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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 26, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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VO1". l1.IL, PICK1 N , S. c, '1'IIi1 SI .AY.
State Legklature Finishes its Worl
aid Adjourins
Happy Closing of a Busy and hmpor.
tantt Session of the South Carolina
Tiht South (':1r.,1:111 ,;('lieral 'Isso nbly
\"lo.('1 its; " :i(,n t': :111)rday, havt\
in_ . l :(ached c1 !.< ; : i: l I)tion: I 1;!ni: a;.
Ihe hou 1f !'r 1 r : ,'nat.:it:t'l h:- ,;nt
its tision <' ih:1- ti :l (i ;t: I i<
-.lih1lW .; m; lt; ;If l11: i"t a:t'i th n 1took1
at 'rl'(1ss for 1'a .:I !lOur... allhin\'1.
th1 I:1rn .tbr : ;o ;" :I ; l, (. i i~ht' s
e t . Inith li w .' li:t n:! es aire
not a: speI ::n-lt 1 Ih(y Ire win I
the hour isti :Iij r . is
re h t a1 "jlS .11l-:t1 ' !!:lnr . but the nien
bers eit. Ile: i lt; . :1 arc will n g
<rver after to t:ij(,urn tin1 Ilh day.
TIhc rt was :a hianif;tl (,1 :"1prrse"nta
tiv l i prt;(nt. t :t. 11h, 1 (111on '5. :i tvor-k
of th(. s(sicn as:I nv r Ia I tho": were
)rilcipaIly ien h' r of th<- (o;ai it te"c
r'esib(l: ill ' for :- 1:e'ainy of I he
moanns( ript f tnews, nnt.i' andy a few
memb111ers from thIe low counltry who
"oul not l(tavr nu in! th afternoon.
T1h'he ?to!se :;:Ili In thint; to do but,
to \,:t: . th' O t. s I be et., ot
fromu tI .' 'I!e:e - p.inlm nt. T1he
il Iig \% : a ti-p:rt i lt ii. as
eDn::l s a.i aion pan rannoine
be l'h a s;.nison amid :oie ta.inowin)g
I)t : 'in; :' .i1 tl, It :' :t ti ! i10 11
;'e l (1'1 Ii ( 1:.11(,'.vl1;
Gn f)'1intin : r' 1lr:> of Statw :;1pr(.mll
Ir it.. .b . !.i {. t' S shall 0'n(I
l i II i,;::!i i)1(5,!I11) ii. i . Is
.\<i ll. Ae
th e a .s.stan. i-liin i.nI \W. .. John i t -
(_'n inspect;ne 1ii::l.< rIs.I-I b ok
M Vc rs. J.! ", (; ,. tn.1 I{. \\'
Onl 1rI :ltl rm l c :; : i i nI I.;fitutlions.,
.s sr:. J1. 1atn1 len o 'ks and . . 1a .
To visit tht' Slatc' roll('1;s. Ale .,srs.
Rai fo an' . 'd Kile'.
During to of th( frer;11-nt recesses
the housir or.21 liz:ra(l itsfI I into the
^onmaitte of the whOC11nd all 'lMr.
Moses to the cur. r. 11. Spatnn1
Dowling of flambhrr introduced the
following rts'holutionls which w'ert'
tdopted to i"ac an1 itiu1t.
\W'hereas, the Iltin. .\. b'. Smnith has
residd he do'(1 in dc"lib frations of tlhis
body ti ftirness, eiciency and
marked ability, and
Whoreas. eh umItber her "Of,
speakug as at iIprs sontative and as
an Iadividual, dl.:;r(:- to place up1onl
record his apprecial.ion and endorse
ente of the speak("r of the houlse; and
Waherea. we r1 about to say al oad
h)ye for ia asn and( are taking (titr
lea VP; thcrt:,r,,
Ao it rso e . im the house he reb
tend rs the Hon. .i. J. Smith its a
preciation of ti 1 h a bnd imprtial
man er in which hite has ru1'. '(l (\d aole ii.
declibrrations. \:ishitt in h imi ;7o1's:;1pt1d
In 1all thin:,{ Ir !:1!i;i a to his tw i e
andt ii n s a51111' ::H' :tr:!'I''_ 1fOrwar'11'
\\I! J t ) l l i' :I' it li)i eeu h r'I
noxt eon
he it 1r11,01 11 I f I i hat the h.:
l rtby tfndmth ?!s0 ,:-.; . to 11th iOn.
T. Y. W il'' i n t1! mr !c: u ii: .itI partai l IN!
ings and 01li(h :une.r in:tt i:t whib t' e I(
pres:id('d ovcr .!: 5u .s (1(ak1 :-.:o
tiJoie i neu thr t .t i. That the
T'(so C. ln -r i ni..\\is n ih .
th .:5 asia1nlerk and 1. 0 S0. W iters
J.~' t.Wlonaial'te offieSCao'ntl5cersv and'
attahe s who o W llae sot f afly it) n.tt
atribted to tlhe ai fct1,1 or ispatIf
ofbinesst lll ofti body. anmd to Messrs
IteI frt'(tand th impa ti eortsl the
havetl maeo te prIhngo ensin.h
News and'21 Courierhl and hea Sta).h
newsp aers whisf tey lreectiely
(Up0 ol I Spae miClths rtur the ui
hall1 helwasin iomedo Ste adoopl~to
furiasas made to Cveryo aporiae
sher' addrIless.i lSeaker Smith as hr.ldi
the houske, out hle whas, mademasoucss
ing a ver inetlignt and dhignitled
manner. Mr Williams i ls' vr
ch "lu i 'rc d insliut ic,:r il! (ho S ita e.,
Lieit. (1o'. Sloan. the presictent, v"as
i his roomi arrangilIg somi( pai,l(r1s
rind I're,sidenl Pro Ten. Sheppard was
in the (air discharging the dities ('f
I that oflice. ('alling Senator Goodwin
to t1he charir Mir. Sheppard left t11
zhamber". mr. Aldrich arose and pre
wnted the following resolulitis,
whiich were unanlimousliy alO-ptocd:
1. Ie. It resolved by the st'natt.' of
Sout i Carolina that. tie thau:ks andl
:ckntow 'led(lgemlents of the. s'"nate ar o
:aie and are hereby t(nderol to I.iont
No . .John T. Sloan, l reSidernl of the
Wnate for I he high e(out.ts '. 1;("rer( u:;
7slSideration and distingiished ability
wIth wi h li he htl,: IrI :sh (1 o .I' th
M iberation s of the :0: '" -in; i h
re(' l'nl :44..-"ion, and I h ' . 7 mt I ta -
i'ity weith w hic 1 i. h:s (;'x ;11"i i t
ho il lsiu ilI: -; " ! t il s. t al ' ili,11 1 ; I ilh
(.at :iofis a. t n i ofl (:I ih e ; of p lt' it! 11 .
i1 hi t in hia 11r: 11 iii and iml -
111r'1 4 i' ' 1' ii '-aI Ii'' 4l~4
b l IL po (,in,
! li: o led.That I!1.' tha:S or it
enal(' atre" lil:t w,ise t' nd!er(11 to th('
l1n. .1 . '. ;it'4 i-lp:i irid presl'1i n I lrt
vill.. for his '"ont inulled able. ('our11'
1:1 ('llic"iemt i ,rf1rlntrian of tI'l. du;ti(.i l
h' Ill Ihair1 an; thtthe ti Senate wi" sh
l r" its tuwo Said] fre;idlin:; oflitc'rs
t.at os1 per"it ." h no' and h appins.
which their 4 r(at worth. pal riot i's
flad abilitics. t"n(itle hemi to.
On1 the rc'lnrn (I f th1 e 1reSidn('t11 an1d
pre:;id t 11r1 gent m to ithe 'halbl 1r1 S''e
ator G;ood1win ilnornul( them of thel aI"-I
lioln ,f, hllet senat' amd re"ad th111' re)114
ho e pre'ith nt. .rose :-4 to : i nked thm
h((1i for the r"esoltiri1'n ., sayiiig thi1
words would he ina(1latr" to e-xpres
w '))t ho desiredl to say. In 1111. 1i:;
ch r ir o fci his du1Ity 1e hao r'lieh-avoed'!
to :<hOW 141 a rtiality to Il- nr" :: 111r -
j Ii lte( itio cordi: 1 u,ll r 11tn, c"tt;i: , ..
'ti on 'i 'tn 11 iy ill lm 1 1411t - f
ht' (". llt point to th-- 'ct th ( wri
i1111 h tn n' N1r-h wo.nrds:alio in 11
Sta to of!t te! SOlinllCaroliay,n
: "ily- I it' C h <dih( themi all 1 ha1p y
::.1t:1 p ero. 9.r41'4'Cds V it the t h thtl ;.
(1 th' Ir "t . 1 '-(r al :(1 "l:tirs t !'ar H v.1,;t. i1
(l'ol nm te 1i I on ( l ii roturn I !,.w
nexts 4.'b('I o the '4' ner1alll -od i .4'I4~
THEN l']t?,'Sil1 ii P1tt)TC
S(nl ' ihepp1' Sah! that !:e. t I,n.
a pprcia kI d tih" r- s0bil iOn(S just pa.Ssd
by th '' : n t. na a. bli, lon:; (:.:i)eri e
in plblif life he had nev'r .rrved 'ilh
gontlemlen of lti re eourtrol1S, cons14'ide'ale,
cordial a id gntleinanly in all th i I
rlep)rtmec'nt. ,1 t t'a,l beginninig of the
B3(ssion he havd pledged to till( new pr :
ilent thers Ir'c'wration and sup
port of every -sel:tt.or' and inl this he
had not been disappointed. On Ltho
tiler hanli at ne close or tbe dsysion
he was glad to say that t 1h prsident
had mieasulred up fully to Iheir high
expectations. And now in parting wit
brothier' Senators le could only say,
"God be with you till we ieett again."
the. Raysor introduecd the following
which w er'. also adopted:
State of South Carolina,
le it re.soluied, that the thanks of
the ssnat aruewas and are hereby tn
dcrod to its faithful, capablo and court
tlus lierk;: the tenerable soldier a111
1n-mlisd ciizen. (Gn. Roert. ill.t i.
factory :ann1 r in which he hns 1'r
formed the imlOiant "-ilr( ous 111-.
ti 'ts' the oflitr' o l Her th o to
1lntn w homi th w . ork: el ]egi> 1:1t ion > r
11. ite Holuvl. Th at Ia aSd;. ta t
c"lt' .: M r( . 11., \I. \: , w n i11rlti antl
lil-l mll-. .1. I''. ";ul p1 crt : rea linr.,
' elr , W - 11 St l:art, and nha otitI)"
(;r" i'the fit1 m 1' ' a n 11ttlrnis m
T i A K 1- T1E l'l.:S
111.ile lved 10'...Ta110 t ( 1rs Sran k '
Cooer had Paui14l M riei rpesna
"'d0gmentsI ofesenae orthir''l
impata and 1neeura10t aes of'l the
procedingsI~ni of e senate, and by their
goh. ill~ all highes4 t. onieration ot
I 4mbly and reatifu ied 34 a'cts, the re-t
mide tof the erie of 85 fo the1( ses
A comm14'ati to a app5ointed to11 notify
the govrnf hthe wlIls.ilorkalC to wich
the gener fortby had' ben cf1)onene
was Livrcomlish(1ed anld boyite hisk
A mesag wa rci-e non-n
What Wa Done By tlie Session Just
'lcre Vas a I.arge Antloatlnt of 13usi
ne;s Done - -' sume of Principal
I.aws 11nAacted.
d .I' wa m' i
r itl t l iI'
I i- Ii. a!. I i l lit = i ltialt ft ' it
\ l l ' t t ;u .' 1 !r '; c , i ): 1. li ii l.! !t ."
1I ( it f Ili \: .itd w\reh' 't i c
b.' Ia '''e lI. i-i ason tbly.
t I'::. is.. \\" ii .. l 'i'' Ill li ii "' i
t tt i I '' it . l 1. \ t : ai t :il.
t- i k :o l i ft ,i i tion - ": lof a
t l l ii 1' tt i il t ' + tl i biliy 0 ' lii "It 'it 1 -
o ft.
d) n11 .il:. e - m
l I 'Ii "' t4 1 ( \ i S win i lI'1 ) : 1 c
I> I s :i li l:'I :I: '' l 't l l i (' t t
lii' I t - (I :l:R \I : :ti s i nt i h:
i 'I'1 i'ti t\".vI' fl)1' 11it' t''1'1'1 iiti ii !Ilii I
itl t I ti:,il li \' ai'lilt . I IIIIt aglit
'I' it ,lt \t"!1at: lii sl t it 1t% t )t!>ol' :;it'
'ihi y gi t 1 ( l II
(ir'i t O ii , 'ti iil : Sntitl 'i2 irtl lllll: - 12
T 't i i ie of 41\(tl o ( t t !
.\ 1 I t it 1 ,; li t i ,ll 't)1 .:l''tea i tl I )
I'its ' al r'i taI: ~ i'ai I', ;lr I it! tt ;Vh li :"t'l
Ia ll i , iat 1 .= : ' i "
1i i'i itt Iii ' !i" :tIi
t is II h l . i' li i."::i 1t"! w i jt i L .',os
ilt I it j.'ta lt t
u l et : t (O fix Il ' f: - t' -t:,o
l\n ;it t o t ie s.\ i< iolto fg m
Ahi t a e I i ( rIn hit:' [ l,
Ig i h(e att!tilll." Of l illg oa\ il hio f t( ant d
tIhe a ks in wich 1t iam is (t
A al to, ali uti smea is i 11 I -;;, i v il
tod', relatiV to i hi' p rsons tit I
- P n tions. Iiy ('li al.ta ing at, lim it.
Aii at'( ti :hliitill th itw relating to to
'rtailn f it ): of i t ;ilirgi ia[ I)i tl)i'., I t
.\n 1 to 1r of mnet scti ion 1('9 of 11t it
odae e ivil prn <lure. i referenrtt to it
t('enill"rtrs. C
An act to andt' seit'tiolt 21 5 of tili'
C:0de of :aws it oitll C'arolina, :i)",
olum 1, in reerenie to'mllt'ih Illili'age oi
rhort. roads.
.\ii acti to ilt'll set on 1 at1it of th('
(-i'lninal oie' ln, ]I II 1. t, le o l a
1902, relating to the intishmel'nt for ri
moral.. destrn('tio ' leaving down of
an,N gatte, f'ntce hars ofr otjher stru-y
:\1 a''I 10 amliend anl :1it to icreatte a I'
State hiiirdtt O h n1onlot, to dti;e its i
Anw i lts 111:1 1):-ttrib li itI, t ! !!1i a ao Iti 1
.novide f lli' th iu litn Of fui1 t. re-s, ti
Ainl ards to 111 \ .: itaht i itri . : tO i m s -h- .
VOutill I (nt.u l:'. sao e,'sit,r
iis'!' 1 :-':tl 't ,t I ;t llt ,
.\nd lit :)o 'I i .l:I' ii:tr n t
1 0 ( of ih-' oh l;i t I !i ( ' '::; ' i:t i -
to 11itila " of lith i : 1 it' t !ib:l tl :4 I'd
nia tl' ( 1,:.:,lliliii"i' ) in i: ( i, Ii
.\ I lt t to ahhlold nei' ion f1 of I t
im'''ia ttti . to Ive 1 Ol(-il- toa It raet'
Atalt 1 1 alltC t :l tiltl ihe't Itl I!;:il' til ' 1o
.u iilti n l t ) ,>tiOln: n t he 'lt ' . o'
whlenS to Ittoprty tfor [lie u oo
('n5 atit 1 ii r te ba x: havngo on
to red i t ' atiitP1i. of the ccx Cale.i
re.I'nts (ti e S tate hospita l for I I
I Isut" If 1rhI1"I;se ItI(e Seegers p1) (.j
Irty. :1t1I lo OrOvid e I paying tilt :Wlti.
.\n act to authorize lil( (1111unM
Otnl114s and inc(Orpated( t1 ('hi'> .mn
o\>wns to ()wn' andl operate r'OI'k 1; ar
i(S ;111tolto work conviets t.h er('! ,:.)il
'XI mI'n thie' p)Oli('(' jt11'i$(ict.i1l.
AI Iw to an 'in ' ec('tion 181. ..f ' !I
'ti1' of laws of SOiuti ('arolinu i. -n'
vo(Ilum(' I (riviil otie. 51 115 i . ,r .
t typog(l;ra;lhical ('rrOr%hrei
.\nt :.('t t(1 prohihlid t h( im j 'rt:, -
li ittg -I :t:,(-k itot this V 'e(
It.\Il.!(\i 12i,!.!T
\II .!'t IIl 1 '.; ir)' : ll ra: ',I 1:1
1filng_ iltt this S(I ' i( r Irolc. thle' ' %
>f 1fri ht in ti h 1,H I; fo1 - - :i:w' O
il 'rei. hts. grO ll. wv,r . t.: m .
- ltilli.. , an to I(1l\ i ! :! ei .
hr \illla ion it < t'f.
:\i ! :W' . to : n . \
)I''0 ' 1 1 4 40I" 114' 1.\.
I tli14 t j)rt14 jl 14 (: 1 l . ' !i
'O , i 1 )1 r 41 1 ''I 'I I. " I1
.\ .II - l :11 11.1- It it h
('aro ;tli. I,w2 !< 'ieluu1 n -it
\y n e i i n . 4 i 4 l4 i t i ' be i1.' n :f
;111 ion '1 ia . in r, ';.;-:<(lt :: .
.\n a''' t tI :11l1 -r' !.t' I!I !i \I1-tIO
'I ('Ob111b 1 - A y i)', \;::-', . its
racks through t4';"rtain 111::. n' d:n!
(or' otf h(r pr1'oissI.
\It :act to )r' ( ilh- fort l"- 1:t ) s 1'Y . t
:lit rihal 1:1 i :l ,Ibs in lt. ."'.I) ill(
.\l 4t UI)el S'bi l ( 141 th. n( 141' 41'
.\II II) t m11 i I' ' 'li l i ': '' "I t
,\1 ;!" ~I 11 I !('4itl i ; t I i: '. ' II lh14 I
iv il .'I I' \( b :,' . lr" O f 1"11 1
tO II) l -.1 "1t : \',: iiy t. n1 --
At' 4:l It : I t 4 n" I
( i+.'I :I, I i '' l y ti t.t '1;1:
I. At i'.' 11ll 4't;; I ' 4 1 2 ti1(1(11'il'S L
I n' ' t'(. 4)rl )i') i, : i': . .' I? 1 11 )r l i
i(1u:in 111 ;! . . I ti ! . 11. ' - 0 i :!
h ' 1 1; ' t t 1 41(114 :44)) 1':a " 14.u
LIL\ 1. Ij- i t 111' rn inie of ('('' rail-s
\i ' t:I fix 11i 1labil ., 1';I
(41). ;1:'i N 'h:'1 I!l'j i Pi 1:1)
!til l <vi t.; ( ' l I ( I !:i t t.
i'all W at1\\"r t t 1 r,'airo t II' 1 1 ( h it>
iltl(C41 0) 111 1'(":!; Il ') I I( 1j )
T al ithOriz(' 1 is1 ' : (\ill ' S ho li. -
Ii I to is h0 ('be Is f(:- bnib Iii: I
r:1' 11 s chlool; and1 similar acts re'
uing; to ht11ih(Iin or im11prO\"ing s'hO'1l
on (e5 frl Grn wll (O . for (;r(' ICilk
>Irol urt. h)01et'e t'Ihoo' <listri(t"I i i l1heS
'I'r for a4t11 i tOlwnsh11p in Al r'1.;()on
)r Ca(ln((i, fwr l'rosperity, for Salui
ua n a I also anl ac' authormizin. -;Ink
'luId l' commisslon tI Iend funn(1si
ahnIla; for Kingstree. for 'atsjny, fol
ito n. for Simt' ami for Io('b4r1 ;
An act directing dlisp'osai of surpl,
(hO'1A fun1 in SaludNa county; an a'
n ( 1''til the ' li 'its of schoo001 l lx ' 'ii
t . IS in (;ren('Ii'w\O(11, to inri('a .)' Ith
ln1 of t ;Iup r('I'int('lli(h'nt of (11f 00
on of Sahna: and another at ;i
Ilne ase the Salary of' tat ((li0ia1: m
('1 to aut.horize trulst('rs of .\1ar'lb(0r
rl "(d s('hool dilZtri't. to I1'\"y an :'..+ti
01(na lta}"; to inll"1":s.- . alary\ of Supl,?
l101nd1n) (1f ('du0ca it 1 i of \\'ili:t;is
ar out:samec t hing: for 5:am11 ('i.
,na:l i n Isupernin, e'1 lt-1 .- r : IO a11)if '"l-":1 )11;-! I
1111 r(o ll) in w h' . - '" ! .1 ) ;: '- :: -" " )
:r l h 'S' . 1-1h is : 0 I :i '.
inl \1 l: o ro '".-);i ty : I. II )) '
:w' c! b'( I;{ nl -. , (IsIe" ial . hO )1 1.
in .\ha:-il)n. .\A l!i . {:; ina
iin ' i(f " ting' . of t r at "I .f. 1t .l"a
A I (i ' I tIt:illl n l;i;ie1( c il 1"11't 4
Iourt liharIt'on.11 l l:u". t!
.\I'N(}i'l. .\ l.TTERS.
\!! a,-t 141 ('IIpt+wer' townllt alll1 (it
.I (" thousit 11 inhIt (ti (.1it: its tntI i1\
i t'tb'li ( '( It ii' lltitt'n ' .i ^
1 i irariii iies.
\ i a(t It ret l' i.::' ttionu . tV. of
I 'ititt ' rt l oI it it n corporalt l
S t ownI :it1 1'illttges un<" tO 111
111 ar ' l r i(i'till erte 'r., Ihr' loft
-.' 1 :+I l i;c ' I )('.ti n bar. Ii.
! Iit,! 1 i ,"i in ft'r th1 - 111w erl Il1 ("u l( I
':II' ~ ~ ~ is l t tcc
.\ f ( ( T. /'t 1 '.I I t t I I IitIll
i't fo t re'l
-i" b rd of h ,'altIit f I I' lor e -
n -l wan r1a' !nin i( al t in
* \ t at t t(I :)ulI +rl/.t' :In l .11! \v
*l;" Ill i tlif .t lllit i ) 't "I n . ilt a I,ii h
-'ii R h h ":t in IOupon bu(nl'.
\n ;'Ii aillowin)t tlll' towni I'1 IIhu
i '1 to ass t in I'I" a l ini ,"r'ta
nI't. ti t \\:IVS inl 'i t tlnb e) ,uu tt\
\ .ioith t e ' hti - t "i! in 1\>w
t + t; il .
!It1 n . I 1t "(" :i"h IIofIi y!l rhI nran"l i
th II 'li t l1 t i ' .il I lt' it b ll . lil
I Nlt 1 i (' :II lit\: li t' Ii ' It ' :
\nt li tt h rzilth ti na
'n :;.1nua1 : itlary.
\ll :(i. <!'" ignl :lin:. 1h1 1! i Iitay
h ."veII i i f in,t( t;i! II til' ''St pa it t ;al
.i ill itf t h i ll " itIt itha ! II
nI ailt"I. I t horze4nn icpa
.\ t ill' It i' ' (1",I jil 4' li't, VO':ii il(.'. II
hl('i l: : i tInt l l ti tIn 't i\\ ' t:''i1 I
.\' I r- : I ii p,' 1 \ lit t1 ttI I i ' it\" i 1'a t
in t l Itt(' i."I l' i'' 1 I ' lti l ;i' ti' a Ii)\
11'( tI, "l' ;' l I li't ' )\\tt lit ( ' t '(Il:o l.X
it til to m:l Ii t; " --ini'.i l'
'a :t ' ! -: \int I < I llli I i'
t : I Iii t i i t l' tl.. i ' :iil It)
t 1'1-: '. i l it i X ll'.i\ii't. l un
I 11 :'" 1: i i l:i'a t' i t l It nI I I F
I;t!j It1' :i';tti1il ! it I 11 i l (lIli I.1 ' p
. I ii I1 II ''.t 'I' I ' 11 n ; itig itr
il!jt ti\t i u .
I- i ,' l t I i t il I -I:'I '"I ii
0. 1 itt . i ~ "ittj'' ltt1 i
SIa' : i nt 1 li : i l tt' t . ' hi l Ii
\ Ith'. i th i t:'tl. hO p ' '(1 4
('c)1N \ I 1 -'i.\.-T
.\ jl)ini I 't'I lt Itll r uii tit i! p1
In 'l < I i tt ntiir li ' i l
tf t l ii I igt I t; 'u i 1 4,-": hiii;
( ' h llll '' a 1 i i 141))c I I ' ".:ll
(ount ii for :l'(' VIim r: ti' r1111 1' ito
1)lian14'' w'L{ ."1ith s"iin titf (hi' ai.'
tla llig lao , <onllll\
.\n nt(t, to 1 Is ablli.!h i an 0: llititi
voting pla't' at. "ROper.",' in sgt
An IIt. to prov'i(Ic anl a0(ditit111 d
I riot for C'h('St(r cOtlity.
An net to authOriz'i rtleto r/I llir( I
4''unty c"Omnissionlr.s of A\ntltr:
('((unty' 1o rein(lex thl' re!al !stat.-- n,(t
ag s recorle<d in the( (Jt110"I of t":,
of "ourt,L for fiahl counlty'.
An act exemhpling, c lrtaliin lorti'
of Kershaw count.y froulinte opt-rat
t of the' g(;n'ral stock law.
An0 at tO Iw'0vk for the sp)<
le(tiOnl in IOrry ouny II 1. (
tion of, the slthc Ilawi.
An act to <I(eihtre cer'tin blrn(I$
811e(1 by th(! corporalt' al.timtril\y
I''l,ns antd Wise towVntihip:;. in 1;11
Ii'"II ('oun(t. It) be \albl .,t' hIt .!I it
"s 'a 1, ti Of .-: t( I 't-n 1,ij.. ,"'"1:0 ti
!,\ , 1, 14 t wo vi' '\ t *, 1iI'" I it - !),I ..l I;
.\n n t. l0 enlu t h1. ll'' n"l oiu i:-.i rn1
(1 ! -h : inking inlttl io I lili fun-1.;
1!!,' ( , In ty b O a r.l 1'I (", illIII -:-:.. itli
\b) 1! ("i(,no nl}' t pa- ,. i p,,'
h( I di,t "II ,..; -f-a icd <( .I lt Y . :I! i; 1 | ;l
lth l 'ii' lth " :- 1 <11} la n ol : l "II'l ' f (
t':. h)1tiin .rvh li; f , t p ~ 'I";1
A n" ', l t' i' l j'-t'u.' i ti : n -in1 alt , :'
th j;il i gnlt'e isn i o n I i
1)s h tlla;isagis lle 11 at GreItwmoItI to iS:llj
I' process tor thc Sh 5 rt't".
of Ant act. to lmln l is ,,I 1(" a1:tin>, t()
the s lal'y of tht :u;iItr If .\ikll
tII conlnty.
'r- Ali a4t diisposiltg I surp I'), Ifttnis
' ill i' hIlanIds off tt ' c ntjt-54nIss i ' of
re the b( nti' of the Ioor. ft
(!I I I \'
1tl1 :\11 ai 't i[I t'stillillah ill ;1 et1. h1t 11 ;4,
of i h iy. 1(1 ('1)011
t i t ix Ihit:Ili;tilIt' l t <'I ;-.l: r
( ( 1111 hi;.tt' j t i' ii ' t h I,'i1'et~ \ II . 'li.
''I I I. n I il io n i" ." :-< " I . ri,,l jail I ;b;1
tl e h i not-It 'o 11 r Ihm n::t.t
n -tllIt' litt' iSil's ;l ;l 1
1 .\ ." int r 1 I l t'1 I ) i m ih. Ia1
- t (tIt t f 41' Il.:- Il,'' " 111 ' . .. , I . 1: It i1 tIt:
I' of ' 1111 '11 i i:" I : n i ';r' K :yh'
it l 44 (l tt l ' lo t "44 I \ :i I "",t 1' " i l l Ii ll
\'t plian fce(', w ith I'1:1 : - al. :1 (t ,'.
(:a b 11:Ihin ll : 1 1I "0. 1 t;" .
.\t A c :1 '( Ii) I t't I it '1 :- II;11 >, ' -'
1 )it (- 'rt;,i ! tf'(' tittl' I 1e1 1i1,- )n l;, I- I,f
f \t'tii UtI c .ill c I v I' . I tlt t
S .\ jo ill . 1,5t r lu tl t l I II i:'t t . .' tt
iwei:'l 11 i: S 'I it ' I:' tI ' rIit ' ! (.'1 , 'I Inl
1 . I.c ci,iltii .
I \' act to cr't iut a ib 1. t't1
44 11 Il 1,('I' ' 1114 ' . 4
.2 hliiin P4,11'- ion t i':..sfj.,
Jr .\n ft4 1 a t, tO .Ix 1l i l I"ii ll\"n y
tip 4 licor'. It i( 1 (1 11:.
I- \. i 'inttt( e '1I1inge aIIII (<h 'i. itt(' \e r
1 't t i wn.hl in 1i 'st t rill'I tr (IIotIy . ilt
Itlpt 1,1 tl\ fl 1 1 "(ltt ll:lllj 1 ti lt.4 i' '!tt ':..
j5. T.\N1-4t4 ,l'A' i'.
-11 in i 214b 1':t1x t o1 e ., l d erlin Iwo- ,tC
" \ti tI SII Iit('i t lItm lti . r ie
I'; tI i 'If2' 41 i e li l:I ':S her, A..
1 '( 1 t a2 1 l( t : 1 21 l l I I ' f:1 i ' I i : \ . i t '. (: 1 "'I l il. 1 1 1 ' I ) -
,Ill l 11 t ' i IF.'' 1 1 1 ft ' '(ti l l '.'('
I'. 1\ i 2 ;I. i t1.i :;x2 I. t tit' l flli t
vm . : \t:- .I. .\es l t i t1 ! .\I;...
al. 4) I. i'l. :';t 1 tOl :u li ti' 11(: ath(exlin1t
: lit'!"t.Y :-, ont y;litl
is ,1. . ('ili l t h 1 ie l t'hir tr .n t - '1
d 1h4;r i nn., I 'i 1;l .I .i tl y ;.
'It !I ( ' I I ' i I , I ."114'1 22 1 I, . liot ' t ' , g \'( !
w -' , . l< 1 , ' .- : } 1) ,\ . .\Ldi',,r,I , :11.41 11,t1
thi:, S n a t)llrtimc..; i c(nI ;y;d
, fI (1 4.1 i1' lat' in.,[;i;11:gI. I'.
y- I'l) iI'h 44 f l tir'an 'i '" \11 (r, and , ; I'i
II- The w'i \\hnl(" ot the Iaoe t'lah wI l
- a . ;t r'g::t l consule rably les a tialn t h
I':t (f ; Ing, these hills throu h.
:tl I't' l J , ' 1 RS*ONAl,.
\ A n at 1o p'rov( l(i for the pr1.a.;:
upon an< payment Of claima of ..\\
is- 1i 'U'
Ai4 act t44 anthoriz tnd dirf t ( h1 12,i
he' 0 tu Itmb i 1' S 4t h( :in11 it;. li1d to
(41 fell a 1n( 1t ' it1'1o )'lllphia ;. Voret:n
1i. }all 1he ('stalt( of hecr Stte1 father, A. L.
,i k I'eh oI l;rass.
A n 1 t I t'entitle' \lalcomn P. IIari '
mli tr lyt)' for dmtnission to rt'acti e law
i-> A .oint roli 1ti<ml to rocluire lih,
1paymnent of $125 to lBright. WVillial'ts( r
it- of t-rlington for Ilonley advanced bI
s.himn for Ilhe c"(unty.
is. T'Io a (1 the a t incorpo( ratJnlg Ih
, Itown If Scofia in himV1ton count.
,(.. To rclpoal 111( 1 t incoi poratin fibe
i.Clinton college alsso,iattiont.
,.. TI'i 11loi'tIl act ordh-ring anl el(ection) ,n
of school hontls inl (i1or(ce. )rangebigt
ili ls c.f t'our: 1:rtinl.
III Ih 45' i11Ii '.V I 1 ' 1 ' tii.l 111; ill :I!I ('o trl
lI- A laila2 . y 'h h- ra lj i
la r:t ia i lth : of .l:g i'.\wI 11 '
4 ith ti l w (t <11 1i4' 'llen i th11 t.i{ 1 \\ i) W :l!
4 le1n. 'II The1 : 1t ho I' Is heb ti' 11. :' 1 '(2
hoil the41, principl that1 114 .h.ma be i
ih fosdsegrro hmnlfe he
41hb4 C4ity41 14'S: Hall 1 44n 1 :roin I is $i:ts 0l.,
nd 1The ciuira :stls hfnc and '.4heui1 eIofte
yll414 Frenih envlry 44e soon' lto be : abotl
421 Ihed. Ui2:2i'I2'.' 11 .125le
o4) 4s f iilw.
4 taly: ' ing '2i paing tiisi4 ll2 ('2 tj)
I lii'.I I 4 tt':l;,'22,y t Ilit i~Is41 ( iII2's
nd ~ .etio j* pee tt .n -ia mns
4n Fa e \ II, yer' 1 . '41511J1 i \i422:
The I. 'ussian124 :etlo 'is mo441,re .In -
d itiy buy t t he11'211I.:1142 5 x lii on of12242
Altirew t'' I{ n 'i-'s off' r I of . $50,0'
fAr 1 (I Icay hasi Itwen 114(22 p)ted( by
Co0l'1 1th'd 'print:s 'o.11102giIyds
~I( I4i' "' ofal -l(2' 2key1 It(1b ha Is hvbed
-< hief of 1thel 1SacllireonAl y,2H hin
it' Teor \ll slatoi)12 lionse b 2 passe
1k ' re2inln asin;tl lt, enage.\iiralitcly
In (1il11iiiCd thatth l'Ci ink2 telio k C Islag
P- m r(in.110dhi dan. aln td a.S ,
I Col. Tillman's Applicatioi
Dowi By the Judge.
T1 Argurcuents Advanced Did N\
Co(n-vince the Chief Justlec- That lie
Could (iractd H:il.
(''(llumbia.;t (. t.. 4i"ial.--At i'::54
'IO(-k TIhur1';; Iy af'tern'Jon Chief ,Jutl
I t it I'pl rtfu.',' t ie t oplication for
lr: . h i' lnt :: ;L . ''iiti n t"hatrged;
w\iIt l it ti ni rdtt' >t' N. (,. r;tnzale's and,I
now\ ''tiil'd in (. ohe tic l ( (o(Inty- -
8I h t-ring\\ (; r.* sIhit lt" ('x-.t.thv st
ih1 heat n'i t l rsim - n thI(t I 1(
ourn('d fr:com Nt'u, --rry} on: the 12th.
)ist., 1tI, I t 'c-hu-l .'nch J ntiun uIe (1 ,.
I trea1"4;" with):a ittermition from,
1:v6 u il .O : in I . ii I 1 II i.O~
'Ihe p ro t t-' in \%:m repr-ynt(d by'
ifolicitot i . W 'I'i. Thu ifnond, x-.\.ttornley
(;n r 'r . D. Ii-liint o uI d. Judge'
A\ittrt t ' ra. :t-'oril.
TIhe t.ot n \%las 'enreseitted1 by
Congs. ma Iie"t tG W. Croft of
A\ikon anc_ <. ;i(lic Ior 2. [I. Ne),. n of
C;olihin i a judt. 1 - i;e O. WV. Iehanan,.
\1l:sr>:. (' 'l. t ;h-a e o' NIe tw rry and
(,. ft it 0. l ft 1 ' (itbhadt , o et ntsel
fur the d(t( :. werI"t ;1h:4 1 ' ree t but
not <'ti\' i t<lit'I :tilin t iluring
n'ost "f h V:" i' i i. uo l 1t(l spheetators
\ 1 ' .' t ho hi " ttlt,. l t t11 - at ti es
1(lll I f at ' it It l h Il' . i a ts. fter
.\.J. th1, - l' "f-m : 1'~ l. ('.. f1 rt;1 1 a -
waiv er a l ht I;e I' it ih t i'- tij. , I-t r
tnt1 by r"h.- ii,'' n;lat. ('t". TIilil u l"
who didl hnott itt .s t ap,iIt r1".
lTihe t e it .11: -. tlw m i s en.tt
sumed'l ()Il tioo1n and a hll'. .\r. (raw
fordI r ;litns h of t ot l ho.i'e oc:secution
and Mr. Nme tls thoe of tho ofonse.
In r"ndIt-ri:l.- Iii:; *pinion _te Chief
.11u.4II olatld t h I It : it was Im: (ltO,us tem
ary to smIn rens for ref'sing (Io
ap)l.eatiion In hathl s corpu; proc I
Destructive ilotel Fire.
Cnear Itais, l owa, ti peial.-I leire
1t 'l iday m lrning les;troyed1 the
CjIflon ilot(1, eclen"u;te.Il nin. of th
gnvsts and1 (aucnal in.ilries to 42 per
sattil wh w ere si -nrthed1 ort for-ted( to
jumnv to ot he 'ro"Z,n St reet. from t.he
hagtlond ld th1rd story w'ingows. After
ani all-day search li the dlebris, four
bodi(,s hay(" bein recove iredI. It is now
hellvved that tive mlor(e bodies remain
!'n the ruins of th(t hottet. whicht Is said,
to have ben it flimsy trll u11(tur11'o and(t
l1tfilil\ wih diel'noati.t to the State Young
M6en's Chri.tin l A'itin tronvyn
troll and the listrirt fonve'nt.ion of the
Knights of P'ythias. The hotr re,ister
was o estroyed, thus m Iang it iifficult.
to a-scertain the num ber of missing
)eron s. I'ol'ti n tr I i1 iave bve tl working
inl the rubbish al11 day and will con
tinue to (lig for the rntins of the
bu ltrd persons all lith t. 'tht loss is
$C(10,00. TIhe dlead are: WV. A. Mowrmy,
\Vhat, Chiec,r, Iowa; 1Q. You ng, MInne
a oli. ; t wo fnidentiicd mt en, bodies
re(overtl: Ilve olles still in d ebis.
Ne trly ill those in.ju1led were luwa
peolc . \While th ir injturies are aniver
Inuary twots no Ioit wa fatally hurt.
A m ig Orgaiszatioh.
-ITran-ton, N. .lt for ial.- -hte U -ion
ple. t ra o g o pttatn t ith anll
dryvide in (share of $ athand the
lIsto is ncrbl ratora itnicludfet about
75e qurosr erly. fwhmrsd
at.Nw olan HaoRougoland
Wathr istona Scies-and osoTh
objet lofl thS e p nae numerous
andginhatdelgrowind indldealing in
rivre, ts, gaindo alkindes,o a te
amalacong f the els aalmedit
a n opting105 ommritto n ava
affurs exploesuion Stwas granite
quary, twod mie ot of thoris, cty
FidyI morini, cauted theadnth taf
ntheno orkmtn. adteinuyo
evr l)th rThdfo of heex
plosion asfisogreat ithaitont shookev
fory hsea in oimbduing although theV
Sitymso a bufp,rat hundr wsiled tabyv
it'heit turr.Itoieiuad iSoh
apRso 't lutio Tabled.nwici
Wa 'ts higo, Shecia.-he resolu-tIr
a.vn Il the ipantl'tlowances'1l0 out aear
arotl onm the1( acie l iset from cale
up in A tho Hos mitteefldt on navl
afais. T i,he oltio waso tabl.
'ixe y fVitrginia, voei ant tab l-ru
igthelt11: resolutio.)ti'tbtlo.a
Nr'(ew Orleans, Spect t o i.-ter hogely.
ng a ha-unredt policmeoatba
f.or evealthouir, rsiwhih tscore
oflstis oof1. exhangud, Lafa ye
Sims, ,a despitertngro, was kille byh
thye Adllee eln r.;a Tnora nEr
heong .X' houesitute Jan South
Ramparto ptret.e Tho room inwhich
fore Shore caoud ho driaen rm i
post As o atemped t escpe, til
carringblu un,he as sot own

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