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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 19, 1903, Image 7

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Sonic of the Influences
Make America tie (Ira
k of All the World.-New 1
lug Dairy State.Ixpor
for 1902 Aggre;;ated.
t. Corn Yield for the 'ear
4O000,000 Bushels.
II) I'v14l'.'.eei'
rit t ' t'c etilpr of tht-.\iericant a:rli.;t
The 11:1i't11Ois gs r'owtii of . this an'at
(oulnlry has no l):u:rlle'l il 1he 11story
of Ilt world. 'I'h' Sllulo'ndloi sih-les
we li "1 v' Iliaide' du1'illg h114' l:si t1IIr1y11'
arel 11nill1H'. Th'le worl womb'r -wir
sitc1"cess. NaLir4aliv inuany}" if us se.e' :11(1
Ilhinkl only ofl om-l inllnl/tliite surr"1olumi
ings. 'Ilhis Is pa1 rti'11 arit r11.14' of
I': rnttr,s. We' ho st I o l fi' o :i.itlral
S11l)'1e 4:1'y, bil I" /f u1 1-)u141 te'll
wiat lha,s IllOducetld it if I 1lhe e1ne0,iiln
No 1in' will Itt'stion the1 fa1 I tlhal.
tie. 1r 1osp 1 4'ity o' h'e lliit'<l t lal' i;s
inlinllt'iN"l as4 stciated(1 wt'ilth h l' 1,rosp)c'r
11\' 1 i ils 1':11.lners. 'IThe .\ u i t"Iua
I'a1 i' r lha, keplitI l a1e 4 1 111 w i t lil,i ,
-Ini is <-onside(rt'd once of till hi::h)-st
11roc1uts or 1ou" ('iviliz:ationl. \\ith Mhe
1111lnil fcI it s of ilhe nl:ll h-himt)
i lie' 1)low\". tile. .\ meric'a l :I 4rl)'r is a
I444iiti0 t ligII' inl Ihis :gP. sit,-' w'
1 lb''tralctd out. ,emi l n'i'aI, Ii'l
y''r', :ag t nl lll' .\v1tIe'ri ;1 1:1-ller1 I1h s
14 ':i '1'n d i he. v \:Iu1' of his pro1l11."in ,
ne ly Iity114 -thret l w )1'e n' .'il i .\ h41et"'
indli t1 i1)n of, his a:,I 111'111'lm ,-:1n he1
m1)ade(1' 1hian1 :1 e:e ful sIlutly o1f 111. fnai s
Tl'4I''v*'t we e 57:10.t57 f1rs i il .
,1iite'l t a o'eS l'" 44 .1114 c,' ltlt. 'h'1e'I.
'I'i'eI'c \"' 1.1~ ~ ' 5, :;4 (;., l4 1'ills ill 114
Wt-ri ev ale 111 4 :tl 111.i1i?7I-i 1 1,1 ' . :11bou
i')tenty-on per centIIIi. reeenis t ins
'allie of ir l li'il ins, while 1a:ly
St:\"(ev.enly-ninl 11er e i1. Shows tha1 %-IvIlle.
of 1 d:11 1 : i t'rlill)) i'l'eln ts. I -'arii i11n
1)rh . ltnt; :11)I inl:rhin'ry' we"trt' valut'd
ll \t"i1. t ~.5 il h Illte live SIo 1
rt" t;1 1. : ti . : : i. 11. 4111. .\ htlin rt ilis
\":lui( to that of lte -: f rtu1 ::ives" a to11:1
"atlt'e Of thr' ft:1"1 r r yt of, abonl
1420..,14.0:11.M,-3 . 1n round num111wr.1 w\t
h: t' I(i,!0 . ,11. 10 horses, (11I .1',,S11 s1::'1p.
2:3:,.,!ti.08:5 t1"Chh-k l s I;'. #.1til( sw'i1ne.
1T.12,ii,4 aliry ows 1 w11c -il, i;;s7i
of h ir ''a t l'e.
i ft hane :i:y ye'r aoa- the couu
nat11ion11 w11i h stlrted4. with "-I(l.t!U. l
I)i 1ol' ho 5 ai l fe ilolubtiol of 17.4101 .
(., of whoml. a large pl'ropoit'ion mul,4
hVei detl(lri\e'dt Ithir- support. lircttly
1'roml agrrliiultur(. Tlh' f'ac tory sy'stemIl
was iiitlos iris of orglnlization. ,-l
nieslii maunu';It4 i walc \:IS flst decliniIng
o1r11d(1 dlesit'tude' 1i:tiln! was in its
infln'y ain l :gri'cultlre Ilolminati' the14l
productie(' indtlliles. N1n'-lnths of
Ihe South w:lc in flrest.:, th ' pra1ir'iies
If thile'4' Wes wer115 dotd wih homet:
-414414 here andl iii'3 there. 1heiI pia ~e jll -
yiondtteI Aliss toi wer the h4m)1 1411fii
coutle h4rdsi of 4 43 ison'i tt(l the4 wid
Indte'nlhnted 3 an fough44 tt through4 4-eI
mos4t.ii ofs the Western half41 of1 .1he KO
o bnvlu t s ilhs:4 l li'otlern tilles :44
hadI'5. a ( more1 farI recin 114.1'eneli 44pon
itney, )1 theel44 Yanki schoolmasit1er.4 7211.
ha ls more 1than t)e t 4the y valeof) 1and
inf~ the out h. andte vaes of't 1b' 44ne4'
imple41144Innil alin'stih ibieind 14ornputa
tiont tel a'1g0itu intet,-04 ts I f i this41
'roded' e'i)i h cotton. ii not'~ ma nu-11
I luRIte44 reeglly. I'rein nen.4t1,0I in t
in 88 to~ $4112.c4O*.fl in 189. ISheCI
3'oW as ItllI5( sb tnthit 500'4 meiIs antl
hflin 18 to ne:Ariy IM.500,000 in
180.'he'h wrovi.1(''i.eite011 gra lier
Ieltti in buhe) lre m' e r~''s of : e'iton
manufa1 1414ur ie 1411tab'tlihientis bei~ng
jretedl:ii trouhou lieI4)'l 1out i1890.
The 4 rap~vital ivetdin thlese ins4ti.tu
1'41 to 9.000.0 i nid'' l'i )V 18tt. 1W4I en
years.i'c foiiNN to4 Il 4180 hrral ai'n-i
tpieona tl( propety niereisett fro M~he li
It00.00.0 reiti ii-,1. 100.000,00o0. (X)004,
'heli plow~ is p'es, one o~4fllor bes
illittaton ofe rogreS. By4 aii 1series
1oItials tilttetd. by Iit he1 Newi Ior
1'hownI that he)11 mpovements111 4Iithe
01' ha reduc114Oelltel lower tre'quire
to14 drawiII it throttC ti iIle oil foty-sxlii
cTOuctd i.r Mglatut ANDy- wo Sper:
elt.is wast Yilcaey dgu to-the grea
invenff t) of~ 1eth8 Wood,1 who a't'et-i
ed thve moderlnciro pleow theXinepay
feate owhhwas thb 4le spi'iecialo Nurv
ture' othe tm ouhfr by wleh 01'
'00 acresNof vland under cultivago in(111
140ha Unitd lat,-wig oh iaIiw t p tlQl.ke
fo p~1low~Ing 14he sain to 4the~ 4 farmer
mufl thepow tis 1lose 014. .ako 00,000,000.
men:~tof wtheercl plow's.era gan p Iws
rlIng colterf et., thler savng Ois
reenl the rocy bulln plos o pour gnd-c
theritor nw a slepped ginto he .
1ositio a)1t ufalndow andvotnafcrd th
tileme3Q nt t Itbe sa tiio on his plint.
em tyheldstI Ismoerand toeap11er tia
at .uf l n1 4 hc se - y cn
That la.e Iielpld to
nary and Storehouse
'ork is Now the Lead
Ls of WIheat and Flour
34,772,000 Histils -
U.stinltated at 2,566,
II. 4' .144tu4145.44
ttriIl t1 ~"i- I tsxti,-ti,tannitS -a 'ry na.1
hay ul' tI'Ityl to thirty 4 ares with a
inrle' nlm (hin('.
Ihtki I : 'it w ''' fllw'ul . 4 t' ' ( '1'OIl ti
ly ,("f-hlite' h ( 'r5, whli(h l -nun I nl l (ito t
izd' lit1he titld. II1'y hav vi.';;Il('- to all
ft 111' world awi l Ilivi'e oI'tr'1-14 ;ll:,
till upploSition.
W I. ("alnn lo t' rlookc w\i:ai t i11 I o en
Ii tn 11' h re'i'rii'raiinlg; lt a(i bli-('" :n,i
w1. lIa t"o1h1 Itor:lg' i:i <Ii1 In ' fc,, 'h1 '
I'arlne'. :s \ w'll a s 1h' hy rt 1i l. t ,lt.
(tlri L, Ite si' I I i \ \" V it:1 t h. I'ra(ti.:11r
tlllkl:l I"t sixty ye i- i .1 Ih(' 4.111
i l.i 411 Ilt' 1Iglt41 114(' it44 14t 1 . .
Ior '''r-4 t I nuII ri; ih'II t-"ir lr(111t "1I
i all 1 " I It II f th world . I t has I:1114%
If S ;i1t14 ' I ( (h I ' 't t i '1 'f h(' i l4 r al p;t L-.
11!: hi'14 ill t'hll(i :,g t Kans s' l'i y and
I .h1e1 I'i't '. onl' Il1 I h'itls :Ill1-' (I l l y\
IIL ' l')' II 144 4j'4' 4 :II44 1'.44 IL .44 1,14' !\II
!1 11 !;.:" . :1 1 t:Il iill t ( i''I 1 1 " t l !sl iti '
:it:lit ti :11 IhI1ttie 111''Ilj .i 2,11.I1 tIll4',
( l4Ils 1 114 Sheep ill a 'iuge' yeat r. Ili. -
riLelltinu lhr't urih(ttl tIltc entntry S7.,.
IIIn. 11 \(1 'c I prni' 11 i'. i. 1: : 1111t.1 1
11 !t;i 11' 4 if in " :1 i' l : 1 44,'H1il l ' | i tt' 1*t',
11'4''44 ",:it l t ti' III:I t t1 1' i't t tl.
II,lI e. 'i l i( II l 1 I ' t
wa'ri't'u ts. tn -thiri of \'hisi h is 1i."
lt('(I to frit a '" ITh r1 i ' 111's .
l1 41 n illi' "ti1l ill colt stl -r:t1' p lti:
in1 Iht' \..I U 't' I of 'it('e t r I- t 1 i Inl 'st'r
\\"w l"'tl 111r I14:111 N.711 I .4111.111. . \
II3 eX:II)It i i(' ili''. il! t'Ih : 111 t ' b
l1dittr . I' ' 1 1, t I . II i \1114 1 w ts'14 .
I 1111 411:11 l r I " her w l 1.77 .'4 i 1 i relt
;e l'l t':s ill t"ol( 5lol'.g( in 11hi, tit1
IV"y :Ilolt'. " is -- ir 111ha a1 Ite ' elst'
1 111 il it th' 1 nolls ill (' ii
';I e : itt'.! I l h:I,14's o I" :. p e i . j1 ' '
It ll 'ars lgo, 1l the'(I '1g t)t i 1. 1 1i
'41 111'l ( 11.11 1 1w ' :14'l tV:(s it('t i" :I 1(',
laliry talt' in the 1'11119d St:at's. TIh(e
*1lli iiu, Ohowever. p3'I':lace1 New
"1'('utI 1e.'rI' $t)4('iI o\'"'r 1l3,7 i h'- \r%
'ork :h ni('a of low\"a, w\'itht 1100.41111) m tr
hairy cows, yi('h(inl 1:10 ;;":lltu, Illore
iiilk 1)('r vow.
wHIEr,T 1NDIAN ('ORN, r,
rionett'l mor1 w\"h(ea1 1h:11 thosei'C!
III o'her count-ry. t T1he supply o
Iwhil'at p( r 1111t t' 4 t11l.11o1n ha s m11or'
ihan dtloubl .t its lf ditring th ' last
sixtl eto Arrli ng 11(55 It lX t' the'4 V.ensus
afi~.4 1 483 4 itltas 4')4; it 184, 4.3:H 14514.
:.' 411': I 18 10 7.4:' whit4le 'i 1879It wl a s0.
4.0. S'',l:tL years agoh aout 1ive-eighths
lu('edS '14' Oh'11io, i l'nslvia. New$85.
Yorkll4 an (\1'irglin. tnr 183 0 is he5 it,ut,0i
from 44ihS. Stat wa.. 41.8o23,272) hush
'Ild.nThe westward4 itrendI1 o114ur whatlo
,ia'l' devlot' llt,111( he- I ito a outp14' l(44
[Wn,it~4' theperecionil of11n1 Nern el'e-s:
-a1or 1894 the1'5 5toring of4'41 immenshe <11unt1
'-4untri's ith wiehet'4lonea itt was
bI''lout(impoible Ir''sx11ty t'I year I .ag
11'In Ithe '1 Q4 ' liscal yra I ('4411 exprts ofk(
v4'44eat'1 11nd I.lour4 we11 :11.77:2,00g hush-04
WurAor p.roductw wAS rote it
rer ll'f o a104 t about~ :!7.50.14 httshoel111.
ile in 01 dIiit 3 1 400'e pr le s,kiitXX).
'011r11s.1 tepresenting la all. e ('44111' $'(,
11158,I2i.( (4 'Te'1 Amli an rult ur1(( it 41' i<:'
'ftht edo' o(43 yi t'lt il lflyi I,ti,0400,00t(1
mishls. 41bsixty yearsi'. ago. TTnsse
foodt4 1111st Lti o 11ro 14 u 4:114on. 4441(1e
[nlOll41, Nor4th t'i'lin and'diois
*'hecentres o' corn rdugto was4then
11ut"I more lthan41 ivesxb 110 the1 en
ile Irop. N'o w IetQ I .\ i 'i'p Illtiver
macarly d'ivide the4 tIorn 44roducW'ting'
?110s n'11910 tIIseve p4in4ipal SW'orn
roaduces htI were )hio.-dia. Ilin.
Pe-ru-na is a Catarrhal Tonic
Especially Adapted to the
Declining Powers of Old Age.
The Oldest Man in America At
tributes His Long Life and Gool
Health to Pe-ru-na.
'Mr. Isaae ltru,"k. of Me ,I ei ,iait (ountt .
'Texas, has atttiued the great ae of I lit
yearv. Ile is an arleLnt frh-,'l ot I'tr u t
and ttlwak:. of it in the rullutwinlg torm".
Mr. lirock savs :
.\fter a m'n has lived lin thae world ats ln mIh v I u h oh v o1t
lontg as I have hie oughtu to li e tiitoln ot
a1 ii e dloni e so.
"One of (te thing4 I h1:1e i,401nd out( til
tin-u_lt " I H i : Ii' >r lt-r
"I RELY UPON remdi o. aihnntta
PI-RU-NA FOR "lit' tIy to fi.'
ALL CATARRHA!. !a' f he.
DISEASES." "i\.i 114 ar
h t '. itito ( ( fil
4.11,1~ ciaa i Id-r n1;.".tlt' clilntate
of the l ' ait.ed Stattes. I)itig my long lie
I have knIoI at great many rIdit tlits for
couhill, i..l., ..tit rrh ;i t diaI loc,t . I.
h;I all-tys u1,l,o>t1 the-t a f...tion+ to f"e'
lditi ircnt diieas'es. old the lit 1."n or
fifteen years I have h! en revadin4 D)r. llatrl
n:nan's heo>l:. and( h1:1v. Ie.trned4 i1rona tem
one thing i par te lhr. That these aa~
frtions are tht ' .u . and that thvr an
proplttrly t;alledl e:atarrha.
":\s fur I)r. 11.1rtlman'.- remedvti. I'-rn,ua,
I hav itoun it to b,r thi he:;, it not th'
only, reli:lble re'inoedy for these alfotions..
It has been'l my q/tand-c-by// (1n t man
ye+ai a 4dI ttt' t ute m i 111 good ht'lth
and m y t-e . m1' iid t aUe to thi- Vrm
ell 1/.
"it ex;actly no.et; :al I'y r"gtlirnie'nt.I
IiThave <'uni to rcl-t t ir.te
ly for tih e n tanv lit t Iet hing t Ifmr which o
ne'ed n .t'li d in d. I tbt'e' I t er estt.
ha'lve n nha t a init i-i ondf.> the .
(it1)" na l t 'o cu sll a1 . 7 .lt 1 e' ti1) ..
lit,itt 1 ) et t lltt 1,it4..'
\M:ajor Fr:tnlk O' \1,1hun" }. \\-t :t Side,
ll.tuniaia. \lo.. t I it es:
"I Neu rvfI0onafly a layte-r i-orrc
Somntet, nowt" yeas kbl. I .1ve atcho
tle gronin> wh' ofwte l'any . it
erom ith inciatln-d rtint lito bahe:
through . ,rr."elationy of :.Il t p to ;Is
present htablihnwnt in t'.ih mne. tiu,
and T t ln"-uh that e it beingt it fuli
t'rewr. t'h
o w vta h ar- aaot I fe.l in. a ,
tet ofs Indwi0'al (.lthen1y Y al, it hern
I 1y sY SI('In) in-c!lt it. v.nrn- ".a ,, r"'
lieve d wi of n 1 t"tt.n-rh.: tnmbh--,. 'onu.
t wo ve:"re tgo a w ilhed '' ntm ,., het
ftell .ttwa.y d.onw n t. o l: 16 p..;a'.I i.. tan,l hesitl.
aera of tl handwas u onj t waea
tontbles, i o li e ,tion . D1 r eeg ,pptite. in.
eoinn ing h Ky. and a iweling of
getlla"t my enlt irel s\yS -in omi of orer1.
Div ime nt fi timeh Intoa : fair
1 .t l it rj en ted n\' wh lt -atin.
I fee! thmnkul. t ileret'm-. for. althoiKrh 7
vearB ohiI. I feel likt' a young: man." Mlajor
T.ranlk O'M3Inley.
In ol ;ge the mucou meorne he
eatnme thicken and partly lose their ne
rhi e ads to pal t i.al ln. of heArti g.
asel aei tnte, a well as IIesive di.
Perutna corrects all that bh its s tcilr
Untt ivealrndit Baheftball pam.
edoaie flyin yerso fat grou oe side
ber ofL plte Yale 'andgPr'cetnpbas
nall theas, wlas dshuaring ''the( gamhe
of=x cen the day, whic was delie
onthe hampionsip. andgr Kelly,fyn
preitd teinla the i co re ofhe hon
vertion the wng't ougt a ometi
rtin in the com lndeg i g tme. (T he' al
hands certaan he bushedt he run.~
frlly rehied sht he as sremtorte
ithont fn$5,00g nto thae pietcherI
rearf thenoaito etting thatinced of
theritpisiweat Ia liedegreeayit thew
player whok wans a'onphe wage- n
thing. hoe toe bo. During the firn
eighiot inning hiielfy t cam niagtheda
fictye ofmsn flye abties, hegt thes
(aie onerbaitya, the emne wakhn
kne oswa se cdnd in atats Keol
dou ituh. ol rss h a h
btut ielsfafoftennt.hr
wre t-vwimen soutnd a neager digery
k wht itwshi atchnet
ht~ tbllwand asitglto the llatc
A ot tplated ohe "lgigeroI stepped
meti t-e lih al sharp graek. Thioe
nIxtl secIon tesn trkhat was odo lyig
oynghe groundtand Keye wa Ayin
it te tuneigrnaou.asdn
hands.tnds her bushed the eutg
"Iknol o ldd i.
oftet moiy olf btting,rthaI ort of
Ypiritei.hti edd odyb h
matwo wat oacopih e
th ing Notr that concet If the mant
( alm pcertait ofmethe oe whoy
Gifswt hIcan o Uninstynd. t
do ito Th wldrute oltonn edito
tr0 uX hiselfi.motyhtriaan
AuI'u fl.l tom atIlght. d1'
T-n'iow indth ound'sita milo(tno
fo Ts yeloin puntighpton the he
Aloneaii'-liud, onei lflngerifng " o fin'e
ndls cromte ciielouarelaons o
Haylingrwnch diiakened ofe PblIc An
uerthomes heartut pat the enveri
Sadty t coeo oalhtefo worch sho
f yrarnsed. Svrlttisf( oio
twi~eas et(been ppd
aleration on all the mutcous iemnbrate
>t t ih bodr.
One butt' will convinwe an- one. net,
Is d - I 1'Irona h t'ttnl" itittlong sta111t
>\ '.1 It tl an i tng.
SIr Siamu iesIl . :i.e! of IVrhlI' 1eah
\1(,.,~ t :;, ."i. 1.1tlia,e iaa ta tt lu lit
I - m in gt . : . NI:tll tk"h-r. I -. a bt tl t <t
lI't : .I :nI l t il t i".I.1 t inI it, 'aniA i i Ita
-la s n a - I t I u ' ol i th! sl t t1
-. al ni: . li: t lt N it" P r -nat
.thlmb!!t tti o i}d I h. d trlit'd "iher ve(r'
igly1 ret"t"-,l'Ill1ld mI cinel(llls, bult Ithe'
lid me/ not gmt,l. \I y phys'i.:ian told ml
h t it en ruld it'll t'xl,ect to 'he cureda of u1n
roubt( !e, as I wa;I y'(t)ing to bet anl old 1una
h7 yr,.. I feel verv thankful for whll
"-r" -m hlas donet111, for fine."
In a hilter t tetr \ir Saunders 'ay,:"
utin still of the a .e minitid with regard t
tlr Pe-ru-nt na tl i. ino.'"
1. t l tll i 1 i
|-t'etits; it , i i lu s ,141'N l, mti s
Il.1'1t 1' 1'
In . -ay i b. 11 1 Lo m it1In
i ll !y o
ltcut".c'~, 1111 ,toit suO tol(eI1 eJ)"'r"ecl bia
/rtean t het -pt aiatie, to01 anll Se'
Irout" ht 5eO ( en aheto .uer. I huasat si
In . -'Ilth. 1ih nat eI . wce ( itkiH.
"tored (I& t-oil ei t Ierut. ara' to .1er
f Aoite. 1 VEiE R pa''",th f !hIthe to
('a it si-t alI It Ita . it o ta n hi o w b,.t("L
e t' Soeo tYtN.t yoIttint ee tib,
l,ott lIt ' lre'bert 1,ea int(fle to i.l'r, aal
!tItttra t(e lel, to ..iu'ei'it'j hn,n.aatat
mgA TAVELE : 'a "ta o.) tie 4,m
.141 i llat IowiI.
AT SEVENTY-ONE :t0 ~a. Ill-C" I1"01Jtt
YEARS 01_AGE.!t, I. .a'aaa', all
nt}" r.',tagh is all gone. fiatti all lile~ lij'ttre,t
mg te % l1w I tt Ott ietlarii t I vtt.tua
4and11 how('e l tave isapIteart l. I n.11 a
.mndI( it. t) all a-s at rare rreed". I ;l
aso wel'I Il amd coltemlipluint aiit tri i t ',,
low Stone Park this ("oming r,se l . Ili
i9 that for tne 71 years ol''
.rokee Remedy of Sweet
.ghs, Colds, LaGI rippe a,l I
Wanted a Door.
A rauhhorna htor'se i an annoyl
cr'eatutre unader' anyt cit'.umast anc
but the stot'y of an inarident whi
hapapenied dur'itag a re'gimental i
r'aises the questiotn whtahter stich
horatn may not simiply be ov'er'e
The suat blazedt downa on a field
w~aiting for' a lig, r'aw-haoued p..nita
to saie'.tmba to the uragitgn of t.
stnart er andi get. Ito) line.
"r'in g til that hor'se- '" shlouaed'a o
of t he offHeers at last, his patilon
havinug giv'en outt. "Y'teal get in
trtouble' if' you don't.
Thlae you thfut'l ider' of' the r'efaeo
haor'sa lookLed at hIs toftier' deat
"'m'a as tired tof it as votu are, sit
he saId, with Itdutll r'esignattin, 'bt
enn't hiAlp it. lIe's ra rah halorse. si
that's what lit is. Hie won't utatt
he hear t'~Ihe door' shut, sit', and
Ihav'en't got any' door' tt shtt."' TI
When the Tide is In.
TPhe bots iay iatanded oat the beach
Trang4ed with Rentweerd. dark and gret
A desolate tand dr'eaary sce.'a
Ax fair as that ey enuatreai',-h;
JThe tde wSgast ou.
Iitow chanigi'd Ithe vitew whlen day, la dao
'Thie boats a'ode glaly Iin the deep,
Theta' whIte Ns ata ndadintg a a gI tt
Nitssed by thee etting sun;i
Theaa tide was ini.
'Thuse manty a lire, in wanit antd woe
I,.ieat str'anaded aon the barrent shaire;
Hiat Gsod ist God foirever't more;
T1atke e'rnnrage, for we know
'Thae tide Is tcomng it.
A and lif t edt from t he a'oeksa nttd sho'a is
We sat it po the niat sea;
Nitght opetas oat eternIty -
Sweet r'et frit weary' soluts
'The tidit is ita.
-Frank tL. Stantton.
Southernt Rhodiesli' gold outpaut
May was the biggest recorded, belt
ovet 19,500) otnee.
Is the Standard I
The ONLY compound on the
disease without doing Irrepar
Gentloenm- hadl rheumatism tot
I had to use orutchee or caino. Was oa
a a time, several tImes. Lntispjrting I
bottles botoro I niote anly benefit,.
oturo seems to be coampltae, a I hav.
I can cheerfully recommendl yourt tat
For sale b)y Dru'tggista, or sent e:
.Bobbltt Citemical Co.,
Cotton Gins, Feeders, Condi
A A We alu
We also sell Merything necessary to otm~pIE
ers with full i!etailed plafrs and mnatei
.. .
Ktrongr nnai V-i oroun ailth tlc ge or
Vi v. J. N. 1 l t" , lo I . N. Y.,
tt rite"'.
"I1t. .u 1 e 1901 . 1fposIt m1yreitSe of
heurisy entirely. .11y1 ltia()u hetd
'bten roewhat ita iptilretd lt o i.'4eeal
I V.'-'l 1. co ttll lol conves'rre 1,ith m y
txr of htea.rl ng left bite st) Iitat I t"otild
St-'o u bl ed a'Ith se't-o 'c theu sae :, i Ie pa l s
!,'et tute aes ttoet' mn y hta "itty I re
si . 11001. 1y rlhtetutctic p: Ittx tare till
l'ete. ni .kenl m% re X.' I/ra".n o.ti,
ithole system. I e<tntut beut thiik,
y ikttit k/i to the <all loi'itt.y I'<athIel thi
C by yot't skill bie 'nch it hlenltl tog
y!.--lle . .1. N. 1'a kc r.
in at hater -ie'IIr , 'he iao : "I : iu uult' oo
tur Ite o' d health Shi I .eut 'no>yiIng
b"lulv ely e n l e ' le o t'. ur I'e"ruri:. I lave
Ilh ein out. t" ' he4 'ellow SI I,e" a iottu al
' I' 11 1 i td rijui othir tbI;i'ts lit d I l \e \\ ;t.
n .ttrd shall ilwats I Itauk you tilr- c 'ur geine -
dt e-,.iity." M1r,. P. I". (.i;tie'.
I 'oCU do n,t dei e pr ompi anrat!. i,. -
t r.} re'suitl.s front the li set' o! 'erun,t. w rie
. t 1 t 1) Dr. Ilartman, giviiug a tuli rtate
min nt your lca1se. ai hi wvill le- peleuaed
give you bais taln;hie' h ie" grN iw.
w .\ddlre- Dr. Ii;ertmani, I't'reu-n 4 The
lI11r tunau t. u tum, l'ohun n , O)hit,.
Gum and Mullein [letttuel'jyI
Ir"nt, and l ng 'T:-.ulesa. ''ht.rou hly teestei
I yealr". All Drug,gisti. :2.c.% 0c un wd 41.00
I The MIIexican dog hast noi halir. il1
g hot. elimate makes suc'h a cvrr
r',~ supo'rfihous.
ch - .
'Ill C'anadian trade 'with (Great 11ritnil
a has icreased over $18,.000 (ii t epa.
m-l year.
Colds Cured
JPdIpp 1and( NElil alg1ia lhaiisheuIi
la Bi11 T lEE ItME OFE
2&DO Youn.ig icgen
4t tice to otslff fo' ra~ I0, i aton whieh w
-,will guaraintee in wdfling under a $5,00(
deposit to prompt,1iy prure~i them.
SThe (ia.-Ala. B3us. College,
sa. h,nIS
Genufne stampe C C C. Never sold in balk.
Beware et the dealer who tuies to sel
" something just as good."
lelint ..sieo ' . i a,.o Hio d,,.. Add,.
OLIVE'S PRlDE -ft t;51n fi
IAI,i.,....far sane
market that cures thi terile ~ ~o
ableerharm tostheudigestive3 organs.
Fi xsAve, 8.tlaa..s A iitg.1, 190i
afine tobdna le o,ab three gmonth
markto taket cue hstA cter.."ibusedw
alte r the iestve borgeandth
-dicine. ' An8. C. . 1NIGAN.
rehssagtreid onu Ore<:teitof $th .oo.
dcinsers 11.te Pr. eSSes,ngie
> alnufacture d.
to a modern Ginning Outilt and furnish our custom
lal bills for construc!ion of necessary houses
of the Skin
Should Be
ilum outrs and every kind of
Scrc Iul;a, with Premature I .oss
pelxrmanently and economically cured b
of Bloxl ad Skin Puritiers, assistcd b
( )intment tiUl Cuticura Soap.
Thois;tinds of the world's beSt;
and ;peedy cure by the use of (.ttit
ua", in the' most torturing and disti
4N(1, and S('AI.Y IUMOULRS. E
Tho101s:mds <,f Tired, Fretted '
I'1it;figured I.lbies., of all ags aul con
i-taculovs cures by the Cuticura Re
skill has .tilcd t(- relieve. mouch less c
(uti: tr. Treatment is local ;ut
perfect, pure. swect and who tlesoce.
with :uteur.t Soqp and li<t Water t(
Scales txd Sotr the Th'ickecd .')
and apply (utic'ura Oinbnent freely
1nfla;mation, .idi Southe il I
.Resolvenm to-Cuta and Ckanse the
. Tot those -who have' suffered .1lant
<d the H.sl. SJcm and Sealp. an
meiidiciinei imd all things humanI, C
t<ree ha.roy to be realized. lvery i
by them) has bepni mfore than) tuitihlled
Scrofuilos, a ir* H-ereditary HI lImlour
b)y all other' IN)md a nd Skits R emned i
often suf'fiai-nt ter cure the most <list
ll i ff1 A it t?MF.I lity ' * iieol ii reenghout t lie
4'nt!..saa 4)iutmtent. .0. Mre tot, stui duth-uia
worek. "lletienora vi tie ilum.ei. Skin aged s'aIip, sue
edn ti IiIFtStiirn14lil. Tig':sf ii.fl M t.g, agi,i Idte.
and 4 ')iese. tit ia ' il.eowa . '.*7-2H i arteieh"o.*
de lais , l ' itn Ae.u IC.ra liani et. it. To.wu'a- &
10A14 (t P.' U.-\jl . Ie l*prers. IHonto,u. L.
- - *pre
has been curing people afflict.ed just a
prep)aration for toning up the system. bi
What you need is just this medicti
well as ours that you take it at once.
60Oc and $1.00 per bottle. Dr. Thache
Yes, your druggist solIs it. Be sui
Write our Consultation Departme
receive free confidential advice.
P aiaognor sent on appellCation. A nice lot or
rown L,ethorns and liar red PIyr,oth Itkm.
uill bionedd4'ock s~ andl Pnllete at *t each. 4
A Ii ere POIA NI) erf iNA ntit)A Ts, three mnc.ttbg
J. S. W ATKAIS& Bo.,
aT*Yonadeor i~4tse0tne
esat avI y0or te
eas 0 t WOn0 will
ees,aT ore rtmany t Oute. can
/ % 1 Atlanta, Ga. heo
Ihtlengr 1t rn arcial~ College. with an ten
P 'ji:~ 1 . fo rti excoi t.'d a e V.1 ite i
- --- - -- - - - - - a (1
-1- li. Utnitox. of Ecrtu. ips.n.. wrt--a as folilows: Wol
"i wilt f-ny that I hauvo never ,.i-enac, W"el'riin Th11o
3Machetine that weouil erial the "'hiii" Mneeh2tile for Patene
thi pa iir t of the enuintrv. iI a ihe fas'te't mai'chino Colt
I airter ir."
&nd Blood
jours, Scalp I Iumours, Baby
Hlumour from Pimples tuu
f Hair, may now be speedily..
y Cuticura Resolvent, greate
y the external use of Cuticet
copic have found instant r:e:iet
u1ra Resolvent, Ointmen'; and
guring of ITCIING, BURN
lothers, of Skin-Tortured and
lit ions, have certified to aln't
medics when the best medical.
ure. - Aa 't
1 .constitutional--completc- and
Bathe the affected surfaces.
.c\canse the skin of Crusts aid
d.icle, dry without hard rubbing,
t.o allay Itc:hing, Irritation, and
cal, and lastly take Cuticura
Blood, and put every function in
a ndI hopelessly from Hiumours
who hinve lost faith in doctors,
it icura Remedies appeal with a'
nope, every exp)ectattionl awakened.
.MVore gxcat cures of Simple,
s are daily'mzade by them than
as conT.bined'l, a single set beini
res'in)g esises whenCf all else fa ils
te' Cuale l il'?,. 2J'. vel of 30..
S.,:,, .fl5c. liir *ist. Seund t r 'th2 gnat
11 inw ,iur Th, nai,'' (04 P'agei, 300 il
I lona In p.il IaIIngnas. inicludinig Jkpa..1t
bl.. I .nn.' 14. 4 . Fr.'mehi Depot. 5 tS
co.. a dney .* I'' T Ti1i Dit 1( A ND 4 11100M
oes'nt that word ex
~s y o ur condition ?
ni't you depressed,
I and all fagged out?
ver stop to figure out
you feel that way,
how you can get over
Well, we have done
hinking for you and
give you relief. For
s you are. it's the greatest
ulding new blood and muscles,
is, and it's your advantage as
Commence taking it toiday.
r' Liver Medicine (dry), 26c.
-0 it's Dr. Thatcher's, though.
nt, explaining sympto.s and
Chattano,oga, Tenn.
LI lShe Advergtiser you saw lain a4
vertiemena t ihlis Paper'. N4o. i(.
W. L. Doe ia' nsakes and celia
re me'. G dear Wal (Htand
ved Pone)shoe anloh
Fufaotu,.er In the sr
5,000 REWARD ..
ilisrovolullIt iataemont. f
ernause WV. L. D)ouglas - -
olnrgest mnufnturer
Lueo ihis shIoEs at a
rF 'ost t han ollher ('Ot
I izn hoe for 83.50 andl
qulin every
I144oughts 80.0
ieni i.ayinIg$4 and S5,not, holieving the.
I et a flist-r!hrss sh.oe for' 't.50 or $3.I01..
hasti conivlinced' them'II that the style, fit
voear of ia .$3.50 iad $3.00 shoes 1s jusit
E3Id.l'U G ivo 8th a tilt,nd 1sav money,
i g'int of s2, )420.50.'21 in "'our ears.
-th 6.0oo mirodI with Othor Makest
b>ast Im porlod and Amorican Ieathers, Hfeyl'a
I Cal f. E namel. Box Calf, Calf Vh'I K id Coroa
und National Kangqaroo. Fas Coo
ion Th eun hafve W.L.j A

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