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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 12, 1903, Image 5

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Rewy on Pe=r=na to I
* Colds ai
r ff77/t7tWM/t. -'b, i
A hotter o rI t y re ived byo r . ili.r of
now1ork adt n feol"d ot :cv ee
S Seval In tera of cott-lhkt,ce.ed cuidt3
Sof culart'h theat It does notcutrr..''
Interesting Letters From
Catholic Institu-.
In every country of the civilized world
the Sisters of Chlarity are known. Not
only do they mtinistet" to
THE the spiritual andl intelleet.
SISTERS utal needs of the charges
ScommT.te to their care,
COD but they also mninister to
WORK. their bodily needs. WVith
so many children to take
care of and to protect from climate and dis
ease, thes.e wise and prudent Sisters have
found Peruna a never-failing safeguard.
Dr. Hartman receives many letters from
Catholic Sisters from all over the United
Statk. A recommend recently received
from a Catholic institution in D)etroit,
Di g st l as_f oln :
V.=8..- ....-=...
Soutern hodeia'sgoldoutpt i
May 4a h ig: eodd en
over 19.50 ounces
FS pemnnl ueofit revos
nes afe is a' s fD.KiesGra
Ne4'- trr$'irabtlanietsie
Dr. .H.K LIE. .id. 9.1 Arh S.. Pia , n.
Whna*lo i-,arptto o a
tin e i o eitsnua ,ta ei 'm
ply lazy. . ,~
r .edt llao f I 11,eitI 4''ivdhv1r .i i:
.> . os. .V11anon. Co d., Fb. (i 190
Womlen er eally o each.itN'.4 tot w93
' oIole West IftealEstte o.,\a'i. ali,
~ .g.'a l ia e,I o .a''bc.t'.
Nof4'tin deSstro ~the memory so4( effee -a
4' TNu/ (00''A4 l i t JYES are l Pite,'
IiirrstnteLet, het Fromd
Iiie,ey w4)41. wyof the0 t o civiled whatd
the S~ENE oD hity Doe itrn ro
1 H -e * r i ua nu in trlet
EggrD omn itte to. t. i ae
El soFor thisyNotldran to0ta.
-brs.atreraaraticatar t
cAreond to drotuen lu from mlmyl1 us
ca lujue thse ad ituretit orgnx tr h
Cdhli ispper fo unloer the rUiteod p
Gea.s.Arnaleon:- retlko pasrecin ear
bei of Canyi bntittoo ii advot,n
r ompl, W..ty
May a'st h 1)Ig(All Druggists, $r.oo,~
Bobb.1. i i~tt l'31 Ce ica Cto1mI.,Pa '
RVEc t i. IloTh gmnson's1 Eve Wafart
ig1it Catarrh, Coughs,
id (irip.
_Z N
nnt fromt tistrr nent rix, 4110 W. 9ith stteet
;%c fin. prais:* of Pcrttina.. ECight.
lthe flin tgs of Jot r yeares' ntandl
ho i It f or at n.yll/ltutg. It helpyedl
11.nt-1 I havte Ytet to /101 ntOne CaS0
si s'l Ill':11A'lllx.
lr..t'. B . Il1 "t t'"t , _
Cot is t ob ts. Ohio:
ear i : " h i utt O i"w s dt eIe iu .t"" uJe'tgf ohttfgll x a tn.< loss of r04Ce. The =".
sitall of the lrottmetet Waus most rrat.s
faeclor y. Shte JoILUndI great t'etteJ,<mod
a/'tei' Ju'atther -uese of the mneielun n ce
hope to b>c <able to r<at she -Is ettt lteh
Su redl.1-Slsters of Cha iIty.
This young girl was under the care of
the Iisters of Charity and used Peruna foi
catarrh of the throat. with good results as
the above letter testities.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use of P'eruua write
at once to Dr. Hiartman, gi ving a full state.
mnent of your ease, and hewill be pleased
to give you his vahuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartmnan, President of The
Ilgtu_artutSntrn Columbus UOhio.
for lizard. Asamnrdstru
apa mronitain ineu Arizona0 W or otiit
vasten. r Cai:fr Padsees th I las
tnd scurrys of these' brilli san a
aceul eatures~! the suiLgstio E c.4
deah and. :-oltude isof broken. ii
to wdei the ountry isf'i, rell
desertj or,nl a hindos o ih. ma
sIt not he adapte ay te fLondon 10t.
aFr fthr elS e ilwhihnevec
drink, tob fri k tout through'I (Jthrnl
ands enetus~ and watte n the hteo
planSits0 i\ni~ adse prspeft
cand see of the rocks w bui hmthgodrsl
Thaoe letck-watstierehaya
c oulot dith ro an. Iatsfa
thry rutry. the tusad of g riL
aton thir lntanegiving hadfl ntave
thertd fyor cae, ad e i be ice
tohie soarving burrobs aed grati.
sey naDr. o Irthean rcsd. o
Goinoc hefils n od o
uny d esert m idw atr adw c
b(r iards. s var ineres, thonu
the wahiesn hds r bye theilch or
wintern birniaolvd ees.he o 'im
and noughy to teat And, at allnh
do't eem rato fndes the moggsto di:
tooagen iak. the contrary,rall
nthcodest ol weadtero wi a.in
ith aidatesayn s thl aLnon E<
haiess. -tNiha.
Wl()'here re aei ais fre thio nae t
andmctst hewan fear o tae hitt
and i e n the rl.I ocsilbrety im th
brflacy healiis of this medicine.Ia11
ngrtistiony to theiurt te rprti sk
('red)mylonv of ai bad anIf tI wil
ou heir ous r.medy, y ousean use oft.
D,Merd, on . th'. usitlQn for hllad.I
thiexrtedg forweraid lnt w
th F.Ln hein Abvriro h)aw hby n
i.i.ish.ed. both foo lan iannfor tn #
\'l tl'I ::n l 'i) mll t::t221 '
.: i'' . \ :l i".1'l) ' Sllt I . I
i .1l it' oli' I itti I \
Ii.II$n 1 \':1 b11 :' , I :.
jltY N I -IIt s w iu 1) "1 . 'i n 11. ,
"cttII12 ( tllt i ' I' l it ti, i: 1
1 nIII i:i -: '. '' 1 ' i II t, ;
tion 'i it I l: 1!t-o :
W I :ll t- \\"It'1 : I \!'' l i.r V 1
1 1in I1'ttl l.11:22ltl l. : 1 '. 1 : 2!t I:'
resets t{ 1:i-- friench..
st,"I1I il .itor :ntph: ie.t'-:
h I l" wil'j i 'i-. - I::' :1 -t121 i ''. '.'I:'
r If!"i iI 11r 12 1 i 1 2' 11:h.: '.sh 114 1t, i tilt l,' '
SIt:ti :li:ll l2212 ''1a II1 ' . 't ' ' N ? itl
I.:\.'' 22I. V .411 w 'It ; 2 1:I li-'' d it ' t Iu .
in t ill:lt' 111I' te '1 tn n ''I! hl fo1.. lh> i 1:,
1' ii's - Illlt ith ' -vt t' t i t.h':' :' "
1llingi, :'itlitl -I-'' sli 2 or s ilu t.b t'. 'I hl,
41l t it2t ht:ls. !1 .'\ 2r. llway h." l I i'i -
h;tialt:22' 21'.ltl0;! I2i..l 22 jrti,':t It'.: - i'"
I b 1i l "l iI I.' ' ii ! i, .'I i."be ! 1-2 : i Ili
tbly111:111 i inin: t tl the thil y :t 1 h.
w'":: t : h2 ubl I oll i nl:l! :-,i: :n-. :12
1-'. S .\. . _\II y un n( 1'I is :1 li li' 2 t f.
2212 I o t l wiIii re1 1"11 11) 2)2I - <iiiI, I22t! l
11 w\t l I i w' w\" hI 2' 2i .1 r h e t'
ttlIeny 222 yo Irself i :1 2ib t!is w;y.n un I-t
Ityo 4,'.tIout Illpo aby g ow v r
'u2t:11 cIII '1 i i1 12i ,1 14 2 ')1 i "11 . \t't'i V'2
nr'I e111. a . 1 ti . 112.' 1-I i re 22lill'
h11bi 2' 11 \ tn 2.2I' Tr. -> -:e l! t I t;blt
til id2 ill'.' if'':' 1,'"':, 2222212ti'22.2' 1)1' Ill'
ial("i oi2'li, . 'I 1 i',.2' It :t 12 i' 222'
''t'liii 111:1 : 1 . t'utilj i:tlt': I'lor , but
h h1:11 ," 1 11:tV ' :il 1 : it:l''n i : ti ' 2: '
\\ . ' . II --.1 : till 11 w ;''t i4 uie'I 2'.
\\"Utlltl 1 ttt 1211') all .t li' 1' 2''1 .', 21. .
W. Vi 1 :. l'2222 212 11"i! 2222u I(ItI. :t
lqtif l l.z i ; :: lil t wt i 2' \ rit l wt)'l.th
lisltll} . :22 l tI2 'i!I'1 'i il!:t 1 21 22 212211' \\-.I11
:11 t i ll ivol toi lln' i i h1 I ll '1r i t'l ! 11 br'illialil
1 l . .il" ,\. .lix iitre," pi )11:1tal s ,i' line.'
1; i b'b":11l: with on1 u plr' 1l1l'I"t sitale beer'1
n111! t - hI Lllf i' i (2 f 2222 s w' t' ( oIiii : Ihen't
iI t it 1' il r:tsI'i : 11' 4 222' I. tl " (tr 221111(22
:n1't tI iti ' i r ."i:.4 . ' iil ':iS w;1 1 I,r )ill'
tu2 hA N .- i 111 :'i- lt':I h 1 ' ' II 2''il it .I q .
I .I' " t"iI tl'ill :- u 2indt' ' i;'nI)t.tt ' .2 ;I
1tnt nI y'll: ln iti y It:i" il ;In\ly
\ s n 1I:' t': ne1 p:lilt:tl : ul irtll It r
h \\'! ter i :(i iy itni t i s
It lrll. :: tlt is" :1ti 1 11tl ll22 .w . ''i y 'l: t .\''
1)1 in": )n I n ii'itt 1 i222:. _( l alno t' h
2,l t 2 if . it,t I I ' it ., ' it. i f l\
-til :22 !1og' lflltl ii\ 1'' i2li i " 1 11)111 I t 't
2 11111t'"!.Ii',, 5ul : 1llt (" (- I ,"Il lI llla\' I t It '
t 111' 1 12t' ): t!'.2 Ilt'll t i .li' ) is lIt' loi' :i12'
t:iut:ti:g tl :1 2it i liy' to bi t'i',t'iett:I1. .\
t i t r'"1ti 1 nit i s lne int whIIi(tl ;h22
r g t1111itYr I lIt': Imout itut beg:il
1t' ra ttt' 1 1 ' h t1 ' , :1'"n- 1'lit; t)
h11 th' t?r iI is:22 c tIiI t Ilr tIainl. .\
dt it2!xl2t' istn'ltt' 2f i ori' i l 'ore llies. .\
Jo2he~21 life in ofllll th ' suv:ivr of two2 2: 1
2 inilrg inellSh' .\. 22 ThN 2i22 l2''' n I tI i
c :2.1 t he'2212: ittti by112 teny :' 2)ne 's Ijttitn
lIt favor22 ' 112f woo' 1,u',y :he2 snil t:l t0
121 2ben:; nll (2 illeil2'13 to h:ti', in (' net.11 the'
hairy11 i c 'verit: 1o :lIg lttil ls! "3' 12n2h
('tf 3l'2:2t' Wat15ntil; lillen'- t Ie toir
Ant h hotytheietts welli(2. t liti
\ 'ery 2~ 1robablt hat line (212::t1ie2h wott22122
111iM* 8 (I pt'22t!t '&' it''112 lool to 'w'i'' by1~ 122ry2
intro t. ns fact)21' 12n t! th : lien223. libe i :
22(o.222St2y lec ltp y tIi 12 i) 2i252, whil' woo12t2
Is :te tiilgtol etther,222 121e2 ('tt2! tt 2a2!s
3Iosh e 1ers i' l t 1po i th otIv It Ioi p2'!
21213' 2C. 11'( :In t :12or1)2t1'. 2122 tor i'et-ly. I
12d2.'122!hy'ev(nly hut lIt-l tti ih 2'j22tt(r'
- itt i-i . 22211 1' 1of1 t l l S t'! h.' o l
, w . * 4, MATTERS $
n" oar, ra o 4: a cmne ean a
i " \ ilit ,,\ :1.. i' '. i .l ',I Iu ::pos i 1) :1'"i
lie II'l II,. I 11' 1'1 ! t \v i ." ti,
ii2 it . 1I . 1 1 , ::; H .; 1 l i~ I i. i . *
w T it ' I: .
l'tI'\\ !1 I'" I ilr' \d :I lu' ' .' II . 11:
- :I I' ' i ito t I i' 1
-i, : Il"hs'""-I; . o ,. n
i; : I ' la : , .l ist a. , . l .' .4. I-.
l : .b <
'cia y . i ! I. :.; ., I I
l i n - 1- i- :2' l i ~ -. : : . . , t 1.::
lI t*''I ' :1 ' lll l l? ,i 1: i t i 1
y ,tt 1 " '1 h :. ..: l r
I," l ,..- ty . w I ar I i -Ih
SI:Ii121 h" :t p .
: ia l wr I c lc' "\: 4 '*c2~
it r ,.:1e 1 " :i I, I t .Ill:n
i'ml1: 1 -1 1 h ' .I hn: 1 ' in.:i -t:(, -ni
:1 lll \ i ' ,t . a 1 i' ., .:. -II1 ,11 1(i'
I 1 1 ' t ':Ii Ii1-- , ":i* *-i"v ..1t f' i r- I
Tiol) ll I "' i 11 II ":.: i:t Imy"1h
Illc ' slll'':1('4'1 1 :1t11 i1 :l " itjc ' :';. Il.1 i !-I
ni; i l . hi e. .1 - .l ih. i . !o : u
1 i ::n t woo-r. \i -:l, ,: ll l- H. :!nnl I i s.
(a i, h ' 1i hpply 1. 1' :: j V . I' ,u I ,1 ' II
22' he 2' surf ce124''. --'r u ..:t .-e
o .r 1 1'1' ,llntl - - . m n;,i IliIh l by
\:? ini' --.t he i l ' ,ll '1 . ' Ij ;.y . .... t j t r
b efoil ' . 121 ' 'hi-2 1 h i"1 it . :m l2 t i
Ortrn\v r-1t.t :n 1.1-t Rn:s b U:k.
_ 111 1i 1 it Ii . .'
A 1 i .' : IiI ll2r h 22 . i,'. i "h . l' a\'1 'ir,
rlo l:- :t li nljll:! .1i ' 1or llli or -1* c
.i I11:< '.' if l i tl'4 . I hvt I lit n 1't1'ti s
''~ I li' h nl:I in c.: . <... .1' l i 1 l .'' .
\L'in.'",h:', I i"'' ir h1. h 1 22 l lai -
. fo i O - r )1 l ' . ( nl i ' 1 :-n h111 m1.('l
I '.,''i ', 1w ,1t t1n1~ ,:1~ a-ac it l41'' 1'
.I!i 1 i : "'.i hI , 'i u,, --'i s Ilal ch,)
1 ' :: , } t : K '. ' -: . t i j'" 1.' .: i ly : I l
i : . i - -- !!1" i .: ial, 1 l : . i
Tihe Nuc'rry 'l.
Fl . i . - id. o ib:t . i n.y h11t :: l e'.11 I
'ccei c'opic of~ t h: h -s wei.-cc 22 ''2..21
': t'bta;. I I r v1 r li"' t 1 'a . y. Ti c h1:1i
I: cib1. l .he .lll ..s .: ;II 3: I tu' ire. .;
I':1, liI! t; l1! y w1' ill : s- 5 : b . ; . o
lin ii h it 1)i,itit wi4.1 :tI !h' ';jlri L."-'
:'Il 1i 1 lh:. 1 :1. 1 -2.'11
4ito l)t2 :1:, 1 I' 145 \'' '.,i Ill'c'lt '. l' 1'11
I:1 t"1:)I2c I .4 I' c 1W. . IIL ",," :1 O VI2.ti'1,1Si.
2141212n 2" 12an 4'cl tros c' heu ':, itI an ,'cl
111:11g Iii, 1 ,;Ir '' \\ ' i I i\cx li c.:2 -12
' . I i:, c'- i' I.i-c:. 1 1 1' :1l i1, 1ic .I ti i' I.-11
pNl'ln:. N ubti'1 c ,' ': c1 ' '4r.. 2 : :.. hIi.
( i n''I e c 14 'tol)5a :aI2 :l t124' ' he :i' ,":1
)) : ti litu I11 11 :n; l ...: ' ' ,1ll:: -r1 a mi
T he wa l 4 i }'".. ,y I., hi 4.' .'1i
-i'I22',, w ih :i I or --ilcc hlecl.sed lh: ie .F
1 12 -h 111' fl2'r:0l :2 :) v cy ~ cacij :2;g.. .
on.c2i ilk 'no nh-11 cl 2ray c-adhcm-r1i 41r
hc'g in y'32Amr1( i'i l iiuthi e i cc' -h21 4l-(
l:I4'SIt c2i ,:0 ' tini wIiin1e41 tihe aid of :2
Bh ile h'c~ec as ' I . Iti;rown hi ic'tirs1ry
Ac2 ilc' 211 4.1';2elt.:14 i e11112. 2
I oln- ,\ 2 li2k cc VIis: .\th li Iin12 ru'inM of
'.'e:l tll .21i;l. 22t 10 1 42:412 oef :ill, 2124
2ul ic'in 44p4.4'e w ny inis
k le.w:ci h c:i ;i II-1 M i-d2I 141w'!!cck : i i
1X-1I)1 2il''l .22' vil 4.; )1 with ('42 111 , I - iir.
hori er.ls h.4222 Iub-e. ialc'24n 'Lard:)2 :ir
I itc' .li-1124is.c i 22: 4 Kh- l't h. 1 i.;ie
12poo'n.fi'I of.r t cet ilthsli'i 2'01( c i ll :tc'(
.4 I 4'' 1 l21t hva 2:.'t 12(2 h !I 1p-. 12 i t
(n':2 ml:c1 Sd ic'.'cI a 1 Mnll: Sin h i.f h 2k
14411 1 :2u11.4 14.tI'' ~ ii in- ln:.:My in t h
sce 1i"i. i(1p' l'e2 re .2)12 it4 1112 e fiour4
F'lu-224i's: etiti laye i r ble:t'ce lg ' '' ernalbs 1in4
210tM w2221 1 ttis,!2 is i kiit2: (2 f lliga,
i't1h':2llen Ie hIersil:tIllIciii .-. t op 221(nth22
inull-124 2\1222al' 1 tielly 44.ul' \v;1 icli niPI 221(
forly'' 12n21inlies; 4)1' e bo22 l with12 "'('- with
1 'bbl e eiii .411112211414:l,c.lt I li e eg
sV 21h 21. 'l' 11222ftee Infil:l:ites;4 lii:' jaid1ii
li hIib ', dr2aill Iorollghly.12 1221r1 22 110
tel' ('4t22w (22n, 11dd2 jl4e pi2l of 4' i4ijk :)11(1
(hugraibl'.2th 2f 221n242224424; 22o 11(1 } vc2 e ry2
1:ende2:, utI o rd 44S'i' 2h224122 (ho2h he very'Ii
- -1Lc
igntr I'inotr htiun that 10s 'w in
-v rteni i, Ih'e ll.l'rt;'oll'' w \v t 'rnl rl( i
on1e t0 I'Te ' ivarly .n1 b.i', i il the
wtert t downt 1'. ihw he'd of thp. :-a. ant"
'prt'atically at any dtIh.
We offer Otte HIundre"r IMh ,i:t, wa;vrdi for
any ent-r o' t'nlflrrh that --rtntr(t o r"utredl hiv
1nil s t':t .:rt:t t9'%tr.
\.. ' ' t'o., Pro . t ,
We. the undt'3 r.!z;1nt'. hat'. k ssctw": Pr..J.t'h -
ney, fur the1na-t lnayear-4.trml)."ls-is hi'"r.
feet'y butmrnbl+ its all owu.ines: t rans-114t iln i
:ttsd finatnsially abb11 to --::rry uu.L uy uli.;a
tion mnallh by their hirmn.
W'Fr".W : "lA T u.e.,Vli Who -:ie Itruj.et, I .T1oletl ,
W'Am.t,is , 1 it': AN&l Anst:1t.Wh iie t 1)tru
gi+t:?, 'tit;do, Ohio.
HIll's( atarrh i'tire is i.ki'met int.crrall.aet"
ing direet-ly stpon il.h luu bl i l n tu.-oiu r
acesof he ystm. ri/ 'ieC e oti
Soldby al Drg;.zsta.Testmonal re
Hn / saiylilsaeth et
oine luen rom)el teir igen to .
*ie t t ben , '': it :: he, h i l it ui
lIro. t6.1 Dr tagau 1.'t h
Iusometi justas god.
in th fer. tilizer''166d )n' sp ll quaity 6:. 1* li
u ftan quanity in the66,4 har-16t.'6. ara
6 ouriiti. moe y in' ning
booksI ..IiU6 , . i.6' eI 'liLi .o 'd .,
| lu IT.) J 0 61 6 T Oh '..0 1 A M C - ,T t
t 1nr t n;siua.ny l'n nta'adun. A n'e l.t o
A 6616, nre 66'.66 6'1IN .6 H rI Q ,6 1hre monnaI s I6
64 t( 0ee ..''6 1' h.'e I.do nt
Putd up inCllapsbale Tubs.
CA "'I n iniw' C ~N. bliS teC h i,
gun ih of isa ' iA-lr on efl
I toltne stathnedhC a. oNevr oldeee headu
W eareom'd,ta the eho es tnd seltle
"enn ounteri; ut anown,od."
Bnd itwioodonn to belaa su ininl 0in cro
vall u gpro:.1let'o
Pri rhe cente t a ~ll6 ruggi6ts,lm- j:M den
sapd we uwill Ind yoi altbe ym-r h
C.n-,t he a me6 en S 1r 1661 1u- ;e, .,ai
it 6;no geu ne t 1661,~-'
9'3 Stat Stret, NewYor 0 Iy
NeUjRF.S WHRrl.CS t$
Hes. Cug Syup Tato /0..
.,' ina n /:
){s tr-.vl,
-,. j \ ell- in rinc,J ;lu.d to th1t
F , +, tI l lt ;\U IS ,!It. 11114]
"' ' 1 4J^ it .lt'"t it :ll ts w\'thou t (li'
" Zi .ti 1n , il; it i \\'0 1||\- (!k
cli11! i r t-llp
-'",';, ; I 1 .';::0 tt t llt
---' it-u- oS Sy
- ~~ic mw11 t o lt
tt.t1o g t tilr|
.Sa - rrcso
Oitsville, Ky.a r cic.c
dala- by ll cdr u i.->t . F'i- .I
erokee Remedy of Sweet 0
ughs, Colds, LaGrippe f"r u'
}1ao uwado Dropa ud I:com
* taors wI 10 most wondurfal
E_Vcfjsc. Havo curod rnauy thoua
- ar a cases
L8. U. B. 0:1E11'0S 0I18,
,r Atlxatna, a.
'mu t Pc. eolttert o1 y u or. Also uldierr' Adl-r '
eruak.1 HLtpud 1'h-n. Wreo rue at ,nl:e.
FRAA& C.REs. P.O. plux 14. Denver, Olo.
L 0 0 ado D'"y EDco
Send s wthe Folo wingf
" I~ wis to1ur i r ayttioy tor la ~d~r'A~
'uadiUes in wat seems~a Wrto me at wo soe.
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s a Laxat ive-.
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turbiig the natural func
I rm everv ctbjectionable
tilh C. Ii the process of -
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tl te, hit tihe medicinal
I 1.U of = i.s are obtained
eit emibination of plants
edkinallk laxative and to
Ntleecial effects-buy the
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hew York, N.Y.
fty. -crnts pe'. bottle.
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Wr~tao kr tr entioirue,. .30 U N u .
11A41 , .tIarlom .Station, .lid.
Grand Testimonial tc
ira Remedies In the
-lumours of the '
and Scalp.
tendeld down I int, iuny chc.-1t w~as all
gone,. astiE may neck now se,Oi1 to be
perfetly wvell.
. " Abut livsear six years ago any
sister httt ai sidunilar ex perience. Shte
had t l hrge ltiumps corne under
hertigh arm,l the resulit of a sprain.
'l.hey grew rapidIy, and our physi
(iln wanited to) cut thern out. I
would4 not) 1liste iota it, and ::he tried
the (utieur aa lIeutsedies (as I tJ1d a
few mot ths aig') with nmagical effect.
In '.ix. weeks' tirne0 the lutnps had
ent:rel di stppea red ,and hlave never
"~ I have great faith in the Cutieura
113em(dies, and2 I bel ieve they mniighut
be0 as5 etlicaciosIS in imilar caas
wnh I0 other pe-opale, and thus save
Tnuch sutfVerinig, and perha ps li fe. I
have dcetrived so mucwlihbenefit fromt
the( uise of them21 mylVcf that I I mi
iatatly atdvis inig
44 otes t) use themti. 1ie
("ntl ti recommijemtledi
7----.. t to an office boy' for
d~g... 1his fathetr, who was dis-.
-y-- "'lt The 1 num's feet u ere
"- -. I wollen1 to ani enornl:t'us
* T sii. and he lao Id not
T" Iwo boattes of Cuit!t ra
Iestcolvenit 1?ndt two bo.csi
oft Cuticura ()intnit
woke a perlfCet eiuret.
graitefu1l'an intyoulrPf.
- r"1 amn very much in..
teretecd in anothe'r erwe
where' ic haive recomi
- mended Cutivura jus-t,
nithe ir hts a gu;treC
wich'l hIad reaed a
that niothin g ctr.bi be
Idone ;that sheo could live,
only two or' three n ek
antd t' '.u.t .shet wou:ld die
of str.:.ngulation. 'Shte
wi.as coiined to) her behd,
and was unable to speah, n. Len her
dau tghtr, Ut myl3 I.lg're!st.ion, triedi
thes e'ffeet of1 the Cui leura Olinment
andOI luttir liesolvent. Ftranige to
siay, shie wm: very sh~ort h(ly I iv d of
the most dIiitressi ng;s myLIjtomts. Thie
swelling seemecd to 1 e txte'ricrized,
anid she is no0w able1 to be arPounld
her' hou.'se, rund cru tt .k as wel as
"It so' ;: to ni.e tht I have h' Ity
good1 groundtils f.or btlIevhig th:. I.
itt itora Imnt:c ies wil pro'.e u
esfu b; I eIhe m14.-4 t t:- ingfrm
of blooad r.nd h ill htunors:, and1( if
youi wViah to use' my. testimroial an~
herein indienlUted(, I am willing th t.
you shotuld d~o so, with the further
jivileget oif re1 v<0 ling my natue amt1(
U(ddre'ss to i-utch peons'1 as rutny w iv lr
to sutatUtnlto the IboveO . (ate
men(Zts by j.per:,onAl lettL'r to mei."
Chicago. Nov. 1:2, l'.C!'.
5il-i worm14. I mer.l9: e'n :rau ii.'Aventr, . . ei
lt1t1it , ttnt;;.o:1s.:-to s .: ;: I.i l C -. 4.a
15 of the LIzil. 1. 5 . .s-i -:-2 S i ip t.' la( 41'.:n

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