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The People's Journal
'1'. J. IMIAVort, llitor.
W. Lra:rIsI: M!ne L\1- I !\r" N . 9'
Subtxeaip>tion 81.00 Per Annumn.
A(dve'rt ising. 1 t ' 1 t ;1:"uthhI1 ..
JntOreil at th lt'.' t (le ' at I'it' n 4is
P'I('h'1n-:, . C.:
Th1lusday. Ferur.1. I 190 .
It is to the di,zra'C of St iul
Carolina, a blot on ler i:lir n:nl
that hom i,-iIe'. illtn"Iee: ' an'd t e
takers of life .:o 11",
tiCt'. It cnniot be th' I:mut of thle
law but lies rathI h:1 i r OfI
public ;11'int't tr'oar i1-n
(11(t d wt1 h1 tl llth -' Ill 'Soltil 0 .'
olin., . nd .inl,.i rue in ili ,' n
duct of trials nuh:1 ::;'rey I ut withI
the law ;is It ir :il rv:Ing rule.
The (roulbl emn11t I. w\:th1 t ho
Juries fortnr 5 alt t':n t d ;ctl of
rep1res nta1tiva mttl,:;1\wh1 a swor.r.
to t't'tltler d,t';l s ;1t, ;'.1 z lt' e
1av inid d,own': I v tit i s :
W hr e i t ' Itn r.e :I t
d it' r'nderll th, : ur:
t met-V n
I t c 5 t
pro'belem i n-i:
roald iawV ?w-'-i' :m .
t.ti:n tFi' iS 1.:: '
not sof:i:ht , tvr 1 r i'E w rk
everal sugg i ,:.s f m1rit .ave
1:een :efore the H-us- a ths
sioIn but none of th:'t se m to
have behind them th e1rn1st
a suflicient number otf rep
repsentatives to in)sure their incor
po)ration into the law.
The legislatur'e has been going
backward in th matter of guod
roads legislatjin but mnenn wh ile the
County Supervisors and their
boards in convent ion have been
suggesting the thliings nee~ded(, bnt
wvhat good can all the lanus of
Supervisors (10 when they are cir'
cumiscribed by laws that do not
give them the means with which
to make improvements?
The suggestions anid most intel.
ligent appeals for better road laws
have come, in the main, from thc
upper part of the state where thc
conditions are most exacting,
while the opposition has been um.
ted) an<} hais come from the . lower
section whero the roads are nuot
suchi a serious problem as with us.
One reason why a .good genera]
law has failed is that there us such
ai great diversity of opion as?)11 to
how to euro the prest,Si1 trouble
among the represent av'ives fromi
thle sectioin where the remedy is
most needed.
W~o will never have a satisfac,
tory adjust ment of t hes> diiYer
ences, and therefore no0 decidled
road imuproyemuen t, util legisla
tion can be effeted that will a p
ply in proportioni to tihe varyinig
demands of every section i of the
Some statistics given in this pa
per recently as to Pickens coun ty,
made mnformationu to many no
doubt, who have often found it de.
sirable to know just such things.
A great many thintgs-the~ best
of things--might be said of Pick,
ens county, and many of themn arec
known by few outside the County.
A good deal of practical know.
ledge is constantly going untused
by the majority of Pickens9 counta
people simply bdcatuse they haya
not yet arrived at the way of util
izing it,
Farmers in this part of the
country know their own affairs bet,
ter than those who do not under
take to farm, but an observer wvh
has seen the farming methods o:
other farmers, and successfil ones
too, is capable' of telling a few gen,
eral truths which, if applied, would
work a revoiution in farmirg, even
in Plokens coun67,
' )eopl) l'alj't ged 1owl to business,
algricilturally l' pe'3iaking, like tlhey
Oltllt, and want... Thlt nO I-, )rity
of themll are.( h1:lmeredt by dtl'
andit tll 'refo)re lack th!e
f'acilities. i'iit they arte fast l''
Comllinl;: iIldI I)lldt'nt niitl sh1: iin
titliselIe.s f> r that intelliie.tnt
svsteia ti(, Iractieal, jiu ines p .'t
et dlurt tel tleir (irms Wvhi'i 1
Ihy know w-ill mean moe in(n1v
andt l,ttt:'r living: for thltim.
TIht' false (lea 1tf I : .. a 'r .;.: i,- ]
i eing rapiti exl l' 'it.d .i:;l th.' In
t nlis c grnllmrili I3 :'t' \ 1 ! 11 .i'' In
v gn . This imean' l .it m,i !i
h'ess w'1rk ant'i ;t gr.:r11ty o
IThis is at g ;i tiin t( ta:e' this
m:alt 'l t ' ).s in,.lv i::t ' t ee i derl'la
i i' i. l , It I' ' 1 2 i 't . , ' Ih; l\ I l 1
li-n IIIoo i a r,s w l
11. v,
:ll bt' min dt, to ti,': t ;he grao 1i t
.'an't all ht, t..nt' at h tc. b t tIh.
ti l es l it new a d a i ' ut
t r:\ I ) a t', r' 1n : O o:r, I i t'r
\I:ts i t l', w"a . a e
:isp ,:i u'= t :h .. ' i' li :: C
m :.w : v. e\ n t t it -i " t i
, 1 :,'n _ aI ' u li t hel to
, I. Ic :' t ib iliy to i
- . 'Ii t o th,. 1t
t Ii \i .. :t tI t"':n im .n t, )r.
It '-.ell tltct.iv lii.cr
th i'ti:ilt [oi to b ell
n''i , ttn., t'veni l'\y
t' n:t l l i.iln . l , T e i ti ' l
t c hild ha.L s ha:0 sixC,r
: h at va('eci lationI
o:k ig,"' th1. child is
i a chiid to go to
- t the -liredOl eIi ti
l; :.uldi be" clearly undl'r-,
tl tihat n1') onw is in5u'cepl tibl e .
to' voeriuatin any il1re that il tO
smlall X. "On le sucSsfl vac
emal,tiOn1 (tn h) , lsecured in every
pmom,':l 1, this, th.?re is no ex0 p
Sl.'i. u t''wr t that i iald twO oter
tie S.V chld even tune witoul t
-ant d sk he Chi bcagsulsea'.ntlh
tothie( iath SbdlkO witwouctr
ti liate as0( ht hn-ed she31 was n
ciietible 1111The Dae Cirtmenbytld
vni:-d h i t try pgam otho ve
patmst. ih IIe( di tis and hist i.
sinc wrltn th a I ftci has a ty- s
pleail vcinton,a tjI wich ionsIurns -
leicother imuit from sml abpex. Ife.
thli eiht tr ad noil.Ict been ~ made1
tihe, str told hav'ei gonliset outC
that Vl iltias-a cas o iniusceptibili- '
ty-aC codi (11t ini that dosc nt,I iexs :g
-ani she had b10 en hsublii y.stquenl
attl iaced wismlx iiilsett oh
eiated,Ili and thiai?ie b h
anti-vacinstsf a chikef or thisu
tdity. ofea vanthejinas ad cuten up
tahey ofa itmallox. . ou
tionl~p?fi of thice anof l tea- s .
captibi l it, to vCclinaton wast furn- t
ihlf duringo the e nd eath t
ad cool.o im the thenka wasnstren e
heth( smchpoxfi t brh asisrm. .
iede Ion t w,eathr day ricte C
attack wirthe hmorrhag somael-pox. 1
Icorked ja inu temptsigcatova
eiao flndseeausi'ngidn.
ta G' a old h wh arlosscptbl
vie atest himcahis ifora the agev -
praing aofurturintcetibinog
roomsnand." etinrom r
Chaesine br h.
Use the stles of aLchike XVor gils
disshownea tejit anddral eutet up
Whoniflet then llowV is to sim- r
haf. Strg erain teoice an met i
antidoooaSimoff, the ofaton re-t
hem fat sg much of th both s s r
To Morphine From
Doctor's Orders.
EIabit Wors--e Than
the Diseas .
)r. Miles' Nervine Cured.
\\ -.n1 the nem i:.- sv.trtn has bccn shat.
:. i t - . I ttll ihlu tlIhere is
, it ('i 1 l . l'bb-":. Nervine in) restur
n! .t t " I l : il uu utal activity.
"I b. t< full i wlt. 1ir. ililse ' Re.
.t:. h.s d:m,e lt me that I
"1 t.. thant p'art of hiniatmity th :
,. I 4:: :ii the three years
- t - ' 1,:("<stratl"1n '1 f.o iin (l
Ito l i..ri ne inny
v h e - i wn h it lII
ht . . ( t"; .. t! - .<=)!v thlingi
. t n- . . :( i t it? I knew it
:. a t.... t . - r f Its deadi ly
r.l. . n \ :1 I t .i d its signiti
.11 tt"11 1'.te' it :lt 11n..ht 1't ! 111("nths..
I'. t : I r .: . ; : l iite,i to, t.tch a
1 .it.I tet ani th r. to ulit it'
:.t n-,. wve r\ . 1 ' I( a . i t. :ln y
htil t t I ;treti to
d :. t(tti.. A lt--r (:-ng ih
(,ln ti; t ..Iv : .. cI: er i of
1. 1 \ "\\, - 1i i "ivcrit :u ia It:n
.I C' I i t, . I :n 1I i.. iin (er )c.e i-ut I
rl ; t t :t f. rl!t "Ib N i-lt i(. ti h-e
'n . . "a t ott, ik.
\; t< t hot
I.'! . -::t . c-nd1 for Irt"e book
n " u .. l :t C ..-:t. t. A rei g a
. ! .\ ' e .;: Co., IElbho ; 1t, It ndl.
TI i11 .\,' A l. I t1 1 1-.11\. ''Ir . b1, 1
11: iivI u :< ''" 111 7 t t(i ,"i l c r in "
n.)11i . u t-tat il.i . I (111 n w1 l t ljyIil i l I"
itlVM nO;i lttt tw Cortl 'H tise and
Sed at. : lit ut. .\ ou, i i4e
nr. al, t h rendi:ig nerl F w,t1i ti.
ill. We'il wt' el, tl d ee l an in
il ( t litiion i t t (t ratiln. (.)1 t I
rt.; of thill I .nl ini l)11i ., , wVol Inadue"
r'0( h) tIes of collt at:d 2I9 b'uti4htl4 tf
rIn1 1' oi"( AT) C1 urk
m!11 Will b"1 w1Itithawn fro'.:ni theo nrt i i I
'1ti (p)plrtunity' t b a itOI hOn".
a go 1l1 :;.ttli'1tnt. TClrin: r"easOnale.
l (d'Tiitles. A,fpIly to
T. J. Mmiklin
\V llttLllitti "\ .lltt l (11 u,uo s i
Ii t . Ma :in. ',y
ivat .1.nd Palewr musijialr ntrtain
holJtes(i al im Sewing o Malin oil al
'ays on (luL id. ewo pats furnishetd ad
itte til shtd nti'lir*ie, id o n
rit;ohI liyle st-ar and..Bot Findf iu
.~ tipait wi rk itti i ntt. aij ll the0~ .n..ov
Itit (cantmakt i trolyure iteret to1 dit?
tnx caltl for ytini S.h a ovotinds.
115 oifnitty itOf I Wtii lk d
J..ii ewey 13.nEJhito Uob
WhraRexad .irso ! nisi
W e tohant he1Lrlecteve of :ubninistr
io f teesta omulefts a o ures
Voioferson is0 rse pwl,-or
Thds a rO phoreoro eilto and' ad
Lseh All fnd singn!ar th kindredn
rei,rso h i tnrwAdro
Ie. sd. hatF the be ar8Aj aprble
ar n h or Qf Prbt, ob
Y iuvito you to iipect C
\V" still have at few ntice.
PI,ador And Din
Doin't T!6r(.- t%t th at wVo atro fi
hc\wi ng tobae(io8 and :tmt
ox a p.er fri)lt .5 eents 111
Pickens Dr
Sh We Have a I
"gWill Se
Fa:rmn uppiliesi Blacksmith 14<
Easley Ha
3.'er beforo lav,' we bet
n ats w :irt nOw. A tremenlo
>tton lla rrows, (Guano I)istribi
lit alottq; this liu you will ilm
Anothtpr Shipment of the far
ceive-l. There is no qjuestion f
ar Inad'rs sing their own pro is
F.Al1il.UlrLL--There is n
311 ai tmvefy. thing will work li
Thi' s nid-meason ini our D
3ringu nfAn\ iarins in broken
) inspoo.. thi-s.departmeint.
w agons
A nothor -Car of- "ROCK Hl
Vagons,.jgst-received. You ha<
boice. All-th3e ma'nu f:Iet ures
ad Bugi.y but.this lut Will bo
We have~ a fullisupply of a
u auautged So don't wait for ti
.-:gT1): fi t l~:er prepared to
hiW b et,e bof't la( '.~ wants you
~t to con e anid se .us.
- rit<o
S It cost'd
n~I.~ t each towvn.
Pleare lfthnt this paper whenu
.and Uad
hVre co~rlah to result.
RCoip the system
SeIfa (4bi b!od good dig4
mh~ seus in your cheeki
- Joe Ic Pellets gently as
- ooM1L tlt d
bb, M. D. J. N. 11allum, 1Ph 0.
Drug o.
ur" 11w lino Or
'1h a tre tlo linest on the m1ariket.
0,ig=Roomt Lampls,
it that, we are selling at. a discount.
ma! mrter:; for 1iiting swctacles.
k)rt. Goods of all kin<ds.
T.lal ts f roml I cent up1.
'ug Company.
L.arge Slockof4"1
iI at COST."@
01s, 1Plo;ws, '1ra Ch ains, 'ad1s, I-:t(.
rdware CO.,
ey, S. C.
r Tyv CE T
so well eqniplpe(l for 1 ih'' PIow Sa.
t :t>ck of, turl plows, I)is:: IIarrows,
1tnrs, and in fatct anythiIg you m11ay
I lre an(I the price is righ t.
nous "Star L',ader Cook Stoves" just
ts to the merits of this stovo. The
>thinig like system on a farm. Buy ai
ko clock work,
ey Goods Department and we are of
lots, odds and ends . .].t v,ill pay you
mnd Buggies. i
LL" Buggies and "STUE IBAKER"l'
I h.tter cotre qjuick andI make y.ur
haiive) adva'cedI th p)rice onl Wagons
sold at the saLme old price,
ii i Zer's...
1I kinds of Ferlihzers, and tihe price is
Ce rush b)ut come on and get what you
ell for CASH or CRE[DIT than we
ir trade(l, and will make it to v'our inter
Yours truly,
:e-Morrow Co.
i N S, S. C.
lide Vehicles ~
for our cotup1lete\
1e a:ntd Price List. ~I
niohinig, shiowini
NA T!, wa1t0,
Ie Agents wne
writ h1g
"""'"""'""""---- -- i:
litipatiot 81h
LAkES fri
ous neSss ia
Complexions I I'
'Then where's your bieauty9
n good order by taking
ston and good houlthewill keep
.Ramon's L.iver Pills and C
iist naiure, Free samplo and
ealers, or writ4 10oT
i MFU. CO. N
Vork aand
fleeville, lii
Tens, or
We are nlfer'ing b>.Irgains in
Gents; [i iUnderwveair, )ress (ood;, \.el
we do not wantilt to cart'r over. Wo
enti e litto of IntiIs a id are of ering
We Wanlt all thlo chic'kens, (g
Very CespAectfuAII,
Sio mieni th ink it impIlossiblo to
1d linl out. 1'eo lo r how we
in Ieaither. i's :v good as8 though you
are~ the si vles
PLride &Sz
A Full ,ine of New
bu \cait as
p. eV s I t e id, a rc t h 1 1111to y u j i
j) 18 1' I ? mt Ilt o vlr jr1
1 1ill1 ti.d r, 1'0I ' 111n 1( to le "Wil'
(ro 'il .ii'i illai pithe of (1
A Fll nin Pcen an Neiwp
absolt' iii'at l. (ti ' is guaran teed
J O H N F. H
ud1it or's
tatement of Auditor's Appointm
Year ic
Office of County Auditor, Picl
he Auditor's books will be
of' January, 1903, for ti
Returns of' Real ani P<
Pols and1 for all si
Piekenis (
or the con venience of the public
are announced:
Six MIile onj 3Ienday , J1anuitary 51:
Calhoun '.l:tesday Jaur GOl ItI~ h.
Cett rat Wedntiesday Jsauatry 7th.
CmIeechlen Thursday January 8th
Libety F'ridayv Januattry 9th.
Eas~ly, M\oniday aIndt lTuesday1, Ja1
Croswe ll, WVetinesday, Janiury l'
CrossI['t Plains, TIhursdaIty, Januaizry
L..oopel'd Shop. FidaIy, Jaunuary
P'ickens, S'aturdayt. Januatiry 17Ti
il ughed' Store, \loinlay, J antuar
Pumpklu)11ttown i, 'ITues3,1a y, J anIunryt'
HTolly S(1rinogs, WVednesdaty, Jat
G*eorgo IIl'oI1ombe's Res'idence. F
P'ickenli , Sturdayiiit, Jat Innry' 24 i
Mlile Creek, M orony, Januitary 2(
P.rators, Tuesday, J1anuart y 27thI
Alter the 27th oh J.LnuaryI 1903.,
ouirt llotuse, coniitnuiously imltil thei 20t
ime th bt)Ioo)ks willI be c'ose anttd fIIfty (~
Or Inon-return,
in ordeto 10aive conIfusiont a10ta t
( tin perol'ly to the t aking of all ret
maaals uahu be preparedL~ to givo fuill info(
roperty, lidhlde lor taixat ion, is situtatori.
SholltI aiy lbe unale, to meet. the
I their iiel'5;i. [c t e hiifn jal his (Jl1Ie [
tth of JEhr3iary 19 i.
Al per.i'sor.. owinirg IOpropety inI a
Iere :s at special le:vy 11)r :'chool pIn-pb.is
give the 'alue of tunvl 8uch prto.le ty o
No )reoturn inade bvfII(I mail:. will be' a
ersonally or liy aget dunly noat honzedc~( ii
c Assessor, it every' pesi5a b'Ce e Vi
Itle Imu111le's, sheep)111 l!i and goa 1 ha, wat
Ilgons taiI'm iarrige3, dogf)s, mierchai . se
dtes and)1 neutsitt above itultdhtess, Ii
misehio:d goods.
It is atlways i'rl I i tha the Auitt
ij Ider thie htead of phlace of ridentIc11
i1'. Andi al ta1x Tayers are* requJliredl to
t. They ate al so req(uestedc to at te w
wit or 10 I heC count1 ry. Aund if p~I t Il
mber0 of atcres andl vuliiation; int ach in
Ta'Xpay'ers rt'lIurno what they own) on I
The hiwI reqiuires t.hat tall personts ow
clcharge ofl such property, eitherd as ail
'Cut or, ttdmiijiistralor, eles, retin th ii
All imalto Cit ixens be'tween .n0 uges 01
1st dauy of Jtanuawry, except Ithose wht
rt Iroult beltig alitne utcd, o1r iroini lith0r C
nlfederIate0 I'Cteruns1 atre excepted.
Int CverY COilltutlity Ltei aI'0er
C take a newvspap)er, Those more fort u
or byv telling I iteln of thi' tlilnto maittke
B~il'tal ini pot 8onal property ar njI
Ie at I th teal valueo therool, 1t property
ii theore shoul be an inaequatlity in theo t
>pot ty the, Oeto will be8 referr'ied to th1 0
tet.on.t To avoid tr'onble ol' this kcind
oul urgo upon each taxptayer to makc
It of lt14 (r bior tpoery 13
1E 0 "merrsn
0 Ilonvy Over Shirts,
vo t ando ma4ny othor thlingsi S
Aro ging to close out our
rscolet values ill that liluo.
s and butter wo cal got.
get. a first-class shoo for $3.50
iny better until they come here
an sell such good shoes so cheap.
aid moro; the making is right,
and Upto=dats
ao ds. ato
1 plea;Ise thoso who want to
or and will isue YOU Coil -
US" of Dry (oods and No
yOU ple: se during 1903 and
t y up-to-date stock, whe"_
01 money refunded.
>f Pickens.
ents for taking Returns For
cens County, Nov. 7, 1902
opened on the first day
ie purpose of taking
risonlal pr:oper'ty and
)cCial taxation in
the followving lappointmnents
iunry 12(1h and 18th.
ity 21st,
y, 22d,.
ridia3, JanuaryhI'3 28' -
d yo )eruary i 190.ate which
0O) per cent penalty wilt be added
n vc idi mittkes, thei Auditor will
umi:s, anil all pecrsonIs o Wning prop.
I nostedi to mneet t he Aiditoi on his
rini~ ont as to n is property iand t ho
in whtichi hic lives and ini whicih his
A nd it or on his roundah, it w.ill be
cilare his books arec closed on the
ny) dlistrIict or i!,st ricts in wvhich
a :1e ni iaelsted to come prepa red
an; bjoel to spaeci ii leylo'sh
ecepted, as the la w requiros that
eune n-t.urnedci for I oXaltion (31thaer
> aclt to I ih s.ame for the owner,
also greatly facilitte the work (of
rig hiomei will make ou t n comnplet U
in the folowing order: Hiorse's,
ehes, organls and pMins, buggies,
,a mchiiinery anid elnms, moneys,
lid aill othear property, incluina
r~ get tic lrst giren name in full.
(3 on tatx ret urn, uive the townl%
gi vo ninuber of- their school die.
hiet her t he pr'operty3 is situated in
in town and part otitsee, or a
: township, so 8pecily, givin4g the
hec 1st dlay of January, 19O8,
ii"'g prIoperty or' ini anfywisc .ttan'
inie umliter ot.h to the Auditor.
t.wenty..oti unld sixty years, on
n are inicupabet of earning-u sups
aus, aro deeme~d..toxablie polls.
Ons who cnnnot read .or that do
nate may13 do such person's a greas
r'eturns oir by roturning fot them,
o be~ iSSessdSl for taxation at this
15 l'Cturned at, less tItan its value
aluation of tihe same class of.
Joihnty B3oard otf Equaliatton for'
to boLth mnyaoc and the texpayet
at full andl fair retLurn and Yfahite

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