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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 05, 1903, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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1right side? Bless you:r heart, there's
nothing inl the uniV'eve withoutt;
tils'ive harts of sunshinie's bulliuu, 1W1
hidden, lie ab)t111
E: ry thy we are Ignoritng oppf ortunitiey
pIo s:::ile.
A:d te tr"wit ;td(1 e'(, anid worry ovet
petty ihings the w e111'.
In ou' f't:ila"s-t fight for11. fot ne whIt:' t'.,
Ihe use to finne andl fret
W\ hil. it', still suchl ttrli: of f Itlm-e
t:Iyng oil, an honest deI)t?
\1 b0: .y 't Wt, see t ie suirp'; i'we had
h o e I :ll .'1 (r d1Sfis .a;r
(1'!. .nd1 we('' SIl'1 the ti;tllt" ' ! .ed toi
: '(Itti" nl..<f ve: r -t
4'l 1111 ' \e'at' lol y("11"
I'-' n Il ih a ;ir eo( nt's ''ronintl and tutits u2
u ii h.u fen(ish, 1IIcIii. l;t.;ju
A.nI! hft"'s b;alt:'e ,etIs (t oalfer lit tle I ha nce
iol u: I-> wiln.
L,au l , "li' ;n'! tell -Surr"ender: "No;
JIll ' I'I2'a,lt" ful"' t"ll \' t"t 'i l: c 'Ial
lI('r ;.llr t 2 1I- 22 i~YV ill lIiving grcat ()I11
fll) Il 11:y a debt!
"I,;- hnIIihtr'yr hope 1'ni hohlinig out, (1
b ot th1 2 n ie'. in . -...
"in, . 2V ot\~u lif(' le:;rne,l the sec"ret L've
hrn 'Zin'1,w loudl and loug:
1; -"'y paltr dI'S 11114 es1eu(ledl to dliel an
honesqt ner(d
.4w1 r \ r"''1 i1 enIli1,ted in t he light
"tgin4 nll% (;rued:
Smie ; h r ,Iletirn 41n it - "lpeedl it not
' wthI eyo'id.a wet,
For I b rt'I.- I'lla '
Ster . I't . I ;t.e than to pav
an (l, lt"..1 (lr )l
B hti. in 1.I,< Angeles H 2erald.
Getting In i
o n Time, c
(tit 81 I A. 'li I,2iY;\ tulll lne this
'' ill thll. ('ngineel's r1 u212 -il
1 t' jilllelinl) olttit disht: eII
1' : lt I ll w \ 'ithntll l 2y :sfinu o1
It : n11 \wilhoult any:\" 1intr<tluelt ion. 1;e
simply lnnkt' uill 124n hi (a1 -r :l1m'
skrled inl.
" -Inl Ill2 2irsl 1il'e."' said he-, --I sl i.
31-' rieir ' ltken 1e11' Iidi ed1 outlt that
rli_,ht. NI 1 24'n i ' Ill ' I"( 'tih21n shot l
hlnv'' Loll' 4,111, not even I n :1 hiM'll.
But I was :: khil lhen. I was the yotul.-r
"I elln t 'er 'ln the r1o;1(1 :111 \\-Ile
1I:trry W\'ilkl's hn211 ied Ilhe wet'k he
t1or'e I hey ptitk l lld e 1n'f('11n I he \\-lln22 '
2:a1: to ru11111 t hI I, itell on off nigh ts,
i 11,t been :. i1 jtsl 8 w"tk, :as I
Said. When 'the'K li i:' ('1e i tI u tl
gave u tle 2rainl t'ot''l 'es. i t ase
ut1 it 1. Tile nexl afl'ternoon I wl.34t
lown to .\lllly's art(l asked her thi1
(I1 s 2'ion I ila(1 heen kee in.g b-a.k 11111i4
22 1:o w heniI n ne l22w n to the rouI1 l.
hn>nse 1h:t !ilh! I w"asl't t I work.
I was siltn ly erztyrt ". I w-"a' walki 2 I'
air':u( a < uthIn;: jatrredi nte, It wa;s
21owin 1212 lightly as I e212 . I ti e oIl
111 Iln1 12t1r11gh4 the( y rds, } irt l '1 h' "
11t o'clock. wh"Iieh -w\as Ih!' I,imilel's
bel1 Iiute. Ih th r was\ 'b t 4':) :'uI i11'h n2f
1t2' whitt -1 ITly ()IthIlie grfutum . 'I'l
1ha1 dlidin't I'eize tilt': n ite 21 1 lI th
sevenI 1'tlllul;, it nI11,1 1(II X4.1r eS.
ilresses bouth11r' tle'.
"' helt l'arr Lher' s t i ti , 1111 jth
n I i I 1 siler t tt, an the o1 d kil
slilrin'di :1111 Slii 3)it n ('v r the r.1(s.2
(22er",. I 242 f21 urte,"l rs belirin1
22i' '11t ill: ' 11he i t . 1 I':is 's 2
with l r 1": 'I"oul( tile: but when th '
rtat;ils :11'- all i,"(" you ''1 t1 h vll e2' e:l sy,
'late , l as 11:': s i.12422was j1 t razy22
lu222ppy.'4 \Vel. I t hing : tery122 iuc 2212
with Viny1 irnin.2' but 2very2hin 212:4 e on.'25
''hei'roa1d 2 was uitsiHle slown.22 11:pen
ltttdlIes10 2 24' 222221t 11. h'tt Iit' 41tk
ing 1allow'ace f412o ih:I. 1here was a2'llt
We h2 to 412lo'g freighs, all of'2 wh14 eh
ethe sore 244 our':4 :tinde. .\ud2 whenr we'0A
dhi ha1vg1 24 0 clear': 2'21 14 i iiki wss blamed)2
"W ell, '2 2t is 1it &' :t sal7: .sh t o's ia w:4 124
T.iitles Ihite;4 ni'al 12)22r1own. .\ds
I V223'so lI he22 wir224 s.( 414 was upi 'Ito
th1e 2222 t4ntion. r3 ''rorni 321 I ison ix
Linie's (22 ime. 4122 212ur hours.4 21214 22
Iwelnty-five252 42ninutesto 14o t in'3. ThatI
wasn1''t 2h22 , 2141 i 22ould't have23 di n it'4l
gon2 an22222'din212y nt; bu3t with2'. sixm
1wh4 olr tieu i n.1 WQc' fron of2 me-1 4l'
we)22. :2t4 wa1 s a differe' s4htory.2*I 22u I''y
wa 2111ez 24 2ha ke2t nig3.4 'v ailready
21sid. I tl4'2it he siet2ll 22o keep2busy
alid1'1' 224 then '2we 22u12d ut.in I tanaged'
''''gellh ob'4V'2' 11- u l.ie '2122 In pr'etty
('12od 222221. 1222( i empitoied 225 Iamt
lti inanage 212 1kno2'24ckI ute 1:he eighty
iight miles,224 1 'wi1hornin 421 211 hourst
1and twengi1le lovnues,~2 wichs wa11s (ery
di2shonr(.Iig I 42242 tppe to 121w'2in-'
"lt'Te Ille( r21."Isi.'ht wna
gO 1ing to brin2 thec1 1,2'imie 222 214'n t i ie.
2Then I eni ha2k 1(21(1'l clt i d up'1
into I e 2121( of1 11'11 2nd 1'u'lle ou't. I14
htijuihorto doi I'fit112(2 11he 1003t eigh1y
Sirefll 22. My idren~unte on2'12c 11he dowit
grade 121(1 frot gawilih 1211 ie to hlp tIle
i' was212. kpt 11111n onlyI(ts ner2epIted
Winu ie got hI ouh't lt havepI~ Iike
oied ('we1 struc te )op o the gt he
I pould an heal throttle u o t h('st
n Iolih nd jatumehd' h lever02 wayi fo'r.
IwL'rd.2 The olihe eeler ft o jumped0 o
2Its oher Ie was 'londed w1('ithStl Iynn
miwte n she''24 b11(ew ai stream so Cparks
Iito te ai tohaktil mad her12 loontik
0W1he ol he gthsea h he'22 simplyo ish'ov
nlIed toil. eLdIIt bylittle IV1 got'ithe
leverf bak, andel thk old22 114 formply laid]
hersetlf ouSth in ernest. I wcoaxed herl 2all
upto her. best gn&iit crI oke aound
t1i tite. And so I si11ply sat there
aid -r'inueitt like It .iektss an11 I liought
of 3111y and how 1rotl sie.'d he to
hear tit I'd got the i IIItedl through
oil time.
"Au1 then gradually it dawlld onl
Ine w\hal I wa":s dloing. I'll starte(I the
heaviest Irrain onl Ihe ro:1e1 goinlg dhwn
hilt llkI :an av"alanohe, aind if haeles a
hen o '1 bitfor,' tIs I ttitlinti't h:;\ve
stopl el. I h1d 1l(l sa:IIl, :iII even if
I h:il it v.- hi ' Imve e Ine i 11 .
got I0 (1 I 'anw hilt , Ie :i ic 1m1 -itne
ra:t"ctd t'ster 1n laster :nlll the snowa
kep: e iling up Iortas:uI. I tr"iedl to olw'n
the front w"indws, but they lld a foot
of solidlyt packed iee andl snIow agaiust
ag1ain s then). ant youl Ieultin't openI
Ith'u with an a xv. T'hene I slid OolI
ofl' ille windotl s and triel to look
nheadl, but I touleln't any mnore thanl
let 11y1 ohtel out before mn falCe wouh
h,e full of snow nuel w1ater.
" o li t I li new I wa"Its in for it
anyway, andl once 11n0re I got reeckless.
If I was goinlg to br1 killed I night is
well have nt goodl hig wreck as any
1ther Ind, for thent .\1ly coul be sort
of 1rud t Of the11 hel 2p I piled up11 . So I
let 1hle., out a litit 21ore and sait therd
and listened to 1 he tral:k going by uin
dlernea:th. I knew' the switehes iand
c''OSSerI'$ pIretyI w'el. 1 so 1 1111 It
aged to kceepI a sort of eadl reckonin g
ts to where We w11ere.
"And then all of a smlenit I elnme out
of my itane w\"ithi a Shock. I'or I he:t'aI
tIe rash And 1111 rat l it a1 we putnlelel
overt' the a11u11 lton at .\ elutropolli
, I--'tl (111i 'n, o ill wI . o milles o t. of11 the
sWttionl. I shitaned the throlt 1ii.
Ihrew\" the lver back .)tndl shlovi'd Ihm
a ir on rilt)
"'11 eour"s, 1 I elit u 1 ainst the
1ro'u winws fort mye( pains, anll 1
sla1 illtere, like 1 l1y glued to i -
Wtll, 1hile the Ib ll' had eonv\'ul
sionm uver thev frogs inl I a 4il. . I
kttew\ shet was sliblin. ,a:nd 1 sileld
grtnly as 1 I thot 11 how 'the Kineg'
wItubi swetar (v\'e'r the 1:h spots I11 I heb
1rivs I . .ndlilt I 1 h 1 leItly,v ever.hi ng
he' lite 1ry" tluit :1e 1 knew\' he
thiu: hln stolI> . l lean Id h :t,k e n
the xentI an t-i ,lii' ilned to nil liki
eme tlaieel :a141 1lO iel I l heo l. We we1e
rigrhl :1breaist if Ilhe lahel'4r1l a1 .\te1o
rop oli>, anl i 1 1 1 :bout >,ix in hes
ate: 1 ' 0111(' Iil~1 w'a:is the- 1 e41pd of
'te Overlandl. 1 e t1l' ipI11fort Ipoplh
21wert gettin. l lol : ' 1 if ,Iin:, ha t h tp
lI cned., the irutnl: w..r" be"l ing th1r n1
a11on1 :il.el the ltl 1101 r1(1,-1 $'1 .. 1 ,
of lIIliinji 1ii- \\: : i < . ' ,II 11 el \ II,
Iloh,,' saI ll 11 "- -' ' - - ,r y
olcls to lpare".'
.\ i then111 i is :','w'^1 ;: \\ i1;l ,''pel :1ll,
't or'ne' 1'hil l 1 a1 51 -t . ''1 ' i (i1 '
he sil. I eliil,'l 'ut to sve w hat ll
nottier was, alin t1h.11n ine'arly fa;tlil t.
"I' t' re' was $1he1 111 u .t a zc lihl !hill
of snlw frotnl th" Ipoin1 of twr 1it111
lo k to Ilh., tui of wr iilh. 1 e'ertainly
t:lel ie'n mail. 1 tut .\l illy ' was tje i,Iletl
whe i she h" n' rl 'el tont eigit'y- )ive
miles thirou"h the snw in tifty-iiine
m inuts' nd1 : ' 11a11f. Itt 1 wouioltn't
do it ag:Iin. 11e 111een for Mill '."
.\11 t hll l h' :e 1S"4hakIlIy rose anel
walked out to the hw,,ker ro1. -New
York IC'ven'inge untl.
wtero tietur" 1i lient.
I he ferei'l list. w s ot,renlt
souilly for' ''itin '' ouging aw* eetedit
with' rithe 14a it ll(iret'3ending1(l bythe
New York-Nt' Evonin Pos'ibte
Iewasbu for yearsll.anws
a'llgwer0111 $7000o to $treet wit oct'r
lIitle tt wheooere as1( etueoo y0oung 11111
o10st hd..-snote ob ie
It hae btet'n stated that sixty t11ikes
an houtr \was ilt tnmust rate at whirc
it swallow 1 ultI y.it ' Ivi tt xlt"eri
Itue ts bl nt\ee"lt l'i npa ignit' :1ent1 .\it.
\tI prove that a Sw:a.low in . h11rry
ean it-over 12MI:t iilts in :Ini hour.
Itl It tIat "h f :1 w\ h'l i (b.red
ier .\Iltrt l't., . g41 l .ized pck
eth1 uk. W'it h .a bra.. 4 s. wis foautld.
'1'h tll iu ' tI Ittll t "uI iit .1 :1 1.11 4) 1'sa
iTh t lottl.:1 t hook . 1' I .1'114-' ill 'i,- :t ll t
A hinic n:Iil tlut .1 hairpin witt- -tilu
lit ed i:s r u t hi; ilate.t fina t of
frell sety wante. !-'aion iii
I'a tllt 1a.o 11 t h i ' 1 '. ItIIII u
i'rt't"htt .tt 1-i("I ',I IIliI l. Vii i . u ' I It
tr a that ith :tnital Ialui t h tis tIdu ttl
etirly by its a wn1 r. t tti Several oif
iti it't knownI t atu'-n iln I'jr..,; nI
. ilt ytt tare t iin :ti_ a hour a Ith uo
Ir:l(1i in_ Iluett t ,t'l IZ. I)i' tt' ~ kto
t :Ining :theirlt . 14 111s:.I.l i
tvr ht.e lillt v ttit jier . \ i.
slutl air o ruin It he t":tv\ets. is f t : , .tI
throutgh ih' rom . This :ir is Iree"
f iiti l imit giior vle t1 it - it Iil. ti:tt. s
vi tlly e it airl f t' hun1 . 1 :in :illi
tinI s w\"ithu t goilg Ith t'.
In the ilit trir of' 1tht :;lin i t etiir
.\ lt)an, al ut tht il ni i iles r ii;in ij"
litiy of IK Itmamrt ,'11 int .lala . -lt.t .:l
I ttu 'e live an rs a'r. T he \'v;u.'
wtIl of ih t .rattr is .itt Ieet :It Iih Th.
inhai in s rarl"'y llak;' :t juIiun- Unlo
l t tlI w\"orbii . h1 . orin a1I1'in . :
littll nation by t lwt'ins :.
I the m111 ti t I I t. :t I r. : .
itth it tgintii of 1 :.t s.1t"1Ilt' ' -11i " nI -
Ilurits. in til- handt l f ii t t ht lt Il . an l .
w( 't1' iu1 rt1 itn!' tt1tinio 1 f (' l"i:st t:ti ll n
ortitr li t ritv1 ki t ili - Xil s't'ivI i:"' -
i.h h hour r t tbI:: . t, ! :i s \'l. of
lnk r tiny fit h itIo u:it'f e.
T k u- a tin\ t1en or .
I' :11 me Icl o alt,t: 11111111 ia.' k t w.:
rtow fl 111111 h h 1i1 s. olthti o or of1'
thlat is one1 1!' th we'\\Ii:'th'.1 IIf t 0 -
Itri"ia n's t'a'., . IfI a I4'lelhone w:r'
Ii, "I\sve l :th11 t hev y w 1e r It' ill
by ;1 1I-11n1"n in I a.-h 1latil. hmn 1':e
Itll ,it I sluitte plo silh tforti \tto itl:
VIltutll to t"arryc on a e -e 1 er''sl:no
(li' t"5l Ii, seo i fal u ti rie 1111111 ; Itlti
th hth he Lovr a iye. ri
1i "ly "i ,.'is i c ly 1 ,1 i f . I il - 1it1-*h;M I
T h e-' 11 11 1| !l il:1 Ie w .s s - l.l "11.:' ;11\n
I'"i tt. In of ; .: '1 i proba1 ll I Il\
Avenl (- lt itt : w.'..1:s\ e.' h. tt l r a I
1111. III s -I I h i ,111t .-Z i ot .-414ly
Istallly plla.1'l til 411,, of thel I\wo( we'i1lh
in; iliios i l l uove 'thl. inlde X :ix
in chls. 1 it' w\I h l a1ht-tl up
1 hte :1"al1 is II- ,vII1 i1 s 1;. 4n:ila. iIy :un tlh 1
tr"il" hell is Set rinhtin;:., Ihr m :1 I.-h ' dI.
j tliuing; to I'xt'r ll a Iask ilf wh"li""h it iS
inrap ah 1.
{ Itow to 1)rinkl %\atetr.
.\ t'",iuuilig 4f kidney1 trou lle lit's inl
SN.RF? Mti. Mi
lIttn. l)a\ idl .\ 1veki.tn i- %%t"l Li m'.n. rilt
A rtntrica, II ", : l lieb g t -hi p1 t it-i,", t:114"r h%
tl' lilt- t4% wn iu u\ hit'h hel hl t",. dunring w" b
f.tullt1"r .,f thet .\ 1i'l ,o Iltn , ... >:1p
Ii:Ih ('1IIgIre",s byl a l l arge1 t in1.1j1tity,all
ul h i, .et"t"iin nt' thl" kt :1tt.
111\ 11111y on 1.1W% inarrit"l Ih lu ,(herw\ 11"I IIn
('at.arrh. with its ins:idlit,us apprI,It'-h and tv
II-. F lr tIIIr"ty y'tar,' hel n.:gn.. un11:It"t s
.\; 1 a-t IPerunal: t"Illne t1 th1 1."n . 111"t . :Illd hr
's"n. i ts h result: ea ?t uia?"
- i h1a1"e I4tSle01a1 bmttles of i
. jilec"l thterc-by /ll il 1'o m4.*1e la1'1"11 o/' ll+
l lier.c Illat if i ulse It a Shot"t tilute( o.
" ecale c lit e liscausc" o; 111irly yea+c'1.
"" ir emhr of - 1n1re(X.
11\lIII. t-e en t : t.t. "It1u , ,"otl is !IlI t llr. 11
' I twt tough .i I he r.1r/1 .uttd tht"
nl.int tu Ilng .t Ito be lwa'11'I .11\1 y
anI.t. TI. " ttrL mI .tl t"111 'e t'.lt.ltIrh. thel r
lIIIt t 1 1 1"1 lilullli r'aid tII ~t 'd i -'-' , O '
Th11, th. naa tit- .'h11 luet ta rrh g:1n- I
c"Ia"v htgills. p\n"'k ill 1'attelt"S ' t11e k.e ,
t:1-. '11-h lhanlg. , litig,r ;i ' 1 -an11 1.11. - lh " t
111.1 ge1nt'r.uly 1tart- in the bt"al and
mbm.a Thn -lnsnmm-- n
IIIr,.l j il l"It tkhlil\ l "ti 1,e i \lll an t l .it,h,
,t1bi \t"r' as y ..\l I.1st the 111-r""t1n ha:1 a
t.,.i .ill'the" whlet sc"nliitgly. mourt tr h
dli>thar"getrom',ll thet Il,-' . h.inkin . spi1ttng.
1t/1pten11t c',ating at1 thet thru.lt. Inostri..
ppe,ud uip, 1.ull i'elinlg in thet hetad1, .tndt t
-nire. Itlan1"" [1trout.
I l'i
200 3Co-ung4 I'~~ iie.
wt guaranto 'in~ witing14141' Jun 4i4r a $5,000It
.\ pos i to p rmiiiy 4iui re them.l-le 441 4
The41 G.A'-l.B s C lee
.fs r . W . t. And ews W .4e'i 1. .\tl - .4
ton and:W. '.'. .\1elton ,4 44 have44 purha44 4*.
FIT'1permanely 14 ured44ii' 4.No lts o nervut
iets af.ter 1i't day's us of4.4r. Kline's. Greati'
D.1 U. .Kli .d. , 14 l A4 re tiIlji .,11 Phia. Pa.
the lay ' f ' t he landiI ..i .4t i'14'4E lit..
a1r-.ins E4lio's o t. hit'yr y fo r. hiid ronig
~t 4I,a ly pin,eureii s i ndE eiE I. 25 .Ibt , .l44
Strange as itle may s 'e t4e .I4 toaz
a hous is'l' to4 tkefl4 h t down. '4i 1, 14
pr 4e44' cr4 qiton 44lg h t I l cre4 rheumatism,' oW l
d iepo s d1 i44 e44 4 culable 4 harmt to'the4igesti
The DGca.- Ala.e co-ves Coeg.etrty, '
~ I
repeat They <
Genin stmpd C . eve sldinhse b ril
Bewae o th deaer ho rstoiall rea
"somthig Jst urpgod." eer
ME1~A3ItVi\.Aitl'Wi'V' IN C HME S
I tll 4 u Ve. I 31 '1 Oll madeVI for all' kin<4'
t o tt.iiok 114f~'t(i'' i FRE. E .. i
(13e'vs4) (p'lka .la. dWINilESTER REP
mi tr im Iii. .r..i PA'M- e (1 i nb
US i E n441m' TA L ' of' sad ':lort
t ti?:i lia ?i? ?1Wi: ?.: w?:::'. bli li llicito
oS-o. mu hi.u.Ile was*Uh-et'et .Uto ti.%U 1-it
d e- the , w g of- h S
.. so ..\
i IMNO 11. ;
oi \ , I' *- ' t-i .f ll - I I, btIl t tige itittit.
t'I'-\ 1 -- Il l '. i lott ' 11 1tl t1\ t l. I lt" ' :" l i' -
t h-titf' t htt tit i \\li it't'l' h iti n t' I1- -
u,1" ell. . Ihi1 Ilt' i neot1trettl iiIt " be. t\
1 1,ti t(- a."eIli , Ivi|t y ta l" 1ih I l:e io %-is
f11tItei i t l"' ' 'tvil u t li- I" ili;l i l s a lT
Il t '"Itil ra. t j hit i o .I II'et1 ol l I'tt
brtll \\1 it 1t"a 1lTh by a liigle h'ol.:lt l 'lll\'.
ta. ." t . at ." t ht t lt\i1; l . Wh 'en the I) . k.ar"h
e "r-g ill a HIl It-eig \ /(1lN t ' tlr" it b(r(- i
(" It- ra cl Iev"c" Is. cOty rr 1Jt("(let I o (-u
pc"1- 1 1 1 b e /lel 11ab llttol,fralU
ilult i of i i \\ lllI 'l "v41 ,\ ; t' 11 iiit01 11i t . I I 1.i
h1l n's it t: 't"t Ih, . ei ;t " utt l lt tIII It'y
I- l -lilli t'ti . i ' . t Iv \\ 1 t'll t'l t 4. 1 . r I
r t 114 r Ill i i ni , ltc t' t er than1.- 11.1 tilt.
. t- ry per "t"t'. ubI ; to t' at11 hit I g : .' tllt
htub 1it' . it l'i u t in- ah" tI I tlt r -l r1hghtet
i1' llr o ln lt"l cm l I- t -I t"\1tt ltl';. at t i
I.t eit: I1- t i .11 I I- .Iat'i t I 1 " I> at-\ t i\\h.( '.
StI\' an 1.4I ',11 .Ilt "t to cae I'il - rli e c ,l -
hott! t r ol,lI' llt. i t i ;t1" atth ." en .igt"
\\'ti t t t'a1'l .l l t t" tlby ill, tI1litint.!
- ll t 1 a li t l tt" v 0 , tl ' t:t l t1r . t"u it ".1e
\\ itt ' a'h1 . 11h11 .n :
Wem will un u~ mu. w mupmf 0. mn mlm pU
, mm lmm m.te. l ..nv v wUEUth
in-W 4 l t41 Mel at1-: 1.uiith,114(gill
44.14u.t ( r4e4 e4l4pt of but 1(1.4, 4 l
uv.ahm . * faEtaU2EUU
Sor u-ld at aull. Dugsletores't-*
Iol lleta 1ig 1 hte. Wrii te rnl atIE'l on.%E
its .ru s fo..mU.mrn promnminent
''I1 have. ne! e been ab4i4~4 leI 4to 444te aI.I..
ng t thefac that11' the411 usual4 re(ine-141 4
BaiJ144 tmore( Il., .1 S.'1( A.((14((
.(es are4 mad1 (i al til deirable11 11
p~cketbook an vrytse
h (4 Cold 44 i 4 nP1 ann r n4 nr'i at
Ancient and Modern Ic
Time and Disease th
of Beauty. What H
to Restore the Lily
Socrater, called hetity a short-lived to
tyrtnny, l'atto a piviliegt (Pf I::ture, iII
''heocritus ia lelir,htful prejntiire, t:t
''heophraslus at Silrnt ehent, (':rue:acles el
a solitary kilngdotn, llotner it glorious f
gift of tiatttrt, Ovid a favor if the s!
gods. Aristotle atllrmol t lat tinity it
wats better i han all the let ter4 i' rec"ttni- hi
mu nclation in the w orli, a tl P t I " t' I
of these dtiisllnngished authnittips hats tlt
left, its even t hilnt of how heaut v in to it
he perpetuatel, cor t(e ravaz of :e., --
and disease (1el. Tinte soon b lutits he
the lily and the rose into the iallor of St
age, tisease dots the filt ft- wi' ii r
rutaiieous disigurat,ions anid riiustn; 'at
the Rtoman nose with untsightly lu;hea,
ilth, if not rust, corrupts tl" "lory ft
of eyes, teeth, and 111). yet heauti1 ul by C
defaeing the coimplexiott, fil Ills the pi
se:al.itve soul witih agony unspeakable. bi
It' such be the unhappy coutditiot of ft
one aflicted witht slight skit b lemtl.shes, at
wihat must be the feeliigs ot' tloe in at
whiont torturing hunmors h:ve for at
years run riot, covering the ,kin with 6i
scales aid sore, til cteir:irug the to
blood wit pPl ionout;s eleme'i"nts to h
berotie ia part of the ,.stet until o
death? It, Is vain io attempt to por- n
tray such sull'i'ring. ID-at h In inany Ci
cIses iight he cosidteredt a bhin.iug. tl
The blood at iniuids sem to be in- it
pregnatedi with a tiery elent"nt wleh , tt
wlien dischtarged through ilt' pires 1
upon the surf;te"e of the bodiy, hltet o
and burns until, fiu his trti t'-. or relie f, r
the patent, t': tr the skin with his s
niils, an<1( not!. iunt iilte lood Ilows '
(loes sutlielent relief cotite to caist hl' ut
to tlesist.
Thus <dt complexional ieftcts mergp
Into torturing diseatse, andt piquel van
ity give plac.' to real suliering. A
litt,le wart. on t.he nose or t'lieck _-rows
to the all-tevouriIng lutpus, ia l:ttch of
tetler on the palt of the bantl or on
the litbs suddlenly envelops t.he hotly
in i'.4 Ilery e'inlbrace, t bruise till the leg
vxpandis hito i gunwing ilcer, wlich
reachen iut. its fiantg to the sultl'erer's
heart li t' ry paroxysm o' paiun, ia
snall ke.nel in the neck uultli les into
it tlewtn, which' eat away the vitality,
:'eat. pea"LI-ik.i s'ales ;row 'r'oin little
r iah-il. tutinuatiions in sueh aluuii
(d:ali'e is to i:itss er.stlulity - anti so oil
may we depict. the sulhilns to which
por' ,htlinatt itture is -uhj"ect, all of
whii inivolve great tieitil distress
ht'e:ause of pe*r-ontl (islilgti'ationis.
I f tere we*re 1tuL anot,btr external
-di-"t:se knovii, tr.zetna alone wotil be
a st:llicient. inliltion on nauki iupI It.
persil's all cla..ts, and tiesceis liII
pattlallyv thrl112h gerneratlons. WhIile
son.:r are ctuanitly envelopel ii it,,
otirs have it conIinttt to 'inall
patchies, in the t"atrs, onl the ne:alp, (An
the breaIs., on ihe 4 paliis 4f the li haiids,
ot: the litbs. etx".4, ut, eveywhtire Its
-dit"tinctive t'e:atire is a siuall watery
hF-ter, which disch"tar:;uesil atcnrid
ihtitl, vauMting htcat, %nuanatuiton, and
iutense liehlig Iing-worm, lItter,
iailetl head, dindrul'. belong to this
ti aly and itchi:g order of diitseist.
11toriss, iur uimotern leprosy. 'with
it s itot'--p learI i-eale, sit uated' on
a r'ep'ieed base", wich'l lecpt'is upon
:!,be r'emval of thle sca:le,. i,P to be
'creaiuied :iiti aviti'l, ats (If Pld. imi
s'coriie of inin dPpi Isor<leris iinike uip in
pairt Ithe ca taloIguie of ('xlerinal pliseasesp'
of Li.i' skin. Thius fari we' havei ii:ili'
no~ aillusionu lio thoise :uihietions whuplh
artem in: ies(ly ii linp rites of Lhe blooti,
iviz.: s wellIn: of~i~ thie g,laiiis p,f' thie
thrso:t iilep'is on I lie nueck a uc l lmbs,
timiors, atb''esse s, aind niuria 'li
3poisonsti, itlh liss of lhi'. hee'p:puu'e,
the one' wor<l'p sero. Cila.
It i in t' LIr'attnen'lt ol' i(ritii' :r,
plisihuinig hinii i s :nut( aIIi.eu I'uu of
the skini, se:iily. anti bloodp, w~ lii loss of '
ch'lie've'p l ieir greatestet succes''5 . Or)i- I
iial in (')oiPoshtion, s'ieti ile'.iihv 'oiii
alie lip the tnos,tl ti'lica ' aniii se'n'it ie,
they' p)resenuit to yonil: an il i th le mtos t
stuii'cessil curP'iIative of iuotneirn ItilieS.
Th'is wvilil im 'onsitle eri5 tiing language
by thiosst ai'uati'epd ithlii techaracter'
and~ obst ii~tinc of bood anti skini buiinors
but IL, Is jn:,titltt by inui.erable suct
eesses whier'e all tbe remi<nietis ail ni'ih
oIs ini vogue haveit faile<'l t1 enir', aiit,
ini many i'ases'. o priel ieve. ven.i
Th'le Cui tiura Ireatiiient i- at o)nt'e
co)ilu inpeensivte. lHathle the a iI'eeteL d
parts freely' withI hot wvater' aii i Custi.
cura'l 01 op, to c'le'anse thie sur aee oilC0'
ernist.- and st'aies, ainti sioft.epn the
tiiicken ied euit.ieh'. D ry, withoiu I.li hard
r':bbing, atiil apply iiticura L n twni t
Cotton Gins, Feeders, Condense
and Boi
4.t .'t We ah<. mii,
We also sell everythirg r,ttssary Ic ct mplte '
us ni.h full tt tiltd I.r.s 2r.d lraltrial ti
'or cur plants wihcut xhi:a el: re.
Capisicumi Vaseliine
Put up in Col l:ipsible Tubes.%
h w a na mei en; .-va f ruy nn
i a: wu.......o p i Ir na wI, iog ',-r
ii pnr jpeb . ' ouh ii i pted - b' i th e ipb'- it
PP '''t.ippiiu :e 'i*u carrie- iur lahe,,l. ..i othen i -:e~, '
Ii - i.!t :.eu ou- . wL
1a Stat,e street, New or CPity. :1
Ha~o mado Drops pd its comn.
and ae.
- Cal
OLUVE'S PRIDE upw rii'Pd "
hJt-irrie. Xiperor t t he pi liofule i. N w -
off'erp'd for iii ihe lirs , thue. - p1 ittv
Writp, fir free e:'tauii9i. lO0 l N W.
II A_,_,.tliarona staion i, M. _ U
mr and MulIIein )if',retpt
and Lng T1ruep's. 'tthoroiughly teatet[ I
. iu......i.. 2C -- 0r.n ....a 61.00 U
leas on the Subject.
e Effacing Agents
as Science Done
and the Rose?
allay itching. Irritation, and Iilar
at!o:n, and soot he and heal, and, h:tly.
ke Cutleura lResolvent, to (ool anti
'anse the blood. 'I'hiS treatment a[
r1'4 insnut relief, permits ie.t and
"ep in the severest foirms of' cezemt
d other Itching, hn:rning, and rcuty
1or+, and points to as pVee(y, Pt' rilna
nt, an onoIt :i co ;e ere of torttl Ing,
stlt'ir11lng hnluors, cezemnns, rash'es,
tl intlamtnati ons, from Infaincy to
e, wlieN all other reinedies antl the
-.t phiy.stelans ll. The remedies von1
itut'nl the Crt4'ura systell will re;pay
i'.liv:uial s:t utiny of their rem;ru
>Ikk properties,
'u: icura Soap contalus in a mocdi(11.d
rm the mledicilt properties of C1:t
ir:r ('it nent, t he great skin cure antt
ire' t antl s weetest of emo1e1rnts, comn
nled with the most delicate and re
eshini of Ilower odors. It putriffes
id inhI:orattes the pores of the skin,
ill iilparts :letivity to the o!: glant11
ill ttilhes, thus fur ltishlni: an :uttlet,
>' nwtholesomne lnatter", whih if re
itled w ttItI caulse pIluples, hInc
'a.is, rashes, (Wily, illothy skinl, andt1
tlhe complexional distigullallons, a8
eli as -calp nll'ections ntl iritatios. ,
lli1ngt hlair, an1d hahy ransh"'s. Its geln
o :kti co ntinnitonsi netion on Ihenaltlral
lt'int,I's of the skin keeps the latter
'anspareut, solit, flexible, and healthy.
enct" i1t4 colistant use, zIsmisted by 111
ren:t'it n:1 Itis: of ('nilillnra ()lltinen"1t,
'anizcs the fathest comlexlI t. the
ftest.e, whitest h:+n;dS. itlld the tutost
ixurianit, glossy hatir w1(thin1 the dtt
iainl of the iuost tlvanced scientitle
nowledtge to suppl+y.
('itheora O:ii.tt.cl. Is the most sue
'es4'til extertial enrative for torturitng,
istiiriIg hiltuorS ol' the A-kni and
clp. incltdinL lo-4 of hair, in proof
if which at single anoluting tt ith it,
rec"edetl by at hot hath w%lith Cuticura
Ap, and 1'ollowtedl inl the severer cases
>y :1 full (lose (of ('1 Cut'rall eov n ,
;untllient to atl' rd inulmediatte t"ellt" f In
te Miost distressing forms Of itching,
burning, andl -e-aly 13mlnors, 1ermlIt rest
mi sht e1p, and poilt. to it speedy cure
when all other rem' dies fal. It is e" pe
eially so Iin the tr1eatn' lnt of infunts
lund childlrenl, eIenn-lug, soothinr, anid
healilg the moat. di1stressing of infuni
tile hlnor"s, 11111 preserving, pull Ifyinig,
aiid beautifyIug the skin, scalp. and
('titienra Oiitm'nt po.sesses. at. Ihe
aet11n11 tine, the chlariml of satit. (ig
the sitlttle Wvants of' the toilet of alt.
ages, in earlt:g tor the skin, Senrfp,
hidr, and hiantds fur tmore electually.
agreeably, and coonomnically thant1 the
mtist expensive of toilet emoillents,
wile lfree from every ingredient of a
ionht fIl or datngerous charaeter. I ts
" One NIht Treatmnent of the Illands,"
or Sinule'Tretment of thle llair," or
use after athleties, cycling, golf, teti
nis, rit 1ng, spar'ing, or any sport, 'iett
in cotn'e"lon with the usme of Cutleura
Soap, Ut slt1clent evidence of this.
tlf irl remiedlies for the piuriflcation
ol' the blood and Irculating lnids, suue
a pp iroaches il sp4,i ti rnedeanl act ion
I31' intnra tlV lieslet, It nentralizesi iamu
re(so lv'es a way (hleiiie 1 it nine) i'crr'z
thei bllolld, whIiebl give r'ie to swveligs
(if 1the gilandos, pinis inl the hIones, ali,t
II 1.rtIurig, dlisilyi in g e3 IIp ionis 01' 1 i.te
skin and1( scailj, w13ih 10,14 of Iutf:
(Cutietra Resoilvenit e'xtendsi its puri
i'y'ing litien'e by3 13n'anls (if tl'he oles
t.o 1th1 sur33faeof the131 skin, alluvvI ig
l1rritat hIl, 11313laination1, lching, 'indi
burning 1lai, anti( $1oot3hinhg and, henliug.
I Ience1 its succe''1ss ini thle t.reiitlnet, '.or
dist41ressinig humiaor's of' thle skin, slpJ,
am113 bloo10(, aVliih lost' of1 hair i, wikhi fallI
tobe peran e n 1tly. enre1tii.' by eternl'
illine 3 hs alione. 1ioi3 4011hg i
hes grandtest rtes ti trate en
be offeredi('C CnItinI,ua reinedi's ii' e-r
worl-w he grate, du CrtIt th f tper ira
rInine nationsf:e of t le, whou ha
useiet,hem. t is"tdillnl o reaiize the
11 Itiht.y l' gro t o te btsess311 doe
in it.h e sfhnphe f'eormll i, C(gainstpreJ
tl~leeI and''e hpaiton aganstre tonied
hotli, outesso r)Iils, anudgta l.n
'lit' eencIe woierlda i rederhav he
VCo'ne the fgvratest,curae. f hi
ihn, and,tin fac, fsal cs, fon --
wers. ath itryo eiiei
riiepop iaritypCui an d le.I every cim.ch,
nd ith eveIry enopl thessay ha'Sesmt
wz.hemei ret.cp~tioan Thies.ngne
'sron P,h. Tey sh havecnuered thle
ffUDt;., i "-worbi.
itd h: tonnanen s fnally com.
(isherovil3311d wortld hasrendeed t
IvrIt, in4t favor of'utiura
lmc dearnem Gir.n 1utfit and'urnish our40lam
Ilster c.sOoae wit netr houes.
Yhe ef ab:ocud and rcneaes, H~1
haeW. L. Dogn a Ice ndofs
iton. men's Go'oea Wet1345 onani
anufacsw.ga fit t- , a J; g
a lIm o. anon who4rgis.
0 -iprv 0hi Attmet

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