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The People s Jorn1ial1
Local Items of interest.
--lia1s Day, of Easley, was in
town Saturdy.
--Si Robitson and wifo were inl
town Saturday.
-Mrs. J.1T. Tavlor has boon
sick with the grippe.
-Loland Boggs, of Easloy, was
in town last weok.
-Mrs. .J. Mcl), Bruce returned
from Charleston Saturday.
-Miss Cora Bowen, who has
been teaching tho Cedar Rock
school, roturtned homlo Friday,
-Ode and Mae Ashmoro, of
Greenville, visited W, 11. Ash
moro last wook.
-Longfellow nust hLVe' written
his "Rainy I).y" olit (lay about
like last Monday.
--ROuso 13,Iwo'n. one( of 'ickOns
county's su:itnlitl citizelns, wa"tts
in town Satur.(lu
-Prof. .\ lhite Singleton, who
is teaching the Mauldmtl sthool
near Liberty wIs in t-)wi S.tur
-Miss 1'irz (h llttghls, of H{eath
Bruce-Morrow Co. is on a visit to
relatives at Si)rtanu)1rg and
--Cotton brilgs 9 c'uts on1 thu
markot thl'o dys. .Judging from
amount bi-Ought in1 the past w
a nunber of ftrl('rs had )1)en
htol(ing till it bIrought P centi.
-'ho South (atrolina Le4giSla
ture will soon hitv' put in the con
stitutional forty days. It will
likely adjounii*i l' r.d'.y the 20th,
which is abonti the fo "rtieth day.
- her'e wiIl be i s11("eial commlili
niciatio.1 at Kowee hodg) No. 79,
A. ?, M., nxt I Friday night Feb.
20, fec tho purpose of conforrihg
tho 3rd digre , All M. M. are in
vited to atteim.
-Benton i re, im1an, one of Pick
ens county's well to do citizns,
was in town Saturdaty. Mr. Free
man is in rather feeblo health,
though he is able to be out attend
ing to husin(ess.
-in the a bsnce of Dr. Thomas,
Rev, J. M. Stewar t. p)reached two
excellent sermonis in the Baptist
church sunthly to large andI appre
ciative coupTiegatijons. D)r, Thomas
is sojourniing ini Florida for a
short while.
-A bill haus passxd requirimg
all county Suiperinitendenit's to
stand an examiniat ion and requlir
ing them to hoeld a first grado teach
ers licenso. The questions are to
be preparedI by the State Board of
Education, and the examination is
to be byr the County boaird of ex
aminers to whom the quiestions
will be sent.
---There has been a bill intro
duced in the legislature to restrict
the sale of dyamite in order to
protect the fih in the cr'iek [and(
livers. The dealer will he required
to ask puichiaser' the object of his
purchase, and the dealer is to keel)
n'recordl of those b)uyinjg andi( the
amuount bought. Tfhe bill has
piasedi a Second( ireading.
--Mrs. Ehiniina Thlomasfl, wife of
Joe Thomas, died at her home four
miles south of Pizkens Satuiday
afternoon about 4 o'clock, and wasi
buried at Prateis Suiiday afternioon
following, Rev. W, C. Seaborn
.conducting the funieralI services.
.She was a member of the Baptist
echnrchi. She leaves surviving her
husband and livo childron.
-Th'lere' haive been so many
Brmothered hintils and( occasions that
there is somiiethlin g radically wrong
in the management of the State
Dispensary, t hart a comnmittee of
seven has been appIointedl,to make
thorough jivestigation. T1hey are
.to make an exhatustive report, em
1ploying a stenographer, and the
report is to be submitted before the
Alose of the session. The Green
NilleNews has beeni the most zeal
-ousa dvocate in the Steoto for this
Anvest ig ationi.
'-Jim Tillman made a1pp)licat ion
for bail at Newberry on the 12th,
buit the continmunce will be6 heard
the 19th inst. Mr. .Tillman's alli
da&vit stated that Mr. Gongales had
'threatened his life, having come tc
the Senate chamber looking fo'
imon Tuesday before the shoot
iln& aind stating that he intenided
'to mnake Tillman show the white
Yehath'er. Committee Room I(eepet
White of the senate Aave an af
\4 to substantiate the above plea
k, White is old and feeble~ an
-Tu'esday wvas a hard day onsk1s
-Larry 0. ''hlorlltey is in Flori
da for a hrlof stay.
-B GIGrandy mad~ ia business
trip to Atugustit last week.
-The appropriation for W1'ill
thro1) College hlas bceel cut
-J. P. Smith, President of the
Liberty M11ills, m11ado a visit to
Pickcins last woek,
Flinitch 4 the new game, has
struc! tho town and is destined to
be about as contagious as glippe.
-Mirs. Ann.t Tuner, of Gron( -
villt, has b)een OeVr1 on a Viait to
lor imiother, Al Is. M . . 1Iarris.
-l ism May lI'obinlSOn1, who is
toachilng the Ilolly Spriigs school,
ciill 1o h ni,1 Friday oil a visit.
--Willi Jenlnilnz,: !'r na ha:1
reftist:1 to 1) n1t at th, i S 1n
tale , with G,vor)'tt <'leve.mat:ii in1
(C hiinO in March J6.
- I . WV . I i,)ttll , l n 'y
( G rn<lvt:11. Iii l I i\'it vt. w r V
IitIng knti t t I . K I f t,l meelit
inlg h:,t Tu'i s-lay" igh;lt,
h-\\Iilo the youngI( man'1s
Shl,ugrht, will st t)n li;,-htly turn to
love, the youln" wo"inm'lls will tur'n
to 1t'ater h;ts allnd J)rilig di, ss(s.
-Mj. J1. J. ;-ssi me m
)roved. IIo I a- iu(li('i+atly rt
cOv"ere.l to go to GrIleenVille whl;r",
hi will reupels.rate for s ti me li .
-The lgish trpe tin . th :
Sio hill for lta)t v(t. "t:s, 3 1 f :1;
WVednlls(lday. Tl'hc Iih ol liti on w
for .200,0(W, i he s: n ,S i hf Vt"tr.
--;;laude 11. Al-xam11 r i h ' a
coptod a p'Sin1) with the Pitk..e
lilnk. Mr. hal d is a y'oill
Iman Of 1)i'i')nt b1i.rO s, 1iaia1
blond Courteous to at.
-Garvin I )istr :rt \N :. 21 is
h);ildfing at newm school honus . II
will he remnwmberedl (hIir' houS,'
was brned0( aShort Itim be-for,'
Chris t S.
-The la gislatur,r'. liiai aSsed a
hill that impss a Ntie of, 5t ol
Gtypsiesi, who ar,. lnmodic;ore
traders. ThJr.'s M nllyplto g stid i
ablout s swappers." ThIe o'i g
inator of tho abil mut hav bge,ts
bittn in aitde n aoit Gysy.ke
homiidosein Sth Crona d
for thoyter of90. This ius ai
loodI y wco! ando shome that, ho-t
1man life is distesnlnha n
- Maidit thie resid en t
bie's father,U Mr"U. M. ilA D. Canrol,.
on)Snd ayt a Feb 15th,i Mr.n iJohnI
ReA . . Mlanlyt personfor the
ceremoI.nd in I( the p esc of t he
25am iana ilow ('othnoes,It nolets
bing ainvited toenjaouinti' ickness B
eningh fa i-ge i''ollgi t
-Miss osehine Stevenson0 , e~i ld- ;
E.as,I tvesn, returnded uesa 1o
Whilisto ilmaledditlon to e- i'
lue ofer tuils. anShe ha mill
beeno very ''h wllv for ei,but
hasdedlly thovred ondio feel like
rIesmn stthe rotn wor ofls cIor
hge hf egsatua p~oii
At \'0000foti partivn of i
stbe meori.am tors. W.a E.
atot pleasa cntcion har th000
Eihtr and Nnhberae of thopei
[Graded Schoowll nsieri ant
op5oFlityh Cokionote andohry
g ane were indulgr. Wile which
-T0aul beei ralle for kn
coomno.y deior aohryea tois asWothy
Thi s, cntrdibtions torwthedtra
levy of il ad he w ill b
-Theprl legiatre has appropri.
Sol!iito' I )Ig . II in . (i . eml't room
yes.'tenhty wmnlbi t h1 'Solicitor was
not alou1lt.
"Il bia an m ian I oeer saw,
said Ju(dge l'a.'ly. N'' )v,r ' ini ir"eon
Ville liat, w : k h 1. rid i'4c .0 cases ill
live days aid a imi -:uul convicted
37 of thml. I' ur of them were
nmurdor eaCU ti, and1 ho is going to
have two Ht th1'"m lumi:ii.ed. I think
that i)'ats all I , r(e(' a(s in the
Criini tal ('ourts ill til1s State.''
Anderson 1 II
A T':r'iii1C st(Onnl.
A1 tr1'ii ' .rl" StrucK the town)
)f 1I n -( I! Tu.,! ii l;' alternoon
lh)out : ' 4 -.. The ;Il'gE two
itory b 'ri - r:n1r tor1l'. of Wt,
A\. I'uirjties a : 1-.21 wreck' The
sau < ' h I' -:: : I ll 1 1n 1Earlo
\A( T ;, :e . C. 't)I1(
1in ' EdJ r ) :i I . \1ct(II_' andl
\ \(tin lA (rC n.t Intl y and it
hI;irll', Sht .I,ae Ian,I Don.
1 w ill liv .'. \ : iii. r ef the
Ol".. ' 1' -:r 1 (1 the
n'' 1e i .;. ; o 'tinli1nu,-d. into
b '. i I n : ' I 1s if del'
I h - N ar u;.;an couint
.. . . a ' p our
crletion - W,I Papers
o' I. : . ' )u t onle
n" and
II ~ !' .rign.''
I II !ilii)Il \V4)111'
Ih . l ' t of
a.l( t4 o a -
.....- h -. II.r Ym rt
--1t n t like
-l ,,, i, 0 1 t e r
1 uin -
41 top 41f2 theb
leu. ii be24 e..ven with
n.j1& i ' l2 f:'0' ory WaYOf
2'.rea '' 1 *4 m i 1'rry thet calci
nin of the) 424i1n: down.1 to the( piC
ure4 mobling." 'ibly eighteen
nehesL' 0or 1(>r)1 and let tihe paper
>01gin tilere). Obviously the ceiling
houbl be 01ne of. the lig2htest shaides
i ile 1 1a e or' 4 ::e creal(l1'111 color.
o01.ne 41 'ir 4! ro-u' 1av been 1.021 adC
allei i ng13 :' painii :2: tihe rest of 21
he wa'l1l to man-h:' one4 of its dar'ker '
olors If thle fricze is not wide ~
ntough, its lo1wx' r edge 1m11) he set
.t the properC1 bi.'ht anid tile ceiling (
olor ca2rr'ied down to its upper
dge. The8 upper42' ele 01 leaves or
0ome4 other' 1' irr:: irity malIy even
2) cut ou.t befor 20( stinlg it up)on
he( wall.-Labe \l)Dugall in Pil- r
mlovatIi:'.:: Y I r, it window.
lii ren tone I 24l . Ci) tiei
un2s ti he8\ \ ( 823 In anO11d 111any)
'Owts otf 14 3en 14.4. 4 ., ThU. ('on
38.:t of I 't Iwis hwte an the1 dark(111l
illen1 is <jui' ' '1ib 2 124 a ll rety.
3'hile''4 hiV 22 i2 1f 1:g n is more(1 ( (23
(Cra1h, old fa '1hio.4d C r:2.h of tho
lish1 tot.e vari..1. y, 4 n al4 b3e4. ) tIued
431aini2 .232 he 32 l >r1 the Ilesil
he lit r the4 C ;;., and2 als this is3
3)y chap 1n pri. the fashlion
:1ould he0 v;8l.u 4:2 y ) )'oug or
On the ic Table.
From1 ti..e i:.i :hores34~. of Nor
for' the cOmerl 0of the dlining talble.
1hi1 no2 h 142:is 51'1 uppose(d to be a
fislhing bask.t , 1but it is muIlch more1'
delia inrtIj 0 ater1ial and1( formn thn
those0 used24 b t he 1ihurmen in the
niorth of 1'ram.4
It is maIIde ol' wh:itei rustic straw
anid is partial ly enaleled in white.
It looks prettiest whlen filled with
English violets, with a miauvo bow
tied ulpon the( handle.
A woo oranhgel tree is another fat.
vorite d1eorat ion for' dinnerl. Ono
low chinai pot. This tree m ak acl
chrigdcrto for an early
(JArd of '12T3uik.
0. WV. Dar'r and1( family desire
to thank tile good peopi)o who so
kindly alssistedl during the sIckness
of thler son1 "Col." and daughter Mrs.
WV. L. Pritchard.
Onflo mvcr mEt d non Dr m m~i, g
Drugs ? Drugs4 a
v h)
Cigars an sc
& :'' Try ''u
Ou R
55 lut0 they don't
l'o Ieather'is
A Fan * :.
1)tlyr t il -1' i
1111 n t 'r o 1 1
tv' r:5i .5 r:s s{ rv,.
tl ) 1 a l i 1',*l { i', 1. i l
{'e( 5v( ' 1. ' '
(Jutitti' r
(lallltw' , . I. i.
In Colmll"n l :
W. F. D:1)1,
.1.' .1: . 1) tl ' Irh ,
M1ary Anni P .y, ;a.d
icaborni, '1'olun1 3 .3 IH )s .1 -
.jlstill os $ 1 0 .C fel ) .' ) .1 I
.nnI Pelly aniti N ii' "s i a .;
YOU ARI' li:lEl .'s I
11i8 stton, (Of whieb1 25 *..is' ; I
3rvedl upjOli yoll, ili 133 :13*5 \3-,
our1 ans1wer to t he 521l1(13M
ho subscribers at their otlia. - at1
. H., South Carohna w~is:i t25'
113ya after the service here4f, 3
f the day) of such5 servic; ;.1,
il to auswver the? cmplii~ L
mie aforesaid, the phanturt li s
ill apply to the Coms I for ko
3sundedl ini the compU ntj12a1.
Djated, leby. 9, A . 1). . 'I
To the albe(n1t i
trlsan1, *Jal133., .' -.3 N1
e lI)ssrh-ulu. al;ir s '
Takell( notic iCs' 1 sn:- s1
~liicls aio an t h
1 t' oilljee of the <'s
. 1). 1903.
Tis Feby. 9, 1 0:
M%organs, MIsn: . h,
The samous Use ME
N 0 T I C21
Liberty Cot)1ica A\ui.
f the iber1ty3 (Cot53 5 .3i3 . h. 3 I V
ho followvinugrs i't. .l s II r--.
f tbe Stock-holders ol't be .
~on Mills bo held ait the o-a;C
FRID)AY, M11h, (:,
att 2Z o'ehok p. ..
pso oif cousideringp t he pri':
f increasing thel ait al :j st:i ck ot f 2I,
orporation fromt .910(,000 so .3I 75,03,,
mid of ardding to the equj5ipment't of th<
lant suflioiont buildings and1 machSinayi 5'
o make the totale~qipmentici . 10,00 sij.l
le and othier nceOssary miachuinery.
'2nd. Th'Lat the notico of t ho time1,
lace, and purposeO of such meeting, andss
,o amount of said increa2Ise of capital
stock be published in the L'eoples .bsur
ini once a week for fonr couseon'j'ive -
veok8 prior to Mareb 0, 1903,.
3)rd. That the stock-hsolders (of ro,.or3~
n above date shall hasve preCfereceo (o
aking aiuchs increase of stock i~ npo
ion to the am~ount that they iuay then
Pres. &'1Tree, I
" i
* I' i
I '
I 1 1
ta,For the Immens
SprngHats, C
; 1urnishi
Th ;'l t wo prope
C p rt hci n'g , D r y
and Overc
a a ,will begin
1) t pring Clothint
S " t showyou.
k .\ Co i ,"' i ,Iinr 1
'al . li f I llrdI w
I n - ! l ' ( (;Iuds. Se,
ER & T
I':rl; i.lhs youi health, W ishes y
I year. Inl I n )iles foI r evory tear
i i uI I Ati I the right price.
Me a nd Vomens
20 Per Cent I
i-~ ~ ~ W-0-lit"t (
(-i i ; I \e t atId Womet
'Iuk fh I I i1 h rice of all IIeavy
r ni I L bIm.. h i It, will payy<
;'ig Dry v 511(ln Shoos.
A. K. I
Ye aIwa<1 G
* ~Ih I h( aet.~)~ It.
We ihi be,t b!caluse t]
les~ to al11 classes of
SCto.'es, Axes, Saws,'
Cu~tlery, Hammera
- - asl well
o* Ila is, (ClothIiIng, Je,
Yarnsi~, Drills
a l' >l t hier useful aiti
P,E LX !E Olood goode
shud . ':all in, look thro
!in. anhive Iu.s your~ valuod bus
..A Bargain i:
Thirty Black and Blt
Cutaway Coats and
(Tr (1, TI hsAgos cost more thai
ar. brk'n, hut if your size
g;t great value if:
Nine Prinoe
Goats and V4
Same ma11terialsj worth from *10.00 t<
...Don't Miss a BaVg
Main Stret, qum
se Stock of4")
lothing, Dry
ng Goods.
so to make a reduction of
Coods, Shoes,
UE TO MAR. 15, 1903,
Sl)ry (oods eto, 'till you
Watch for our ad later.
re, tiloves, Iridles, Saddles
us for aiything in our line.
m wIeatlth, ti hro gh.ut, the pres.,
.MAwayN reini.y for b usiness
A l>t of ()dd8 ill
Wool Underwear
5 per cent off.
10 DAYS.4
iK Pine Shoes. The knife will
Goods. Short lengtha must go
)u to come to PARKS boforo
3nry McKinney will be glad to
ying the best.
is economy to buy the best.
Ie best always gives satisfaction.
rable and Pocket
s, 1-and Saws & Hoes.
as to
, Oil (lothes,
slos wh ich we atlways havo in
COst ut little more than
ugh our stock in its various
iness. Our stook is now com-.
ni Clothing...
e Clay Worsted
Vests at.$4.50.
ii twice this money, Thei
Is among them g'on will
'ou buy one.
Ists +s
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