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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 19, 1903, Image 8

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' ' v II i fedleeI iIi ("il't"I SUlIli t1 t1 ee
:e1 nlit r of, the1 hi;st illnle1s : i1
lbIt (of Geilnlr'l W asingit oniii
\n:i, 11)1 , iv y 'Tibias I.tai. ii
iri * a;r I :'I ::;try. t11 Ih11 .SIllltliS ftll
p ln1 i:i. which h:pp n d ,III
: i;: '.r! 1'-'''.I her ( 1I. 17.11. hetw1'11'n
(lw' i'' -! lo :1nd'I 1 1. :1n d,! i e: \a ''' .'
e , I 1 l ll' I . I re rd :
t'' T : d I it o r I '." . llt-- i l l
II 1 , l i 'i ' . l l t l*.bl ;l ': II"
ll. 1 ! ' ' I I '\ i lil;tlt:;e t t 'I 1 :1: ..
\ ~ III it.' I I |
*I ': 1 - i\ e r
-I I . I :
- 1
\I 'b I 111 \
* -'
c I I - : . I ' " : ' . ' l ' ii 1 1 1 I 1
.3 .1 1" * : I , 1i 'I1 I ' ,i I 1 ; , I 1 1 1
I i
n 1 \ -
Je.:- I
I rt\l*b
I eh
I i'ie b'''C '' ~ - .\I ph.b of
4 ' 1a - s eh - 10
in~ I lh e \Se".l tileee e,I e h , bl
-my cc o 'od for lebe. le' r es I'-te
.I'*m e e e tod be ebth I li lean Ilele
Civbr b'e ur ..hb at wase serioe.m
ing I d' iebaeced be a meseet. r, b -'
bo li 1re. Brown" \iiue itbely
)leo.. I).'let Cralk entne inle e'eeet
.tyn a bvleis lere W:b nifhribh bibbe
toat(e' and. took om ee inoe Sblo :er
ter u llio" tept rth'ee t (em
1 draw);l inc tek samCCI le'roin thle(b nI
whh-hee dhi s we l lasSoce h'le*i wa aee
'l%S'he'b alo lloI nerttlageb te,iie an vibt
,to bee .nllxede for ac gfterge.
Thiis the Generael used as ofteni es
'aht'ed, but when he held batck hish
In let It run downi It put hhn1 lee lo ge
dlist ress anld ahnlcost pxoiued suf6r
ftfon. Whe te micx turb enmiee oli ofl
iouthI soeTigmi t~ olowe'il iI amIs
would )'b t'o cought, whichl thie
for lifcour'igeflcin to (In as much
o'elock D)r. D)i't 'wfs- seit m.
C~ralk bled the General agan ca bout.
#lime. No eCffect, hiowever, wats
dEuced byt an'd Ih''dotiue in
Mmotae, nbe osaloi
li9 O. I)r. 1):-:tl*t" in :'bou4 :t
tI',h - l - -.:tt " . I:turl :t ri vI. t 1 l l,oon
.i"l 'r. i -p ln I r. 1 iI k st'iJg I I ;e -
l 1: i. :I11i ~11 111tinI I 1e 212l1itIt"
w it;l lIr. ('r::i!s 1 t ; he wa It bl e aga; in.
The1 brllri . 1 -- s 2y t11t41 apptiteI-"
I I'r i bI'L,. b,I; ,lil i rou( Iny 1 1r
-:l l i' * -l . 4 f- ;l i1i l:" . '. l II. I'n 1\-Ii
1 le Il., - I1 u ill tll;l 1. s , t}Ir I'. I II
T h ': 1b, no sw"allow' 'rtll"!I
4 il-- hti 1,. < ' 4'oin 1'44
i i:, t " r I , 1 \ 4. 1 I t
l ..' b r I , 'ln \ 1111
~ , I Ir" .Il r .4 " i :'r .
lIrillei ti421,-l ii 14 1. I '.w 1 h1 ttisi,1.
lI Ill 11ns.ii :l.2 211 ti'ill 14. l Ile- hel'4 4i .
'' |l|u-1. Ii: 44lis'44'veI. w'4IS 11s41'SS. a.
ann.:4 .\fterl this wasi4 41lon1 I r tI rn'11'444
.4-'.::Ii1 to4 hi. ii-ls ie :1111 144okI his halule.
11i' 1.aid 1' 4144: "I 1i1t:! 1 214n trailig. .\Jy
br.alb44 a4uI' l ontin4u14444 1'ong. rI he.
' 14121 I. I0 You arran4I'11ge and)4 'rcord
ill liy late toilitary1' letter4s un141el:papers,
.4r1: lan . 41e 2n 4 I4'4.1nts, and settIle Iny
I '4 1w4line tinish '4'ord irig 14y 4the 14 1
'4rl. Wh: he has2. be(gIlI."' Ile 21sked1
'4 hen2 \1 r. I .41wis T. WasingtonI,I woub1114
r u u. I toh11lhinli I I-ee d~e nhot4o.
-am into II h. mlII'iiI3' n taplie l:d bliters
.144n42 ibi I lie e'ig. tpeled toi'eh
tie4d4 inll51 helvig he) fel'14)', for h
Irea ''is24ress.1 AhoIltg 10t I'cl he4'41
eni4V4 hurledq and do~' n1ot14 let 11ny bo,dy
buthu 44hevali ini less tha Imiwo''
days' aftrh' 1 2111 d1ead."' I howell'a assentI1.
a44 understand1I: i ne-.-"4'~ 1 i'eplii d: ' yI s
Tis'' '1 wel," said heil.
II - -.
1 .
About ten iittutes hefore le expired
his breathinlg b ecet mucth ensler and
he lay citlietly. lie with'rew his asnd
ironi nilie and felt his owN pIlse, I
spoke to 1)r. l'rnik. who11 st by the, Iire.
Il, c;tnle t<o the h tcsicl4'. 'Iil g lt'a
hanul fell fromn his wrist. I took It in
n iine and4 he 4.xpirecl withottt It sIru;;le
or a sigh. \'hile We were tixel il 5ilielt
grief .\Mrs. Walsingtoin aske1 with :1
tirn and colleted yoie ee. Is I(.
I c"(ntll not in'etlk. httl helcltil my han
:Is a .igial hI liat he VIs. --'Is weIl.p.
,'aid she, ill a yhpin volce: '1. is now
4)' e'. I I t" 110 noInure Irials to 1:a"ss
I hrollg.h. I shatll soon foillo. him''
.\s soon as Ilr. (.'rak cohil s:I: :ak. fr
Iea the distressfi l :teee was 'losel. Ile
lesirecl one of the servants iI :tsk the
- t.lleIte below to orne lly sairs.
\leii Ihey e:nIt aol utI Ilie lea I
kisse'l the c"old hatal, whlchI had Il
Illeu held, laic i down, Net Ill the
Ie and1 was for .onie limneluth1r
I' nl urilatil arouised byi ('hi.o
Ihi "-r. dle.iilnig tnll to talce c.are.' of Iit'
'ner:ll's keys anl Iigs whihi ll-h had
Iaklon <nt of' hi'. I ( ket. and wVl'
\Ir'. \\:ashing;tonl directedl hilln to giv-e
Io 11ie. l wtr1ppIedt thll-l nl inl ihe ...eal.
('1al'N hn llwehielf anda 11o k Ih 11 wi
Jill 4down .lair.. .\bontl 1- o-<-Im- L hc
1"I' "' %.Iwas Ibrolght 4w141W a :II1 1.ticl 0111
. the !:Irgt' 1oo n. Siiitul y. I ,", i Il- e r,
1-'. \I r.. \V; h ing;ltil 5') t'for m114 in Il
1111rninl! :niol clh irr I I %vollI "vnlf 11y
to .\I ?:tlr1ia a Jil h:lVi :1 .( i a e
w h o- IIiI 1 ilaI. I I. I ,." Iu l-: . i c
Iu l win. w hi'h w:1" his follows. Itl hI.lith,
t .'(. . 1 " I'Ih ia, v -1 . I' in i 1 4 4 1 -111 4 '
hwhos" : ross t . . b w ,two ee on
i ih. .\ftll bt.
an e.1 o iiiw It.fl eIh. hit e uin
1I1 li 'r u k :itt ii t isl mI a44Oi s y popr, ?
"iec the i I le tai uun,.11hOIi1;y
"Notsvwh.' -hn- h soh eh
4; 'orge \Vsh liingt liii's haindl was de-'
se'rlhed't as thlat of' a giant. On the Inst
o''e:sion of' (;eera;i IJ Lfay#'tte's visit
to tis countllIry he4 remarl ketd to .\i'.
( 'uis Iwhvlen r'eferinig to ai fortnIer
"Youi wertet hold Iing t o a situgl e IInge'r
- Ihle grea Itest fenit you cold biperforti
\ViashhIigtoni was1 thei' ehn.mp1jlin jumpll
Iir 4f hiis dny. Ini on1e iun tch lit (4ov
a'redI twenty 3-one1 feet thriee b ilhes,
tas ily Ihting all((4 Iotoet Iitos.
1l'etrioletum lias beeun d1iscove'red about
forty miules fr'omi Tunlis.
i <
Why James I. Determined That Silk
Worms Should Be Raised in Virginia
instead of Tobacco-Mania of 1835
Deep Reaction When Fever Was
I'roI iibly" t( n\ persons not I.thotott1h
lv i'otti-s:tult with tile history of the
sill: iiuitstry in Amrie'tin. are i wal-t
thal th' tilip manh which raged in
Iillat!tI tearly' three hundIred years
.tgo : h:II its (outt' patl here tIwo hii
dIted .h:lrti lat'r.
.'ive i 'Ii edl dollars Wa- iO' litn paid
i a I.tiib of the AdilrIIal I,ie1f(k'ns or
of the Itnlia \ariety. $10411, to $112011
lIt a \'iteriy. and $2000 for a ;-ie t
-\t.:.Isitti" .1iring the ma.nia. In IIt;l
tlie 't-aI. I.'"- amte so great tiLat all
-isual in11it iesi \wv 're ablndonrdi. A
(lloie I ilb 'ohIl 'or $11100 inl < a h, two
hn:e.i . ;, -;trri'ge andfl a s:'t of harnl"'=s
r<'nt'( s.' t 11 I iu Ill '4 0011. l'tr' os( t- li''
<Iiu'tly t' 11 i1- t (i .',1'0ll in) a i'\ (lox
ett li It It'is i t \' hifh ti Lt il'( - hit ne'lss
n(-'lt ;in:: iir 11 ho'Ises or gii y . ptf:-t
sollal lto-e-i' ' in I \ehatl e. Thle"'
('xtra: '(din1:r" \.1Il-s - li(''-lat the (.ul
(It'I ie!l ;f ii a 4 the 11,I 's t e ldi
Il' 1( fi a!'i :0t \1t - id at a profit
to speenhu ms1(1! . I-inal!lt IIh' r-al tulil)
loter hI-- u tli :,I - ai d in Feb rl
ltry', I:t' . .1 t: t n i I:u-'(ld a U ;i y ai -
t it- o f I mt es1 I 1:1'fl e 1 'ari ti I.
tti))n It i :, r1;(i . 1lt h i t . : 1't 4 'I anl
ilt l i t a mt , i w il (ii , "; n " (lin'. in
lilt ITh-" of I lt i\\ i1 It 'ttlay'
Iittilit' i . t 1 ; I \ ' ;i ! "a . I1(il i't'
l(.I la ndi I''1 r :;)', - 1 ' ,i " t ' r : hi.
N Ov, ft 4. 1:t' ;inain-av. .1:.rue I.,
\V ! 11 '. 1: l 'l l:"'! 1! 1 fI iIa ( ('
\ 'l (It') '" Illilt 'Itl I I i.i 11 \t I l
.honld hm renietl in \'irg ini:!. luttiv y
h> i( hit ') ile th 'e)1: h, et fitt' 1 111 t i.'
txrov i h(' .) t-( < ltut(11 i1 r' . w hitI, tIhl , i't -
fr 1 lit I 4 in l1 .. t1m1 1"l':I
tras Il (til "'! intl ' lit tO . lanfl.
Il'he h fmn-ti,f t oh. Ittf i tIir'i ! . i ll.
ile (o ' 1 'il f ft 1 ()if14'liiiif e: h i
\ta i o.! fr-',ill Si t-- its. 8f'ftf,f: h
1ext hi-uirl'! l .a . Il: "-a it.sn ' 1\y
Of a t'o l ilal It-s h ::'t'. i .(1b- t'i n
at'tte lfin ii I t I , :tl a In' n"w i
IIas gran<fl h:( 1 v.(' i'aaytld int
- 1le I : ii ..t :wII i !k. l :
fijIfItit ' tt 14 it litiiif it ( t'r i Ili
-) a I of"a ''t it \tl 1 b1 to : s itel
- . hi l-'.n lain . let It ',nt tt.
;eVC t n te : i t.lt.
l uOV P t n. .\s ovii:hf-',I.:.t the
tt(1 also 11,11:islhe'I il(t ! ra la -etl.i.
n ' i I .: ' itI it a u S . - ( t)( :tRi 4 n
hi t , iI I w,. I th\\ i ) s tl--", u I t h t"
il w 4ret i - \"er'e I'1fd tnt the I uI I
4)11u ll ' v I. \ (1i ns alb1a1 Il)i )i IM o.:
all'n t!t r :t' 11i ' ' itm 'illet.' aly
)-1 r al l .t . m enl t i1)11 -t i . 1)r. l -
ix I'a: ealik mad1( knownthe rem'iI.Iark-.
alIy rai I IrOwth an -aCe lie spped
de-llent loltiy t.s lth<- itis. .hut
n'onto! (sIf e caped. ii . wasi prti ~ etI ieftet
sel'a t ltyitst titl!tureOt ttole ofecii le.
onlt hn raiend anullyit. I hatn
binje.t whih ten ii-avn- it sothi he
th:-ugat. te gloaiyt by as anitiiul.
itee i s a'l' dfi sl tb: : il leit o el. i y
b 1:t i , -s oo i s d l te.ifnt r4i
he aIsellira t10:rato- :i-o.s oh
CO-w. fla e arofl. orly b e m
Tefait'tl withsriain dthis,
wen tirt. ltre.-tgtewrts eet
chAp ths .2-ryt i, 'Vr wogo.an w::avin
at-least:a dozenb.ilk-drfssesk enA w.It
or f the etailiy ild iYopcancarceily
gxorito a hiet youthfnly t.e.In
mat.The:s engaedi fei tifld.a
flm ig e rof ittcairs. A S rr
lncth ofsIl- wreir wsldiirat co
prpae aw mnth the :ut nth al x
l)eter."o mlake.\ ia-ahen,resing to
seriult'ytre e.r Tuishad byattod
ross. Ai ilso in hredgesmIt. domi Io
riehwtyumend rhat-ala auli harddn or
lenye crtIltI otuspyoto to iseenh wou-ldi
outrrv. A ill 184areye- of aossns
tatoathoriet d fon exer to $5s rue
(1a-e(1, -itt treysoti aolds aTh $25as-0
schunetris $7 iece.r order,l i ihc
credain an inanualo ton tesof oe
tuwhich v:reso atr aucten in fomet-t
caguse tzheeddn wagslatureofer
to er sfitaty pried.frtepy
metuff ibalbontt for planting, lne wth
merryw f ee lonl asoling2 ao on
Thud itr wadtaesclare ob otv $60u
-oft the men-uof the threwd, bcae
infected wth an nsnof thesi wtc
they conid by any possibility prod
They became worth too much 1t
Ivied for silk culture. When the (
reached Its height. but little silk
pr(Oued for every one was busy 1
uig the new mtulberry tree. 'Iho sp
I'al ion In planfation, buying and se)
r rees withdrew attent ion from the i
Iegitimaite busine'ls of rair8ing
worms, .ien expect(ed to make forti
in at few mouths buying land and pl
ing mulberry slipf. and the silk e
palnies almost without exception s
their capital in this way, many f
e(luippe( mills being closed.
One farmle' planted $1100 wort1
trees oil 3-4 of nilt acre and sold tl
the next year for $6010. El'sewhere
trees upon two acres brought. $4
Ihose upon fifteen acres brought 4
500. and I those IiH) ((It ltes brot
$38.O0u. 'Phe sale's in it single woel
IPent1silvania exceotledd $:o'.000. ainud
tenl the same t'. wats 5old1 a'V
timles at advatunciIg prii's. A lit
)nl)Ir of ilhe period said:
"1rihldiy, the 'Alaibama' took, to Is
mnor(' 22,001 mtulberry' switchevs, the
tit, of w i hItll at the tow\ I'-.t catilat
based 0ln attual sa.hs 11hrough1ouit
t -.lntry, I"annot bue h it n $-u.,
I'hte niuln'r of eyes (1n Illvse swilt
is. as;st rtalint'cd I SAlilt'Iilyl I inlti
Ilt IIb , to be :1'.: . 4(4 4, whli' b \\oil(1
1.1nsiide(redt 1-h1'a1 a1I " :t 1 1-:2 .(
:!lSic . TIhe' whioh- w\;:: raisi'd on
II'1'; a('r'' of1 hlnd 11h:1; woublll bel <
sidlered well s51hi ;t I( anl ar1'! in
ditillry sitIationls.'
Iit I S39. .j st bt it , "(1t1' (ei
tU Ihi"1i s1'nlsesi a urS1 yI tnan :1n1
ia:int lit! 41)'al4t :14 1( I n p chse 53 e\
l"I I l t o ltt ' rand t l .111 t 1 1111' s li'
mlillions of young Ir.. (s . li(1'1tk:
Il11.01 I11 it 1 I Ylh : 1 a i I :ir p: h y aym
heIn1 the tre.: arrivc"d, the' inev'il:
I'rash had t on(! at111'";I ! the n lrsvl-yi
faildt' for sI IIg.' an all1m1 1mt lthtlt
c(mid1 ue'\Ir tre1klin ill his iIitl.-h Illl
H is It(s w I l lerd it( vain a1 ;1
ll t a illlIr fr pa1a4)! tl br 11h.
AtIte,' ilith I'la:sh s114ml larg.. Imoibo
sol: itt to liilo;icil witho c's:. T 'I
1it artte'rdl an un w i r1hy lit.-lt .
.iil heir' ' w ih ir ll.s s and n il- 1"a
lesvt i s i is''1 'vi: N -.w Orll ans to
dian(Ia. T1'1 Il r I)"I r#,m Ih: I(ri %I'
trnt ilt'd Nit w I)! i a1ns :-a'yI ' ;-if
l.rill' w r lt i ' 1f--. 1d i ' i i I
.11 ;::_ ' I 5. 1and1 huri l on' il
sthsir si n;1viI'l. \\'- l lyli li t'} it
arri\11 nl l I!l ' te1 n I ti t( tk !itlm ;I
}t t(); 1 -rI'a li..1 i 1:;t il( i;- (*Ij i :l. i
\\'1 < tt 11IIt":l oI ;1. I~'~';I .
w:1 itle n aly trlt Is1,l Id in It
it t'i n II in . t Th e lI p ll .
muilihir;ry t rii 11 itn ;ilt nll hlit ur
Fc T.iracesin the Comunity ai
wi i' ll'\ 1 wi.: ' i . ie I i j. ( : , '
jt'vn-P''d i t[ lt;r'*lt e). is-sn 11555 yi e
latter. In l sl t I a vilhl tt s't r inlitIll
iny t a gem-ra';l b,li ':; dI' tr1)y$.d it
of he i mlt l inig' ll lr s .\lu till
iirot's 1tr1 ts" I' ll(.t 11111 . I;II"it~lly v
tsry nd e tI'*t. i s- moi-hardys wl
1iilhl'rry vari'ty. Thi was th fin1
in. bllow anths I h s . i:llk en1 'ture in t
(ritn pr'atiav('tllY S'i d'I to exist. No
dstry~i tieer, i thisscoun.ryl. recIt
Frssomt' roth sa.eto tim'l lrttint,
cltures atsi tistd' bheesasmoi
l y undet(1an In iglmall rse'ao
tnanr istts. btee wreoas lfutut
a don os initlesima!!t 5 sma'sil.
lssrtar IStiOf agrfliiul5ue iisnI no (ndc
sIt5'a. tc nl' itrStsr
Few iTr teirace o the muitygn
Ea1155rst End ofiIis itlLndoi.t'
i.eht ndfr te ItirIabing ote t
orgcs asi istb"e 11rona tlonyr.
v'lieb followst It. Ishelt pas.,O t
Whie hape!ito Intoa tharmong
Stld. rnh(('t wasu th sttlmenif
ofthe liue(t r(f11<-e whoiy enr
their 5 in utrO'iie as Itl sr hi
hErry. Eti, itn largeS naro n wt t
0stitkom couild be itt fiId ton hre
PtIt e;wn li ss.Theta ritereml
ltre i te! daysl lit florg h)1.o an
tInele Fronom'sts and h latiedi
sows los uell thels gi'avets wi
thir'I looms.1 Teret westrso ashen
atdozen HastEndenot.ichurnes Ti
siCat Endloi .ond5 todriing th a et
ir , its b ary a f Iitenotnrseli
againat urew ~ wsti th liberal
thsaIltIns fo ittstriouets wais!
bgin : i r ontheoir abos r whe i
Theidutr has'ls Po, l isappeard,
hosetrs. havle fan into,m Idecay,
th'euigardi'etts re ngt.ed, iti sp
ilds hias tlosItt' itsd Fre'haspst ~et
hifOen*tlf onelrtino a t 'warnrig
I to. In~'V rdeto' id ist'. Vltt i n t trw I
cof tgHueot communit.y,tw
hadir onorabe Taiory Gone
Au.i "$alckny andvi the rinwi
PrQ ostelnt hosil Isa VietOf o
"ak"I is assot beautiful myons
turelutp I deig ei" imnaion
timea roth hantia lon igo stand
offe ao taed contaust thethe r
ilstitutinciawe its oginato t ow
mae byf a gore.nh ingnae,ocaef
Ithas in e.on.n orkin wsih
ner' erlssPol i henot
a ze
tu.. Many Matters of Uoneral Interest li
ling Short Paragraphs.
Ie The Sunny South.
iat- 'he cluiser Maryland ma- be
m- launhed at Newport Newt, the same
iank day as the West Virginia in April.
lly Clevela Cal g was shot and killed
whie tyin tostop alt affray Ini
of l(rowntowin, Va
em The trial of Arthur l,. 13isho, who
thekilled Thos..1. Wilson, of Charlotte N.
C., on Decemher 9th. was begun in the
' eourt at that place last week. Hlshop's
*2.- plea is self defence. A lot of s('nsta
ght tional t(sthmony has been givn.
'ral At The National Capital.
w s- iinist(r flowen) refusc' s to si9n in
its pres(nt foir) the (ermlant protoeol
-for ett llient of the \'Venezuelan dis
i plte.
j"ii - It 1 IIn nde'rstoon(I tle ( iinera.l lloard
iun, of the nimavy Ic(nnIms four first
Itl ( "las; 1)11tleship5 and two armo(red
Ioot I. ('ruitiers as I1he basis of tihe amnn l
ht("s naval in("reas('.
ilg ('amed goods manllfaetur(')rs opw'nt'd
bec thei- anntual t'onvenmtion hn \Vitshing.
its to1.
li'- ( Thet' bill ap lprt'o)r'iai lng $1 .; OU,UUi) for
l- i. ( I)epart( 11(t of Agrioutmre
Ir. thtihiin,g was signed'( by the P'rtsi
T oss to the Philippine Treasurv
pla-e'l a t $ l.-., i.M4 t.
t!u ' tit r)ghr I( ' ((1148t'1Ito( 11 : l t' value0m
i 111t 1 i\" ' siteu(.V tla le Iat 'i
Thlie \\'at shington' (' ;n:<11 enmll <1 -
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t 111 re('gard the( <u1""iuu of ( t' cessionl
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s". i.\ ( I .\mteri ani solit'rs in thet P'hilip..
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dluring the' Slath gdl debatt.
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t Io I ariliiy ti(" pn l()pos i, nIilio11 stition.
-:a'1 on his d< eiion 1ha:t undlay wa's at
1h (' ag isl:tivi day.
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It, ('rei'('t'(ifielty t tlr' t-i l'(-Ii-.
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1h"' tor'nwr r'. t tr< fttr Iat pens'itin Ieg
ld s (i ation l l Is.: ; ':-, Wiills.
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-rtown iws lhi hi asubc -ebly hill trough b
to hiyth .' (- 311rin, li. liis ing llay g.-f
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I,t bill a'tutt im , and "Vn'i t and to pnueishi
I' %I inc at . A1, o1tlis.
is It i> said SI(e r la . i Root. S t'enlatof
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o1llrn Itr. of \\'ashii ton . will lynstite'
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1'"1- F AoThmisslom.
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ficials,13 and11 th art ~ill (includie i:
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to~' riotild the busin<e potions of tat
firee Th ' ie prpo io o t Alt . 11attel is
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:r8 theoii meant of pologing mide,p~cht
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WjI. ..\l cllstn french eIAl'nist of1 A'l'a
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thedI awyers of farmer, Crlwn Prin
rgi-1111 14ois fiSa-xo y tils lr. o(it-on
lend Angry1(i' potethe aginsto' th ) exoutiea
for fseof lelolrman)words of Seaomms. i
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iint'tJ t: CIristlan Love. I ('or. 1:1-.4ollee
T ,1 Cor. xill., 13-ie tn,ory Vfrles,
* 3:i Cotulmenett Conieottiry unt rie
)ay's Ldssun.
Ihaot a, h oe i,llu." t he 1h.i t or In i 1t
flintt gie 1 tt e ttl il th atl tat i t ' .o
h I n o t , ' u l ( n e t e r o t c u . b u t h j ;
met''1'. ieoao.a with, the atl'. tar u
it I oult ot I I 05' dihe 1e1there
lhingx to a(:tualy" trto:e tt ac t'oi le ere it it
'ere tossiblr. ' ye t, uua, but. ite a t .
wouhl be n tau ,tu i i a e( lt,, ri t y h . t h
is, though I 'Wee l ht' a "a ahltet . tat
guage. l oken upo a. x .ak all t.he h la
elotienc of1ngl.1an etth, ;und With the
ioll1tt " f 1 o ng s . aiitlwe .hi lt I haye the
gilt'tu1atI( ngut'a.:sall .1oit, "etl tby ,a'- it. iri in a .
1'enl(ev'l1. "'Ib1t have not love" I'hat.
oIt' to G.tl and ma1 ttt whicb it h udoaI
aI the, rtgcle ted ta'i a tle oad ,n t
thle stiy(hot(nomt- by
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-h o n in. r assc'
hi tt. erat ta n the~ lo itttagt' h a -taaa
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ia v h tx , l in t ta It .ethe r und u tin
ca. i a 1" o ' I'iui ug , ha l'au-l ('hat
taI intls tt "rctt' t' 'tt i.cttl c of-a t lli, to ataaat
1 i1 I,hr nl"t t r u I : I/11,,''t;at l lcr I ult ' t taaj
(nL, but with ver.I' little varierty ol, a1,ant
ta the, highc.s I itt ,.l(tl - abV oun rlt l, t i
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tiht' ti titlgd in t ie, hear!.
-?. "'( ift of Itn.l.heCI-l,'' T(Il
of 'tit ta* e Altven(t a. .td a li. itt)aaaa
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a-i.-. (II inn er t a l
ita'.\ a' 17hn tI tu 1' I' t ta 1( t" tlaattat
l all f t he ctpe ian, lic tat 111t . InI '
tan l, I l t all tih r l at lt r a t
fil' dark t hing In a ' ta . I I a'"a II
1111I tl ' I:' ,a . :% ". ) }nuiat la r, ;a c. t . '' A t.4
,1 a b na t . ) l -at a . .t. - ' t f t . a- t a a t
'tat I\ l l l l '.: "I - (t.11. I a m" .u1 -'
at' ig I'. t a ngn t a . ta ata d . , h t'II..
(t ! t 1 1 a' '-.' i a a at a . \'ll a ' jIII a t f
\i h . i. 'a .0, . I t t \ ; a l
li s ht ( a t ta a ah,-, ; at t tat a-iath t a- a
a : it at e ou l b. a t ll", r i .I I a'
- t I lu na . 'at 't mtl ma -mit ai '.- ta
a . ita it a . a i"tia -a t a' }' t
Kl -I i,nlr. I u;h I 1.
a1:l1' 1"1 '1'- l1.ai aa "- (l:l ta .II a la talt tl,lt
;1 "t1' Ia a taIl. i. lilt t" 1. it", tat. 1
1 i t I I:, -i t ta t it- I 1U II. . \ th
1 - .1 ;.a r.iilt; I aIall .'aa, . Iadta
:"m' ata o i t. a1bII ' t1 , i t. ') e ptl"
a itaa aa a 1, a l t'.Ila il a t 11- 1"'ta l ;l"
at,i ..i l' .. a ' 1, a. ( a 'a t"at' a a .a
a se o . . 'a a I - a
- t Il t i. l ;, :1.. "' . I,g\il i g t \ o
\1 l :It" (' l.aa'f", . \''}I 1 at- a L,aa ' , \t\. it'"
-t .l. --a - alti at.- ' Th theaja a
Ial t nd i h m - tart'lt ' t, a r b
11" ," t1t ''a a1:I t lt {i . l a a"t 'I alt' allv,at "II
a Iaat. 1 ,,aaa t.'i' .t a il, a1 tit',tIat
( 'a 11 i at ''ii \, ,- I t h an( t n a, a-. t .'
_ l.",1 t" ~ ltt l"1 .-. " ,r '''' tlr' ti1 (tlt' a t at.
a - . ; t s nt a t . a ' h n t. I a a l t
,ata o I -.ll: l-" Ii li' - > t h' t :
I ter tak1i p rtl, , t' l ' inll h11 eI I and i(
ala. "'.'' ih.w I, tat' w..a tat .m n. ta
it iI' ' i' . tatl .a' l ". ,i. . I it ' .111 at1 at'
II'I'k ,"n I. "1-'a 1,1 1a 1 t It ' Ij la a a. 11 )t1,t'." I t'
" " '.it l . It lletl tat:l al") Itat,1 . i, " at l lit' "I1
it ' . I e .l' IIta I 'ta t' lit- .i,,"." - la "at-a
11l' ,liat' i llr"'i-t't 1t' I,a I l a:: 10atat . i tt i.
II.' t it lntt' tt t' t iathim- .latata' rta l i':Ii1. -
' ,--tk it wo I, t e h.' n- I' atllaal 'wr l 't.. or
their web.u-1 to it '' - I I atit- - I
tlrl voked ."'I t:i i' 14 l' i'l'" dII .. i ,,11 , .1 1, , ,.
ait h i'a a v .e 'r in . i o n tn
t no taatl."r'r L}ta t it ' a l .tt mr r I i tt
"tn tt(1I'' ner i1l, power1 in . hhbhadof( li ::"
Itl.e' hlet -t a' th . 1 ala li til mi-tala
-t atta it, ta a.' t" ll' a. intt if tatit .
iht h1'atli n l vt- . ' "a t 'i h In ' tIacIc oum
It lis o o e utiso p stet. e >
'}lt'jtr tt' 'i tl't' I Ii) it t' t11" I t. "' 'at tat1 lt':- 1
a t 'ta" . att . ati t tit ph ol uIit e' .
at' . itn t antl thet t th." t'ainaa t ahe viatt
mhy t Vtotnth'c: i atat "Th taa b" I rat --a
1u1 tl i' ne:ra i . ih coapl.--'a I it' gyit ' ita
a' t ilil at ia viatta a i saaa'at .t;ta tail n ta hes
ta7.() tit tlirtha.' ltproaac. .uni h.-ed.Itii
ate tt al everyt i.ri'a'o)n and i l a ijit o .
'Ivilaoet any iita .itona te mot psit' ivta t'i.
I I:nett" "''lla'ae h." '11 ltat is taeie. amin e
aa'a'ryah i t' a 'rom thet (.atd h ata itjutaun
13). s . '' Neveri.' ''fait . Itt is- tenmat in
is er dnir :u'iat nistndu . ... lac taca Ot .,i ata
Itthe tchurach a heing complett tat' iti..i to
prophtl'taey hs w lahe not'gilo t-tar ne .. .\ndta
th.en,a atoo, th tnill raa itag''t.'t -ji .when th
Illd. '' n nat o lngiae it.' a tiab to aiag
ioge .' (~ 1) a si ng wit h Iaia ittatngue
ta:tla be not-a Jlongertjat ne tt's; a-y , 'at'ea-i ttrate
aI - ttat in the a eitlt. n i al lngal' oft 11
it jan itnd-a taeet.'u hui il -tIaw it-teal incom- t
a l . "lstin ''tarl." tt-d re ert'.' fo a-ai-t
-hbhCno niolryegrsupertoh
Whate <htoerney inJatu- mLingrm-e
re'donl. Was wa,ining in thet rringrs.
t.-e ".\ueitd. COt'itul se thsas an e
ur.aueigenTe preset stat hich .iae tp
arbei tohe diaferenc hewe earthnd
1o2.r "For negligTncthis arsn bie.
uln in nnrro dargkly."o An mir".
In-a nogro mle of'hla.bu foihd
n"tal. ad t' relaryiond weeverun
un- fandbhndtt impr ol "The."nfeth
n o itlr ne SInall I kowt. Thad
(ftere winlaleda toracogh,Isompete
nitw. inal.ly the origna w tne dinfea,
hfln habl and purisually the hri-ingre
udns thee parinia svinedgraeo both
rtre and reater "ath. cTenribion
iuid the s ile.r1 Dev. t t o.
aet trusme n od."ha "Isop." Teae e.
il e parsonempaticallye com ein dhe
late aml ontine arounde wearshall kow
eimpiy beaue. (hllspoisdi.ta
,Moy fith kiilgardu prstb baee
4linextvnr, interdurange in mnifsl.
ia.Graes eruewihut ov h

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