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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 26, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-02-26/ed-1/seq-3/

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An Improved Dev'cc For the OculEst
.\ t -|f- 1'Ii11ll '.Iis IIt"lt " in1s .II'(
ret et '.. '"\i i. , b- ?. lit-ir * I
S .sF la t'. (lNA I e lit:TI O e Pl.
I.,'II,h Id'iIN Al' Iati ItEl't\CEtL'(t 1'E
lu4 b t : v \'alilabb' to the o 'llist. Ac
Aic- I , theit N ow Y ork llirah Il (.
imnlto\t inltnt consists of t"ntnhining :In
Moe'lecri hi1:11 of special conlstrue14-1ion
d1441 chIll. to tJhis ('luntry to'.I ino 1ilc1 \\
st iltlyin.g hit Iicsi's 1pose. :lei4 l 1(4i 1 ii
1i1b14 cii' \\'aisingtott41's faice. h l n411l
:1 iI I:Io' tltl st'I 'iltit41 1f thi 4 11list
14h11-4 11enly for1 I Is recep'tion1(1, it wals
whvlen it was phicedl wheri'4 Is 1in1
de 'lite 111n. F,veni Ithie greait I1:
ofi th uiin(l, 11141li i hus ha o4verer'owtd
Ite swor41, the. p)luglihIhare 1an4 l the
1(11( ituIplc dignity of th 1le iliIre'. unt11i
awkwvariclics's knewt~~ 1144 what:1 to 4144 V
ari~tli 4.uaitles5 of1 I hec 114 h I:t' 144'h:
* 1(41'o e'xlIniitIig th lic lIterItor of hit' c'y(
* l4~y reclh-'clinig at hIetln ofi liglht inito iti
The ('1144s1nthu'.se n h
11ib4u1n1111 gvr'us. 44411 is only'1v ULti'
anuis ai tihunent ofli 14raJ4i ive to si
,incesInV41 leh,:S1 h114 gii::4 wonhlert'u
1lile 14 'un gives 1:w '5 41't ii ily, tu1r,
1han t w411n1ly' 4 ti 1- (44 powerful I 14 liiht
tis liny 111 uIn('4. w i 1h4 is ~IleI ly('I4 i.-11<<
* il(l (41'i I:te (''4 ] 1)ri 11f the in S4ii in
Iinn1i4os I h -.~l i. 11 ''ii 14'11
14,i ri' h:gIi 14sii ('liln ele4ctri1e ( sen i;l
l14i'\ how31 the iVays of li t 14u'i1 4)
gis/. from 4ti e ntrieti
really'i 4411 seni a '1tint powerfuli yoehe
lo'Ii t : 'n'liite soi as' to reveal the1113 hid
impil of ti1 ye does I not11 ennsei ig 1<1
s Vials, the Uses of Which Arc Know
0 e'\w E1ropus.
I -l llln i yA
S,i r lh 1 i l: -
I I 1 i I 1 l b 4-' " 1: 1 i4 :' I: I I
a rinkle o i-r b sh o
l 41: :l, !:.;I , :1:A . 1:1 T l ; I i i I' TT l i' 1!
:1 v1' l I'r'a n : h 1 i ( :1. 1nt ' .ry e I ':.
:I sivly Il h" 1 h' I''1 I I 1!rtv l I \',w'in
h1a4 v 11 se n 111' , rI1,11 11 v sI'nt Ith n
also sh d ta s rfsl, i. h
i' I ~\'<l I I't1iiI n11111( l' l, II oi1 . 41!
hy'si on Iny. Whll 1t1h' 1- : a
' 4 11Il l . r 11:1 i f ll ' h hlly, :.11s 1 4 ) 11f
411 f':. 11r t hh111 e111t:1i hI ltl \ t'I'1 e I 11
11 i14' i ll i lI. t ,i1 IIIIII"11 I hl' hI\\t''i' 114:
1n4 I 4: iv er i4'I t' 1 11\ III\1' h I'eI11 g li'ip1it,
111I of l the t11s,tsl who 11 1 l.e oo' k 11
I4511 '1 ' 4)1 1 II'. I 0) \\" I111 ('4 1 111SI tleI.
I's ' < 11 t1:1 onv y too11 ' ) a1Ie l lok t'e 1 if b l,t
I sIls t11 aw y fronI the \nj ty
\i1t \s 1I I' I'(r.r1t ly' s111141 up p's 11h:11 a t11144
:141 51irt' I1 I 's 111'on'ith r sh 11,/or .in h Iis
ih hi h: w'. T t I l h lny t t I u i
ond -rlcs L.t Uni in s Ieth
1n4'irl4' the cle ths of 1 ll an I
I 1''ussian ias n f.l.C n bee
bon1 hi he1 l 'iphet. Th itin set t in
.444ollwers5 in114s tI'4k41' adien 4'.. ' (4
is f theIi'l h .'.rtsi wo1 inn . 'l
woi' 4 n14 I''e teir'lI head with tv
44( i lnives:1 the 11r:1 -k f114 ' I'l 1411r ti
4s,ii 11 n1 ark: ed411 w'it h blood,14))1441'll
Iotl Il.' 114b'o I44 o1I no 14144'lS 'n )'
I here4)11 are11 111w ' hird4)s4 1o whic one4 114
1lI a.4 1<>4' ishI . I 1ip'-41o s ha h4l iit4
11)l-4Il'44le il l 111 ) 41l41r 4) 14n41
stial' 4ive. 4l Ie boutI ght4 te11et' wor111 11'
drO ssli.' Ihe 1bird1 :'un'441 ro te t i nI14' tih
h101l 'ilr Ianner.14 So it' aill was~ nor
nnd. T e w tlr ea i
inise the ravy 1.i.rigp rtce
w t h is n 'a a\lect.ri owr. 1
+bann hirpwrin the
Wnbie . Thewrs:r :
1, ' mllt' rti i b o', l i. ;?pt ; tN ni d. 1J
::1"N; ' lonh : caIr;, n "I I:U , in the11rnio a
ib ,i i I' i ill.of t he1 il it', liy I' 1 I lii (i
fini siitre stiiii' ilij31ed ii iitag[3
IIirs T i ,y 'Ir h eir s v are tt "
111il iiI." il1 II t1' ,1 1i
Resting Pr,:ccs of Men Killd in i p
vrl t' "ill'I :iu li t-i'll :li IIi g1 lil! i
of fil IIns SI11 hy * 1he I:i1wtlis I fi ol:-iis*
:iJl IIrI" bl geI n u aiv ods 411* in11ii.
- l ail eers.
T ell I-asl s win ,Eiinit r fol t ll thed
sto3ry ofi howi, 511320 niliit'y years ago,(4
t he two y.oni.z iiiein, whlo wvere hotrli<l
toinhs (of nieni killed ini blood( l$end(s
anld buied byPlIivIli th ir suiRi vi Rig reli ive's
or fieiiis aiIt lhe phineeis where' theyQ
Thelu donhlle loinhl In tIhe illuist raiIon
is of twoi bro:hor li wh ~o 1ne ldeaithi in
of thle l ikon' dlistriic't, near 3 .akte lla:t
iidiist ofi thei vast roll1inI. exp ans of' I
and prorntd i wie akn e
Ahr tA he S3 1-: i iro i-lA Tourt. A
which Ii ii thersn isor \enenneIl
tures. In lKii lo I hidy found. lie re i iili
ilrd f :11iih'i3ei l d iiswe nil Iak ii ~ liian
to I'lkoner hitiisii inoilein-bly.
ho ee, 3ih-y were. o$veri':ken by th
.Einperr'sI0' ln 2 -unl lied :'lRi 3 jim-4
biljiIant hat12Ih-, whIich is still sjuni by
haalhard to iiuh:y v .\t t he ph - whereli'i
hey fell $33312: her :jiiIj i'y wer hoie byi.
12 narooo Ii ibi..un by'their
MONUM,ENi?T T9 T'll M110RY OF i1t .CY
LINCO'.N. "'|5'T eJ Ahf.V l H .R GRIV E A
3w -
I''rom Ihar - r'n \\' ekly.
11 ' t l i a\ x-it ys Ill priva ti' I I st
a V re4-' I nty I l evise< I Ith" sIheIn11 , of
Iorg b:tteriPs of' Iteir a utu
ri aI t I ir t raf n ul heII auIt.
IIh e pat(iet's ruu n.
ulillhs, uli "uub l. i is ;i . hI tri:t
f:iit 1thl u1 ' swV 1 ir I" 1111 1 he voic i
lt e u t obrwt r. (:llin! to unt :anot
1 si: II firmli ind ,trike h;ar11 .. \.Ne
or)k S1111.
T'elu ui"k nting,
'1'"l14,++t Slk N S ig.
I"lihll a l 'tly uiu tts is 1 1 i 4] vi
whIi w\I ill in t "r.st iiiiiIary men. 1
is ali i iiralt fot''r It-Icilint gunl pra
11li, 4I\a'4lu itL coniisi of 1110 LaIun-si or
'unt i4I S154 1hnup nil4ippiig arra' ngenlen
ver'sual oin uppots. ii i ilie so tvo
its-'l' i th 1 eachii other11i'S thal parall
The Ilhli's eye ninrk isg 41('et.i
1 'lie wi ch tht'i teso cu i
whieb11 l4 I)'li.is.l o bringing1 the 41 InIg)
oflI' Ih pointer 1t44 4the4'43 h ll y withi
t in ilisua14'l ra ng of t144 4 he nt l'
When'4) 41h4 tigger tis il ~ i i the .nu
inteoie r i) pitions,5 hlial theAs,: hin
itsel is behla4') in4 rel ines111l44sr 1ic4
is ,b t *otir wil ton e eeil
No Won<le ti ' ciy eli- n js j
contr bohr. SN i oeoftin
ter al a pres asoito fneig r
centy: I ha e a inv ineof'7-40
y-r.I'yn ll rhos e
.\ly prvso sea tieltte r
1 ." a
NQI Y or 4 p :
t :\\ i '\ b ly ' 1 ( : I'S ll t lu'. r I!Itlllt
idiluln ro f W nsn.T
nOX P L111 1A it, ) 1 I 1111t's .l 1
f hi l1\ a e11b11 lt g : 1 o11llr11" 31 t llo It , 1 l es
a '1111 Is .s'11eni tilly '!* h I I1. .\s Si\;wn1 1t
s h e l u t l e n f s o t w i /c o o e1 l e
over'l silk '.tih-cil with Ii hifflon. aniil is
,litiu ly h nn. hue'liii 13144 41 a ll iliiiss f
Wools. l4inetti linen1 airil elstin 11- lab i are
-a111 a It i l II t"( .11 s' . 111'i i 1it s1 4' l I'S
and isI Ilt'I:1'llill ('114" ASi~i Ilv ll4 it
is .h 1 414 1b1wi, :\" II;( tn tt wntu ith cl. l
li t' ell itil t I li i uti i sti ll y I.stii.l
so ')n It flre arrangel.1 the 11:la 11hr . tin1'
;Ibitl.antl IIhe bo ph-t\ 1)1 ron'11'-11I'. The
Jack is sn,I114 h1 11rss 1'n shouhh-r1'Is
11141 11r:1w\n 1111\w n ill -_atin1'rs il 11h1
(, waist /Ie. lu1 l- fron1 s :n- gath lt l
I I11<1 <l rt 11l sl ig h1 t 17 :11 l 1t11i'1"t)lliilt ;l\'ly 1\ I r
hel hl'l. '1th ' sle''\'S a rt' 14IX plI1'11e 1
:'rIlnl th1s1 b s t sli - 11441-h41 !i_ ly b1elow\\
.l't11 1t\\S 1lbows, th n 'all ill Stift 1ulfIs :ant
t' gthert1'l'l inltU 11t'p 11 u" fsI. 'ITe 111s
1< 'Cl\ll
1njg is t'ffectIeil ivisily lin-tealb lhii
S To iiut thi wa'.ist5 ini thi n <lni siidill izet
I one-ha'lfI yan'ics t hirti y-t wo'i Iilhos whIt',
ot wo yare vt ls foil y-lur Ilin4hs w. ieli
ill e rtiirei<)'. with144 one~' ci.itr
fourthlil y ir<lsi ofall-over blee for tcoll Ir,
W ratliit i3 ti ii 11kit lig elitie- i '1 ti
s litaranIi1e ulier aill couailitionis whiich it
- is tevery' woman'siii d<ly to atulli i:itl.
a shiown ii Iii l ari gi ilraw14''Iing Is ab. io
e Is Iniiei of whIitei' lawn. i thI I tiin iin
\\i r.'.ht wia s ii l s. 'i t'id s l i s
una l l t s ide h . :u , wit i -Iii11( sle ives. liihi
lie frolu .Ii-''3 ''i I h lti are. I i ked Ji heii
4h- w441 iIt: lii'I -. 414 h Itifall i o it Io
ls 1 lgh l iISwie hII InOI hei ;rthlrlIt
t h uli' il .\0 l Oi'he neik isas Ii' lini
in 14ollar whh- a turnivr 54, '44 ort~ion.
h' \0.
1 1r I in 1: 1.1. I 1 I' .. !' j .. " . r .j . l
' Itt i l' .
1 . 'I , :1 1 : I '. . u t I 'j l i rll l il 's Ill s
:1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ".' .rlll444.iI~il 115j14
j"!' IllI l.I .\: l i ii g \ 'e t! l '' ut! ll il. '
.I11 11444':1144 41:14 . ti.I.1 1 I'.1 jt'51 44 II(',
. iI II 1 t:,i It'I4l IIL w I.i' 1 1.n l i1 1
rhli' ate 1 ink ci. n,I; I ils 1 i nII'I skIi't
I1 '.! .'1 1:1 i 1.:" .. \.'4 I.11 \\ .I; 11 ,. II.)1 .I:,'
:11hII (li4 w r w1'Ias:1l ' ;I t"" i 1chel wit h1
narr'Iowi,'41 11bn1v :u-nwh in4r1. 1her 11ehe
11 1ft'ihe I f n. <11 ' : I\ il with Il il1(n.e
;Il.I 111h i1441'I. 1:\. (1:1 >r I lbow
TIT 144i'heij Nlg t iwit is~~ ;lii. l fl
\\III' (" ("\ ll S ill ( il . 'eIl'it'. I 1t 1 l' ( 'II
t"tI':lI"t4rl i. . I1: 11 111 11 ' V :l i IIl14 .411(.
I,1 a ("1irL I "1 1 1 .a i ( ' ):is ai :lllt IIIFi4.
(11'il "a ti li( j a fi' ; ili ;'f7 1 ,i I. 1 :l ill(ei' sk irt
('i 1 ; . 111 ' 1:1 ' is l' t " i1il 1it' 1 41 ' \'ll
1h1n br1)\\' ii ltith l lr. ala e. 144 lIhr I 1ri1
I hIi I's \" a l (lipw'l of all-.ve rb -
ilrl' in h w14 n1 . Th(11('1 < tin11 1:1 whiitte
:1III'I l( 111 4('1 4 1:1') S :i t( lf I 1 1 :414' 4'l (\ .
I 1114'( \"ith~ 4V4) IIIII hit' ( ' J't tin 1 11.1
I e Iltis i r4s41f4p
lilrk hh'l11t Ne r- w hNit or o.e1 \\"it.
Tl4')' I 6 jI 111 441 1:;1N'II i s :11 114 1 ., 1toi
IIt1 4 "- 11t': . s ir'44' ll Ill "' il. 14)4 14(l 4 I 11 '4:il
1h1 a11114 14 f I'1" \'.41"') : th141 ' Ilwes" t :I n-ll
I'1.1111 4' 1 ,11.I4 14) 111 . 1111'og ( II'II
l I tar4's IIj' 1: 1 nsiaIiSI4I rin I1-ca I eI' ,
4.I r,i 14 ~4') 411 1.I1(" "Iu 11 11 FiI s-. 111 111
I iI I t:14 .1114' 'l.11 II I:' s 4 r' tI ' I'h"
11wil nlIn4i 1s 44 of no 'I~'4 a u lt. It lt
t'1II II4j 1;1 i4I I :14411 ' 11 '1 , 4. 11 I l11 1" 1 4 'uil
jll 1 1. ' . 4' 4 1: 44. 11 111iI' 11. 111. ('144'
11 1. 1 ('l lly III o ter erIIi' n:11 i (IIg'I Iy l l an-l
lii . T "(" l n1uiril ra.
141il11l 4iio :4Llo the1 lki f nw
14a1 '. 11 1 sI 'i's 114' of 4 ' o n1l
ar1' lu I : :11 14441n I'ht (1'lf at'. \\"h4(itt
the 14..sh r 14 h-eve is turkii''4 ; b114' 1 the I
The)' 144 o i4.l'-lionIi 3:1il15 li)4ing.f On
lon144' 4ib F unhl.II1isii:lI is 'ut off tIlo4.(iv
pu1if4. 14g .1 -r t4)I at ' o l h . I e. W e
Tni t:tl 'cllliaritieH of 11on(lc anid Irt
tnl'ttes Cosnt p recl.
04);::' (uri llits itiatisti; re(:'ligI to
. ': i S at f,ili'. Thus Ih' atibiurn
h -rI : I i i, !: - (:i".:" i:1-. . .\ b :n411 'I
boyl . :: HI) i: !:G 1' ::' ("f-:.:- <.::i h1 ..I:
ItiIn t1 Iml y : ' !Ino lI. :'. T h!? <1:1rk-c
hah-<1 r ihit a of ii Is: have : h
il: ji t' ' 1i 14;; :: tlw i11 w1 i i It;f l i..'t t ! t
I!!(" ilt 1(1 t1( ll. Ti hey llaVi' lu,v '. '11'. t
titl rig ity:i '. i . I sol"I , I y .-:( m, ;rv sn .
IV m';ulil to31ahrs utbols
ii I r("(1 I if)ih Ii ht' a11:1Iru :11 14 st 1 lIti l(I('S.
Ilti I t'lisIt:. Now Ithlt hil il k Of i t,
-II' h I ,:i ::l' tha'; i is. I r W;ti l . tInLii r'It
II i l i!" t w e( ll\-liv .t'l ( i': . .-I .
!'" a hu (ii1,' : 1' lio t'. lie 4hai 1 ihtouh:l;t
:{ i 1"io ":: ': 1 11' 1' t ' :I I I . II.!r fa t "" ' i.4: '
1'I Ia 1 "- t'. I1i1 t ill 'fl Ii. '1 (i l'a s
"""1's , 4 . t I t :i l'. \ I , ' iis t it la s.
11 : !'O 'ui ' ' .. ' . r It II :. , :: '1 Jt,ltI('
1:" 'iItj Il l:r' I.:i .'t g h"" 11"' I:!tSi\' ' I I(1l1
It "" . 1 " 'I "r";' 11- li l I .\ ' y .11'-.
. I I - e . . I r I'''1 Ill l1tiri . ' \'I
.i ' ' I . w i h iI t in -
' ;1' i '' " ;i' iu: 'I' I :t s I ' , ,(1e 1lo d ' l: '
I I- 1'\hi l, .i;l.\t'. I111' t! < -
tIII tI 'k:tI v :'. I tt'i 11131' ilit l:: III ' \\':.l :
blyI'u:11 ol'vIt'it Iltt!u i 1s Ill e:' :l iei'
-' i i ii' li lt l 1-1o t i "t' '.: w i I i 11:d l it)
I I 11'till' i '. ;11141 ' ihl" \' o w -("lI'll.)'aI
51r i1 it' i u l Ii .';11:1 thi\1. i fit lil' e
(onh1 11olyi'' i. la t I t I a 1 11h-iI !i('i lt
for : ' \' i nt 1 'u1 ts.1 t el'y woub l't he 1l
tl' i I1'r 111' this ruhl,I- lte (-ot
uaitn w\tt htave1'( passed :1way, hlaly
1 1i1V' tn ilniuhall'll il ne'ntal orans.
(;(0hls1Iit. w\ho wa":s c1ar1;, always h('
gan by 'inl: (tu'Srl in 'onrslato.
ltit'tlnn tl w\"tlt' a bIla( k 'ig, bmt his
r(t:1 hair ill lis youth a:is :tbiur . I
r('ell''I 'ery (Il oic11le i who lwatrd41
h1im1 11it;II inl Is pr1illel 11":1k or 't as
I ('t' . I1t 11:1 I l 1111 lot hlavo
r('1"it (I S i ' ' \0 :1 Nl11i ((l V ('1 s3 oII:lt'
\re ill o11 ' w i 'l ha som body else ut
I hI\'ve r:Ii 1lyt h arl :tti r'lI t iwh
01 'h':115 I' I 'II t1:' wi( li 131 t h'I"( t ftw ,
II' (Ill' I.('11 tIl. 'I iI (' li"a: II111 Il 1114 ~t i 1'\
:11il Ii' 1'I '<11 ( i w 1lw t' itil i h r -it ill.
V"'iIr t's \Ir 1)1 0t o lim11ili '. (b4 h"tta1.
inl a m. ,%we.lI Voit'(. r('itil) ' ts -I 1!!',:
lit s.. ( t''s I'11111 his 1':lv' (i (it' Ili)'Is.
'lli('s wotiltl ('1111ii ilthili to it'n'
lI ' ill I Ii.' way li4i :1 1ot'l or :I t 'rcl
11 ' anlo1Ith'r :1Ilhor. iI1' h (In I in lf22,800
hi a t 'h t( s1'y i II 11the1 r his u11
ii It Ih w(' 'rili i lo, (if oth't'I.s. IM lis
111:11nt "honll, 1 4' howev r, ill ret"iling <l v(
o:n't'orit11y llassage: s 01roln 'Cornsilli' :1a
13avinl', 1but his broth'r" ('harlts a f:lir.
.I('aw'ish-Iot kingr; mn,h. n1Iotlunliket thr
lirs l r . ine roll'.I:IIII' it ol th S Iibl - I h a t
hinm in del ann1:11ittion at thle ('t""l(Sialtisal
41.h4)1l w\h'rl' thI,y 1as51'l1 thtwir youth,

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