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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 19, 1903, Image 6

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]By Ca>pt.Uril Sobree, Govc
(ll .:ilL-lr' 1t) Iu "It'ait ltttilai :1t! i
th oieIl 1st ti i C, " t 1eV 'i
"} . I,.oc4 ntt" Ilr t' tr ! ul tu'Y
\:1\~~~ ~~ 11"ltrn'l tu 1 itv a t.I
. ~~~~~~ \\,i\a. o 1o . :sii
- 1, ls"IN a m y It' S
2111 \ \\I''
T il:
* 0
* 0
rican Samoa
rnor of the United States
o Pago, Ttuila.
.g oil, wiit-I is iseil in the liner tit i1
i's ofl so:ijpi.
'Thte chlit'f' i1 theP differentl distrbcts
,')11tt '1(tela 'tl I te a le t' 11 14111 a nx 10I 't'h
'I4t'"Irl, :11d lllh s atit 1111 W:lr ordIeredl
:il't1. 'lht' :Is ssil 1'it - Ihis v. :r w:U s
.1 1111 j ,lt1k11 t t' tv lr:t. TI'ht i"-iantlS
"4 i4l11-t' IfI 1 Hi t t' ; ll .i l :1h''rt"1 1'"roh
l IW i't' Ih1:11 ailllatitlt.
Tllt I tri t' tiba1 int'i u\ hi:l. i thai
jii'tet'l. lieim1" a' .III '. t n111: per
| -,
t k- - *. . Y: e .\ t %
* rtk e \ J seV~% r$ ' \ %
- r -
N i \N. 1j
--111 ..(0. ih pf ' h f 10.
Irate n 108villaA - .
he :s .i '..
mionth ago. ntcl w'itbin thre'e W'eeke
was at the ('otulaanctt's ofilee an lit''
that thet ii igistrates he pmidi outt of the
1.opra": tax. inste'ael of by. 1I'eS. lle .
tol1 t ha iht' Ie copra la x Was it very
deelieate thin:g for the ('onttnuanItnt to
handle anil titt it "oulel iot Ie tse
by the Cornmnandnit exievl as Ihe iln
tIives wisheet. andl the're" hael heen e otu
phlaint t hat the otlic"llIs got it all1. Thel
oh/1 'ellow' saw the polint, b ut stue'k to
his texItluntil her was tol that his re -
1lurest \was clenieti knlti thalt he ('oulid go.
The 11:anna1 "1rop11 hats alw1ays b ceen
isola t.< f'ron ite rest of Sitmuuu. TIhc! l
itAopeit' of thos e ishals have ani exaltI
i111'a of' t ir 11n11ortatnc"e. TI-hrt he'ad
it'14 is called "ing' ain in( n sIt' of
Ih I e%-1 th1u1onyv befo'rc ihe cont It e nnte
lit tAniti s inte il' lhrel thought their
"Kin:" was gre:tler 111111 the P'reshdlnt
t' te l'nilirl Stites., IIhe King of ag
Laindl :Mr any 1"1 o nrSover'ign.
'lit' .1 -w nt ' '\in is il t t(111e"lirle i
't, M'
-s-i AI
N: . 1 ' : : iti' \' : +t ' l l
I ~ i;
- \ \ *" 1. 1 . !. 5
na'- ti
'I rh:- o i. im ry o h
Na .-Aib a po t' Ate l'ei .
.n . ., an. 4s .\ AL1.- b -
b .o f.-w wh . -, heA b
* . . .' n t -- b>
uA - -1.'A.
- - ' - }''J A
.A it
T iATl' * A Aj.
- hrean qicerthn heUnte
. tae isgtigte u fUu.
'Ii rteta egaei p
tI :il ill s lilll' of I it' \ il;i':i's I it'('t' w itiS
;IIn o111 la w or ("ulto ill 1h:11 iif :I 111i111
h("It,lot .!4e to th iI' I.u iilun \I i-sioln Sot'i
p'ly's "il(l 2h11r4h an l:han 'l hli: r(ligion1
to :IIy oteir. Suich is ';ttolit" or r
111(4n, he' ini1isi lt at' his i lu1 :I 1
Ilhing; all ine I h 1iws or us"11t11llls as 1hie
in- o tr tol t '1 % 0Ihe ('oust ituilon of thle
Ui ited(i StIt(s.
At elit' nl"iIi s:ti11n pr tl'oil(io 1 'a:o
PIl.o a 1:t1"i-hlr, a (":al shuiI aItee
wharf havel been"I rottulet('(. IrIa(tli;
sgoin:; onl .1114 nI(\w buil(ling4S are. binu:
.ltsigne(t l. Thlie' Sa I181 Ins are poor1 Ia
iiur('rs. Thn'.'4t :1r(' b111111 lifly na i'ti' s
t' 411tIe S/oth St'ea Islantis, sIlh as
ytolg:i lN ' 114 1 1 11111n11h, here tild
1hey ;ir' llt- II.'t :lab10orrs. ''h ro :are
liil1 hah~i :1 <ilren wh'1ille tuneeIIlit;"S,
i1'rv. TI)'14'' '4: ' i \'t've i'l iv \"t'li1 per h ;4113'
nuir tani,es. lI., fromt .". to) $-I per
lay. 'Ilh" r't st of li\'in1g is verv ii . lh
ltIt4~ 1l - II' ' 4.4141' 14 4l44l
,\ upi t' r t t I ile. 511.4I ils, It:it in he11 \'
o lm\) 11 4'" : li IlI '. ;, r'.l114tii of pi iiii i4
4 1 t' Ii ' 1 " t ' 1 ' . of 4in1y. II\'y
lit t hI r ''' 1! i'"s" it I) s ji:In'I
111-i4 i -lit' i: ' he -'' I nl'.I, ;11.1
rn1't l' ;tIi i I ' I.. 4 iiti th '
''ll lI ii ! . !. .-' it..I l hl I l'
i-44 '. ' s '.t 4I ' 4 - b t r
h- un.ltn. e , -41 . i .! or14
'el '1: ' ''ci .4 .
t "l :-' 1. 4 .1l
\\il Il .;1 ." S It I ; \ 'l
tl" ; n ll: : i .. -t it.. t'I . ."hI
1'1' 1 ''4t' . :I t :. -t' ;i. 1' ' ii!I ' "
';Ih1th i I t 1,ty or thi'Ii. i . 1 i t . '
't.h:1 l t 4. rl' '1't 1 1.cc i ; 1 - {
II 4' l !:'n I tI!l' i lu. 1 rt ' 1: -1"' I' !il l 1 '.
ila 1111 i' ' " 4 4 T. . 4' c ' t ir i w II"-. II 41y
Ir tI:t 1 4 ;il: ' t it li' atitt I ls h Il
1 1: 'l l t''ii ill. t1h 11 ; 't' % i1:I I I I:;h I
t' i'rn1 i 1 14 I t ' h t' lli ,s it.4Iif1 4i1'
111' 1 'Il Ii1 rI i . il 'i c l ( t11 1i" 11'44 I I ' I'4'14 t
4 1 4 ' 1 . 4 1 4 4 1 1 ,4 i l l l ' i I 4 4 I " \ e\ l ; I 1 1 : . '
w i g t i . \v iIt "' i l. , I' ery1;
"'l l ' bc ni ' ' ' l in ' h1 1 1 ' . Ii - li. 1 ,
I in '' ti :11" . :' , 1 ''In :1 ' . 1 a : 1-". j.l
.It : . .: . i w' : iI!I nti, til- - l.a -t. ;11
T4 c ~ ' .4 4i.:t ic--' l lc' 4t; 'y .444l'-.
. , l ;' " :'1 ilei t.'ii ; ii i t 'ii t .1
1110 l : 1 1 .41444 41 '1' 1 :.i k ' i t
1 ' . ' I:I : .Ik I i4'"j 4 . '111 '-.' -.t"14 of II
\4*' 4'. \\ c'4' iti''. 4 ( ' t1' 1 11,44'. \'ii144 "li 1li'
-.'"'' ''4 .41. 414 .' 1tI liis :tl'' 1it1 1Clt 11
il,I1<II ; 4111t( -t eliItlie' Iii.' .1i lt''' ( 1
4: 4': '.. :111 ill :a1l tel 1144' ,11 :1 t 41 i teo I'll
'' 1t44il' !-: .rivo''1 ll to '4'work' :I1 t"44llli ':4at 41
114'4'4 l I'll ai444144ttl1 1.11e1C111''1 i111t1" ('lt' li'i
-Z'''1letlil(" Il( l ii eber'a i t.'li Ills a'-'('1' 'I'I
4:1 1 :1 11 1:Il1 sI i lltl' 1 ' tI1e1-4lt1( 1 1' I
'Ilt. ail11 ) l it 111lit14 '1 ll l'llt'1( 111111 sit
u l n- w o:1 l''-V her. 'I:l iit: -. w ich ;
44. m11in tt 414 i 1" 4 tes--h' r ., t w tIi h:I n
ra1 . 4.4 ;l t l in a2't ll If *tlin I pi ari 't o' f
''-c'. :4t.' 4ing' *'4tn<l' etillkig fo l. tc.i
444c44 1n'n'' .e'tt1eeltt s ' e 1lli :tilI' fore T
44n4. 4o Ie14'ablish4t puh!i '.4 1chool4 her 4 '44
4t :hit' :141 !'i e in1ie i it y ri*ilitin - h
I 'i1' 4 4!:'1.4 c'1 i' . 41. 4
Ihch s ye r: T he4': initive '4 l ttic ils.
mir eutie . '4r4le:tnin :2n'' h44';i :4'''
4-p- l obey t ''''w' ani. !- 11h!nk.
-e<l a ar::. crV 'f 411r n i ar '- ge-,
In hi- .l4-r lt''t'ej Ibi .:e 'l4r:4 Iut ji i
-.- f..s i\.'' ya 'A ia tile t'il gs Ic il l
.ij T lo !)trt 4e4 la v in:( l If fatir '
I.mWi,U4h4U4lthietU --VZ4Imuimrm wihinchZU.,4 p
:e- T1 41- c' - 44', . :fr' pr 1-4'r Ic 4:1n-!
'1 iJctt.ti 44::f4 1 ' .' 4 le y sI ;g .~' ,14 -'
4 jte :44 4'.by' 44:4 4:.-4 Iti i e,:41- .
.1-.- --4 -4444 Ii ''4'h; :14 lIlt is 4 o 't i -
el 4cii el441,,rii
-41' 4141 li- It' ) ti le rr 144(IIII,
:1144'ar4, I.
414 li it: il11' '444'4O-ld 41..14.4: 1 lo't
er4144 1141 te si ilt'l'aYg erat)111-m ';aitI1 e S(04. I
le- ':Jb. t I 'al. '. il 11ot has lahe't ZOI o .-r
At l I llt"- nOfser J re en,tt'Ol Is :te 1
:, .;4'i. anti I Eit-rop;{. Itgrol ied ofr 4
Y4Us4 - t -, lil-o.-t , f a .t gh a fr Ji r
--):4) -7~SIl ac ~ao.h
-o 11en 1 'fl u \\ oi to g t 1 Iil!i l t. il
-l'41Ily1 UI1IC8r 11t *e joa.ri | t - Work . '4'
c f f air 'll. \/'aists uik will
I-kin hlal _ ".:i e ;1 t"tkl t 'lft'"I l et 1a
t\s 1'l tn s ove 11' tte ht t i l ;v :1\' re : '
.4D i n-.1 to1 \ t(!) ".ir'ls. T his :1tIt "1
- ;4
.r t t ,t. l l \ ; t l . i l rl i
t u b i n ' s t h f it rtt , w ih1 ,ol '
O f 66
.1i :'J \\.ir:'1'
:li ' t' lih 1 .hv :tll If I t h t i
1 1111il~ i Iit. 1t:;t lIlt I '\ l I :l t11 ' i I
il1 \ ii ".11 : tt't I'ttl'llttll t' tll l:lt ' II t1
Ilinlltt I' I I 'h- I': s inlabt.' -tr: i. 1T!1t
t''ts. :11 - :t 1.:i g lt ' u1"' It i :it!
Iit ' V t'II l.1 . t lt ' lIt tt IIIItIt It
IIf tl ''tili- :tlt -. inl 11 .i t l s't ." :u II 1 i,
-. tl 11 1: t ':i iI . i. "it in"! i I't :11 t lt' ,. I
Ilt 1' :1?1tt :Ii c tl o I.. l 'tt ll ' ttl \ t'l\
t larkt': Ih: ib th::an -h w\ ist. .\I
111 .i 1: 11 j1 iIltllt'1'i.'tl. d :I t' 11ilt' " ' I"
IIlltIy -:ilutitb : Ii I I rt' i it . alh1:1 I it -S,
i r . 11n1 1 14 h l i ls. ti t "li lt'. i lt.
' tylt :11 1 t lth- t!i t .
hlt' w..i t to t t s of t tt' ittit,i l:li ti ,
I ''t i t' :1 l k l It'lit 't 1 . l lt' fir li
tks t1 (l' In ltr-I'i li st' f 1t he1 woki
tt'l'r. T he'1 :tt k. lltk"t I lt' t'i f r It ir
It ' IIII :i ! i tiIil s tIll yt. w4iiito1I
inet'- . bunt the. ir'tul is it11kt'd ito y"Ikt
I Ith unly andttl is gtllr' ' te11 a''ist
it' ) t ut' Ito blu I lingly a1 I - hlt.
l \' is fact 1 n t ht tt' Ill it'tin g and Ith
Iiulinii is aili lit'l t1vetr lte waist. Thell
ItvestN baret arr: } dt' vte' tr iteud liting"
't con0Iisist of iet catp1N. Il' h lle t kt<t l
iTs and t'etffs.
tl'huatt Uof cnnteria ret'hire foIt~
Z .C% 2 1
* '.. i
ir ; itt -1 1 i e t he wist :i;u
- i ; ii Ilit' Itlt t' t' i l n' ' tl ' tll'
-. .:.,.i... . i ;1"' lait t I I.' 141i t i'. ItiillC
i t .p i' th \ git l si' w ith a Iy
\ I t I'l I ; it l j1' i \\( i I" t ; I' llea t .lt
ll i' ;rili l (I t t'I l' It t'i\' \'i I Is
a l t" ' of llt' ' ii ' l l
il itti t tltti't i l:tt s. i' ll attst 'I:tt' i' i
i njlo E' Iii of SlIl: \ t ah bil , t i nkl ,
I i- Ili' I':t 1 I'l i i 11i' wit'.
'It Il' i tloitit:' .. ;tii ; S i S g1
.\II ' tit ' I i lit 4.111 it 1I ' t je 'i tI
. '.ishii1 11 t "I ' i t i i' f t \s il li\" , I:lll t'11
bti er ' Ii t' 1 l ' l t'l1"t h\i Th s i is t.
\ iile tlt' i ni ;i lt. \\ it ' li 1'iu'1i 'ilt)l''tI
t la\\ iti1 bhi ll i lhtl i e .t) -
t s sho f i i the e'n tlir ll' \ Iret a l!
S.-' lt ;:te l witht 11t v l 'In iory iiat':I l
nave b: tri ,:14l ew h 4ite e nle: he
'1" .il\\ < . "'llt' i s ll " iltlI : s
:1t i t l li:i l s ilt l I, iS h ' i lltt.l
T t 1: ' wl w he i'" wekt't l I; i llitt1, 111 -1 S it
1''I l . 1 1 t'S w 41ill ,It l tt *! ' ill' illt' 1't "n ts.
St I i' t ' ' i L 1t ,l t11'e jI i' tt t1 tl' i t : tll v ;1l.
a ti iast in t itts ik'ltlii illst l ; h t '
*+ . ti' lf il'i i is hilli ll '\ Sill l ita
iuta t' I itl t'sa Il i t'l I tulll ti. le't l t
- wd ' t "t ': h lit; llt-t s:hi'n-< a al. i u t
h -'y .1 he lit I u l'I th a d o: "e a! tay
l t'in ti llc'lwi to' i t' i; t he lit
.Ahir w ish ti as Is o it l sItln ail
br it [i ig lt are ainotig ~ the nve
t Ji'es;; o fioue tsean. lTis lvery 1star
in sll iind te them blo th w4ye. 'it he
fai's it hb ti strapl's . a it the sh oblers
atn<l ete batk The slost sIerns at
tt e a ltm't lom i ' ani' tigive at th
weingt e t te lt t st;Ihe fi's t'
.\siii si owns thei' i stis of pahIlebilu 'al
'it.mross wiith han s pipe wat l ck '
libetstink l an-ilslit h l with b i'v lack
Stil:T W\IST
coleei sl,aiiiscoe< y en
ifaitio vrte itdft)t in
fit tj<l i ng,tI whtl eh Ila'clo'Se<l'at theceen
te' 'otut y ar atl'y-fro the '
wIder an the 11( bihol ylds. Thel
slott Isams are.bi na h hudr
and xte i fr th enirelengh o th
Body of Priest Unearthed After Four
Thousand Years. *
'lhe (.nin Ori'ntlt society has
been miost uCce smfll i-. Its ('xplora
tions at Abt-Si r in 1975l' ltl ld1 t
Inlore13t1ng ".11111-" weI'e distrt>"i)t'd
aimong tL sIerlin museums (Ittinilg thi
u untli of o(tober. One of the most
mpor ttt t miscve(rie ws a p a twrfectly
prthervg mh1nmy of Jen Em .lechVet,
t high r1est of the temple. who
Tlhed abot 2,O Years before (hLrist.
whc body wa otii1 in a fatmily vault,
whih s aontaed- the remains of
Onl priet tm( r'eader anl their wives.
Only three toib, of Such an age have
been founl In T-)od preservation dur
lg the last ec!:tu:"y, and th1i.9 is the
first tme that the conteuts have been
b)rought. safely to icu'ope. Jon l--- -i
his coffin enveloped in a brow n inen
shtroud, just as i had been placed
t.c4''e f41iIQ years ago. In aruiodance
with the fashion of the time. 1' hae
sinal SI(e Whi:.ers, and a 1mg (k t
on his chin, aind his eyes are made to
alppear unatiilr)iy long iy ueans of
the caroful appliention of g Te
wi'. \hie it Is '. a and parted down
thei niddle, h. a h ish ti lint. verging
on green, an-! mn:;t oi-igim lly have
h'1en tihie ( lr of la' : inoftti, in imita
tion (if i'e h tir wrn by Eglian
I)1', n. 'I'hc itnin s was lyit! slightly
11o tholIit sid1(", a . .lto
1{"t, andl the he eM a a% )
purt. :-41cl! a i"" s-t li in ' , ' lIn the
li lar. Il e s ti i rr,,,I towrj.
Ih(" ri::ii,g: :1tn 'l'\ saf 'vr, foun cl
h1,- l iUih y- .111 ( a 19t l w mud n
5lttt ie. ..
Ti t.has hat t. t' tOU smlli to pray
: iny b e gin': (:4 hi to sinl over.
, . B. P. SENT FREE.
Curei 1110o,1 lill't SkIn t)iser:t;.s, Caneers,
1B ia 1ni' lti',,1 ilahnl t;. 1. !t. .'re
Pimli,les, s,-ahby, , .'ily , !t''hiin E;'Zemna,
U.leer:, flat ing re4. H r,,ula, Blood
P;.\n,+ 1',t. -, Sw.ila;:c, Iheuuua
i":n. 'a4 er. i.hp.,.l:ly . i ' r 4.broni:
a l, that d .')t.,:-. 1at,'nt medieiues and,l
lot rin.- fail ') -' r,m or hl'Ip. SIreng ti
k i.t'=. r .:. . i
1ruu h I 'l. '. pr,,re ii u"rr's 11. 13. it.
-in, fr'l. by1 \ w ;i: l il.o<,h J1(,: ij.
2 i ''c ll .!r. ,t, .V ilanta, (it. es' Io
r l1' an.1 (a mU-4 ':il sut In
enled ;''tlet r. ]1, [ 'in' see, at on !o, Pre
.i.xAl we :- t 1hat11 yt u n i~ l Speai)1k a
;.', , l 3 \w "r.t f i1. I . . .,
C~ol o:a ion li'53 e illayie (ifi Kan ill't
u Che bo ,sc'hul,i poulk-"e at \\' i1'l::r Castle.
Ilerc are t,~itph' wI \!104e(in1 to tlinkc
that poverty is n.o disgra;e. i4: long as
they an brrow fr1m1 their ne;ii :h hrs.
)eafneuus Cannot Iti Cured
v local P1)llintiions ai t hie' ,'anhiot rcah tiie
1Isea.emd portion of t It ear. There is rnlly onn
vay to cure d,'afn('s:, and tllat is by eonsti
utional remiliAs. )eafnes: is euus'td ty an
nilnmed condition of th1e mueoas lining of
ho Eustachian Tue. When this tuibe is in
laled you have i rumnbling soul 1r imper
set hearing, and whlen it is entirely ,losed
I)eafness is the result, and unless tho inflam)
nation can be taken out and this tube re
itored to its normal condition, hearing will
)h destroyed forevor. Nine eases out of ten
irecamod''l by eatarrhl.wihich isnothi1ng but an
nIiamed'4 'ondtition1 or the mu44cous sutrface.
We will give One4 HIundlred Dolalrs for any13
~aso of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that
~annot be cured byl Hall's Catarrh Cure. Cir
ularssent free. 1'.J.CHE.SEY &Co..T'1oledo, 0.
Mold by D)ruggists, 75c.
Hail's Fanily lls aroi the best.
TJhe most miserahle ecatuire in the.
v'orld is a young girl gettiang over hier' Iirua
ove affair.
HI. H. Onxxtx's noNsi, at Atlanta. (Ga., are
lhe onIlyfsu4cessful D)ropsy' Mpecialsts in thre
vo)rld. iee' their libe4ral o)ff'r 144 advertise
ixent in anlotheir (o01n4 144Of 1.i415 paper.
Teting liat some1 10Popl worriy imost
shutae h thimgs that no'ever happen.
F~ITrS permanently cured.Noi flts or nervous
esaftt r hirst daly's use of D)r. Kiine,'s Great
'4ervalRestorer. '12trial bottleanid treatise frnes
D)r. 13.H. KLINE, Ltd., J31 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
SomeI womlen dlress to please thieir hus
>ands1, and( some4 to) b)alnrupt them4.
Mrs. Winslow's XoothiingSMyru p for children
eothing,sof ten thme gums, reduces inflamnma
.lon,ailla1ys pin,ouros winid colic. 254. a bottle
1.temarks my be blunt andI still be v'ery
Piso's Curo cann4ot lo too hilghlysckn of
Ls a oough cure.-J. WV. O'iUnm N, 3'22 ThIrd
tvenuie, N.,_ Minneap)olis, Min., Jan. 6, 1900.
WVhen a m1an4 is making is will he may
ie excusedl for pu.tting on heirs.
wiftly simple anid simly perfect is
iyeing wihPUTNAM IFAI)tELs l)yia.
Lots of people love their neighbors for
r-hat they can get out of them.
Ever('1y w~or'king gir' lio is; not
veIl is 'ordiilly inivited( to write
or adv1ice ; it is freely'I 9:iien, and
"'I wvant to (hanl k yo i u' or what. you
~OmpoundiiI( to) all g7irhI: whlose work
:eeps.' themui stand11j in 44n thieir feet in
ho store. 'The 454to 14 aid014 I niiist
top work ;41(i he 3dH nt seem to roealizyo
halt a girl ('annot4a)1 ford ll)'to14 stop work
ng. My bac'k nehed'i, myx appet.ite was
10r1 vIs colhot sleep, and m ienstrmua
5'lws uity anid vecry pa3in4ful. Oneo
ay3'WI(i when ulferlino. I commenedli( to
aike Lydia3 E., pinikham's Vege
able)1 CorupIotandli, andlC found1 that
helneed me4. I conitinuedCC its use, and
D014 round that moy imenstrual periods
'ere free from pain aind natural;
veryone is suriipised at the change in
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raite.fuil for what youi have dlone for
he."--Miss JTANE.T PAINE, $i30 West
25th St.,. New York City. - $5000 forfeit
origitnai of above letter proving geninelness can3
t be produced.
Take no substitute, for it is
~ydia E. Plnkhami's Vegetable
ompouud that cures.,

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