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VOL,. XI. P1CKEN S, S. (,, TIH U RS.DAY, FF BRUAIRY 19 190:;. N. 52
Unique Business Club.
MAitntlufacturer's Recrod.
Tho Manufacturers' Club at Char
lotto, N. C., is an unusual organization.
Its location in a central position among
the manufacturing tinterest of the Pied
mont region of the South Atlantic
States contributes, perhaps, to its op
If one visits Charlotte and is given
a card to the club, this card intro
duc'e;; him to what seems to be a well
organized and well-attended social or
galizatIont. While this is true, he is,
as a i matter of fact, inside an organl
ization where there is mu11chIt mrt'( gou
img On than social interrcourse.
If the visitor wants to 1)1111(1 a coI
tonl mill he can find three or fotr m))n
either of whom cnn tell him all about
It and who stanl ready t o11 furnih
plalns, mahine1i l!y and bilik th( plant.!
it it is a knitting will. an1 exl)er. inl
i s i n llt) vatl i)- found 111 . It' it is
machinery 1(1 win,d hosiery yarn onto,
( n;'S. Ie (an gt full info:rmatin al(1
buy the mi:tlhines in the Itil(i),;. Ii
it. Is 1.nt1 hales of "41O) that
wanted, l" .vill have sev-nal g(Ilnth
ml(n pointed out ally mne o' whom wili
("onlralct. to furnish it at close lar-il
1 wi(''. lI it is a l"c,.tonl sev(d (il m ill
nr at r'finery or a sulphtric acid chamti
hel', ll.'s all the sam('; some ml(iemb "
ntft h' (14lh (aln furnish flll informtiont i01
atndt ('on ltrac't. tO a(c"Ol m1plish th( ie(sire('t
r's;lt. The club itu !ers amrong iis
membe111'c'rs yarnI eolotmission Il.-n frut
l'hihlelphlia. New York. P'rovidenceP
n:1 Ioston. and othErs who live in
('harlotte; also cloth cOomissiol men
from tile same (iti's. Thi clth has in
the list of is i0 lmlmh rs Iil": ln er'O4 (.0(
lonl m ill' lrr'idelnts. trc;ls)tr('I an:u d
11m:1nak;r s. Y ai t and (-lOth) ar'4 both(1
thilndantIv Ioig1I anl sold ill a ver
I;i(it way. A ((M (11 mill 0)'Isidentl and1(
1 elIO'h ('(nlnission1 Irtan1 sit down to)
1('1ter for n1 <1)1let a ri l lt. 'l e tley
pairt $1( 1.010 worth1 ( (f rl( t.h has b ei'( n
boug1(ht andt sol. A mill treasurer and
: ttoll h l r han) ((' to mect. 'n1d inl
-1 le'w I7linus S(\- t-r;l hi)tnItred h.al.'s
I isOiot t have c"hainged Owvnership).
The clolth is a'(il'lan exchan igi' a
izatiOn. it ";r nlmbiis the ll" [oyal ix
"han,e I itMan th,'.ter1' mor(' t.han aniy
oihi oI c'ae in Iis aOlcon t' does. yet
it. iS not stri tly a bu'( si1'ness org'1aniza
tion.s the o -ht'eter exchange is.
Thi' Organizatic n is wholly social in
forml, bult. its memb1)trs aim to makhe it
facilita.te bu1sinIess and contlribtte to
th- idlustrial development of the en
tire territor"y Siitt onndintllg Charlot.to.
Charlotte's $450.000 Mill.
In thl . .a nufn1.tueri ' i(Cr of
hunIaIry' 1:5 it. was ano1unced that t.h
lii lland Park ianufacturing Co. i'
('harlott(', N. C., had t (decided to build
ln addiitonal mill to conltain 1,000
loomls. but. location had not been
74el(e(ted. both Charlott( and Rock
liill. S. C., being tinder consideratlon.
)uring the present. weekc it was detl
Iiitely deter i ined that the plant he -
located at Charlotte, certaIn con1l s.
sions made by the city ensuring its
imnlediat'e volmArictioll. Work onl tilht
hllilings will 10egint ia few weeks,
andl the e(Iuipmenit is expected to be
r<-ady for operation by next .lanltary
li-side, the 1.000 h)ooms mleni1(ned,
tAdre will be 30.00 spindles, and e
.la frfnt. will oest about $450.000, as pre
i iiusly ttated. Stuart W. Cr1amer'l of
('harlotto has bleen engaged as archi
t'et-engineer in elharga, and he also
ii c"ots cont o SplAy the textile mla
(in ery. Ginghamns will he the pro
(dua. This will be the third Ilighland
I'ark: plant, the Compally having now
'I.,500 spindles and 1,200 lo, lIm at
Charlott1e,' will 7,50 i ringea sonls wth
78 1(' 'l t tIl'ok Hilr.ady to ive ion
neton wit Crhie ofattrlntt, a. C.
ista 11il enitle ins opeated and thm11m0
-berlls fo thes betterlants.Park opan
have1 fhiord pantotheratesmpany, spi
talized at $200.ooms o tuie arotton
oft'e willl anateChrnt.
Addig tile0 SpNotes.9 Los
P.rief rlefnos adet renntl to.i
tnproveentsl conelat .Ae'by.thy of
],i.lShuftod Mnufactuil C o fgtis C'0iek
pry to C.il A elarte dcotton haslbee
made and rothew lt equipmetlas bleen
ordered. o Tlhacomanyodva l. willca
three-storyl addition fo its preseantmin
buildore foors thcomanytnon ofa 10.
4 500)idles and1( 2901 looms.hchm
tchineryC. will install ast0( soond the
isd mil 000-ineoer i ch(arge of the 1blue
disIIlanL d 00 looms thepoutionei
of dwlls, Aa,holland at.teens.
Po. Al., toa otto Winston, N.tC.,Isl
cintalng thatn lantlO. atl ikittng
li(ls iefr'etti(famill.
Iit1s Woolporin ha J Abrnathy ofat
tinolog, N.e., wll Ioreanie com-)i(I
panycl fo $20,000 targ $40,t0n mll d
d itins repoted Ishat.se fndian Hiead
1l1ls0 of enlarginma, Coloat. Aa.wl
(hu.ldant al addti nretinstallaton
-o morte Flms. C.,mpacnyw rhasI'i,
473( I'sindle at nd 0looms.uteel
>ens, . a.,00 spInlestal3,00side
Mnd sr0-.ooms irnsta Mofte 15,000
sWanke 'and 500S Patteso anon-e
previoustel. inSpl &oti o
Gadsden,8Py Nl., C.. with and athorien
c11.oe, IAlsa., to otto manufacin
company o tht proposesnC thein proe
'lladts st o etino il
taomegaT. woiery ilresecapntl
reto IfCom$20,000to4l $40,c0. wThs $26
d00ona capItal has proposedgC( for- ihe pur
(iate InFallation. o., rcent ere
a'itl add sinkinig machine, pr ot
eillng 300rn-out euip fmen's Pand
Waokern's hos Satl.ttehrsonhaeon.
purposbe msae.ob hemnfc
To Hear the Opening Prayer By (len,
Washington, Speelal.-An immeicnsr
crowd was attracted to 11he Senate Fr-l
day to hear the invocation of (neralI
Wml. Hooth. founder and conmanuder
in-chlef of the Salvation Army. Among
the occupants of the galleries were
Booth 'l'ucker, the general's <-hiel' as
sistant and son-in-law and a Iar-ge
numher of Salvationists. Vln tht"
statehool hill (amle up. Mr. Ilepew re
silued hits remarks. and altat-ked Ithe
Mlormon Church heealuse l. s;d l'
helieved its miembers still cling to the
prac"tice of polygamity. lif('rrin to the
anti-polyga my provisio in ti:' Stat
hood I'll. .\1r. Ih'pew saild that it woulld
seern Ithas "thlc "in In italiali ha il ef he'
\orInlon apost" 111(1 lie t work in
the plerat it,n c>f Blit e.
t hat the ronet>nlira: 'd intluem-r. or 111
.\lornron hitcr"arc"hy c"-otld be stUII il
the :le t rmin 'd t.ffion to pre"\.'tl -l: .
:lEim ente wr \\hich wt oluld o! l e .'c ii
IxciuBe iolygam"y " It Is iot (ilsputt",
he said. that the vole of the .\lormoli
(iilreb is absolut 'l 1 - on ltrolled by ithe
central hiI-rrdy ot' that or.a.nizlation.
lie eeelarri lhat tile migration of .\o:"
mo ls to t.h" <lif'-rc'nt Statecs and Te'r
ritorie's w\as not for thi' pulrpost' of sc'
c"urinig hImtes andl farms, but in tlie
rogill a compact to c-onUtol le:risil
.\ y legislat ion. \lIr. :a wlins de
'lar"'L. in any State direc't'il alt .\o -
mlronism is futile. uinli'ss tih tr, iti a
i'ublic sentiment wvhic"h will sustain:
tlhi' sate, while the clluestioll Was 111
ais :o the inadpilcv of tilie trovisiuns
:igainist polygayl;, but as to th exi -
eise of politic-al l)otwer. l'ersecution i
th1c s"e1 of the Mormon (ht'c h. he ie
'lIarled. and it (did not do any good t'
arratignl thll ("nlirl 1)ople acod bramd
c"(1r \lortnlon as a slave. 1 Iost in
.i)1::1n:t a '1511to . "'''' del that." Ie? 4.1;(l
"you solilifV thIose' who would aid \oOl
in briniguig iboit the very condiliolo:
y,ol s(1' ht'rc'." TI' h e'sl ieo.sible sc"hool.
he said, for the correction of th lse
evils, is to viminllivipato the Morm,ms
1111 leave tht'i frec' to work otl thc"ir
own destinies.
\lr. Dubois said he did not tlhlin; th1e
referencc' (f tlte ol)l)onelts of Statle
hood to polygamy were seriotIs. lIe
declared that. if the statehood bill is
allowed to be pt On the postoffice al
propriation b! Il' eaould consent. to it,
and advoe'ate the plat"ing of the idaho
cotnstitition relating to elections. as
an amendmnt and rediuire Arizona
and New Mexho to subscribe to it he
fore being admitt(edI. tnde' the test
oath of that. constitution, he said. Idaho
disfranchised every member of the
M11rmon C hulrch, and for years they
were withou it a vote.
After an xcetiv,' session the Sen
ate adjourned until I o'cloc'k tomor
row, to allow SIenlatons to attend th1e
110011 ve'dding of Senator Cockrell's
Three Men Drowned.
Washington, N. C.. Speeial. --During
the heavy gale of 'Thursday night the
skipper Maco was c"apsized in Swan
Quarter hay, and Captain Robert
\Wescom, naster, 1mnT t.wo white men
were drowned. ''lhe- reports are Conllt
ing, but one rtmor is that five negroes,
also of the boat's crew, wer'e drowned.
The samlIire ev'en intg in Pailmettto ri ver,.
off l'or'k Point, t miles from lbhIs
city, the schooner'' "ather and Soin"
was21 sunlk. Thei crew, two in numb er.
wereC savedl. Ini theo CabiniI is the pursl'e
of the captain cont.aininlg $158S. The
.servi'ce of .John M. IEdwar'ds, subma
r'ine di ver, has been secured and an
effort. is bin g made to raise the "Fat
titer and Son"' friom her wvatery gravc.
Hiight Fires at Onte Time.
Tanmpa, Fia., Special.-Elght fires
btroke out here'( and1( were raging ait theo
rhame time hit di fferent sect ins of thte
city. A bllock (of whtolesale warehtous:es
on Whlitney sthieet,. inlding the Ctuda
hy3 P'ack ig Comnpanty. Tam111pa Fert ilizer
C'onmpany, Curruthers(1 P'rodutce Comn
panIy, S. A. Edwardis, W. Hi. Osborno
J1. K(. Parrish and WValter' Willis Com
pany was burltned. fThe cint Ire lotss was1
aboutt $20,000. Labor Hll was gut.tedi
by tire aind the ''Tmpa)I l"urniturIe Com
pany's miattress'5 factory w~as dlestrioyed(
with sever'al smtalier Iires.
Statue to tiercer.
WashIngton, Special-Secretairy Root
has issued an ordeir to carry out the
putrpose of Conigress, dIrecting the sub
mission by IDdward V. Valentine, of
Rlichtmend, Va., of desIgns for a bronze
statue of Geieral Hlughl Mercer and1(
has lnlvted the umayor of Friedericks
hurlg, Va., to secure and convey in the
United States a suitable site for tlie
statue, which is to cost $21,500.
All tile Protocols Signed.
WVashilngton, Special. --MInister
Bowen, Venezuela's representative inl
the peace negotiations att Washington,
signied with each of the allies' repre..
senitatives here, a protocol Pr'ovlding
for' the immedIate raising of the b)lockc
ado and1( for' the referenice of the (tiues
1.10n of prIeferential treatment of the
claini of thte allies aigainsat tihe Vene
zueIlanl government to The Hiague. The
final formalities occulrred at the Biritish
embassy. At 11:20 F'riday night Mr.
1llerbet, the first secretary to tile em
ba2ssy, annhounIced to the Associated
Press Itat the British prIotOoiolhadl
just been1 signled. All the prot.ocols were
signedl at 11:50.
A Great Flood.
Mobile, Special.--The river steamer
Mary arrived from Selma, Ala., and
reports that water In tile lowver Ala
banta river Is htigher than ever before
known. All the lowland hack to the hill
country is unlder' water' fr'om Choctaw
Bluff to River Junction, a distance of
120 miles. The pl)O)e expect floods
at his season, but the rise is unpre
cedented and tile water is still rising.
A great- many cattle are dIrowned andi
much timaber prepared for rafting has
been lout,
. - .
House and Senate Vigorously at the
Work Assigned 'rhet.
The house and Senate are down at (.
hard work, as their time of final ad- a
journment approalceu's. Iuc h relains
to be done. ''he important legislation,
howelver, is well in hand. RI
Al1POINTll:N' OI' ('ON I'AUUI.tS4. to
The following holils' bill. intro(neI
by Mr. Aull of Newber'ry, has passe(d i
three readings in the house aid two in i
the se nate and is ol'ly to t eomte a
law. Its ptrpose is to relieve IIthe gov
i-rnor of the resl on'ibility of th' ap
llointmelcnt (.f state ("onstables and de
Volving the dluty upon a (hief o' Slab
('ostables to be appointed by Ihe gov
ernor. The hill provides:
"The governor shall hav" al'1t ho, ity *
to appoint (ine( thiei' mate ('on ;(lr. 11j
who shall hold olih'' luring the pleas -
-%tld a ;,t'Iar Ilt 11'i jnrh Ixpe st as the
l r a t iay de(" Il1 trtI'r wiil-11 i ;tid
thief eonsfall' is ln lily awa iir )m
Is o(i(111"0. Ihr Stalt' board of die( ..
:; altnorsi ;l (0" of te dispwensar; halpr1-.
ollie. al l e Sl at(' di.'e ' 11S:n s y f.tr the
Saill ahief ate' 0 ( onstal(' . Thl, said
(hti('' Slate ;t Ibtlhy e', with the dl ite
ao tie-' not' rnl. may appoint (Illn" or
I'lio 51lIl ' nisla ll 11'allil44 e
tin 'r Stat111e1 o ales :u l :i liry of
loe in44 -l llt nI t Iwo dIUllar"s pI'r day," and
Rh"1 1 (txI)lnste ' ast i' t 'hl'I " Stal tel "t1 I
stable nna' e1 prop("r awhin o iut y,
a d ''n}ltstl tt'le (' lla11 :atnot. more 1than IhIree dlollar s eatCh tlrr
day and sult-h txpen;e, a:: th(" chi
S'ta'tr rR,y lcl instab ml er. " ic
also (0ne or 111the df"l ives at ret":tsarln.
tble ' 11e1i 1 lln.,;,tt in. l\y tnetolnt., i'ml
pOr liern and expt t' ih allowel bY ti. h
t)hlio"f ' onl' i' abl shall b>," ant>roveti Old b
il ('V -rll nr h- 'I 0"t payVilnent. i'.1111-4( 1
t tli}'(lls !t:hall be < ha ir 'd with thli - in
lt,r("em("nt or I i =pi. ;s'ry - law. Itite
salary :and ('xlnl s.ii t ae ini a. l
ecl to lh n"iahl from tII( dlistensaro
I'f nd In the same ui nelt ; -l t hi e ::al 1'
ai' of Ile b tate (nil : Stat e (''hts Th
chie State c"onst'la le shall IV1' hltmX:
in the sui m OI $1Pl.0g . anl Ith11 assistant
hie constable and tonstablec sl m
hond in the 1il of $50 (a(-h h-.
fore entering 1upoll ih dilties of 1th(i"t
(Alie., with surlety Or, sur"etit-s to bel III.
p;olved by the attorney general, ("ontdi- 1
tioned for" thel failhful p."rformanc"e of (
the brea h of ,id(1 bond. s it aly be
br'nught thereon by anyi" pt'rson ag- 1
trieved hereby. either in the counllty
where any of the obligors rctide or in
any county vhiere' sad hl eah may y
have ovici'ed: Provided. That the
governor shall report the al'tpointmnlut
of sill chief State constable anld all 1,
appoirnments of assistant chlii"f t"ons ta
b hles made by the chief StatI' clonstr -tce, 1
to the general assembly at the next
'in l ag selr;od , giving thl e da(t" and)(1
to-1-rm of s'vice (hereo If. t
Another hlouse hill introducedi by Mr. (
D)eblruh of A hevill", which has almost i
beolmc a law Is of interest to the Irav- ty
(ling publit. The hill pnovides: , f:
"h1.1'enever any pass-nger train on 1
any railroad in this Stm e shall be mlorc SI
Ihan oite-h11111f of ni' houl r behind it.
s hedule timle, it shall h"a the dtoty of ti
such railroat om pat n 10 k('e p postet' 1l
at ('tw.'ry tel r l'aph siatin along it:
line the timle sul;th train is behitl it at
i Mhedule. amd shall "hange l:uc' h Th l
ltl iV'' hafh lt1111 sn-t ranarrives, stating herein th;e timle whi"l;
sucth (rah) is be(hind and th1e hour" at
lw'hic' it is dxpe'tedl to ar hiv: Pro- ill
v"id('d. Thait suc'h hullelins shall not hr: It
reinlire to b1 postd o lat any slat.io a
nti one half iuitr befe('re the regutlar 1
aiv a t11 fgte C ta in t wh"' h sitch' ll
"i't'gy' railroa 011 mpany whcluh s'hll~
refe (or n'e l ect t) o it mply we' it h theII
'roiesight. ef ths bIlltio' sall forfitat
andoi tetay 3)13 h tel'ms. $2 for.'I each am to
34to heO Tue fir Volte .shon ai'vd Iw11n
thn thereounty i whih such1l refudall or il
03ieIec avetuos, one hf of hih sum4 011
Mi'.asurer f orianlrygo.y pur-1 sid
thoes andltte othernhlfretin.Ied by
ilrIlthe o olar ied. lctn(It
Thel it "san"h ed dlta314 greath 2
inythenhousen fixturdy. Te ipnentchs
way tht ile aeauk fig 'Tuit(OU 1ht a i
Iafter flihuwtering for t''il5hi) hours gat. wiJ
ctoht~ itokp te h.tl''ose esion st
Tihe ho1( ust payse ain ll ,int frodued
makhes ithr areniseleaor t shipmesha
town ildd the ise of te sermand
iider anorifo ai'gailroada tiof. handt
Thie nlni 3 hasben comuin upm skvery a
yfar an .\iottl'l. Gueinerg tokep
n ae hot~u frght oe' it to ayer Thgo.
atoc1oc1k, the c'olr houbr foromd
tunment .\l r. I) t' hadi the flo:r.
lany efforts were unde Il ("nt 1111 of],
hIe floor. but for two houirs he k(-pt
be floor spevakdig. re(ding froin Ji33
e'., anlswer"ing (luestions ati( figh3inl; V
gatinst timne. Fiially ie eh ir' rulledt
ll a i motion to recede from bLusln(ss
Dld Iake a speaker from the Iloor.
33d5 svelng that the advornates of thce ti
ili w1ourld1 hang oi3 until i 1idt ight
ithoult ditiler. the (;eo1t'g(t; own { iell.- ('
Lition hav\'e u) the fight a1ga;inast 111n WI
1ual numbhers. The mlinority w\'as able p(l
S s :tail thIKe ligIht for ltirel" hourtlls f
ily with Iti e assistance ol \r,. 'I.
.'illiaus. wt"ho is withiout a splrior
ti' house' as a fial rliatetiary :, ti_.
an. ('I
3 J iiN.T'l'tY Iit( -1"I:.llij
ilnlter I ri("('s w\"ere fully he-{d.
1(' feelinig Steatdy andI lt el( hi:i iair,
h(' (fulltatinnls w\"(""' a-. t'itn
r m'k1 ry ( epaV al . ...,'. :.' Igr
m'(':In1e'y (atherIed ('ret .. .. :;l
re:21mery Imitation ., ., _t . . . .
\w"a Noul-thwestrlu a .:; b ..'.I,
('siern st('re 1(l' e "( . . ...In
r :1K1ler}" Prilits I -l. . ....... - . I..- (
r 't-'ry Pr\ i ts P.-ri . ..... .- a '
d.. \'a . attad l . ir1 i tI . . 'i -
I'M-4 Iilocks r2-b. .. ...... -::.
Sm all .j( 1bbiing 3 nt sul( lsl ' . to , 1 1
i,1h".r (hanl the' i1"t., -isi' t itotiis , s
Cheese The dlen:at ws : l i\,. and
ri(t( . ni l lirm.iT e I ' e aI't I 31. et
' tiin:lud, Ne \" Y tirc 'ull , - ,
'Jild >. 1- 1 I-"aI I: ;1.: that.u I i . : 3 1unu 1 .
I u -l 1('a 3-.e.: p il'nie I I :: e i:, i ti
t-ggs There was a Sit:.. ,' el ling
i andl w\hile 1 ' ri("1' wrere i . high
- 1 h rr \a\ 1' .nslI erabb. l Icta1; id i
ii 1 i It the )re:s'il 1o \ 1. i 'ta :le, so
('33 . as' beg lv3tiK 1 , 1 o n "joh- s i.
:l lots at l Ihe t 111n1ens. The I52ta
w-1.tid1 I'g33' J et r dozs. : 31 li<
stI ! el i. i ,..: W\' \,'irgioi . 1 '
sh1 - u.. 1 .:1 Inn kI 1- :: ;. 121 -as5
n'5-S . )33(5 K,o sell ir: m le. t :e i
1 \I' 1'ull'- \ IK'1t1 Il ius t lint ' n
hi( {ens l ric's \wele f'ully' held 1, h I. t1hog
wl war--, ;:ligly easier. 'Turlc,"-y n
( r( nut ru;-h snnlght for :tIP; w\e,
\ iwer. i'l -e su l y) l f' all P'OUIi) cull i. ,
ntt"d - :ir(e a111n r a Irll was (lniet. TIh(" ;
11m:1I 'Is were'"( ;is fIdllows:t Ch111i tkeNs l
I(ns- IW'' r ntul d. 1:-'lI I -2'. (,ld (I
nOter. a. e :. a( : ,.;5 . young; Iartg
hiek' ens. 1'-r 1 nd. 5el til s l i
121;. l I 1 (,nnd. Vial 111. ; nal
inter chirkens. i1i'1--- .: y ungtf; s2 h:lg
1 'a11) . D1 uc3k . p il . 1-de aI14a 5.:
s3 :>( an(d muongrel, lal" 13al J1s e.r
\'y lirakes. cac11. 413),(t.; \\'bl'
15k'n , Ppr i ound. 1a1 5e. Ger:se, fu
' ti 1' a ;O 1t13 '1'll tI 'a('h, lI 1323 : '.; (iV
aryland( an<d \ 1'Irina, I 'r 1onld. 12a (
ic'.; Kent, Island, 13a114'.; T1urkeys+,
horir liens, vlil. youngGbblers.
4,a1.5.; old and mtixed. 14,I.
I)ressed IPultry--- With a (n.ntinued
eaeity of (11issed1 t'otltry and with
he demand constant. prices wer,tv Ilrmt. tt
'h(s (otations were ats mf1llows,s:
'hieens. young. per po1n-d, 15r.: Old
,ndi mixed. 14to.: (urck , 1:u5 a 7i'. (;ees;e.
'al-1r.: Tur(eyu, fancy, smnaall, 18a19e.: t
ir to good. Ihal7 .: mixed. sinall and '
I-g0. 15;e.: Capons, Iarge, 7;191'; 2.
nall, It' s17 3 ., slips, i-Ia ,oe. it
Diresse'd flogs-T'Ih\t demtamd was ae
VI' and w\ith light receipts prices were f
rm. T'I'' (otatins were as follows:
hniee lightweights, per pntund. 7ah
-.; nedliumt. 7 I--1ai 1-3c.; heav'y, tr
3-I7.( Sows. a 1- '0.; lIon s and 1(t
ags :. V5. ac cor1 din g to gtualit tl.'
2'offe('---.l'h1 muark1(et5 closed fIrm , wii T
lotations on the basis of , 3-4a5 7s.I
15' No. 2 I(io. Mild Coffees were steady
. ('hse lu.tatons; Santus, 7 --5alI- 1
2c. per pound: \latrre.alho. ;1. -4al2- . ;
2e. a v 1 9a1.;.2v21I.; M tt'ha. 18a19eit.
liveies1 inSltimor-Te las eki')(3 (Ifre
Th r3ceipAts tRio wIOKere 10.000i' hae; e
ock13 49900 hdaitne xha ange,Tll (1123 33.;
arket. was fo i rm1: J'. 5)l)3333t1 ('3t - 4:mtos. ii
51e 192.000 hagVs; stock;d .11I2.0;9.00 1 hag; i
ae t fi rmtlIa . A1t5 -t' Playre fu t 213133
82311 atl ea t-i decl'ine.I'tI28 3 ale wre 1.. ji
egndyiCi. 2' at uoaton s hows 10. tS,. 12
.1 1n(' caes 8 10-( 12.11 I tls . per pouli. w
12 an5 s and' bagt) Pure . 1ava, 31-2a.:j- iS
s, 19a9 -2., v and .\318.ha blend,'
e 1ne suga--Tetn5 of IV0 'oW'''5))iel
is markedItKo wa upard and'o~ advice I el
arethat. tihe nextK changeIt wouhi'he au S
lvance.001 At3) th3e1 O moetpicets wer.' t
Brpts flws:l Pry onm l. c1,a
51 1-ot3.r Poderen. 5.0 -d. Stand- ok
7'd o Grn lt'e d.'ta y -1. lI2. will-'inGrni- o
ted,igi 4.13 122.; Crstal A. 4.9 1 -2ach.;
au bi A.'K1(3S o 13it)1 20 .;1 r e llow, a
'i7 de-2aer.a7 3-055133in 10c
grincthi Amnrkte,wit trae firly aon
Igorolrs lIffort Made to (let Him
Out of Jidl on Bond.
New theriy. S. (' 'peeial. Applicn
)ut for bail foi ormer I,ieuten:at
)Vt"rnotr .lamnes 11. Tilbuman. t'harged
t the minrder o f N. (. (oIIzales,
itor of The' State. i ('ollmlbia. S. ('.,
nuary" 51h was arg:uedi in-ru Iasi
Th'le hearing was p residedl over byt
lief ,ltit"e V. .1. 'ope, who 4li last
tinrlv granteil the lIhearing to the
fendling attorneys of .Itlat".s It. Tlill
t'he t-o1n u1')ni \\'t;tjth 41f )tIl W s I'lp r t- l'Ilby sa t Al (lo -
'intral ;innier and Soli. Tiuir
)1t1. Tillman wav deene byitulrr l)"on
t"::luain +let"I (th"rgt" W\ ('r t.t hist\pa ne": '. I. Ii \rk ) . o
lustii I'tip- :iitwr an urd 'rrl
irint> TIitlilrlI-s t tttlr'ti tO >.'rv
Iies Of amlihits 11pon Ite solicittr
netral. wolil would rep.ly if dt'irted.
d1 Ih. aniswers of t' r::1t+' will h1ee
rv'ed nt)mn the app11llan1ts w\ho ;1r".. al.
given) the ri4hl to rtiply.
.lbll(lyv :1ft iotn hoth sidels will he
esent hefor" lu stlie l'ope in ('oluim
1. and 1 final attiin will Ihe t nI..
'I'illntian :nd11 his 1:wyers aIr' sur' of
nnint-: til ihI'isionl n t()'It r inl ti
f .ld'.nse. The !-olitior atnd his a
tanlt collis.1 (1h-1:are filwy will r ss
it to I ht' vt"ry 1a1is.
Thlt he:arin:: 01f tht a lil;I n tor
il h( .II sI tlv after :!o'cilel. TI'h
rt ri n111 \\n:I p1:e-tel :tli.n t Io su
;"atti1on. 'ITherr w"a- no demnsti:;r:lion
hetn 'Iilli) trt enite'redl :1. 1t " j I;:h hal
it tia""d tv\r.hod} l" Io b ab.o uiit ly\"
it. I'illuini tl er'l-ed l on . Ihen
r\tt:l:. imlpalt"nt -mn( an :rl- at te
itl: > tIges of thlie hraring.
('ol. Ne'lson. for Mr. Tilltinln, ton.
lrtei his c:lse. Aflidlavits were read
legint: (oizales had se'nt a melssall;tg
re:;teniig 'illnman's life. One a1t}..
1Vit declared it was expected and he.
'ved Tillman would tie shot by (on
leti w\htnevetr the two m('n met..
.A lengtly afitldavit. from Tillnt1 wals
ad inl which he swore el. had iieei
arnedl by Imtny that his life w\as in
inl ger. and that. he 1iied in self de
ns. i a tflalvait. declared that as
onzalt's approanhed on the fatal day,
oilnle5 -slipped his hand ito I his
ve'rcoat pot"ket. Wih Til Tilnln says
e Ihought was a motion to llaw a\
istol. Not until the shot. was tired,
illlmnlt say.,. le realized (;onzal e had
of also shot. him.
When the appella its announe'd
losed( the solieitor objeet ed to any fur
ler" colltinuiiancee of' the henring on the
round Ihlat alldavits had been sprinlg
t them at i the very latest motnent,
hen they had no o)poriiity to make
Justice l'ope ruled after nrglument.
omn both sitles had been made that
s ordler would II to coitille ill
'aring tintil all affidavits on li h
des could he answere'd. lio( ti sides
'(lined an exlression of o1iiiion after
Ill decision ha l been announced.
The deltils of the I1rage'v in which
titor 0onzales lost his life are well
me inlered. Sint'e the day of the
rooting. 'lThursday'. .lanularyv 15. qtlnet
1d perslstent efforts have hIii 1111bn de
'illman'g legal advisers in outlin
gthbeir 1plans1 of idef'ense.
liormerc L iiutenant11 Governior .Ia.s. I r,
ill man ariived at 2 o'clhock niecomi
inied biy his bruot her-in-law, ,ldge'
ilihanan. who is his leainig coiuiisel.
iied the pisonier wvere. it. 1I. Nelsonih.
P0. Itemberct andI (b'o. WV. Cro'ft. form -
-01 congressmanii. who Is Mr. illmain'iis
wV Partner.
Tlheire was no demoinst rat Ion at lie
'pot, when thle hart y arrived, as it
is suipp)osed t hey wonuld comne via the
11thern1. inste"ad. TlIllmain,n ani offleer.
id e'nilnsel camei overi 1the othier r'otle.
TliIlman iiwas ditv en imm tedha tel y to
0 ofli1ce of (Col. Cole HIlense. a member
touinset, whiere~ maniy of his frIends
Iled oniI himi duirin g the short tim I bwle
re thle parity weniit to the Crowell tio
1 to dlinner.
Th'le oflicer from ConIlumibla had vei /'
Ib It' d o. andit lnt one1 whoi( dId not
inow would. have thought Till man was
ider arrest.
NI r. T'Illmiani said: "All I ask for' 1s
fair' trial and I am readhy for' It.'"
Wlile lhe was taldng to me, one of
s lawyeris R11led him to the window
id said: "'.!Iim, thecre's9 one of the
'si fr'iendt you have got In the world.
e has been pray ig for your acquIt
"Th'Iat's a good friend to hiave,"' saId
illmian. ''and hIs prayer will bIe an
A fl' a brief 'onferent'e withI frIends
the lawyer's otllee. Mr. T1illmnan was
ken to the hotel anid dilnner was ser.
Live News Items.
1)r. JT. b.. M. Curry, a famouts Southt
ii edunt or andl trusteo of thle P en
>d y edunt IonalI fund, died at A she
lIe. N. C.. last Thursda(tly. Dr. Ciirry
ars minulst er to SpaIn un der Pr'esident
:ev' land.
Th rsidlent. sent the followIng
mniniat ins to th4e Senate: Uniitedl
rat es A ttiorney of F"lori da; Ma reus C.
ileimoret. Soulthern D)istrict of TIexas.
nited Stattes tmars'fhal, Geo. 11. 0.
rIEn, Northlern D)Istrict of TeXxa s.
It is not likely that English ocean
inomrs will soon be built longer thIani
le 1-'it'-st spiecim ens. No shIll of inore'
1:n 7::io feit enni work in the Liv'er
no.1 dockts. antd in th~e Londton do':ks
Teorminat in of the Blockadec.
Waish,ingtoni, Special.--Offieliai not,ice
C thel term'i)ination of the blockade of
In Ve-nezuelan ports, as c(oveyed in1
4(e origi nal proclamatIons, has reach
I tIht State Department, In the shape
a dispatch receivedi froml the United
talets embassy at London, stating that
re Ihritlsh ForeIgn Offiee has given
tiiit that a cablegram has been sent
ils moineflfg to the BIrItishi naval comn
indler' in Venezuelan wvater's to raise
10 blockadc.
Mr. Bowen Taking The inst Steps
in Venezuelanl Controversy. BU.
Washington. Sp(eciil.- Minister Ilow
en ('x(exp ts to i egil in iIII'diatelyI the
prelpationtiOus of tl Ir(to lls witi the
r'elpresenatitive (If l t it u llitel pow- DA
L'a fot lite setti('l unt ot' ilh- (Iaiis of
Lthe (itizt'ns of t ho e li ii tin wh I ot h;ive
6nffred'c as at resurlt I): the' tro,ub le in
' in St'
e'' lleztla. 'I'hc ;( ,Ii' l l:ht of It .'
btiiln: t l n:tioi ly . T ' " ,ti tI\t l:, up il'I
the pir'otucol with tli-A Iov I irlnl' . will
be the first und(rtal1n. Sob1it r P'n
IllIld, of lthe Statl l (rInw,11111 w \\ill
repIre'sent thl( tnit((d .r;,. in thes \
1'egotiations wvtih .\Ir. ku:\wen. \\', - 1. In1
m this protolol. 1t is r p ,t/d. will i
begin I nt:nrt w :11i Mr. io\vi' b l
ief is I hit t t l 'r:i \\ ill nili \ i' li \\ a'It
wvitlt 'l "att I. ti ll' ti:ll i' Ltll il Ilii\t Iiii 1
with Ith rer't i alu t; iies of th e ;ilied i
,;,'l'I lltI1 \\ ilt U \\ I-r tiN t',Ia th' ll'
l ''.;a i1' ag;,lin. l \'I-twZu11"a. T he11 nc- Iu
;. (is wilh atti to Wil 1e o
thos with it 'nit t
n ltil the 1 rot("uls with al l1 he' Iln .
ihed t"rtd itor nations r I i tle en ;eItId. :,"
lhe stat("mn nt. has been(tt tna"thatt IIi.' 1
tIil (id p)owers \werc opposed('( to p re"ftr- e
tlitial itr ieInI t( ril il{t i tl' ainl, II. fi' I' l
rnC ' :a 1t i itiy i ned hat in a ill rod hl
bi i lity \ .'t zu ' t 1 a lilt the ('nitur S iat s Si)
Vii itii l iIl littll lin(d uIIt as re- ItI
i(.I sutig I li- Igh i titnalli, nti'(1 t i ns at lIt
ah 11i e'.e1d the u(Ist1 t eellit- vv(
pitie . wC((ilIIiga is w le sa
It'. ijullore nti ue 1 ts to re Iv (11 n I1111- i:
r hitt o r y dispatthe> ri n \''enezu la .\1
m 1 th!I out1-ume tf his work here . Ono to
11 is tr n 111 ii-:I .s of l (iuialra, a
Ihrvti t he Ii r'1 . -f st wI\hit"hI tadll as f,lit dy ii
t li: t o
"'h.' ,iin Th itiztnrs of l,a SlI
tlI. I ik 1 ' ,I ., iIl 12 '1 11(i 1. 111' : )g' t 11~ v t its, ''
widuiaratw a throhu auictalr yo ase l
te r alb' ' I I1{ :Ih innt fr 1n of \'v1n1- wli
\'arioul: I"IT rt>; havu butn muadI by Ith
ri s n I't'1tlit iti i t f hig t it an1"ial h1ou1s( I il(
Inl 1hi:; t"unntry to :, lutal .. Ibi n r IS lt
to his vi'w.4 ()Il he (Iut1lion of Iinan- itl
Pinlgl lll' th'-ts of" \'eezr uela, wvhich w\ill d(il
arise ut of th expl Jeced djntion Sn
of the 1-lani by the val ttv t ue' lixe Ti
commissions. Mr1. lmvwn. howv'r, Ult
has infortld ItIIhose who have sio- n
het to him o ith. suh.i tt. that hi
mitSSiOn hl'rc is entirely at dliplomn atio w'i
onw, atndt that h1e could int contsii'or at
the financial fiatures of th e matter. I
Mr. Smith Appointed to Succeed to at
the Office. o -
Charlotte, N. (., Speii a(tle l r. W. N. t I
Mutllevn was h.ist. week remov( d from ILl
the oill or postm as ter of ti's icy on I
the third c'har"g('. It will he rememit- o a
beredI dho the iIst chargt agains.hi ihfa l
was for intuxica(ion. TIhis was srt
tied il iv a t atisfal"t ryto no te th
uar(1ment, and \lullt'n was re lttained"(. sh1
T('he sectttd charit' was that a shortlago fat
of Svitral huntlrld dolartis appIuar(' in i
his huokcs. This wa':s sutnt' w("('ks ago, '1'
lut '1\l 'tilen si o 1d tht th(' hotago an
wals flly cOre d, and again was re- t
ofaLlned. isatieek IS(fhoIywillr tegi
charge was glatha ho.r had fal,es to
witgh seon-lass-la iattaher, and tha a r
arestli h grovernyaent had On t ria n
lareii sumo peor . Mr. M'ulton has
bhen tee j~and thdidt -th o4 a
suotessor5 inmgup Mr.StN' fo a. choi. wt
'eal Blasts and Surging Floods
Sweep Over Dixie Land
nw,. Sleet and ice ilatrk the Prog
ess of the Soistherni Storm- fluch
l)umage Done.
11.11in t. -"petcial '1'h - Chaittalhoollee
er is _t; .1"I"t ao 1'vI th1e4 Iower wtater
r, and risinlg at the rate of fort
111"1 pr hlo. I.' 11411 warnings have
'I tby thll' h1 ait w1'eather bu't'aut
'I Ittl tuus anr1 tIher I aint,z on the
1r hl1w here. It is expe(ted that a
xilunln i 2. i'elt will be retral"hed
-e b y T'lesal I orning if there' i s
111ul'1 Irl . ig I 'inlls. muich low
1rn - :tliliir . :1 i1 a lighit iall of
1w ('tllowt41i 4 a ty If Stad1y' d11w ..
.l e: raint. 'T'iIwr" wa ii l de' u.the
4 t 11I ,11'- 1 . It .\ lanta. bull t t iti s
rII(- I th ii fnit 1roll inl ntorth h. -
\I .ll t1- ::ritusly dfroage. SnOw
S "(l r1 lurted i llirininghamtn and
MIS t1141 ctscii ij/11l l (1 4)eclo -
'i. 11t11i}nhil 1t th l State of Arkan
inl thI" \ . i l ity tot' T pe11o. M iss.. i
ri(u; r;i1 xtl rin 's 1 rclyed 1111
i lwr1t.' . i . l ei 11 ,)Ss or if e,
:tr as k(novitn. T'h1 \\hite. lilack
11 I ('IIr1r elnt rI- t sN. 'I inl .\rkan11 a1 re in
(11 1111 1 s i thl>1111111 n g I is feIr'ed1.
.1\'mphis. T'en .l lll '41 it. Oin( ( I( f (11 the
Irst sleet and sn w1 t rtl that have
"it ld this c1"Iti11n f r vit;rs< ptrevailed
dllly 1Iu ing I eri :"i 1l fy in rail
[lE and l stre lt car Iraffic I nd intIor
-in); to s1 )m c' xt I el n t with ''Ih')raJlhlie
d Ifl'phune " ()Il Il i i t cin iol t in1 alE
rein'si 'i. Tr'iils are afervig ro 11 :1
S htilrS late. A ::w li d rain all1 day
iiy41 3u11111 fd into sleel list night.
Ic- was foll(eotEl by a sn1 w storin
liebl during thv day assuml1('l the
nptions of a hiizzard. At 6 )'elock:
i'r was at dleeitided dro p in. te tetem
r11ure and .h !i \ 'no (Il ased falling.
'ports fromn .\rk:ansas. Mtississippi
dI northern Texas tell of Simtilar con
Ions. At Wort W\'orth and, Dallas tho
iw fall was the(1 1 h111 .vlest. in year.te
atinl are rnting nl helated sched
's and In many3' instllnee4 are an
.l' cksonlvii lliaPh i., ti ceiatl. litgh
nlds prevailed her' 1in111ug the wholo
ternoon, reanching a velocity of 77
ilts liwr iurn allut nighit, 11 reported
the weather bureatu. Tils br1114t
I ruc ld, ai . It mIlcs pr hour li the
rettest velocity ever plrevitlsly at
I1'ied. Th'ec st.r iverni oraiy tinter o
tired with the telegraph and telleplione
rrvice and parts of the cIty are now
I dlarkni(ss. li-yond inter'ferenc"es with
1e telephone, telegraph and elc'etric
A'ht ser1vice. nc am1111Iage was do(e In
Io hity. Every wire exept th one in
se by the Associated i'rss I down
1c itf is Impossible o 24fet news from
e t.<te. Orange growers and truck
s verr w arneld by Ite weather h
anll of the approahIlg oid wave.
NOw York. Special.--.-After a day of
'el andi drizzling rain, snow began to
11 in this clt y at i o'clock. TheI1c fall
Is heavy and fast and at. Ic o'clock
l rt'althe Ia depth of 'otltr I tches,
we ;t.ornl did not. cimse material delay
the elevatet d trains..-hut. the surface
IIls had solm difflulty in keepinig ny1)
(the schedule. On the( downi-town
guJla shedles 1'fOing teohlihnd
g iarw tha wi t. c wros the
Cahttnoga nn, Speial.-Mon-la
.y neght C ihaanoo dxprine the
n'rstg the ilou411 of t e t .er e w.ind.1_
1'unl bling a)I al shortly( atergh
irk and .h an oonk turnelint
tow whgle. i'feez~ig am fas as
lns,l mAtn it dffloktet.hforcey
411e to (gt.C along te stree.Iti
trednthe reet.-Rwartsweahor fon
wednbyle cold wave woeIndmg te
tin. WIsoe N place trees arecoin
Wanhxlgll T, peI.- Speca.Raidn.
-oevand snow, and ton twith aSelo
y0 ofle 501ili n heu 1el)0 that the
nao horl. onafight the mercurya
the fal fat lande will dro to 20h(
rkadet aitid of0 intetio of prth
'awant imossileif afer 4do'iroc
iactouSnte the sleft. cluo

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