1, :-kt'e d 124 tr hi
hi11 2iliI-''\ h liiIII -" 1! 2 II1 I:L, o:. tl
ht '2nyo 11 cla .ht:-'Is anc eto;-s5 it12 :
IV('2n itnIb l'e 11:21u IIft (2ne ot tit
v'11 c i21' eV(tetit' ist ' ge.' (iee liz:
"1)22h. lilt' ('!ow'22 ::l! ;h:' :." tht.' you
412tt ( Is1' w 222121 Qti12On s i lb tli i n
hipp'ol yiour'21' ol 1224:' f , 'a11lug 2u
2151 42111:1r2 lit re rII' il 202( w!il'i3 ibsih
ii i s senrelyt112 2 i -:-it ;:- 1!:::; C. hil bo
Int C rin-' lo Slo('2(E h::4 14'23 wOa i (h
22. .Ig-t:-1 tl;(2 iht. i stt 1h( AOI h:1Ti
I:'I:h- tly n22( ht 011 oC tiiii:-2
The14 1222 :1 el'rin,-. TihaOr. i1thosi
12121 (his wi21d(l- .v StOlW1 ooke.n (1l
i0k h:22|y 1101 h IIl110 1221(:1; l(' .;e i fo.
'0221: :12t1: l 110 ton - g1 12n(1.1(1. IIt
pt (: -:.S f h oi:; 1.,f2:(, i4;I(.Iii :;0fl1|mb
heV::i t''r. I1t w:iin l 118 (11;;' t. f;;ht.
petrlti Frh-crOl'tolaehehu
('<ll't y h vo - .11i \" l ' t ." 1 --1 - Itw e1
\' .u- t h; l sn;. li t : . , .
\w 'ht . li tthn4h. ti .,- . e -.14 :
tin i I li! noIIt!.', o - 111" I-- -
Itt. th tt tu <",i tery t:w . .I .
\\ it h i Il- " -t," ile . . I lil. . ,4 4 I.4 4 .4
.1 41 ntl a"t
Ih-:a! . hI h:m-!:! ,i n. i I; tm l ..-:.:m n.+ it
woli! he .t I aI Io II i(":
1)':n Ilhl! eye . :i I Il' ). ', ,1 "; .
'ttnt: t h rI: ;oIt pll.u-l h :en li i! I n .t
l' i . i , , .tint': . lil; hl; \\titl 1, I)I jii
T h.t thi". io k Ith ir --.nl iil' " --
'I'ir ..Iki.a hlt w t'' ui l on I--t ptr
rit a 1 t. . :
O f i f i-- hl) uIt l;t1 h!. ;- l:1-o "hl.h h,)and14 ''
r :4im: ::n. 444-4':' 4i-.r4 i.o -44
Iw avill "%, :1.I:i," Ii:it 't4 1 ' . 1-.1 4. -
\h. i1 i t' >:lhil " .o bac ibI1:t ,:-t\ yearll'
a ., :1n:l,se$
(iieIr. i '.d h !i . I ho'14 r. :.
I ;14 I '.z'.4''144('4 II\ I 'i.'. "il 114'..11\'
il ' i i'r,i
'fh,l ::h h l b 't. :i b d -: n t t '. - ul ,iI ic., -
1 I .( 'Id 4ih 1: 1 1ii ' 44t h.-i - I ' 4 4.l I ' .
T 1 i I ,' 1111 1 \nl e ".u- t C4.444 i. ..
"4 ul f i d 1 ih;. It e n h"'ubi h
I), it 4 i 't)li itl:\' I ;ti ):144 1 "l: 1 llti} vi-11'= il
\I,iunh:ty\\ e-\ e en e
i't4.i " t 411. nlyi :tb;4-1 I t i rty ye ' r or
sjti, "f "i is t ':tl I t".\\1,0
('ru i '' |-i l" I " thel ;w ,1 \%, - 111i Iil itn e:. , f
I nnt un:hill:iI in -ick-, f1 , 1pec h -i
Fi ,t. a, io ne I;tre ti t I)- tl-h '
I'l Pil1\""Ilt 1t AND It" It"1
\II their d;i:ghlt"r, h.v example.
\\'h.aI the In the"r-hIi u-t .iihl !.:;I>w
In.lirt-llous to il"\-tliu.
- )e.i'e- 1ib' 'o l of lon41e4 ago! 11~.'41 t
4)":' 4.44 :uul.44,4' 411.11t "4:4 Igit
I. " ttll' t:ll; the h lt worli .ith in on
1i1y h).Ii-kwardIi t rip, Io .t"l'
le t" .I hhat-k-laIceI-i tiIited ..r. nn; that
r are .sti4cl 14 e r (t m !
.--I.u. .\t,_clei Iier.tltd.
'\\'hat k i av e book, . pop I': "
rart ht . , lmy Sin, is ne' which li;is
not Ibeen"tl rna't''1 b4 y 14t crt'it4it s." --
.oiik:'r' Statlesm"I i.
1)i',' i -"i . " \IIhbel4i 4 ent.a ;rtl Io
('holly. '\\w whta( on :4"ath do(11e. sh4
, stl in hint'" .\Iargare't ---'lIer l:s
i (hali t ro 1" lmba ly1.'-'-.Itl :' .
4 The in:il who w\'taiic-,. I :r( y.]' - } I ,) . IM0.
I 1 11''-: 11(4 11 .1y1'W :
lli]ut youl wil1 noltiici. jul+1 te" .e
Ih-114 1: c 144 br 4 m a11 per 11".v.
" (4 I4 t h r '. : plen ty '' 1n int' in
f i,itfie . .slitd hi" I.rit'tal. '-ih yi, s.i""'
t-:hit1 I1u1 1l4liIii 4i:tn. ''htut. il:"" it li. t th r
r ": rnn "r:lti\"i linte=, ii'" ilver Ii\rlw rr<,"
- tiooIkly11 1.11t.
IhlIIv' - iii he" w\"ub 11 'lir i
i. . i ' I < :1 4 h ( : r (1 Iti l " ! t , ) ' . n il , t i t Ymrl t 1 . c l h l ) 7 I l y , - ( i.~ } :4 4 4 1 i0
.1 4u e11 .'' I:,tllw;t i'-.\4 ll u ( el
r I .ll hiin':" Iia( ;r. ,yr' ' ''4t" .4 1.1t y' 11
- 4 ( gai \ ' -1 (I 4l rl . chill II ' (tn I
.)11:. -' .<b':1.''- s '. I .1altst "r:i . 4w h
''I'\"t ' 14 :1141 ll(:, ' iiittI ill:; 14 :1ltt1il44.
I1 n11 4 l... n e :" . 4 . ----$ (''" y out
S '''I've 441 1:lnie:y o 2' naking1( 4114 t1141n1
a turanholes for thespectatorsJ" to look4(
( I brom. :h."11 le44 hun4i44:l4'-li I4iealer. 'll
Th.41t111 ve i < h1i44. ti4' o t 444vl l
wro414 (41' to41' papa4114 141 n . 4114' ee e<
1(1444 .I lIe 4ar he41 wn:- so( 44 hal4 to 44 14.
.IIo44 li4g11l-- -"\ 'hy.(1-t('h44(14 . 411 nj' , P0 1'
h4(ist 4('I 44(>ise ab l4ni ':" 1ile1 41 4-'echl -
n 411( IIto tly .o m it h lieons411 41' ( 14'1144 '
$444 (1440.' -114:14r 1 . f' iets. 4 l d 41(
- urvivn' 4fgMisor :4 es ni,.,
Al i M(ill clliil I1lCl i hy
inA l '' n-ing.k' otll if(4 you trave 1)1113
i'bserve, 11444 from 41he m144h of:4 the 11nube
to te 4 (;ohlen1 11h4i11w,1 yo4 wll id ino414 st4
gI'lash$I aIlt decor 4.t1i wi(th two us() el4ess41
ukon or inoe-useless buglton at the
41u4tTs.4 Ti-olar the14(11"(44 11114 an' 4'he
y ' iona(l need1; ItI i ' n t oI(d n 44Ii( lio
-' i4'n41 lagainst k laed4 thatg')41i4 I the r
('en(t but 44'lel'nI ng4 n 1vilization wofs1(
fohtrefnin ritual tel toi coes1((.
1tohe the rainin[lo SIasteI dek their4144(
headsn f)'o' weIddi4g. finlneralind feast
'e l, so far, :les we en doo(icer,(' Stilo'r
44'orl.th thCirt 1)f 1he (1ain, 01' "0o provill'
r lned11( wiJthin1 te same are4a,1 we('' h4
hdhtthe anp1411l 11 litude1 of144 ('1h1e4 4)1:ve.
.' gll 41041 th1dsp s ton ' of( th he(4 l t,' and( 11(.
Outogic' C I(he t of the sk 'l I('ey 114 rise(441
a 14't ialof one1 rtI sistless II 1 tide whh-h
Cons ile wlvrgersthuls froin ''nier'
Catarrh Remedies and Doctors Fa;Il
---Pea-ru-na Cured.
'1 ooo............oo""""
.\ll;. .\. i'. K II1l). C
I-:L.':i\. 1I.I.. In a ver'y tere(t.l counun
nI ;i:' n 1(1 rom(1 this p lat'e r w ., It' new%s
IIla .\Ir. .\('thnr 1-'r'ues1 t Ithb , .t n\rI
1.nI wn :l tbitet"t of that t'ity, h1:1 Mn.e
t"unlpltt rt'(ovetry frulm vat.11111 41,ftile
hiad. 11tom whi-h he had S1,lien-114 tilr
1!''ly' a ttllarier of af ttnuin.". Illewrt
(roml 14 IIamuilton avt'.:
"I ant .4' yca;- of atge, andl hine, it:td ta
titrih of, the ht'ad. ft"r 0ver h.ll i 1f1my life.
ia, a t'.ilt oft ,varlet It'er fo'. ( llowedt hv'
typhol il It'er. I got so h.'tl t hat I t\as il.
mii .t consltani tly ("ontuhing .1114 t'lear"in~ m1y
t}lalt. Tihe -.ialrrh let iit:yg 1intiair4'4 till
ley't igh1t. -1tel tt!! h.o ring!'1 ltin l n 'iti-. ian</
trit"ed mly weigh! to) 110 p1ound41'
"I tri('el ineirly tver'y t"atarrh rt'medyl :11
te tite.t , be'.itlt', a great lnany dlii1feren
phyIVlit' i s' trea.tmenuts, all oI n\ hiteb failed
"I hll ht'ur(1 and read of I't'nuna, and
lin:tlly' dri<h-1t1' to try it two mionths ago.
I ha\ I. now\ taIkenll ve butItes, andl
weigh 172 pitmck. Neveir it'lt hlippierl fr
ni -"rier'I. Feel tipl top. .\. E.. K 11)1).
fatory refilab " fron t1 he' nse of 1'ru a
w\rite' alt"nc toi Dr. 11.1t'man,. giving at
iull st;itenwint. of y1our' enaS andl iw' will be
ple(asedt to gi\''v iiy i hi' vatlnable' thrive
.\ddI'ros I.)r. Ilitrtman. I'l' t:idlt'l of 'The
Il:trtmnan Sanili n l,n t-'hol .u si.
AskyourOruggistfora frao Pe-ru -naAlmanac
T1he' Rev. 1). .1. O'111t1li':11. 1 mem'nber.
uf the Ve(rmi!t State I.t islatutre, is
thet first ( th l lt'pit',t 'var t'lt'cted1 to
that bodly. .\lr. ()'Sulli va:1 wasu iniitedl
t(1 attend at dinner'1 giv-1n by\ lihe .inti
P'rchiblitionIist.. bult wa'1: tinaull to at.
tend. Hie wrote a i('tt"ir in whh-h i he
said: "i'virsonally I tim not1 ir'":-vo-i
t'ably w\eibei ito anly ,;!olnl (Yf rt'l;t
lating thet litlut.r trafli'. I hav\'- neve(r
said one word ag:aittt II.-- ilr litihttory
law. hut. I amn h-''aw sit'1 ,u t he1 satncti
m1onlIous hlyl)'(t".ri , t.:t' l ini:. thle pri
vate and plil' tcorrupllitio andI the
whole train Of evils 1.1,Ir.'l"t1'd withi its
Afte inaiinga ge:n piriter bou
prhbtn4etigo oser4e h
Brtih om isien pp ine, *t in
4lie it he i itrh s o e t h
4 o elso ls l e aw p e e t
0 c o lh .s fo id li g i h
44 eiei sa o t sm - scnh
(4 0
Manywome anddoctrs d
dreadfuii lly.iG!tI, h I gie d. ifferent41.
abut X I 1omehow14 felttha,4i.wa
wha 11'h neede and114 bought a4bottle to1
take.4i4 11How4 glt 14 I that I did, so;
two1s bot41ltl brought44 me14 immenselI1 re
through14 my) ve4'is. ol I seeme na.
tg there had ,~ 444 been a41 regu)l hous
Compoun.d2 1l4441. Goo<t' healt is indi.(4 4
441l'iII )44. tAi L)i. Ih.4it411. gion
Pomit. 111 Iiaa iSecret ar Laie el
Cor -$6000for flIrna o~ n aoeletter
Mass)I'. Her)'! ad1 el rea
always1'1 ngI hepu.4'1)s)lt 1 loI
I)'hilIiIg I~I 1 11 l(r4 I4'~A I1C
(1414' 110 11' Fat144 Field)114 11ti
C(411114S101 in:14 e ;14 1144 fat pur'e. It
A1'1h-1)3z 411 fertil izeriwithout
suMnicioen addcosd
noPeoietash relSIn)oi
ras nltomplte..
ourna Ook( are' tcomplete1 trantiise
onrafllti3.ors wte gibylaTrn
mfLdiien ,whorepw.: lOCo
Writ for4'C them.Lda .Pikni'
V Et.Abl N .pjn( a )I0)h.
abut A L011I0 ettll 1W4
woRKLt , -uee n ogtf 1't11t
. feltork l.eaolbodSU'il

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