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-Don't growl, grunt or grum blo.
-The better the road the big
ger the load.
-Mart Welborn was in town
the last of the week.
-Mies Lucia Folger returned
from Florida last week.
-Miss Bessie Bright mado a
brief trip to Greenville last week.
-The bill to appropriate $25,000
to the St. Louis Exposition was
-Andrew Hamilton and James
W. White, of Easley, were in town
-The appropriation to the Cit
adel was $25,000 and to the S. C.
College $29,407.
-Mr. Carpenter's bill to refund
certain commutation tax in Pick
ens county was passed.
-The Dispensary investigating
committee stated that they f-imod
nothing wrong with the dispensary.
-The per capita dog tax bill
was one of the last to be killed by
the Senate. I6 had passed the
The ro:ads Pe improving some
we notice the wagons are begin
ming to carry out considerable
-John Harris, one of the pros
perous and well to do farmers, of
Greenville county, has b'een on a
vialt to his mother, Mrs. M. J.
-The members of Pickens lodge
No. 128 K. of P. chartered the
train on Monday and attended a
meeting of the Easley lodge. All
report a delightful time.
-On Feb. 18th, Mr. George B.
Cortolyou, who has long been the
private secretary to the President,
was sworn in as the ninth member
of the President's Cabinet. 'The
new cabinet officer is to be known
as Secretary of the department of
Commerce and Labcr.
-U. B. Hammett, of Barnwell,
has been appointed Chief StateDis
pednsary Constable, the new offico
recently created by the legislature.
Mr. HIammott is said to be a muan
of sterling character, and the ap.
pointment gives general satisfac
-The children in Miss Swann's
room at the Graded School gave a
most interesting "Washington's
hlirthday Exercise" last Friday af
t4,rnoon. Neat invitations were
sent out to the parents of the chil
dren. Quite a number of the par
enits attended the exercises rand
were pleased with the :performance
of the numerous "Young Ameri
--The teachers' examination,
held tu the Court House last Fri,.
day, was largely attended. There
wvere twenty-seven applicants, whoi
atood the examination-eighteen
White, nine colored . Superinten -
tient Hallum says he has never
seen a more orderly examnination
eonducted in Pickens county. The
Spplicants all worked faithfully
anud the most of them were thlrough
by four o'clock.
-The Quarterly Conference at
1Bethlehem Saturday was well at
tended. Presiding E'der Ri. A.
Child was present, and was delight
itd with. good reports from the
different churches. Methodis'n in
this part of the mforal vineyard was
found to be in 'a live condition.
The good ladies of Bethlehem sus
tained their good reputation for
the provision of a bountiful and
delightful dinner for the occassion.
--Rev. Mr. Wade, the newly
) called pastor of the Pickens and
Easley Presbyterian churches,
preached two edifying sermons at
the Presbyterian church Sunday
anorning and evening. Mr. Wade
tnade a favorable impression on~
aill h1s hearers. He attended ser
Vio, at the Methodist church in
th2e fafternoon. and was warmly
welomed by :the pastor of that
thuroh, Rev. 0. M. Abney.
4.3 T. Langston has had extra.
Od?inary mtWceus with two six
months old p1g.-to be exact they
Jaeltd two days of being six
inonths old. One weighed 200 and
the oSther 217 pounds., Mr. Lang,
stanh states he ted not exceeding 10
bushels of cors to these two hogs.
lie fed some 90taws0, but no great
%twmibIt5. We host a good deal
theit 4.16 of $4mbgo the int~n
'hta~ Wlan. we anoln t. s
e' . of Bov.
crly, wita
,lan:f Liberty,
visited h . Parson
last we,('
- D)t).' -,doesn't
paly any mn ^pt the
profeussionl- r.
--Maj .. wont to
Gteonvil:(e r'ted to
bo graduuall.
-Miss F1l is re
turned fron ut to
contralt and
-Msi'. .1. F liannister, of' Ca
tecchte, is up on visit io tho fai
tly of her father, H. A. Bowen.
-The Legislatiire passed a law
adopting a ulniforn weight for
corn mtltal inl this State--it is to ho
-I8 lbs.
--litv. T. . lF)ste r was in towni1
S 1tu r(Iy. IIe ha~ a largo circlo
l)f friendts bior , who)( are alwa1ys
L'lad to sel! lum111.
--'l'he 'Treasut rer':, books for th o
ar 902 called for "'38,000 in
rou:d I numlh.rs. Ihe'ir' is still a
lelic it of 1het w -1 ':')'P'1'00 andl $200O .
---Tl'herr! w\ill Ibe, at u i)oll mtet
ingi 'of I he' l'iecns Association
lCId witl 31,u1lt:ll U rovo churbc
>n thu fifth ;-:lunlday" in March and
he Saturday )ofr)1'e. 'Thu program
ivill;b published lit..
-IIeinry Willialms, of the Loop
r section, who has hee very ill
>f appendl(icili-4, is improving. Dr.
W. U. Black, of G r nllo(, Per
l'orilld an peration oil Mr. WVi'
l1)(Ims about tenl (dys ago which
Vls i 1v1 ' way siutcessful.
-Te(! COlmtlittenr on r(pairs for
I1'.1ot i Baptist church will meet at
tle cliUrci, Sltlur(lay morning,
Mnrch 7, at I0 o'cl-ek. ThO com
mnitte) Vill contract for extonsive
reopairs, consisting of blii(1s put
ting in lights &c.
M. P. lbipt r, for Com.
-Silas Kirksoy, received a fall
it his home Saturday night that re
5ulted in tll dislocation of his
righ t shoulder. Dr). Bolt and Dr.
Webb atond.ed himii and succeeded
wi th some dillliculty in replacing
the dislocated limub. Dis injuries
ire very paiu fulI andc ho isuffering
- Presiding Elder R. A. Child,
pr'eached a p)owerful sermon to a
El house at I hi: Methodist church
Sunday' atiernooni. This was his
1 rst~ sermon hecre si nce his appoint.
ienit as Presid intg E lder ini this dis
tict. Mr. Child is a real orator,
a powerful exponent of the Word.
HeI is wiell known here having
practiced Jaw here yearis ago, anld
his friends are delighted1 that he
i-s assigned to this district.
-James IH. Tillmnan concluded
h)is application for bail in Colum
bia last Thursday. lie and his
counsel weore morally certain bail
would be granted without biesita.
lion On thle par't of Justice Pope,
Judge Pope however', stated that
tho words of the oath which he
ho had taknn to uphold t he consti
tuition, had I.ord ly become cool
upjonl his lips andi. that the consti
tiuti stated t hat where there' wasE
str)ng suispicin of mal1Iice on the
part of the slayer, a judgo had nc
right to gi-ant hail. Tillmnan had
requested the Clerk of Court oi
Richland county to remain in hih
office until after the trial, as h
wanted to fix up his bond and
get out of' prison that night--tha
shows how mnoralIly certain Tfill.
man and his counsel were, thai
he would be released.
On Thursday the 19th inst. a fev
guest8 asssemib1ed at the home o
Mr. WV. R. Price to witness thi
marriage of Miss Annie Thrice t<
Mr. Wade H. Chiastaint. The brid'
and groom ontered the parlor at(
o'clock p. m. whore Rev. Bi . F
pronounced them man and wife
.runmodiatoly after the ceremony al
wore in vite3d into the dining roon
where a nico supper was served,
On the day following a% receptio1
wa8 given) tho young married cont
ple by Mrs. M. Chastain, thi
mother of the groom. severa
guests wore present,
We respectfully ask all those m
debted to the firm of Bolt & WVebl
either for medical or drug accounl
to please make an early settlement
as we are ainZI'xio to &quare up ott
coparnership books as sooni as poe
Liberal Jack.
Free oxhibition! Free distribu
tion! Right up on the couri
house square!" Thoso were the
words spoken in clarion tones b)
"Liberal Jack" last Saturday morn
ing. Now Jack \vas an innoceni
looking young man, and took the
pains to explain to the satisfactiori
of all that his nlaml was J. F.
Pell, ropresenting the Poll M'f'g.
Co., of Charleston. He stated that
at Iis homo0 in Charleston, he was
known as "Liberal Jack", because
he gave away so much jewelry and
money to advertise the house for
which ho was traveling.
Jack then wont through the mo
tion of hypnotizng a little nigger
ho had along in the buggy. This
exposition was startling in the ex
tremo-tho little niggor shut his
eves as he was told to do and
looked just like any other sleepy
little nigger would, that had
drunk a quart of buttermilk and
eaten half a dozon big "nigger
chokers." lack saw that his per
formanco had creatod but little on.
thusiasm, and oxplained that this
was Imerely a )10l11( to get the
crowd togathor. 'Tho time had
come lo' action.
"Gentleuen, I am here to-day to
make walking, talking, breathinq
advertisers out of you! Come clo
ser, gentlemen!" The populace
smiled approvingly and came clo.
sor. "I am going to give away-ab
solutelT give away-100 pairs of
these fine aluminum cuff buttons!"
'Ihe popuiace chuckled and el
bowed their way a little closer to
"Liberal Jack." Jack then pro
tOne(ld that ho heard some "Smart
Aleck" sayl he was going to sell
them. lie promiscuously threw
out a few pairs to show what
"Smart Alock" had told. He fur
ther lroposed to show "Smart
Aleck" that he could sell a few
if he wanted to and proceeded to
tell several at 25c each. The pop.
ulaco chuckled and chunked in
thsir chink. Those who trusted
him for a luarter, got from the
hat a quarter and a ring or a pair
of cuff buttons, 8ome got even two
quarters, especially those beaaing
the name of "Liberal Jack" and
"'J. F. Pell,'' The populace lusti
ly chuckled their approval of this
Jack then held up a number of
glittering chains and stated that
lie was going to give every man
one that would wear it. He again
scored "Smart Aleck" and stated
that ho would just show him that
lie could soll the chains for $1.
And the p)opulace chuckled and
chuoked in their chink.
Jack then triumphantly called
out: "Men I am going to make
you proud. Some "neighbor"just
to put "Sm-art Aleck" to shame, let
me have a dollar, and after awbile
you'll be proud with your draw
from the hat''! And the populaoe
chuckled and chunked in their
WVhen the interest or demand
for chains lagged the least bit, they
were marked "Liberal Jack", "'J,
F. Pell" and finally "Last." Thee
wer'e aull favorite brauds, and the
people chueleled and chunked it
their chink.
When Jack had disposed o:
about 75 chamns at $1 each, lie an
nonunced that he would hold anoth
er sale at 3 o'clock in the after
noon, and coolly drove away. Th4
populace winked and blinked bul
their chink was gone. Somw
thought of tihe old adage the3
learned in their youth, "The foe
and his money are soon parted"
others turned on their heels and
began to whistle the plaintive air
"It I only had a dollar of my own.'
Moral: Don't expect to ge
something for nothing. We havy
given a full description of thi
f"skin gamne"-not for the benefi
Sof the unfortunates last Saturday
for they don't need any advice a
Sour hands-but simply to put hon
est, unsuspecting Pickens count;
citizens on their guard again.
this andI similar swindles.
--Dealers in~~
1 If yott desire to btly ot'sell
list your propet-ty with us.
Office at Depot,
Pickens, S. C.
We have on hand a few
> nice lots which we will be
pesed to show prosped.
tiebuyers or traders.
Call on or write,
A~ 0. HOL0DR A 00,
J. L. Bolt, M. D.
r'Pickens Dr
Drugs! Drugs !,
If you N
call on I
what yc
for you
Our stoi
Cigars and Tobac
The host
Cigars al
Don't foi
- ters for I
25c to $1
Pickens Dr
Ttry our IIpadacho Poi
Our ~3
Somo men think it impossib
but they don't know and won't ki
and find out. People wonder hom
Thu loather is as good as though >
so are the styles.
Pride S
A Full Line of N
Now on hand, at prices the
buy for CASI. Give me cas
pons to the amount of your I
tious and return them to me
receive a nice premium piece
Call when in Pickens and i
absolute satisfaction is guarar
County of Pipkon.
In Common Pleas Court.
W. F. Durham, 1
WV. 0. Seaborn,I
Thomas M. Durham, for
James Austin MonroeI
McDuffle'Durham, JRelief,
Mary. Ann Peaiy, and
Nancy Miepuri Minton.
Beaborn, Thiomne M. Durham, Jami
Austin Monroe MoDufile Durham, Mai
Ann Peay and Nancy Mistuouri Minton
and reqsired to uanswer the oomplaint
this action, of wioih a copy is herewil
served upon you, and to serve a copy
your answer to the said complaint on ti
the subscribers at their office at Pickei
0. H., South Carolina within tweni
days after the service hereof, exclui
of the day of siok iservice; and if y<
fail to suswer the complaint within tl
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this not<
will appl to dhe Court for the relief c
manded inthe complaint.
Datedt, Feby. 9, A. D. 1908.
{ A. J. BOGU8,
SEAL ~. 0. O. P.
Iorgan, Mauldin & Mauldin.
2 - Plaintiff's Attorne)
To the aboerit defendants Thomas I
Dttrhan, James Austin Monroe McDru
fie DIrmn Mary Ann P'eay and Nani
Missouri Minton I
Trake notic the oiial tSonl>Ilaintt
this action and the original summons
which the foregoing is a cop~y wero filt
in the offRee of thme Clerk of Court
Common Pleas on the 9th day of Fob
A. D. 1903.
This Feby. 9, 1903,
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Attorne3
"t17*i Early Risers
Tihe famous lIttl* pIlle.
Resolutionis Boad of Directo
Liberty Cotton Mills.
Liberty, 5. 0., Feb. 9, 1908.
ofAt a meeting of the Board of Direot<
ofthe Liberty Cotton Mill. held to d
the following resolutions were adopted
BESOLiVED: 1st. That a meetil
Sof the Stock-holders of the Liberty Ci
ton Mill.-be held at the ofioe of the Col
pany on
at 2 o'clook, p. m, fort
purpose of oonsidterig the propositi
of Increausn te capital stook of si
Corpo!ation from @100,000 to *176 01
sad o*adding to the equipment oft
laut enfioIn building. and machine
maeitotal equipmeut 10,000 sp:
die. nd i rber'necessary mshinery,
* hd-That the hotteeo of the tiv
jaua, and #dtroee of suelt meeting, a
Ibe emclttbf Maid ihofwese of aapi
stockt bes piblished in the l'eople' aJoi
nel once a wook fofotr coneecu'l
weeks prior to Mare 48, 1906.
Brd. That the stook-holderu of reoot
on above date shall have preferenoe
taking such enoss of stook in pro
tion to the amoutin that they stq
J. N. 11alluml, I'h 0.
ug Company.,, a
vant the best and freshost Drugs
1s. W don't koep dead and J
Irugs in stock. if we havo not 3
u want in stock we will get it
)n short notiCo,
e is headqtrtors for Writing
Paper and Envelopos of all
A lot of nico fresh candy.
smoking and chewing tobaccos. '
id Pipes of all descriptiions.
'get that wo are still .loadq uar
itting spectaclos at pricc's fromn
ug Company.
vdols and Congh ltalsa:i.
o to get a first-class shoo for $:.5
low any b'tter until they c-)ium' her
we can sell such good shuac so cheap
ou paid "loro; the makng is rigit
GLE, S. C.
w and Up=to=date
t will please thoso who want to
It trade and 1 will issuo you cou -
urchase of Dry (oods and No
when you pleas' during 1903 and
of china.
spoct m,y up-t o-dat.e stock, where
teed or money refunded.
County of Pickons.
iN TiLlt (SoURT OF PuiOnoAT.,
By J. B. Newbor'y, Esjiiro., Probi
W F. ii. MuirphIroo imado suit,
me to gront themii Lutters of Admninist
tion of the Estato and oFects~ of .J.
Murpbree; dOceased
These are therefore to oite and adm<c
uslh all and singular the kindred a
Ji creditors of the said J. N. Mur~zphi
* deceased, that they appear beforo mie,
7. the Court of Probate, to be held at Poe
ens5 Court Honse, 5. 0., on the 5th dh
[3 of March 1903, aifter1 publication horet
a tt 11 o'clock ini the forenoono, to ush<
hi cause, if any the.y have, why the se
~fAdministration should nol, he granted.
e GIVEN under my hand and seaul, ti
a 18 day of Feb. 1903, in thu 127 year
our Independence,
e0(A~ J. B. NEWBERY,
u . E AL ~. Judge of Probate,
10 .-n~- Pickens county, S.
County of Pickons.
B3y J3. 1. Newbery Esquire Prob
W.HEREAS, M. Elizebethi Boldi
and J. M. Perry made suit to mu
grant them Loters of Admnisjtrautioni
the E'staite of anid cifects of J. xt. ito
S' deceased.
LI Tihese are therefore to) cito andio aldm<
g. ish aill utndt Hino~iar' the kinodred ai
creditors of the said .1. I I. R~os, dCeO
ed, that thley bo andu apea bJCIIIefor'o i
in the CourL of Probalettt t, to hot hioh I
Picikons Court J.lHus, S. C, on the
daoly of Feb. 1903, after pulblicaitiont he.
of, at 11 o'clock ini t.hu fronJoon, to sh.
cause if any they have, wvhy the said A
miinistr'ationi sihould not be granted.
Ghiveni under may hand and seah, i
10 day of Feb. 1903, in the 127 y,
of our Independence.
J. P, P. 0,
- County of Pickense. (
By J. 13. Newbery, Esquire, Prob
..VWherce,Mrs M.A. Pritchard made a
to me to grant ber letters of :rdmtinist
tion of the estaute and effects of \V.
Pritchard, deceased,
These are therefore to cite and:
monish all and singular tihe kindred a
creditors of the said W. L. Pritcht
deceased, that they be and alppear
fore me in the Court of Probate, to
ir8 hold at i10hens Court Rouse, S. C.,
the 6th day of Mar. 1908, after pul
.Y cation hereof, at 11 o'clock in the to
'noon, to show cause, if any they ha
ig why the saidi administration should
-be granted,
n- Given under my hand and seal, t
18th day of Feb. 1903, in tile 127 yeai
our independence,
he J, B3. 1E WVD ERtY, J. P', P.
dRead '[his I
he We have just received a car i<
ry of Tennessee mules and hors
n- We offer an 18 horse power boi
and a 12 horse power engine and
"J big lot of flour boughlt beforoe
asl riqe. All for sale for cash or gc
rt. papers.
4 Central, S. C.
of 3. A. MORQAN, T. 5. MAUnDIN, 2. M. MAUL
QMos over? Estle's Drug Str.
9 I 349P### wiu be gi
Jus ecel'
2 Sod~ Cars of FLO1
an 1 other to
(F l'resh from TennoHs
I 'I n nh Iigher, but as lon
"i!1 I I tM priJce.
G ~ .reparations. 4
or a Big Spr
e ( la Irg t Mtock of
I:It ''!tltrii.siing goods, ID
I.,;1 . Ic. 1'Ver shlown
ue 1. a"lready b
usto o fler inl
- ur Spring A
IdI. ll y to of
y . \ fulI i,tock ol
t1tir8 tr
Park wri ' h th. Wihes, you we
lnt year, ant'I - r ' ry tearl.
with the +ig 'i 1 i le r 1igh.t p 1)
Me'.' Womens Wo
e A r Cent Disc
' . u9kets==25 pi
- --
Ti$E NEXT 30
(iro.dllt \\aI"Womuens F"i
I Stuck 41. It I Ill lii.LVy (ioo
Not r"ooll f'1 I h --,... 11 \Ow ll pay you1 t(
buyinig ry tll oh s..
N. __A ___.___P__
ra- wait onlt lI)4.vit u.
__)It illlMVI w y
at hi.. Cothin, .e,
a ne b her ut your 1, ai tis
or R !e PGoodgos Ao
lins adie s u vanud Vusis
pdlSeo fHin evey ay
Md ra1t1 111~
as.this lot lasts it
ing Trade.
Clothing, Shoes,
ress Goods, Silks,
in the "State of
ginning to arrive.
white goods.
I and by all means
ing your Spring
Flr in Overcoats,
Hardware always
and plow gcods.
a1th, throught.ut the
Al wauys ready for b
lot of Odds in
of Underwea
or cent off.
1o Shoes. The knif
ds. Short lengths n:
> cono to PARKS
McKinnoy will be g
ing the bes
sonomy to buy the
at alwa1ys gives sa tisfa'
Ie and Pocket
land Saws & H
Uheetings, Checks,
C~lo hiS,
wh ich we always haM
t but little more
our stock in its vs
.Our stock is now
iay Worsted
Bts at,$4.50.
,ice this money, Th(e
mong them you will
buy onie,
.00; your choiceffor' $6.W).
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