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The People's Journal
Lo?;a1 Items of Interest,
----Janos P. Carey, Esq., loft
Wednesday for Anderson.
--Miss Lois Newton has a pain
ful abscess caused from a tooth,
-Miss Eilone Taylor is quito
sick with an affection of the throat
resemb)ling tonsihitis.
-Mrs. Larry 0. Thornlcy leaves
Wednesday on a visit to the fami
ly of Solicitor Boggs in Florida.
-Mrs. J. Mc). Bruce is in Char
leston on a visit to her father, Col.
J. E. Hagood.
--Capt. J. T. Taylor made a
brief business trip to North Caro
lina last week.
-Miss Clovio Griflin left Friday
for Washington to send AoIme
time with her aunt Mrs. Barrett.
--Read the not-c) of Gaines ard
Gassaway Bros, Central. They
have horses, mules and flour and a
first-class steam engino.
-Mrs. Mary Alexandor went
down to Charleston last, week to
pay a visit to her father, Col. J. E.
-Willie Mauldin has gone to
Greenville, where lie has accepted
work with his brother-in-law, Lu
ther Grandy.
-John L. Thornloy has moved
his market from the Anthony
building, up oI Moi street into
into the building formerly occu
pied by J. F. Brock.
-E. G. McDaniol, of Columbia'
came up on a visit to his home
folks Friday night. He returned
to his work Sunday accompanied
by his sister, Miss Pauline.
-Mrs. Geob. W. Earle, of Pick
enns received a ch.ck for ,200 yes
terday by W. A. Barton, district
agent for the Travelers Insurance
company, as the first payment on
a policy for $2000.
-Attorneys for Jim Tillmau
have served notico on Attorney
Gunter and Solicitor Thuriond
that they willi apply to Chief Jus
tice Pope at Newberry for bale for
Jim Tillman on Feb. 12.
- -It would be wise to make your
'tax returns before Feb. 20th, and
evoid the penalty that will at
tachi after that date. Auditor
JCeith has very kindly made ap
gointments throughout the coun
ty for the convenience of the pea
-The first Qnarterly Conference,
:Pickens circuit, for the year 1903
'will be held at Bethlehem Satur
iday Feby. 21. Services will be
gin at 11 o'clock a, mn. After ser
Vices there will be intermission for
dinner when the business of Oon,
for'ence will be given attention. A
tuli attendance is urged.
-.-he iron framework for Keo
Woe bridge to be built on Keowee
River, has arrived and is being de
livered daily. The cost of the
* baidge is to be $3500 sh ared equal-.
ly by Plokens and Oconee counties.
The contractors are to finish the
bridge by March 1, but Supervisor
Stephens hardly thinks it will be
linished by that time.
-John Tillman, aged 70 y-ears, a
grand uncle ot United States Sona
tor, B. R. Tillman, committed sui
elde in his one-room hut in St.
*PaulMinn.last Monday. For many
years he traveled the streets of
$t. Paul selling lead pencils and
shoestrings, and was believed to be
tieb. The small but was searched
fr0tn top to b)ottoml, looking for
the hidden treasure, but none could
be found.
---W. J. Bryan's paper, "The
Commoner'' of Feb. 0 devotes a
whole page to a denial of the re
ports that Mr. Bryan has become
a millionaire. HeI says that while
he has made money since he first
tI)i for president, lhe has contr-ibu
da Iat'ge amount to political re,
ftinhs and for religious and edu
OItional purposes. He~ has had on
an Rverage $8000 a year for person
a1 use frotn his paper during thi
last two years.
~-Air inmportanut bill has beei
ntroduced the past week by Rep
29sentative Pollook, the purpose o
* hleh Is to inorease the profits oi
the sale of whiskey not exceedin
30 per cent and turn the funds in
tO the state treasury for education1
al purposes. The income to th:
-Mowns and cities 18 not to be ofe
-bd by the bill, TIhie bill has al
##ady passed the Housqe and tb,
: #osp04gls er.mid to be good to
-Dr. J. Lee Carpenter is in
town on a brief visit.
-MiSs Florence Bowen has been
on a visit to Central. "
-There was a considerablo fall
of sleet Friday afternoon.
-I)r. W. F. Austin will be in
Pickens, 1eby, 17 and 18.
--1)r, J. N. Hallum paid a brief
visit to Easley last Thursday.
-Douglas Jenkins, Esq. made It
brief visit to Charleston last week.
--Mrs. Amanda Freeman has
moved up on Main street into the
Ambler house.
-Mrs. M. A. Hollingsworth has
boon on a visit to her daughter,
Mrs. M, F. Ansel, in Greenville.
-ho!nry P. Sitton, of Pendle
ton came up Friday on a visit to
his biother-in-law, Maj. J. J. Low
-The condition Maj. J. ;. Lew- 1
is the past few days, has been en- I
courtiging, though he is not yet -
considered out of danger.
-Mrs. Ivy M. Mauldin returned
from Central Monday, whore she
has been oin a visit to her parents
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ross Eaton.
-J. F. l3rock has disposed of
his stock of fancy groceries, but
will continue his jewolry business t
in the )r. G. W. Earle Drug Store.
-Senator Carpenter has intro- t'
duced a bill to authorize and re
quiro county commissioners to ro
fund certain commutation road
tax. is
-Supervisor Stephens large
barn was consumed by fire Tues
day night. One horse, and two a
cows perished and 2000 bundles of ,
foddor and other roughness were t
consumed. The fire is supposed n
to have been of incendiary origin.
-Mr. Jones Fuller has pur- h
chased a house and lot in Easley t
and will soon move there, where he r
has accepted a position with the o
Easley Loan and Trust Co. Pick
ens loss will be Easley's gain, as
Mr. Fuller and his excellent wife
are held in high esteem here.
-By mutual consent of all con
cerned, Dr. Webb has withdrawn
from the Pichens Drug Co. The ~
Drug Store will be his headquar
ters, however when not out on calls
Dr. J. N. Hallum has bought the
interest of Dr. Webb and now has
a two-thiirds interest in the bust- t
ness, while Dr, Bolt has the other. y
The new firm will take even more
progressive strides than the old, ~
and the stock will be gradually ~
increased to meet the growing de&
mands of the town and community' t
Dr. Hallum is a full graduate in
pharmacy and a careful and pains
taking prescriptionist, while Dr.
Bolt the other member of the firm,
needs no introduction at our hands 3
to Pickens county generally.
-Representative Doyle of Oco- ~
nee has introduced a bill prohibi-.
ting treating on election days with
in three miles of the precinct.
That will be hard on an aspiring I
candidates, who may desire to treat
their friends on a little eider (soft I
cider of course), or pink letnonade
"five for five.'' Such a law would
even prevent a candidate from
passing around a 3A cent plug of
tobacco,in extracting the juice from
which there is so much innocent
and genuine pleasure; the fumes
of the aromatic and redolent social
cheroot would forever cease to rise.
We suppose the intent of the bill
is to decrease the consumption of
"0 Be Joyful"' on election days
If it will accomplish that, the bill
has our sup port, even if all the
above privileges must go too,
-Considerable interest centered
in a "Spelling Bee" at the Graded
School Friday afternoon. It was
participated ini by the pupils of
Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades.
There was several visitors present.
Rev. 0. M. A bney read sketches
f-rm "Uncle Remus," much to the
delight of all and made a timely
talk after wards, The spelling con
test was spirited and the tug of
words finally narrowed down to
four pupils, Frank McFall, Edwin
Etarle and Misses Cecil Hester and
Elisa MctDaniel. The boys conclu
ded that it would be the gallant
Sthing to allow the young ladies the
liberty of standing up last. This
left the finish to the two young la
.dies; Miss Cecil tripped and left
Miss Eliza alone, who did not ob
, joct to being left alone under the
, oircumstances. Supt. Hallumi in a
,brief and appropriate little sech
a then present6d a "Webster's High
a Sohool Dicationarv" ase a 1el Iint
-A bill to authorize the pay
mont of executors of John T.
Youngblood of any amount paid
in excess of the amomnt due, has
passed a second reading in the
-Sheriff J. H. G. McDaniel and
wife visited in Columbia last wock.
The Sheriff attended the '.conven
tion of Shoriffs, which was well
attended by oflicers from all over
the State.
W. ii. Pickens.
W. H. Pickens, one of the most
highest esteemed citizens of Easley
lied at his homo in that place last
Lriday. By his courteous and fair
iealing, ho had built up a success.
'ul and nrofitale business at Eas
cy, having conducted a china and
irdwaro store for several years.
Casley has lost one of her most
rained citizens. The funeral ser,
ices were conducted by Rev. W .
.. Wiggins, and was .ttendod by a
argo concourse of sorrowing
riends and relatives.
Liburty Locals.
Mrs. C. T. Hutchins is still very
Edgar Templeton is not inprov
ig much.
0. D. McCravy is still confined I
> his room. t
Much complaint of bad ; colds
The weather is still wet and "
iud abounds. Near all business ~
some what injured though we
ave seen things worse somewhat.
The Horse Swappers Convention t
a thing of the past at Liberty,
nd maybe some of the "old rips"
ill get off with fewer lashes un
1 a few days before the next
meeting of the August body. It is
iid very few good animals change
ands at these meetings. It seems
> be, partly at least, a regular
p exhibition where good stock
at no figure.
Feby. 10, 15+03. C.
Views On The Pension Law.
I will give my views on the pen
lon law of South Carolina.
It is unjust in many parts.
'First: I believe any one that
ul.isted of his own free will, and
Lid believe that secession was the
'ight course to pursue ought not to
Iiaw any pension.
Second: I believe every inan
hat was forced or went to the war
nerely becaumse this was his coun
ry. and fought, ought to draw a
>ension if he is not able to ilve [
I don't believe It just for somne
o drawv pensions that never fired a
un in the war, and their families a
rawing the tenth while they were
rom home. I don't think it just for
man to work his family and pay t
0 per cent of all they made to <
:eQp up the war, and, at the close i
f the war, lose all he has and then
n his last days) tax him to keep
p others that don't deserve it.
But such is life. So 1 reckon
hey can't maka a law that will fit
11l, so we will have to work along
he best we can.
IFeby. 0, 1908. J. LOOPER.
Col. 1i. E. Hagood.
Col. J1. E. Hagood, who resigned
ho Clerkship of the United States
Tourt Saturday is well known and
ins scores of friends here who will
'ead the following notice clipped
rom Sunday's News and Courier
vith a great deal of interest:
"Col. Hagood has served as clerk
>f court since April 20, 1878, when
ne was aippoin3ted by Judge Bond.
[Je is one of the best known citi.
ions of the state, and members of
the bar who have had dealings
with the office have always appre,.
ciated the promptness and fairness
with which he attended to all du~.
ties. Hie was clerk of the court of
Pickens district prior to the divis
ion in 1868, having served there
for fourteen years. In 1800 he re
moved from old Pickens on I{eo.
wee Rtiver, to Pickens Court House
and for two terms he represented
his coun ty in the State Legislature.
Col. Hagonid moved ,to Charleston
when appointed clerk of the oir
Ouit edurtibut he never relibquished
his old home in Pickens, and he
has always spent a part of him timle
there amon2g his friends, When
the movement for the building of
the Pick,ns Itailroad was begun
Col. T{agood was orLe of the largest
subscribers, and it Was duA in no
small measure to his work tht h
road wasn opened from Pioken. tn
JEssley connecting~ at 'th latter
ninU the Sonthaen tInwa..
good[continued to carry on the
work of his oflice, and while he
has retired, because of his health
and imtpairiont of sight, his
friends hopo that his life may be
spared for many years of ease and
com fort.
Attention Knights I
Pickens Lodge K. of P. No. 123.
You are hereby ordered to meet in
your Castle Hall Tuesday night at t
8 o'clock, Feb. 17.
There will be work in the Ranks
of Page, Esquire, and Knight.
All visiting Knights from other
lodges will be cordially welcomed.
W. T. McFALL, C. C.
K. R. and S.
Resolutions Board of Directors
Liberty Cotton Mills. B.
Liberty, S. C., Fob. 9, 1903.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors M
>f the Liberty Cotton Mills held to day
he following resolutions were adopted:
RESOLVED: 1st. That a meeting
>f the Stock-holders of the Liberty Cot
on Mills be held at the office of the Com- tc
)any on pr
at 2 o'clock, p. im. for the
urpose of considering the proposition
of increasing the capital stock of said
orporation from 8100,000 to 8175,000,
nd of adding to the equipment of the
laut sufflioint buildings and machinery
o make the total equipment 10,000 spin
Iles and other necessary machinery.
2nd. That the notice of the time,
lace, and purpose of such meeting, and
be amount of said increase of capital el
took be published in the People's Jour- el
al once a week fot four consecutive 9C
'ecke prior to March 0, 1903.
3rd. That the stock-holders of record in
it above date shall have preference of w
king such increase of stock in propor- at
ion to the amount that they may then er
wn. n4
J. P. SMITH, 9
Pres. & Treas. I
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer
DECEMBER 31st, 1902, X
The act of the Legislature approve
irovides ais follows:
That all state and county taxkes, at)
nd county taxes are collected shall be
ist day of December of each and overy
cents are not paid on or before said tim
hall be added by the County Auditor or
y the County Treasurer, and if tho sa
Ities arc not paid on or before the first
dditional penalty of ono per centum tht
tuditor on Lbe countj duplicate and co
nd if the said taxeq, a.sessments and
he first day of March next thereafter, a
entunm thereon shall bo added by the C
ate and collected by the County Tres
oents and penalties are not paid ,on or
ext thereafter, the said County Treasui
hq said taxes and assessments and pent
aulting tax-payers fiobording to law,
The provissions of this aict shall in no
~asessments of any townships of this stat
md coupons in aid of railroads which hi
aid township or townships.
rhe Rate of State, County, Scho
One Dollar Poll Tax and 0,
Road '1
In accordance with an Act to raise
nonicing January 1, 1902, Motice is her4
L'rcasurer of Pickens county will open I
Iscal year from Wednesday, October
list. Rates per cent. of taxation are el
Levy for State Tax,......
" " Ordinary County tt
" ' Constitutional schol
' '' Past Indebtedness,
" " Couinty Roads....,
Total levy for State and Count
Levy for interest on Pickens B. R. l
ship, 8j mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens B. B
26 mills.
Levy;for Interest on Piokens B. B.
Special levy for School ist
46 44 si 64s
64 46 II ,'i
4. 64 40 4g
A poll tax of One Dollar per capit
ages of 21 and 60 yea's, except such as
A commutation road tanx of One
time as other taxes from all male ocil
years, eXcept such as arc exempted by
81st of Dee, 1902, eIght days work
requred under a contraetor,
Tax.s are payable only in gold and
National Biank notes and Coupons c1i
during the year 1902,
?arties desiring information by ni
state the location or their property, el
those nayine taxes by chaeli wnat lat.
Attention Teachers !
Office of R. T. Halluin,
County Supt. of Education,
Pickens county.
Pickens, S. C., Jan. 29, 1903.
There will bo an examination
or teachers at this placo, Fob. 20.
Lpplicants will be examined on
I i branches taught in the public
chools of this state. All appli
ants must furnish their own sta
ionary. Examination will begin
t 9 o'clock.
County Supt. of Education.
All persons are hereby warned
At to hunt fish, cut timber or, in
iy other way trospass on any of
y lands. Any violation of this
)tico will be prosecuted to the
11 extent of the law.
N. R. Konnenore.
Office over Earle's Drug Store. Of
e always open. Business will ho given
omt attention.
rhings We
Like Best
Often Disagree With U.
Because we overeat of them. Indi
stion follows. But thore's a way to
sape such consequencos. A doso of a
od digestant like Kodol will relive you
once. Your stomach is simply too
sak to digest what you eat. That's all
digestion is. Kodol digests the food
thout the stomach's aid. Thus the
>maoh rests while the body .e strength
ed by wholesome food. Dieting is un
esary. 8odol digests any kind of
od food. Strengthens and invigorates.
edel Makes
Rich Red Blood.
W ostIIJby..DWir&Oo. hicago,
fiotsot Emagowesr.theo..
s Notice.
Pickens County, S. C.
mns, S. C., Oct. 15th 19o2.
J 26th day of Fe1bruary A. D. 1902
l all taxes collected when stato
lue and payable on or beforo the
year, and 11 such taxes and assels,
o,a penalty of one per cenit.thceon
the county duplicateoand collected
Id taxes and assessmemts and pen
day of February next thereafter,an
reon shall be added by the County
Lected by the County Trearurer;
penalties are not paid on or before
n additional penalty of flyo per
ounty Auditor 0n the county dupli..
arer; and ithe sold taxes, assess.
before the fifteenth day of March
er shall se his tax execution for
blties against the property of do,
wise apply to railroad taxes and
e that have heretofore issued bonds
ive not been completed through
ol and Special Tfax, Including
te Dollar Commutation
supplies for the fiacal year coin
by given that the office of County
or the collection of taxes for said
15th, until Wednesday, December
...............5 Mills.
,..............4 .4
1 tax,........8.
..............1 46
y taxes.......14& mills.
sonds, Pickens Court House Town,
bondi, for Hlurricane T0onaip,
bonds for Eastatos Township, Si
ritt No. 9, 2A mills,
" 10, 1 64
" 611, 8* 6
" 4 18, 4 44
"16, 2
" 19, 2
" 28, 2 44
eS 81, 4
4 *49, 2 '4
"65, 8 .
a on all male citisens betwoon the
are exempt by law, will be collcted.
Dollar will be Collected at the same
lens between the ages of 18 and 50
law. Unless said tax is paiid by the
upon the pubit highways will be
silver colt, United States curronecy1
State Bonds [email protected] become payablo
it in regard to their taxes will please
ad ineiride postago for a reply, and
ceteabtr ollanotinr.
t( For the Immense
Spring Hats, C14
Goods, SI
Gents Furnishini
That we havo bought wo propose
10 per cent on line of
Heavy Clothing, Dry Ci
and Overco;
This cut- pricealo will begin
)on't buy your SpringClothing, I
see what Wo will have to show you.
A full and completo line of Hardware,
Iiarness, Plows an1 Plow Goods. So u
Park wishes you health, Wishes you
cut year, and ten smiles for every tear.
with the right stuff at the right price.
Mens and Womens \
20 Per Cent DI
A Few pairs of
Wool Blankets=-25
Great Values in Mens and Womens
be stuck deep in the prico of all Heavy G
No room for them here. It will pay you
buying Dry Goods and Shoes.
West Enhd. n
P. S. Messrs Tomn Ligon and Hena
wait on you.
We are always
Clad to see y<
The best is the cheapest. It is
We like to sell the best because the 1
This applies to all classes of goi
Stoves, Axes, Saws, Ta
Cutlery, Hammers,
---as well as
Shoes, Hats, Clothaing, .teans,
Yarns, D)rllls, ()
andl hun:lredsof other useful ar ticlei
RE~MEMBERI Good goods c
shoddy goods. Call in, look throng
lines and give us your valued busini
pleto in every way.
W. T. M<
...A Bargain in
Thirty Black and Blue
Cutaway Coats and V
each, IThese goods cost more than
sites are broken, but if your siZe iE
get great value if yo
Nine Prince
Coats and Voi
Satme materialsiworth from *10.00 to (
...n4 Mss a aage
Stock of-4)
)thing, Dry
g Goods.
to make a reduction of
)ods, Shoes,
TO MAR. 15, 1908.
)ry Goods oto, 'till you
Watch for our ad later.
Stoves, Bridles, Saddles
a for anything in our line.
wealth, t.hroughcut the pros
Alwnys reads' for business
A lot of Odds in
ool Underwear
scou nt.
per cent off.
Irine Shoes. The knife will
Dods. Short lengths must go
to come to PARKS before
'y McKinney will be glad to
ring the best.
sconomy to buy the best.
>eat always gives satisfaction,
ble and Pocket
Hand Saws & Hoes.
ShIectling, Checks,
1 OIoths~,
a which we always have in
ost but little more than
h our stock in its various
iss. Our stock is now corn
Clay Worsted
eats at.$4.80.
twice this money. The
I among thern you, will
ui buy one.
its -:
18.00Oj your' oice~ tor $6.50,
In Like This...
ville. 8

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