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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 19, 1903, Image 4

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T JePeoples Jo'UrlU1
?UU JEId9 II t:l ' iiI;1' I II't I ' )UIt\ I gi:.
W . LYAI.I- M^A't'1.1:11r.
biltscrip)tion :31.0u I(r Anlcnn.
JCntured at the Pout OIir.% at I'ih ( t+(:+
(erottd-eas nei:t tr
PI('l ENS, S. ('..:
Thursday. FIbrimry, 1'1. ltl-l:3.
A 1)0(1 LAW.
In all probal)Ilty', a o(g1) tax-Iot
an ad 'Oloruml taxb, but a 1)'r (ai
ta t(x, will be upon tlh statuto
books wben this legishit ure ad
journs. This ily uenan the cur
tailmllen1t of tlhe dog, ot it may in
duco large shipments of well- )rel
amInAls that will h;e worth a notm
inal tax. At any rat' t.here will
be dogs, and the troub!e will b1 inl
getting thlm ret urned for tatxa
The ;ladies of the Mlvethiod'i
church, at Pickens have u n I e itt
ken to raise suflicient fils to ai(
som011 much needi fttrnishiunt to
the church buildin1g. lh1ey Ir(
mEctimg with on( ouI agetnitt in th"
form of liberal contributiOn3 Ironi
the peopie, irrestptetiv e of d I .m1
itnations, andl very so,t tie "htureh
will present an altog *ther d1 iffe r
ont appearance within, m1( witl
al be more comf'ort ( ale. 'I i
dies are to 1) connn h 11(1 t-d t i i
-but it is usually the l;he a 1ii t
do the very n'cearv th3iig t I (
men over look.
Tho nction of ('inty" Slul)tiiii
tendent, Iallul, in c(hoosiug his
Board of Educatil(n so tiat on
member may ahways be ftuind at
the Court 1ouse will iet witi
general apprioval, We link, r inl
teachers and trustees: w1o, by
virtue of theit positions and olliees,
often find it necessary to be in
cOmmunllication with aid to c
in personal contact, with suu(
member of the county board of (-d
ucation at the Superintend it'
otlice, in the conduct of their du
ties in the interest of educat iont
Prof. Demtdy, the resident muembi,
is eminently quaitlihied for the dut
ties required, is heartily in syiI
thy with his work as an educan
and, because the work in volve i
in the line.of his profumion,t
copts a place on the b mrd, and bi
intelligent workthreonuuwi;l he of
positive and( helpful ebiaracte'r, i,
The 11. 13. Bowen~ Luntihr Cit
pany, located on the S uthe'I
Railway between Lib.-rty and Ce
tral, is a conicern plann1 td and up~
ated on a considerably larger seul
than people who have ntot pass.
that way Imagine. Lumber
brought to this plant fremii the &.
Mile country w hjih is stl abut
dantly stocked with first-class. tin
her, where it is work.ed up jinjt
marketablo shape, just as desi re
by the carponiters who atre to ulso
in their buildings . The lia ilrota
has establbshed a depot at thli
point, being induced to (10 so b
the considerable amiounit of shi p
ping (dOne from the lanUt ,an
passenger statin has also beeni t
tablished for the convenience of th
traveling public, all of whichi nie
only makes Norris, as the nei~
town is called, a plae of somec at
tractionis in a butsiniess way bit
adds to the value of the real estat
in that locality.
Rural mail routes are dloin~
much for this Section of countr'
and every othier section wher
the people are taking advan
tage of the provisionsB of lav
through which their mails may b
delivered at their doors, daily
They bring the people in tonel
with one another, and enable then
to keep informed as to the doing
of the outside world without los
ing the time required to go severr
miles, perhaps, every day for thei
mails. These routes are a positiv
factor in the progress of every oom
mUunity they reach, and no sectioi
ought to sit idly by and fail of thi
advantages they give merely foi
the reason that they do not aslk foi
There may be something in thiu
khau of the national governmneAitt
famish a reason or excuse,lf We ma
* milnl t M mob t aant Co,...
itllproVe lllilit of tiio Iclliit 1"1
( brouglI I te ol'tllltl'"i1 l.V i V tltiI
ll falr, \ " i.\ t' j tllt'( t l lil
n ri1 :li t \ illt 1 11 i l:tt Ilt' o f I ;
illt1u ti ii ' 11 j , ) lI('-" -l! i t l
:' 1 ' 1 I 1.1-V1 l 1
(:Ili' '1, :11 1i I 1 1''O \l'1
tl\ 11t 111.-i t ihe "' ..1\
"iitl I tl" ll tt - l \.** i!I it t 1
rovi l g r:; , ; llU
t' \' l l1h alt t; ,
n l1 <t Il li<.l..l I I.)
I ;-(i ti !It i ', Is
il E ti I .iI . -
: t t i l i 1 f i'
lini,y, " . ( j- t L I
\\"0' 1 ' th al. Ili -.v. I 1 v
W n S l- t ; i i1 t- - " i I'l
( W'l ! il !" b. s I l i'K , "!
aura I . I
Wt ll' I i i1:. i i I '\
,'ti , i.,il 1 ! I I t'\ ,' +i. . ' ,I' i
l V i II 1
- t
11 Ii.'I -: L i tl rt l. I : t.+iu 'I , I :1i i
tIt l li I t '", ,1 . t . i (j \ .- ... t
lu('11 . I) Il t V ' at
:n ' t i '' , 1
W > i ( I I . t - I - l t - lt
\\ I w l Id ' I I t i,i . I
foIu . au -. i I >t i
,\ IV' Jr !1 r,:I ..tIi I cI5 t
'!lll " il heIt ]i i'X i
i (i., \ 11 1 it'tl I',l t t l I I'll tI,
Wiell',~ Wi' Catt iO t ll s at i
t Il tlit, a :1, l i jI:li v ; tg v i: '
Ilttr It Li V r t I l j th a t :t
S ll "i' ld \\t' Ii.h tI i1 . ' i I 'Ui \V -"
(I . ' I,+" i it! \t i: l i ; t i a
tllt i ti I '.V 1 t ,I' No i ; 1' \
ti1.0a 111 i n faie It i ;tt't ii
ltla lt I it l',VC o titi
'belie 1r to ii+ .' 1 ,i : -il''iiSU 1 'r ll
tI?t e , ti'' 1t a. b le i tl, I[it
lii yi1l1I( tt it,hub b ta m torir.,
tha gttinga too lehya b
hsffr Vc on nio- wo
\ll 'i.h nil it g-r 11( o o
11 .1 t Pet, : b..o i thn ht
wil it pro.i snif we ae no
grat manyl', is a atrO 1110'
a1 ol l [s ,.', rav e . h
Notiel o Debtorsnightd edtru
erilo I ving lims agihe te s
dit ofr J. abd the \\ <lCC'tLtt ar o
ue"Thedtpre en th rli samn brpry t
-yte fis a o' Ap -l U)3
t-oW e idebtid to t i tit liVi8 nuk
- . V
1,) ii
I ~ I i
II ~ I. I,
11 '.
I ii I Ii l1i*iii~ :',
~ 1(4
I .
* ..***-.1,~,.*
~ *~m;.s' ~i to ~LIN~.
~ I
L All Sei-is 3~ lo~ J p d l'ertnr lions sI'ow a
I ~e l~3$tl1g I3nd Se~~l,g Lines
B I i~ Ce C1 ~ i~h~i' I
A r rJ)r-a I ,'t
~ near / ~ery City
113 115 lIT ~~est 31st St~ N~W YORK
Th~j~ o
Ofto~i Dls~greo With Us
t~eCftsl~l wo overeat or thorn, md
~ostion follows. But there's a Way 1
~soapo such Cd: UOIICO.9. A dose of
rOOd dlgcstrust liho Kodol will ~olivo yc
bt once. Your ~tomacIi 18 simply t(
~oalc to digest what you cat. That' B a
ndlgestion is. Kodol dl goats the foc
s~ithe~it tise stosriach's aid. Thus U
.tomaoh rests whilo ~ho bed y Is strengtl
mod by Wl1~~1esoi~e food. Dieting is ui
wcossary. kodol digests any iclnd
rood food. Strong tho~s und invigorate
Codol Makes
Filob RoI DIoo~
I'O :iFarb 1~ ,iv4 S t
I '441('4l1 i1:11''4)V -~, (il1 t11),, ).;:!iilsl'rs,
' I l ,r :ll l) 1 t' 1 I m ;s I li 'a1 tlt)ll .c
il ll a nd t '1'"' 1 : ll \. II \ , I I:1'. 1'It,
Easley Ha .rd.C l
I'll-:S OF Qol t
( I ttttty c
' r 1 (I j :\ t *:.; Ir . 1) i l:l
4 '4 4 tl ' ~ aI- *J A
'i'.4(''1t\ Ads( ,.Pd
i plies
I e(i(('ppeil for th' Plow Sun
k f t(iiurn plows, Dise IIarrOVs,
11(1 inl fact aniytlhin>qg you mai:ty
u(i(1 ihi) price is right. r,
0V ES.
St ir t(a( -r Cook S-.OV0s''" ji4t
to n(.erlts ot tlii8 stov'. The
like Hystei oi a farm. 1-.ly a glu
k work. wa
I.( I )opartmint atnd we are of -
his ndi uti etot(is, I t will pay you hm
e Stock of.
( 0ST. ~
l w, TC li il1is, Pa(s, Etc.
ware Co.,
oley'S H1oney and Tar
children,safe. sure. No opiates.
I Pickens.
eti-s for taking Returns For
:ens County, Nov. /, 1902
pnedj' o%n the first day
le purI1pose of taking
Tisonial 1popertIy andl( T
weciail taxation ini
the following appointments
1t6- . ti
aryw 21-.',
v.22L 1.
ad, Jat u .ry 23 '. i
* ul
wil I'' ini Iiy oflice. Pi'ckens a
biyv ol lFebru:u-yvI 9 )0:l. aller whlich
I'~ er- cent pe.uailtitwll te adreld
av( id mistake(s, theC Amditor will
urn:S, an.1 all per.son4 cwauing pr-op.
jii'Sed to 0)ueet-; the Atidlot- on huis
iru:i ai s to~ his- propler:vty n the'
mi which lie lives and,z in whic-h his
Auitol Iln hi ro1n.4, it will be in
>eiorej la s b.oks ore closed on the Tr
iny district or d istricts in wh ichi 31
sub ject to .spe2ciII l' lev or school
(CMeted, as5 thinw reFquireCs that
l(' M:ilil relt urned lo 11- iNui ax li elher
> OIted 1t o i the ifr t he ownei r,
a a : aly fil Iitte th le wiork 0
hg h<niie will make out1 ai compIlete
ini the follow~ in g or-der: Ilor-ses, .
ehe s, organs5014 a dl iano, bulggies, s
mnachine: rv andit entgi nes, mnonn'ys
m d allI otheor prop)erty-, itinldig 2
ri get 1 fthlst given nlame in foll. "'
'e on tax ret urn, uive theu towns
>i ge liunber2 of thir school d is.
lit-ther thle f:r-operty is situated in
ia towni .nnd parit outsic'e, or a
er town1ship, sgagiY, gi'ing the
lhe 1st, day of Jinanar, 1903,
'inn tg prtopty (it iln anwi ItWS ay.
entl , husba8nd,1.1 I gariain, trlust eC
aintiUndcr onth Ii ( Ihle A uditor,
Iwenty..onio ainIiX i.iyer. oh
o are ninca patble of ea rning a sups4
ans1es, arte deemed Iluxable poIhs, ageO
ons wh'o Cilnnfot re0414 01' tht ulo tiimc
ate iny dlo Such per'sons ajgreat .yenr
retur'ns or by returning~ for them,. 8Ss
o be assessed lor' talxation at tis r'egi
is retLurned at less than its v'aluu
aluatin of the same class of Nati
Jouty- Board of EqualtizaUto forti duri
to hdth~ myself01 and the taxpnyer
Lospectfilly, to
4A T H E
:: Wagons and d
Aiotler Car of "RoCi' I 1 ,," .
Ig(ns just rec(ivedI. You hl:tl l>~I t -r t ,
)1(' . All !i man;tltf:Ii l'urers b a v\' ;1!;1: i
13i Bugiei, but this lot will bl ",ol(!
W\'I have at full I11Ppjly of a-l]l kiinis or! I',
L':antCa'l ,') ([on't. wuit for the rutsh I ut :
W e'( arl in:ttet"r p tre<l to s,-i l f. r (1\ j
'0 (v'r beI 1111 w Watlt y u4 1r r, i,., :t1.I m
to con11o and See its- Yours trut
rrowv Co~r~ro.a
RiIiousne ls
and Bad Conpc'.ion:
are certain to result. Then r ..
Keep the system in g4riA i rn:r y
MON's L.yE
and good blood, pod : :. (1!4'. !
the roses in y,ur - he . ; . RZau m. ':. l
Tonic Pellets s"en:l'y -' -
County of Picken,.
Oflice of Clounty Tre'-Asur .
\\'ED.N VS1)AY7, ( CTOBER)
D)LEI 3IR 3lst, I . \))
The a211 ofl, 1 :h.~ e L '
1ovids a s141 i t 1 :4:I
1T3It all state at.ll'I: alt lb
al Conult.vlICie tax are l'1t1
h-i I'h .: of St:n er o lt,S '3 1~
m I !di n h
LiesI r 0.ot \la di e. in
1d4if 1b 14''te. a sS 1.nn: ( an~ x
leu ton tlhereon-bl be. mMed~iii iLb. )a13
Cr S a lpenai sv ar n colJiI[ot inn.
'x.4era 4i the su 4 44out T
44adta -' and 4 4:ses . .4 .
*lig a paesneodn to ' -'I
One Doll ar f'GI Pollax andl mI )1 1 l> I
10 ex :-daneG A wt o .mte Ii .1
ofnemyJ.ur 190 , 1igli , .lIy i'ik u' :
ensrer unoi Pi ckensteauty.
'l'i~' y are ou) oroul\\'e n gIl, .1) 1 't ,'
st.ua .lint.s e enot 1.1 oo of taxation -~,
" - Co CIAiM
-'oo '' Pat in jr
I t k :ritl mnake you.,
th l'q, on' IL Wagon:
iII' "S, tl ( tro price . i
le onu tnrd get wbat yo
i;! iti;tke' it to vuur into
- f. tv?
b an
\ y
. 10
hen statty
beor t
742 01ase
he . Trarre
- i n fl (ei
- -H'It bonith~I
0 IA hr ougl.
1. 1j b ' 44 h' en
. . . . . . . 1 , u.i'is
iniils, 'I b nl
eein the saig
to thh axs )il plea(
is.g la r py g
......... COhCltr

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