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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 19, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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f(NATO(l1t ;I'It l'.I, of 1 l'Ia
wa:re lott;"y, hI:.x bet'n putti:
to goodu tse, f(. Interval of
lgi ltive 1in: ivily in Penn
syl ania by pretparing .1 good( 1 olIS
hlill for later vons, Ideration. IHe pro
POl'e to pit public roalld uilding In I hle
sNtate 111e1r tit' eontrol of a State
Ig lway Colna niSSiot1, to consit t of
Iihr 1' menl'll, Who s111lt11 il!poiit a Sitatl'
IiilihwIy n in'et'r w ith supti' siory
p(w\"(i's. The State is t) appropriate
SI.UR(0,tNN) a1nn1ally: the liighway 1le'
lpartlnn'nt is to eontribute ilnll recluir)'
n1iont ifie lc'l holls of c"onst ruc'tion, a nit
whatever :111aount maly lie 1'xp'endedt'l in
anly township is to Ie born' in q'1:lI
promrtlons y t(he township. Ihe coin
ly and1 the S1t. 'This wouIlllnecs
1:t('e:a yearly vXpolndillire 'of'-:to .n
for road(1 It'lleInet('nl '. l I' hill I')1l ;:'in
(Iher1114' 'Ila b \.le p ii ons fo11: .l l.iu lst ill!,'
' h11 ; k' 1sys44 lutpe'i visin
1h1(' nwi' 1j i1/11 1.d 'urlo d.I l.
The ob(tiflilih i p. -ie
lin('itt Iri(It1 . 1t w ouldt In. I' h 'i ' -il.
hI\( '\'('1 I. I\' :4t: i44 4 4 ' i' Il 11' 1)11
pI rimi ity for pi lite t 1.1 .I rin:. it
S14,( if the i w -)i l11l l ieh )i : % 1
loils. oner ioi l d iit. b. -": I (' .
Illit.it111''i 1: 1 ( 14 1 I !1 Ir IIII1 )) i t:j
nl'.inwersl'S :111 if I11" ' u t f l b' ii
5l t 1111 sh I Ill' 2V1o il l it'll :I : 1 : . -
lin' i m14 )e :1 Tiwilbli i 44l i m -
5a 1 1 i l( i k 41. 141 \ir'1(1!1 . '(t '" " u'l: ''!
jin441'' r to a;1' pp i' 4o:t . ;1:4i1 d
L!Ii 1' olli Sliatl St'r i l'('.
'I'bIii( n illion dloll:lr l P1nh1i i :-.ily' i,(
ySilIli tha11'lloti 1( ll i'' I . ''-l'
\':5 Ini 1 :4' 14211 ili f II. Il'1 1 r1a .
'l,1(y Si uis(< w nhi bi;i instant :.I.
V;lIl e to 1 te taX-11ayin ; .(Il:-h111 :-: 4:
I1 1l1'I1I11 SI) (111'til'l II'I1111 :1i 11si
I) a(ch to fll ! pr li o1 f pr. til"tin i4n ! :It1
sip 4 4)tI (' itl l I l 1 1' '1 4 1 111''I Ie)!' III','
fivint aIifs t 1 b 1 2g111 1 lf :4 !! h .
ini.:-s to liv'in::.
1 ('n0i14(1 Spro nlI. i 1 1111. h i ilt t ra:11"'
it* hel tanl nl1y 81) '1hap1 his hIi il : t:
(ihle 11o i11i. ('u1I)11i ibt'd( ( shlall sil' ai.: i
.1til \w hihI igO :41i t'llili i - d' ;,ilii .
\'it1o1 iI div1rsi n to ilw- nl ti!t rIh e th -
(11)a1 121 nt11v in 1'o lic:1'.
'Il:1h 'or:141i inl New Yolk 1 111' :1it
144)-ui 0II 13ro; 1," ill 01 \I'\\ 'e ')r" : :t'1 io:8
ih:1s won the a11p1ro\:11 1f' the(' pr -p :-he
lioyr1--'ily of111t I1t1 1 i4 :tto nsd 11'14
1"iv'ii'y )'etwe"''in i lh ( Ib publli, an :11 I
11 1lie )(ra1i pit'tirs in 1ha1 S att 1s i1
w1hhh sluge pr111 e lel hce tifosi -ati
1'81"t(ry good roads plaik in its plal
lor-II. This Zlal f'or gu1)d rouads: does
n11 die IhI the ('eti414on . New\' Ol :Y .
S1 1' has 1 very "ol)dl l'n:lls liw .
tht)ugh1 doubtless, Is tht' l)1'niocra1.:
el'1a-m, it is penll to i1a0ro'e'mel'nt, so :Is
1 (1 i.;Ve 1111in'r good roalds.
h1 e critic"inl I il a m: e that thel, in
1r1ve11 roads i he New York State art,
101 imuchI ill u11nc'lonnn4't' Se(tioas.
They 1I1(y 111N are ot cntinous se 1ha n1'
51n.(iomen of ithe hard bottome<11i2 81in
11:ity : of1tavei ng 8 cca4.<8Iona sectins0k
of 14tejobl sty1 e (rotal of us or: mi'ld.1(
11 41. 4thappy coruitio when1141 ther is(1
no longer the 1114 d of.(14 (le d1mand fori the'
construction1( lu of good rod gener1all
h'ilt meeyphe~ com1phiint-1'11 that( the
are gaps41( reOntig of the obls disel-Y
'ile dirt ro: a d 0115fie l
Slae0go0 roads l 1481nWa Insylilti-.t. the
p1lie, whic, herl n go una(sup48orlld
21aize iii N efoo tliee Nwork,Sae
each inkin pro0r41 ianrol: reo
still l'rhIps1when good4114 rat areO
118nethhn il 'll e done W1e4 have14 had
Ithe1Q3 1ubject.Ie oppos)1811t in til 1o:e
114improvemnt of n li'4 1en of it sup-l44o
tosedi costII [hs abou ied out.4's 111n1'the
actua bu1 ilig of a-I144 imrv roads 1114
improved)1 roidsIiiof the first114 quae lit.
A'.2'y4(4 show 8wha (good'48 roads(1t are: and
what: they18 fenn do for18 las neihorhood.14
It4 is4 (418 posibl, owe:r that2 for141( 11hi
Stat4e good'l 5 roads mustl' un1itil'h
politcian seel44 1'4that there1 are:v3 votes
first i 2ntroducedin the4l~ :1ouse ofl
lipresentaie was one2o 4o appoiatel441'
Inoe f:o thestabliihtuent 111n theDe
limitsC4 of4 42ivilizatn 24houh'l hav the a
(4la . '('1is a enr (is cofrai4t1o ltt
fast ship 1 fast2 ( unt1iI(''. .1110 hores t4 l
(uhI.II ' 4.2s but1 als411 Io 1)pparentl y o is
'in' al ireN(''1 1 'o shoul to he4'421111 four
hav'1)e I tl ('(4a11. Thead henay wih
.41l) be 041 har1: I to 144ogress . --PIIt and
1X re ah'SlOldOl Nsewc Yof heckid n
- hoi1~ l 11m10 shallj1' d hveI bee
t- C.o d.road4are(a payin
iy it tinIt of w Irkc vmr lil' .1u!Pr, n
li'i :1 tIi;: li :1lt ils 31'1I, ias IhtII it
gi-'arrasiti's ( :ait s chi ibit s h , s;il'.
Ilirtf' r ' 't. is SI il sitI -i l (1 i- I s ; ii' vsA l'st
ve -'!. i ihi't -s to v.i
\"._ . I ;t1i II, .s ' ' I ' " tI: . 1 . u '
.\Il I .t Il shIi'' 1:, !.1-" . - '' '' I 'S
' I ii :!'. ' i: l (, - - I
I)u lllr I iIr111 : l(L li. I-~ tt lllll a \ ii I'1
4ttius, she i ." str inl . i t11;i a ' il11;
p i>. ::-t it10 r l sn-: sh i t,fo l->vn
Ili'llu1.'il .t I 1':1li i ll. silil ' lI iis ' I )':
S 11111 '11. 1.\ iltl:lel'l as sht i.i shl -i,.
sIIt . "I . :IsI s1:iII)Is. AnUle. s ip s :o,
I'r Itl ish' tol ifoli I lltrta le'quatl'rs ''r
Ithoset :bo3r:l"'t o' s eI tr. 81upl' d t utat1I, ith 'n
gin' s, she r'Ietainsi hellr ma1tsts t ' 1111 s1 ils.
:1141 as : inie. S 1'ifn ln If the Il(I- Sh1
1in1'(t typeI( of1 Anlrric"an w\ar 1er:fl. ship
hetr historic eml-ver.
IlI e l't lforti 'I'e l lly re"i 1IIuIIn I to
the t' ir klyn Na\'Y II f rp irs.
Iflt1' uIt u e IWe'ii tug. SI i s ' l' ugly t
Indian w1ate1r,. 11('r 551uth11ern1 \"Iyage;t
wIs V:Is I'n n rtlt %'?', :it N'eurt. it.
1. he' Icarril'li 311n a1 itili sr .IU I :1
re('gIIllr A"l'1Nrw f' 19 1)1inel. :n11 111111
w"e'r(' in :Ill :i l 'i'S' oo s 11hex re l, I
pretty l;-g1 t"I'!ingen i o II 1'41':1 sel "
only 22 i ftet 'I-i ('ti.ls l i iotnl\ ei
all, .'il lh1 - l shiprln
r'lI:th- (. as :1 .:Iiillr I i . 1 \\-- I o' : yu' :'1'.
we lllreti't'n I lin verybll-'I:i-t 'Ib,
1"I'n<liI ?'n.
h 'll.i ' e at r I r I n nouhi' 4i '1 l:sn I',
1larI. :1110 111b11 ,Iy h1:1 nnes '10:, NIv" t ,
it's :ti Wrb t xf ilt" ' I lln. fill w, Ih;' t
t:11:111l'I ot l' 01 11 I II' .IIaIll 'i tti ' i:) .
h1i.3t14t I t h Ill b :1' 1\ -a wi l h on)! it (1en, s
!1":1' il1i . '(i t I11t'. l1 ( I':' i! fiy ll 1\"1" ' ':
.i lp: A:ty I ' y i w ho t iti-4 it
T h'it!of i I i I;11 1.4 1 l. :,;,. . i, lI,..
l e of11k Il i he l5I il n int :'1'i <l1ls 1'1i
i l .l l 't'I y i n ' ii'" l N' . tI't ll n' tt a l it
t111' II: itl'tIr i s Ii. I at il's y In \'li . ,.
I t1t l.It Iis Iln-'it -i \ i h:11 I thi '- : i - e
lr'n l :111 aI I t tie ll l3 : :i :h.'' t
r''1ling Ptils: :l l 11't in-11i1 - :l il: :I'i'1
I:pa r (l'ill. N1' ht't"y is v r(' 'II l1 'tlIo I ill
go :1Ialo l ir'st Itin IiiulIss a pItty
I)l1b-Ir is w\ith1 him1 . It's ju1 st th'. --'ame-ll
I lr' t's4 it it itn tinIill:C. s, i'.' 1,l. -
lItrn it r.:1It' off: S 'me ' ve i 1ti:"-" .
"11111 hi. l Ire isr " i)n1' 1thin 's 4!'"-y u itt
olt1' u t. 'ther1' S Ithe wa:ttlit. systII ih
tirs"I,. 141'1"l :It11 third wa:Itch!,s. TI') -
first w\a it-ll is 1 r')I'It lton ItI 1 p1. 11.
hell Neo ntl lrutn -1 till i toI. m..I het i itirtl
1'r4nl t; till 1). m1. T h'l:'l It rt"'s ite
IIlo wt h It I rs il til til t 1' . i l. TI'ittl
(Il1's hlll' irst watcb :a tiligt 1':11ill t
1ti to ll li t i t1. :ny i hit' se (In ' rI':i
r litl ti.lllt o i , 1 n.: t h11 :'. i 1 h Ih!r4
f'ronl I a. 1I). 111 to S, w\ ir 1 1111 . 11r--I
W :I'.)1 I ruli11i l< be( ins I I Ianill. I %- 1
hetll-, is bre1ak:fast: 1'i lu hI Is i.: brt"Ik
fast f 1r thel r('l11't w\'I;(h. Nin! -thity
O'I"loek is llttar,l"rs, :lit]l then dirills upi
(to 'n.5. 'hl' rill 1"Onsists inl hanlllinl
sinall armls, Single stiek 11n,1 sw\"r.'i
exervist': grreat gunls: 1tree-inch ri1)les
fur latnling I l 1rp s,s Eighlt hells at
Ilo11n is (lin &er. Th'ein volu' iuistrue
l ions fromIl 2.-45 1ill 3.5nl p. lin. Two\' hells
:a1 5 11. 1n. is suppe)r. After N1upper'I 1's
It is dl 111t1 5ut1e of the Vn
tl--thoI wh hav0ill\e never1bee to
the mait lat 1:1'-V vt'v ee'n'I'. .l h(r5
tu't'I'. atIit I Ihit' l' "Ir Il11(;' '1.tle'e
ai is theb: lie AI' i8: I^""lt' ^"'"
t h ii l)'t 1 isi.1 ' of ii I't' l t t"iie I I lr iI i II
t'olll i tlln t111 aI d. T - Ih':( it a
:1 nse n t hOl(tut \" el fII y h . ?imi Ai)
l'i li n t th ti liit'.s o b IhaI vi 1%4.
needllewomIl1ial. 1111een I'1lizalwte i: une
hitch bel ligedI IIt (I ! et'u \'it i s
wlen a girl i ' t'ourt't'llt --tI his i: a 5 lit1
anl( IISef l' Iking silver lhimbtile. blt
Vei' small. .\ Ihiile' muinsh wtdorn
1 n(t- Ie I lit ! i tsli l ' . .\ l i"-,
a11.1 is rather'1 large'*: ttnlt whoI(r- owns-r
w'als th 1'r'ini lciss It' \\ , ' . is l"xiI' I-t'
ly (ainlyV. t' of :;old :itAd .e-1 .111("I'
il inIlltre a I tlt'e fO . ,itt ior.. .:.i
aneeil w rist :r11 1 4111 11(i. o :i.:h. hitl it
h101 1)tl)l( 'l I'u t : l \\'t: t; t'ej 4
r u't t'e 1 liin'tr ri -i tilIti(le', am1i'
1ilt uf tIltiihe 1:Irn i ri . .\ 1pjt' ie u'
IlO1t "ti nt:li in :l l 'in I ell, !itt . 1 l it-11
tha1t1'll l give' aI" I!" very .' p:. ti l 1
' a e rIt ln time i 'h:- s t!: n o is h
;11;11"rs 111,1 :i . l sl i:t I f I t- :.it iltO '.11ug
13' ahird, w Utt ai ofa- rigaie aptI
(IIIu) the ai;t ll i lt'-'.' .\ ;i u' w. it it th l
n r 'i' .; I w:I ihh'1 i ' \ 11 . I:. i lt,
St'i'oi,: aiie ith-a hiu. T.- \g:r'.- iot
hIt t'dItv i\\ '. t I til t"It"tl_ i 11' ,i -i,
11)IIl I II '-a i e li -l '.i-t lit' ;1 1 '. . i :1'; I
set ti t he It --11-l ol i l i' t
I ft w.unen lit pe r o1 it .I v:t
It:t.t "1) ::-I .. )tl't 4 I'tllI' I". tt i'. .
\ 'li . I le .It'-lel 1in is t'i\ i 111 In l\:t
till i ::S. - f at i n li n-n. it . -r ie ri -- -
I '; ' l,:: IIt."a h. II 11 t11 11,1 I l"1iit "1" '':I tI 'hll
} i'If r-'tl 1 1p to is 1 in :i I'll'I h \ il
I. iI i l ti l' u\int; I oI t az:i n. I1lts'i:I.
'1ltr l-bu i1nt If but. . It ilk. s it :1 IlI
111801 \Iil I e e uisil ion'l by Ithe pit'tos:
't.OIt 1114. he 1113 'il ":r1. : il :n '4ro1itiou
I e lil- whob' l h t rni e <i'tl I I II It' (m
ier antil\. wher prayers welv fe i
I:10 112 111-t"t1 -aI l :tt! i hI d Slil ':1:rI'l w% illi
:trry 'I!r il':i1-r' 141 tI' - (' : ' f)I' -
'I'h." T I rtl proceedin s t"lost"d w\illh I
nl'. a ttr w hich Iht' 1:-il's1s 1)w'.;an
pus1h in:.: unt' 8an4ther iml IIte wa;lter.
it thenl 1ii11Linig water(*1 41ver' t!1' a
se'nihh-4 I"rtlwdt. T1'h" ,to)ry is h):tly\
u1b1, w\iIit ;;; 11he h1-1s in11.1.1' inl wV nt
11yp(alrs I(I Iwt ,, 111 I't' lit' ol'f iobl.a;[(
1-(relln(11i:al wh 1t"t i; i t.h mayI' h--" wIh to
ItteI o fl (1 ( l -11 1(':1'n1l'I inl suchI l 1 3 -
.\ '(ew lemarkab)le' dist"over Iy. :I4.)- '1ra
ini to1( the l'aris I'urre'Sp ll en(it utf It
L-ooh1 lprss, wa";S re'r:naly subl
niitltedtl thfie Fre"n(h Academay of' ti
'nt(-Is. IIt'reb;tteS to the' possiiIlity of
;t''ilt IIhe reltt-tIIn of ierISonsm it)
wVhoml one( is tlalkin thruuirh the' l1'!
)honle. i1 Is not pos.sible,% S:lyS tho
4;eeretary of the AcaP8demy. Iu111pr;
lounl'e upon the real value of1 the dli.
1'uvery at Is early' staze, bult it lhas
I I t.l :1" .n1i.o .: Illhonog-.pt l.
II %.,II (.II!,. . id ,w e'tly .in;g ant lit 1ghl,
huit.lte hini'. i.'. 1h ill lt romb eIiS,
A hII,. ",Ipr.:I11 .uIIl t('n,1r 1,4ne1S.
Iin Ilrrb.11,- hi, gilt" at' re'c'Uln 1t'1nS(
- Nev 'York Il.rah:I1.
P'r4ect 1
f u r' s is ; philosli- lt;:1 S itlti
I II'v:1'
'' es. I 'li, \ ' li is. I (;n't nIlItI r
sn1: 14l : I lle's talkil.Ig abllttl."--.l
I '41 lrq I r s
Irli b I''rh("ulid I
i , " 4 'I iI I I , hI III 1 I .
II\I'II II !( 11 (11 11' " II , :: l
ThK I:w 1 all..
" "' h( ' 11411t' 1' - 1 l I' F:L.
- " ' , ]: 41I I 11:141 Il .1 ' I i s \I..
IY: e 114' I II n: th1 l' III\'1 1 -i- l i. 1 . "
111111 (If IiII' 1141111 ry."
"ll . I fIU -y i' I . i ' I a nI ..(
lOnt of 'I h it 1l'11 .ern1t.
1" ' l I I' soII I', i-n' il -:1 " 11'u-i;i Il
1 IhI I i I 1I 1:111 :tI1 :1 Ie "(e i IIII .
"' II is ." 1 p.1 <11.t- (II ' III" r.
"Ill sII;lk ,ui if'1 ,I Ibl. bIii inl i
\\uil2 l 1 1(41 11 'i ': 1 iI ':I (11 II I'. 1iI
wo I : nli l . :i h:ell ri f h
"I'(I s1nlk1 0u 1:i. r1 11y w .1''
w\ h'II b I us. 1 ' I .u IIIII'h 1. .."
I'hl li : l: ihil ' 1r4. "
1111 hug 141011'1.41.4) 11( I,1it;.
"I Ih1 t ( ll' 11 1pe SI' :1 $: . :1,4 h
Iltn\y IIh-' s tI rly h Iisi i hl, . 14tAl .\ iss
ltl, 1. 11''I IskI 'l h 11, I Vt II\i: ' IIIr ' i4
"Wh1:11 11h1 \,Iu tell hn-r'
"I141 141 11t"11e shli, e I tI I 11 11 nw'1 I 1
poor 11a1n."'
L 1"isliti (i l". - 11 4I'. 41 ti
AI h going ltlea" to3
"I 1don't know\: I hlat'n't :Iskl:1 he(
ye('." I letroi t F1'('('l'r'.-Ss.
A Sordlicd 'hilogophy.
"W\'IIII In:1re y(Ill (1l'ided'tl 1 (1 abut
th(e Inn whov'1( publ)ic"} ly "("IuS('S y n oII
IluttIing Inloney\ into4 11ol1its':
"Nothing.- anSwer('( 80na:1r :,r/ -
fca of hin yo, a)(nt hie'llusslot aI I'l
A10Hato ir-IIl a(lu ing or y.'
"You~. succeedll( i lif i~1n spof thet
In11. I IIlly wo ( t il\ (ot(t111011 1t
a good thing, I was so) tiuh afraid
thait peop)jle wvould 11nake1 (fun ofE 11n
inlgtoln Star I.
"Wt:l II thle trousers'L' er: ensed'" aisked'(
"~T h:l ' t 41tyle, snt :4it'I"
"Wl,not IIo Innlh, perhaps,I as l
al"()h,I V 14 w ll I' iot ]:mtli ulr, :11 114
ple the cut '. "Spp ey
aninal who liein 1:aptivb at ih<4
nin "I ton: i jIlp'.4 thl
way pr"4 h. Il by'lh, 4 h:: 'l lu '-' s. 11
A iioniit 13 n 1L '4 44'r14114le.
"I :uu(I," ui' ;h--II :m4 a. "414 44'(
"Th IIe ou-L Ido.o ;eleAn
The possiil i i tl(ities'of iche plint 5
;I'h ilu rt lilIti <. ut' it I ' 11h I n o
the. i ih h i
' 4 It in1: fhr t y1:y1:
rnlal h llr itil t l 4,u1 ivatorIIII.l to
N't i i-st i Ihe, . cc i l ar no e sp
I rl \ iI4al. I lit , il l- ilu ' ii Vi
i; t Ic 1d iti ts i h'Ie tit .1 ltt u " I .It'
til' " ititl:Iiill si111. 111\ 1t''I1t i1't' ili'
liiit t' i.tIt'F lt1 11 :lt 1!t
Ai: \Il" 1 11.t' 1 1:I 1i ::i tt l i'"" 1' l1
.Ia ii pl1u, :n,.' r tilt r l till w\hull.
l r1iL til fII ii41 t '. i 1I lt 'd t itt pe IN
\'al'iI11 '. 1I' I:t i ti I t 'l :t ' nlt.it '.: lo'
brans lt'si'.tnl t s t r Ite
alhi utt'l'r eIil'tfrt' i l''i tt i'" ln ,.
Iur.'l :i n< I hI .int1 tzII ii.I t' lltl w il
rit4ult s 11th: t ' 1ill nl . t 'tleit"- culii'a
t1un itt Ili: i ti' mtjll ,. Ie. tl tilll1It
A1:144. II t 1.' a I tn I1'11' n1t1' i t rlivi .t li1t
A\ay o thee ofter more T m nish.
rs it" t,111 t h 4 v11 iv i itt tl he i d I11i lte i
tte'r witi a1i titl, w nt'lc 'c t a! t he
clIiit'1t1,iitg ii vtI l ittt tt((
\ i git 1111, Ft(111-hi l is itttu ..
itt I QtiS is. '' Ill-'- i't Ilist' 1:
1ishI 'iI i.tt . . i ' I V Ii Ite ll
1xh "ihi'l ln wi t : I tir of t iII' s i n
1it 'a 1rb- fr: 1 s i ll -:i\' it w 'h it tl,
b '1"1k s 1 al :'u' t'i 'lur 1s. i ih' i '.i.
Ila 1 \' lli t'l' iI 'I' I4 It 'l 1 ' ' ' . , i
t'i',' "ln ' . ! T i - 11 -'- f. t i - 't i
na1, "ill i ti n
Ibi w"' ' ' .!II ;II .-11\ Is pI':. '' ' .ie ll '-1;.
I: inal t \ I b t sit' itt
l ''i ih - " :< ' 1 '1 i I ". ' t it'
I l-i '111t ' :i':' ' ' iii' it'
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Zi'it lt't'. Ir ' 11!it'!\';11" Ri N i \
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I' Tes o l'r: Iw 11 ;i t ay itt te ;1'-..It:
. I .In 1In l1 :hIIIil1;1iI ii,-''li'.'o
11h .111'', w Ir l t' Iha ithe :t o in 1.4: hl herto11
111i.111 141ri i l an ct s I i ll :I ptIt t i : 11 ' p Il
1fI' il ico t11 I I ':nn Ifo :' i'l.! y \ f I nI'l
li11:11 l 11 :1 \h v :l- l i l i'I :1it' I'l :"li (. 1
111n r.l tural .uili ltt Th wrlitI. 1 t 1 f .i
ar:l er:. w'xii awa1 rt'nlu il: i 1 0.rt
w;'s g: i e, itIt : i t ali. 1t. ltth 1'h- siil -
waslt msty i tIt by t.I1'' 111 in lri o otrl Jill
clwri11~'iel l sllution s hith. terhsn'
I'lratn 1, \u\Ingrc 11t' al r u ins si l hyoluo
t'ueb wheren thei organllt' is "stil to bt'
111141aory a% It IIa% SU metimefN Ieen Mat!
by Wltls-itussian (leneral'e Grin Jetlt.
( iI tit nr If; ! In' I Ia i )llrn's uiall' .
tl't1e l1 "i In i: lll lll :'b.u 11t4 1, :Is n1ow
:Ii f leN'it'.\. tia'li . the ':..1 i p let til
.lan) tiur: 11 13 1aI w:n-I ig of 411 th eII( con,
-1 1111np ;th"l .1:1n -. They'i, w\'erl' l''Itl'y
:lial theI Ihii h .i1. hliters niet-. with so
hlrt al 1'e'e'1 11 il n they1 I '\ w\ n l'' nl/111
ton -.:1t1 to t:ll~- a Iulrril'"I tl(e 'lrturi'.
ll":1vili. lll:lll t' 11h1Ir' nInll h.t " , Ij ll 1 1
tilt' cu lit.
1 ''3.I i 4
Il "1 ::. 0 1 1 .
l i111 lll)';II' Ilhi 1\.;, G 1 4 1
+n 'l.' .' N. ' . I.
:1 '(/lil1 .,,'ll '\\i til"{ I11 .0 I.
c -it ' - i' o
I11n i l' i 'l i n u'i. I f r
I i 111k
tho 41w o1. bli ' . ii.i : 11ii h 1 . .,
11 111' I. I.': 1' I ..'j
lllok n h f h'1 e .1ii . Y u . :lh
13in ove , 3 4443he 4: e: 1'iI a4
Th43. 1 :: n 441 i h .! .
24 : .2, .1' '444 l ' ;iI.' tl i' .i 1
' r . I 3 111 I'. ... . - I141. ..'2 ' I
h i1; 1 14 ' i'ri3 .b..1
i4 "" il..l: t t'" 14 t l \4. .I i :l.rI I i
.I. :' 1 1 :. .,: "! Ii' ',.l i' i i t 4 '
'l 11 t'.13 4'' .1:1' -4': 1 : 3 4 4 3 ' 31
1,'.'1 ;l i .. i . l l :1' . 1 IIII 3 '1 '
ii." i 1,' ' li t'1 .'11 1 1: I II i 1: i.. .."'14x;
:!I:r :1 11t' 1 't . \ 11:". 43 aii i Ii, :.I:I1 Il.
Ili'>. :~';: n " 24 . : ,' '. r. l.. . ' 1 1' ;(1
tol ie. .
t itb 4 .
I'i 1I'." 4 i ' ll ',."i 11 ol.t' fot' 3 ii'r, I,' k
' -. I II .i'I . :;J la".
1i'1 lii t I. I 1t '11 h'Ill it h I lll: o
i' f 'i \ li " 1 11 (' lit' ll. : i - l 1
:I:t, p. n !' by . t :.ll -',l h' : l' i !
ii 0111' 11 ' 1 IIII i . 1 . I It I lII . lI ;: i' 11 ' :I:I.
h11r1 .nin, 1. 1:. :. ihe w ord : -- i lll!ill
lil I :1i . .. " ('1'
I 1 ,' i : :I , u ih.u :I ::, ' h i ll i ia ..li lIi\
1 11; I It1 i ill ' it 5bl 1 w :i l \ "a\ ii 11g1l
\i:' 1 1 i ii1 :I' 11 :'. I l'1. . 111 I il . l . lt'-' I '.
i 'iI e . I :4'3'ti-ill Ii:li I 111 lix:-- w er.
\ "1 1 ' -.t\ 1 I ii ,i'':;\ 1 '1 i :i t ' il l:
I la t i It ht-il a ;.w : s l's b ibb H wo
'l'1. :Lb iu c t': -. i a' t:< 'ti. 111; I-i S.
\ui il .-: h b l 4 h -:e .:/ 3 9 0 i |
i l 'i e c iel >I'il l .1' :1II1 orlit l' .1i 1'
w; l'ltkl'4 .1' hi. l t 44 111. l ft11- i il ' Wi at
nlt' W 'l I'l l -t'l \ .I .\ i:.w thattri-i'
otTII rv is f'thmi-ehK :r1 ll ' I 31an t.
fa is nt h tw r l lto, i h 1w w ll we
.\' el nt' I n 1ill i.lle ''t a '4ll 41 ;n
frug lit 4he ('ft .4' "l'1314
1ha3, ive34u ' ois incte. ' li' .
No ig 33n'l 44343'.''steiltI h of14 th
4oul so33 inuch' as4 33 s4ell33i h ess wi h'ch i'4
r!i i 13," bre1', iI lit3's ry4)'2, i'3i2s, hu
3)33r 3 li t- i lt31 (that1 sma :ll nt ' wil
lin that 1h' hirge love-13 i ll I lie the~
I I'll incre;lse
oft 'our I ig ern it T heIti inir l't ear'n113
the~ ln'/reI' tie rea lie t how 31u3 h knowl('33
I fnt t he luen w 3ho lonL't h in.: I( '1hin
" ousehold
A sp onge For :ubbers.
Mothers who have 1"11i1hiren'ti) e to
School wo\ill idn th:t :t sin1:l1 l u)pon e,
kept onl lurlIposl' for vl: 1ii hos. is
a great c"nvlte icet' ,'. I. t shloltii ldI tied
to a sring adl kep'It itt' lt:itlrtooml.
I t is -, isly e!.' nedl :ni l e: It c t:o lu1.
on the rubbler's. --" "
olt e nlles"W'When Washing (ruet,t . .'.,t
if you want ruels o W1l('r hultles.r
to diry (Ilkly after w\ashing, st:tttd
thl/rll wron'0 h1:; up( 11) nd1(er' -1 1 )t \"htwise
l'l':In :tIn let thel watler' runl On thenl
for :1 littlo while. It: : few\\ )' t esli'
yoll will l:1nd 11h't they are <11t:" diryi
'l - ies .. -...... 31I
{ iV~orth itnow\ingr.
I a ii ltnins(er11apet begiii. us to
\w'I':;:. -- :1 IIi'v oI ma terial s e' 'r
IhI s In 1 I r ;: po' I ble. ('mt ' li a p(.
'1Init4 " n 1arIter III :I yar1 a-1 :1 oll1o n 1
h tei .l1 ii. Iii t. i?"'I. , i i' u intt1 o ler
1''Il 'Itl'"l:i IVllu cn i ' l t ltti ii (1i,'(
mat II 1'' l y'i II't I''':1 t 1l l I t h ei : e'
" In W'' i a l i 11 illt11-1.:1%
i i' 1iw b' y I t- ! 1 .I 1 1 i i I e1 l
:Ill.1 brc i h t iI. II rlilm li'iIl'
hn' -- let I i - I:I i i ' t: ' 1 :ittii
-ol I ti ei l'u, at iti c ea, s i :.. t{, il -
IIII t'' 1 rl' . 4lit 4 ti l i11 's. I! is \ eer
I l 'I ' to ill' I.' -. iI . 1i1 1; 1n l"
t'sii s ltsin inns( tliub :uery lighly,
or 3 0 wil .Ulyr'ut Sil. 1 1i,
itii l't Ut hi t u rn ai' u ef l .f .
1 its'\ i :,btr l nt1 t1 tlitg l i iIIs. p:t t r
wi'' IofI\1 h .i1 ' a of the f ' !'i 111 l tI'1hio
1I o' (:If1 I I11'I l 1eI, I tl.1111t \I: ; It i: I h()
hite' 'ntifu i'1.ic1. im tt(l-.iter
Silt. nitih. iihc sol,is uvit <iing
t in t its anlIIl i be s,1 or 'h pi'4 ile
ltt or(ii 111(.4l1. w- to turnitk - : oi ht'
hlI III s~lllr \ I ls 'I'lllit I: "o1; i) i:ti ' Irs
rii'1 411:tl : :IIy I 1ten ly. : ; 2til ' "Ii me-it'
w"ife i t II:111 I;r h; i w a i -c s ry t
Imve"1 I;h:1ir1 :II tabh-1' uillll :II11 $1..1
ish tl tif t hint s w' \ rI t1 oVe'iIs't sii r
tur. Now\" ilt this is nil. rl. atl the
11uI. 4I:1rk:. 1111ll i'lwd tini-lh is I '(It'.
t', thehini.
TIhl' Ira :1' ul' I'illll 's th:I ar1e1 unid1t
of itl h I sh l art nwasin :ll bn
tinishtd stalr 'lte This ic h elolo is ever
pI I fIrIwIts. trints aiid
etlhillgs. Bill Ihose that Ir highly
polished are ) 1101\'low ill 'ashio.
URefunl salt.
s'twh husnile things arce lts('eft for
thel til('I oI r in niding hl' alth, that. the
grealtIr part of the world does not
know of the h'lIpil little thing s that
are ever' (lost' at hanld.
Salt, plain tablsu sai t, is in airt.ic"le
tha't is usrful in many ways heside
that of helping to m11sak food slavorty.
1t Is ospecilly h'lttieial to ale tt'ed
(er wteliak wys, taitI 1a i sincinrs waren
wato w~sill teure'the' d101isguring'inflam
nft's'ion Idhat1 ioms frtot ivewr (lstIr
frtult" heingt i' the wl. ptn bhe
waliers't WIti also veoes tht reness
Aion ile st shoul t'occasionltl be
pliae inf t wtet withowicht[ the
teeth$I he rshel asi helto lhaden
s el tums' . Ife ait suegg foa grgle
It w'11IlI ofro se to l'.at,I fted
lson eough'. fnol It ixclltent to aay
Ai'eeroring to te w,tlln antel . hee
eIgt init.rt any lsgg from adrshtora
stie cond 1' itit aly <lue o toe aross,
ofisit and''t ti pattly toatediyolkb
th' iggd-soet regh, sasoin wtie jour
naltt alclge,' by 'tituply ( cont5sIingi thy shell
w''eith grese as t oon a ' ts lssIlle nad fad
biiforI it hs wsti le t asol 'Eggds tret
ed in' thiiway, t Lanti(delare.'ls, r
- nrs' lal that' jithy cando hpedtin
gished frini oneso anewly lween tedI by.
thiieie Ilet Iwlo eclare atil ad ggs1
canIe kep' ht frsh tforhae e:ix'lmontsy
hutsIppigtem 2' a i soon aI ith'y ae taOkerr.
galte o'fl. ta, whloh's s o u he
poes lofe tesll and hh at,Ileminlty
I els thei: egg.i l'I a eggoncste ets
eld | h ftn'u, to Im:jt alteadtitI afte
it he'se~ rel paso it: w l hen h eIoIlu i pat
pre'serving,I al ag',e owisl suriet;lyrender
it ntI t' wit antInbt b 'eviale tor
Wel"aterilre;-s Sindihes --o CuilftI thi
slot' thickly twit lavels of hecrss,
sprink.'le tve tis ilhi i le gratedl y0lk
servet t'iIn lt t la v plepon aflat
dis h t t when thel anwihes t paeos
a fewe spr'eiigs cof te watterere1niss.rehi
fakesh a' itr ret''iAtttan petizing
duishn fo tipnaseorn. l 'll u i
('lrn halt't takeItPthI hlfay oup
of lCorn me bitka ian wit Q half av

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