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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 12, 1903, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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itecing; n1. 1ttr II ne iiiIIt-s.
T1iI' "l'" 'lillh"'llly W\Ii,i'l' 1Ill'gely 'll
'rttl'i). .tl41i ') I fil'ilIt'I's is 111t' 111111r
4tl 4 .. 11111 nt4l4 ' f1 t' lul"'tl 11;1' l-i
l '11 \ ?'It1 Iilt- ('nl t 1 'V liillrit'l . :ill,i
fI1,1111I 1'l111I1t\'lll'l1I ill t :il, ha l'r t' it's
atl o\Witv. a l1 tol lt4 r';ilrt )ar ls. :IU(I
lhis. ei,tlls (f 1.1ab 1' is is t1in1g III 4'ul1
Iillilt' "'1 illt. :lI t 1'(I t' 1l't44iiiis4'. ;;uutl.
T+ 1'l I nly 1'y to I i e:I. lit is 11, lr
Ir:e ;Irra" of :1 ' :iI 11 1 inllt 1 4 1I'
1:11i1t'tl i !l't's. :;Iitt1 1 iIl ':IIII s :111(1 tc
Ii'Il.i 1n1' !:b i ' l\' i 14 111 ' W\' tll 'illt 1 if Illl'
: ':1raI 1 :In t li ld eI' t( . 4' lit. Ili W I I f
th1,' bi ?' Anvini.' In;th' illry' n liiell Ias '
I'n ilt\ clifl tI :11t1 114 1t tII 444 lt' 11 rl ( I'
a: - " 1! , ' nilih i' Ili1rs. W\'i4111 I4 is
lit:1'i tl "1 i' . 'ti'iI 4'':11 4 ,' Ill - I'ls t: \'il4
:Inlt 1,1 li" w ork"I lit, <im it :til t'ropl1 1,,"
11 1 Rl '4 '., ' '' IT l 411 ttit1:41 4 ,4~ '4 ti t'
-t " :. \ n i'l I''l ' 11I'';11 t i' .; 1\ 1 l.
-4 ' ''" ' t" I 1111111 il' 1'11' 1' nt' 1 -1' '1 1ii4
t," it "i "t i 0 : ilt, ;:11111' :11l'e :t 1i1"
\:, 1 itI ' lll;tIn : W\11- W 4
Il' l ' ' I ' 4 ;:v3 ' 4' 1 11\ . 'i' 'i 1l t.
Ilt': ' -' i 1 t il l ' ilt'- 1 "! I, ; i'..' E i ;ll.
44 ~4 ).. .4)4 W4i144. "'I~' ;1i411 ,11
1'II I 1 i't'. \\ i i'i i". , li "e b, est
:11'i -. :ti . l'l" ' /' i i w - \ 1 .. f1' l l'l'i i11 1tt'
la i' I\'lit-hI. i+ sIIy,.' nl l ed ttli
\\4 li.,4) 44 '''1 \i 141 1 "111t, 1'': 11 I,4I4'
liz" -' " .,i i 1t I it,1"':g il4 : t,u r
1i1 r ' 'I '1'.r \ s\ n'. : :4b41 ii I~t,,, : ,1 '.
ii4 1 . 1r ' 1 - ' 4 -t4 ll i\ :11 t b u. Il
forl.Whea . 1' 4'144'1
I'll '"I 4 II::"1 'i4t' : ' t I ii44'. ,"I'~1 (ii4:
hl . ln 1 o 1 11':.I ; 1r . w il I 1 , f
iii ni h: 1iy liii 1: i' . r III)' II 't' i'lll
i ':t'_"" of i l 1 1 il'' ' u:h I s1 h
''t" I h 111 : 141 Ii t'e 'l 11 t "I I't 11 '
b 1. ,if cori1 t4 1h4 14-'e. The 1a
'1rt i ,11 lllt": illi''';'t45 'tI ii'tilhii,'l lt it4 4i4
1111 '' \\ 41i I ,' ( li ll i i lu "I1.. i' Iilt'll
:1!':111 ' i! t1i I;l 1(1 t)('l14 i''' 111:1tii 1ii . :tlli! itI
11 h of hindu b' 'r' 141an i4-.'. :i'4 t il
1II,' r"l ''.rl ilt'll l':ll l " . ,,z i'le
1,4': ' '.' 44. "ii1.11 . Illli i 44 lit ' 1,""444 l I '
I " 'i i .l 1'l I 441)4 li4 p .I\ . \ it:' i
' . , 1 h:e1' ill 1.'i b 1;
1 ' 1'' 1 : ," f '-) 4144 Il44'':" i' ''
4 ',1'! 1' I l t l : ' - 1
l li l ' I4 I 1 1 i 4 i',' 4 :I t 1" 'I11,
1 4 ':l "' n l 14,. 1 1 r'. 144 , 44 1244 l''4'
IC (1 ni ,t t",br ::l
II4,.' " i I!1 1i'II ' : ,111114 tii" lllt. .
\ ,, ;I 1- :" " '' 4.' ll l I?4144.' I!',I II 11:
:1,1' ' i iti' S i' it4 i - . 44 i:l"'1. ~ 1 1 1''
'4 ' ";.. ':- i t .'s~ Ill'ilt4,Ill414 \'I'll-. ' .I. I..441
. ' Si ll Ih .,'I l IIIi\ '.
T: , I 'll \r ;I1':11 ' II
i !Ii , .iI . Ill' " 1 1 l i4
iit i 'Ii 1'Iollll '. ' I Iiihe 1 ll- 1 ''1 I:l' l '
4l' f !" 1at" : ;.. I i %. iH '"11 l ' i4
11 :,11 , t l'' t' 111 i :1 '' t't ' iill\ ;i t
>'',' 14 414)441 hall. 4.' 14:." 4be444 : 4.
l''4lt.. 441 ii 14') li li 441- :d44'
4hi44': 411441 4ilte ii.s.. Thi4 4'l 44. 4 i
'st' 1 4: ill ' I 'll. 414ig . 4 I li :4li.' ll I :i '
.l.4) 4''ir\'ll lv illl44 \\41 3442 ir '.4"| 11 J II
444 het 14 the l'ot4Its 444 kiini' of 4)
'.1.1 '. d v.:t1 e of4''' 'l' Ir44ln:4
h.4 41 .. .44w.' with)' ;44h
'; ' 4 1 4 I '' 444l :44
\i , ..: lb|'144' :I4is 44Tl ;,: 1 l'< i
44 .4 414:: 4'' l : 1 :l:::ikI'. ''!:14i
:44b;o, m-:44,.I 4) 44r,1:4444414
4 h 4 h'4 4,44 it .. l 11n 4 i';4ur'4,1
h -44 y l'4li . 4."nl '.h. ~ 444
\i, 1: l11 st I s:1' 4444 u 4ye:4
'.' i1 4 h I.4si '''l'I11 441') ..l 4 444 ;
Is :14:a . :l'4;3 14si . 44' 1is. 4'4j 4'
h 1 4~243l4,i . i it 1'lly. 44:44 s ver
4444 44.44Th44 111|(4 544 lS 4;441| 44:o4 i: 4h.
tir jiniginen)t.14 '4g4'4 bli i the infornut
.141upon 4144' i'444 44)44h 4444- . \ 1 ;441
:44 4)4 :4h'44'ills i'k444e '4 4444'iti ill44
-:. '': - ad444 lig'di'i4' 44 i l . : 4 :4tl 444 e .4)
Plant(4.e4uinin4us 4rop'.
t s irn Brhel. ig|.i
li!)'4't ls 004( Sh w 4rye .4'4l .lilk' .
C llitet ill, 1 ('he hiis N10 4 aic.t ri ll
liin.o .V 'ilo, en. ll 444'1'00'ie i44N s
1rlll. to M1 . M l heC blu't.a4'. . '4 jTh rw1.
- furth' efrtsp tok 14g'('' 0t. Lwol
we tiiillolsIi. s i;l elv
T' r prol1tal e:; 4of th40' 4t44141 OgenI
1"'roiano MeCaoiy - foreo a the n
fq1e8t ati Paelld N.iJh, nalto there
Ln wres on thues Jonse' luinpral.ie
R 'Thae--lhdirg lr ori gdeled a n.
nyefa(unlecye eulh. te Twoly nri.
utniral Maero Af le higtheMs.
oir,aNs and Bret. alra,a
Robert ioun Saw.i thaetlyh divfore-e
YorktweMrn Mary Compnver~s aiasa.
)'bus en settle.
Testimny hl combintrion, o Wta
Firotnan ccernsy istinfedmatiohe
Aetwrc on th JrsyCetrl
'A RM -:- fl TES.
Whicl ii ' llte 111115 I'1ilga 'jous ('111'1
in fihl Whvtu1e lisi Aflrii'e s
t.X1e'rilt11I :41 Ill,' .\h hIn;1 : l .t1 11i
1ow.1 l'(I I11 ''"w l'II \i1's gath: - l d'rt (l i
t ht h r hcI1'' adI t'1rt n 1. 1., "., .:G- pml. (-(i
or litt.ug l't, WIil' if It'i lyig onl lii
groun(I un14il .11lanuar4y' t e ).l 11:1y 4ha 1d i
:I Ir/111 I.7 ) ilt1' t nt'iil. l'I'Ill;llill . I1[4 . ,("4
it. nccsity of plowing the lel'r11 1lr'i
.A i1( r'teell (Ihis is 1101 :I I 1.i ti' gu:1
antee'" of lthe rt''ntion of h l it o t'0('
siint"'c all varietiis of "Is i! . '' s Ieu i hay
slight :allinity for nil t ,-- 11. -111, it i
h'I to tvapoll ate'a1 of Iih :W -:- in Ill
Wa:1lItrs of I'i i 1nage '
it' ollly .1ur'(' 4'X p1 ,'tl'1.,,. II ''i {t11't'.
Il Itnl :nolillr crop 1 .: I l I - th( 111-1
inl, ('lem14nt 1until .I,rili hI\ abso.rb)in
iti nt 414 il' own14 441 "4it:., 'li:" l't'I:Iillitl
t(' t"11'i' (' ' "r 11i:t 1 4l y I1 .4-. W h-. or N"il
S '' h4' 11. :)lil lIII' I:iiie,' -. 11 '''4 '
.4I 4't 1 ". fill. I r.l (*|11| 444l l '
1444 41 I 4 I1 1' l1IiI ' :I II Illll/ (I l(. . :1 '
1t1 i111 li' 1 ill i it I''. I ..'1('
\\ 1 )1 . 1' 'I ll 1 Il'l l. i I i t . '
I':II'll '1 ;l4il I''1'11lj 4,'. '4
i I litt-r -t.lirl" .'t -ilow n .
oI l Wt I' . , -' . 111!.' l- i\ '" ' - ! :: - I 1 :
{1111 .x :Il1tl j it , . .l :1 i11 ,
. II;IIIt" 4 Itt lit, 1 :li tl:l ' : ''::.t t"l l!i
ilt"' -:' llc 44 . ('1:11111.1i ."4':'"I I: t 1 \\''24 44
The: 4: 1a1it' :i1s11 n h11 .w
I11 4|| 41 1-4: 1 iII i- 1.: I4I'. t' I 1 4
Wff 444 uIl' :lli \ 'r i : : ! " 4 :1!1
\\ IIe1. :11--1 t"1 i:11411'.
i \4l1 \ 1.1' 11 \ I'Il i ,l1 I l-,l\\ 14 1'I'4I
:1 , ' X'. '"I"t IIt . u
ll':It lit'll ""I :1 14 I ::. .I 4 j t 4m 1 '4 :;I i
1 " 1 :4k III i,. '11 i I 1 1:1\{4' 44 ' It.
i"It .." II/ 1f' 1 4 : I I 4 I 'i l ' 4': i 't 11 4' 11 llt.:1"
1.1 : t ,. 4'i': . 4 I. ;11. l : ;- . l' : 4 ''i i },11
tbl als ne s is o int, o;f
\\ '4Si 44'j* 4 t 11t1. h . 1 1 11414[ t.t
,'rt!l :1 " t it' y i W! "l kill. {: f! Il 1i: 1
4 I4~ |414'j44.|, 1l44 444h14' : 4:j44
Iili1 \ l lt- a ll i :!; \\1i :,h t4ll| t- ';. IIg
1 W '' 1 ' ' ' 1 1 Il'i " n .'1"'l I|'..
1. . I'l )fill S e f 4 ' -11.41 1' l .iti I .;IiI
It \ ;lr" ','. lii t' 1 11 l IIl ':,' :l 1111 ll;l*l II i
Ii;,4 nl* ' ''4 44' 444414 441 ''4 i
u t .1t1 tIt I hI4l\ ) t.:14' :4I t'( iw \
\11.' 11 1 1 [j. ; 1)1 ; 1 j' t"i I 4 .' i i il\
t . 4. 11"': 1 o)n'.s 44 il41.:s 1 '114 ,Ill .I\
4I II. 14 *I444 !4'44 It li 1\1'.. Ih 1'.
I ii il 1114 {4 - ' \-'l-. ' V ti' | l,
' i ' ::; 1 t ' l i t ' 1i 4 Il i :ti 4 4t 4i 4
I W ,'. l y I W11 . :Ii. 11 .11 .',11 : . 1 II. ; 1 11 i 1'\ .
I: ii ' i l i' , l ' o!I' rl I ll . II l ' l. 4,4 : . . '
44Ii ' ': 1 4 S I I 4.tl II ' I 44 4 .11II ' I:. I., t:
ll.l ill It II 'il \\ (II 1
\ '. .1 ' . .
'II4 it" IIzi 111' tIl iii 1 ..1 4 '' I '4'44k I''
lit -''lIql' . 44'44444'i4. 4''
T"o ('tlr' 4':aley I.aa .
le is 4':111 (I |111' y m i4ll Wl' l-h
'lll i \ .. lii111'I ' III, Iia l v4 'if . ]4 . I' 1,1.
4414i:i4n 444 nt is41 l,ontrai 4444 by coni:n'4'
1'4':444. f ':nt iIs.
.\'44 effecive'41 ant I:tily Iupi': .4 relu-4
l4y is a' 1: ni.tr 11f4 kero44S 1n4e.4 lni an
.4e,\ t 1444i4W 4 : 1.4\' 4. 444. l'o t*1 ' ll e': 1444 44 l
I 44' ' 1 '44 i'8 444441 11 1:17 4j4 I .?s. (i- h g
44' inWr'i n 444 s4i4j' 8: i444 . 4 1 -illlillg t ei
441 : 2 *44'i81 1 1 hirt: al.( still1 l'l': I. sill
I $4 llt'1WS I'44'14' 5.I ture 1: 4;. n- !44411
too w th the nito . .le ve ia
,ut5l. lp le i .lo o W l 'l'
%4 le :1 t8
Il Nirunor frain' thes 'lAit K 1'I. F
'ulie 'I 1'is, (1i4ge (4Is W1lit g11ille:i f it4
11ffei t' iontill 4'04llit' ('isens.
ve 'tn(eFrinne 41' lIarn.th ~iSt
ofhpeU'>io |-'arntier tlresets f pi4'*1Cur
.' OeZ hnthf (iplnk ram barn4t' as
inent ar .o itlIhearer ;VI, bra41 01. ill
WaNinon N O LANKTh RME.'t'
committ7e oof the tupots: cen.r folu
hater. iah-ewpporks cit, htays: 1ss,
antn apeal to. braes Critian: 14, lie;
t~>.onaliLnplten; Gosp, manplates;
iTe riggnbdts hasro give inay
triayerf Dr.i Alexand1r, inthy Inian
aportave thbe wr o paesonlo
Grliea Br~itai. aemony h ansIa.
vetdenes te arite the qudest
Are, hich Boliva ha ofccupi,ed. o
In askitK the Sottit Carolina legi
latti' for an a p I)rol)riation to c'onlitti
I ts work, the sanitary and lrainag
(1 titmsio11 of Charleston connty hai
" radl( an int('resting report of its Jil
tgross in rec'laltming I:,,u(Ii acres I)
low latu(IS nl'ar l:airips(01. At( a (US
of a lit tu ore than 14 1 al ol
i 8,0:; acre; hav(. beet Elraintli. and th,
('co tnii(sion r'tports that. hat teri.1"Itor
it now ierfectly health. and it ms
sorts that the mere ro-duertion of fit
Iinbel' of los(ltitoes which had heel
bred in tih' p ontds amncl li(Iassrs hi
bo n of in"EalcullabIt' ben(fit ii thi
, health of that. sectlon. Tihe' col"108
S ion states thliat t he work is now 4 ai
j 1roaching a sec"t ion of the 1-ounit
Whic'h1 hai1S beEi( for Vears cmisi(i r(i
the IaOs h;iwll's!;. I)rainage will nialif
ti ll' terrilory hbealthy" a d ll liFri t itS
oeniml lil)n by law abiding whlites. so
that it will b Il. sanitm.y h,Olh irnul Ihi'
physial and iiiral linaid point. 1'li
Ildl( dc(I icresuis alleiEly ob
Iailti Ihro(g~h It is Irailag1 ioil,
toh l L' t to' InI ;: ( o rS,'"i -lli n El f
cl,llt il ion an11 (id l1adt Io a 1 >E1 gill
/'ralI IItnv"llt'nt. k'w thel rclmationl of
( t i. r sch waIt. iL..) in 11h. Sout I h.
A 10.000 Spindle Addition.
)n.' ;l 1i'the lmost 1c 1 ..- 111u i t 1tnn
JAl' pullh ic hl'':rs htil' . is 1h.1' lnt(iltl"t.
I(1 b' the (b)rle'll .\1la factui:iIg ('I. at
('t(ncord(, N. ('/hi "ollpany h1'11i
ils It1(ainm ll ie(-ting tast w:s l( w i 1 the
reluorts: of the iinan.ti;.-n: -'" t11 .;' nt1 (
h4om1E inteIes itngC tiEl't: ' r.alriing the
-'utcrp(rise. Th'"e t i fp-irt v t( I:t l a
tmi -anmul d ii :. :.i I tf 4 ilr i '..
e !inrged1 off $itl.l,it for' we 11(: and :11a
of nimnct bieiy nti tuii. $1(0 ,'t ''' for
tli:: lcuin , ytint tci itA sin. t'i i a (sl, , iner a ,' '
Al sIlln Irti abolI: it i;-,.:41 i'ln i, .!:,-a .
h11 (lier; also 'auth11 '-izi- .-w u1.11 mtI.1r.i g
ilE i iancE of ;- I ',i !It. si t r i 'r- til
:inlrittint oi1 $lich.ml+(. ;i19( 4"? ill o
which was sibtscibtl at. oncii"e. Thits
(ett (cai tal w-'ill i'- 'XI)I lhl 1 n II tll
1 it il 11114 1'(i il 1iin' 1 i. : 1 It 1 pr(1 !1t1
will ih , tin-' yar1n:: It II . T;( lhe O(h "ll
S tilnt at' I 's it ha:':;.nili 'in; :pin.
'!l(' a111 1.721; In ll s is It ap1 I tal11
,."fhun' this iic 1as t was ti.:ll,ilm. It,
Ius 'I .11:)1t1 I yl,rlnn h:!Its ctt h. (II
a11!111.1I1I', altl tI 'i l l . I~IcIY_ hIl l i IJ1 /4
Textile Notes.
(C. I. tioniIt'Villt' and associat '
t< I' nilt ioneIl rccintlV as having
iulrc'hast'1 .\rl!Strong: Kntitting Mills
al ('haret'les illc. \'a.. as to op)ealittl
:;ame and1 introdl:-c the mraniufaetur:'
Of Otralls iii eonliletion with the
thiri linls, II. (. Mchlantl being
dlent: C. 11. oncc -r'tville', secretary1. anUl1
\V'. 0. W'atsonii, triea:mter'Z. 'iThis ('om-i
hnJnufaturtliE' ov~eri'a is. addhing 1444 SOw'
tug inchiie's 10'r t hits I'ppsc.
I erl'e Iy Kiiit:ng \l ills. lHerkhle.
U\ .. Iis 111 i 'oplt it tu- , 1 i'4 : 'lit.-; :ht.
iiig lids bieeni dllt'i l.d ilk Iiig it E90i
1)n1 in positon This ltui ll mtanuifne'turs'x
i uh I -'lratde 1( laic\'dlvcwear' tinished'c
w ih ,ilks. SeJv'Era1l it ith twevnty-live
assotm en cts proditlitstd arii lisle thr'--a!.i
IW .t It \'.' itl)t 1.W ihnanll'.Icndk T a\
I!r:I N c. pres ien tIl bIns 'cat i'1pl I
itila'- At., hnsalle beenl i Niewie Jorkc
hi dilg th ast wenee nroialt'n with'1
tti' y .. t' I pPitalists5 fIl thi' (?retion(~
E aglte ad1entMls (:T-tor 11: 1 bluu
bitlI. It wgas reogtten olewek.g
Ihal New(f '' Yok pa,hanti iictem l
th.at ig as $40'0.00' plnill at llntslle.
1).'ilfl' esablih'okiing p111at, oale,n
t'ae ni to intall iwlv $10a00.Itnes ad
mh aifa 'iure mploy h osi.j suitabl
buildin astll beens securd'lfor thee
millp i. peratiovna willbe cnuted
i1nderth itl e N.L C.. oodlteCao. in
Iagl a111 pndle ahnix0 ils-olumbus,I t
Gi.. ill' lIet an add iitin uc an. insta
ich'ineryi fiori I manufe ting Not
rope.'lli Costutio' of Plithe re) haired0
builingi hasd begun00.
tha hies pricialCo wil1 establisla
l(a., 11 Ilnve lti abot $0,000.ste' Vas s
th lanto,N . w tlhemp oaoul.g5 en
tosa Vnindo oli U'iss oerats'e hthree,
'nilts in Penyvna teSrno
E. L'i. uodMnfeuigC.
Brof~o.oN. C., cotmliates Cot-n
tonuient Corpotioefnitel decite tnoC
' uhdaseid'fomin In Ndew milk in Ne
York. They Shuford Chlnt,rlow hK. 7,iv0
knitiglant atr Man)chesttr, Va.Is
equimen whill etemve: fnromo Scot
nd w er k .C, h hne being nd.Anfi.rone
' madtobe mahie hee me laor:
enn hessrs.il S.ec ured.' R. . tihst
8Tnhe.W direthao ofte Caes. C.t
have iucorporaton tof Blaltimorey
heldo manfeetngin nd ealingrk aot
week.n mily spletdCs als .Olv'
' pressrsn. teiee TrCo., L 103 re
steet, York, Phot rein. , i ul
Co.th ilk abiut totd itlatl in' opera
i. ont N.had t bi been p orso ehwek
j5 pat dwhiexnsiov oe imprtveet
.., ere be made 8o nubro e
North C arolina flember Passes Awa
- ilolored By Senate.
e \:\lhrtillC, N. C'., :im(i'tl, l''on):rt s'
inaic .. M. .\loO(ly died at his htnt- il
'\\'a' :I' . : Ale T 'I'hradI av at 1:.I:, e''l 1+
. :1'h' n, n 'f Mlajor .\lo(dy's deatl
f ranl t :i a h')-(. Ili. had been4,1 ill fo
e (Vera! n tt'(k inl \'aslingtonu ll-for
t he crt -l' i \Wayniesville" la;t Sat
lurelay ,r'n.oI . lari of hliti title' Ih
I l was inl a \\'as(tin.1gton hospital. al
,when it 1%:n, s(51n howy really serious: hi
4"(cIniitiin1 was it wt'as 51gg('std by 1:i
1)hysiel:n that le g home 1 an take
ret fron:I his cotIgressional work. I
waits Iho,urht alste that the clain
wtather" at ti:' t"apitall was injulriou
to hiit, ani chut wheun he re.tilurel t(
the' high. dry anti he:ilthy atilospilhler
to which he. as :.Ilsettit'tl lie wouhi4
.\I ju: i\le,<ly n -is h rr Ils I-ridai
uight. li- was in (,ry hail health. Dr
J.Von as in.s :,!.11g phy:,iciant
.\ meissag' frun! \\':yI!tvtille to thi
('ilii.(u .:,1 th:t .\i. r .\luudy liar
14 4 i in !';:l h1"ta!Ii :(: Iihre yeaIrs :l
M i gh i t wa '! ..u %,\: I I lie pilblli .
h- h:: I , be"n ' rit"a ly ili te I u iutl tl:("
The itnnlm "iintr , -tum " of hi.s it: h l1t.:;a
t(,ngt'sti('n of 11he hutl:.' . .\h<t,l lih:'t"(
(,'rluwk Thursday in1orn1!ing !'it last m
st"lu -Snl('i- :tl tii did u :e .11 iit ucp I
t i e 1111r of hi,; <' t:tfii.
.lajo \ar M l ,i e ars ol. Il'
I aVes a wife a ni .- litirt-n. 'lhe
funeral w%ill take t :la, :-( na mnurn
ing at i 't(cI(lo k. lie . .1. 1". .\h b rni t hy.
of the \lett bulist 'hur, h of \\':v.1-.
Iilie'. u.' whiich \lijor" \OcndV wai a
ttlrmher. wIll rontlut"t thel sierVit"e":: The.
Ktights of I'vthias :ttud Ituval .\ra
ni1n, of whieh the (cngr(essmlan wuas
a memb'llenr. will atte'ni.
W\'ashin.;tr,n. ip .-ial. -- iter rsen ta
live' Nil t i i tee'e'Vtl a le'I('g'Im 1;'()I1
\\ainets'ile. nn( unring th1re dIatt of
Iwerji"rsentativ,' Jars .\. .\oody at is
hI,nlme in \Waynesvilie. shortly after I
o'elo(k I'hnrsday. \r. Klulttz inmmedi
:'teiy annlom tiunrl the deathi of his roi
leagte lin the Ilouse. and the usua
I rsollit ions of regrct Were sadlopted.
Speakerl" lend'r"on naliled hile fIollow
Ing romnitter' to atle"nd the fc"-ral:
.\less. lKlutt.. (lamab' it.cin. ilack
hciro. P and ,:nali of North Carolina.
Itron'ilore and I lisn1 tof 'I'e'essr-r
'T'at' f G('drii:t. 'inley ntdt .luhn::on
:f c-olh ih Carulilt:t. I,:thi1 of \'irgiain
l iangen of IOwa. I ulny of Conniectit,
Randall of Texas aini ('Conr of .\li
Tha ;rn:ttt' ruljuurnu,'(1 IridI.1 afIter
t1ouln at. ;:'IJ. tw( hurs tii olv:cn-: o
I h t u s u al I im . n e t o f I'e p (' t o I i
men'tiory3 ofi Rihe i:t'c' lIiepreisc'-iatm~
Janes It. .\loIy'. Sriiator imnluu:
ralnt ttli thr Ilhmtr:s, rsoliltieton Ipass'c
'Titllhlay in hurnur ' thi t miemlirv i
I the cl,'eras:t'ud and rrefrred in ajpIpru>cri
at'' wo:-dls to thre dittmise of .\lr. \lo( :ty.
'Ile Senato unanimllnatsly aiopte! Iie
Iliuse resOlltionl4 and as a fuirthrr evi
ile;Ie" (1' i'of ic r t adjou11rne'i l on lorltiont
of Slenator" Siminens. In the Hous,e thti
norning the bli.l rhajlalin, Ret. .\
('ouenR. r'efe'rredi in teouc'hing languiagc
to1 the' ud'e'iased I ('lre'sen tative . Th<lI
dleskl wichii'i lhe ociienpid was hen!r't
ith i a bceaut,iful floeral offe'rinig. F;onil
at half masit.
Th'le Cotton Supply.
New Olean'as. Spieecil. -SecrIetar'
I l eter'.;~i l 'ttmenit of thle wucrb'.
ivisible sup~ply' of e'tcc0m shcws I iw total
iviibe' Ico be1';: bales, againus
l.U!'tii5.~ tact week anlii 4.151c.7154 i:a.
year :. OfI tis t!w'11 toal of Amer oi can
a ol (: on. i . :. 01.1 agai ns ; :i,20.955o lis
week, aind Rue. CII ilia I:t yea. l|
leon theRr' isc Ri,; alioat al heldl ii
Geat' llritain' ai i'ictinental 1':ur .
1.959.000ll hia'e.. agaiiisl 2.:12:.,00 lao
yer ill iEgypt. 1)'1.tlI0. againlsc 24 tecq'
las year; ini iini'. -127.000s, iaRtim
""iat s. iI.989.0, I 0c agin t .17.000 la:;
C.onv iention Adjourns.
('caincsille. Flia.. Spu~eial.- Tinc
imlorn ig se ssion1 of Iice' conivi a <Ricc
iCunity supe)(rintenden'1tsc of imbthle' in
strutitoni and1 g"'neriai edciat Inal
boardi wvas e'onsumiedi in t he dilscusaion
of' school bu11idinigs and c e'qipment. ('i
The aiI ftoon session wa; deivoe i
n iegro Ce'entloln anel how it shiou;ld ice
'onducl (tedt. Aftecr 4 c'cl?cek i he isit':'.
were tendered aic dr ive thirouigh ( ain:-.'S
ille and( the near--by counltrcy. P'rof.l
IluChiolz and Dr. hut trlick of the gin
eral educaietionalI bcoard,(l alldrel('sOid thr
'onlvnetlonl at. night oni ge'neral eduiica
tion. after which t he con21venion)1 al
dotCii has sent1 theL lloin(iVig nIominal
tions21 to thle Senate:c .. . li. MdcD on
nioughi. A ssocihate Ju lstice of iie 81u
premie ('ourt of tihe Pihillppine ishunca;
Willis \'an D)eveinter, cf Wyon'ingc
United StaItes Cir'ettit jurcige' for' t
eighth jud le'al ('ir1cu1t. C lnton 1
Iriin . of Illinoi01 A sscijcat .list ice if
the Supr'emel Couti. of Ok lhcomc.
Police Chief Shot.
flamberg. S. C., Special-- Chie'f of Pc
lice J1. II. King was shiot andl kIlled by
Joe Davis, at thet laitte'"s home. King,
it is said, went toi D Iais' house at the
Instance of Davis' wife. The latter' hd
quarreled with her iIhusband and desiriee
him11 to beC plaUedt under('1 ai peace bond
As King ente'redl D)avis ordlered him tc
stop. inRg advanRced1 and1 tappedi 01
the (door1 when D)avls shot him fr'o
a window with a shot-gun, killing him
tlobson's Resignation Accepted.
Washington, Special.-Naval Con
struictor Richmond P. Hobson's resig.
nation has been accepted by Secretar:
lIfood ', who has written Mr. HIobso
asi follows: "eThe Depaitment acknowl
edgeA receipt of your recent resigna
tton,tendered JanuAtry 29, 1903; als
fdtir tcOfogram of F'ebruar!y 5, 1903, de
clitahg tg redonsider the same. You
gtMnation from the- United Stati
2' (i*y 'ieac d ~pe' to take 'effect ,fro:
this date, to GIuary 6, 1903."
y (lltO'Il(I'i-S AND) P'ROVISION5.
Coffee -IThe m arket elos:wd dull, Withi
lIuotatins o (he basis of u3%c. for No.
.7 Itio. fil<d Coff'ees wre st,!aitily at
these (uotaltiotns: Suntos. 7i1 I te.
per pounlll(1: \Liariaviho"il . 9 : '21 1 ,%<.;
. 'ava, 192i, u:t.: \Iotha. 180,1-i . I)elive
i ries in lalt linore last week were 2.79!9
r hars: .14wk. 59i7 hags.
Tl'h recceipts at Rto were 9,000 ams:
slot'ls. 577.(1 bags: exthalge. i
- 2:-32.: marl'ket was firm. Rec"c'ints at.
i Santos were 20.000 hugs: stock. 1.920.
000 luigs: market steaty. At Ilavre fli
tures (1osedI stencdy at 1;Sf. advrantce.
Sales wert, 9.000 bags.
s Roasted ('offee--T''he narkPt was
I (illte at quotations as follows: 1. I..
('.. In cases. I0(i I04ec. per poutuI. In
tns an(l hags. pure Java. 324032h:1.
ire Maracaibo. 22(224t.: Santos
IX'% (1 9e.: .Iava ann( Mocha lIt'nd. 27t1
lReflueel Smigar---Tiev situiation wa:s
quliet. and. while pricIs we're Ituot( dt
steady. the Iidul'tole was still easy.
T'i'- (luotlt ions wre as follows: l'"
- pountd. ('ut-L,oaf. I.i e. 'utw"lere(i.
.1 II i%".: tandarcd Granulated. ;5.01'.,-:
-ine (raniulated. 5.01 i,e4.: ('rystal A.
i . y ".: CO llumbi1a \. -l.7e;e1 .: Y' elt t.'
.17< .:: -.47t .
Salted .\le:tts 'Tert" was n(o ht:'m -
inl tis market. The mnov'timntu:;s
fairly acetiv(' and pricers we'(re tilln .1t
etutiii aions as follows: Per poun<t. ltli,
thouter's. l:ngli.h C'(t. 9% e.: li.tlk
Shoit Rihs. li%c.: Hil $t ('liar Sidet,
1i .: I lulk i li !i s. 1(1.t I .: l(1(-tnii
Shonllers, 111 r.: Sllgarll-lt'redl 1 : mt
(Iers, ll1 .t.: Sagar-('mred )tre":1 't:
1:.it .: laia s. :to tt.: skinuetl. 1 "t''l.
pic"nit. 1!1.-. .\less P'crkl. $18.5 0 per hnr
rel. I.ari In iertOels, best fined . lu',
tents: in I lbs and tins, lit-.
IiiuIter - Th'e. [iuttter market wasI
('iiet alnld, while prices were'. n. ha
u hged. the undertone w a .nsettlc d. 'Thl.
quotations werIte ats iillows
('reamery Separato ....... ...... Gi 2, 1
('rea n:ery Gathered Cralm .. -(
Cr'teamlery lmIltation ............'2.2'33
Iowa Nor th west ern L,adle . .. . ..21(r22
Western Store P'acked . .. .. .. . .. 17rji 18
('reamlery Prints I l-lb.) [email protected] 31
('reamery P'rints t14-lb. I ......:30(7IIl
Md.. \'a. and Ila. Pr1Iints .... .. LIri29
('rea mery Iiloecks (2-lb.) .. .. ... .30'i:i
Small jobhing lots sol(t 1.. to 2..
higher than the wholesale quotations.
('heese -Prices were firmly minlta u -
ed in all gratdes. with thi deman still
aetive. The (luotations were: I'er"
pound. New York full cream. 60 pouis
141%(1 I 1 ji.: Itat. 35 pottuads. 1 -tt' ' l -l1
rents: pit"ni(", I1-1{4(y 1 t.
gg-T rewas a firmil l'e(lIn in
Eggs. ai buyers showe<d more eal;grI
ness than at any (timl(" duing 1t('
week. Of toirse. the tooler we'atlher
stimilate( (he market. just as the
warm'"r \"eather earliier had tlepr'aesstI
it. Iries were advancedt andl ctuc"vs
"i(,n.r we: re not g'rante'l. The lut)iattt.
w\erc as 'tollows: WVeslrn. 2:t.: \\
\'irpgi nia. '22r.,2:,-.: Sotthernl. _'1' i 2"(.
Strict "y frtsh n'\w-laid fancy "gg. pe("
ti( zenl. 21.: 22'.: toltl-stornage. 190 21, .
.Iohhilig lots fromnt:12. to 1e. at- v'e
wholesale prices.
L.ive Poultry --Thel rereip ts Were
{only modierate. while the demnand v-as
c-onstanc, and prit"es we"(re held to a
firm basis in all Pottitry. The q!uota
lions were as follows: ('hickz'ns. ltens,
l,er' pottl. I%I ( 12e.: u(1d Roosters,
eac"h, 25 r 30..: young, large Chickens.
IPerI poundii. I1 3t;.; young small. fat.
1-tt.: young st :igs. I0lI'. 1.: Dut'ka
Iudl, 12(i..: Miust'ory andl .\longre t,
j.de..luseov l)raIkes. each . 4t)4)50.:
I\hitt' ltekinxs, per ipound,. 13il4i.:
h'e'se. WVestt'rn antd SotuthIiern, elh,
tunhhd. 1(141 12c.: Kent Island., 12t. :
Turllkey.s. thiir4 llins, 15t.: yuouing 't ilh
Iblers'. 14c.: ol litnl mixett, 13
ittlet for (lie itfferings al when' stoctk
wads 1chosen it W;is ini deman<til LII a pre
heaIlhy Tlhi. (totaItions w'ir' as il
1;e. oldl amtI ixi(. t'2t.: I)utks, 114.
it. 11air t good,t I 14)15l .: miei.
-m;:o amt111 large. lb1.: C'apons. la-gt
'0 I irte.: sm a11l. I 1 di 15'.: sli ps. 1 4 -. I:
Iti *ly. Th isot'ai!.tins wr as '1elb1
7 ue. miiiium. 74: 7i4t.: heavy. I9
I 4:5'.. n telrel ing to <(lLlity'.
Son's Pants Are Co'nfiscated to Fit
the Father'.
Ithe hoy of twetlt'. withi pants matrkedl
"I hal La('I coslituentli. Wieiganld by
name,l' at little. thin, wisp of' miankintd.
who was the fatheril of foux' big gir'!r
and one small btoy. Wie'ganxd's in
('omei was small, and to maket~ i:L'b I
mee'(t. (he fathier's trlouser's ht ii to to
tilt dOWni toi fiIt his btoy. Thliis work'i
the ladt's s istersi' i dill.although t hey dIidt
unot. retlish thie taLisk. When the h'oy
gre(w so Ial aI s to hav'e reai led Ih b
long-triouser's stage, th~e ev'enit was s
('(lebiraitd byI ) the( purcha' iLse of a brantid t
nwpail' wtih I moneyi' th ltadi htat n
('arnedi'i. Aflr awh' iVlte thei hoy' tbought
aitolltier tiir for hiimsetf. At this pe-!
r'iodl hiis sistel's notireid the f'ather'
<iily trlOtiisers wer'e shabby. so they
('onfis(ca td the boy's fi rst toing-tegged
pa1 ir amlii gav e thieml to Wlegatni.
Si nior)1. Wheni i th le old1 mant appe(aret
In theml, oneit or the girlts sah!d to lie
'Ain't It nIce? We won't hiave lto
io ainy alte'ring f'or awhIle. for' Blenny's
p)ants will niow fit Ipapa.' "'--New'i Yiori
Your' gireat man shInes he'for'e the~
populace In vain--wittlit thle itneys
paper.' lIe spreadenlCgles5 the Contiitu-I
tion In v'aln-w'tiout the neiwsIfhpape.
Il(Is clarlin voice wvakes up1 the ui
v'erse In vain-wit.houtt the~ niewspape 1)1
-IHls most astoutnding finanelial ('nteri
pr'ises servo hlim Int vain--withiout the
nesapr IIis scientifl' teseairchies I
andl achievemenlts are v'aln-without
the newspapeWr. lli wirel'essl tele
-graph would be an accomiplishmeont of
Ssmall mnerlt--wlioult the newspaper.
SHits moving sermons, rattling hell fire
- In the faces of sinners, are in vaIn
.without the niewspaper. His successes
In every walk of 1ife are vain---with
out the newspaper. The newspaper Is
the fame-mi'ak{er of the age. Of course.
r som of the fame In cheap, but It eatis
Sfics the living wearer of the cloak,
n even though posterity may change
It-Ne.w Yorvmk Prans.
A Hard Fight Against All Antl-Trtist
W\ashington. Special.-It (;ai be
statd'(l by authority that. unless anti.
trust legislation, at least satisfactory
to tit' admlinistration, is enaeted at
the( present session, Pr1esidecnt. Roose
'elt, (n the Lti of Mareh, will call an
extraordinary session of the 1'ifty
eighlth Congress. Thell Presidient himl
self has al'eady iiformdi im('lnbers of
Congress of his desire and of his dc
termlination in tihis regard. It is under
stool lht. the alnoiltmleem ent was
dirc('t and lmlinlifiedi. It is further
statc<d that the deteritInation of the
Presidenl was reah(chd only after
careftil stldy of the strenuous efforts
that arle(- h'ing made to defeat. any
anti-t1Rst. legISIation 1 by Congress.
Thcse efforts have covered a wide
range. 'I'hey wtre charncterized Sat
11rday by one prominent. Itcl)ubli(anl
I('ader, to (111ote hitu directt.ly, "as the
Illost rellarktablle of whicl I iave ha(1
personal kn1Wledge dluring my public
life." The'se efforts culminalrte dui1r
ing the past 1;li hours, it is now dle
I'ared, in direct apIx'als from the
Standard (it ('onp Iiiy. Ilhrougli its
president. Mr. .ohn 1). Rlockefeller, to
he mlleibhers of the Senate not to en
let alny anti-trust legislation at this
itie. No less thal I'niited States Sen
1tors have rcivdI tIlegrals signet'd
'Joh 1). Rockefeller." urging thant no
inti-t rust. legislation beo enacted. It
its tot becn possillt' to obtain al copy
>f these dlspatehes. which it. ('an h
4aid. are practilly i(dentIn aI. Suh
;tantially thea read as follows:
"We are opposed to any anti-trust.
legislation. Ou' ('o nsel. .\Ir. ---. will
;vv yoll. It 111st. b e stopped."
As stated. these telegrams. and it
must be clear that only the sulbstance
ind not. the exact wording is hero
iven. wore signetl. ".John 1). ltoc'kefel
Yest trday morning (tne of the 40coun
el of the Standard Oil Company ar
"ived in Washington, and called im
nediately upon m1emhers of the Sen
ite as indicnted in the telegrams. li(
lii not remiain long. Searcely had he
nae known his hiisiness than he was
niformni'd. a hilt. urtly, that his prn
'.nce hoere,- was undesirable and ie left
w-iti an intimation that he would bet
t''t retiurn to Now York.
lIur"ing the afternoon, information
ot triin" g t(e ri('(tipt. of ti' iles
-at"s leaked ot11. and becamel' the subh
iert of som11e (tiliet (loalk room is
-ussiion at the Senate. The news also
rearht"d thle Iltoe, -tnlt' (of thm promli
'(it. Representatives learning tie gist
if t he dispatches. Then it b)ecamne
known that. this was not the lirst time
the taldard Oil Comlpany, through it's
ttorneys, had endeacore(l to in
inence legislation in( Congress at this
session. The attorneys for the conm
pany. it wias stated. had opposed
rigorously the eniml('nit3. of the illmeas
ire sibnitted by Attorney General
KIox to the sub-committee of the
Ilouse judiciary (ommittee. Subst
gnlently. when what is known as the
lit tlefield bill was reported to the
H-ouse, It can be saidl on the hest of
authority. that thle Standatlrdl Oil Comn
laniy 's (oiimueJl hogan to de(vote thelir
opplositionl pairtiulairly to the Nelson
iLmendmhIIent to sectioni t of the Depart
mientr. of Commier-ce hill--the amend
menut wh ichi ((ontahis1 practiclly the
p'uolic-ity features oIf the Knox anti
trust lill. Th'ley did not wanlit that inl
:'orpor(atecd inl the mei(asumre, ane(l, it Is
41nid. used their utmost efforts to pire
PenIt its favorable consideration. They
were' ilusnecessful . as the billI. wivithI
that amlendmenliCt, wiias a greed upon)3 uni
animliously Saturdal3y by the conferees
oef thle two branches of Congress. Th'le
act.io (of it the coiliferees was; reet i ved.
it is imderistood,41 with satisfaction by
it. is re'garded1 as a long an<l1 es5enial 11
11tep towardl the kinid oIf ant1i-trust leg
islation that both thei ant11i-Irs and3:111
lino(x bil11 ad(voent, the334 legisla1t Ion.
11artl1iclarl tha3t. the. Standar<L3l Oil
Compan so3 V5 vigorou ls ly ob jec:ts to andlI
wichlI it is hoped miighit lbe heVaded off.
3r 4-mascullated(. thIrough the appals1
madIe to SenatorPs le fore- it r'each-edl the
sta3ge ofi actuaul pmssatg.
II. Is saill by3 a1uthori3ty that thle ad
rnnistr'ation hopes Ithei Ilkins irebatu
>ill, which(1 was pIassedl by thle Senate
his week. will bee pIassed also1. by t he
louse. N While; this measure,1 too (1.Is 01)
115d by 13 thIose who itre in fa1vor (If no(
r'ust legislat Iion, 1( III Ihe1special opoiin
o) it. does0 not11 come from the Standlard'l
')il C'omlpan y, hecatise it is ex plai ned.
hat1 ('oi porat (1 io has grown1 b)ey'ond anly
-ffects It- ('nfor'(tlCimet Of suhl legis
at Ion ni ght1 have upon01 it. Th11e Pies i
leint, it is unders0itood. regardIs the 10l
dlns bill as essential to a r'ounding out
if t he admInIstration's plan for anti
ruist legislation, and13 it Is believ'ed by
hio:a in close toneh'l wiithi hi m and w1'vithi
ho condIt ions in Congr'ess thait It
any13 ho enlacted ito law.
Saturday the e'fforits being mladle to
('feat. or' ema3scui3te p)endilng anti
rust. legislatilon formied the basis1 of
he subhject Is likely to he dlevelopedl in
omet de(tall In Congress. One oif the
c'cipients (of tile agreement signiI by3
,1ohn3 D). ILo(-k(fCller,"' said: "'No such
Jiridab311le wieapon ever has been l)ut
1 tihe hands(1 of one mian by another
n a legIslative contest, 31s wias pu3t in
ny hands by the sender of that tehl.
~rami. If ne-essia ry I willt ise in mIy
11ia(e in the Senjate and1( read It. Th'len
ve- wii-ill ace whethIier aniy votes are to0
10 rec'0'(orl algain3st the legislatIon
Vlodical Studecnt Failed to Recogniizo
Old Frend,.
A y'ounig miedlial stuident cam'e11 face
Ii 13a( with ai deoar, 1ind, fa therly
nokinug gentleilnan with wihite haIr
nd of hi1ghly respectable ap)pear-an(e.
Thei1y both Stood tr'anafixed. Thelo
ame Idea fiashied aeross5 boIth of them.
"Your taco it familIar-very taml-'
lar; but 1 can't remiember' wihere we
ave met so oftea."
However, the friendly impulso was
arriedl out.
They shook hands warmly, partook
)f a frIendly glass and departed, stIll4
gnorant of each other's game and
Bunt the young man was determinedi
to solve the problem, and he seIzed on
a waiter and said to him:
"Toll 1m1, waIter, who is that dis
tinIshied stranger with the long
white hair?"
And the waiter whispered lowvly:
"Please, sir th.at's te pa.... .v
nuhl.clt: ChrlistIinI I st r-( ti Irol, 'r
** .4 1:-i,oldel 'iex 4i t:04 . xiv., :t
- 'yorJ verreK. t'9-t- 4t n- +usrv or
tht ' LesoN11.
nrl. is. l 1 tii , "1 ho.,t' I' r i,.l: 41 Ill4' ;till
l oi (" il"l s( ' tli(( t ih " I e nol
laidl o the ultn I fwhich IcIt.,t~t :l p rt
ly to those Wilo .1ich I l'l) rt .
hebd inl the len1lh fvIII uri prtivat e,
the nm rket, by tt. icvt.. o- 11%
he eiuestiti wasil f ('hri ijl y;l'a k t i n- poor.
th idolaifr. "lmh n l"" ""'en htlin
by Ite tount"il al .Ir l,e -I n c.rbdde
beflorc, bccaui:c IheI ni *.\rt tr tv"1
-ca:ewi hbrelbre1 i A\ct i;: 21 ") u
h.r( in CorilIth. a (Ilntilt' Itity. Ihe W is
tion necdedll to be lei t leI n a l h;li..
"Is notiing.'' Noh11iing but a rurte"d hlIt
of w"oodl tr stone. hlaving nuoWe o rI e
n ut (I(o tter. Note in the Corilltlill,
e. rh hte .1ewt of. (ll+ ans. Il
I it'ed Ihat. an idol waS a111 ling. Th'll
h.ttl know ledge alike init f.i-. Thie lilie".
tion wits tit . 11011 a Inot her poinli . ;!I lt r I
settlemeIn t Ihey altp 'p1e- to Paid. - on(
othecr (<odI bnt i m('. The Crea- 14' . .
taiie'i- of all thiog-. Th( "r is nu r("I'a'nl
taton iii the truet i ni 4 ny4 t hIe of 4 4 ' I d l
5. "l',allrtl gut-- in bhc a .tn." \ 1l
tied k iings. hena .s. 1 ive r. , s c'r-l enl - . t
I' hthen had Ia% ir gol-.
ll tt1 k il lien1 l in- a! i ;u Wh-d.?! -l
II. "T'I a u."' 1 'ri.. jan. 11~" (lutl.
A Ill I isN nc eded. for ill Itim: ,Itvcll. itp
low 'r mal love. " Pat Iii'-." The i ' .-ie
.;'' d14";I-w t w ou"'d I'rll:- I I t . I llt'h
o .igi tin: c"an,t ilf' a1ll ih "'\\' i
n-ii . In I is thougtl. IIis ta l" ". \\e Wt",.
( t(ed for Hiin. and ottr hitrht,i h11Ippint'e.
bs y.lltilg ml Ilbs alt y. " inr I.n'I .Ir.u
brui5-1 4(4 'l 'hi 1 1 lte ' Soil, uui"'w 1 th i t
'athe"t. our l.or({d "nSvi,um'. "Ibhrough
whose Ime'diation art' I! thi,.g.. int.lutling
1: 1-3: .'.ph. a: 91. --W e ). ;lir -
dee.n(d by Himn. atnd at,ill },y Ilim t hego i
-1 IKn(wledlge al~nt" not QuIit'nl v .
7. "Flowhtrit," otc. The ('orinsthima. ;r
gued, that. thev all know ti!at an idl n-a
not hing. bunt Patul replied 1 hat I his nais not
1itiversalvl the ea,o, that sonie were liol.
vet ('ntirc'l tic tro l h('r lathen ideas.
\IaIniv Wele ver;y iglnoranit. 11:16-ig I tlst. e's
ein'd from tlien idoltrir. with iut lit
'leknowledge of the iruth' of tI. gospel.
OItd elttnlt cl it;: to lheir' mmOrv and!
afftetld thentlt m many' n\,iv.;. k11t vltI. g
;Ilone (olnd not settle lhi tl O' 414: om.
(]n1 bihertyv of act ion is no t the 'lamlard"t.
"('ur in eit'n-"t of the il ol. i4 "c H. \- ' -.
tom1 hndwrought inl them ; r("V(ere" u . fiir
the 1d14 w11hirh ('bri"tia1i 1 i l ;i' not yet,
ent ire'} l ': 'lee away. :\ r('formited diinik
rdl n-all" I i t N ahlon with dlillferent fteel
ings frtl otilon' who has itever' klow.n i li.
tastt" .tnr .lI-,ng diik. -''trmac"ientce bein
we"ak.' l-romi want of kno wld. t,I(. Noi
Strong a i ttiughl to cr1asi) fit-Ily the grcal.
I ru hi Iha t an idol is mlthi+t:: nlv 11ble to
hile 4 that tht" wort"shipt of idlol' is sin. A
weak eol4sc1io'1' is unc whlitii thr ' rt
g:Irls as wrllng; wn;t inl iai t is no: ., t,r
10' wh.ieb i. not te'ar" a1141 m i1 de d ill 11
jiudgment", oi' 4tl' which has 14t power
'1no1gl.h to restrain a Iet'r.on from doing the
II lig it ondIenl ;. "Is defiled." \\'ll'lt1 4,.
-i thing he right Ilr- wrong lie' who-inll loing
t goes againist his conscijni t wrongs hin11
:qlf. '1Is hardetn. thel ruonstIe"nc"(, dli.=trt,
It. wealkenls it, blinds it. -
8. "But ," et. This ver.,r' i to be I.r.
raiied as (he view taikrn h I th te (nin
Ih iains inl their let ter Ino t he apostle. PalI
t'.ius their position, but shows th11t thcre
rr tither i1ns it) e considered. " (oml
n'nrdeth uii not." God doe not tin1k atny
i.ncr(" of .us ),or eating, lir for refrainin'g
Sroinl eatmng. it is our c haaclr:, oM.
mnoral condition, ourll love. ]Iol .on,-,",rn ,.
mIt of eat ing or fasting, fiol wvhih' lIeI carec'.
.Ihe food1 itset' waL 1.iust lii he 111ne wh'let her'i
I1ts having been ini an idol temiple dIidt not4
ini t he least affect it ini any way. It is
wll'' to reimeinber 1that eduttIion 11lon11
iever' maiIkes. a1 person1 bet.ter'. A k;nwledgte
at. ritht. andil wrong, and14 the study of 0 ethis
11411 not'g!rdien lte vt icius plr~oensi ie(.
1 ri. '[he duty oft guariiding the4 wea'lk
(vs. 0-12).
reply13 to4 the,arigumnlt ofi lie ( '0rinthian'
in verse 8. Th'loughJ yotu may41 be no( better'4
'Ir worse4 for' ea;tilg or' nt. 11atm1g. ye't if
4r11r condu4114( ilijire's o(he1.l(U and41 lead<1.
r''i hem1.int slit you shoul abl'ta4in '4 niirel:4.
.11111 ola m lre 14npor11111nt lha t,iou btl1. hi-r
dn ld ;'rtv.'' cI'ioimeat 301 je.1 414 "1(1 ..
i,rw g ijs int1 14 4itli'of no in rm -
S is 'I a liecra princi.ple wii ch. .so ii4
Thi litberty.11"I Though (llyo are(Il hd 11-er.
r nI IuIpI II tit4ious4) n'It144 . it4' 14 i '('lontrare
14.n11 l 1o4 fa enlighti' ned. "t) th I ti nn- .11
nigh lead4 to "OiLtheii overthrow1 of1 fl..lt 'l
ill "(4 114f any maci n." i riva he - iis i;, Iti u t
12 'no eS; ilt. or a Oth hete 111 eek'ing' lijIht.
'4.5Ilo e 1 1(1 m(1 t h idosi' 114 e tls tem l." N n
.1 ((1t so far ase no'r ly toi' et.1 hn to eat(34
'iii the ieetitsg of the1' hethn'' p
hI \ i t 4 Ctie ( ere bu't.14( h 43'd o e ( ull in
-h; 4>. In: j1-'-22. "Ii iemboblened."i'ltiSl ..
nil 114 , hle' lonirmed(li't i lthte be13' th'i'
14n1 il is111 somehi fles in bre' ledio vo ie.
It is consc11".lince ond bteclome. ~eab-,be
he depts ot' ris' liani 13' t i'andii flin i.
1-11 illi'u 1n1ot sni4er he priaion IIin 4h4b.1d1
> he sou'titl for whomSlIS.' 114hrist id iz y lt l
ne Rnsahildron. heiwrongIefls asl
.rying then w ouehes aflme t o amCii
V. Time of Cesriogsette bys aov (v. 1
if~ theii whoeIter g"eTs ofer. seaue
Iii t~o stumble tnd aleo sn.- "Will
-tn alesh."flc Inre toe isurem avoi-,
n'h Geekoliard to d as atwo rom asan
voml kpringoferh Duing are otIo ofb
seumbdlngeck "Lwet.ret. his of
Irea manfetatiouno truove. the v.aC oI.
ilves Tuhsu he son od. Yet ther
steaner that here. ema by' beyin
mli otherln' fals e oseioneecnthr chi
idye.:. Wh. The komie wioth te oldk
11( ano rom antaoh comOUe nos fo
nable utIl tiate tho tent con.c
uy Th fokwassasolound.in
Etnongt bot Orel animes. ns
There Rony aook cuiosityals whilo
yingl agnlw oes, and nrstue uni
hnecushlens, whnry the tarInkongycupd
t-aperncIn the middle agesmaefomtl,
rein orths coI henacrdand, backs.
['heres mand Romans'il ate froma
he rmoddet age.,hwever, lieso

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